Sunday, 6 April 2014

Private Show - Part 1

On the second last weekend in September Julia and Mel came to visit us. We had been wanting them to come for a while (or to be more specific, Jen had really wanted them to come up as I had agreed that we would pretend we were down visiting Jen’s friends and Jen would be ‘in charge’ (able to order me to do pretty much whatever she wanted). This started before they had even arrived and I was given a specific jacket on the Friday morning to wear to work. I had a hunch as to what I would be instructed to do and Jen didn’t disappoint me by dropping by my lab near the end of the day and telling me that I needed to strip off and just wear the coat. To make it more challenging, I wasn’t allowed to go to the bathroom or my store/masturbation cupboard to undress and had to do it while there were still a couple of other guys in the lab. Jen did at least help me out a bit with this – all of my colleagues know her so it was easy enough for her to sit and chat with them. She did a good job of distracting them by sitting on the edge of one of their desks wither knees crossed – she had a mid-thigh length skirt on so her slender legs were nicely on display (although she didn’t let them see that she had nothing on under the skirt). While she did this, I knelt behind my desk and removed my top and bra before putting my coat on and then stood up to slide my skirt off. Jen had brought some thigh-high black stockings to finish off my look, but the coat was slightly too long so it just looked like I was wearing tights instead of the zettai ryokai look Jen had been aiming for.

I gathered up my things and wandered down to collect Jen, very aware of my unsupported breasts swaying back and forth under my jacket. I stroked Jen’s thigh and told her that we should head off to meet up with Mike and after saying our goodbyes we headed out. Jen wanted to confirm that I had done as she had instructed so I unbuttoned my jacket and revealed myself to her. We then headed off to the bar where we were meeting with Mike and would wait for Mel and Julia’s train to arrive. To make up for Jen’s miscalculation on the length of my jacket (it was only just too long) I was told to unbutton the bottom couple of buttons and let the front of the jacket fall open enough to reveal my bare thighs. At one point I was asked to undo a third button, which I did, but we decided that it revealed a bit too much so I was allowed to fasten it again.

We headed to the station and met up with Mel and Julia. Jen had been in touch with Mel to discuss what acts Julia and I would be forced to perform during the visit so Mel had come prepared. I was sent in to the bathroom with Jules and had to help her strip off so she could wear a similar outfit to mine. She had been provided with a pair of knee-high socks to keep her legs warm and as her jacket was a little shorter than mine, we decided to swap so some of my bare thigh would actually be visible. Her top was a little tight on me, but it actually felt better (and looked better too). Julia was made to (discreetly) reveal herself to everyone else once we emerged from the bathroom (although there was no real doubt as to whether she would be naked under the jacket or not). We debated going back to a pub to give Julia and me a chance to reveal ourselves, but we decided to just wander home instead and on the way we had to keep our jackets open for as long as possible.

Once inside, the usual demands were made of us – Julia and I lay on the bed and played with ourselves, then each other and then had to let the others play with us. Mel gave me a forceful fingering while Mike fucked Julia, who was in turn eating Jen. Mel then wanted to go down on Jen and Mike ate her while she did this. He then spooned with Mel while Jen lapped at her clit and once Mel had cum Mike fucked her hard, both from behind and then missionary style. He hadn’t cum in either her or Julia yet but he held back a little longer and spooned with Julia in a much more gentle session. We all curled up together on the bed chatting while Mike was doing this and after a while he whispered in her ear that he was just about to cum in her. Julia didn’t believe him as he had been moving so slowly and gently in her, but when Mike told her that he had finished, she knelt up and we watched as his cum dripped out of her pussy and down her thighs. To make up for his surreptitious cum, Mike then went down on Jules (although he got Jen to lick her partially clean first) and made her cum a final time (for the night). Jen and I had decided not to do our cum-sharing exercises with Mel and Julia (although we had still confirmed that neither of them had had unprotected sex with anyone else since we’d last seen them).

That’s not to say that they (particularly Julia) hadn’t engaged in any interesting activities since the holiday and we traded details with them (we knew a fair bit of this already, but got much more explicit descriptions). Mel and Julia’s biggest news was that they had been dogging a month or so previously. They had seen a program on TV about it and decided that it sounded like fun (Mel had wanted another opportunity to show Julia off and make her display herself). They had investigated and found a local spot that was known to be frequented by doggers. With only a little digging online, they found out when the next meeting was and had driven out to the place in the woods where a number of people were already present and watching a couple fuck on a car bonnet. Some other couples were sitting in cars watching but a number of guys were standing closer and watching with their cocks in their hands. Mel and Julia joined the circle and as they watched, Mel partially unbuttoned the front of Julia’s dress and slipped her hands inside to play with her. By the time the couple finished, Julia’s dress was completely unbuttoned and Mel was busy playing with her breasts and pussy. She pushed Julia towards the car and Julia climbed up on the bonnet and took over playing with herself while Mel explained that this was their first time and Julia wanted everyone to watch her cum.

The audience was more than happy to let her put on a display and Julia apparently did a good job of spreading and fingering herself for them. As soon as Julia came, Mel went over to her, bent down and gave her a few licks and then offered her to anyone who wanted her. They were at least sensible enough to say that takers would have to use a condom but this didn’t dampen their spirits and Julia was fucked by three guys in a row. As a final offering, Mel let one of the guys fuck her while she ate Jules – even during this session Julia was required to give something back to the group and she sucked a guy off while he and another guy groped her breasts.

I absolutely loved hearing their account of the evening (as I’ve said before, I had been missing being able to fuck other cocks) and by the time they finished their description I was busy playing with myself. Mel offered Jules to help me cum but Mike suggested that I just take care of myself while they all watched. It may not have been quite as exciting as cumming in front of a group of strangers in the woods had been for Julia, but I imagined myself in her place and then taking their cocks one after another so I managed to have a pretty good orgasm. I then took Julia off in to Mike’s room for the night while Mike and Jen stayed with Mel. I got Julia to describe certain parts of the dogging session to me again as we dozed off in the hope it would lead to interesting dreams – unfortunately it didn’t, but she humoured me and described it yet again in the morning as I went down on her.

We didn’t have anything specific planned for the day but Jen and Mel made use of the fact that Julia and I had agreed to be their obedient sex slaves again and they subjected us to cumming in a number of ways. Sometimes we had to play with ourselves, sometimes with each other and sometimes Jen, Mel and Mike were the ones to make us cum. We were fucked with food on the dining table, with kitchen implements (in the kitchen, unsurprisingly) and had to hump each other out in the garden. While most of the attention was focussed on making Julia and me cum, we had negotiated that we would get an opportunity to make Jen and Mel cum however we wanted. Jen’s session was nothing special, we just all played with her, but for Mel we had something else in mind.

It was based on (okay, a copy of) something we’d seen online a few weeks previously. We took Julia aside and told her the plan, which she happily agreed to. Mel was then sat on the sofa with some towels under her and we all took turns kneeling in front of her to lick and finger her. Mel was pushed back so she was semi lying down for Mike to briefly fuck her (after which she had to suck him clean) and we then attached Jen’s nipple and clit vibes to the appropriate parts of Mel’s body. We didn’t fasten them too firmly (even though I wanted to as revenge for Mel having been far too vicious with Jen in a previous session). Jen then knelt and fingered Mel much more forcefully, working three and then four fingers in to Mel’s cunt. Jen added her thumb but didn’t push her hand in all the way as the idea wasn’t to fist Mel, just to prepare her for the next part of the plan. Julia then appeared from the kitchen with a Magnum ice cream (ice cream with a chocolate covering) and once Jen had removed her hand from Mel, Julia knelt and took Jen’s place.

Jules rubbed the Magnum up and down the length of Mel’s pussy and then pushed the end slightly in to her. She briefly fucked Mel with it but before the chocolate could really start to melt, she pushed the ice cream the whole way in to Mel. We all watched as Jules fucked Mel with the Magnum – at first it only made a little mess as the chocolate started to melt, but then the chocolate shell broke and as Julia repeatedly pumped the ice cream in and out it quickly got much messier. Mel naturally complained that it felt very cold, but she had agreed to let us do whatever we wanted to her and to her credit she put up with it. When most of the ice cream had been pulled off of the stick, Julia handed the remains to Mel for her to eat while Julia buried her face between Mel’s legs and started to eat the melted ice cream and chocolate mess out of her. Julia wasn’t the only one of us to help clean Mel up and Jen had a turn next. A lot of the mess had already leaked out (or been eaten) by the time Jen finished and we decided that it was only fair to use a second Magnum in Mel so Mike and I could eat her properly too.

The clit vibe had gotten detached during the games so Mike held it against Mel’s clit while I use the second Magnum in her. She came while we were doing this, but we carried on anyway and I gave her a good licking to get my share of the ice cream. Mike pushed his cock in to her and briefly fucked her again before he went down on her. We then all took turns fingering Mel and spreading her to see how much mess remained. I suggested to Jen that she should finish what she had started earlier so Jen once again knelt between Mel’s legs and pushed her fingers between Mel’s lips, but this time she went all the way and fisted her. I encouraged Jen to keep going and Julia held the clit vibe in place as Jen repeatedly pumped her hand (and wrist) in and out of Mel until she came again. When Jen removed her hand it was smeared with a coating of ice cream, which Jen wiped roughly over Mel’s face and then gave her pussy a few light slaps.

Needless to say, Mel had to go and shower to get cleaned up (Jen helped Mel clean out her insides) and we let her have a rest. We all ended up joining her so we would have energy for the evening’s activities. In a hardly unexpected turn of events, things didn’t stay quiet too long and once we had finished lunch, Mel decided to get a little payback and fucked Julia with Mike’s beer bottle (she did at least let him finish the beer first). It was one of the bottles with a straight neck that then flared out so Mel could be quite forceful with it and slam the bottle in to Julia hard. I was ‘forced’ to sit over Julia’s face so she could eat me, although this wasn’t too much of a hardship as being eaten by someone as experienced as her is pretty much always going to be an enjoyable experience. Once Julia (and I) had cum, she reminisced about how her brother and his friends used to do the same thing to her when she was much younger. Most of the time they would play around while indoors at someone’s house (usually based on whoever’s parents were out), but in the summer they would sometimes play outside. Julia recalled how she was sometimes fucked with bottles of beer that were mostly full and how people would then drink it out of her or just lick her partially clean before fucking her. She said that she had gotten thrush from the yeast on a number of occasions but unless it was really bad, she had often still let the guys fuck her (and later on the girls eat her) as she had loved cumming so much and didn’t want to miss out.

We ate dinner and started to prepare for going out – we had called Mel during the week and discussed our plan with her so Julia was the only one of us who didn’t know what the evening was going to entail. We didn’t expect Jules to complain though and even when it became apparent that we were preparing for something specific, she accepted the fact that she was going to have to wait to find out exactly what it was. Even though I had been looking forward to the evening all week, I still hadn’t decided on the specific look I wanted to go for. I had considered all of my usual looks – naked (under a coat), just a bodysuit, schoolgirl, miniskirt and revealing top… but just hadn’t been able to decide. I finally settled on a variation that hit a number of areas, black hold-ups, one of my peek-a-boo bras that showed my nipples, a plain blouse, a short(ish) pleated skirt and white panties (so I would be able to tease at least a little bit instead of just completely revealing myself immediately). Julia was dressed in a similar fashion to me, but she borrowed a pair of Jen’s lacy panties that were slightly more revealing than my plain white ones.

While we dressed, Jen packed up a few items for the evening. Once she was done we set off towards our destination and soon arrived at the designated place, an old bar in a part of town we didn’t really know that well. We went downstairs as we had been instructed and met Alistair, the owner of (one of) the sex shops that we frequent. We had decided to take him up on the offer he had made us when Sue and I had put on an impromptu show in the shop almost a month previously. I had considered involving Sue in the ‘proper’ show, but thought that we would be able to do a much better job if it was someone that I could do everything with – and I couldn’t really think of anyone more willing to fuck than Julia (with the possible exception of Susan). We had set some ground rules during the call and even though Alistair had offered to pay us, we had refused this as I really object to the idea of taking money for sex (I understand that many girls will do this and that is their choice, but I cum for my own enjoyment). Once the basic rules had been established, Mike and Jen had taken over the rest of the call so I wasn’t aware of all the arrangements that had been made, but I was pleased enough to see that we had been provided with a bed in a well-lit area of the room. There were some chairs on each side and I was informed that we were doing to have eight people watching us (assuming they all turned up, but Alistair was very confident that we wouldn’t have any no-shows).

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