Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Private Show - Part 2

Now that our plan had been revealed to Julia, we filled her in on how it had come about while we waited for the audience. We were offered masks to wear to conceal our identity and while I really liked the idea of being able to go out and fuck completely openly, there was always a slight danger that there would be someone I knew watching. Jen set out the toys that she had brought with her and had a discussion with Alistair before going to check on something. I was getting quite horny just thinking about what we were about to do and Julia said that she was too. She was impressed that we had managed to find something new to surprise her with (not that fucking in front of people was really new to us, but the setting made it rather different than our usual games). We tied our hair back on ponytails so it wouldn’t get in the way too much and watched as the guys turned up and took their seats (also wearing masks). Once the last person had arrived, Julia and I headed over to the bed like a pair of excited schoolgirls (just ones that were old enough to do what we were about to do!).

We started off fairly gently and knelt on the bed while we kissed each other, allowing our hands to roam over each other’s bodies. We kissed deeply, squeezed breasts, fondles each other’s asses and caressed each other through our panties for a good few minutes before I whispered to Jules to pull my top open. She grabbed the material and tore at it, pulling off a couple of buttons in the process. Julia lowered her mouth to my nipples and began to suck on them as I pushed a hand between my legs and stroked myself through my panties a bit more. I pushed Julia on to her back and tore her blouse open before pushing her bra up off her breasts and hungrily sucking on each of her nipples. Her hands slipped under my skirt and in to my panties and I whispered to her that we should take things slowly and put on a good show. Julia continued to knead my ass but stopped trying to push my panties down and just lifted a leg so I had something to hump against. We rolled over a few times so we could take turns being on top and eventually shed our blouses and bras.

My pussy felt very wet and I told Julia (and anyone else listening) this. She took the cue and rubbed my crotch, then crawled under me and started to lick me through my panties. I pulled her skirt up and lay over her in a 69 to do the same to her, but very quickly pulled the crotch of her panties to the side and started to lick her directly as well as using a couple of fingers inside her. I’d had enough of playing around and pulled at her panties so she lifted her ass in the air and allowed me to slide them down her legs and toss them away. She started to pull my panties down but I had to climb off of her to allow her to remove them. I lifted the front of my skirt and fingered myself for the guys I was facing to watch, then knelt forward and fingered myself a little more so the guys behind me could see. I then pushed Julia on to her back and knelt between her legs do I could give her a proper licking. I tried to flip the back of my skirt up a few times so my ass was exposed but gave up on this and knelt up so I could unzip it and let it slide down to my knees. I then buried my face back in Julia’s cunt and told her how I wanted to taste her juices.

I pulled her skirt down and pushed mine down my legs, then thought that we may as well be completely naked so I pulled my stockings off and watched as Julia did the same with hers. I got her to stand on the bed and hold on to the headboard, allowing me to eat her from behind. I made a show of fingering her as well and then pulled her down so we could kiss and hump against each other. I told Julia that I wanted to cum and she replied saying that she did too. It might have been a stupid decision, but I whispered to her that I wanted to be properly exposed and suggested we remove our masks (they were only covering our upper faces anyway) and Julia agreed so we pulled them off and kissed properly as we rolled around on the bed fingering each other. We moved back round in to a 69 position and started eating each other. There was a bit more slurping and humping against each other’s faces than was really necessary, but we weren’t faking it and we carried on until we came. Julia came first (but I’d played with her a bit more) and once her orgasm ended I switched to kitty kissing her (I presume our audience couldn’t really tell the difference and I thought it would look better than me just lying there while she finished me off). I didn’t try to exaggerate my moans as I came, but I didn’t hold back either and Mike says that it was very clean how much I was enjoying myself. We then kissed and gently played with each other for a few minutes before getting ready for round two.

For this round we were given a selection of our toys to play with and after taking turns standing up and holding on to the headboard while the other person used things in us, we settled down to share a double ended dildo and hump against each other. Our practice at this paid off and we did a fairly good job of frigging ourselves while humping in unison against the dildo. We were just going to continue like this but Jen handed us a vibe each and we were told to use them on our clits with the ‘usual rules’ (which we interpreted as having to keep them in place until we’d both cum). Using the vibes probably sped things up a little and I came first this time. I didn’t have to fake the sensations that the vibe gave me as it buzzed away on my sensitive clit and I moaned, panted and swore while I waited for Julia to cum. Fortunately she wasn’t too far behind me so I didn’t have to wait too long, but my clit still felt like it was tingling even when I removed the vibe.

We briefly kitty kissed each other and I asked Julia if she was ready to fuck. We hadn’t informed her that we would be providing more than just a show, but she was fine with it and told our audience that they could all fuck her if they wanted. The arrangement we had make with Alistair was that Julia would fuck them and I would suck them off (seeing as I still wasn’t fucking any guy other than Mike, even with protection). It was a little disappointing that out of the eight of them, only four were willing to play with us. I knelt in front of one and sucked him but he came fairly quickly so I moved on to my second guy while Julia was still letting her first guy pound away inside her. My second guy wanted me to use my breasts on him so I moved back over to the bed and lay alongside Julia while he climbed over me. I pushed my breasts around his cock and let him pump back and forth, watching as the head repeatedly appeared from my cleavage. Julia’s guy finished off in her and her second guy came up – he wanted to take her from behind so she rolled over on to her front and offered herself to him. Meanwhile the guy fucking my breasts said he was getting close but wanted me to finish him off with my mouth so I got him to sit on the edge of the bed and I gave him the best blow job I could.

I took a fair length of his cock in to my mouth and bobbed up and down, then swirled my tongue around the head while stroking the shaft. He kept pushing my head down but I kept a hand around the shaft so he couldn’t push too deep in to my mouth (I still can’t do deep-throat). He seemed to get the idea and let me finish him off my way, which certainly seemed to be effective enough as I felt him judder a bit and moan as my tongue swirled around the head of his cock. I felt the top of the condom fill with his cum and pulled back to admire my work. He thanked me and went back to his seat so I decided to help out Julia by reaching under her to play with her breasts and clit while her guy continued to fuck her. Once he’d cum, we (or I) offered Julia up to the rest of them, spreading her pussy and telling them how she would happily fuck them all as many times as they wanted. Julia wasn’t letting me drive things completely and pulled me to her mouth so she could lap at my pussy and spread me for the people behind me to see. Jen then wandered over and told Julia that it wasn’t fair that she’d had two cocks in her while I hadn’t had any and then handed Julia the horse dildo that we’d seen in the shop a number of times.

This was one of the things that I hadn’t known about, but I did as instructed and lay back on the bed with my legs spread while Julia positioned the head of the dildo against my pussy and started to work it in to me. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be due to the dildo being fairly soft (or at least comparatively soft for a dildo). This did make it a bit more difficult to actually get it in as it kept bending, but meant that I wasn’t stretched too much (not much more than a decent sized cucumber and certainly less then when Jen fists me). The audience really seemed to love it though and once a decent length was inside me, Julia pumped it in and out, using long strokes. I held my knees up against my chest so keep myself spread wide (and give everyone the best view possible) and encouraged Julia to keep fucking me. I have no desire to fuck an actual horse, but if I could find a guy who was really hung like one I would be more than happy to see what he could do for me. I came while picturing how much cum a real cock that size might be able to pump in to me (yes, I know cum volume isn’t related to cock size) and carried on telling Julia to fuck me harder with the cock right up until the end of my orgasm.

We both licked the dildo clean and were then told that Julia had to try it out as well. She wasn’t quite as nervous about it as I had been as she’d seen how much I had enjoyed it. It might have been due to her being a little more relaxed (or maybe just because she’s fucked for longer than I have), but I got in in to her fairly easily and she held her knees up in the same way I had while I fucked her with it. I tried to use the same technique on her that she’d done on me and she seemed to enjoy it, but not as much as I had so she also frigged herself to help make herself cum. She did cum though and by this point we were both fairly sweaty and sticky from the exertion.

We weren’t through yet though as there was one (or two, depending on how you look at it) surprises left for us. While the random audience members hadn’t been allowed to fuck me and had to use condoms when fucking Julia, the case was rather different for Mike. He joined us on the bed (wearing a mask) and after briefly eating us both he fucked us, taking turns in each of us. We used a few positions, allowing the audience to see his cock pumping in and out of us and with the other person licking the pussy being fucked. I remember wondering if I felt looser after having the horse dildo in me, but Mike didn’t seem to be having any trouble enjoying himself (he did later say that we had both felt slightly looser than usual). I wondered if he was going to cum in one of us or over us, but my question was answered when we were told to kneel on the bed while he stood and finished himself off with his hand. He sprayed his cum over our faces, not producing as much as he would have liked, but still enough to make a bit of a mess and we were told to rub it in to each other’s cunts.

As we did this, the second part of the surprise appeared – Jen. She too had a mask on but was otherwise naked. Looking back on it, the mask seemed rather pointless as if anyone watching had known who I was then they would have easily been able to guess that it had been Mike and Jen. Jen stood on the bed and got us to take turns eating her and then instructed us to lie down with the top of our heads touching so she could kneel over us and easily move between having us lick her. I couldn’t see this due to the way she was facing, but Jen was eagerly pulling at her nipples as we ate her and just before she eventually came she knelt up and started to frantically frig her clit. I guessed what was coming next but wasn’t sure Jen would actually do it in front of a group of people until I saw (and felt) her let out a long spray of pee that covered Julia’s and my faces. We played along with this (not that we had any choice by this point) and when Jen stopped peeing (and cumming) I pulled her down to my mouth and gave her a good licking. Jen climbed off of the bed and went to dry off while I climbed over Julia and gave her a long kiss. She asked if I had been expecting that to happen and I told her it was as much of a surprise to me as it had been to her.

I asked Julia if she wanted to carry on and she said that she’d had enough for now. To be fair I felt the same, but I would have continued if Julia had wanted to. We went to get off the bed and someone asked us to use the horse dildo again. I told Julia that I would take care of it and found a relatively dry spot to lie back on, spread my legs, lifted my ass up in the air and pushed the end of the dildo in to my cunt. As I knew I wasn’t likely to get an opportunity like this often I decided to make the best of it and pumped the giant dildo in and out of my cunt. It was pointing almost straight up so I was fairly confident that everyone could see and I asked for someone to bring me a small vibe. Having come this far I thought I may as well show them everything and when Jen came over with the vibe I asked her to push it in to my ass. I stopped pumping the horse dildo briefly to allow her to do this, but once the vibe was buried deep in my ass I quickly resumed and told her I would cum as hard as I could. I considered asking Julia to come back over and sit over my face so I could eat her one last time, but was enjoying being the centre of attention (and to be fair, she had said that she’d had enough). I pictured all of the guys with their cocks in their hands standing around me and cumming over me and then imagined one of them pulling the dildo out of my ass and fucking me. I didn’t have to fake or exaggerate how much I was enjoying myself and made sure that everyone knew by giving a constant stream of ‘oh fucks’ and telling them that I was getting closer and closer to cumming. I gave one last cry that I was about to cum as my orgasm hit and pushed down hard on the dildo. As Jen had started the watersports already I went with it and squirted as hard as I could – due to the position I was in, I mostly covered myself with the stream of liquid but I also added to the dampness on the bed. I continued to fuck myself with the dildo the whole way through my orgasm and let out a series of unintelligible sounds until my orgasm came to an end and I relaxed my body on to the bed.

The room was silent other than my panting breaths and the faint sound on the vibe still buzzing in my ass. As I lay there basking in the glow of my last orgasm (which had been pretty strong) I wondered if I was going to be asked to do anything else (which wouldn’t have surprised me). I still had the horse dildo dangling out of my pussy and Alistair asked the audience if anyone wanted to take a closer look (Mike had suggested this to him). A couple of people came up to the bed and examined me; one of them moved the dildo in me a little but not a great deal. Once they had finished I sat up, withdrew the anal vibe and finally pulled the dildo out of me. My pussy felt fairly stretched so I sat and examined it (letting my audience see me do this) and finally got up from the bed and thanked them for watching. They started to applaud so I called Julia over and gave her a big kiss while running my hands over her ass and between her legs. I knelt to give her pussy a final lick before picking up my skirt to wipe myself dry with and then sliding it on. Julia did the same with hers and we put our bras back on and did the best we could to tie our blouses on (remember we’d torn a fair few buttons when taking them off). My legs actually felt quite shaky and I ended up sitting down on the edge of the bed as the audience got up and left.

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