Saturday, 12 April 2014

Private Show - Part 3

Once they had gone, Alistair returned and thanked us, saying we’d done a wonderful job. He once again offered to pay us but we refused so he offered us the horse dildo instead. This was a lot more tempting as I had really enjoyed using it but I still didn’t like the idea of taking something in return for cumming so we reluctantly refused, agreeing instead that as ‘payment’ we would have the rights to use the dildo again at a future date. Alistair was all for this and wanted to sign us up for another show straight away, but now I had calmed down a bit I was being more careful and thought about what would happen if someone in the audience had recognised me (which at that point in time was still a possibility). I told him that I was surprised he hadn’t taken the opportunity to enjoy himself with us, but of course all of the audience members knew who he was. Mel suggested that Julia and I could still thank him properly for the opportunity he’d given us and he asked if we’d be prepared to do that.

The answer was obviously yes and we gave him the choice of mouth or pussy. He opted for pussy so we got him to sit on the edge of the bed to allow Julia to sit over him and for me to lick them both. He enjoyed this but wanted to cum in Julia while she was riding him properly so to finish off he moved back a bit and lay on the bed (he picked out a dry spot) and Julia turned around to face him. Mel said that as I’d cum an extra time that Julia would have to cum as well so I knelt over Alistair’s legs, behind Jules and reached around to play with her clit and nipples. I asked him to try and hold back until Julia had cum and he managed this – once she came I let her just hump him until he came and when she climbed off of his cock we both caressed it as it softened and the condom finally fell off.

Julia and I fixed our blouses again and brushed our hair to neaten ourselves up. We said our goodbyes to Alistair and headed back upstairs and out of the bar. My head still felt like it was buzzing and I said that I didn’t want to go home straight away. Julia pointed out that we had slightly damp clothes on but I told her I didn’t care and quite liked the look of our tied blouses that barely hid our bras. I said that neither Jen nor I would be drinking much anyway and Julia agreed to go for a drink before we returned to the house (not that she had much choice as Mel told her we were going for a drink). As we drank I made sure to stand with a foot up on a beam so my pussy was partially showing and I discussed with Jen how I would have loved to get up on the bar and repeat my display with the dildo and vibe for everyone to watch before letting every guy in the place fuck me in turn (I went through a number of phases of *really* missing cock during our attempt to get pregnant). We also discussed Mike and Jen’s involvement in the session, which had been a real surprise to me. Mike had been the first to suggest he play a part and he had then helped convince Jen to really let go and enjoy herself.

On the way home, Jen was quizzed some more by Mel about her watersports fetish. Mel and Julia knew about this from the holiday, but the display Jen (and then I) had just put on was probably even more of a surprise to them than it had been to me. Jen had really enjoyed herself and I told her that she could have just joined us on the bed for the whole session but she reminded us that it was Julia and I who were meant to have been displaying ourselves (and she added that she couldn’t hold enough liquid to spray like that every time she came). Mel didn’t let up and wanted more details (which we mostly told her) and it culminated in us stopping off in an alleyway for Mel to play with Jen. At least Mel did most of the work of fingering Jen, but as Jen got close to cumming, Julia was told to stand against the wall and take over fingering Jen. Jen had to raise a leg to make this easier for Jules and as she came Jen was instructed to push out as much pee as she had left in her. She’d had a drink since the previous time so she managed to produce enough to soak the bottom of Julia’s skirt and one of her legs, along with the leg that she (Jen) was standing on.

On arriving home, Jen, Julia and I all had a shower (which was a bit cramped but it seemed appropriate) and then we retired to bed to relive the evening’s events. Mike spent a little time with his cock inside Julia’s and my pussies to see how they were recovering (favourably) but spent most of his time making Mel and Jen cum by eating them (even he said that he didn’t like the way Mel tasted that weekend – although he waited until they had left to say this). Mel was chastised for not having taken part in the display and we told her that one of us could have fucked her with the horse dildo while she ate the other one of us, but this didn’t appeal to her (as long time readers will know, Mel is much more of a voyeur and masochist than an exhibitionist). As we ay dozing off, I recounted my fantasies of the evening - of having everyone at the show fuck me and then repeating my display in the bar and taking everyone there. I could feel my pussy twinging as I described this but did nothing about it in the hope I would have horny dreams (which I did). Mike didn’t cum again that night either, but fell asleep inside Julia while getting her to elaborate on my fantasy and describe how she would have taken care of all of the girls by eating them and having them eat her.

I definitely had horny dreams – I don’t remember much of them but I woke up a few times in the night feeling horny. As far as I recall I didn’t dream about my pub group-fuck, but there was one point where I was in the pub and I was up on the counter, fucking myself on the beer pump handles with everyone watching. (I really like the idea of doing this, but I can’t imagine health and safety would approve.)

I woke up feeling incredibly horny in the morning and while it would have been the easy option to get Mike to fuck me I felt that I should service our guests so I crawled under the covers and ate Julia. Once she was awake we moved round to a 69 position and as we lapped at each other’s pussies I once again relived our exploits from the previous night. As we did this Mike briefly went down on Mel and then spooned with her (she tasted sufficiently bad that he even went without eating her to orgasm before he fucked her). As Jen was the last to wake up (or at least the last to move in to a position), she was left with Mel to lick while Mike fucked her. Jen and Mel ended up 69ing while Mike moved in her – at first they did this on their sides, but it was an awkward position so Jen lay on the bottom with Mel over her and Mike taking Mel doggystyle.

Mel took Jen off to shower and Mike had a turn eating Julia (and in her case he did eat her to orgasm). When Mel and Jen returned from the shower we found out that Mel had an ulterior motive in taking Jen there. She had asked Jen to masturbate and put on a pee display and had then told Jen that it was so hot that she wanted Jen to eat her. As Mel came she had peed all over Jen’s face and in her mouth. Now Jen didn’t object to this (she rather likes it) but I wasn’t as keen on the idea of Mel doing this to my little girl so I asked Mike to help ‘punish’ Mel. We did this later on in the morning once we’d had breakfast under the guise of Mike having a threesome with Mel and Julia. Mike lay on his back with Julia sitting over his face and Mel riding his cock – as she fucked him, Jen and I used tingle gel and various vibes on her clit and nipples, but to finish off we used our body wand (very strong vibe) and held it against her clit as she came. We didn’t let her move away from the wand until a few minutes after she had finished cumming and it was quite clear to see from her response just how intense the sensation had been. I wasn’t surprised when she subjected me to a similar treatment as retribution and while it was too intense to be really pleasurable, I’ve had far more experience at intense stimulation than Mel has (with a fair proportion of it coming from her) so I coped a lot better with it than she had.

We decided that we couldn’t be bothered to go out anywhere so spent the rest of the morning lazing around the house and chatting. We got Julia to tell us some more stories of when she was younger (and if they are all true, she was probably even more of a horny slut then than she is now). As I often do when she is relating these tales, I imagined what things would have been like if I’d had a group of friends like that and had let myself be passed around and used by them while at school (although that makes it sound like Julia was entirely passive whereas she was often the one to instigate sessions with people). She described how she would sometimes sneak off to the bathroom at school and meet up with people to fuck, then how she loved the feeling of sitting for the rest of the day in panties that were damp from the cum that leaked out of her. We all enjoyed her descriptions so much that we ended up fetching a school outfit for her and had her dress up to re-enact some of the stories, culminating with us all having a turn eating, fingering or fucking her.

We went for lunch and played our usual games to see who could gently finger or frig themselves the most. None of us managed to cum, but Mel did at least join in and touch herself (which is more than she usually does). I then challenged the girls to cum by the river and they accepted so we headed off to a spot we’ve used before to do this. We sat right on the edge of the bank with our ankles crossed in front of us and knees up and spread. We could then easily reach down and play with our clits in a discreet enough way that people walking behind us couldn’t tell. We nonchalantly chatted as we frigged away at our clits and Mike told us that he wished he could cum over us all (although it would have been difficult to do that without people noticing). We all (excluding Mike) managed to cum, although my orgasm didn’t feel that satisfying (unfortunately not every orgasm is an earth-shattering, body-rocking pulsating, throbbing one.

We didn’t have much time before Mel and Julia’s train left so just went for a coffee. I whispered a plan to Mike and we both got large frappachinos, but this was just in preparation for later. We saw our guests off with the customary under-skirt fondle for both of them. Jen and I receiving payment in kind in return and Julia gave Mike’s cock a good run through his jeans. They debated trying to smuggle him in to the ladies bathroom so he could give her a goodbye fuck (and knowing Mike that would be preceded by a goodbye eat) but it was too busy. He did make Julia promise to cum on the train (a promise which she kept) and once they had left, the three of us headed home.

We stopped off to do our weekly shopping and once back indoors, it was time to put my frappachino plan in to play. We really needed to do the rest of the chores, but nature can only wait so long so we stripped Jen (and ourselves) off and double teamed her for a while until she was close to cumming. We then dragged her in to the shower and provided her with her favourite silicone coated vibe. Jen was told to make herself cum and pee as much as she wanted while we provided additional liquid. My aim was to ‘clean’ Jen of Mel’s pee (she had cleaned herself off in the shower after Mel had peed on her, this was more of a symbolic cleaning). Jen was more than happy about this so I leant back against the wall and pushed my pussy out for her to eat while Mike stood beside us trying to keep his cock from getting too hard.

Jen was a fair way ahead of me so she just gently played with herself as she ate me until I had caught up and the then pumped the vibe in and out of her pussy while frigging her clit. She pretty much kept herself upright with the pressure of her mouth on my cunt. I told her as I got closer to cumming and she said that she wanted me to cum first (what I say ‘said’ I mean mumbled in to my pussy, but we got the idea). I held her head in place and told her that I was nearly there and as I came I let go and peed as hard as I could over her. Jen didn’t miss a beat and carried on eating me while frigging herself and trying to cum as soon after me as she could. I had pretty much emptied myself over her by the time she came, but that was what Mike was there for and when Jen started to cum he aimed and let rip with his own stream of pee. I watched as this splashed over Jen’s face, head and body. I knew that Jen would be emptying her bladder too but I couldn’t see this from my position (although Mike could). Once Mike stopped peeing, Jen turned and took him in her mouth and he got hard very quickly. She sat back and waited while he rapidly pumped away at his cock and then placed it against her forehead as he came. As he’d cum already that day he didn’t produce much, but there was just enough to drip down over Jen’s face and we told her that she wasn’t allowed to wipe it off.

As Jen’s punishment (or reward, it’s difficult to tell) she wasn’t allowed to shower herself clean and just had to tie her hair back in a ponytail. She was given a light t-shirt to wear for the remainder of the day while we cleaned and did the chores (including her handing the laundry out in the garden). She was of course allowed to shower and clean up before coming to bed and we christened the nice clean sheets with a night-time three way (me eating Jen and Mike fucking me). I tried again to have erotic dreams that night but wasn’t as successful (or at least I didn’t have any dreams that I remember).


  1. Andi,
    Being employed in law enforcement I can say that while what you are doing is legal, it is CRITICAL you DO NOT accept any form of payment. Sex for sex is kosher but anything else (money, or things/favors in exchange) can get you in hot water REAL fast. Right now, if the worst were to happen you're free and clear but the minute you accept ANYTHING outside of sex for sex, you're in serious jeopardy.

    That little warning aside, I don't understand the Mel thing. I thought Jen liked water-sports? I also found it funny that you said "I went through a number of phases of *really* missing cock during our attempt to get pregnant". Funny because unless there is artificial insemination USUALLY that process involves a LOT of it...just an amusing observation.

    Finally, you should find a way to work Mike into the challenge to cum opportunities. Being a guy I can tell you that an orgasm doesn't always have to involve ejaculation. In fact I can orgasm 3-4 times in rather quick succession (3-4 times in half an hour) without ejaculating, though that took many years of practice to learn. There is some good info on the web, but a lot of bogus info too. The best advice I can give is for him to learn to know when he is about to orgasm, and then while he is, learn when he is about to ejaculate. The 'learning process' involves many 'letdown' orgasms as you are concentrating and learning while you orgasm rather than enjoying the orgasm but once you have it down it is DEFINITELY worth it. I also agree with an earlier poster. The ability to have many orgasms tend to be less intense (but more plentiful) than just one big one. This I can speak from personal experience on.

    Stay safe,
    your friendly neighborhood patrolman.

    1. I think I'm fine as I don't accept payment (in money or goods) for sex. Even apart from the prostitution aspect of it, I just don't like the idea of receiving payment for sex - as I've said before, I do things because I enjoy them (or sometimes because Mike and/or Jen enjoy them)

      What was the Mel thing you didn't understand? You're right, Jen loves water-sports which is why she got involved - I was just surprised that she was willing to do it so openly in front of a group of strangers (but in hindsight it was obvious that she would be happier doing it in front of people she didn't know) - it was more of a surprise at the time though.

      As for the missing cock comments - yes obviously I had been getting fucked by Mike, but over the past few years I've been used to a wider variety of cock (and occasionally nore than one at a time). It isn't that I wasn't enjoying my sessions with Mike (and Jen - although she satisfies me in a different way), I just missed being able to fuck whoever I wanted (assuming they wanted to as well).

      Mike is very aware of when he is about to cum (which is why he is good at lasting as he can hold back or slow down), but he can't cum without ejaculating. It's certainly something he's interested in so if there are any good links you can forward, he's more than happy to put in the effort to practice. At present he can hold back for quite a while, but if he gets too close too many times he can end up with his balls becoming quite painful.