Thursday, 17 April 2014

September 2014 Sex Party – Part 1

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The September sex party coincided with our monthly visits from Lis and Lucy. Seeing as I still wasn’t able to fuck guys, we had decided that Jen and I would stay home and let Mike go to the party with Sue (even though Sue gets to play with him quite often, I know that she still prefers it when she gets him to herself so I thought I would give her a treat for joining in our games so well previously. Without Mike there, the timing of Lis and Lucy’s visit was rather meaningless (they time them to coincide with Lis’ safe period so she can fuck Mike without using protection). Not that Lis only visits to play with Mike (at least I hope she doesn’t) as Jen and I enjoy playing with her (and Lucy).

As much as I’ve been complaining about missing cock (and I really was missing it), it was nice to have some girl time. Jen and I were being fucked by Mike once a day (either morning or evening) every day as a part of our quest to get pregnant (and to cum lots) so to go for three days without him was going to be a change to our routine. We’ll get on to that in a bit though as the first part of the story was what Mike and Sue got up to at the party…

Mike met up with Sue in York on the Friday evening. As there was just the two of them they had arranged to stay with Sara and Emily at Sara’s new accommodation. Sue had arrived first and was waiting in a pub with their hosts, which is where Mike found them. As Mike hadn’t cum since the previous evening, he was eager to get back to Sara’s place to sample the selection of pussy, but they insisted on having a couple of drinks first and teasing him a little. This turned out to be a mistake on Sue’s part as Mike dared her to change her outfit and produced a bag with things for her to wear. She disappeared in to the bathroom and returned with her new outfit on – there wasn’t really much to it as it just consisted of one of Mike’s shirts and a wide belt. Sue handed Mike the bag with the clothes she had been wearing in it and he adjusted her outfit a little by undoing the top three buttons – opening the shirt far enough that her cleavage was fully exposed (along with the central part of her bra). Emily really liked the look and Sara was impressed with Sue’s daringness, but it wasn’t any more revealing than other outfits she (or I) have worn. They didn’t stay out too long as the lure of a decent cum-fest was sufficiently strong for all of them so after just one more drink they headed back to Sara’s place.

Sara only had a twin bed so Emily had brought her duvet over to help make a floor bed (blankets, duvets and pillows on the floor) so they could all sleep together. These are all well and good (and we’ve used them lots), but beds are still better places to actually fuck, so this is where they started. To begin with, they 69ed in pairs, staring off with Mike and Emily & Sue and Sara but swapping around halfway through (as much as Mike loves the way Emily tastes, he wanted to be the first to make Sara cum in the hope he would get to fuck her – it was pretty much a given he’d get to fuck Emily). Sara knew that Mike wasn’t going to cum in her mouth so she sucked away quite vigorously at his cock – to the extent that he congratulated her afterwards for having done a sufficiently good job that he’d really had to concentrate on holding back. (She didn’t say anything at the time, but this irked Sue a little as she is quite accomplished at cock sucking while Sara is still quite inexperienced at it.)

Even though he didn’t know he was doing so, Mike appeased Sue a little by saying that he wanted to fuck her next. They used the missionary position to do this and Mike naturally invited Sara to sit over Sue’s face to be doubly eaten (Sue on her pussy and Mike on her ass). Sara loves this position but even when they have involved other people from the sex parties, not everyone is willing to do it to her (which I understand, it sounds rather gross, but there is no scat play involved). As you would expect, Sara came quite easily and Mike asked Sue if they could roll over and then give the same treatment to Emily. While she doesn’t do it often, Sue is no stranger to anal play and agreed (it’s a little unfair as Mike can get her to do pretty much anything due to the way she feels about him). Emily mounted Mike’s face and he got to eat her, properly enjoying her taste and making her cum (although Sue obviously helped out with this. Emily then dismounted and Mike gave Sue a good hard fucking until she came and he then empties his load in to her cunt (I was surprised to find out that he came in Sue for the first cum of the night as I would have imagines he would want to do it in Sara or Emily as we see them much less frequently, but then again Sue’s feelings aren’t entirely unrequited and Mike had a soft spot - or rather a very hard spot - for her too).

They moved on to the duvets on the floor to relax and chat for a while. Mike wasn’t able to keep his hands off of Emily’s pussy, and his hands were soon replaced by his mouth. Sara had a play with Sue’s ample breasts and ended up grinding a leg against Sue’s pussy while humping one of Sue’s legs. Nobody came during the playing, but it was clear that they were up for at least one more proper round that night. Mike had noticed the bedposts on Sara’s bed were potentially suitable for playing with and he suggested that Sue could try to fuck herself on one of them. Sue was a little reticent about this at first, but Mike described how we’ve seen a number of videos online of girls doing this so she was talked in to giving it a try.

They gave one of the posts a wipe clean and Sue straddled it and slowly lowered herself on to it. It was either coincidence or the bed had been made specifically as a masturbation device as the post was at almost the perfect height for Sue to fuck herself on (it was actually ever so slightly too high, but Sue and I are both an inch or so smaller than average, so for most people it would be suitable). She wasn’t left to just fend for herself and Mike, Sara and Emily all had a turn lapping away at Sue’s clit but it was Sara who was working there when Sue came. When she pulled herself off of the post, it was coated with a thick mixture of her juices and Mike’s cum which Sue (unprompted) sucked off.

Sara wasn’t willing to fuck the post (she was worried it would hurt( but Emily briefly impaled herself on it before saying that she didn’t have the energy to bounce up and down until she came. They once again returned to the duvets and Sue went down on Sara to repay her for the bed-post licking while Mike finished off what he’d started with Emily earlier. Once the girls had all cum, Mike asked Sara if he could spoon inside her and promised that he wouldn’t cum. Sara snuggled back on to his cock and told him that she didn’t mind if he fucked her so he moved gently inside her for a while but told her that he would wait until the morning to cum. Sara seemed almost disappointed and he told her that he could make her cum straight away if she wanted but she said that she was happy to wait until the morning too, but she did wiggle back and forth on his cock a fair bit. Mike pushed as far in to her as he could, which she really seemed to enjoy and he repeated his offer to fuck her in a whisper but she told him that she was enjoying what they were doing and that the morning would be fine.

He kept his promise (although he first woke her by going down on her and eating her to an orgasm). While Mike fucked Sara, Sue and Emily had their own little session, but Mike got a brief lick of each of them afterwards and they then freshened up, had breakfast and headed out for the day. As per our custom on the day of the sex parties, nobody came during the day so that they would all be primed and ready for the evening’s activities. That didn’t mean that they didn’t tease each other and do whatever they could to keep the levels of horniness up. Sara got to take Sue into a changing room and they played with each other and Mike gave Emily a brief semi-fuck around the back of one of the ruins in the Museum Gardens (having multiple look-outs made this quite easy). Mike then purchased a new set of underwear for Sara, which she modelled for him when they returned home (she sometimes looks so cute that it’s difficult even for Mike to not want to play dressing up games with her).

They rested for the remainder of the afternoon (with minimal playing) and after a light dinner they prepared to head off. Mike had taken along a second (and nicer) new outfit for Sue – a black top, burgundy skirt, black panties and thigh-high stockings with a burgundy ribbon and little bow that matched the skirt. Following the previous weeks miscalculation on Jen’s part, we had ensured (using me as a model) that the outfit provided the required zettai ryokai look (leaving an inch or so of skin exposed between the skirt and the stockings). Mike really liked the way the outfit looked on Sue and while Sara and Emily finished dressing, he missed and caressed Sue’s inner thighs from the top of her stockings up to the crotch of her panties. He made sure not to touch Sue’s pussy (not even through her panties), but the teasing still got her very aroused and Mike offered Sue up for both Sara and Emily to have a quick finger of her.

Sara wore her new underwear and a white shift dress (which was a bit too summery for the actual weather, but then again she wasn’t likely to keep it on for long) while Emily accentuated Sara’s cute look by going in the opposite direction and wearing a tight leather skirt, fish net stockings and a tight white top. Mike went with trousers and a t-shirt, ensuring that the trousers were easy to get off and on so he could quickly be ready to play. Mike packed a few things in to a bag for later use and they headed out.They stopped off for a drink on the way to the party and Mike pretended to be with Sara while he let guys hit on Sue and Emily. They did quite well and could have easily got free drinks all night, but after teasing the guys they headed off with Mike and Sara to the location of the party.

It was in a new place with three bedrooms but a slightly smaller living room. People liked the idea of having more beds to use, but I was a bit disappointed to find out that the public space was smaller as I love fucking and cumming with everyone able to watch me. They said hello to people (as it was the start of term even Sara and Emily hadn’t seen everyone since they returned and as they chatted Mike started to fondle Sue under her skirt. Sue acted a little embarrassed at first but soon got back in to the spirit of the party and let Mike get his hand in to her panties to play with her properly. He rubbed away at her clit and she leant back against him to support herself. Brett asked if he could play with Sue’s breasts and once given the go ahead, he pulled Sue’s top up, freed her breasts from her bra and started to caress them. Mike considered giving Sue to Brett for him to finish off but he was enjoying making her squirm as his fingers played with her clit and he felt how wet she was getting. Sue wasn’t the first person to cum at the party (there were already people upstairs in the bedrooms) but she was the only one in the living room and Mike whispered to her how everyone was about to see her cum. Sue told him that she didn’t care so Mike pulled the front of her skirt up fully and asked Brett to slide Sue’s panties down (which he did). Mike continued to fondle Sue until she let out a short cry and he felt her shudder in his arms. He then lifted his fingers from her pussy and got her to suck them clean before asking Brett if he wanted to play with her properly.

Brett asked Sue to suck him off so they moved over to the sofa and Sue knelt in front of him to provide the requested service. Mike left her to it and went upstairs to see what was happening, but later found out that Sue had also used her breasts on Brett (but finished him off with her mouth). Mike meanwhile hooked up with Clare who allowed him to eat her. At first he did this under her skirt, but she didn’t stop him when he flipped it up. Clare removed her skirt to ride Mike and as they fucked he first pushed her top and bra up to reveal her breasts, then got her to pull them off completely so he could fuck her naked. Giles watched as Clare’s cunt repeatedly swallowed Mike’s cock and as Clare came Mike asked her if she liked putting on a show for her boyfriend. She said that she did and that he would relive it when he fucked her in the coming weeks so Mike said that he should make it good and pumped in to Clare with long hard strokes for a few minutes more before he came. He asked Clare to suck him clean and once she had climbed off of his cock she moved down the bed, held the condom in place and gave his cock a good suck. While she was doing this, Gareth asked Giles if he could have a go with her and Giles told him to feel free so he moved around behind Clare and pushed his cock in to her waiting cunt. Clare had been busy sucking Mike and hadn’t realised that she had been offered up, but was persuaded to let Gareth use her. As she’d just cum twice with Mike, she wasn’t ready to cum again but this didn’t bother Gareth who happily pumped away in her.

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