Saturday, 19 April 2014

September 2014 Sex Party – Part 2

Mike left them to it and went to see what people were watching in the next room – Sara was locked in a 69 with Laura and Mike took the opportunity to chat with Miyako (who was wearing one of her traditionally cutesy outfits). As Sara and Laura’s session heated up, Mike started to kiss and caress Miyako up against a wall and whisperingly asked her to imagine she was in Laura’s place on the bed. As far as we know, the only time Miyako (and Kiyomi) do things with other girls is at the parties and Mike described to her how he was going to get Sue to go down on her and eat her beautiful little pussy later on in the evening. In (what I’m told) the traditional Japanese style, she acted very embarrassed by this, but didn’t tell him that she didn’t want it. For the meantime though, Mike worked his fingers in to her panties and played with her clit, then pushed a couple of fingers in to her pussy and fingered her while they kissed. He knelt in front of her, slid her panties the whole way down her legs and buried his face in her pussy. He ate her, wishing he could actually get his tongue onto and into her pussy without the dental dam in the way, but still manage to make her cum easily enough. Miyako thanked him for the orgasm and he told her that she could repay him later on if she wanted, but for the meantime he went to see what Sue had been up to (he may be a perverted onii-chan, but he was still looking out for his imouto).

Sue had actually been quite busy and after finishing off with Brett, she had fucked Paul in the kitchen (it’s good to see the family tradition was being upheld) and had then made out with Hannah (nothing too heavy, just kissing and a little breast play). They chatted with people for a while and when Laura appeared Mike asked her if he could have a turn with her. She said that she wanted a drink first, but this didn’t pan out quite the way she had intended as she ended up with a bottle in her pussy as well. As a veteran of the parties she took this quite well and allowed Mike and a few others to fuck her with the bottle-dildo. People were (mostly) just playing with her when doing this and not actually trying to get her off – that honour fell to Mike who fucked her over one of the arms of the sofa while fingering her clit. He gave her his second load of the evening and as he hadn’t eaten her beforehand, he took care of this afterwards (Mike usually says that the one advantage of wearing a condom is that he can eat a girl after cumming in her without her taste being spoiled – unfortunately for him he had to use a dental dam again so he couldn’t taste her anyway).

Sue stepped up her game a bit and was fucked by Corey and Neil in fairly quick succession and Neil then convinced Melissa to go down on Sue ‘to help sooth her pussy’. Mel is still quite new to doing things with girls so this was a big thing and a number of people watched (which caused Mel great embarrassment but she went through with it anyway and got a round of applause when she got Sue off. Mike was getting tired of not being able to taste pussy and as Emily was otherwise engaged (he thinks she was with Craig, but isn’t entirely sure) he settled for Sue. As she’d just cum three times she wasn’t really ready to cum again but Mike assured her that he just wanted a little taste of her juices. Stupidly, Sue fell for this and after about 10 minutes she came quite hard as Mike’s tongue swirled around and over her clit. Sue was quite out of breath by the time he pulled away and went off to get another drink while Mike watched Corey nail Caroline and Emily play with Clare.

Kiyomi was also watching Corey and Caroline and Mike was quite tempted to ask for a session with her, but as Miyako had promised him he could fuck her (and he wasn’t sure he could go four sessions), he saved himself. This wasn’t an entirely noble self-sacrifice on his part (if you can call fucking a cute Japanese girl noble) as he had a plan. It was getting near to the end of the party anyway and Mike fetched Sue (assuring her that she didn’t have to cum again – unless she wanted to of course) and told Miyako that it was time for the second (and third) parts of the session they had started earlier. Miyako still seemed to be a little nervous, but had drunk enough that she did as asked and removed her skirt before lying on the bed with her legs spread. Sue clambered up between Miyako’s legs and gently fingered her, then started eating her. Whether she was really used to doing things with girls or not, Miyako certainly seemed to enjoy what Sue was doing to her and Mike got Gareth to help remove Miyako’s top so people could play with her breasts while Sue ate her. Mike didn’t completely keep his promise to Sue about her not having to cum as he caressed her ass and pussy as she worked away – he was technically right as he didn’t make her cum, but he  gave her a good fingering as Miyako got closer to cumming.

With Miyako’s first orgasm finished, Mike asked her if she would be willing to eat Kiyomi. She hid behind her hands but said that she would and Kiyomi was quickly summoned and pulled in to the room. Kiyomi was also sufficiently drunk that she agreed to do along with things and lay on the bed where Miyako had been while Miyako took Sue’s place. This was the part of the evening that really made Mike doubt what he’d been told about Kiyomi and Miyako only being bi at the parties as Miyako quickly buried her face between Kiyomi’s legs and didn’t even use protection. Mike (and everyone else present) thought this was incredibly hot, but Mike had the advantage of it being his turn to fuck Miyako (which he eagerly did). Kiyomi’s outfit proved a bit more difficult to remove, but there were enough people watching to help out and by the time she was halfway to cumming, she was as naked as Miyako. Mike reached around to play with Miyako’s clit and breasts as he fucked her and used a mix of long slow strokes and rapid hard ones. As much as he enjoyed being in her tight pussy, he paced himself so that Miyako made Kiyomi cum a good couple of minutes before he came and asked Miyako to keep working on Kiyomi. Miyako did as he asked and  was still busy lapping away at Kiyomi’s cunt when Mike came, which set things up for the next part of his plan.

Mike pulled out of Miyako and suggested that she should be the one to receive the cluster-fuck (this is what the ‘someone gets fucked or made to cum by almost everyone else’ section of the party that we had introduced in to the proceedings). Now when I say ‘made’ to cum, the usual rules applied that if anyone didn’t want to do something they were never forced to do it, but as Sue, Vicky and I had set the precedent of the end of part cluster-fuck it was now deemed bad etiquette to not take whatever you were given. Most (if not all) of the guys (and a number of the girls) at the party think that Kiyomi and Miyako are sexy so Mike had no trouble convincing them to join in and Scott quickly took Mike’s place and fucked Miyako. This lasted long enough for Miyako to make Kiyomi cum again, at which point Kiyomi pulled away as she said it felt too intense. As Scott finished off, Mike whispered to Kiyomi and convinced her that she should get ‘revenge’ on Miyako, so when Scott finally finished, Kiyomi planted her face between Miyako’s legs and gave her a good (and thorough) licking. She didn’t actually make her cum, but wasn’t exactly shy about eating her friend and this helped to spur everyone else on so once Kiyomi pulled away, people were more than happy to continue the cluster-fuck.

Pretty much every guy had a go in Miyako’s cunt or mouth – not all of them came of course as it was near the end of the party and many of the guys probably didn’t have it in them but still wanted a chance to at least have a turn in Miyako (or another turn for the lucky few who had played with her already that evening). She wasn’t restricted to just having guys play with her either as Emily, Sara, Laura, Clare, Hannah and Sue took turns sitting over her face and having her eat (or at least lick) them. All of these apart from Hannah and Sue had a turn reciprocating and eating Miyako – once again not always to orgasm, but Laura and Emily went all the way. Miyako was left in a sweaty, sticky mess, breathing heavily and apparently oblivious to the people standing around her spread, naked body. Miyako was given a round of applause and Kiyomi fetched her a drink as the rest of the group filed out of the room to leave her to rest. Mike suggested that as she’d been such a good little plaything that she be a bit more daring and go home without getting dressed (other than wearing her coat). We found out later that she hadn’t been quite this adventurous, but people had at least withheld her underwear from her.

A few people headed off straight away but Mike and Sue stayed a while longer. They chatted with Neil and Melissa and Mike started to fondle Mel. He told her that he didn’t think he could cum again, but got her to sit on his cock and Sue was given the chance to repay Mel for having licked her earlier. Melissa hadn’t been sure that she could cum again either but with Mike moving gently in her and playing with her breasts while Sue lapped at her clit, she said that she might be able to manage it after all. Her legs were spread wide and everyone in the room could see everything whenever Sue pulled her head back. Once Melissa had cum, Mike pumped in and out of her for a while and considered trying to fuck her until he came, but he had one more thing he wanted to do that night so he held back.

Mike and Sue left a little while after they had finished with Mel and Sue was confused as to why they hadn’t waited for Emily and Sara. Mike led her to the hotel we usually stay in and told her that we had thought she would enjoy an evening with just him (I told you I’ve been getting better at being less jealous). Admittedly it wasn’t quite the same as her having a ‘proper’ evening with him as they were both quite satiated, but once they had checked in and got to their room, Mike went down on Sue and then fucked her as she stood pressed up against the window (this is what he had been holding back for when he’d been in Melissa).

The next morning he ate Sue awake and they then ordered breakfast in bed. As they had no clean clothes with them, Sue had to answer the door wrapped in just a towel. They then gently played for a while (mostly Mike gently eating Sue, although he did spend a bit of time with his cock inside her). We had decided to tell Sue everything that we’d gotten up to – she knew a fair amount already anyway but it had got to the point where there were a few things that we couldn’t remember if she knew and we felt it would be easier to just be completely open with her. We even planned on telling her about the blog and were fairly sure that she wouldn’t mind too much, but to make sure, Mike was given the job of easing her in to the more tawdry details of what we’d gotten up to before she was fully involved in our games. She didn’t mind that we had tainted food with our juices (given she’s tasted us all now many times we didn’t expect this to be an issue) and had no problem with us having fucked on her bed or used her toys.

 Mid to late morning, Sara and Emily showed up with Mike and Sue’s belongings and a final goodbye session. Unfortunately for Mike, Sara didn’t want him to fuck her as she had let three guys take her that evening (Mike had seen Brett inside her and Sue had seen Sara with Paul but neither of them had seen Gareth fuck her. Of course this had all been down to Emily encouraging Sara to play with more guys – the sessions that Sara had chosen herself had all been with girls (she fingered Clare, went down on Hannah and was eaten by Laura). She did let him go down on her so he wasn’t entirely disappointed (actually for Mike that is pretty much as good as fucking someone) and Mike also got to have a turn at eating Emily while Sara played with Sue. They had a big session with Emily on her back eating Sue, Sara lying over Emily and lapping away at Sue’s ass and Mike fucking Emily (and maybe caressing Sara just a little). It all worked out quite well and Sue confirmed that as much as she loves having one girl lick her, she enjoys having two of them do it even more.

Mike felt bad that Sara was the only one who hadn’t got to cum in the session. She said that she was fine with it but Mike convinced her to lie on the bed and let him and Sue take turns eating her from behind. This was mostly anal play, but they both lapped down across her pussy a number of times – although they had agreed to avoid any direct clitoral stimulation. It only took a few minutes for Sara’s protests that she didn’t need to cum again to die down as she started to revel in her fetish of having her ass licked. Mike really wanted to be the one to make her cum like this, but he thought it would be more interesting to give Sue the chance to make someone cum just from ass licking. As Sara’s moans grew more intense Mike encouraged Sue to keep going and to flick her tongue back and forth over Sara’s little rosebud. Sue knew that Mike wanted her to make Sara cum and carried on until Sara pushed her ass back against Sue’s face and let out a series of small whimpers.

Sara described how it felt quite different cumming like that (without any proper vaginal or clitoral stimulation) and from her description (even though it was second hand) it sounds a little to me like when I cum from having just my neck stroked – a much deeper and fuller orgasm that throbs through her whole body. It is a little different in that I can feel the sensation radiating out from my neck and joining up with the throbbing in my pussy, whereas Sara’s feelings all pulse out from roughly the same area. Mike promised her that he would happily give her another orgasm like that the next time they met as long as she let him eat her pussy as well and Sara agreed. Emily complained (jokingly) that she felt left out so Mike pulled her legs apart and buried his face between them. She squealed at this and tried to squirm away, but quickly realised that he wasn’t planning on just giving her a few licks. Her squirms became weaker and she pushed his head against her pussy as he buried his tongue between her lips and ate her. She did say a few more times that she had just been joking, but her breathing was getting more ragged and she humped her pussy against his face again and again so he guessed that she didn’t really want him to stop. Mike licked at her and enjoyed the taste of her juices (he hadn’t cum much in her so her flavour was mostly her own). Despite her earlier protests, Emily came for Mike and he moved away while she lay there panting. He offered her pussy to Sue and Emily closed her legs and said that she couldn’t take any more but he convinced her to just let Sue kitty kiss her (as part of Sue’s ongoing lesbian training) . So she didn’t feel left out, Mike briefly did the same to Sara before kissing and caressing her body.

Mike then left Sue with Sara while he went to shower with Emily – neither couple really did anything more than kissing and caressing and once Mike and Emily returned from the bathroom, Sue took Sara to the shower. They all then headed out for lunch together and discussed the party and who their favourite sessions had been with. Sara said that she had missed having Jen around as another girl to ‘properly’ play with as a number of the girls at the parties are only really experimenting, as far as properly bi or gay girls go there was only Laura, Emily and Sue (and Emily didn’t do anything with Sara). Mike told them that they were more than welcome to come and visit us anytime they wanted, or as an alternative he would let them have Sue for a weekend. Sue complained about the fact he was giving her away to people but admitted that the thought of spending the weekend being pleasured by Sara and Emily wasn’t an unpleasant one (although I still think that despite her acclimatisation to bisexuality, she would have preferred being with Mike, or at least a guy).

They said goodbye and Mike and Sue spent a few more hours together chatting (they didn’t have the hotel room any more so couldn’t do too much to play). Mike decided that as Sue had taken all the secrets he’d told her earlier so well that we may as well go for broke and told her about the blog. He assured her that we hadn’t posted any information that would identify her and once she had gotten over the initial surprise she didn’t seem to mind too much that I’d told the world so much about her sex life. She read a couple of the early entries and then a couple of the ones that concerned her on her phone and Mike said that she turned quite pink as she read them. Mike whispered to her and told her to imagine how many guys (and possibly girls) had cum while imagining her fucking, fingering and cumming. Sue definitely isn’t as much of an exhibitionist as I am, but the idea still seemed to appeal to her and she promised to read through everything I had written (there is quite a lot now). In return, Mike promised her that we would answer any questions she had about anything in the blog and if she decided that she didn’t want to be in any future entries then I would leave her out (although we hoped that wouldn’t be the case as it could rather limit what I could write about some weekends).

Sue stuck to her word and read more entries on her journey home (she doesn’t live far from York so this didn’t take too long) and read the remained of the blog over the following week. I knew that once she read it she would find out how much I’ve enjoyed having done things with her and when I had pushed things a little further, but we had decided that this was a worthwhile sacrifice for being able to be completely honest with her. It turned out that it wasn’t these sections that she was most inquisitive about or had embarrassed her the most – it was the full graphic descriptions of the various things she had done with Mike, Jen, random strangers and at the parties. She did object to a few of the comments I had made about her, but once we discussed them she understood why I thought various things at different times. As it was six months ago that she found out about the blog (from the time I’m actually writing this entry), she has been finding out more things and I’ve tried to stick to my aim of writing about things in the way I thought of them at the time (and trying to ignore anything that has happened since the time I’m writing about – you’ll see how this is relevant over the next few months entries).


  1. Would it be possible for Jen, Mike and Sue each to write an entry? Kind of like a cameo appearance. It would be interesting to get an entry from Sue while she is away.

    1. Mike wrote an entry a while ago but he didn't think it was too successful. Jen isn't that interested in writing one but I might be able to convince her and now Sue knows about the blog (and has done for a while in real time) she might be interested in doing so (and it would help out with the fact that I've been to busy to write for a while)