Thursday, 29 May 2014

Sue for Two – Part 1

Early-mid November: Another two track entry for this weekend as we (mostly Mike) had convinced Sue to go and visit Lis and Lucy while he, Jen and I went down to Jen’s old Uni to continue getting to know the new students. I’ve fleshed out the details about Sue’s visit a little as while we can now ask her openly about the details for the blog, she doesn’t always provide as much information as I’d like. We’ve also had a fair bit of input from Lucy and Lis (under the guise of checking up on how well Sue did at servicing them – they still don’t know about the blog) so I’m hoping that while I’ve had to extrapolate a little, what I’ve written here doesn’t stray too far from the actual events.

Sue arrived on the Friday night and was met at the station by Lis and Lucy. Mike had convinced Sue to dress for the occasion and she had made the whole train trip with one of her old school uniforms on under her coat, along with appropriate underwear and socks. Once they had hugged hello, Sue opened her coat and told Lucy that Mike thought Lucy would appreciate a visit from Michelle (the school friend that Lucy had got Sue to pretend to be during our enactment of her fantasy). Lucy told Sue that she didn’t have to pretend to be someone else, but Sue says that she could see the look in Lucy’s eyes that said she liked the idea. They headed straight back to Lis and Lucy’s place and Lis asked if she could have a little time with Sue alone before they went to bed. Lucy grudgingly told her to go ahead and stayed downstairs while Lis and Sue headed up to the bedroom. Presumably Lucy was imagining Lis making use of my little sister by herself, but after about five minutes they called her up and Lucy found Lis also in school uniform. Lis was pressed up against Sue on the bed and Sue (or Michelle) referred to Lis as Anna (Michelle’s sister).

Once again Lucy said that they didn’t have to pretend to be different people (she really seems to think that asking people to do that is bad), but Lis pointed out that Lucy now had a chance to see Anna and Michelle do things together ‘properly’ (by which she meant more so than Sue and I did). Sue and Lis started to kiss and fondle each other and Lucy’s lust got the better of her so she joined them on the bed. Lucy was much less demanding than she had been when Sue and I were playing the parts of her friends, but she still stroked, kissed and played with them both as they played with each other. Sue and Lis ended up naked first and were told to 69 for a bit while Lucy looked on and masturbated. She repeatedly called them Michelle and Anna during this phase, but it didn’t stop Lis or Sue from giving as much as they could to the other one. Before either of them came, they decided that it was time for Lucy to be naked as well and they broke position and pounced on Lucy to strip her naked. Lucy didn’t resist much (apparently this is another thing that Lucy likes that we didn’t know about – although we’ve made use of it since) and they so had her naked and spread beneath them.

As Sue was the guest, she was offered first go at Lucy so she quickly planted herself over Lucy’s face and lowered her own mouth to Lucy’s waiting pussy. Sue didn’t hold back and got properly stuck in to Lucy’s cunt – Lucy reciprocated and as Sue had been playing with Lis for a while, she ended up cumming within a few minutes. She did me proud though and just asked Lucy to kitty-kiss her while she lapped at Lucy’s cunt and got her off. As soon as Lucy had cum, Sue crawled off of her and moved over to Lis. She continued to play the part of Michelle and told Anna that she couldn’t wait any longer and wanted to fuck her. Lucy had stopped objecting to the game and propped herself up to watch as Lis and Sue kissed and pawed at each other. They fingered humped and ate each other until they had both cum and then Sue sat up and asked Lucy if she wanted them to do anything more for her (Lucy was quite happy for the time being with what she’d seen already).

They lay in bed chatting for a while and Sue was asked (again) about how she had let Jen experiment with her and how things had developed from being completely heterosexual to now obviously bi. Sue was quite open with them and described how she had been asked to help Jen and I insert a couple of double-ended dildos so we could fuck (this was back before Mike was allowed to even see Jen with something inside her so it had been up to Sue to take the free ends of the dildos that were hanging out of my ass and cunt and insert them in to Jen). She told them about her experiments at Uni with a friend and how they had made out a few times and had a threesome with Sue’s (then) boyfriend. Lucy told Sue that she was definitely my sister. As they curled up to sleep, Sue ground against Lucy’s ass and whispered to her and Lis that she had agreed to do anything they wanted of her all weekend.

Lis (who was lying behind Sue) pushed a hand between Sue’s legs and asked if she wanted to cum again and Sue humped back against Lis’ hand and told her that if Lis wanted to make her cum then she could. Lis continued to rub Sue’s pussy and then reached around her with her other hand to play with Sue’s clit while she pushed three fingers up and in to Sue’s wet cunt. As she continued, Lis sat up so she could play with Sue more easily and continued assaulting her cunt while frigging her clit. Lucy rolled over to watch, but was soon helping out. Initially this was just with fondling and kissing Sue’s breasts, but she then took over playing with Sue’s clit, leaving Lis to concentrate on the fingering. Sue had enjoyed her earlier sessions, but this time it felt really intense (Lucy is actually quite good at breast play and Sue’s nipples are annoyingly more sensitive than mine). This, coupled with Lucy rubbing her clit and Lis getting her slender fingers quite deep in to Sue’s pussy drove Sue to what she describes as an incredible orgasm. She panted and moaned as she came and held Lucy’s head hard against her breasts. As her orgasm faded, she lay there panting and gently swearing until she caught her breath, at which point she profusely thanked Lis and Lucy and asked if she could repay them. Sue thinks that Lis was tempted, but she just asked if Sue could wake them up in the morning in the ‘usual way’. Sue agreed to this and they chatted some more while dozing off.

Lis actually woke up first on the Saturday and gently explored the body of a still sleeping Sue. Sue woke up during this but Lis asked her to stay still so she could continue her examination – she was quite gentle, but touched, stroked and kissed Sue in enough places to get her very turned on. Sue wasn’t entirely still during the teasing session and they woke Lucy up. Lucy made a trip to the bathroom and joined in playing with Sue’s breasts when she returned but Sue pointed out that she was meant to wake them up in a nice way. Lis immediately lay back and told Sue that she could do whatever she wanted so Sue crawled down between Lis’ legs and started to finger and eat her. Lucy helped out by playing with Lis’ breasts and kissing her and they steadily pushed Lis towards her orgasm and then over the edge.

Lucy wanted to cum in a different way and asked Sue if she would scissor with her. Sue isn’t as experienced with this position - she has done it with Jen a few times and may have occasionally practiced with me (usually when Mike and Jen encourage it), but she was willing to give it another go and followed Lucy’s instructions to get in to the best position. They humped their pussies together for a while and Lis helped out by stroking them both, then suggested that they should do things properly. Lis fetched their double dildo (which we bought for them) and worked an end in to Lucy’s pussy before getting Sue to slide on to the other end. Before they started moving, Lis got them to lie with their pussies pushed together and she had a lick at both of their clits. They both loved this and Sue says that she could have happily cum just like that, but Lucy wanted to fuck properly so once Lis had moved out of the way, Sue and Lucy held on to each other’s legs for traction and fucked the dildo between them. Sue says that Lucy was quite forceful (in a nice way) and the bed moved around a little as their cunts pounded together. Sue came first but told Lucy to keep going and she did her best to mash her pussy against Lucy’s. This was actually how Lucy finished – grinding herself against Sue’s pussy and then falling back on to the bed breathing heavily. Sue pulled herself off of the dildo and crawled around to kitty kiss Lucy, who told Sue to be gentle, but held her head in place (not that Sue was trying to pull away).

They asked Sue to remain naked while they ate breakfast. Now Sue is of course more than used to this from spending time with us, but Lis and Lucy both wore gowns so things were a little different to usual. Once they had finished eating and were tidying things away in the kitchen, they asked Sue if she thought she could cum again. Sue said that she could so she was asked to sit up on the counter and masturbate (Lis and Lucy had apparently enjoyed watching Sue play with herself during their visit and wanted their own private show). Sue says that she found it a little unnerving to do this in front of people she didn’t know that well (while she’s known Lis for a number of years, the being naked and fucking her was still very new), but she played along with their wishes. She sat in the corner and spread her legs wide, placing her feet up on the worksurface. She then proceeded to finger herself, frig her clit and play with her breasts, lifting each breast in turn so she could lick at her nipples. Lis and Lucy stood against the wall watching Sue and gently touched themselves, but continued to encourage Sue to keep going. In Sue’s position, I would have probably asked for something to fuck myself with (either a kitchen implement or fruit or veg) but Sue just used her fingers. Nonetheless she came for them and then sucked her fingers clean in an exaggerated manner.

When Sue climbed down, Lis opened the bottom of her robe and asked Sue to give her a kiss. Sue knelt in front of Lis, spread Lis’ lips a little and planted a kiss on them. Lis then asked Lucy if she wanted a kiss and she did so Sue scooched over and did the same to Lucy. Lucy then said that it was only fair that Sue get a kiss in return, but Sue was told to stand facing the counter and bend forwards. Lucy spread Sue’s ass cheeks and buried her face between them, allowing her to give Sue’s pussy a number of long, firm licks. Lis also had a quick go, but she used her usual quick little licks on Sue and once Lis stood up, Lucy briefly fingered Sue before suggesting that they get ready to go out for the day.

As they showered and dressed, Sue gave Mike, Jen and me a call to report in on how things were going. We had a brief chat with her and then with Lis and Lucy and asked them to make sure that Sue was taken care of properly (they knew what we meant by this, but Sue was already a step ahead of them – she really does take after me in some ways). They then headed out in to town to have a look around and get some lunch. Before they headed home, Sue asked them to show her where she could buy an item to help out with their games that night. They headed off to a sex shop and Lis asked if they wanted her to go in alone or if they would come with her. Naturally they went in with her, but they weren’t prepared for quite how forthright Sue was with the assistant. She went straight to the counter and described to the assistant how she had enjoyed sharing a double dildo with Lucy earlier that morning, but that she was looking for a second one that they could share anally at the same time. (Sue thought that Lucy had looked quite interested when she had been talking about helping Jen and I out with this and had asked Mike if he would pay for a new toy as a gift to Lis and Lucy – which he had naturally said yes to). The guy seemed quite taken aback by her candour, but he showed her the selection of double ended dildos and Sue selected one about the same length as the one Lis and Lucy had already. Again if this had been me, I would have asked if I could test it in the shop, but Sue isn’t quite that far along yet (at least not without us there to push her).

Sue promised them that they would enjoy what she had in mind and went on to describe how she loved the feeling of having both of her holes filled with cock (providing the guy in her ass was gentle enough). Sue convinced Lis to give it a try before they went out that night and once they were both naked on the bed, Sue knelt on all fours and pushed the original double ended dildo in to her pussy and inserted the new one in to her ass. Lis crawled backwards towards the dildos and Lucy helped to insert the free ends in to Lis’ pussy and ass and Lis and Sue finally pushed back against each other until the dildos were swallowed between them. They then figured out how to rock back and forth in time, moving just enough that the dildos slid in and out of them, but no so much that the ends fell out (this happened once, but they got back on track). Lucy helped out by reaching under them and playing with their clits (and occasionally groping Sue’s breasts as they swayed back and forth). Lis came first this time – this may be just because Lucy has significantly more experience frigging Lis than she does Sue, but Lis did a good job of continuing with the position and allowing Sue to cum as well. Sue then moved away from Lis and turned around to spent a few minutes kitty kissing Lis while the anal dildo still stuck out of Sue’s ass. Sue then had the not quite as pleasant job of pulling the dildo out of her ass – not that it was obviously dirty, but it had been buried in Lis’ ass.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Single Sara

There isn’t really much sex in this entry – it’s an update on a relationship status…

At the start of November we had been planning on going back down to Jen’s old Uni to see how training was going with the new students (we actually knew a fair bit of what had been happening and wanted to join in). Sadly though there had been another drama between Sara and Emily (two of our friends from the York sex parties). Emily is bi and Sara is mostly gay, although has experimented with guys – including Mike. A while ago, Emily cheated on Sara with a guy and once Sara had got over the initial upset, she took Emily back. I personally thought that she was stupid to do this, but I know that she really loves Emily so wasn’t too surprised and things seemed to have been sorted out between them.

That was until we found out that Emily had cheated on Sara again – this time with another girl. I don’t know if would have actually been ‘better’ if Emily had gone off with another guy, it didn’t really matter either way though as Sara was incredibly upset. We actually found out about it through Laura (someone else from the sex parties) when Mike had been in touch wither about something completely unrelated. As well as thinking that Sara is a cute little redhead with beautiful crinkle-cut pussy lips, we also really like her (she is a very sweet girl) and wanted to offer whatever support we could to her so we told her that if it would help, she could come up to visit us and we would try to take her mind off of things (knowing full well that the weekend would probably involve a lot of talking about what had happened and examining every detail).

Sara was quite glad for a chance to get away from York so took us up on our offer and arrived early on the Friday evening (I miss being a student and being able to take off pretty much whenever you want to). It had been about a week since she had found out about Emily’s affair so she had got past the blubbing mess phase of being upset, but was still nothing like her usual cheerful self. We headed straight home and all offered her our condolences and assured her that Emily was a selfish and stupid girl for hurting someone as sweet as Sara. We stayed up quite late going over what Sara had found out and how Emily had been seeing the other girl (a second year called Erin) off and on since the summer. We asked the obvious question which was why Emily hadn’t just asked Sara if she could fuck Erin – or if Erin could join them (seeing as they both play with multiple people at the sex parties, it wouldn’t really be much different). Unfortunately, Sara gave the obvious answer – Erin meant something more to Emily than just a cute girl to fuck, she really liked her. This made it rather different to Emily’s previous discretion where the guy she had been fucking was more just for physical pleasure than anything emotional.

Emily had been very apologetic and had assured Sara that she still loved her and didn’t want to lose her. Having found out a few things since then, I genuinely believe that Emily was sorry and didn’t want to lose Sara, but (fortunately) Sara decided that this time she wasn’t going to forgive Emily. Sara had then spent the next few days crying and had spoken to Emily a few times more. They even got as far as hugging and Sara said that she was considering taking Emily back, but whenever she thought of Emily caring about Erin it hurt too much.

When it was eventually time for bed, we told Sara that she could have Jen’s bed to herself but she asked for Jen and I to sleep in with her. As much as we wanted to be able to taste and pleasure Sara, Jen and I had agreed that we wouldn’t try anything with her as it really didn’t seem fair. To help keep my desire in check, Mike quickly took care of me downstairs while Jen and Sara went up to start preparing for bed. I remained almost silent as Mike ate me and gave him a big thank you kiss as I caught my breath, after which we quickly cleared away a few things and headed up. Jen and I asked Sara if she minded if we sleep naked (as we always did) and promised her that we wouldn’t pounce on her. Sara was fine with this (we’ve been naked around each other and fucked enough times that it is quite natural), but she kept her panties on. We slept with Sara between us and took turns cuddling her to offer comfort. It felt nice having her (mostly) naked body pressed up against me but I managed to stick to my resolution and refrain from caressing her.

I didn’t quite manage the same with my own body though and when I woke up on the Saturday morning, Sara was facing Jen so I took the opportunity and pushed a hand down between my legs to play with myself. It had been a while since I’d tried to masturbate near someone while not wanting them to see (or know) what I was doing, but I’ve had sufficient practice at cumming in public that I can keep very quiet and even keep my breathing quite steady. I spread my legs slightly and just used a couple of fingers on my clit – occasionally dipping them a little between my lips to gather some juices for lubrication. It probably wouldn’t have mattered too much if Sara had woken up and realised what I was doing and I actually fantasised that she did and that she wanted us to fuck her until she couldn’t remember Emily. She didn’t wake up, but the fantasy did help me to cum and I lay in a nice satisfied state for a while before dozing off and only waking up when I heard Mike downstairs preparing breakfast.

We all joined him downstairs and discussed what the plan for the day was. We felt it would be a good idea to keep Sara occupied for a fair part of the day so got ready and headed out in to town for a while but returned not too long after lunch as it was a little cool out. Mike then offered Sara a massage and promised that he would behave himself – she trusts him enough to know that he wasn’t going to try anything and said that a massage sounded nice so Mike went and prepared Jen’s room with some candles and warmed up some oil. Jen and I went up with Sara so we could chat to her as Mike massaged her. Sara slipped out of her clothes and stood in her underwear, at which point Mike said that she could keep as much on as she wanted, but it would be easier to massage her if she at least undid her bra. This didn’t bother Sara so she removed it and lay on her front on the bed. Mike started at Sara’s shoulders and gradually worked his way down her back and around her sides, then worked his way up from her feet to her ass (but didn’t try to get his fingers onto or under her panties).

We had a quiet conversation with Sara while Mike did this and she looked like she was enjoying herself (but not in the sexual sense). Mike asked her if she wanted him to do her front and she rolled over and told him that he was quite good at giving massages. He once again worked his way down from her shoulders and he rubbed over her breasts a few times, but no more than he rubbed any other part of her body and it looked like he was just massaging her (as opposed to caressing her) so I didn’t tell him off. He then moved down to her legs and worked his way up each one. This time he lifted each leg in turn when he worked on her thighs and massaged up quite close to the crotch of her panties (but still refrained from making contact). It was quite easy to see the bulge in his trousers and I knew full well that he wanted to touch, kiss and fuck the little pussy that was hidden under her cute panties (as did I).

He rolled Sara over on to her stomach again and gave her back a final massage before wiping the excess oil off of her skin and covering her with a blanket. We then left her to have a rest (she was pretty much asleep) and Mike took the opportunity to fuck Jen downstairs as she knelt between my legs and ate me. We probably weren’t as quiet as we could have been, but we didn’t make too much noise and think Sara slept through our little session – we had certainly long finished by the time she emerged from the bedroom (wearing one of Jen’s robes). We gave her a further treat and cooked her a nice dinner, over which we shared a bottle of wine (Jen and I only had a half glass each before anyone complains). We then gave her the option of going out somewhere (Sara quite likes dancing) but she said that she would rather stay in. She was quite apologetic about this but we assured her that it was fine so we settled down to watch a film (action – we made sure to avoid anything with romance in it) and spent the evening that way.

Sara snuggled up against Jen for the first part of the film and then against Mike for the latter part. I was a little naughty (but you probably expect that of me) and sat with a hand resting between my legs so I could gently stroke myself. As Sara hadn’t gotten dressed again after her massage (she was still just wearing Jen’s robe with her panties on underneath), Jen and I had changed in to robes as well (but without panties), so it was quite easy for me to caress my pussy while we watched the film. I could have easily made myself cum and I’m quite confident that I could have done this without Sara being aware, but I was content with just getting myself horny with the intention of letting Mike get me off again quickly before bedtime (and I intended to get him to fuck me to orgasm that night).

My plans went slightly awry though as Sara unexpectedly asked if Mike would spend the night with her. This took Mike by surprise as well, although he certainly wasn’t going to turn her down (just as when he gets to share a bed with Lucy, he quite enjoys being beside a beautiful girl that he can’t do things with as it makes his first cum the next day feel better). Jen made him promise that he wouldn’t try to fuck Sara and Mike gave his word. In a way it worked out quite well as it meant that Jen and I could have a proper session that night (although we didn’t want Sara to hear us so it somewhat limited the positions we could use and how energetic we could be).

Mike kept his shorts on when he got in to bed to match the way Sara was dressed. She thanked him for looking after her and curled up against him. He tried initially to keep his crotch away from her so she couldn’t feel his cock and when her body made contact with it he apologised and said that certain biological reactions were beyond his control. Sara said that she didn’t mind and told him that she just wanted him to cuddle up to her and tell her that everything would be all right. Mike spooned up behind her properly and pulled her against him while trying to ignore the feeling of her pressing against his cock. He told her that things would get better and that when she was ready, she would have no trouble finding someone who would think she was wonderful. Sara had another little cry and thanked Mike, then made a comment about caring for him like a brother. Now this isn’t usually what a guy wants to hear where pressed up against a nearly naked girl, but Mike had the perfect retort and reminded Sara of what he’s done with his (or my) little sister. Sara told him that she didn’t want to have sex and Mike had started to assure her that he wasn’t going to try anything when she continued and said that if he promised not to move, she might enjoy having him inside her.

Mike was pleasantly surprised at the offer and immediately told her that he would stay in her for as long as she wanted and promised he wouldn’t fuck her. He felt Sara pull her panties down so he did the same with his shorts and then took up positing behind her once more. He was going to let Sara take responsibility for getting his cock in to her pussy, but she is still relatively inexperienced with guys and she asked him to help. He found it a little odd to push in to her without having gone down on her, played with her clit or even kissed her, but he got the head of his cock between her lips and after moving against each other for a little, he was soon buried most of the way inside her. Sara snuggled back against Mike again and he wrapped an arm around her and had to resist playing with her breasts. Sara said that she was glad that she had people she could trust and Mike gave her a little kiss on the shoulder and told her that we would always be here to look after her whenever she needed it (he left out the thoughts he was having about always wanting to be there to make her cum as well). Sara pushed harder against his cock and Mike slid as far in to her as he could and they remained like that until Sara fell asleep. Mike actually stayed inside her for a fair bit after Sara had fallen asleep, but he kept to his word and didn’t try to fuck her (although he admits that he could have probably cum fairly easily without having to move too much).

The next morning, he woke up before Sara and curled up against her. He really wanted to go down on her to wake her up nicely but knew that this was against the rules (and he spent long enough having to obey ‘the rules’ with Jen that he is used to it). Jen and I got to have another session together before we got out of bed, but even with our immediate lust satisfied, we still quickly noticed the fact that Sara wasn’t wearing her panties under the robe. She told us that Mike had been inside her, but it was at her request and Mike explained how he had resisted doing anything with his little redhead and had just comforted her. To be fair, I think he did quite well and my response was mostly due to the fact that I was a little jealous of the fact that he had been given the chance to comfort Sara in this way while Jen and I had only been able to cuddle her.

We ran a hot bath for Sara and let her soak in it for quite a while with the rest of us took turns sitting and chatting with her or gently washing her body and hair. We then took her out for a nice lunch and wandered around town for a while. We told her that if she wanted to come back to visit at any point – either to spend some time out of York again to distract her, or (and I know that this may not have been entirely appropriate) to have some of our usual fun, then she could come back anytime. We saw Sara off at the station and she thanked us for the weekend. We all gave her a proper kiss (not really passionate ones, but the kind that showed we actually cared about her) and it was quite difficult to resist sliding my hands down over her ass and under her skirt.

When we went home, we released the built up tension with a three-way session. Mike was understandably eager to cum and after he’d spent a while fucking both Jen and I, he came over us both and then helped Jen and me to eat and finger each other until we also came.

We chatted to Sara a fair bit over the next month and as time passed, she became a little more like her old (young), bubbly self. She still obviously missed Emily, but started responding to our innuendoes more and promised Mike that as thank you for behaving himself, that he could fuck her properly again the next time she saw him. Naturally Jen and I wanted in on this deal as well and Sara agreed that we could either stay with her the next time we were in York, or that she would come and spend a night with us in our hotel. Due to Jen getting pregnant, things worked out slightly differently, but we’ll get to that in a few entries time…

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Gifting Sister – Part 5

Mike, Lis and Jen were still in the middle of their session when we looked in on them so we told them that we would see them downstairs and headed down to get some food. Unusually, Jen had woken up first and had crawled down between Lis’ legs to lick her awake. She hadn’t completely ignored Mike though and had lent him a hand – he had already been hard (his cock’s usual morning state) but Jen had given him a good rub while she had been eating Sue until Mike said that he couldn’t take it and moved around behind Jen to slide in to her. He gave Jen a good fucking as she ate Lis, played with her clit, gave her breasts a few squeezed and slapped her ass a number of times. They could all have easily cum in that position, but Mike wanted to finish inside Lis (and Lis wanted a turn with Jen), so they switched positions and Mike fucked Lis while she ate Jen. Unusually, Mike didn’t stop to eat Lis before he came inside her (but he promised to make up for this later on) and once he had pulled out of Lis, they called downstairs for Sue and I to come up so his cum could be shared between Jen and me. Sue did the same sort of thing she’d done the previous day – ate his cum out of Lis and then let it dribble from her mouth in to Jen and my pussies. As Lis and Lucy had now both seen Sue and I play together, Sue was a bit more assertive in getting the cum deeper in to my pussy and even pushed the end of her tongue slightly inside me to assist with this (but she still wasn’t eating me).

Over breakfast Lucy apologised again for making Sue and I pretend to be other people and we again assured her that it was fine and that we were quite willing to act out almost any fantasy that she had with very few exceptions (most of which would be illegal anyway). We asked Lucy about any other fantasies she had and she told us a couple and said that she might have to be drunk to tell us about another few she had. When we asked Lis about her fantasies, she gave a sickly answer about having all her fantasies answered by getting to play with the lot of us (and yes, she did get a slap for saying that). To be fair, her answer wasn’t too far off Mike and Sue’s answer – Sue had fantasised about fucking Mike from quite a young age and Mike had loved the idea of burying his cock in her (once she was old enough – as far as I know he didn’t think that way about her when she was 15, although he hardly knew her at that age). Jen didn’t even get asked about her fantasy as we all know about her water-sports fetish – we did tease her about this and I suggested that we could give her a group session. She pointed out that it was a little chilly outside, but we called her a southern pansy and asked if she would really turn down a group spraying (to which she said no).

Conservative Lucy (not in the political sense) reared her head again and asked if we were really going to do that, but when I pointed out that she had just spent the night fucking two sisters, this didn’t seem like that big a deal. We prepared some towels do dry ourselves off and set about playing with Jen in the living room to get her started. Each of us had a turn fingering and eating her (and Mike briefly fucked her) while the others kissed and caressed her until she was mewing away quite lustfully. I was a little mean and got Jen to beg us to pee on her, but she didn’t really care and readily asked us to soak her while she came so we figured that she was ready and headed outside.

Jen lay on the grass and played with her breasts while I knelt between her legs and fingered her. We were all naked and I was quite surprised that neither Lis nor Lucy seemed too bothered about this, but they were probably kind of distracted by what we were about to do (and the garden is private enough that they know we couldn’t be seen). Mike had a bit of difficulty keeping his erection at bay, especially when Jen said that she wanted all of us to play with ourselves as we stood over her (or knelt in my case). We all promised that we would give her everything we had (and Sue was told off for having peed already that day) and as Jen entered the final stretch before cumming I let her take over fingering herself and I stood with the others around her. Jen pumped and frigged her cunt until she was about to cum and made sure that we were all ready before making the final push. At her instruction we all let go and emptied our bladders over her – given we were all standing fairly close (and it’s somewhat harder for a girl to aim – Mike definitely had the advantage here), there was a significant amount of splashback, but we were prepared for this and were trying to give Jen a nice session. My legs got particularly covered as I was directly in Jen’s line of fire, but it also meant that I could pee over her stomach, pussy and legs. Mike started off fairly slowly, but as he peed his cock seemed to soften a bit and that allowed him to aim better and pee up and down the length of her body.

Jen certainly enjoyed her orgasm and as a final act of humiliation (albeit enjoyable humiliation for her), I suggested that she should kiss each of us as a thank you. I obviously wasn’t suggesting that she kiss us on the lips, but she got this and knelt up, then went around and kissed each of the girls on their cunts and sucked on then end of Mike’s cock (he couldn’t keep himself from getting hard when she did this). Jen’s body and hair were completely soaked and the rest of us (excluding Mike) had legs that were at least fairly damp and in some cases quite wet. We quickly dried our legs off and Jen did the best she could with the towel before heading in to shower (Jen got to go first). Once we had all showered, we returned to the bed to continue our discussion about fantasies (mostly in the hope of getting more out of Lucy, but we failed on that front).

Mike played a little with Sue and I asked Lis if she wanted to watch Sue masturbate. Not everyone agrees with me on this, but I consider this one of the ultimate tests as to how open someone is willing to be – it is one thing to play with someone, but I consider it to be much more daring to be willing to sit and masturbate in front of people and completely put yourself on display. Sue complained that she had been enjoying what Mike had been doing and wanted him to continue so he promised that if she made herself cum, then he would fuck her properly and eat her. Sue knew full well that she could get him to do those things with her whether she masturbated or not, but she played along with the game and sat up against the headboard so we could all watch her. The original intention had been for Sue to be the only one actually being stimulated, but Mike couldn’t resist caressing Lis, so Jen started doing the same to Lucy and I helped out a little with everyone. I considered joining Sue and masturbating beside her, but she was progressing quite well by herself so I decided to let her have the spotlight. As Sue got close to cumming, we pointed out how flushed her upper body got – which made her quite self-conscious and delayed her orgasm. The second time she started to get close we were more supportive – in the sense that we all chanted for her to cum. She swore at us a bit and told us that we were putting her off, but continued playing with herself and managed to get herself off. I quite liked the idea of cumming with so many people actively watching me like that (it had been a while since I’d done anything similar) – and having people commenting on my form and progress also really appealed.

We gave Sue a chance to recover while the rest of us continued playing. Jen mostly played with Lucy and Mike mostly with Lis while I flitted between the couples, but Mike and Lis also had a quite go with Jen. As our sessions got closer to finishing, Mike left Lis to me and he crawled over to Sue and asked if she was ready to be eaten yet. She told him that she thought she could probably cum for him and he quickly buried his face between her legs and ate her. They were still going when Lis, Lucy, Jen and I had finished and Mike told Sue that he would eat her properly later, but at that point he wanted to bury his cock in her and fill her with his cum. They did this pretty much as a display fuck – Sue lay on her side facing us and Mike lifted her upper leg in the air so we could all easily see as his cock pumped in and out of her. We each had a go spreading Sue’s lips and getting a closer look (which meant that Mike fuck Sue for a little while with Lucy’s fingers brushing against his cock) and Lis, Lucy and Jen all took a turn playing with Sue’s clit to help her along. It wasn’t really a fair fight and Sue came long before Mike was ready to, but Lis and Jen both helped out by gently lapping at Sue’s clit while Mike slowly fucked her until Sue was ready for the second round. Mike kept talking about how much he loved fucking his little sister (leaving out the ‘in-law’ suffix) and asked Lis if she would transfer his cum from Sue’s cunt to Jen’s and mine when he had finished.

This time when Sue got close to cumming Mike didn’t hold back. Jen, Lucy and Lis continued to help out (although to a lesser extent than during the first round) and we all sat back to watch as Sue came again and Mike then came in her. Mike whispered to Sue that she was such a little slut for so willingly cumming in front of everyone, but she said that she loved having him fuck her and she didn’t care who saw it (we really have trained her well!). Mike pulled out and offered Sue’s pussy to Lis, but Lucy said that she would have a turn. Mike wasn’t going to turn down the chance to watch Lucy take his cum in to her mouth (even if it was second hand and not directly from his cock) and once Lucy had lapped all she could out of Sue, we allowed her to spit it in to Jen’s and my pussies.

We were all getting quite hungry by this point, but before we headed out for lunch I suggested one last ritual in the theme of giving Sue to Lis and Lucy. I reached over and rubbed Lis, then smeared her juices on to one of Sue’s breasts, then rubbed Lucy and did the same to Sue’s other breast. We’ve done group marking like this before so it wasn’t anything new and it didn’t take too much encouragement to get everyone to gather up each other’s juices and smear them over Sue’s body. We were quite thorough and tried to rub every part of her, ensuring that each of us got some of our juices in to Sue’s cunt. By the time we finished, it would have been difficult for anyone to argue that Sue hadn’t been marked as our plaything (technically she was already Mike and Jen’s plaything – this was for the benefit of Lis and Lucy who had fortunately got in to the spirit of the event).

Sue was given one of my shorter skirts to wear out – it wasn’t indecent, but that was mostly due to it being pleated so she could move without it riding up as opposed to being long enough. Over lunch, Mike said that it was a pity that we weren’t having lunch at home as we could have made a ‘special salad’ like the one we made last time Lis and Lucy visited (when Mike had been in York with Sue). Mike told them that he wished he had been able to add his cum to the dressing as he would have enjoyed seeing Lucy eat it, but thanked her for at least taking part in the attempt to get Jen and me pregnant earlier on. We then decided to let the others in on a secret, but made them swear to keep it private and told them that even though it was very early and we might be completely wrong (we weren’t), we suspected that Jen might actually already be pregnant. It was obviously really early to be telling people this and we knew that we really shouldn’t, but we were so excited about it that we just couldn’t resist (and having Lis, Lucy and Sue present meant that we could tell the most important people all at once). We had an extended discussion about our revelation and we had to dial things back a bit to make sure they understood that it really was very early on and things might not work out (as well as reaffirm their commitment to keep the secret).

After spending a bit of time wandering around and allowing Lis the chance to take Sue in to a changing room to play with her), we headed back to the house to allow people to collect their belongings. Mike took the chance to go down on Lis one last time. He made her cum and then slid his cock in to her pussy, but wasn’t ready to fuck properly again – not that this stopped him from moving in her for a few minutes before pulling out. Jen made sure that Sue didn’t get jealous and took care of fingering her – Lucy helped out with this and even though she didn’t want to cum again, she did agree to my suggestion of having Sue give her a few final licks. Sue was left feeling quite horny, which set her up for the usual challenge of having to cum on the train journey home. We all said our goodbyes at the house and Jen and I took Lis and Lucy to the airport to see them off while Mike waited with Sue to go to the train station. He gently played with Sue a bit more, but instead of leaving her in a horny state, he opted to carry on and ended up fucking her. From what they’ve both told us, they had quite an intense and sweaty session, which Mike loved as it meant he could smell and taste off of the juices that were covering Sue’s body. He ended up cumming in her (although probably not much) and as they lay basking in the afterglow of their orgasms, he asked Sue if she would go along to visit Lis and Lucy by herself. Sue agreed to this and promised to report back in explicit detail to us about anything that happened (both for Mike’s enjoyment and inclusion in the blog)

Monday, 19 May 2014

Gifting Sister – Part 4

It was now heading towards lunchtime and the mornings activities had made us quite hungry. Mike, Jen and Lis were also quite horny from having watched us play (admittedly they had played with each other a little, but not to orgasm) so we felt it was only fair to give them some release. As the number divided up evenly, this was quite easy so Lucy went down on Jen, I took care of Lis and Mike fucked Sue (which was a little unfair as it meant she got to cum again as well, but nobody seemed to really mind too much). Needless to say, it didn’t take too long for the rest of them to cum and once Mike had finished off in Sue, it was left to Lis to transfer his cum (orally, as usual) from Sue’s pussy and split it between Jen and my pussies. Lucy was going to shower before we left, but we convinced her to just freshen up and leave most of her body covered in the mix of our juices (seeing as she had now revealed her proper naughty side). Unfortunately the weather wasn’t warm enough for us to dress too revealingly, but we did all forgo panties (I leant Lucy a pair of seamless tights so she was at least covered).

We had lunch at a pub on the way in to town and once we’d finished, we went to wander around the shops for a while. Mike and Sue went off to look at some anime films and magazines (they assure me they were non-pornographic ones) and Lis, Jen, Lucy and I flitted from shop to shop. Only once did we make use of the changing rooms for proper fun (as opposed to trying on clothes) – I took Lucy and we fingered each other and Jen took Lis and they ate each other. Lucy and I had the more successful session as we both got to cum (Lis and Jen didn’t have time for this, but it meant that Jen was left feeling incredibly wet and horny so it wasn’t all bad as it made it much easier to tease her for the rest of the trip).

We picked up things for dinner and made use of the fact that we had so many people with us to help carry hope some of the weekly shopping. Mike offered to take care of Lis and make up for her not having cum – she wasn’t really horny any more but let him go down on her and I suggested that Sue should really do the same for Jen. Lis and Jen sat on the sofa beside each other with Mike and Sue on the floor between their legs – I left Lucy to watch them while I unpacked some of the shopping and then joined her to see the end result of the licking (which was obviously Lis and Jen cumming). As Mike and Sue had missed out on the changing room session, it was only fair that he then got to have a go with Sue – ideally he would have fucked her, but he wanted to save whatever cum he had left for the evening session so he just went down on her. He took a lot longer than he’d done with Lis though and teased Sue quite a bit – by the time she eventually came, she was naked and begging him to finish her off. She was quite loud during her actual orgasm and while she didn’t care at the time, she looked a little sheepish afterwards, but we pointed out that we’d all been teased like that and had really needed to cum at one point or another (and quite often at many points).

Dinner was more subdued, but Sue was convinced to remain naked throughout. She found this a rather odd experience – not the being naked part as she was quite used to being naked around us, but she said that being the only person who was naked made her feel very self-conscious. This may not have been helped by Mike suggesting that Sue could be used to serve us pudding – and she knows us well enough that she didn’t need him to explain what he meant. We had bought apple crumble with custard for pudding so warmed them up, but made sure that they weren’t too hot. To add to the sensation, we also used some ice cream (alternating between hot and cold can really add to the sensation). Sue lay on the table and we spooned some of the crumble and custard on to her stomach, breasts and pussy and set about licking it off of her (spoons were forbidden in all but one case which I’ll get to in a minute). We only added a little at a time so we could alternate the ice cream and the custard and licked each area thoroughly clean before adding the next batch. Everyone had a go at every part of Sue, with the exception of me eating from her crotch (but this is where the spoon came in as Mike and Jen made sure that I got to eat some of the custard and ice cream from inside Sue’s lips). It was only fair that she be rewarded for having helped out with dessert so she was allowed to (or made to) cum, Lis was the one who was actually eating Sue when she came and this time Sue was allowed to shower to clean up properly.

Everyone else also quickly showered and we spent a while getting ready to go out for the evening. Sue and I didn’t get dressed for a while and disappeared in to the other room to put our outfits on so we could maximise the impact. Sue wore the outfit that we had bought her for the last sex party – a black top, burgundy skirt, black thigh-high stockings with a burgundy ribbon at the top and black panties. I had the same outfit, but with the black and burgundy reversed (and I even wore the panties). We walked back in to Jen’s room holding hands and I told them that this is how we had originally planned to offer ourselves to them. Lis and Lucy really seemed to like the look and thought that it added to the allure of having us both at the same time and Lucy pointed out that it was her turn to spend the night with us. Before that though we went out and had a good evening. We visited a couple of bars and went on to a club to dance for a while before returning home. We had behaved ourselves quite well while out, but on the journey back, the teasing started and we caressed each other as we walked. It was too cool to stop and play properly, but once indoors we sat in the living room and Sue and I made out with Lucy while Mike and Jen made out with Lis.

Mike and Jen headed upstairs first and went in to Mike’s room. His bed is a little smaller than Jen’s, but as we had two groups of three it was the best we could do, and as most of their waking time would involve at least one person on top of the other, they weren’t too bothered. As they stripped Lis and played with her, Mike said that he was glad that he would get to bury his cock in her as while he really enjoys watching Jen (or me) play with Lucy, it gets quite frustrating. Mike had a quick eat of Lis’ pussy and then lay beside her while Jen had a go. Mike played with Lis’ breasts and kissed her, then demonstrated how he had been allowed to grind his cock against Lucy’s body while Jen had been playing with her that morning. Lis teased Mike and told him that he should have asked Lucy to suck him off and that she was now sufficiently used to tasting his cum from our pussies that she would probably have done it (she wouldn’t – he’s asked).

Mike pushed in to Jen and covered his cock with her juices and got Lis to suck him clean, then they switched positions and Mike did the same thing by fucking Lis as she ate Jen and getting Jen to suck him clean. For completeness, Mike had a turn at eating Jen and he also noticed that she was much wetter than usual. This didn’t put him off though and he got her closer to cumming than he had intended before stopping and asking Lis for permission to bury his cock in her cunt and fuck her until she came. Lis graciously granted him permission to do this and in return she was given the choice of position they should use. Lis opted to be on her back so that Jen could sit over her face, but she had one additional request – that Lis wear some long white socks. While we knew that Lis liked this look, we found out that she had come to really enjoy having legs clad in white socks pressed up against her head while she ate someone (just as Mike does). Jen was quite happy to oblige and quickly put a pair on, then climbed over Lis’ face, facing away from Mike. The three of them fucked and sucked in this position. Mike leant forwards for a while and helped lick Jen, but otherwise they stayed in the same position for the whole session. Jen was the first to cum and Mike made sure that Lis came next before he came in her.

Meanwhile, Lucy, Sue and I had been playing in Jen’s room – we had asked Lucy if she wanted us to play the parts of Anna and Michelle again but Lucy said that she wanted us to just be ourselves. We promised to give her the full ‘sisters’ treatment and set about kissing, caressing, fingering and eating her. Sue and I kept our skirts and stockings on (at Lucy’s request), but we both shed our tops so she could play with our breasts – despite Lucy claiming that she isn’t a breast woman, she certainly seemed to enjoy having two sets of D cups to suck on at once. Once we’d played enough and it was time to cum, I straddled Lucy’s face and pressed my cunt on to her mouth while Sue took care of eating Lucy. She was sufficiently aroused that it didn’t take too long for Sue to get her off and I made sure that I didn’t hold back either (although Lucy still came before I did). Pretty much as soon as I came, I asked Lucy if she was going to satisfy Sue as well and promised her that if she did, we might give her another sisterly display in the morning. Lucy really liked this idea but it wasn’t until Sue was sitting over her face that she realised I would also be participating in the session. To her credit, Lucy didn’t try to push me away and seemed resigned to the fact that she was going to have to cum again. I was actually quite gentle with her and built her up slowly while she ate Sue, only letter her cum once Sue had cum and was able to lie beside Lucy to kiss her and caress her breasts. I then crawled up and lay on the other side of Lucy to Sue and we both caressed her a while longer before finally settling down to sleep.

I woke first the next morning (technically Sue did in order to go to the bathroom, but she fell asleep again when she returned to bed). I spent a while caressing Lucy’s body and got her pussy feeling fairly moist before she finally stirred and said that it felt nice. Sue had also partially woken up but I left it to Lucy to wake Sue up properly by going down on her (I felt that it would help them bond as waking up to someone eating you is quite intimate). I watched closely as Lucy fingered and lapped away at Sue’s pussy and then spent a while caressing Lucy’s ass and cunt. I asked Sue if she was ready to double team Lucy and she said she was so Lucy was told to move out of the way while we prepared for her. I told Lucy that we would be Anna and Michelle again and she said that we didn’t have to but I insisted and told her that she could continue to blackmail us and could be as nice or assertive about it as she wanted. Lucy told Sue and me to kiss each other, so we did and I then lay on top of Sue and pressed my body against her as our kiss deepened. I pressed a leg between Sue’s and she spread her legs to accept mine. I told Lucy to sit over Sue’s face so we could eat her and once she was in place, I spread her lips and watched as Sue’s tongue pushed in to Lucy’s cunt. I helped out a little in this area, but mostly concentrated on lapping around and occasionally spearing Lucy’s ass.

It was fair to say that the three of us really got in to the session – Sue and I humped against each other a fair bit as we ate Lucy and I was curious to see how much of Sue’s movement was just in response to my own movements so I asked her if she wanted to switch places (and I also wanted a go at eating Lucy’s pussy). Lucy crawled out of the way to let Sue and I roll over, then she shifted over and placed her cunt on to my waiting mouth. I could feel that Sue was giving Lucy’s ass a similar treatment to the one I’d been giving it and was also pleased to find that Sue humped against my thigh just as vigorously as I’d been doing to hers. It was clear that Lucy was going to cum first (and hardly surprising). I asked Sue if she wanted to switch back and was a little surprised when she said that she didn’t care – this suited me fine and I once again buried my tongue in Lucy’s cunt and between this and Sue on her ass, we got Lucy off to what sounded like a pretty good first orgasm of the day.

Lucy lay down on the bed beside us, still panting and I asked Sue if she was willing to continue our show to get Lucy in the mood again. Sue gave me a grin and pushed me down on the bed to kiss me deeply – I instinctively grabbed her ass and pulled her to me and we ground against each other a while longer, occasionally checking that Lucy was still watching us (which she was – intently). Both Sue and I were very turned on and were really enjoying our session. We knew that we would only have had to turn things up a little for us to cum (even though I had been mauling Sue’s ass and pulling her against me I had avoided touching her pussy with my fingers – other than the occasional brush of my fingertips, but that was mostly just due to us moving against each other). I asked Lucy if she would help us out and was going to suggest a couple of options (I thought she might like for us to share a double ended dildo so she could fuck us and lick us both), but Lucy still had more of her fantasy to act out…

I was told to lie at the end of the bed with my feet on the floor and Sue had to lie on top of me, facing up. Lucy then knelt between our legs and licked up from my pussy to Sue’s and back again. I had to reach around and fondle Sue’s (or Michelle’s) breasts and spread her pussy while Lucy kept telling us that we were naughty little sisters (and for this, she could have been speaking to Anna and Michelle or Sue and me!). I then felt Lucy lick from my ass and over my cunt up to Sue (where she did the same) and we spent a few minutes with her tongue exploring all four of our holes. As we came, Sue had to repeatedly refer to me as Anna and tell me that she was about to cum on top of me and I had to do the same, telling Michelle that I wanted her to feel me cum under her. Lucy continued to kitty kiss us for a little while longer and then thanked us for playing along.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Gifting Sister – Part 3

Once we’d all eaten, we returned to the bedroom (it was warmed upstairs) and sat around chatting for a while. People took turns going to freshen up and as the morning progressed (and people had longer to recover from the first session of the day), people started to touch and caress each other. A lot of the discussion was based around Sue and I doing things together and with other people (not just Mike and Jen). Lis described to Lucy how we had played with each other for her and I assumed that we were going to be asked to put on another similar show, but Lis kept telling Lucy to ask us for what she wanted. Lucy was clearly quite reticent to do this and I assured her that it was unlikely that she would be able to ask for anything that would offend us. I told her that we would happily act out any fantasy she was likely to want and pointed out that we were pretty much up for trying anything anyway (apart from animals, children, scat and necrophilia). Sue promised the same (I know that Sue may not be quite as daring at doing things outside as I am, but I was quite convinced that whatever Lucy wanted, it would be contained to the privacy of the bedroom – or at least the house).

Lucy eventually caved and said she would describe what she wanted, but added that we could refuse to do it if we didn’t want to. After a few more words of encouragement we finally got her fantasy from her… It was based around a rumour from her school – there was a pair of sisters in her year. One of them was dating a guy and the rumour was that the guy had got to fuck both of them together. I said that I couldn’t see any problem with re-enacting this for her but Lucy said what she wanted was for Sue and I to actually pretend to be the sisters (as in to use their names). I still didn’t see what the big deal was about this and Lucy said that it seemed really mean to want to do things with someone while pretending they were someone else. I at least understood a little what she meant, but assured her that it wasn’t an issue (and Sue echoed this). Lucy seemed quite relieved and thanked us so we set about getting the outline of her fantasy so we could create it for her the way she wanted. It turned out that this was something she had been thinking about for a long time (not with Sue and I in mind, just in general). Lucy has known that she was gay from her early teens, so many of her fantasies during this time were about her female friends or acquaintances. She had always thought that the sisters in question were quite attractive and her fantasy was based around her (somehow) discovering them both playing with a guy and then using this to blackmail them in to doing things with her.

I told Lucy that this kind of destroyed the sweet-innocent image that I had of her (although to be fair it had become more than evident over the previous months that we had been underestimating her libido). We then got her to describe her fantasy in a bit more detail and asked her to go over any points that were particularly important to her (we have no trouble making things up as we go, but didn’t want to miss out or get wrong anything that she really wanted to do). We then got her to describe how she wanted us to dress (we’ve seen photos from her school days so have a basic idea of the uniform) and Jen fetched one of her old uniforms for Lucy to wear while Sue and I went in to Mike’s room to change in to a couple of my old uniforms.

Once we were all properly attired, Lucy, Lis and Jen sat out of the way while Mike led Sue and I back in to Jen’s bedroom. We were already ‘in character’ and Kyle (played by Mike) immediately started kissing Anna his girlfriend (played by Sue) while Michelle (played by me) sat and watched. (I’m just going to use our real names as I tried writing using our play names, but kept getting Michelle and Anna confused as it was over six months ago we actually did this). Mike fondled Sue through her uniform and started to unbutton her top to get to her breasts. He then asked her if I could join in and Sue told him that this was fine so he pulled me over to them and kissed me deeply while fondling Sue’s breasts. I quickly had my top pulled open and breasts exposed and Mike went back and forth between our breasts, fondling and sucking them. Sue and I started to caress his crotch and Sue then unzipped his trousers and freed his cock. She quickly took him in her mouth and as she sucked him, Mike continued to kiss me and his fingers pushed between my legs and rubbed me through my panties. Sue stopped sucking him and told me not to monopolise him so we switched places and I took over sucking on Mike’s cock while he kissed and fingered Sue. She then joined me and we both sucked him together for a while until he said he wanted to fuck us.

As his girlfriend, Sue got to go first – Mike pulled her panties off and buried his cock in her. He fucked her for a few minutes, during which time I removed my own panties and sat masturbating while watching them. It was then my turn to be fucked and as I rode Mike’s cock, Sue sat where I had been with her legs spread and played with herself. Mike asked whether he should cum in Sue or me and was told that we expected him to fill us both with his cum, but at this point Lucy stood up and pretended that she had just discovered us. She gave a little speech about now knowing that the rumours were true and how she was going to tell everyone. Mike was told to get out and when Sue and I started to cover ourselves up, Lucy told us that if she wanted us to keep quiet, then we would have to do what she said. Of course, we acted terrified as we didn’t want everyone to find out what we’d been up to and told her that we would do whatever she wanted as long as people in school didn’t find out.

Lucy handed us a dildo and told us to demonstrate what we’d been doing to Mike. We took turns sucking on it and then kissed around the head of the dildo. Meanwhile, Lucy knelt on the bed with us and started to knead our breasts. She then told Sue to demonstrate how Mike fucked her and watched as Sue lay back, spread her legs and pushed the dildo in to her cunt. I was then told to pretend to be Mike and suck on Sue’s nipples – I obviously objected to this as she was my sister, but Lucy once again threatened to tell everyone so I reluctantly did as she asked and sucked on Sue’s nips as she fucked herself. Lucy then pulled the dildo from Sue’s hand and told me to suck it clean – I objected again, Lucy threatened us again and I did as she asked. It was then my turn to use the dildo, but this time Sue had to not just kiss my breasts, but move the dildo inside me for a while before sucking it clean. While we did this, Lucy removed her skirt and panties and sat with her legs spread – we were told that as we liked playing with girls so much that we had use the dildo on her so we each had a turn doing this while she fondled the breasts of the person not fucking her and kept asking if we liked being touched by girls.

Things quickly moved on and instead of using just the dildo, we had to finger her and she did the same to us. She fed Sue and I each other’s juices a number more times and we had to suck our own fingers clean of her juices a number of time. Lucy tasted us quite a bit too and once things had heated up sufficiently she told us that if we wanted her to keep our secret then we had to go down on her. We objected to this so she pretended to reach for her phone to text her friends and Sue caved in and told her that we would do as she asked. Lucy pointed out that she wasn’t asking, she was telling us and that we’d better do exactly as she asked and stop arguing (schoolgirl Lucy was apparently quite scary in her fantasy). Sue slowly approached Lucy’s pussy with her face, but as soon as she got close, Lucy pulled Sue’s face against her cunt and told Sue to lick her. Sue did as she was told and Lucy humped against Sue’s mouth. Sue didn’t keep up the pretence of being forced to eat Lucy for long and was soon eating her properly while I played with Lucy’s breasts and allowed her to reach between my legs and fondle my pussy.

It was then my turn to go down on Lucy and I tried to stay in character and pretend that I really didn’t want to so Lucy grabbed me and buried her face between my legs. I tried to squirm away from her (but didn’t put much effort in) and once Lucy had eaten me for a couple of minutes, she pulled away and told me to do that to her or everyone would know that we had threesomes with Sue’s boyfriend. I gave in and told her I would do what she wanted so Lucy lay back down again and I took up position between her legs. I tried to do things quite gingerly at first, as if I had never done it before and really didn’t want to, but then realised that it wasn’t so bad and ate her a bit more openly. Sue was then told to take over again and I returned to Lucy’s breasts and fondled them as Sue lapped away at Lucy’s cunt. This time, we kept going until Lucy came and she held on to the back of my head, keeping my mouth on her breast as she panted underneath me. Once she had recovered I asked if that was enough and she said that we both had to cum before we could finish so Sue and I were instructed to lie back on the bed beside each other, allowing Lucy to move between us and finger us, then go down on each of us.

Sue was then told to join Lucy between my legs and finger me, which she did until Lucy told her to eat me. (Lucy knows that the real Sue and I don’t actually do this, but we had agreed that we would pretend to do it as a part of her fantasy). Sue objected and said that she couldn’t do that to her sister, but Lucy pushed Sue’s head between my legs until Sue proceeded to eat me (she actually just licked and kissed my thighs, but I made as if I was being eaten properly). It was then my turn to eat Sue and I gave her thighs the same treatment for a few minutes. In Lucy’s fantasy, we actually ate each other to orgasm, but we had adapted it slightly as while we could have pretended to cum for her, she wanted to see us actually cum. To facilitate this, Lucy told me that I’d eaten Sue for long enough and we were told to sit facing each other. We were then instructed to kiss and fondle each other’s breasts, then to reach between each other’s legs and play with each other until we came. Now we’ve done things like this before (mostly for Mike and Jen), but it’s still not something that we do frequently so it was a little strange – however we were both sufficiently horny that we went ahead without really putting too much thought in to it and were quickly kissing each other deeply as our fingers worked around each other’s cunts. It quickly became a game to see who could make the other person cum first, but we did this without discussing it or even breaking our kiss. I got three fingers in to Sue’s cunt and rubbed her clit with my thumb, but she copied me and it felt pretty good. We were breathing deeply in to each other’s mouths and the kiss was quite wet, but the battle continued and we fingered each other until we’d both cum. I’m ashamed to admit that I actually lost and came first, but Sue wasn’t too far behind me. (Now that she knows about the blog, we can actually get her to describe properly how she felt and she said that she came so quickly after me partly because of what we were doing and the fact that she had just made me cum).

It had been quite an intense finish to the session and Sue and I were genuinely out of breath so lay down to recover. Lucy took advantage of this and pushed a couple of fingers in to each of our cunts and played with us. she lowered her face to our pussies and gave us each another few licks before telling us that we could go for now, but that we belonged to her and that she would summon us again at some point. I tried to object and sat that it wasn’t fair as we’d done everything she asked, but she just said that to keep our secret, she would need further payment. She stood up and got dressed, told us that we would see her again and walked out (and then came straight back, but told us that the fantasy was over).

Sue and I sat up and everyone else joined us on the bed. We were all slightly in shock at just how assertive fantasy Lucy had been and we had lots of questions about how it had been played out. Lucy admitted than in the early versions of the fantasy (when she had been at school), she wasn’t anywhere near as daring or assertive, but thinks that having seen Jen order me around, Mel order Julia and Abigail ordering Susan may have rubbed off over the years. We asked if we could do anything to improve on the fantasy for her to make it more how she had first imagined it and Lucy said that she would like to repeat it in a slightly gentler way (she still blackmailed the girls, but they were a bit more acquiescent so she didn’t have to be as forceful). Lis told us that the girls were both blondes and I pointed out that Sue is occasionally blonde so it might be possible to convince her to dye her hair (and Sue agreed as she was considering it anyway). We asked the obvious questions about why the girls wouldn’t have tried to blackmail Lucy when they found out that she was gay and Lucy said that their parents were quite strict so she had always assumed that they would be too concerned about their parents finding out that they weren’t just having sex, but were both doing things with the same boy to take the risk. We asked if Lucy had often masturbated to this fantasy and she shyly admitted that she had (she was now acting much more like the Lucy we knew and loved) and we got her to tell us about a few of the other girls she had fantasised about over the years. With a bit of encouragement, we also got her to describe a time that she had used Jen to masturbate to (from before we started playing together).

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Gifting Sister – Part 2

Despite having just gone our separate ways, we all met up again in and around the bathroom as we got ready for bed. Mike used the opportunity to give Lis another fondle and pressed up against her, but I told him that she was mine (and Sue’s) that night and that he would have to wait until the morning to get to play with her properly. He grudgingly stopped playing with her and we finally headed off to our respective rooms for our night-time sessions. Mike had a frustrating evening (although no more than usual when Lucy and Lis visit) as he got to watch Jen and Lucy playing with each other, but could only partially participate. He got to semi-fuck Jen and eat her, but still wasn’t allowed to do anything with Lucy beyond briefly caressing her breasts (which was a thank you for not cumming in Jen and I prior to Lucy’s last visit). Mike spooned with Jen for a while as Lucy played with Jen’s breasts and Lucy briefly touched his cock, but only because she was playing with Jen’s clit, she wasn’t actually trying to get Mike off.

Lis, Sue and I had an interesting night, but didn’t really break any new ground. We let Lis play with us both and then gave her another session with us both doing things to her. She wanted us to both eat her again, but this time we took the much more practical solution with Sue taking her pussy and me taking her ass. Sue was on her back with me lying on top of her as we ate Lis and as we worked I couldn’t resist grinding myself against Sue’s body. This moved on a little as the session progressed and I pushed a thigh between Sue’s legs and rubbed it against her cunt as I humped one of her legs. It felt really nice and we may have continued like this until one (or both) of Sue and I came, but Lis got there first (she did have two tongues attacking her holes so this wasn’t surprising).

Lis had been well aware that Sue and I had been grinding against each other and we promised her that we would show her a bit more in the morning, but it was getting late and we wanted to cum so we allowed her to use a double dildo to fuck us both at the same time. Lis really seemed to enjoy doing this to us and alternated between letting the hand she was holding the dildo with bump against our cunts and kneeling over to lick our clits as she fucked us more gently. Both ways felt quite good, but I preferred it when she used her tongue. I told her that the usual rules applied (she had to keep stimulating both Sue and me until we had both cum) – as usual I ’won’ in that Sue came first, but Lis wasn’t too mean and didn’t lick Sue too much after she’d cum and mostly concentrated her licking on my clit (which meant it didn’t take too long for me to cum). We then curled up with Sue between us, pressing our breasts against her and gently fondling her body. Lis told us that Jen might have a request for us (if she decided to go through with it), but wouldn’t tell us any more so we went to sleep to recharge for whatever the Saturday had in store for us.

Back in his room, Mike woke first on the Saturday morning and nudged Jen’s legs apart to have a quick play with her before Lucy took over. His ‘quick play’ went on a little longer than he had intended as Lucy had decided to participate by playing with Jen’s breasts and kissing her, leaving Mike to eat Jen until she came. The whole time he was expecting Jen or Lucy to say that he’d done enough and to let Lucy take over, so he was pleasantly surprised when Jen’s mews of pleasure signalled that she had cum and after briefly kitty kissing her, he crawled up her body (on the other side to Lucy) and thanked them for letting him help out. He and Lucy then played with Jen’s breasts a while longer to get her in the mood to do things with Lucy (not that she wouldn’t have eagerly done things to make Lucy cum, but Lucy wanted Jen ready to cum again as well). They both kissed and fondled Jen’s nipples and then caressed her pussy, each getting a finger in to Jen at the same time. Mike tried to convince Lucy to let him and Jen do the same to her, but she pointed out that she already knows what it feels like to be fingered by multiple people from playing with Jen, Lis and myself.

Not put off by his rejection, Mike asked if he could at least have another play with Lucy’s breasts before he headed off to plunder the pussy waiting for him in Jen’s room and Lucy told him that he could. She switched places with Jen, who almost immediately crawled down between Lucy’s legs and started eating her while Mike moved in to position beside Lucy and leant over her chest to kiss her nipples. At first he tried to keep his body a little way away from Lucy’s, but he felt her side bump against his cock a number of times and she didn’t flinch away so he moved a little closer and allowed his cock to press against her skin (but not too firmly). Mike loved the sensation of Lucy’s body rubbing against the head of his cock and he thinks he could have probably cum like that, even though the stimulation wasn’t that physically intense or consistent. As much as he would have loved to cum over Lucy’s body, he knew better than to try – and even if he had been trying, Lucy told him that he’d had long enough with her breasts and that she wanted to finish things off with just Jen. Mike moved out of the way and watched as Jen climbed over Lucy in a 69. He got one more treat as Jen spread Lucy’s lips and fingered her in an exaggerated fashion (for his benefit) and then offered her fingers to Mike so he could taste Lucy’s juices. He eagerly accepted the offering and then told the girls to take good care of each other before heading in to see what Lis, Sue and I were up to.

We had woken up a little after the others (I know this as we could hear that they were already playing with each other). We had started out quite gently and had let Lis explore and compare Sue’s an my bodies before having a little play with her. Lis had asked us to put on a little display for her so Sue and I had sat on the bed facing each other and kissed while fondling each other’s breasts. At Lis’ request, we moved this on a little to mutual kissing and licking of breasts and nipples and then semi-replicated what we’d done the previous evening with me lying on top of Sue – except this time, instead of there being a Lis for us to eat, we just kissed and humped against each other. Lis clearly enjoyed watching us play like this and I pointed out to Sue that Lis was fingering herself as she was so turned on. Lis asked us to do the same and I checked that Sue was okay with this so we sat up facing each other again and leant forwards to kiss as we reached between each other’s legs and started to rub. We mostly frigged each other, but there was also a bit of fingering – I don’t know how much further we would have gone like this, but it was around this time that Mike came in to the room and joined us on the bed.

As you would probably expect, he was all for us continuing what we were doing and he even helped Lis out – at first by caressing her body while she played with herself, then by helping to finger her and then by pulling her on to his lap and rubbing his cock against her pussy as they both watched us. When Mike pulled Lis up so he could slide in to her, Sue and I stopped playing with each other to go and help out – I don’t think either of us were actively opposed to making each other cum, but we both wanted to join in properly, me with Lis and Sue more so with Mike. We watched as he slid in to her and Mike then lay back with Lis on top of him so Sue and I could each have a turn lapping at Lis’ clit. They then changed position and lay on their sides so Mike could continue to spoon in Lis while I lapped at them both and Sue presented her pussy to Lis to eat. It wasn’t the most practical of positions, but was nice to play around with for a while.

Sue wanted a turn with Mike’s cock (although she is now bi, she still seems to prefer men – or at least Mike), so I suggested a new position with Lis on her back, Sue eating her, me sitting over Sue’s face and Mike fucking Sue from behind (we’ve done this a number of times with Jen in the place Lis was and Sue and I at either end). Lis loved having another sister sandwich with us and her tongue fluttered over and between my lips as she ate me. Sue certainly seemed to be going to town on Lis and Mike alternated between using long regular strokes in Sue and pumping in to her hard enough to mash her face against Lis’ cunt. As usual, he reached around Sue’s body to play with her breasts and clit (mostly one at a time). It was a wonderful view and I was really happy that I could now share Sue with Lis (and that Lis was enjoying it so much). It quickly became evident just how much Lis was enjoying it as I saw her body arch up and felt muffled moans in to my pussy. Fortunately we have trained Sue well in the art of pussy eating and once Lis stopped cumming, she switched to kitty kissing her. Mike carried on pumping away in Sue and frigging her and she was the next to cum (I would have probably cum after Lis, but Lis stopped licking me for a while when she came). Mike then continued to fuck Sue (but stopped playing with her clit) as Lis finished me off. He remained buried in Sue even after I’d climbed off of Lis face and Sue had pulled away from Lis’ pussy and told her that he would love to cum in her, but he thought it would be better if her pussy was free of his cum in case Lucy wanted a proper turn with her (or with her and me). Sue said that this was fine as long as he fucked her properly at some point and he promised her that he wouldn’t miss an opportunity to fill his imouto’s pussy with cum and keep her as his own.

Sue was satisfied with this and Mike slowly pulled out, revealing a very hard and almost purple looking cock. Sue crawled around and took him in her mouth and I gave a brief overview (again) to Lis of the first time Sue had joined Mike and I in bed to watch us fuck and then slowly become more involved in our games. Mike felt that he’d waited long enough and said he wanted to have Sue and Lis at the same time. I jokingly asked if that meant I was going to be left out and he just replied and promised me that he would happily eat me once he’d cum (assuming that Lis didn’t get there first). I hadn’t really been that concerned about him doing things with me, but liked the idea of watching the three of them play and then being made to cum so I moved out of the way and told them to put on a good show. Unfortunately there wasn’t really that much to see as Mike just briefly went down on Sue, then on Lis and then got Lis to mount him while Sue sat over his face. The three of them fucked in this position and Lis briefly leant forwards to help out with eating Sue who came first. Instead of keeping her over his face, he got Sue to dismount so he could move more freely in Lis and they fucked with Mike pounding away in to Lis’ cunt until she and then he came.

They rolled over and I provided a couple of pillows to slide under Lis’ ass to keep it raised as Mike pulled out of her. Mike then went to fetch Jen and Lucy (who had finished their session a while ago but were just snuggled up together) so that Jen and I could share the cum he had emptied in to Lis. Sue was the obvious choice to transfer the cum and she didn’t object when we suggested this. She lay on her back and Lis held her pussy shut while rolling over and straddling Sue’s face. Sue pulled Lis’ lips apart and pressed her mouth against her pussy, then pushed her tongue in to Lis and tried to lick out as much of Mike’s cum as she could. Jen and I then lay on the bed and Sue first knelt between my legs, spread my lips and let some of Mike’s cum dribble out of her mouth in to my pussy. For Jen’s turn, Sue was a bit more aggressive and spat the remaining cum in to Jen’s pussy and then licked it in as far as she could. Just as he’d promised, Mike then went down on me – he mostly concentrated on my clit so it didn’t take too long for me to cum, but the others were hungry and had gone down to start breakfast while I’d been enjoying Mike’s tongue.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Gifting Sister – Part 1

Another mostly girl-girl story here I’m afraid – but this was still back in the period where Jen and I were trying to get pregnant so we couldn’t include any guys apart from Mike in our games.

At the end of October it was time for another Lis & Lucy visit. By rights, we should have really gone to visit them, but we had something special planned for the weekend so they came to visit us. The special event was getting Sue involved, which Lis had been indicating for a while that she was keen on trying (which goes to show that it’s not just guys who like the idea of fucking two sisters at the same time). Having said that, at the start of the weekend we weren’t actually sure whether anything was going to happen or not as Lucy was undecided as to whether she would go through with it, but we were hopeful…

Sue had taken a half day so that she could arrive early and Mike had left work a little early to meet her. He had taken her back to the house and had spent a while shaving her to make sure that she was completely smooth (he had helped do the same to Jen and I the previous evening). As usual, after shaving Sue he used his tongue to check that he hadn’t left any stubble behind (which is actually a very effective way to test – as well as being pleasurable), but he made sure that he didn’t make her cum. He did get her quite close a few times though and she would have happily accepted an orgasm, but we wanted Sue to be fully primed for Lis and Lucy.

Jen and I arrived home from work and Jen had a brief play with Lis (but she didn’t let Sue cum either) and we then ate a quick dinner and freshened up before heading out to the airport to meet our visitors. It was a little strange at first as even though Sue has met Lis a number of times (when she used to visit me at Uni) and met Lucy a couple of times, this was the first time that they had met with the intention of fucking. As I said at the start of the post, we weren’t sure if Lucy would want to go through with it and as a backup, we had booked a room for Mike and Sue in a local hotel. We told this to Lis and Lucy and assured them that if they weren’t happy with things, Mike and Sue would be more than content to spend the weekend together alone (although Mike would have probably wanted a chance to at least fuck Lis once). Lis said that she had no intention of missing out on a threesome with Sue and I and Lucy assured us that she at least wanted to watch so we headed back home amid a palpable sense of anticipation.

We headed up to Jen’s room and confirmed that we would start out with just Lis, Sue and me. Jen, Mike and I had already briefed Sue on how Lis liked to be touched and played with and we set about kissing and caressing her. At first we just touched her through her clothes, but our hands soon made their way under her top and on to her breasts. Lis’ hands weren’t exactly being idle either and were soon under Sue’s top working on her breasts. I know that Lis likes large breasts (almost as much as Jen does) so wasn’t surprised by this, but at least initially I wanted Sue and I to concentrate on pleasing Lis so we pulled her top completely off and each took one of her nipples to suck and lick. It didn’t take much to get Lis’ nips nice and hard and I suggested to Sue that she might want to explore lower down on Lis’ body, which she eagerly did. Lis’ skirt and panties were removed so she was naked and Sue first caressed and then licked Lis’ pussy. I continued to caress Lis’ breasts, but moved up to kiss her and between kissed I whispered to her and asked if she liked having my little sister eating her pussy while I played with her nipples. Needless to say, Lis did like it and I asked her if she wanted to taste us both so she could make a comparison.

This wasn’t quite how we’d planned the session – originally we had intended to take things much slower, but as is often the case when I’m presented with a Lis to play with, I wanted to just get stuck in and make her cum. Lis asked if Sue and I would undress each other, so we stood beside the bed and slowly removed each other’s clothes. We didn’t just play to Lis as we did this, but made sure that Lucy (along with Mike and Jen who were sitting on either side of her) had a good view. We had agreed to keep our usual limit of not going down on each other, but as our clothes were removed, we kissed, played with each other’s breasts and caressed each bit of skin as it was exposed. Once again, we didn’t spend as long on our display as I had originally intended, but it still seemed to have quite an effect on Lis. I asked her if she wanted us to play with her properly and then climbed over her face to let her eat me while Sue got stuck in again between Lis’ legs. We switched places after a couple of minutes and once Sue had lowered her pussy to Lis’ mouth and Lis started eating her, I asked Sue what she thought of Lis’ technique. Sue loved the rapid little licks that Lis uses (as do Jen and I) and once we’d given Lis a few more minutes to properly sample Sue’s pussy, Sue pulled away so Lis could tell us how we compared.

 Lis didn’t say anything of substance, but to be fair I still had a couple of fingers in Lis’ pussy and Sue had started to play with her clit, so she might have been a little distracted. We then resumed double teaming Lis, sometimes with one of us fingering her while the other licked her (this was a little awkward), sometimes one on her pussy while the other sat over her face (much easier). I let Sue 69 with Lis for a while, but got them to lie on their sides as they did this so I could still participate. I knelt on the bed behind Lis’ back so I could reach down and caress her ass. I pushed a couple of fingers in to her pussy and pumped them in and out while Sue lapped at her clit, then rubbed Lis’ juices over her ass. I had a hand busily working away between my own legs and could see that Jen was caressing Lucy while they watched us. Mike even had his cock out and was gently stroking himself, but he later admitted that while he was enjoying the view of Lis, Sue and me, he was imagining cumming over (and in) Lucy who was still beside him.

I straddled both their bodies and humped against Lis’ side – it wasn’t really that effective a position in terms of getting myself off, but still felt nice (and I liked the idea of smearing my juices over Lis). As I did this I leant forwards so I could whisper to Lis again and I told her to eat my little sister’s pussy and to slide her tongue as far in to her as she could. I partially gave in to my lust and started to caress Sue’s ass, then spent a while kissing the cheek that was closest to me face as I slid a hand between her legs and spread her lips to make it easier for Lis to eat her. I wasn’t magnanimous enough to let them have all the fun so we went back to the three of us playing together and Sue and I both tried to lick Lis at the same time before we concentrated on finishing her off.

For this, Sue sat over Lis’ face while I went down on Lis. I made sure that I carried my rhythm enough that Lis didn’t cum so that she could make Sue cum and we could then switch places (I felt it was only fair that as it was Lis’ first time with Sue that she should both get to make Sue cum and have Sue make her cum). The added benefit of this was that I also got to have Lis make me cum and I happily rode her face and felt her tongue flicking back and forth between my lips and over my clit as I watched Sue hold Lis’ legs apart and eat her. Lis came before I did, but she kept eating me through her orgasm and as I got closer to my own orgasm I started to slide back and forth against her face. I came with a nice satisfying orgasm and climbed off Lis before suggesting to Sue that we kiss Lis’ face clean (or at least cleaner). As we did this I whispered to Lis how Sue and I were eating each other’s juices off of her (which I assumed she would like the idea of) and once we had cleaned her up a bit, we sat up and asked Lucy if she had enjoyed the show.

Lucy was obviously flushed and I was pretty sure that it wasn’t just due to the fondling from Jen (by this point Lucy was half-naked and Jen had been caressing her breasts and pussy). Mike still had his cock in his hand and suggested that Sue and I demonstrate something else – we were up for this so he removed his clothes and took Lis’ place on the bed, then asked us to both suck him. We’re quite used to doing this so Sue and I lay on either side of him and kissed around his cock. We tried to put on a bit more of a show than usual, so we lashed our tongues against each other’s and licked up and down his cock for our audience to see. Mike then suggested that we further demonstrate to Lucy how involved Sue is with our games (although if she hadn’t figured it out by the point, then I doubt anything else we’d done would have clued her in). For this, Mike moved down towards the end of the bed (still on his back) and asked Sue to mount him. She figured out that he wanted her to face away from him (so she was facing Lucy, Lis and Jen) and once she had his cock inside her, she slowly rode up and down on it. Mike also helped out of course and he moved in her as well as reaching around to play with her clit, but as Sue got closer to cumming he asked Jen if she wanted to help out as well.

Jen wasn’t going to turn down a chance to make Sue cum so she knelt on the floor between Mike’s legs and started to lap at Sue’s clit. I quietly told Mike to go easy on me (as I wanted to save my orgasms for Lis and Lucy) and then climbed over his face so we could have a proper ‘family’ session. I thought that we may as well continue to play up to the sister fantasy so as Sue got even closer to cumming (she didn’t stand much of a chance with Mike’s cock inside her and Jen’s tongue working on her clit), I leant forwards and reached around to caress Sue’s breasts and kissed her shoulders and upper back. As expected, Sue came and Mike pulled out of her before he got too excited and we left Sue lying on the bed to catch her breath as we dragged (they didn’t resist) Lis and Lucy over to join us.

Lucy was offered full access to Lis’ body and after a tentative start, she was soon running her hands over Sue’s skin, caressing her breasts and stroking her pussy. Lucy had a quick lick of Sue and then of me to do the taste comparison, but mostly commented on how different our pussies look (Sue’s is much more closed than mine). Mike suggested that they do a more thorough comparison – Sue was still on her back so I lay down beside her and we each spread our lips to allow a better examination of our cunts. Unsurprisingly we’re not that different once you get past the outer lips (my inner lips are still slightly larger than Sue’s), but we were assured that we both felt similar when people fingered us. Mike slipped his cock in to us both in turn and Lis and Lucy were encouraged to give us another oral comparison – but not enough in either case to push us towards cumming again.

It was getting fairly late by this point so I asked how people wanted to divide up for sleeping. We really had too many people to even fit in a single floor bed (a mass of duvets & pillows in the living room) and I suggested that Sue and I could take Lis one night and Lucy the next. I said that I didn’t really mind which way round we did this (and could see benefits either way – as always I wanted to spend a night with Lis, but if we did Lucy first, then we might be able to have an even less inhibited night with Lis on the Saturday). Lucy was quite happy to let us have Lis for the first night, but Jen suggested that Lucy should get at least get a little session with Sue and I before we went our separate ways so we pushed Lucy back on to the bed and Sue had a quick taste of her pussy and then sat over her face while I gave Lucy a few licks. The session wasn’t really designed for pleasure, but meant that we had at least broken the ice with Lucy properly. I promised her that she would get to explore Sue as much as she wanted, but for now we had to take care of Lis. I hadn’t counted on Mike’s need to taste Lis (I originally wrote ‘desire’ in place of ‘need’, but we think ‘need’ described it more accurately). He didn’t do things with her for long enough to make her cum, but had a thorough taste and then let Jen have a quick go before he, Jen and Lucy went off to his room to sleep (and maybe do other things).