Thursday, 1 May 2014

Fun with agents

In early-mid October we had wanted to head down to Jen’s old Uni for the start of term celebrations but couldn’t find a suitably cheap flight to get there so we had another weekend at home. This turned out to be rather unfortunate as we missed a good couple of evenings as the remaining members of the group tried (and in some cases succeeded) in indoctrinating some of the freshers in to the group (but I’ll probably write a bit more about that later on).

While we liked our current house, we had been wondering about whether it would be a suitable place to raise a child. We weren’t really sure if we could afford to rent anything much better so started to look around to see if there was somewhere we could buy (which, rather oddly is cheaper than renting). As we were going to be at home anyway for the weekend, we arranged to see a fair number of properties just so we could get an idea of what we could afford – and as usual I wanted to enjoy myself as much as I could while we did our research.

As we might be dealing with the same agents again at a future date (assuming we actually did decide to buy somewhere), I didn’t want to be too obvious and decided that this was one of the rare occasions where I would have to wear panties. I went with the skimpiest pair I had though, a white, lacy g-string that I knew could be easily adjusted to either hide my pussy (as much as a g-string can) or be pulled between my lips to mostly expose myself. I went with black hold-ups to cover my legs but leave my thighs and crotch exposed and finished off the lower half of my body with a sufficiently short skirt to make it easy for someone to see up, but not as short as the one I’d worn the previous weekend.

In each house we looked at, I made sure that I bent over, walked up the stairs in front of the agent and (whenever possible) I climbed ladders to check out the loft. Mike and Jen made sure that I was given as many opportunities to be alone with the agents so I could (supposedly) inadvertently display myself and if I thought that an agent seemed interested I would adjust my panties to show off a bit more of my pussy. Only on one occasion was there any physical contact – the agent was standing in a utility room and I had to squeeze past him to have a look. The space was very tight so I had good reason to press my ass against his crotch as I went past him – although I may have wiggled back and forth a little as I did so. I then bent over to look at plumbing and spent a while with my ass in the air, knowing that my pussy was easily visible (other than the bit covered by the tiny strip of material that was my panties). I really wanted to reach back between my legs and play with myself, but had to settle with enjoying his gaze. That might sound rather conceited, but I’m pretty sure he had been enjoying the view as when I squeezed past him again to get out of the room, his crotch seemed to be somewhat harder that it had been on the way in. Given he had clearly remained where he was so I would have to rub up against him to get out, I was very tempted to do so properly – looking back on it, I really wish I had done this and wonder if I could have got him to cum in his trousers as I humped against his cock with my ass. Of course it would have been even better if I could have just slipped my panties down to my knees and leant over the counter to let him fuck me.

I didn’t keep the agents to myself the whole time and Jen (who is more than capable of distracting any guy) held their attention for at least a little time in each house so I could either play with myself or (at three of the houses) get Mike to play with me. I actually managed to cum twice during the day – the second time I was very nearly caught but managed to distract the agent by bending over and revealing my pussy properly to him (I had pulled the crotch of my panties to the side when playing with myself). All in all, we had managed to turn what would probably have been a rather dull series of viewings in to an enjoyable day. At least that’s what I thought until it transpired that Mike had played with Jen a number of times while I’d had the agents distracted (which I knew he would do) - what I hadn’t known was that he had removed her panties fairly early on in the day and had gone down on her in each of the houses. He hadn’t made (or let) her cum, but the fact that she’d had her pussy exposed the whole time made me feel as if I’d been missing out.

In retaliation for this, Jen was made to fuck herself when we got home. We attacked the stick-on dildo to the window outside and as she rode it, I Skyped Lis and Lucy and aimed the laptop at Jen (from the inside of the window) so they could watch as she fucked herself. Jen didn’t know that I had done this and followed Mike’s instructions to just enjoy herself properly – which of course meant that as she came, she peed, spraying the window and her legs as she did so. They know all about Jen’s fetish (and have participated to an extent) so she was only briefly embarrassed when she found out that she had been observed.

I also demanded that Jen pleasure me later that evening and once she had finished with me Mike had a turn. I wasn’t entirely passive during this time and gave as good as I got (to each of them) and Mike then spooned inside Jen as we went to sleep. On the Sunday morning I was eaten awake by Jen at first and then Mike. While Mike went down on me, Jen fastened the strap-on around herself and I was given a more energetic wake-up than usual with Mike pumping away in my cunt and Jen pounding my ass. Jen gave my ass a fairly decent spanking (for me) as she used me and once Mike and I had cum, I was tasked with getting her off. I was told what to do and lay on my back so Jen could sit upright over my face and she described how she was going to squirt her juices over me, covering my face and filling my throat with them as she came. Unfortunately she can’t squirt on demand so she didn’t make good on this threat, but I had enjoyed the image of my cunt leaking Mike’s cum and my mouth filled with Jen’s juices.

The rest of the day was fairly dull as we just did the usual weekly chores – the only (sexual) highlight was when Jen pointed out that the handle on the mop might be used in other ways. The grip of the handle has raised sections to make it easy to grip firmly and it actually feels quite good when used as a dildo. Admittedly it was a rather unwieldy item, but we found the best way to use it was for me to lean against the counter in the kitchen and then fuck myself with the handle while mopping (a small section of) the floor with the other end. I couldn’t actually cum while using the mop on myself, but Mike and Jen stepped up and helped out – Jen fucked me with it while Mike played with my clit and with their help it was much easier. It was only fair that Jen have a go and she enjoyed it but not as much as I had so Mike got to finish her off by eating her while she sat up on the counter.

Mike gave both our pussies a good shave that evening – as we had lots of time he went for the long method – letting us soak in a hot bath and then applying gel and using a hot razor to remove any stubble – then finishing off with applying some soothing gel from the fridge. As he’d done such a good job on us, we let him have the reward of eating us both and even put on long white socks for him so he could enjoy it more. Of course we enjoyed it too and as we lay beside each other we gently kissed and caressed each other’s breasts while he moved back and forth between our spread legs. It was a really nice, gentle, extended session which was partially interrupted by Mum calling. When I say ‘partially interrupted’, I mean I had to stop kissing Jen – she carried on caressing my breasts and Mike continued to move between us and eat us both. It isn’t the first time that I’ve been eaten (or fucked) while talking to Mum on the phone and I’m quite practiced at keeping my voice steady, even when I’m getting close to cumming (but he didn’t try to make me cum while I was chatting to her). Mum naturally wanted to have a chat with Jen and she had to concentrate a little harder to keep her voice steady (even though she’s had similar practice) and we just told her that Mike was a bit busy doing things when she asked to speak to him.

The session continued for about another half-hour after the phone call ended during which time Mike teased us some more and then finally made us both cum (me first and then Jen). He was understandably hard after getting to enjoy his cunnilingus fetish for so long, but he waited until we went to bed for the night before he did anything about it. As he’d been so generous at pleasing us, we gave him his second fetish of being ridden by one of us while the other sat over his face – he says that to really fulfil his fetish is should be Sue and me doing this with him, but he puts up with Jen taking part when Sue isn’t available (and I’m now being slapped by Jen). Jen and I took turns on his cock and over his face but Jen was the one who won his cum – which she shared with me, although we were just beginning to suspect that we didn’t actually need any more of his cum by this point.

For a change, Jen and I spooned each other that night and Mike inserted one of our long double ended dildos into our pussies – it wasn’t as effective as having a cock in me, but Mike snuggled up behind me so I could also feel his cock pressing between my ass cheeks. We discarded the dildo after a while as it kept sliding out of one or the other of us, but I continued to spoon up against Jen’s back with Mike pressing his cock between my ass cheeks.

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  1. Andi,
    You are very lucky to have found Mike and Jen. I used to have sex almost every day but two weeks after I got married it's now once every two months, if I'm lucky. We've been to counselling (6 years now) but the only outcome is that she is 'glad I don't have to do that nasty thing anymore'. Your blog has shown me a person has a right to be fulfilled in a relationship and shouldn't suffer unnecessarily, though 6 years is a good attempt to work things out, it's obvious I was duped for my money. It's either a divorce or a mistress for me as she has made it perfectly clear I should consider once every two months 'lucky'. I do not know why the dishonesty by misrepresentation before we were married but that's what it was. I am no cheat so a divorce it is. You are so lucky to find those compatable with you, I hope one day to do the same.