Saturday, 10 May 2014

Gifting Sister – Part 1

Another mostly girl-girl story here I’m afraid – but this was still back in the period where Jen and I were trying to get pregnant so we couldn’t include any guys apart from Mike in our games.

At the end of October it was time for another Lis & Lucy visit. By rights, we should have really gone to visit them, but we had something special planned for the weekend so they came to visit us. The special event was getting Sue involved, which Lis had been indicating for a while that she was keen on trying (which goes to show that it’s not just guys who like the idea of fucking two sisters at the same time). Having said that, at the start of the weekend we weren’t actually sure whether anything was going to happen or not as Lucy was undecided as to whether she would go through with it, but we were hopeful…

Sue had taken a half day so that she could arrive early and Mike had left work a little early to meet her. He had taken her back to the house and had spent a while shaving her to make sure that she was completely smooth (he had helped do the same to Jen and I the previous evening). As usual, after shaving Sue he used his tongue to check that he hadn’t left any stubble behind (which is actually a very effective way to test – as well as being pleasurable), but he made sure that he didn’t make her cum. He did get her quite close a few times though and she would have happily accepted an orgasm, but we wanted Sue to be fully primed for Lis and Lucy.

Jen and I arrived home from work and Jen had a brief play with Lis (but she didn’t let Sue cum either) and we then ate a quick dinner and freshened up before heading out to the airport to meet our visitors. It was a little strange at first as even though Sue has met Lis a number of times (when she used to visit me at Uni) and met Lucy a couple of times, this was the first time that they had met with the intention of fucking. As I said at the start of the post, we weren’t sure if Lucy would want to go through with it and as a backup, we had booked a room for Mike and Sue in a local hotel. We told this to Lis and Lucy and assured them that if they weren’t happy with things, Mike and Sue would be more than content to spend the weekend together alone (although Mike would have probably wanted a chance to at least fuck Lis once). Lis said that she had no intention of missing out on a threesome with Sue and I and Lucy assured us that she at least wanted to watch so we headed back home amid a palpable sense of anticipation.

We headed up to Jen’s room and confirmed that we would start out with just Lis, Sue and me. Jen, Mike and I had already briefed Sue on how Lis liked to be touched and played with and we set about kissing and caressing her. At first we just touched her through her clothes, but our hands soon made their way under her top and on to her breasts. Lis’ hands weren’t exactly being idle either and were soon under Sue’s top working on her breasts. I know that Lis likes large breasts (almost as much as Jen does) so wasn’t surprised by this, but at least initially I wanted Sue and I to concentrate on pleasing Lis so we pulled her top completely off and each took one of her nipples to suck and lick. It didn’t take much to get Lis’ nips nice and hard and I suggested to Sue that she might want to explore lower down on Lis’ body, which she eagerly did. Lis’ skirt and panties were removed so she was naked and Sue first caressed and then licked Lis’ pussy. I continued to caress Lis’ breasts, but moved up to kiss her and between kissed I whispered to her and asked if she liked having my little sister eating her pussy while I played with her nipples. Needless to say, Lis did like it and I asked her if she wanted to taste us both so she could make a comparison.

This wasn’t quite how we’d planned the session – originally we had intended to take things much slower, but as is often the case when I’m presented with a Lis to play with, I wanted to just get stuck in and make her cum. Lis asked if Sue and I would undress each other, so we stood beside the bed and slowly removed each other’s clothes. We didn’t just play to Lis as we did this, but made sure that Lucy (along with Mike and Jen who were sitting on either side of her) had a good view. We had agreed to keep our usual limit of not going down on each other, but as our clothes were removed, we kissed, played with each other’s breasts and caressed each bit of skin as it was exposed. Once again, we didn’t spend as long on our display as I had originally intended, but it still seemed to have quite an effect on Lis. I asked her if she wanted us to play with her properly and then climbed over her face to let her eat me while Sue got stuck in again between Lis’ legs. We switched places after a couple of minutes and once Sue had lowered her pussy to Lis’ mouth and Lis started eating her, I asked Sue what she thought of Lis’ technique. Sue loved the rapid little licks that Lis uses (as do Jen and I) and once we’d given Lis a few more minutes to properly sample Sue’s pussy, Sue pulled away so Lis could tell us how we compared.

 Lis didn’t say anything of substance, but to be fair I still had a couple of fingers in Lis’ pussy and Sue had started to play with her clit, so she might have been a little distracted. We then resumed double teaming Lis, sometimes with one of us fingering her while the other licked her (this was a little awkward), sometimes one on her pussy while the other sat over her face (much easier). I let Sue 69 with Lis for a while, but got them to lie on their sides as they did this so I could still participate. I knelt on the bed behind Lis’ back so I could reach down and caress her ass. I pushed a couple of fingers in to her pussy and pumped them in and out while Sue lapped at her clit, then rubbed Lis’ juices over her ass. I had a hand busily working away between my own legs and could see that Jen was caressing Lucy while they watched us. Mike even had his cock out and was gently stroking himself, but he later admitted that while he was enjoying the view of Lis, Sue and me, he was imagining cumming over (and in) Lucy who was still beside him.

I straddled both their bodies and humped against Lis’ side – it wasn’t really that effective a position in terms of getting myself off, but still felt nice (and I liked the idea of smearing my juices over Lis). As I did this I leant forwards so I could whisper to Lis again and I told her to eat my little sister’s pussy and to slide her tongue as far in to her as she could. I partially gave in to my lust and started to caress Sue’s ass, then spent a while kissing the cheek that was closest to me face as I slid a hand between her legs and spread her lips to make it easier for Lis to eat her. I wasn’t magnanimous enough to let them have all the fun so we went back to the three of us playing together and Sue and I both tried to lick Lis at the same time before we concentrated on finishing her off.

For this, Sue sat over Lis’ face while I went down on Lis. I made sure that I carried my rhythm enough that Lis didn’t cum so that she could make Sue cum and we could then switch places (I felt it was only fair that as it was Lis’ first time with Sue that she should both get to make Sue cum and have Sue make her cum). The added benefit of this was that I also got to have Lis make me cum and I happily rode her face and felt her tongue flicking back and forth between my lips and over my clit as I watched Sue hold Lis’ legs apart and eat her. Lis came before I did, but she kept eating me through her orgasm and as I got closer to my own orgasm I started to slide back and forth against her face. I came with a nice satisfying orgasm and climbed off Lis before suggesting to Sue that we kiss Lis’ face clean (or at least cleaner). As we did this I whispered to Lis how Sue and I were eating each other’s juices off of her (which I assumed she would like the idea of) and once we had cleaned her up a bit, we sat up and asked Lucy if she had enjoyed the show.

Lucy was obviously flushed and I was pretty sure that it wasn’t just due to the fondling from Jen (by this point Lucy was half-naked and Jen had been caressing her breasts and pussy). Mike still had his cock in his hand and suggested that Sue and I demonstrate something else – we were up for this so he removed his clothes and took Lis’ place on the bed, then asked us to both suck him. We’re quite used to doing this so Sue and I lay on either side of him and kissed around his cock. We tried to put on a bit more of a show than usual, so we lashed our tongues against each other’s and licked up and down his cock for our audience to see. Mike then suggested that we further demonstrate to Lucy how involved Sue is with our games (although if she hadn’t figured it out by the point, then I doubt anything else we’d done would have clued her in). For this, Mike moved down towards the end of the bed (still on his back) and asked Sue to mount him. She figured out that he wanted her to face away from him (so she was facing Lucy, Lis and Jen) and once she had his cock inside her, she slowly rode up and down on it. Mike also helped out of course and he moved in her as well as reaching around to play with her clit, but as Sue got closer to cumming he asked Jen if she wanted to help out as well.

Jen wasn’t going to turn down a chance to make Sue cum so she knelt on the floor between Mike’s legs and started to lap at Sue’s clit. I quietly told Mike to go easy on me (as I wanted to save my orgasms for Lis and Lucy) and then climbed over his face so we could have a proper ‘family’ session. I thought that we may as well continue to play up to the sister fantasy so as Sue got even closer to cumming (she didn’t stand much of a chance with Mike’s cock inside her and Jen’s tongue working on her clit), I leant forwards and reached around to caress Sue’s breasts and kissed her shoulders and upper back. As expected, Sue came and Mike pulled out of her before he got too excited and we left Sue lying on the bed to catch her breath as we dragged (they didn’t resist) Lis and Lucy over to join us.

Lucy was offered full access to Lis’ body and after a tentative start, she was soon running her hands over Sue’s skin, caressing her breasts and stroking her pussy. Lucy had a quick lick of Sue and then of me to do the taste comparison, but mostly commented on how different our pussies look (Sue’s is much more closed than mine). Mike suggested that they do a more thorough comparison – Sue was still on her back so I lay down beside her and we each spread our lips to allow a better examination of our cunts. Unsurprisingly we’re not that different once you get past the outer lips (my inner lips are still slightly larger than Sue’s), but we were assured that we both felt similar when people fingered us. Mike slipped his cock in to us both in turn and Lis and Lucy were encouraged to give us another oral comparison – but not enough in either case to push us towards cumming again.

It was getting fairly late by this point so I asked how people wanted to divide up for sleeping. We really had too many people to even fit in a single floor bed (a mass of duvets & pillows in the living room) and I suggested that Sue and I could take Lis one night and Lucy the next. I said that I didn’t really mind which way round we did this (and could see benefits either way – as always I wanted to spend a night with Lis, but if we did Lucy first, then we might be able to have an even less inhibited night with Lis on the Saturday). Lucy was quite happy to let us have Lis for the first night, but Jen suggested that Lucy should get at least get a little session with Sue and I before we went our separate ways so we pushed Lucy back on to the bed and Sue had a quick taste of her pussy and then sat over her face while I gave Lucy a few licks. The session wasn’t really designed for pleasure, but meant that we had at least broken the ice with Lucy properly. I promised her that she would get to explore Sue as much as she wanted, but for now we had to take care of Lis. I hadn’t counted on Mike’s need to taste Lis (I originally wrote ‘desire’ in place of ‘need’, but we think ‘need’ described it more accurately). He didn’t do things with her for long enough to make her cum, but had a thorough taste and then let Jen have a quick go before he, Jen and Lucy went off to his room to sleep (and maybe do other things).

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