Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Gifting Sister – Part 2

Despite having just gone our separate ways, we all met up again in and around the bathroom as we got ready for bed. Mike used the opportunity to give Lis another fondle and pressed up against her, but I told him that she was mine (and Sue’s) that night and that he would have to wait until the morning to get to play with her properly. He grudgingly stopped playing with her and we finally headed off to our respective rooms for our night-time sessions. Mike had a frustrating evening (although no more than usual when Lucy and Lis visit) as he got to watch Jen and Lucy playing with each other, but could only partially participate. He got to semi-fuck Jen and eat her, but still wasn’t allowed to do anything with Lucy beyond briefly caressing her breasts (which was a thank you for not cumming in Jen and I prior to Lucy’s last visit). Mike spooned with Jen for a while as Lucy played with Jen’s breasts and Lucy briefly touched his cock, but only because she was playing with Jen’s clit, she wasn’t actually trying to get Mike off.

Lis, Sue and I had an interesting night, but didn’t really break any new ground. We let Lis play with us both and then gave her another session with us both doing things to her. She wanted us to both eat her again, but this time we took the much more practical solution with Sue taking her pussy and me taking her ass. Sue was on her back with me lying on top of her as we ate Lis and as we worked I couldn’t resist grinding myself against Sue’s body. This moved on a little as the session progressed and I pushed a thigh between Sue’s legs and rubbed it against her cunt as I humped one of her legs. It felt really nice and we may have continued like this until one (or both) of Sue and I came, but Lis got there first (she did have two tongues attacking her holes so this wasn’t surprising).

Lis had been well aware that Sue and I had been grinding against each other and we promised her that we would show her a bit more in the morning, but it was getting late and we wanted to cum so we allowed her to use a double dildo to fuck us both at the same time. Lis really seemed to enjoy doing this to us and alternated between letting the hand she was holding the dildo with bump against our cunts and kneeling over to lick our clits as she fucked us more gently. Both ways felt quite good, but I preferred it when she used her tongue. I told her that the usual rules applied (she had to keep stimulating both Sue and me until we had both cum) – as usual I ’won’ in that Sue came first, but Lis wasn’t too mean and didn’t lick Sue too much after she’d cum and mostly concentrated her licking on my clit (which meant it didn’t take too long for me to cum). We then curled up with Sue between us, pressing our breasts against her and gently fondling her body. Lis told us that Jen might have a request for us (if she decided to go through with it), but wouldn’t tell us any more so we went to sleep to recharge for whatever the Saturday had in store for us.

Back in his room, Mike woke first on the Saturday morning and nudged Jen’s legs apart to have a quick play with her before Lucy took over. His ‘quick play’ went on a little longer than he had intended as Lucy had decided to participate by playing with Jen’s breasts and kissing her, leaving Mike to eat Jen until she came. The whole time he was expecting Jen or Lucy to say that he’d done enough and to let Lucy take over, so he was pleasantly surprised when Jen’s mews of pleasure signalled that she had cum and after briefly kitty kissing her, he crawled up her body (on the other side to Lucy) and thanked them for letting him help out. He and Lucy then played with Jen’s breasts a while longer to get her in the mood to do things with Lucy (not that she wouldn’t have eagerly done things to make Lucy cum, but Lucy wanted Jen ready to cum again as well). They both kissed and fondled Jen’s nipples and then caressed her pussy, each getting a finger in to Jen at the same time. Mike tried to convince Lucy to let him and Jen do the same to her, but she pointed out that she already knows what it feels like to be fingered by multiple people from playing with Jen, Lis and myself.

Not put off by his rejection, Mike asked if he could at least have another play with Lucy’s breasts before he headed off to plunder the pussy waiting for him in Jen’s room and Lucy told him that he could. She switched places with Jen, who almost immediately crawled down between Lucy’s legs and started eating her while Mike moved in to position beside Lucy and leant over her chest to kiss her nipples. At first he tried to keep his body a little way away from Lucy’s, but he felt her side bump against his cock a number of times and she didn’t flinch away so he moved a little closer and allowed his cock to press against her skin (but not too firmly). Mike loved the sensation of Lucy’s body rubbing against the head of his cock and he thinks he could have probably cum like that, even though the stimulation wasn’t that physically intense or consistent. As much as he would have loved to cum over Lucy’s body, he knew better than to try – and even if he had been trying, Lucy told him that he’d had long enough with her breasts and that she wanted to finish things off with just Jen. Mike moved out of the way and watched as Jen climbed over Lucy in a 69. He got one more treat as Jen spread Lucy’s lips and fingered her in an exaggerated fashion (for his benefit) and then offered her fingers to Mike so he could taste Lucy’s juices. He eagerly accepted the offering and then told the girls to take good care of each other before heading in to see what Lis, Sue and I were up to.

We had woken up a little after the others (I know this as we could hear that they were already playing with each other). We had started out quite gently and had let Lis explore and compare Sue’s an my bodies before having a little play with her. Lis had asked us to put on a little display for her so Sue and I had sat on the bed facing each other and kissed while fondling each other’s breasts. At Lis’ request, we moved this on a little to mutual kissing and licking of breasts and nipples and then semi-replicated what we’d done the previous evening with me lying on top of Sue – except this time, instead of there being a Lis for us to eat, we just kissed and humped against each other. Lis clearly enjoyed watching us play like this and I pointed out to Sue that Lis was fingering herself as she was so turned on. Lis asked us to do the same and I checked that Sue was okay with this so we sat up facing each other again and leant forwards to kiss as we reached between each other’s legs and started to rub. We mostly frigged each other, but there was also a bit of fingering – I don’t know how much further we would have gone like this, but it was around this time that Mike came in to the room and joined us on the bed.

As you would probably expect, he was all for us continuing what we were doing and he even helped Lis out – at first by caressing her body while she played with herself, then by helping to finger her and then by pulling her on to his lap and rubbing his cock against her pussy as they both watched us. When Mike pulled Lis up so he could slide in to her, Sue and I stopped playing with each other to go and help out – I don’t think either of us were actively opposed to making each other cum, but we both wanted to join in properly, me with Lis and Sue more so with Mike. We watched as he slid in to her and Mike then lay back with Lis on top of him so Sue and I could each have a turn lapping at Lis’ clit. They then changed position and lay on their sides so Mike could continue to spoon in Lis while I lapped at them both and Sue presented her pussy to Lis to eat. It wasn’t the most practical of positions, but was nice to play around with for a while.

Sue wanted a turn with Mike’s cock (although she is now bi, she still seems to prefer men – or at least Mike), so I suggested a new position with Lis on her back, Sue eating her, me sitting over Sue’s face and Mike fucking Sue from behind (we’ve done this a number of times with Jen in the place Lis was and Sue and I at either end). Lis loved having another sister sandwich with us and her tongue fluttered over and between my lips as she ate me. Sue certainly seemed to be going to town on Lis and Mike alternated between using long regular strokes in Sue and pumping in to her hard enough to mash her face against Lis’ cunt. As usual, he reached around Sue’s body to play with her breasts and clit (mostly one at a time). It was a wonderful view and I was really happy that I could now share Sue with Lis (and that Lis was enjoying it so much). It quickly became evident just how much Lis was enjoying it as I saw her body arch up and felt muffled moans in to my pussy. Fortunately we have trained Sue well in the art of pussy eating and once Lis stopped cumming, she switched to kitty kissing her. Mike carried on pumping away in Sue and frigging her and she was the next to cum (I would have probably cum after Lis, but Lis stopped licking me for a while when she came). Mike then continued to fuck Sue (but stopped playing with her clit) as Lis finished me off. He remained buried in Sue even after I’d climbed off of Lis face and Sue had pulled away from Lis’ pussy and told her that he would love to cum in her, but he thought it would be better if her pussy was free of his cum in case Lucy wanted a proper turn with her (or with her and me). Sue said that this was fine as long as he fucked her properly at some point and he promised her that he wouldn’t miss an opportunity to fill his imouto’s pussy with cum and keep her as his own.

Sue was satisfied with this and Mike slowly pulled out, revealing a very hard and almost purple looking cock. Sue crawled around and took him in her mouth and I gave a brief overview (again) to Lis of the first time Sue had joined Mike and I in bed to watch us fuck and then slowly become more involved in our games. Mike felt that he’d waited long enough and said he wanted to have Sue and Lis at the same time. I jokingly asked if that meant I was going to be left out and he just replied and promised me that he would happily eat me once he’d cum (assuming that Lis didn’t get there first). I hadn’t really been that concerned about him doing things with me, but liked the idea of watching the three of them play and then being made to cum so I moved out of the way and told them to put on a good show. Unfortunately there wasn’t really that much to see as Mike just briefly went down on Sue, then on Lis and then got Lis to mount him while Sue sat over his face. The three of them fucked in this position and Lis briefly leant forwards to help out with eating Sue who came first. Instead of keeping her over his face, he got Sue to dismount so he could move more freely in Lis and they fucked with Mike pounding away in to Lis’ cunt until she and then he came.

They rolled over and I provided a couple of pillows to slide under Lis’ ass to keep it raised as Mike pulled out of her. Mike then went to fetch Jen and Lucy (who had finished their session a while ago but were just snuggled up together) so that Jen and I could share the cum he had emptied in to Lis. Sue was the obvious choice to transfer the cum and she didn’t object when we suggested this. She lay on her back and Lis held her pussy shut while rolling over and straddling Sue’s face. Sue pulled Lis’ lips apart and pressed her mouth against her pussy, then pushed her tongue in to Lis and tried to lick out as much of Mike’s cum as she could. Jen and I then lay on the bed and Sue first knelt between my legs, spread my lips and let some of Mike’s cum dribble out of her mouth in to my pussy. For Jen’s turn, Sue was a bit more aggressive and spat the remaining cum in to Jen’s pussy and then licked it in as far as she could. Just as he’d promised, Mike then went down on me – he mostly concentrated on my clit so it didn’t take too long for me to cum, but the others were hungry and had gone down to start breakfast while I’d been enjoying Mike’s tongue.


  1. Andi-I find your blog one of the few joys I have. I myself am transgender (I was previously male) but due to my financial situation have been unable to complete the transition, (though the hormone therapy is affordable). It makes things more complicated in that while I do identify as a female, I am still attracted to them. Ironically in a community such as the LGBT community one would think they would encounter more acceptance but a transgender person attracted to females confuses (and angers surprisingly) many. I get accused of being dishonest and have head the comment "if you're attracted to women, just stay a guy" comment more times than I care to count; these people do not understand what it means to identify as a different gender.

    Sadly, I have only had 2 partners in my entire life. Many times when things get 'interesting' is when the problems start. I do tell them I am transgender but I guess things get "too real" when they realize I am "still equipped" so to speak. Not surprisingly I have not found to many lesbians that are thrilled with dating a girl that isn't fully equipped as one. Your group of friends seems to be a bit more understanding which is why I enjoy the reads as much as I do. I found the revelation that mike actually sucked a guy off interesting and wonder if he tried receiving anal or if that is too far outside his comfort zone. I wouldn't worry too much about the things with Sue as it is fairly obvious it is all in good fun. It's not as if you're falling madly in love with her or something weird like that. An orgasm is an orgasm and if you close your eyes you probably would have a hard time telling one person's hand from another.

    Hopefully you keep things up and have many more adventures and look forward to your next post!

    1. I've heard this a number of times (that people in the LGBTQQAIP can be quite intolerant of people in different parts of the community). I've been considering writing a second blog to discuss some of these issues (although I've never really been affected by them). I'm aware that most people coming to read this aren't looking for such discussion which is why I mostly avoid it.

      We're well aware that we've found a good group of people to play with - although I think we can take some credit for having nurtured them in to their current form :)

      I hope that you too can find someone more understanding and accepting.