Friday, 16 May 2014

Gifting Sister – Part 3

Once we’d all eaten, we returned to the bedroom (it was warmed upstairs) and sat around chatting for a while. People took turns going to freshen up and as the morning progressed (and people had longer to recover from the first session of the day), people started to touch and caress each other. A lot of the discussion was based around Sue and I doing things together and with other people (not just Mike and Jen). Lis described to Lucy how we had played with each other for her and I assumed that we were going to be asked to put on another similar show, but Lis kept telling Lucy to ask us for what she wanted. Lucy was clearly quite reticent to do this and I assured her that it was unlikely that she would be able to ask for anything that would offend us. I told her that we would happily act out any fantasy she was likely to want and pointed out that we were pretty much up for trying anything anyway (apart from animals, children, scat and necrophilia). Sue promised the same (I know that Sue may not be quite as daring at doing things outside as I am, but I was quite convinced that whatever Lucy wanted, it would be contained to the privacy of the bedroom – or at least the house).

Lucy eventually caved and said she would describe what she wanted, but added that we could refuse to do it if we didn’t want to. After a few more words of encouragement we finally got her fantasy from her… It was based around a rumour from her school – there was a pair of sisters in her year. One of them was dating a guy and the rumour was that the guy had got to fuck both of them together. I said that I couldn’t see any problem with re-enacting this for her but Lucy said what she wanted was for Sue and I to actually pretend to be the sisters (as in to use their names). I still didn’t see what the big deal was about this and Lucy said that it seemed really mean to want to do things with someone while pretending they were someone else. I at least understood a little what she meant, but assured her that it wasn’t an issue (and Sue echoed this). Lucy seemed quite relieved and thanked us so we set about getting the outline of her fantasy so we could create it for her the way she wanted. It turned out that this was something she had been thinking about for a long time (not with Sue and I in mind, just in general). Lucy has known that she was gay from her early teens, so many of her fantasies during this time were about her female friends or acquaintances. She had always thought that the sisters in question were quite attractive and her fantasy was based around her (somehow) discovering them both playing with a guy and then using this to blackmail them in to doing things with her.

I told Lucy that this kind of destroyed the sweet-innocent image that I had of her (although to be fair it had become more than evident over the previous months that we had been underestimating her libido). We then got her to describe her fantasy in a bit more detail and asked her to go over any points that were particularly important to her (we have no trouble making things up as we go, but didn’t want to miss out or get wrong anything that she really wanted to do). We then got her to describe how she wanted us to dress (we’ve seen photos from her school days so have a basic idea of the uniform) and Jen fetched one of her old uniforms for Lucy to wear while Sue and I went in to Mike’s room to change in to a couple of my old uniforms.

Once we were all properly attired, Lucy, Lis and Jen sat out of the way while Mike led Sue and I back in to Jen’s bedroom. We were already ‘in character’ and Kyle (played by Mike) immediately started kissing Anna his girlfriend (played by Sue) while Michelle (played by me) sat and watched. (I’m just going to use our real names as I tried writing using our play names, but kept getting Michelle and Anna confused as it was over six months ago we actually did this). Mike fondled Sue through her uniform and started to unbutton her top to get to her breasts. He then asked her if I could join in and Sue told him that this was fine so he pulled me over to them and kissed me deeply while fondling Sue’s breasts. I quickly had my top pulled open and breasts exposed and Mike went back and forth between our breasts, fondling and sucking them. Sue and I started to caress his crotch and Sue then unzipped his trousers and freed his cock. She quickly took him in her mouth and as she sucked him, Mike continued to kiss me and his fingers pushed between my legs and rubbed me through my panties. Sue stopped sucking him and told me not to monopolise him so we switched places and I took over sucking on Mike’s cock while he kissed and fingered Sue. She then joined me and we both sucked him together for a while until he said he wanted to fuck us.

As his girlfriend, Sue got to go first – Mike pulled her panties off and buried his cock in her. He fucked her for a few minutes, during which time I removed my own panties and sat masturbating while watching them. It was then my turn to be fucked and as I rode Mike’s cock, Sue sat where I had been with her legs spread and played with herself. Mike asked whether he should cum in Sue or me and was told that we expected him to fill us both with his cum, but at this point Lucy stood up and pretended that she had just discovered us. She gave a little speech about now knowing that the rumours were true and how she was going to tell everyone. Mike was told to get out and when Sue and I started to cover ourselves up, Lucy told us that if she wanted us to keep quiet, then we would have to do what she said. Of course, we acted terrified as we didn’t want everyone to find out what we’d been up to and told her that we would do whatever she wanted as long as people in school didn’t find out.

Lucy handed us a dildo and told us to demonstrate what we’d been doing to Mike. We took turns sucking on it and then kissed around the head of the dildo. Meanwhile, Lucy knelt on the bed with us and started to knead our breasts. She then told Sue to demonstrate how Mike fucked her and watched as Sue lay back, spread her legs and pushed the dildo in to her cunt. I was then told to pretend to be Mike and suck on Sue’s nipples – I obviously objected to this as she was my sister, but Lucy once again threatened to tell everyone so I reluctantly did as she asked and sucked on Sue’s nips as she fucked herself. Lucy then pulled the dildo from Sue’s hand and told me to suck it clean – I objected again, Lucy threatened us again and I did as she asked. It was then my turn to use the dildo, but this time Sue had to not just kiss my breasts, but move the dildo inside me for a while before sucking it clean. While we did this, Lucy removed her skirt and panties and sat with her legs spread – we were told that as we liked playing with girls so much that we had use the dildo on her so we each had a turn doing this while she fondled the breasts of the person not fucking her and kept asking if we liked being touched by girls.

Things quickly moved on and instead of using just the dildo, we had to finger her and she did the same to us. She fed Sue and I each other’s juices a number more times and we had to suck our own fingers clean of her juices a number of time. Lucy tasted us quite a bit too and once things had heated up sufficiently she told us that if we wanted her to keep our secret then we had to go down on her. We objected to this so she pretended to reach for her phone to text her friends and Sue caved in and told her that we would do as she asked. Lucy pointed out that she wasn’t asking, she was telling us and that we’d better do exactly as she asked and stop arguing (schoolgirl Lucy was apparently quite scary in her fantasy). Sue slowly approached Lucy’s pussy with her face, but as soon as she got close, Lucy pulled Sue’s face against her cunt and told Sue to lick her. Sue did as she was told and Lucy humped against Sue’s mouth. Sue didn’t keep up the pretence of being forced to eat Lucy for long and was soon eating her properly while I played with Lucy’s breasts and allowed her to reach between my legs and fondle my pussy.

It was then my turn to go down on Lucy and I tried to stay in character and pretend that I really didn’t want to so Lucy grabbed me and buried her face between my legs. I tried to squirm away from her (but didn’t put much effort in) and once Lucy had eaten me for a couple of minutes, she pulled away and told me to do that to her or everyone would know that we had threesomes with Sue’s boyfriend. I gave in and told her I would do what she wanted so Lucy lay back down again and I took up position between her legs. I tried to do things quite gingerly at first, as if I had never done it before and really didn’t want to, but then realised that it wasn’t so bad and ate her a bit more openly. Sue was then told to take over again and I returned to Lucy’s breasts and fondled them as Sue lapped away at Lucy’s cunt. This time, we kept going until Lucy came and she held on to the back of my head, keeping my mouth on her breast as she panted underneath me. Once she had recovered I asked if that was enough and she said that we both had to cum before we could finish so Sue and I were instructed to lie back on the bed beside each other, allowing Lucy to move between us and finger us, then go down on each of us.

Sue was then told to join Lucy between my legs and finger me, which she did until Lucy told her to eat me. (Lucy knows that the real Sue and I don’t actually do this, but we had agreed that we would pretend to do it as a part of her fantasy). Sue objected and said that she couldn’t do that to her sister, but Lucy pushed Sue’s head between my legs until Sue proceeded to eat me (she actually just licked and kissed my thighs, but I made as if I was being eaten properly). It was then my turn to eat Sue and I gave her thighs the same treatment for a few minutes. In Lucy’s fantasy, we actually ate each other to orgasm, but we had adapted it slightly as while we could have pretended to cum for her, she wanted to see us actually cum. To facilitate this, Lucy told me that I’d eaten Sue for long enough and we were told to sit facing each other. We were then instructed to kiss and fondle each other’s breasts, then to reach between each other’s legs and play with each other until we came. Now we’ve done things like this before (mostly for Mike and Jen), but it’s still not something that we do frequently so it was a little strange – however we were both sufficiently horny that we went ahead without really putting too much thought in to it and were quickly kissing each other deeply as our fingers worked around each other’s cunts. It quickly became a game to see who could make the other person cum first, but we did this without discussing it or even breaking our kiss. I got three fingers in to Sue’s cunt and rubbed her clit with my thumb, but she copied me and it felt pretty good. We were breathing deeply in to each other’s mouths and the kiss was quite wet, but the battle continued and we fingered each other until we’d both cum. I’m ashamed to admit that I actually lost and came first, but Sue wasn’t too far behind me. (Now that she knows about the blog, we can actually get her to describe properly how she felt and she said that she came so quickly after me partly because of what we were doing and the fact that she had just made me cum).

It had been quite an intense finish to the session and Sue and I were genuinely out of breath so lay down to recover. Lucy took advantage of this and pushed a couple of fingers in to each of our cunts and played with us. she lowered her face to our pussies and gave us each another few licks before telling us that we could go for now, but that we belonged to her and that she would summon us again at some point. I tried to object and sat that it wasn’t fair as we’d done everything she asked, but she just said that to keep our secret, she would need further payment. She stood up and got dressed, told us that we would see her again and walked out (and then came straight back, but told us that the fantasy was over).

Sue and I sat up and everyone else joined us on the bed. We were all slightly in shock at just how assertive fantasy Lucy had been and we had lots of questions about how it had been played out. Lucy admitted than in the early versions of the fantasy (when she had been at school), she wasn’t anywhere near as daring or assertive, but thinks that having seen Jen order me around, Mel order Julia and Abigail ordering Susan may have rubbed off over the years. We asked if we could do anything to improve on the fantasy for her to make it more how she had first imagined it and Lucy said that she would like to repeat it in a slightly gentler way (she still blackmailed the girls, but they were a bit more acquiescent so she didn’t have to be as forceful). Lis told us that the girls were both blondes and I pointed out that Sue is occasionally blonde so it might be possible to convince her to dye her hair (and Sue agreed as she was considering it anyway). We asked the obvious questions about why the girls wouldn’t have tried to blackmail Lucy when they found out that she was gay and Lucy said that their parents were quite strict so she had always assumed that they would be too concerned about their parents finding out that they weren’t just having sex, but were both doing things with the same boy to take the risk. We asked if Lucy had often masturbated to this fantasy and she shyly admitted that she had (she was now acting much more like the Lucy we knew and loved) and we got her to tell us about a few of the other girls she had fantasised about over the years. With a bit of encouragement, we also got her to describe a time that she had used Jen to masturbate to (from before we started playing together).

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