Monday, 19 May 2014

Gifting Sister – Part 4

It was now heading towards lunchtime and the mornings activities had made us quite hungry. Mike, Jen and Lis were also quite horny from having watched us play (admittedly they had played with each other a little, but not to orgasm) so we felt it was only fair to give them some release. As the number divided up evenly, this was quite easy so Lucy went down on Jen, I took care of Lis and Mike fucked Sue (which was a little unfair as it meant she got to cum again as well, but nobody seemed to really mind too much). Needless to say, it didn’t take too long for the rest of them to cum and once Mike had finished off in Sue, it was left to Lis to transfer his cum (orally, as usual) from Sue’s pussy and split it between Jen and my pussies. Lucy was going to shower before we left, but we convinced her to just freshen up and leave most of her body covered in the mix of our juices (seeing as she had now revealed her proper naughty side). Unfortunately the weather wasn’t warm enough for us to dress too revealingly, but we did all forgo panties (I leant Lucy a pair of seamless tights so she was at least covered).

We had lunch at a pub on the way in to town and once we’d finished, we went to wander around the shops for a while. Mike and Sue went off to look at some anime films and magazines (they assure me they were non-pornographic ones) and Lis, Jen, Lucy and I flitted from shop to shop. Only once did we make use of the changing rooms for proper fun (as opposed to trying on clothes) – I took Lucy and we fingered each other and Jen took Lis and they ate each other. Lucy and I had the more successful session as we both got to cum (Lis and Jen didn’t have time for this, but it meant that Jen was left feeling incredibly wet and horny so it wasn’t all bad as it made it much easier to tease her for the rest of the trip).

We picked up things for dinner and made use of the fact that we had so many people with us to help carry hope some of the weekly shopping. Mike offered to take care of Lis and make up for her not having cum – she wasn’t really horny any more but let him go down on her and I suggested that Sue should really do the same for Jen. Lis and Jen sat on the sofa beside each other with Mike and Sue on the floor between their legs – I left Lucy to watch them while I unpacked some of the shopping and then joined her to see the end result of the licking (which was obviously Lis and Jen cumming). As Mike and Sue had missed out on the changing room session, it was only fair that he then got to have a go with Sue – ideally he would have fucked her, but he wanted to save whatever cum he had left for the evening session so he just went down on her. He took a lot longer than he’d done with Lis though and teased Sue quite a bit – by the time she eventually came, she was naked and begging him to finish her off. She was quite loud during her actual orgasm and while she didn’t care at the time, she looked a little sheepish afterwards, but we pointed out that we’d all been teased like that and had really needed to cum at one point or another (and quite often at many points).

Dinner was more subdued, but Sue was convinced to remain naked throughout. She found this a rather odd experience – not the being naked part as she was quite used to being naked around us, but she said that being the only person who was naked made her feel very self-conscious. This may not have been helped by Mike suggesting that Sue could be used to serve us pudding – and she knows us well enough that she didn’t need him to explain what he meant. We had bought apple crumble with custard for pudding so warmed them up, but made sure that they weren’t too hot. To add to the sensation, we also used some ice cream (alternating between hot and cold can really add to the sensation). Sue lay on the table and we spooned some of the crumble and custard on to her stomach, breasts and pussy and set about licking it off of her (spoons were forbidden in all but one case which I’ll get to in a minute). We only added a little at a time so we could alternate the ice cream and the custard and licked each area thoroughly clean before adding the next batch. Everyone had a go at every part of Sue, with the exception of me eating from her crotch (but this is where the spoon came in as Mike and Jen made sure that I got to eat some of the custard and ice cream from inside Sue’s lips). It was only fair that she be rewarded for having helped out with dessert so she was allowed to (or made to) cum, Lis was the one who was actually eating Sue when she came and this time Sue was allowed to shower to clean up properly.

Everyone else also quickly showered and we spent a while getting ready to go out for the evening. Sue and I didn’t get dressed for a while and disappeared in to the other room to put our outfits on so we could maximise the impact. Sue wore the outfit that we had bought her for the last sex party – a black top, burgundy skirt, black thigh-high stockings with a burgundy ribbon at the top and black panties. I had the same outfit, but with the black and burgundy reversed (and I even wore the panties). We walked back in to Jen’s room holding hands and I told them that this is how we had originally planned to offer ourselves to them. Lis and Lucy really seemed to like the look and thought that it added to the allure of having us both at the same time and Lucy pointed out that it was her turn to spend the night with us. Before that though we went out and had a good evening. We visited a couple of bars and went on to a club to dance for a while before returning home. We had behaved ourselves quite well while out, but on the journey back, the teasing started and we caressed each other as we walked. It was too cool to stop and play properly, but once indoors we sat in the living room and Sue and I made out with Lucy while Mike and Jen made out with Lis.

Mike and Jen headed upstairs first and went in to Mike’s room. His bed is a little smaller than Jen’s, but as we had two groups of three it was the best we could do, and as most of their waking time would involve at least one person on top of the other, they weren’t too bothered. As they stripped Lis and played with her, Mike said that he was glad that he would get to bury his cock in her as while he really enjoys watching Jen (or me) play with Lucy, it gets quite frustrating. Mike had a quick eat of Lis’ pussy and then lay beside her while Jen had a go. Mike played with Lis’ breasts and kissed her, then demonstrated how he had been allowed to grind his cock against Lucy’s body while Jen had been playing with her that morning. Lis teased Mike and told him that he should have asked Lucy to suck him off and that she was now sufficiently used to tasting his cum from our pussies that she would probably have done it (she wouldn’t – he’s asked).

Mike pushed in to Jen and covered his cock with her juices and got Lis to suck him clean, then they switched positions and Mike did the same thing by fucking Lis as she ate Jen and getting Jen to suck him clean. For completeness, Mike had a turn at eating Jen and he also noticed that she was much wetter than usual. This didn’t put him off though and he got her closer to cumming than he had intended before stopping and asking Lis for permission to bury his cock in her cunt and fuck her until she came. Lis graciously granted him permission to do this and in return she was given the choice of position they should use. Lis opted to be on her back so that Jen could sit over her face, but she had one additional request – that Lis wear some long white socks. While we knew that Lis liked this look, we found out that she had come to really enjoy having legs clad in white socks pressed up against her head while she ate someone (just as Mike does). Jen was quite happy to oblige and quickly put a pair on, then climbed over Lis’ face, facing away from Mike. The three of them fucked and sucked in this position. Mike leant forwards for a while and helped lick Jen, but otherwise they stayed in the same position for the whole session. Jen was the first to cum and Mike made sure that Lis came next before he came in her.

Meanwhile, Lucy, Sue and I had been playing in Jen’s room – we had asked Lucy if she wanted us to play the parts of Anna and Michelle again but Lucy said that she wanted us to just be ourselves. We promised to give her the full ‘sisters’ treatment and set about kissing, caressing, fingering and eating her. Sue and I kept our skirts and stockings on (at Lucy’s request), but we both shed our tops so she could play with our breasts – despite Lucy claiming that she isn’t a breast woman, she certainly seemed to enjoy having two sets of D cups to suck on at once. Once we’d played enough and it was time to cum, I straddled Lucy’s face and pressed my cunt on to her mouth while Sue took care of eating Lucy. She was sufficiently aroused that it didn’t take too long for Sue to get her off and I made sure that I didn’t hold back either (although Lucy still came before I did). Pretty much as soon as I came, I asked Lucy if she was going to satisfy Sue as well and promised her that if she did, we might give her another sisterly display in the morning. Lucy really liked this idea but it wasn’t until Sue was sitting over her face that she realised I would also be participating in the session. To her credit, Lucy didn’t try to push me away and seemed resigned to the fact that she was going to have to cum again. I was actually quite gentle with her and built her up slowly while she ate Sue, only letter her cum once Sue had cum and was able to lie beside Lucy to kiss her and caress her breasts. I then crawled up and lay on the other side of Lucy to Sue and we both caressed her a while longer before finally settling down to sleep.

I woke first the next morning (technically Sue did in order to go to the bathroom, but she fell asleep again when she returned to bed). I spent a while caressing Lucy’s body and got her pussy feeling fairly moist before she finally stirred and said that it felt nice. Sue had also partially woken up but I left it to Lucy to wake Sue up properly by going down on her (I felt that it would help them bond as waking up to someone eating you is quite intimate). I watched closely as Lucy fingered and lapped away at Sue’s pussy and then spent a while caressing Lucy’s ass and cunt. I asked Sue if she was ready to double team Lucy and she said she was so Lucy was told to move out of the way while we prepared for her. I told Lucy that we would be Anna and Michelle again and she said that we didn’t have to but I insisted and told her that she could continue to blackmail us and could be as nice or assertive about it as she wanted. Lucy told Sue and me to kiss each other, so we did and I then lay on top of Sue and pressed my body against her as our kiss deepened. I pressed a leg between Sue’s and she spread her legs to accept mine. I told Lucy to sit over Sue’s face so we could eat her and once she was in place, I spread her lips and watched as Sue’s tongue pushed in to Lucy’s cunt. I helped out a little in this area, but mostly concentrated on lapping around and occasionally spearing Lucy’s ass.

It was fair to say that the three of us really got in to the session – Sue and I humped against each other a fair bit as we ate Lucy and I was curious to see how much of Sue’s movement was just in response to my own movements so I asked her if she wanted to switch places (and I also wanted a go at eating Lucy’s pussy). Lucy crawled out of the way to let Sue and I roll over, then she shifted over and placed her cunt on to my waiting mouth. I could feel that Sue was giving Lucy’s ass a similar treatment to the one I’d been giving it and was also pleased to find that Sue humped against my thigh just as vigorously as I’d been doing to hers. It was clear that Lucy was going to cum first (and hardly surprising). I asked Sue if she wanted to switch back and was a little surprised when she said that she didn’t care – this suited me fine and I once again buried my tongue in Lucy’s cunt and between this and Sue on her ass, we got Lucy off to what sounded like a pretty good first orgasm of the day.

Lucy lay down on the bed beside us, still panting and I asked Sue if she was willing to continue our show to get Lucy in the mood again. Sue gave me a grin and pushed me down on the bed to kiss me deeply – I instinctively grabbed her ass and pulled her to me and we ground against each other a while longer, occasionally checking that Lucy was still watching us (which she was – intently). Both Sue and I were very turned on and were really enjoying our session. We knew that we would only have had to turn things up a little for us to cum (even though I had been mauling Sue’s ass and pulling her against me I had avoided touching her pussy with my fingers – other than the occasional brush of my fingertips, but that was mostly just due to us moving against each other). I asked Lucy if she would help us out and was going to suggest a couple of options (I thought she might like for us to share a double ended dildo so she could fuck us and lick us both), but Lucy still had more of her fantasy to act out…

I was told to lie at the end of the bed with my feet on the floor and Sue had to lie on top of me, facing up. Lucy then knelt between our legs and licked up from my pussy to Sue’s and back again. I had to reach around and fondle Sue’s (or Michelle’s) breasts and spread her pussy while Lucy kept telling us that we were naughty little sisters (and for this, she could have been speaking to Anna and Michelle or Sue and me!). I then felt Lucy lick from my ass and over my cunt up to Sue (where she did the same) and we spent a few minutes with her tongue exploring all four of our holes. As we came, Sue had to repeatedly refer to me as Anna and tell me that she was about to cum on top of me and I had to do the same, telling Michelle that I wanted her to feel me cum under her. Lucy continued to kitty kiss us for a little while longer and then thanked us for playing along.

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