Thursday, 22 May 2014

Gifting Sister – Part 5

Mike, Lis and Jen were still in the middle of their session when we looked in on them so we told them that we would see them downstairs and headed down to get some food. Unusually, Jen had woken up first and had crawled down between Lis’ legs to lick her awake. She hadn’t completely ignored Mike though and had lent him a hand – he had already been hard (his cock’s usual morning state) but Jen had given him a good rub while she had been eating Sue until Mike said that he couldn’t take it and moved around behind Jen to slide in to her. He gave Jen a good fucking as she ate Lis, played with her clit, gave her breasts a few squeezed and slapped her ass a number of times. They could all have easily cum in that position, but Mike wanted to finish inside Lis (and Lis wanted a turn with Jen), so they switched positions and Mike fucked Lis while she ate Jen. Unusually, Mike didn’t stop to eat Lis before he came inside her (but he promised to make up for this later on) and once he had pulled out of Lis, they called downstairs for Sue and I to come up so his cum could be shared between Jen and me. Sue did the same sort of thing she’d done the previous day – ate his cum out of Lis and then let it dribble from her mouth in to Jen and my pussies. As Lis and Lucy had now both seen Sue and I play together, Sue was a bit more assertive in getting the cum deeper in to my pussy and even pushed the end of her tongue slightly inside me to assist with this (but she still wasn’t eating me).

Over breakfast Lucy apologised again for making Sue and I pretend to be other people and we again assured her that it was fine and that we were quite willing to act out almost any fantasy that she had with very few exceptions (most of which would be illegal anyway). We asked Lucy about any other fantasies she had and she told us a couple and said that she might have to be drunk to tell us about another few she had. When we asked Lis about her fantasies, she gave a sickly answer about having all her fantasies answered by getting to play with the lot of us (and yes, she did get a slap for saying that). To be fair, her answer wasn’t too far off Mike and Sue’s answer – Sue had fantasised about fucking Mike from quite a young age and Mike had loved the idea of burying his cock in her (once she was old enough – as far as I know he didn’t think that way about her when she was 15, although he hardly knew her at that age). Jen didn’t even get asked about her fantasy as we all know about her water-sports fetish – we did tease her about this and I suggested that we could give her a group session. She pointed out that it was a little chilly outside, but we called her a southern pansy and asked if she would really turn down a group spraying (to which she said no).

Conservative Lucy (not in the political sense) reared her head again and asked if we were really going to do that, but when I pointed out that she had just spent the night fucking two sisters, this didn’t seem like that big a deal. We prepared some towels do dry ourselves off and set about playing with Jen in the living room to get her started. Each of us had a turn fingering and eating her (and Mike briefly fucked her) while the others kissed and caressed her until she was mewing away quite lustfully. I was a little mean and got Jen to beg us to pee on her, but she didn’t really care and readily asked us to soak her while she came so we figured that she was ready and headed outside.

Jen lay on the grass and played with her breasts while I knelt between her legs and fingered her. We were all naked and I was quite surprised that neither Lis nor Lucy seemed too bothered about this, but they were probably kind of distracted by what we were about to do (and the garden is private enough that they know we couldn’t be seen). Mike had a bit of difficulty keeping his erection at bay, especially when Jen said that she wanted all of us to play with ourselves as we stood over her (or knelt in my case). We all promised that we would give her everything we had (and Sue was told off for having peed already that day) and as Jen entered the final stretch before cumming I let her take over fingering herself and I stood with the others around her. Jen pumped and frigged her cunt until she was about to cum and made sure that we were all ready before making the final push. At her instruction we all let go and emptied our bladders over her – given we were all standing fairly close (and it’s somewhat harder for a girl to aim – Mike definitely had the advantage here), there was a significant amount of splashback, but we were prepared for this and were trying to give Jen a nice session. My legs got particularly covered as I was directly in Jen’s line of fire, but it also meant that I could pee over her stomach, pussy and legs. Mike started off fairly slowly, but as he peed his cock seemed to soften a bit and that allowed him to aim better and pee up and down the length of her body.

Jen certainly enjoyed her orgasm and as a final act of humiliation (albeit enjoyable humiliation for her), I suggested that she should kiss each of us as a thank you. I obviously wasn’t suggesting that she kiss us on the lips, but she got this and knelt up, then went around and kissed each of the girls on their cunts and sucked on then end of Mike’s cock (he couldn’t keep himself from getting hard when she did this). Jen’s body and hair were completely soaked and the rest of us (excluding Mike) had legs that were at least fairly damp and in some cases quite wet. We quickly dried our legs off and Jen did the best she could with the towel before heading in to shower (Jen got to go first). Once we had all showered, we returned to the bed to continue our discussion about fantasies (mostly in the hope of getting more out of Lucy, but we failed on that front).

Mike played a little with Sue and I asked Lis if she wanted to watch Sue masturbate. Not everyone agrees with me on this, but I consider this one of the ultimate tests as to how open someone is willing to be – it is one thing to play with someone, but I consider it to be much more daring to be willing to sit and masturbate in front of people and completely put yourself on display. Sue complained that she had been enjoying what Mike had been doing and wanted him to continue so he promised that if she made herself cum, then he would fuck her properly and eat her. Sue knew full well that she could get him to do those things with her whether she masturbated or not, but she played along with the game and sat up against the headboard so we could all watch her. The original intention had been for Sue to be the only one actually being stimulated, but Mike couldn’t resist caressing Lis, so Jen started doing the same to Lucy and I helped out a little with everyone. I considered joining Sue and masturbating beside her, but she was progressing quite well by herself so I decided to let her have the spotlight. As Sue got close to cumming, we pointed out how flushed her upper body got – which made her quite self-conscious and delayed her orgasm. The second time she started to get close we were more supportive – in the sense that we all chanted for her to cum. She swore at us a bit and told us that we were putting her off, but continued playing with herself and managed to get herself off. I quite liked the idea of cumming with so many people actively watching me like that (it had been a while since I’d done anything similar) – and having people commenting on my form and progress also really appealed.

We gave Sue a chance to recover while the rest of us continued playing. Jen mostly played with Lucy and Mike mostly with Lis while I flitted between the couples, but Mike and Lis also had a quite go with Jen. As our sessions got closer to finishing, Mike left Lis to me and he crawled over to Sue and asked if she was ready to be eaten yet. She told him that she thought she could probably cum for him and he quickly buried his face between her legs and ate her. They were still going when Lis, Lucy, Jen and I had finished and Mike told Sue that he would eat her properly later, but at that point he wanted to bury his cock in her and fill her with his cum. They did this pretty much as a display fuck – Sue lay on her side facing us and Mike lifted her upper leg in the air so we could all easily see as his cock pumped in and out of her. We each had a go spreading Sue’s lips and getting a closer look (which meant that Mike fuck Sue for a little while with Lucy’s fingers brushing against his cock) and Lis, Lucy and Jen all took a turn playing with Sue’s clit to help her along. It wasn’t really a fair fight and Sue came long before Mike was ready to, but Lis and Jen both helped out by gently lapping at Sue’s clit while Mike slowly fucked her until Sue was ready for the second round. Mike kept talking about how much he loved fucking his little sister (leaving out the ‘in-law’ suffix) and asked Lis if she would transfer his cum from Sue’s cunt to Jen’s and mine when he had finished.

This time when Sue got close to cumming Mike didn’t hold back. Jen, Lucy and Lis continued to help out (although to a lesser extent than during the first round) and we all sat back to watch as Sue came again and Mike then came in her. Mike whispered to Sue that she was such a little slut for so willingly cumming in front of everyone, but she said that she loved having him fuck her and she didn’t care who saw it (we really have trained her well!). Mike pulled out and offered Sue’s pussy to Lis, but Lucy said that she would have a turn. Mike wasn’t going to turn down the chance to watch Lucy take his cum in to her mouth (even if it was second hand and not directly from his cock) and once Lucy had lapped all she could out of Sue, we allowed her to spit it in to Jen’s and my pussies.

We were all getting quite hungry by this point, but before we headed out for lunch I suggested one last ritual in the theme of giving Sue to Lis and Lucy. I reached over and rubbed Lis, then smeared her juices on to one of Sue’s breasts, then rubbed Lucy and did the same to Sue’s other breast. We’ve done group marking like this before so it wasn’t anything new and it didn’t take too much encouragement to get everyone to gather up each other’s juices and smear them over Sue’s body. We were quite thorough and tried to rub every part of her, ensuring that each of us got some of our juices in to Sue’s cunt. By the time we finished, it would have been difficult for anyone to argue that Sue hadn’t been marked as our plaything (technically she was already Mike and Jen’s plaything – this was for the benefit of Lis and Lucy who had fortunately got in to the spirit of the event).

Sue was given one of my shorter skirts to wear out – it wasn’t indecent, but that was mostly due to it being pleated so she could move without it riding up as opposed to being long enough. Over lunch, Mike said that it was a pity that we weren’t having lunch at home as we could have made a ‘special salad’ like the one we made last time Lis and Lucy visited (when Mike had been in York with Sue). Mike told them that he wished he had been able to add his cum to the dressing as he would have enjoyed seeing Lucy eat it, but thanked her for at least taking part in the attempt to get Jen and me pregnant earlier on. We then decided to let the others in on a secret, but made them swear to keep it private and told them that even though it was very early and we might be completely wrong (we weren’t), we suspected that Jen might actually already be pregnant. It was obviously really early to be telling people this and we knew that we really shouldn’t, but we were so excited about it that we just couldn’t resist (and having Lis, Lucy and Sue present meant that we could tell the most important people all at once). We had an extended discussion about our revelation and we had to dial things back a bit to make sure they understood that it really was very early on and things might not work out (as well as reaffirm their commitment to keep the secret).

After spending a bit of time wandering around and allowing Lis the chance to take Sue in to a changing room to play with her), we headed back to the house to allow people to collect their belongings. Mike took the chance to go down on Lis one last time. He made her cum and then slid his cock in to her pussy, but wasn’t ready to fuck properly again – not that this stopped him from moving in her for a few minutes before pulling out. Jen made sure that Sue didn’t get jealous and took care of fingering her – Lucy helped out with this and even though she didn’t want to cum again, she did agree to my suggestion of having Sue give her a few final licks. Sue was left feeling quite horny, which set her up for the usual challenge of having to cum on the train journey home. We all said our goodbyes at the house and Jen and I took Lis and Lucy to the airport to see them off while Mike waited with Sue to go to the train station. He gently played with Sue a bit more, but instead of leaving her in a horny state, he opted to carry on and ended up fucking her. From what they’ve both told us, they had quite an intense and sweaty session, which Mike loved as it meant he could smell and taste off of the juices that were covering Sue’s body. He ended up cumming in her (although probably not much) and as they lay basking in the afterglow of their orgasms, he asked Sue if she would go along to visit Lis and Lucy by herself. Sue agreed to this and promised to report back in explicit detail to us about anything that happened (both for Mike’s enjoyment and inclusion in the blog)

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