Sunday, 4 May 2014

Meeting the New Students – Part 1

In latter-mid October we finally headed down to Jen’s old Uni to meet up with her friends who were still there and get introduced to the new people. Mel and Julia were also visiting, as was Ashraf. They had also been there the previous couple of weekends as well so they could prey on (sorry, meet) the freshers, but more about that later…

As Julia had graduated, Abrahii was now sharing a house with a couple of new people. Stupidly she had chosen people who weren’t a part of our group and so we couldn’t use her house for our ‘games’. Fortunately Richard and James were sharing a house, it was too small for us to all stay over, but at least meant that we had a private space to enjoy ourselves. Mike, Jen and I got a cheap hotel room and once we’d dropped our things off we headed off to meet up with people in a pub (with Jen and I still on alcohol-free drinks). It was great to catch up with people and we had fun playing with Susan, who was enjoying being played with as much as always. We headed back to Richard and James’ place with a few of the new people in tow and almost as soon as we were indoors it was suggested that we play spin the bottle.

Now given the group of people we were with, this wasn’t the usual ‘having to kiss’ the person version of the game and I was curious to see how the new people would take it, but soon found out that the people present were the ones remaining after having played the game a couple of times already. We didn’t get straight in to the serious stuff and for the first few rounds, the person just had to kiss whoever the bottle landed on, after this we moved on to caressing breasts, first through and then under tops (if the target was a girl) and crotches if it was a guy. Next we had a couple of rounds of strip-spin – each of us got a turn to spin the bottle and could either get the person it landed on to remove an item of clothing, or to remove two, providing the person who spun the bottle also removed an item. This wasn’t as much of a turn on for me as I’d been sitting with my legs spread for a while anyway so my pussy had been fairly exposed pretty much since the beginning of the game. I was quite pleased to see that the guys ended up having to strip more than the girls (on average), although everyone took the opportunity to get Susan to remove items of clothing until she was sitting almost completely naked (there might have been a bit of cheating as to where the bottle stopped to help this along).

The next rounds involved proper touching, but people could opt out if the person the bottle selected wasn’t their preferred gender (some stupid people aren’t bi, so miss out on half the fun). Mike had gone along for the weekend with the intention of doing a bit more with a guy, partially as I had encouraged him to try things out and partially to demonstrate to Lucy that he would try things with guys in the hope that she would try things with him. He had to kiss Richard while they both stroked each other’s cocks. We weren’t going the whole way at this point so neither of them came, but Mike admitted that Richard was quite good and he was obviously pretty hard. He also got to fondle Lisa (another one of the new girls) and gave her pussy a good fingering under her skirt while she stroked his cock. I got to do things with Ashraf, Amber (one of the new girls) and Abigail (hands only) and Jen also got Amber and then Abrahii.

Things had been mostly hidden up to this point (with the exception of a few nipples being sucked on and the occasional flash of cock or pussy from under clothes. Abigail moved things on by suggesting that the bottle could be put to better use and sucking the end of it, then rubbing it up and down the crotch of Susan’s panties (I was still surprised that she was actually wearing panties, but they had apparently made a decision to take things relatively slowly at the start of term so as not to scare off all of the freshers). Now the new recruits had all seen Susan cum already in the past week and a bit, but not as openly as they were about to so they watched eagerly as Abrahii first pulled Susan’s panties to the side and then rubbed the bottle directly against her pussy before pushing the neck between her lips and slowly fucking her with it. Abigail then got someone to fetch her a knife and cut Susan’s panties off of her, pulled her legs apart and set about pumping the bottle in to Susan’s cunt a bit more forcefully. Naturally a few other people wanted to have a turn at this and the new people were invited to join in as well. There were three girls and four guys, all of whom were gay or bi and they each worked on Susan with the bottle, but with varying degrees of eagerness (in the guys’ cases, this may have been as only two of them were bi so playing with Susan may not have been so appealing for the gay ones).

Mike finished his beer and handed the bottle to Jen who said that Susan shouldn’t be the only one to have to display herself. Mike pulled me backwards, lifted my legs in the air and held them in place while Jen pushed the end of the bottle in to me and said that anyone could also play with me. The new girls got first go and following that, both Susan and I were pretty much a free for all for whoever wanted to play with us. The people we knew tended to be a bit more energetic with us and my top was soon pulled up to expose my breasts (which were duly fondled). Both Susan and I got to cum with a number of hands on our bodies and with the little show over, we quickly returned to the game, but for the final round.

This time, whenever the bottle stopped spinning, the couple were tasked with getting each other off (with allowance for gender preference still). Mike got Abrahii and they sat on a chair kissing, stroking and fingering each other, I got Brandon (another one of the new guys) and Jen got Lisa. The bottle continued to be spun while the couples were playing with each other until everyone was paired off and enjoying themselves. I noticed that Abrahii spent a bit of time sucking Mike’s cock and I asked Brandon if he wanted the same treatment. This was a stupid question and once he’d applied a condom I took him in my mouth and sucked away energetically. I stroked and sucked until he came (which didn’t take too long) and then lay back so I could spread my legs and let him play with me properly. I wasn’t overly loud, but made sure that he knew what I wanted him to do and gave him hints as to what felt best. I came with three of his fingers pumping away inside me and his other hand playing with my clit and then sat up to watch the others finishing off.

Mike had gone down on Abrahii and was still eating her while Jen had Lisa’s mouth glued to one of her breasts and was being frigged quite rapidly. I was looking forward to breaking in all of the new people (even though they seemed to be doing quite well already) and spent a little while wondering if there were any of them that we could corrupt to the same extend we had corrupted Susan. I didn’t end up settling on a target, but I knew that it was unlikely we’d be visiting enough to play too much of a role in corrupting anyone anyway so wasn’t too bothered (and I suspected that the others would probably do a pretty good job so we could just drop by and enjoy the fruits of their labour).

Once everyone had cum, things calmed down a bit. A couple of the new guys and Amber left and we settled down to find out what people had been up to. The most exciting thing we found out was that a profile for Susan had been put up online advertising the fact that she wanted sex. This had worked surprisingly well (or maybe not so surprisingly as they had included the fact that the guys didn’t have to take her out anywhere and could just fuck her). Abigail had arranged to have four guys turn up, one after the other to use Susan and she had been made to copy something that Julia and I have done by answering the door in a state of near nudity each time. She invited each guy in, led them up to her room and then let them fuck her in whatever position they wanted while Abigail watched. Susan was made to suck them, ride them, be taken from behind, play with herself while one guy watched (and then fucked) and each time, thank them for their cock when they had finished. I really liked the idea of having a stream of guys turn up to fuck me and added this to my list of things to do (possibly as a joint exercise with Susan – or even including Julia who I was sure would be up for this as well as we would probably be able to entice even more guys to join us that way…).

When it was time to leave, I suggested that Mike could spend the night with Abrahii and he was quite keen on this. They both walked Jen and I to the hotel before heading back to Abrahii’s place and Mike made good use of having access to her. He ate and fucked her before they went to sleep and did the same thing again in the morning. He then showered with her and partially fucked her again in the shower, but finished her off with his mouth and fingers once they returned to her room. She seemed to have quite enjoyed the multiple orgasms with him as she looked very happy when we met up with them. Mike pointed out that he had helped her select her clothing for the day and slid his hand up her thigh, opening the split in the side of her skirt so we could see in to her exposed crotch. He wasn’t able to do any more than this as we weren’t in a suitably private place.

We spent the day with Abrahii, Mel, Julia and Abrahii and it was fairly uneventful other than a couple of visits to dressing rooms to have a play (girls only). That evening we met up with everyone else and went out for drinks (which are less interesting if you aren’t drinking) and then back to Richard and James’ place again. We didn’t play spin the bottle this time, but the older crowd demonstrated the sort of behaviour that we expected from students. Mel played with Jen and ended up going down on her, I let Mike fuck me while I sucked Ashraf’s cock and Susan was offered up for people to play with (and the three new girls took her up on this offer by fingering and caressing her until she came while Julia sat over her face to be eaten).

It didn’t seem fair that only we should get to cum (and that certainly wasn’t the intention) so the new people were told that we would give them whatever attention they wanted. They were (understandably) a little nervous about doing things with everyone able to see, but the fact that they had already been involved in sex games over the previous week and a bit, coupled with the general atmosphere following our display was enough to encourage them and we got them to all join in. Initially it was suggested that Susan should have to take care of everyone (other than Doug and Craig who are gay), but other people wanted to participate as well so we decided to divide the workload up amongst the group.

Susan, Jen and Abrahii were allocated to go down on Lisa, Amber and Samantha respectively and we convinced them that as they were all about to be eaten and cum, that they should all sit beside each other on the sofa. Only Lisa was brave enough to fully pull her skirt up and expose her pussy so that people could see what Susan was doing to her, although we caught glimpses of Amber and Sam’s cunts as the others worked on fingering and eating them. Mike was quite jealous and really wanted to get stuck in to the new girls (something about 18 year old student lesbians – I can’t quite see why this would appeal to him J), but as they were using dental dams anyway, he wouldn’t have been able to taste them (although he would have put up with this and eaten them anyway). As I’d already sucked Brandon off, I asked for a chance to do the same to Sean. James took care of Craig, Ashraf took Richard and Julia took Brandon. True to her form, Julia didn’t just suck Brandon off, but also let him fuck her. I told Sean that I would have happily let him use my cunt but explained that I was trying to get pregnant and wasn’t on the pill so wasn’t going to chance it (but promised him that if he was still around in future, that he could fuck me as much as he wanted). He seemed happy enough with me sucking him off (my cock-sucking lessons from Sue have paid off) and certainly seemed to produce enough cum to fill the condom. The one surprise of the evening was that Mike finally went through with properly sucking a guy off. Admittedly Richard was wearing a condom, but Mike went down on him and did a good enough job to make Richard cum. I was very impressed with this as while it is something he’s been talking about trying for a while, I know that a large part of the reason he was trying it was as Jen and I have been encouraging him (and the eternal promise of fucking Lucy). It would be fair to say that while he didn’t hate it, it didn’t excite him, but he at least got to experience something new.

We sat around and discussed our favourite topic of sexuality and whether there is really any difference between having a guy or a girl eating a girl or whether a guy is fucking a guy’s ass or a girl’s ass. Richard, James and Ashraf were all of the opinion that an ass is an ass and they would happily fuck it irrespective of the gender of the owner. Sean and Brandon (both bi) sort of agreed with this while Douglas and Craig (both gay) weren’t quite as sure. We explained how James had been gay just the year before and that while he still prefers men, he experimented with girls (as part of the group’s games) and then got quite used to playing with Abrahii (and having her join him and his boyfriend Richard). James admitted that in a purely physical sense, her ass felt good and also that her pussy was a wonderful place for his cock (he isn’t as keen on going down on her, but he will do this from time to time). Julia, Susan and Abrahii all had their pussies offered to Doug and James to try out, but they weren’t up for this (although I imagine the offer will be made again until they give in and at least sample one of them). The one thing that they did seem to find appealing was to take part in a DP session with a girl as we described how they would be able to feel their cocks rubbing against each other through the thin skin separating the ass and cunt (and I imagine this will be the way they are actually tempted to try fucking a girl).


  1. If you were to ever fuck your sister, would we ever get to hear about it?

    1. I would have thought it was quite obvious that we're quite open about almost everything we get up to. We sometimes hold back details of birthdays/anniversaries/special occasions so we have some romantic times to ourselves, but I imagine if I were to fuck Sue properly (which in our terms would mean us eating each other as we've already fingered each other to orgasm), then I would write about it.

      You'll just have to keep reading to see if it has actually happened yet (as I'm over 6 months behind in writing things up)

  2. Congrats for Mike. My husband and I play a lot and I have always found him sucking or being sucked by another guy to be extremely erotic. It has made our play with other couples or groups a lot more exciting as now there is no more trying to avoid certain situations and everything is possible. While he, like Mike, isn't really keen on guys he does enjoy the erotic atmosphere and has admitted that having a cock in his ass and pressing against his prostate while he fucks me feels good. Funnily, his limitation is he still refuses to kiss.

    1. I don't actually find it that exciting watching Mike do things with another guy, but I do like the idea of him being more involved when I am doing things with another guy. It's hopefully obvious that I'm not homophobic but as far as same sex action goes, I much prefer watching girl-girl. Mike goes a little further during our next visit, but you'll get to read about that fairly soon.

  3. Thank you for the blog, it has provided me with the release I needed tonight. As I sit here writing this my girlfriend is sleeping in the other room. Tonight we tested out my new jacuzzi (hot tub) and as expected things got interesting. Unfortunately for me I was able to 'hold back' so we could play longer and it quickly became clear that once her needs were met it was over. I got the cold shoulder and the 'I'm so tired' routine so here I sit, her in a derp satisfid sleep and me with a very painful condition when I stubbled across your blog. While some may argue taking care of things yourself is wrong while she is in the next room, it's clear no release will come from that direction. It's not the first time it's happened and I wonder if you would have any advice. Repeatedly being a selfish lover is a deal breaker for me but wonder if I am over reacting. It's happened every time for 2 months now so I don't THINK it's overreacting...

    1. From drunken conversations I've had with a few people (them being the ones who are drunk so they open up), it seems that this isn't that rare an occurrence. Your case may be a bit more extreme than any I've been told of - so far guys have mostly complained to me that their girlfriends used to give them blow jobs when they first met, but that tailed off once they'd been together for a while.

      I don't see any problem in you taking of yourself if she won't do it - if it's something she isn't willing to do then. It may sound odd coming from me, but sex isn't everything (although I would admit that it would now be rather difficult for me if I were with someone who wasn't interested in sex at all). You need to decide whether she is important enough to go without - or if you can make do with not holding back when you do get the chance to do things so you at least get to cum and can then play with her in other ways to satisfy her.

      Jen's sex drive has been rather erratic as her pregnancy has proceeded and there have been times where we haven't done things for a while (and I was used to fucking her daily) - that is slightly different as there is a hormonal reason, but we know that her sex drive may not return to what it was. While I miss playing with her sexually, I love her just as much as ever and will happily snuggle up with her (but my case is rather unusual as I still have Mike to take care of me - and if his libido waned I could still call on Lis or any of our other friends).

      Having thought about it, if Mike ended up being as selfish a lover as your girlfriend sounds, I would have no qualms about playing with myself - possibly even in front of him. It may be possible to build this in to your sex play - if she cums first you might be able to jerk off over her or use a pair of her panties that she would agree to wear the next day. If not, then it goes back to deciding how important sex is to you - I imagine that sex drive diminishes for all couples (or threesomes) over time and it is the other parts of the relationship that become more important (although I hope not too much so!).

    2. Does Mike enjoy having his prostate massaged? If so, that could be something you and Jen introduce him to. I know for me having a finger or dildo in my ass as i fuck my gf usually gives me an extremely strong orgasm.

    3. It's not something he finds that enjoyable - he's tried it and said that it wasn't unpleasant, but didn't do a great deal for him either.