Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Meeting the New Students – Part 2

Things wound down without too much more action (Susan was told to play with herself and put on a show for us). I wanted to spend the night with Abrahii and suggested that Susan could head back to the hotel with Jen to give her a night of pleasure. Susan was up for this (as she is with most things) and Mike asked if he could keep Abigail company seeing as Jen was stealing her girlfriend. Abi was fine with this and Mike suggested that one (or more) of the new girls could always join them, but he didn’t have any takers on this (he didn’t really expect to, although he would have happily accepted Amber or Lisa joining them). Abrahii and I walked Jen and Susan back to the hotel before heading over to Abrahii’s house and I teased her a lot of the way about what her housemates would think about her bringing a guy home one night and a girl the next (they all knew that she was bi, so it was hardly going to be a revelation to them). Abrahii told me to behave myself and I assured her that I would – I just couldn’t promise her that I would behave well.

We only had a gentle session that night, but I reacquainted myself with Abrahii’s body and how she liked being touched. I always love the way her pink inner lips contrast with her dark skin and made sure that she knew just how much I enjoyed the view. The next morning I popped to the bathroom before doing things with her, but that was at least partially as I’d heard one of her housemates moving around and wanted to ‘bump in to them’. She is sharing with two girls from her year and a male PhD student and I was in luck that it was the guy I’d heard. I had borrowed one of Abrahii’s skimpy nightdresses that covered my body but didn’t do too much to hide anything and he wasn’t too subtle about examining my body as I introduced myself to him and had a brief chat. When I returned to Abrahii’s room, I quickly slipped out of the nightdress and planted myself over her face – as she ate me (and I played with her) I asked her if she thought about fucking her housemates and described how we could probably easily get the guy involved. Abrahii couldn’t really reply as her mouth was buried in my cunt, but this didn’t stop me from describing how I could have led the guy back in to her room, let him watch as we played together and then let him pump away in her cunt until he came and either filled or covered her with his cum.

Abrahii ate me until I came and I used a combination of my fingers and a vibe to get her off (with a bit of kitty kissing afterwards) and we then headed in to the bathroom to shower. Once we were clean I thought that it was time to get dirty again and as we washed our faces and brushed our teeth, I pushed the handle of one of the other toothbrushes in to her pussy and slowly fucked her with it. Abrahii pulled away at first, but I persevered and whispered to her that Jen and I had fucked Lucy’s toothbrush many times without Lucy ever knowing (Lucy does know now, but Abrahii doesn’t know that Lis and Lucy are fucking Mike, Jen and me). I added the handle of a second toothbrush to her pussy and used the back of the head of my electric toothbrush on her clit. Abrahii leant against the sink and quietly whimpered as her orgasm approached. She came quite easily and while she was still recovering I pulled the toothbrushes out of her pussy and wiped the bristles back and forth over her lips a number of times, telling her that now whenever she heard someone brushing their teeth, she had to imagine that they were eating her.

We had a quick coffee before heading off to meet up with the others and found out that Susan had kept Jen awake for quite a while (Mike and I had requested this from her). They had played together in the bathroom, on the bed, in the hallway and on the main stairs of the hotel – and that was just before they had gone to sleep. In the morning, Jen actually woke up first, but Susan took control and fingered Jen, then got Jen to pee on her in the shower. As breakfast was included in the price of the room, they had gone down to the restaurant to partake, but Susan had an ulterior motive. She selected a man sitting by himself and they sat on the table next to him so Susan could flash him while they ate. She then struck up a conversation with him and asked if he could help them something back in their room. Jen said that it was quite obvious that Susan was offering herself to him and he eagerly followed them back upstairs. Susan told the guy that he couldn’t have Jen, but could take her however he wanted and he seemed fine with this so as soon as they were back inside their room, Susan told Jen to strip and play with herself (which Jen dutifully did). Susan meanwhile unsnapped her skirt and let it slide down her legs. She fetched a condom from my bag (we always have them even when I’m not planning on sleeping with someone) and tossed it to the guy and then bent over the bed. The guy quickly applied the condom and moved to stand behind Susan, then pushed in to her – he fucked her for a while and Susan pulled Jen towards her, then buried her face in Jen’s pussy and started to eat her. Jen doesn’t enjoy being displayed as much as I do, but she lay back and let Susan carry on eating her with the guy watching as he pumped away in Susan’s cunt. He then pulled out and pushed his cock in to her ass (she had told him he could take her however he wanted) and carried on fucking her until he came.

Susan hadn’t finished getting Jen off yet (and hadn’t cum herself either) so she asked the guy if he wanted to see them finish up – he said that he did so Susan quickly climbed over Jen in a 69 position and they set about eating each other rapidly. It didn’t take long for them to cum (Jen came first but Susan stopped eating her pretty much as soon as Jen’s orgasm finished) and Susan wasn’t too far behind. Susan thanked the guy for fucking her and he thanked her in return for starting his day off in such a good way. Jen remained on the bed naked while Susan showed the guy to the door (she was still naked from the waist down) and once he’d gone Susan told Jen that she’d done a good job and should be rewarded. Jen didn’t need (or particularly want) to cum again, but Susan insisted and used a vibe to help things along. Naturally our little slutty Susan didn’t want Jen to have all the fun so asked Jen to play with her as well and they remained in bed until they both came again. Having fucked twice since they last cleaned up, they should really have showered again, but they are both used to going out with juices covering their bodies so they just brushed their hair again (this is one thing that Jen won’t compromise on) and headed out to meet us.

We also found out about Mike’s night with Abigail – it hadn’t been anything too special – he’d gone down on her, fucked her and spooned with her while they fell asleep (during which time he’d gotten Abigail to describe Susan’s serial fuck to him again). In the morning he’d eaten her awake (Abigail really enjoys this) and had then waited until after they had showered to fuck her. Abigail wasn’t prepared to go out with his cum dripping out of her pussy and as a compromise she didn’t try to get his cum out of her before they left, but wore panties and allowed his cum to leak out and soak the crotch.

We played our usual games as we ate brunch – Susan, Julia and I sat with our legs folded under us so our pussies were spread and partially on display. We challenged the new recruits to match us. Amber and Lisa both had a quick go at this (although they had panties on so it wasn’t as effective). Lisa did partially pull the crotch of her panties to the side, but not enough to display anything, but we gave her extra credit for at least playing along. Unfortunately Mike, Jen and I had an early(ish) train to catch so we didn’t get the opportunity to push things any further that visit.

On the following Tuesday, Jen took a trip in to work to visit Mike for lunch. A few of his colleagues have met Jen (and me) already and know about our ‘situation’ (but he has never confirmed with them that he is actually fucking Jen – they just think that she is my girlfriend and that he gets to watch). As you may have guessed from the fact that I’m writing about it, Mike did more than just watch Jen during this visit…

When Jen first arrived, she sat on Mike’s desk and let him see up her skirt – after briefly eyeing up her pussy, Mike slid a hand up her thigh and pushed a couple of fingers between her lips and started to play with her. He then went and locked his office door and got Jen to hike her skirt up so he could go down on her. Mike told me that Jen’s pussy was quite wet and she tasted a little different than usual, but he had no trouble making her cum and once the flush of her orgasm had calmed down a little they headed out and had lunch. On returning to his office, Mike once again locked the door behind them and got Jen to sit on his lap. He quickly pulled his suit trousers down so that she didn’t leave a wet patch on them as she ground against him and as they kissed, he pulled her top up to expose her breasts and then got her to remove it completely. Jen pulled Mike’s cock in to a position that she could mount it and then slowly rode him as they continued to fuck. They were interrupted by a knock on the door and just remained still until the person had gone away (they were being quiet anyway) and then resumed their fucking. Mike got Jen to sit on the desk again and gave her another brief licking before pulling her to the edge of the table and sliding his cock back in to her waiting cunt. They pumped their crotches against each other as they kissed and while Jen enjoyed it, she wasn’t getting much pressure on her clit and didn’t think she could cum so they switched position - Jen bent forwards across the desk and Mike took her from behind, which allowed him to play wither nipples and clit. They knew that she would have no trouble cumming like this and Mike fucked and frigged her until she came, then pumped in her a little longer before emptying his load in to her. He pushed in as far as he could and just moved gently as he came to try and get his cum as deep as possible in to her cunt. They stayed in this position for a little while with Mike gently moving in her (not really moving, just pushing in to her) until he finally pulled out and Jen straightened herself up.

Mike was pleased to see his cum start to trickle out of Jen’s pussy and run down her leg. As per our usual rules, she wasn’t allowed to wipe it off and more ran out and down her leg as Mike walked her to the lift and they took it to the ground floor. He had hoped to have a final fondle of her during the lift ride, but they had to share the lift with someone so he was denied this. That night I made sure that I got the full load of Mike’s cum and didn’t share it with Jen (even though we were beginning to suspect that she might be pregnant by this point).

As they’d had such a nice ‘lunch’, they arranged to do it more often – I was a little irked by this as I don’t have my own office at work so when Jen visits me there, we have to find somewhere suitable if we want to play (and while my usual masturbation supply cupboard is usually available, we can’t spend as long playing in there or strip off to the same extent as there is always the risk that someone might come in).

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