Monday, 26 May 2014

Single Sara

There isn’t really much sex in this entry – it’s an update on a relationship status…

At the start of November we had been planning on going back down to Jen’s old Uni to see how training was going with the new students (we actually knew a fair bit of what had been happening and wanted to join in). Sadly though there had been another drama between Sara and Emily (two of our friends from the York sex parties). Emily is bi and Sara is mostly gay, although has experimented with guys – including Mike. A while ago, Emily cheated on Sara with a guy and once Sara had got over the initial upset, she took Emily back. I personally thought that she was stupid to do this, but I know that she really loves Emily so wasn’t too surprised and things seemed to have been sorted out between them.

That was until we found out that Emily had cheated on Sara again – this time with another girl. I don’t know if would have actually been ‘better’ if Emily had gone off with another guy, it didn’t really matter either way though as Sara was incredibly upset. We actually found out about it through Laura (someone else from the sex parties) when Mike had been in touch wither about something completely unrelated. As well as thinking that Sara is a cute little redhead with beautiful crinkle-cut pussy lips, we also really like her (she is a very sweet girl) and wanted to offer whatever support we could to her so we told her that if it would help, she could come up to visit us and we would try to take her mind off of things (knowing full well that the weekend would probably involve a lot of talking about what had happened and examining every detail).

Sara was quite glad for a chance to get away from York so took us up on our offer and arrived early on the Friday evening (I miss being a student and being able to take off pretty much whenever you want to). It had been about a week since she had found out about Emily’s affair so she had got past the blubbing mess phase of being upset, but was still nothing like her usual cheerful self. We headed straight home and all offered her our condolences and assured her that Emily was a selfish and stupid girl for hurting someone as sweet as Sara. We stayed up quite late going over what Sara had found out and how Emily had been seeing the other girl (a second year called Erin) off and on since the summer. We asked the obvious question which was why Emily hadn’t just asked Sara if she could fuck Erin – or if Erin could join them (seeing as they both play with multiple people at the sex parties, it wouldn’t really be much different). Unfortunately, Sara gave the obvious answer – Erin meant something more to Emily than just a cute girl to fuck, she really liked her. This made it rather different to Emily’s previous discretion where the guy she had been fucking was more just for physical pleasure than anything emotional.

Emily had been very apologetic and had assured Sara that she still loved her and didn’t want to lose her. Having found out a few things since then, I genuinely believe that Emily was sorry and didn’t want to lose Sara, but (fortunately) Sara decided that this time she wasn’t going to forgive Emily. Sara had then spent the next few days crying and had spoken to Emily a few times more. They even got as far as hugging and Sara said that she was considering taking Emily back, but whenever she thought of Emily caring about Erin it hurt too much.

When it was eventually time for bed, we told Sara that she could have Jen’s bed to herself but she asked for Jen and I to sleep in with her. As much as we wanted to be able to taste and pleasure Sara, Jen and I had agreed that we wouldn’t try anything with her as it really didn’t seem fair. To help keep my desire in check, Mike quickly took care of me downstairs while Jen and Sara went up to start preparing for bed. I remained almost silent as Mike ate me and gave him a big thank you kiss as I caught my breath, after which we quickly cleared away a few things and headed up. Jen and I asked Sara if she minded if we sleep naked (as we always did) and promised her that we wouldn’t pounce on her. Sara was fine with this (we’ve been naked around each other and fucked enough times that it is quite natural), but she kept her panties on. We slept with Sara between us and took turns cuddling her to offer comfort. It felt nice having her (mostly) naked body pressed up against me but I managed to stick to my resolution and refrain from caressing her.

I didn’t quite manage the same with my own body though and when I woke up on the Saturday morning, Sara was facing Jen so I took the opportunity and pushed a hand down between my legs to play with myself. It had been a while since I’d tried to masturbate near someone while not wanting them to see (or know) what I was doing, but I’ve had sufficient practice at cumming in public that I can keep very quiet and even keep my breathing quite steady. I spread my legs slightly and just used a couple of fingers on my clit – occasionally dipping them a little between my lips to gather some juices for lubrication. It probably wouldn’t have mattered too much if Sara had woken up and realised what I was doing and I actually fantasised that she did and that she wanted us to fuck her until she couldn’t remember Emily. She didn’t wake up, but the fantasy did help me to cum and I lay in a nice satisfied state for a while before dozing off and only waking up when I heard Mike downstairs preparing breakfast.

We all joined him downstairs and discussed what the plan for the day was. We felt it would be a good idea to keep Sara occupied for a fair part of the day so got ready and headed out in to town for a while but returned not too long after lunch as it was a little cool out. Mike then offered Sara a massage and promised that he would behave himself – she trusts him enough to know that he wasn’t going to try anything and said that a massage sounded nice so Mike went and prepared Jen’s room with some candles and warmed up some oil. Jen and I went up with Sara so we could chat to her as Mike massaged her. Sara slipped out of her clothes and stood in her underwear, at which point Mike said that she could keep as much on as she wanted, but it would be easier to massage her if she at least undid her bra. This didn’t bother Sara so she removed it and lay on her front on the bed. Mike started at Sara’s shoulders and gradually worked his way down her back and around her sides, then worked his way up from her feet to her ass (but didn’t try to get his fingers onto or under her panties).

We had a quiet conversation with Sara while Mike did this and she looked like she was enjoying herself (but not in the sexual sense). Mike asked her if she wanted him to do her front and she rolled over and told him that he was quite good at giving massages. He once again worked his way down from her shoulders and he rubbed over her breasts a few times, but no more than he rubbed any other part of her body and it looked like he was just massaging her (as opposed to caressing her) so I didn’t tell him off. He then moved down to her legs and worked his way up each one. This time he lifted each leg in turn when he worked on her thighs and massaged up quite close to the crotch of her panties (but still refrained from making contact). It was quite easy to see the bulge in his trousers and I knew full well that he wanted to touch, kiss and fuck the little pussy that was hidden under her cute panties (as did I).

He rolled Sara over on to her stomach again and gave her back a final massage before wiping the excess oil off of her skin and covering her with a blanket. We then left her to have a rest (she was pretty much asleep) and Mike took the opportunity to fuck Jen downstairs as she knelt between my legs and ate me. We probably weren’t as quiet as we could have been, but we didn’t make too much noise and think Sara slept through our little session – we had certainly long finished by the time she emerged from the bedroom (wearing one of Jen’s robes). We gave her a further treat and cooked her a nice dinner, over which we shared a bottle of wine (Jen and I only had a half glass each before anyone complains). We then gave her the option of going out somewhere (Sara quite likes dancing) but she said that she would rather stay in. She was quite apologetic about this but we assured her that it was fine so we settled down to watch a film (action – we made sure to avoid anything with romance in it) and spent the evening that way.

Sara snuggled up against Jen for the first part of the film and then against Mike for the latter part. I was a little naughty (but you probably expect that of me) and sat with a hand resting between my legs so I could gently stroke myself. As Sara hadn’t gotten dressed again after her massage (she was still just wearing Jen’s robe with her panties on underneath), Jen and I had changed in to robes as well (but without panties), so it was quite easy for me to caress my pussy while we watched the film. I could have easily made myself cum and I’m quite confident that I could have done this without Sara being aware, but I was content with just getting myself horny with the intention of letting Mike get me off again quickly before bedtime (and I intended to get him to fuck me to orgasm that night).

My plans went slightly awry though as Sara unexpectedly asked if Mike would spend the night with her. This took Mike by surprise as well, although he certainly wasn’t going to turn her down (just as when he gets to share a bed with Lucy, he quite enjoys being beside a beautiful girl that he can’t do things with as it makes his first cum the next day feel better). Jen made him promise that he wouldn’t try to fuck Sara and Mike gave his word. In a way it worked out quite well as it meant that Jen and I could have a proper session that night (although we didn’t want Sara to hear us so it somewhat limited the positions we could use and how energetic we could be).

Mike kept his shorts on when he got in to bed to match the way Sara was dressed. She thanked him for looking after her and curled up against him. He tried initially to keep his crotch away from her so she couldn’t feel his cock and when her body made contact with it he apologised and said that certain biological reactions were beyond his control. Sara said that she didn’t mind and told him that she just wanted him to cuddle up to her and tell her that everything would be all right. Mike spooned up behind her properly and pulled her against him while trying to ignore the feeling of her pressing against his cock. He told her that things would get better and that when she was ready, she would have no trouble finding someone who would think she was wonderful. Sara had another little cry and thanked Mike, then made a comment about caring for him like a brother. Now this isn’t usually what a guy wants to hear where pressed up against a nearly naked girl, but Mike had the perfect retort and reminded Sara of what he’s done with his (or my) little sister. Sara told him that she didn’t want to have sex and Mike had started to assure her that he wasn’t going to try anything when she continued and said that if he promised not to move, she might enjoy having him inside her.

Mike was pleasantly surprised at the offer and immediately told her that he would stay in her for as long as she wanted and promised he wouldn’t fuck her. He felt Sara pull her panties down so he did the same with his shorts and then took up positing behind her once more. He was going to let Sara take responsibility for getting his cock in to her pussy, but she is still relatively inexperienced with guys and she asked him to help. He found it a little odd to push in to her without having gone down on her, played with her clit or even kissed her, but he got the head of his cock between her lips and after moving against each other for a little, he was soon buried most of the way inside her. Sara snuggled back against Mike again and he wrapped an arm around her and had to resist playing with her breasts. Sara said that she was glad that she had people she could trust and Mike gave her a little kiss on the shoulder and told her that we would always be here to look after her whenever she needed it (he left out the thoughts he was having about always wanting to be there to make her cum as well). Sara pushed harder against his cock and Mike slid as far in to her as he could and they remained like that until Sara fell asleep. Mike actually stayed inside her for a fair bit after Sara had fallen asleep, but he kept to his word and didn’t try to fuck her (although he admits that he could have probably cum fairly easily without having to move too much).

The next morning, he woke up before Sara and curled up against her. He really wanted to go down on her to wake her up nicely but knew that this was against the rules (and he spent long enough having to obey ‘the rules’ with Jen that he is used to it). Jen and I got to have another session together before we got out of bed, but even with our immediate lust satisfied, we still quickly noticed the fact that Sara wasn’t wearing her panties under the robe. She told us that Mike had been inside her, but it was at her request and Mike explained how he had resisted doing anything with his little redhead and had just comforted her. To be fair, I think he did quite well and my response was mostly due to the fact that I was a little jealous of the fact that he had been given the chance to comfort Sara in this way while Jen and I had only been able to cuddle her.

We ran a hot bath for Sara and let her soak in it for quite a while with the rest of us took turns sitting and chatting with her or gently washing her body and hair. We then took her out for a nice lunch and wandered around town for a while. We told her that if she wanted to come back to visit at any point – either to spend some time out of York again to distract her, or (and I know that this may not have been entirely appropriate) to have some of our usual fun, then she could come back anytime. We saw Sara off at the station and she thanked us for the weekend. We all gave her a proper kiss (not really passionate ones, but the kind that showed we actually cared about her) and it was quite difficult to resist sliding my hands down over her ass and under her skirt.

When we went home, we released the built up tension with a three-way session. Mike was understandably eager to cum and after he’d spent a while fucking both Jen and I, he came over us both and then helped Jen and me to eat and finger each other until we also came.

We chatted to Sara a fair bit over the next month and as time passed, she became a little more like her old (young), bubbly self. She still obviously missed Emily, but started responding to our innuendoes more and promised Mike that as thank you for behaving himself, that he could fuck her properly again the next time she saw him. Naturally Jen and I wanted in on this deal as well and Sara agreed that we could either stay with her the next time we were in York, or that she would come and spend a night with us in our hotel. Due to Jen getting pregnant, things worked out slightly differently, but we’ll get to that in a few entries time…


  1. I guess I am a bit confused. Both of them have had sex with many different people at t different times both together and separately. I don't understand why those times were OK and this one isn't.

    1. It's a very different thing to sleep with someone with your partner's consent and doing it behind their back, and more importantly it was more than Emily actually felt something for the other girl so it wasn't even just sex.

      I think the easiest way to explain would be to say that if Jen was secretly seeing Lucy or Mike secretly seeing Sue then I would feel incredibly hurt. I know that Jen really cares for Lucy, just as I do for Lis - it may not be 'love' in the full, emotional, romantic sense, but it is certainly enough that I would feel that she was cheating on me.

      Sex is a very different thing from caring for someone. I enjoy fucking and cumming - I could technically do this with anyone, but I enjoy doing it much more with people I like and care about (hence why I much prefer being with Julia than Mel). If Jen (or Mike) felt that they had to hide that they were with someone else, I would be incredibly hurt by it as I would automatically assume that there must be something more to the relationship than just sex. Even though I know Jen loves Lucy and Mike loves Sue, because we don't hide it and it doesn't develop any further, it is something we can deal with. And (as far as I know), none of us 'love' anyone else more than we love each other.

      I don't think I explained that very well, I was trying to get a number of issues across and somewhat confuse them. Basically, sex is not love, in 'our world' we aren't in an open relationship, we just get to have sex with other people - that is different than having a relationship with them. The Lis/Lucy/Sue thing is something else again, but so far hasn't been as issue for us. It was an issue when Emily cheated on Sara and we now have a sad Sara.

  2. Ol. From that then my understanding is that it is a development of a feeling of romantic love that constitutes cheating, not the sex.

    1. It's either developing feelings (and acting on them) or could be just sex if it is hidden (working on the reasoning that someone wouldn't hide it if there wasn't a reason to do so). I still can't put it in to words properly other than I would know when I felt something was wrong. Admittedly that could lead to a misunderstanding, but I think if Mike or Jen were to do something and I confronted them about it and they said that they honestly hadn't meant to deceive me (and I believed them) then I would let it go. Of course if they continued to do something they knew upset me it would be a different matter (as it would if I thought they were actually lying to me or hiding something). Just for balance, I think it would be the same if I did something similar to one of them.