Thursday, 29 May 2014

Sue for Two – Part 1

Early-mid November: Another two track entry for this weekend as we (mostly Mike) had convinced Sue to go and visit Lis and Lucy while he, Jen and I went down to Jen’s old Uni to continue getting to know the new students. I’ve fleshed out the details about Sue’s visit a little as while we can now ask her openly about the details for the blog, she doesn’t always provide as much information as I’d like. We’ve also had a fair bit of input from Lucy and Lis (under the guise of checking up on how well Sue did at servicing them – they still don’t know about the blog) so I’m hoping that while I’ve had to extrapolate a little, what I’ve written here doesn’t stray too far from the actual events.

Sue arrived on the Friday night and was met at the station by Lis and Lucy. Mike had convinced Sue to dress for the occasion and she had made the whole train trip with one of her old school uniforms on under her coat, along with appropriate underwear and socks. Once they had hugged hello, Sue opened her coat and told Lucy that Mike thought Lucy would appreciate a visit from Michelle (the school friend that Lucy had got Sue to pretend to be during our enactment of her fantasy). Lucy told Sue that she didn’t have to pretend to be someone else, but Sue says that she could see the look in Lucy’s eyes that said she liked the idea. They headed straight back to Lis and Lucy’s place and Lis asked if she could have a little time with Sue alone before they went to bed. Lucy grudgingly told her to go ahead and stayed downstairs while Lis and Sue headed up to the bedroom. Presumably Lucy was imagining Lis making use of my little sister by herself, but after about five minutes they called her up and Lucy found Lis also in school uniform. Lis was pressed up against Sue on the bed and Sue (or Michelle) referred to Lis as Anna (Michelle’s sister).

Once again Lucy said that they didn’t have to pretend to be different people (she really seems to think that asking people to do that is bad), but Lis pointed out that Lucy now had a chance to see Anna and Michelle do things together ‘properly’ (by which she meant more so than Sue and I did). Sue and Lis started to kiss and fondle each other and Lucy’s lust got the better of her so she joined them on the bed. Lucy was much less demanding than she had been when Sue and I were playing the parts of her friends, but she still stroked, kissed and played with them both as they played with each other. Sue and Lis ended up naked first and were told to 69 for a bit while Lucy looked on and masturbated. She repeatedly called them Michelle and Anna during this phase, but it didn’t stop Lis or Sue from giving as much as they could to the other one. Before either of them came, they decided that it was time for Lucy to be naked as well and they broke position and pounced on Lucy to strip her naked. Lucy didn’t resist much (apparently this is another thing that Lucy likes that we didn’t know about – although we’ve made use of it since) and they so had her naked and spread beneath them.

As Sue was the guest, she was offered first go at Lucy so she quickly planted herself over Lucy’s face and lowered her own mouth to Lucy’s waiting pussy. Sue didn’t hold back and got properly stuck in to Lucy’s cunt – Lucy reciprocated and as Sue had been playing with Lis for a while, she ended up cumming within a few minutes. She did me proud though and just asked Lucy to kitty-kiss her while she lapped at Lucy’s cunt and got her off. As soon as Lucy had cum, Sue crawled off of her and moved over to Lis. She continued to play the part of Michelle and told Anna that she couldn’t wait any longer and wanted to fuck her. Lucy had stopped objecting to the game and propped herself up to watch as Lis and Sue kissed and pawed at each other. They fingered humped and ate each other until they had both cum and then Sue sat up and asked Lucy if she wanted them to do anything more for her (Lucy was quite happy for the time being with what she’d seen already).

They lay in bed chatting for a while and Sue was asked (again) about how she had let Jen experiment with her and how things had developed from being completely heterosexual to now obviously bi. Sue was quite open with them and described how she had been asked to help Jen and I insert a couple of double-ended dildos so we could fuck (this was back before Mike was allowed to even see Jen with something inside her so it had been up to Sue to take the free ends of the dildos that were hanging out of my ass and cunt and insert them in to Jen). She told them about her experiments at Uni with a friend and how they had made out a few times and had a threesome with Sue’s (then) boyfriend. Lucy told Sue that she was definitely my sister. As they curled up to sleep, Sue ground against Lucy’s ass and whispered to her and Lis that she had agreed to do anything they wanted of her all weekend.

Lis (who was lying behind Sue) pushed a hand between Sue’s legs and asked if she wanted to cum again and Sue humped back against Lis’ hand and told her that if Lis wanted to make her cum then she could. Lis continued to rub Sue’s pussy and then reached around her with her other hand to play with Sue’s clit while she pushed three fingers up and in to Sue’s wet cunt. As she continued, Lis sat up so she could play with Sue more easily and continued assaulting her cunt while frigging her clit. Lucy rolled over to watch, but was soon helping out. Initially this was just with fondling and kissing Sue’s breasts, but she then took over playing with Sue’s clit, leaving Lis to concentrate on the fingering. Sue had enjoyed her earlier sessions, but this time it felt really intense (Lucy is actually quite good at breast play and Sue’s nipples are annoyingly more sensitive than mine). This, coupled with Lucy rubbing her clit and Lis getting her slender fingers quite deep in to Sue’s pussy drove Sue to what she describes as an incredible orgasm. She panted and moaned as she came and held Lucy’s head hard against her breasts. As her orgasm faded, she lay there panting and gently swearing until she caught her breath, at which point she profusely thanked Lis and Lucy and asked if she could repay them. Sue thinks that Lis was tempted, but she just asked if Sue could wake them up in the morning in the ‘usual way’. Sue agreed to this and they chatted some more while dozing off.

Lis actually woke up first on the Saturday and gently explored the body of a still sleeping Sue. Sue woke up during this but Lis asked her to stay still so she could continue her examination – she was quite gentle, but touched, stroked and kissed Sue in enough places to get her very turned on. Sue wasn’t entirely still during the teasing session and they woke Lucy up. Lucy made a trip to the bathroom and joined in playing with Sue’s breasts when she returned but Sue pointed out that she was meant to wake them up in a nice way. Lis immediately lay back and told Sue that she could do whatever she wanted so Sue crawled down between Lis’ legs and started to finger and eat her. Lucy helped out by playing with Lis’ breasts and kissing her and they steadily pushed Lis towards her orgasm and then over the edge.

Lucy wanted to cum in a different way and asked Sue if she would scissor with her. Sue isn’t as experienced with this position - she has done it with Jen a few times and may have occasionally practiced with me (usually when Mike and Jen encourage it), but she was willing to give it another go and followed Lucy’s instructions to get in to the best position. They humped their pussies together for a while and Lis helped out by stroking them both, then suggested that they should do things properly. Lis fetched their double dildo (which we bought for them) and worked an end in to Lucy’s pussy before getting Sue to slide on to the other end. Before they started moving, Lis got them to lie with their pussies pushed together and she had a lick at both of their clits. They both loved this and Sue says that she could have happily cum just like that, but Lucy wanted to fuck properly so once Lis had moved out of the way, Sue and Lucy held on to each other’s legs for traction and fucked the dildo between them. Sue says that Lucy was quite forceful (in a nice way) and the bed moved around a little as their cunts pounded together. Sue came first but told Lucy to keep going and she did her best to mash her pussy against Lucy’s. This was actually how Lucy finished – grinding herself against Sue’s pussy and then falling back on to the bed breathing heavily. Sue pulled herself off of the dildo and crawled around to kitty kiss Lucy, who told Sue to be gentle, but held her head in place (not that Sue was trying to pull away).

They asked Sue to remain naked while they ate breakfast. Now Sue is of course more than used to this from spending time with us, but Lis and Lucy both wore gowns so things were a little different to usual. Once they had finished eating and were tidying things away in the kitchen, they asked Sue if she thought she could cum again. Sue said that she could so she was asked to sit up on the counter and masturbate (Lis and Lucy had apparently enjoyed watching Sue play with herself during their visit and wanted their own private show). Sue says that she found it a little unnerving to do this in front of people she didn’t know that well (while she’s known Lis for a number of years, the being naked and fucking her was still very new), but she played along with their wishes. She sat in the corner and spread her legs wide, placing her feet up on the worksurface. She then proceeded to finger herself, frig her clit and play with her breasts, lifting each breast in turn so she could lick at her nipples. Lis and Lucy stood against the wall watching Sue and gently touched themselves, but continued to encourage Sue to keep going. In Sue’s position, I would have probably asked for something to fuck myself with (either a kitchen implement or fruit or veg) but Sue just used her fingers. Nonetheless she came for them and then sucked her fingers clean in an exaggerated manner.

When Sue climbed down, Lis opened the bottom of her robe and asked Sue to give her a kiss. Sue knelt in front of Lis, spread Lis’ lips a little and planted a kiss on them. Lis then asked Lucy if she wanted a kiss and she did so Sue scooched over and did the same to Lucy. Lucy then said that it was only fair that Sue get a kiss in return, but Sue was told to stand facing the counter and bend forwards. Lucy spread Sue’s ass cheeks and buried her face between them, allowing her to give Sue’s pussy a number of long, firm licks. Lis also had a quick go, but she used her usual quick little licks on Sue and once Lis stood up, Lucy briefly fingered Sue before suggesting that they get ready to go out for the day.

As they showered and dressed, Sue gave Mike, Jen and me a call to report in on how things were going. We had a brief chat with her and then with Lis and Lucy and asked them to make sure that Sue was taken care of properly (they knew what we meant by this, but Sue was already a step ahead of them – she really does take after me in some ways). They then headed out in to town to have a look around and get some lunch. Before they headed home, Sue asked them to show her where she could buy an item to help out with their games that night. They headed off to a sex shop and Lis asked if they wanted her to go in alone or if they would come with her. Naturally they went in with her, but they weren’t prepared for quite how forthright Sue was with the assistant. She went straight to the counter and described to the assistant how she had enjoyed sharing a double dildo with Lucy earlier that morning, but that she was looking for a second one that they could share anally at the same time. (Sue thought that Lucy had looked quite interested when she had been talking about helping Jen and I out with this and had asked Mike if he would pay for a new toy as a gift to Lis and Lucy – which he had naturally said yes to). The guy seemed quite taken aback by her candour, but he showed her the selection of double ended dildos and Sue selected one about the same length as the one Lis and Lucy had already. Again if this had been me, I would have asked if I could test it in the shop, but Sue isn’t quite that far along yet (at least not without us there to push her).

Sue promised them that they would enjoy what she had in mind and went on to describe how she loved the feeling of having both of her holes filled with cock (providing the guy in her ass was gentle enough). Sue convinced Lis to give it a try before they went out that night and once they were both naked on the bed, Sue knelt on all fours and pushed the original double ended dildo in to her pussy and inserted the new one in to her ass. Lis crawled backwards towards the dildos and Lucy helped to insert the free ends in to Lis’ pussy and ass and Lis and Sue finally pushed back against each other until the dildos were swallowed between them. They then figured out how to rock back and forth in time, moving just enough that the dildos slid in and out of them, but no so much that the ends fell out (this happened once, but they got back on track). Lucy helped out by reaching under them and playing with their clits (and occasionally groping Sue’s breasts as they swayed back and forth). Lis came first this time – this may be just because Lucy has significantly more experience frigging Lis than she does Sue, but Lis did a good job of continuing with the position and allowing Sue to cum as well. Sue then moved away from Lis and turned around to spent a few minutes kitty kissing Lis while the anal dildo still stuck out of Sue’s ass. Sue then had the not quite as pleasant job of pulling the dildo out of her ass – not that it was obviously dirty, but it had been buried in Lis’ ass.

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