Saturday, 28 June 2014

Lis and Lucy- November ’13 Visit – Part 1

The first mid-October weekend, Jen wasn’t feeling too good so we stayed at home and didn’t get up to much so I’ll skip to the following weekend which was another visit from Lis and Lucy. They had offered to come up and visit us, but as they are the ones who usually have to do the travelling, we said we would go to them. Originally, Sue had been meant to join us, but she unfortunately had to go to a work event.

We had to get a later train that we’d wanted (due to cost), so went straight back to Lis and Lucy’s place when we arrived. As soon as we got in the door, Jen and I dragged Lucy upstairs and forcefully stripped her. She was quite confused as to why we were acting the way we were, but once we had Lucy naked, we undid our coats and revealed that we had our school uniforms on underneath. We quickly pulled on pairs of long white socks to complete the look (we hadn’t worn them so we didn’t give away our disguise). Lucy didn’t really have much of a chance (not that she was struggling) and we both climbed up on the bed with her and proceeded to take turns fingering and eating her while the other person sat over her face and demanded to be eaten. She was quite accommodating in this, even though Jen was pretty wet (with extra pregnancy pussy juice). Even though we were being quite forceful with her, we dragged her orgasm out until she had made both Jen and I cum, at which point Jen (who had cum last so was still sitting over Lucy’s face) lay down on Lucy in a 69 position and got her to roll over so Lucy was on top. Jen then proceeded to eat Lucy while I spread Lucy’s ass cheeks and lapped at her ass until she came.

Mike and Lis had started off just watching us, but the sight of two schoolgirls fucking Lucy was too much for Mike and he started to caress Lis and asked her if he could have a play with her. he really wanted to go down on her, but that would have meant he couldn’t watch what was happening on the bed so he promised her that he would eat her later and they say on the chair, both facing us with Lis on Mike’s cock. She rode him for a bit as Mike caressed her clit and nipples while kissing around her neck and shoulders. He got Lis quite close to cumming, but didn’t get her off and she told him that he was being mean to her, but that she really enjoyed being teased like that. Mike asked her if she would dress up for him at some point over the weekend and she told him she would as long as he promised to go down on her (which as I’ve said, he’d already done, and the thought of Mike having access to a pussy and not eating it is almost unthinkable anyway). Lis still hadn’t cum by the time Jen and I climbed off of Lucy so she was feeling very horny and they moved over to the bed beside us and spooned as we chatted.

We hadn’t release Lucy immediately after she came and gave her a thorough dual kitty kissing (pussy and ass) for a while. This gave her the chance to calm down after her orgasm, but when we finally moved away from her and she climbed off of Jen, she said that it had been a pretty intense session and she asked us why we’d done it (not that she was complaining). We explained that after what we’d been told about Sue’s visit (which was everything), that we now knew just how dirty Lucy could be and we wanted to treat her the way she deserved. We went over some of the things that Lucy had asked Sue (and Lis) to do and Mike moved from spooning with Lis to eating her. he knelt on all fours on the bed as he did this and it was easy to see from the look of his cock that he was probably desperate to cum himself, but he kept his promise (and his fetish) and ate Lis to a strong orgasm as she helped out with the recollection of her sessions with Sue. Once she’d cum, he immediately moved up behind her again and slid in to her still sensitive cunt, but he was considerate enough to only move gently inside her as she recovered.

Lucy certainly seemed quite embarrassed about what she’d gotten up to with Sue (or probably more about us knowing what she’d gotten up to) but we assured her (once again) that it was all fine and that we were happy to do pretty much anything she wanted at any time she wanted. Mike told Lis and Lucy that he could probably convince Sue to visit them again to make up for her not being present. They liked the sound of that, but Lucy admitted that it was hotter having Sue and I present at the same time as she really enjoyed the whole ‘fucking sisters’ thing. We felt like Lucy was finally beginning to open up to us properly (which might seem a little odd as we’ve been having group sex sessions with her for quite a while so she’s ‘opened up’ in a number of ways). Nevertheless, we felt that this should be encouraged and told her that we would get Sue to join in with us as many times as Lucy wanted (and Sue’s schedule allowed), which got a nice smile out of Lucy. I also promised that we would be Anna and Michelle (the sisters from her school) as often as she wanted as well and that we enjoyed role playing for her.

Mike, Jen and Lis would obviously also get to play with Sue under these circumstances and Mike described to Lis how she could have two sisters eating her again, or one of us eating her while she ate the other, or a foursome so he (as Sue’s big-brother (in-law)) could fuck her while one of us ate her and she ate the other. Lis said that it sounded quite strange to think of Mike as Sue’s brother and him then fucking her (or the other way around), but we told her that we really thought that Sue had seen him as a brother for quite a while when Mike and I first started dating (before we discovered that she had been spying on us fucking and wanted to watch and then join in). Mike said that it wasn’t really any different than the fact that Jen’s brother fantasising about her and how I’d let him fuck me a number of times. We hadn’t really told them much about this (although had hinted about it) and Jen was quite embarrassed as we described how I had ‘seduced’ her brother and let him watch Jen and I do things (pretending that Jen didn’t know he was watching of course) and had then helped him to jack off over her while she was ‘sleeping’.

Jen managed to change the topic of conversation by mentioning Mike fucking James. Lis and Lucy had already been informed of this, but it was their first chance to question Mike properly in person and he described how it had felt and teased Lis by pulling his cock out of her cunt and pressing lightly against her ass, saying that he could always take her ass again to make a comparison’. Lis said that he could fuck her there if he wanted, but Mike told her that as he was going to give her his first load of cum for the day (as usual, he hadn’t cum that morning), he wanted to cum deep in her pussy. He asked her if she was ready to cum again and I told her that I would help out. Mike lifted Lis’ upper leg and draped it over his body so I could get to her pussy and I lapped away at her clit as Mike gently fucked her. I had to pace my licks as Mike was only moving gently, but it meant that it wasn’t too difficult to time their orgasms to coincide. Mike told Lucy that he was going to fill her girlfriend’s pussy with his cum again and Lucy told him to go ahead. Jen teased Lis and told her that a good lesbian wouldn’t allow a guy to fuck her, but seeing as she was carrying Mike’s baby, I don’t think her words had much authority. Whenever I stopped licking Lis to let Mike catch up I watched closely as his cock repeatedly plunged in to her cunt – at times he pulled the whole way out of her as he said he really liked the way it felt each time the head pushed between her lips. When it was time for him to cum though, he made sure that he was buried the whole way inside her. He got to the cusp of cumming and just moved gently inside Lis as I lapped at her clit and took her over the edge, at which point Mike just moved a little more inside her and told everyone that he was cumming too. He still used fairly small strokes, but he thrust in to her a number of times and told her that it felt like he was cumming a lot – Lis didn’t really pay much attention as she was still cumming, but when their orgasm had both finished, she asked him if it was going to be messy when he pulled out.

Lis suggested that Jen could suck the cum out of her to share between us (Jen would then kiss me and we would 69 it in to each other) but I pointed out that I wasn’t getting any more of Mike’s cum in me than necessary as I was only just back on the pill. Technically I’d been back on it for about month so it should have been fine, and Mike was still allowed to cum in me, we just weren’t worried about extracting his cum from Jen to share with me (or vice-versa) any more. As nobody was willing to eat her clean, Lis was encouraged to stand up and see how much her pussy leaked – and Mike had been right about having cum a fair bit. It was hardly a torrent of cum that came out of her, but when she stood with her legs mostly shut, a fair amount dripped out and trickled down her legs and when she spread her legs and pussy another few blobs of cum dripped out of her on to the floor. Mike was quite pleased with how much he’d cum in Lis and even though she wiped his cum off of her legs, she appreciated the fact that he’d enjoyed being in her enough to cum that much (yes, we all know it doesn’t work quite like that).

Mike commented on how Lis was leaking even more than Jen when she was having one of her ‘wet’ days and we teased Jen about this, but she knew full well that we found it incredibly arousing to see, taste and feel her pussy creating so much liquid. Jen promised that if she got sufficiently wet that she would put on a display and masturbate for us and that Lis and Lucy could watch up close. As it was getting late by this point, we decided to head off to bed – Jen and I still had our uniforms on and decided that we would tease Lucy once more before allowing her to go to sleep. This left Mike with Lis (which he was quite happy about) and they headed off to get ready for bed while Jen and I took care of Lucy’s second cum of the night. We didn’t spend anywhere near as long making Lucy cum this time, but I did tease her again about how she had acted with Sue. Lucy liked the feel of our long socks against her skin as we played with her so when it was finally time to sleep, we kept them on (but removed the rest of our uniforms) and told Lucy that as payment, she would have to eat both Jen and I awake in the morning. Lucy was still in a nice post-orgasmic daze and said that was fine.

Mike had kept his promise with Lis and when they got in to bed, he immediately crawled under the covers and started to lap around her pussy (she had wiped most of the remainder of his cum off when in the bathroom). He even gave the inside of her pussy a thorough licking (at least as far inside as he could reach) and pushed Lis to the verge of cumming before pulling away and climbing out from under the covers and kissing her. Lis told him to stop being mean and Mike told her that he would quite like to watch her masturbate. Lis asked if he really wasn’t going to finish going down on her and Mike lay back and told her that he wanted to see how horny she really was. He’d done a fairly good job at getting her close and Lis pushed a hand down between her legs, at which point Mike pulled the covers back to watch and he sat beside her stroking his cock as Lis plunged her fingers between her lips and fucked herself. Mike enjoyed the show a lot, but he had always intended to keep his promise and when Lis’ breathing started to quicken again, he grabbed her wrist and told her that it was his job to make her cum (for that night at least anyway). Lis told him that he was a bastard, but pulled her hand away and let him crawl back down between her legs to resume eating her. Just as she was about to cum again, he lifted his head and started to say ‘actually, I might let you masturbate after all’, but only got as far as ‘actually, I…’ before Lis pulled his head back against her pussy. He got the hint that she might want to cum and resumed licking her, finishing off by rapidly flicking his tongue back and forth over her clit (in the way Lis does when she eats a girl) and using a couple of fingers inside her pussy. To make up for his teasing, he left his fingers inside her and kitty kissed her for a fair while after she’d cum and then asked for her forgiveness when he moved up to kiss her. Fortunately for him, Lis did forgive him and allowed him to spoon with her as they fell asleep – Mike thinks he could have fairly easily cum in her again, but he decided to save it for the morning instead.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Challenge #2 – Fuck a guy within 10 minutes of meeting him.

This is out of chronological order, but I said I would try to write about challenges that you set us as we did them and we did this in March so it’s way past time I posted it…

Initially, this seemed like quite a difficult challenge, but thinking about it we realised that I’d actually achieved it before so decided to try and meet it in a few different ways. We started off by cheating and I signed up for Tinder. This way was really easy and had the added benefit of having a whole pool of men to select from. I swiped right on a decent number of guys and over the next few days I received notifications whenever one of them matched with me. I always tried to immediately talk to them and quickly escalated the conversation until we were talking about sex. In the first week I signed up, I managed to meet up with five guys, specifically for the purpose of sex. While I technically was fucking each of the guys within 10 minutes of meeting them in real life, I’m aware that it was cheating as we’d ‘met’ online and chatted for a while. Even so, it felt really dirty to meet and fuck so quickly and I enjoyed it.

We threw caution to the wind a little and decided that the safest place to do things would be at home (and as we were looking to move to a better place we didn’t mind quite so much). I answered the door each time wearing a sheer black negligee (apart from for one of them, but we’ll get to that) so they could see pretty much everything that was on offer immediately.  Mike and Jen pretended to be a couple that I shared the house with, but they remained downstairs while I took each guy up to Jen’s room and lay on the bed offering myself to them. They were all very eager and were inside me in no time – unfortunately the quality of the session varied somewhat – one guy came extremely quickly and seemed to think that things were then over and wanted to leave. He did at least stay and give some words of encouragement as I played with myself for him to watch, but he didn’t help out. Another guy also came fairly quickly, but he at least stayed in the game and played with me until I came. The other three were better, with one guy being much better as he made me cum twice (I offered to let him use me again however he wanted, but he said he couldn’t cum again for a while). I showed him out naked and we bumped in to Mike and Jen but I just told the guy that they were used to seeing me in various states of undress and that I would sometimes sit in the living room and masturbate when they were there.

The third guy got to play with me in my schoolgirl outfit (I had offered this to a couple of them, but the other one I offered it to wasn’t interested). I used my English schoolgirl outfit (the Japanese one is saved for special people), but I went the whole way and had long white socks, plain bra and panties and my hair in bunches. He really seemed to like the look and asked me to suck his cock so we started off like this and he used my bunches to guide my head back and forth. I’d already had one of the ‘bad’ sessions by this point so I made sure that he knew that I wanted him to fuck me and not just get a blowjob. He told me to bend over and once he’d pulled my panties down to my thighs he slid in to me and took me from behind. He did at least ask before he slid in to my ass and he reached around to play with my breasts so I took care of my pussy as he fucked my ass. That was actually quite a nice session as well and I put on an extra display for the guy and let him watch me play with myself until I came again. He asked me to suck him again and I ‘convinced’ him to let me ride him first (it didn’t take much) and then sucked him. This time I let him finish off in my mouth, but as it was his second cum in such a short period, there was hardly any cum in the condom (he still seemed to enjoy it though).
The second way I met the challenge was much more in the spirit of the challenge. We were down at Jen’s Uni and I went along to the halls that Lisa lived in. As it was raining a little and wasn’t very warm, I had the perfect excuse to knock on a few doors until I found someone who was in (we had asked Lisa to find out which rooms had guys living in them) and I asked for their help as I was wet and cold and the friend I’d come to visit wasn’t in. I found someone who was in alone and they were willing to help me out so I went in to his room and he offered me a towel. I asked if he minded if I removed my wet clothes (they really weren’t that wet, but teenage – or maybe early twenties – boys are easily distracted from logic when a girl asks to undress) and he said it was fine. I stripped down to my underwear (I’d even put panties on for this) and made a show of drying myself off, especially around my breasts and inner thighs. I complained to the guy that my underwear felt damp (I’m pretty sure he had figured out that this was a set-up by this point) and asked his opinion. I stood beside him, took his hand and pushed his hand between my legs and rubbed back and forth against the crotch of my panties. I felt his fingers press against me and start to push the material between my lips and I asked if he thought I should take my underwear off to give it a chance to dry. He agreed that this was a good idea so I removed my bra and pushed my panties down over my hips and let them slide down my legs before stepping out of them.

He was sitting on a chair so my breasts were at face level for him so I cupped them and offered them to him, suggesting that we find a way to pass the time while my clothes dried and I warmed up. He asked if I was serious and I told him that he could touch me wherever he wanted, at which point he took my breasts in his hands and after caressing them he took each nipple in his mouth in turn and gave them a firm suck. I asked him to touch my pussy and he told me that I certainly knew what I wanted, but nevertheless he did as I’d asked and I felt his rub me and then push a couple of fingers up inside me. I told him how good it felt and mentioned that I had a condom in my bag if he was interested in using it (he was). I let him play with my breasts and finger me a while longer before telling him that I wanted to see his cock and as soon as he got it out, I rolled a condom on to it and took him in my mouth. I judged the length and wrapped my hand around the shaft so he could push in to my mouth without going too deep and I let him slide in and out of my mouth for a little while before I pulled away and wrapped my breasts around his cock. I the proceeded to tit-fuck him for a few minutes during which time I warned him that he’d better not cum as I wanted his cock inside my cunt. (Most guys don’t seem to be used to having girls talk to them like this, but as a hint girls, they usually seem to like it).

I didn’t make him wait too long for this and climbed up on to his bed, lay sideways across it, spread my legs and pussy lips and told him to fuck me. He moved over and stood between my legs, pushed his cock in to me and pumped back and forth as he played with my breasts. I was about to tell him to play with my clit as well, but decided to just let him enjoy himself and I reached down to take care of things myself. I half-wrapped my legs around him and encouraged him to pump in to me harder and faster with longer strokes. He was at least quite good at following instructions but it didn’t look like he was going to last too much longer so I told him to slow down a bit to allow me to catch up. He continued to squeeze my breasts and move in me, but I concentrated on frigging myself until I was getting close to cumming and then told him to fuck me hard again. I stayed in character and kept encouraging him, telling him to fill my cunt, make me cum, describing how good his cock felt inside me… I wanted to cum first (just in case he pulled out) so I frigged my clit rapidly and moaned and swore at him as I came. He wasn’t far behind me and he stayed pressed inside me once he’d cum. As soon as he pulled out, I thanked him, got up and started to get dressed, commenting that my clothes seemed to be a little dryer now. It was only at this point that the guy asked my name but I said that it was probably more interesting if he never knew, gave him a little kiss and let myself out.

I was pretty sure that what I’d just done had easily met the challenge, but I was enjoying myself and didn’t intend to stop so I returned to Lisa’s room to report my success. I discovered Susan lying on Lisa’s bed with Mel using Lisa’s hairbrush to fuck Susan and thought that I could put on a better show for someone if I had some help. I knew that Susan would be up for it so asked her if she fancied coming with me to find another guy. Julia jumped in first though and said that as Susan was busy, she would come instead. Susan didn’t seem to mind too much as Lisa’s hairbrush was doing quite a good job on her (it wasn’t the first time it had been used this way) and I dragged Julia out the door and we headed off to a different floor to find our next target.

We decided to be more direct this time so once we found a guy who was in, we told him that we had been dared by our friends to kiss and make out in front of a stranger and asked if he would be willing to watch. Now I know that there are guys who don’t like this sort of thing, but fortunately he wasn’t one of them. We asked if we could do it in his room so that nobody else could see (we hadn’t specified what ‘make out’ actually meant) and he let us in and closed the door behind us. We immediately started to kiss, obviously using our tongues on each other and after about 10-20 seconds, broke the kiss and asked him if we should continue. He said that we should so we resumed the kiss and started to run our hands over each other’s bodies. Our tops were pulled up and bras pushed roughly aside and as Julia lowered her mouth to my nipples I asked again if he wanted us to carry on. I got a ‘fuck yes’ as a response so I pulled Julia’s head against my breast and let her suck on my nipple. While she did this I unfastened her bra and when she stood up, she pulled her top and bra off and let it fall to the floor. I turned around to let her unsnap by bra and I quickly shed my top then asked the guy if we could continue on his bed.

Julia and I rolled around kissing and fondling each other for a little while, but I was aware of the 10 minute limit to the challenge and I whispered to her that it was time. She lay on her back and I kissed down to her breasts, had a very brief play and then kissed down across her stomach. She spread her legs and I lifted her skirt up before diving in and eating her (she had a nice, light pink skirt on that would have looked quite cute if she wasn’t in such a lewd position). I looked up and asked the guy if he wanted to join in and he nodded so I asked if he had a condom. He did and he quickly applied it. I indicated that he could use me and felt him crawl around behind me and lift my skirt. He didn’t seem too surprised that I didn’t have panties on – possibly as Julia wasn’t wearing any either – and he rubbed the head of his cock against my pussy and then pushed in to me. Now that the time limit was out of the way we could enjoy ourselves and I let him fuck me for a while before asking if he wanted to try Julia’s cunt too (I referred to Julia just as ‘her’). He jumped at the chance of having a ‘proper’ threesome (where he got to do things with two girls) and we changed around position. This time Julia and I lay in a 69 position (her on top) and I spread her pussy for the guy to slide in to her as she ate me.

As it was my challenge (as far as the group were concerned, it was a challenge that Sue had set me), Julia knew that I wanted to have the guy cum in me so we changed position again after a little while and 69ed the other way around with the guy fucking me. Julia played with my clit as he did this and she got me off before he came, but I of course allowed him to continue to fuck me until he came. I had been eating and fingering Julia, but had also been concentrating on making as many slutty sounds of appreciation as I could so she hadn’t cum yet, but this gave us a chance to show off a bit more and we let him watch as Julia kitty kissed me and I ate her (well, Jules started off by kitty kissing me, but as she got closer to cumming, she progressed to licking me properly which felt quite intense, but I didn’t want to spoil the show so I stuck with it). Julia didn’t make too much noise as she came, but she did when I carried on eating her until she was panting and telling me that it was too intense (I wanted to get my own back a little for her eating me when she was meant to be kitty kissing me).

We rolled apart and lay on the bed, chatting to the guy as we caught our breath. We had been his first threesome and he had enjoyed himself immensely. From the look of his cock, he would have probably been able to perform again if we’d given him just a short time to recover, but we wanted to get back to the group as we had plans to go out that night so we go up and dressed. Julia told him that if we’d had panties on that we would have left them for him as a memento but we then conferred and came up with an idea that would at least remind him of the session for the short term. We each slipped our skirts off and climbed back on to his bed with me sitting behind Julia. We put his pillow between our legs and humped back and forth against it. We very nearly decided to carry on until we came again, but I thought it would be more fun to return to the group in a state of arousal so once we had thoroughly wiped our juices over the pillow, we put our skirts back on and told the guy to think of us when he went to bed that night.
When we went out later in the evening, Mike suggested that I could really ensure I met the challenge. Once again we decided to go with the less than subtle approach and I danced with a couple of guys until I found one who seemed to be sufficiently frisky to meet the requirements. Still aware of the 10 minute time limit, I told him I wanted to cum and dragged him off to the gent’s toilets. We got a few looks as we went in, but we ignored these and went straight in to a stall. I hiked up my skirt, handed him a condom and told him to fuck me. He eagerly obliged and was soon inside me. We started off facing each other, but quickly changed position so I was facing the door with him taking me from behind. Other people in the bathroom knew what we were doing and a couple of guys looked over the top of the stall from the side to watch, but this just made me enjoy it more. I would have loved to strip off and be fucked naked, but the guy was pumping away inside me and I doubted he was going to stop. I did at least pull the front of my top down and get my breasts half out, but then decided it was more important to cum than to show myself off (not that they are mutually exclusive, but I’d been teased a fair bit between the earlier session with Julia and the current bathroom fuck). I reached between my legs and played with myself but couldn’t quite catch up with the guy – he came first, but I thrust myself against his cock a few times as I frigged myself until I came and then pulled myself off of him.

I left him to sort out his cock and walked out of the stall to fix the top of my dress. I did this in front of the mirror without acknowledging that a number of guys were watching as I pulled the top down fully, sorted out my bra and then pulled my top up. As I was doing this I was imagining having every guy line up and fuck me one after the other, emptying their loads in to my cunt and having their cum pouring out down my legs as the next guy fucked me. I could feel myself getting very turned on again and couldn’t resist quickly sliding my hand between my legs, giving myself a quick rub and then sucking my fingers clean. I knew that if I stayed there much longer I would be in danger of actually offering myself to someone else so I left and went to find everyone else.
As you can see from these events, I have been more than making up for the time when I was trying to get pregnant and could only fuck Mike’s cock. I don’t think this really counts too much as a spoiler as any long-term readers could have easily guessed that would be the case, but for the people who are complaining about all of the girl-girl action over the past number of months, there is more cock to come…

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Fuck a fresher, and… – Part 7

As people discussed with Mike what the experience had been like, I lay back and rubbed the guys’ cum over my face, neck, breasts and thighs. I really wanted to masturbate, but needed to clean up first so I quickly dashed in to the bathroom and showered myself down before returning and asking if anyone was willing to go down on me. Mike willingly took on this role (possibly to be back in more familiar territory), but as soon as I came and he could talk again, people carried on getting him to describe how he’d found his first guy’s ass. Once again he said that it hadn’t really felt any different from a girl’s ass and he’d obviously enjoyed it enough to cum. James understood what Mike meant as the first few times we had convinced him to do things with girls, he had physically enjoyed it enough to cum, but had felt a bit uneasy about the actual experience. Apparently James thought that Mike’s cock felt quite good and Richard told Mike that he could fuck him next time. Now you might think that I really want Mike to enjoy fucking guys as it means we can play in more ways. I was glad that he was experimenting (and I had been encouraging him to do so), but I can be quite selfish when it comes to sex and knew that if Mike actually decided he was ‘properly’ bi (as opposed to just experimenting), that it would mean I would potentially end up with less cock inside me. Of course I’m not really that selfish and love seeing everyone cum if I’m actually playing with them, but it is certainly true than in many of my fantasies I am the person who is being fucked by everyone (or is making everyone else cum).

It was getting close to when we were meant to be meeting up with people for lunch (a number of the new students didn’t like the idea of getting up early enough on a Sunday for brunch) so we cleaned up and got dressed to head out. Jen was beginning to get horny again – Mike or I could have easily made her cum, but we wanted her to try wearing just tights again so see how wet she could get. I went with one of my short skirts and hold-ups for the nice zettai ryokai look and we didn’t have to convince Abrahii to remove her panties as Mike had already taken care of that at her house (in that he made sure she hadn’t put any on).

We met up with everyone and over lunch I moved around beside Lisa and whispered to her that I’d heard she had enjoyed fucking my husband the previous night. She blushed a deep shade of red and I told her that it was fine as long as she’d had fun and added that I knew Mike had told her he wanted to eat her again. It was quite fun teasing her due to how easy it was to make her blush and even as the waitress was taking plates from the table I whispered in her ear how much Mike had enjoyed burying his cock in her tight young cunt and filling her with his cum (Mike had actually only given Jen and I a brief description of his session with Lisa at this point, but it was enough to go on). Throughout the meal, Susan, Abrahii, Jen and I sat with our pussies showing at one point or another (actually quite a few times more than one!). Lisa played along and showed off her panties – Mike thinks he nearly convinced her to go to the bathroom and remove them – she didn’t, but I got Amanda to sit with her legs crossed and show her panties so I counted this as a win (unfortunately Samantha had jeans on so couldn’t participate).

Naturally everyone was intrigued at Mike’s latest experiment, but we couldn’t openly discuss it in public (or not as openly as people wanted to) so a few of us returned to James and Richard’s place after lunch. Mike and James relayed the story and Susan was sent over to help ‘encourage’ them. This involved her getting their cocks out and sucking them and then moving back and forth between them and riding them in turn. I was still determined not to let Susan have all the fun to herself and helped out by licking her as she rode them, but as I knew we had plans I made sure that she got to cum while sitting on James (at which point it was determined that he had ‘won’, so Susan had to keep riding him until he came). Mike meanwhile moved over to sit beside Lisa (with his cock still out and shining with Susan’s juices) and Lisa was encouraged to stroke him and then suck him (she has played with Susan before so it wasn’t the first time she has tasted Susan’s juices). Mike asked her if he could have a final play with her before we had to leave and head home – he already had his hand up her skirt, so he was already technically ‘playing’ with her, but she knew he meant something a bit more serious. Lisa didn’t seem to mind that everyone knew that they had fucked the previous night, but she still wasn’t prepared to have sex with an audience so agreed to go upstairs with him.

We borrowed James’ room one last time and Mike led Lisa upstairs. I left them for a few minutes before saying that I wanted to see what was happening and going up myself. Before I arrived, Mike had already half undressed Lisa and started to go down on her and she jumped a bit and tried to cover herself when I walked in to the room. Mike told her not to worry and I said that as she had seen me cum – and as it was my husband – that I wanted to see her cum. She wasn’t used to being quite so exposed and I told her if she wanted that I would leave them to it, but indicated how much I wanted to stay and watch by sliding my hand under my skirt and stroking myself. Lisa agreed to let me watch and I eagerly pulled a chair over beside the bed and planted myself on it and told them to continue (although Mike hadn’t really stopped eating her). I watched as he worked on her and they broke position to undress further. I removed my clothes as they undressed and sat back on the chair with my legs spread, fingering myself. Mike ate Lisa until she came and kitty kissed her.

As Lisa lay there basking in the afterglow, I chatted to her and told her that we were quite impressed with what we’d heard (and seen) in relation to how adventurous she was being, but we hoped that she would develop a bit more throughout the term and year. Lisa said that she was certainly enjoying herself, but she wasn’t sure she could be as open as many of the rest of us and I told her that Susan had been relatively shy (or certainly nothing like she is now) when she first arrived and now she was the most adventurous girl there (with Abrahii being a close second). We got Lisa to tell us what she had witnessed when we hadn’t been around and she ran off a list of people fucking, eating, fingering and sucking each other. By the time the discussion finished, she was ready for Mike to fuck her.
Mike slid straight in to Lisa’s pussy and they started to fuck – at first she kept looking over at me, but soon got used to my presence and concentrated on what she was doing with Mike. They used a number of positions and when Mike spooned with her, I asked him to lift up her leg so I could see him sliding in to her properly. Lisa was sufficiently aroused by this point that she didn’t seem too bothered by this so I moved closer and had a proper look. I almost asked if I could lick her (or at least play with her clit), but wasn’t sure if she was ready for a threesome so I contented myself with looking and then returned to my chair to continue playing with myself. Lisa had a go at riding Mike while he reached up to play with her breasts and she then lay down on top of him and asked him to fuck her hard like he had the previous night. Mike obliged and held her to him as he started to pound hard in to her. I moved around to the foot of the bed to get a better view and watched as Mike spread her ass cheeks and his fingers explored around her ass. His cock pistoned in and out of her and I tried to move my fingers in time with his thrusts and imagined it was me he was fucking. I heard Lisa moaning a little and her moans get a bit more high pitched as she came (not porn movie high pitched). Mike continued to fuck her until he came and then he pushed her down hard on to his cock and kept his cock buried in her.

I was now very close to cumming and while the view was quite nice, I decided that I preferred to let them see me cum so I jumped back over to my chair, spread my legs wide and frigged myself with one hand while fingering myself with the other hand. Mike knew that I wanted to be watched and told Lisa that I was so horny as I’d been watching her fuck. It didn’t take me long at all and as I knew Lisa was a moaner, I didn’t hold back and allowed myself to moan, pant and swear as I came. It was a pretty good orgasm and Mike says I looked fairly flushed. He was still buried inside of Lisa and I asked if I could have a closer look at her pussy (again playing the ‘you’ve just fucked my husband’ card).

She climbed off of Mike and I took his cock in my mouth to taste Lisa’s juices and then asked her to sit back and spread her legs. She was back to being fairly coy again, but did as I wanted and I asked if I was allowed to touch her. She agreed and I spread her lips and to examine her and told her that her pussy looked cute, following up by saying I wanted to give her a few licks to sample her. Lisa had seen that I had more than ‘sampled’ Samantha and knew that I’d played with Amber as well so she agreed and I licked up and down the length of her slit and pushed my tongue in to her. I really wanted to eat her to orgasm as well, but didn’t want to be too greedy so just thanked her and sat up on the bed with them. Mike suggested to Lisa that she could examine me if she wanted and she asked if I minded. I told her to go ahead and lay back with my legs spread (again) and allowed her to look at, stroke and then lick me (with encouragement from Mike). I thought that I was going to get my threesome, but Mike just caressed Lisa’s ass for a while and she didn’t lick me for long (apparently she thought I wouldn’t want to cum again – but then she didn’t really know me well at that point).

As they got dressed (I didn’t bother), Mike asked Lisa if she had ever considered shaving her pussy. She told him that she hadn’t, she just kept her hair trimmed and Mike told her that if she shaved at least her lips then he would spend as long as she wanted going down on her the next time we visited. Lisa still wasn’t sure about shaving but we assured her that it was safe and most of the girls in the group did it to at least some extent, so she would be able to find plenty of people who would be willing to help out. Mike told her if she wanted, that he would shave her next time and explained that he had plenty of experience taking care of Jen’s and my pussies. Lisa said she would think about it, but I wasn’t too convinced. As a final favour, we asked if Jen could see Lisa’s pussy and I dashed down to fetch Jen before Lisa had even answered. When she came in to the bedroom we got Lisa to slide her panties off again and sit down on the chair. Jen knelt and thoroughly examined Lisa’s pussy and used a couple of fingers to explore up inside her. I felt bad for Jen as I knew that she would want to bury her face in Lisa’s pussy just as much as I’d wanted to and to help make up for her missing out, I told Jen to lie on the bed so we could take care of her.

The crotch of her tights were once again very wet with her juices (actually it was more than just her crotch – she had rubbed herself a bit while watching the displays downstairs so her juices were smeared all over her pussy and the very top of her thighs. I could easily taste her through her tights and I let Mike have a turn at sucking her juices through the material before we pulled her tights halfway down her legs, lifted her legs in to the air to expose her pussy and then Mike and I took turns eating her. As her ass was so accessible in this position we made sure to pay it plenty of attention as well and we stopped a number of times to spread Jen’s lips and ensure that Lisa got a good look at her. Given how wet she’d been at the beginning, I’d been hoping for more globs of pussy juice to leak out of Jen, but this didn’t happen so I didn’t get to enact my plan of smearing her juices all over her thighs so she would have to travel home with the scent of sex around her. Mike got her quite close, but I was the one who actually made her cum and Jen let out her usual series of mewing sounds as her orgasm built and then hit her.

We headed back downstairs and Mike confirmed that he and Lisa had fucked again (which made her blush once more, but seeing as Susan was still naked and playing with herself on the sofa, I don’t think she was too bothered. People enquired as to whether Jen and I had also scored with Lisa but we admitted that we hadn’t got any further than looking at her (not technically true in my case as I’d briefly licked her, but it hardly counted). Unfortunately it was getting close to the time that Mike, Jen and I had to leave as I wanted to try something with Sean or Brandon and Mike really wanted to go down on Samantha or play with Amber. He did at least get to help Susan cum by eating her, so he got his bonus serving of pussy before we left.

All in all, we were quite happy with the way the weekend had gone – I had got a fair dose of cock (even if none of it had been inside me), Mike had got to eat and fuck a fresher, as well as try a guy out, and Jen had got to enjoy herself as much as she could, given her condition. While things certainly weren’t the same as when Jen had been there, it looked like the new crop of students could help ensure an interesting year as long as they remained in the group and continued to experiment (which is what Uni is for – I just wish I’d realised that as an undergrad!).

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Fuck a fresher, and… – Part 6

Mike called to see where we were, but we had already left Sean’s place. He had already checked with Abrahii if he could spend the night there and headed over to her place. She answered the door with just a light gown on (her housemates aren’t quite as adventurous as the rest of the group so she couldn’t answer it naked) and Mike followed her up to her room. They discussed his session with Lisa and she described to him what she had managed to do with Lisa in the previous couple of weeks (fingering and eating on different occasions). Abrahii teased Mike and said that as he’d already fucked someone he probably wouldn’t want to do anything else and she lay down in the bed with her gown still on and pretending to go to sleep. Mike undressed and climbed in beside her, then pressed his hard cock up against her ass and rubbed back and forth. Abrahii soon responded and slowly pressed back against him in time with his movements. She reminded him that Richard had fucked her earlier on, but Mike wanted her enough that he said he didn’t mind and most of Richard’s cum would have probably leaked out of her by that point anyway.

Abrahii knows Mike well enough that she wasn’t at all surprised when he rolled her on to her back and moved down between her legs. She told him that she was a bit tired so he asked if she thought she could cum twice, to which she replied that she could probably manage it ‘if she had to’. That was all Mike needed and he went down on her, eating her to an orgasm and then kitty kissing her until she was ready for round two. As they fucked, Abrahii told Mike that she would try to break Lisa in some more before our next visit and Mike told her that she should also work on Sam and ensure that Amber got tested. He was going to point out that Brandon needed to be tested so that I could try to have some fun with him at a future date, but realised that this would indicate that I was going to be fucking guys again, which would in turn indicate that one of Jen or I was pregnant. Abrahii teased Mike about his wanting to fuck three eighteen year old girls, but had to admit that she quite liked the idea of having them for herself. Mike told her that there was something to be said for experience (referring to Abrahii’s skill in bed) and they mostly stopped talking and started their session in earnest. They used a few positions and ended up with Abrahii on all fours with Mike taking her from behind. He had reached around to play with her clit but then decided to make her cum without any further clitoral stimulation so pushed a thumb in to her ass. Abrahii told him that she could take something bigger in her ass so Mike pulled his cock out of her cunt and pressed it against her ass. She pushed back against him and he slid in. He told her that she was a filthy little girl (but he liked it) and as he fucked her ass he reached around and curled a couple of fingers in to her pussy. Abrahii really enjoyed this position and Mike relented on his aim of avoiding her clit. She muffled her moans in the pillow so she could be as loud as she wanted without her housemates hearing and once she’d cum, Mike emptied his second (probably much smaller) load of the night in to her ass.

They snuggled up together and chatted as they dozed off. Mike told Abrahii that cumming in her ass had the added benefit that he hadn’t polluted her pussy any further with his cum so she would be in a better state to eat awake in the morning. She wriggled her ass back against his cock and told him that she was looking forward to her wake up cum and Mike told her that if she came up to visit us, we could make sure she woke up like that both mornings. Abrahii said that she liked the sound of that and fell asleep with Mike describing to her how we could spend a whole day making her cum over and over again.

Meanwhile, Jen and I had gone back to Richard and James’ place with them. As I’d ended up pretty much naked while at Sean’s room, I had been challenged to make the journey with just my coat on and managed to do this. As soon as we got in to the house I removed my coat and wandered around naked while we all got ready for bed. Jen soon joined me in a state of nudity and even though James still had underwear on, we could see that he appreciated the view (and when he came to Uni, he thought he was gay). Jen went into James’ room where we were sleeping while I had a quick chat with Richard and James. I told them that I really wished they could fuck me and sat at the foot of their bed with my legs spread playing with myself as I described how they could take turns in my mouth and my cunt. I then lay back and reached a hand around under one of my legs to play with my ass and told them that they would finish off with one of them in my cunt and the other in my ass and how I wanted them to empty their loads in to me at the same time.

My display seemed to have the desired effect and after watching them stroke each other for a minute or so, I told them to enjoy themselves but asked them to refrain from cumming in the morning (for reasons that would become apparent) and left them to it while I went to take care of Jen. She was already in bed waiting for me, but when I climbed in beside her and pushed a couple of fingers in to her pussy I discovered that she wasn’t as wet as I’d imagined she would be (she was as wet as she would normally be, but wasn’t up to her new level of pregnancy wetness). Jen told me that I’d been mean by playing with people in front of her all evening and that she really wanted to cum so I did what any good partner would do and as I fingered her I described to her how Samantha’s pussy had tasted and how Amber’s pussy had felt. Jen pointed out that she had noticed that I had enjoyed Amber sucking on my nipples and I confirmed that she was indeed quite good at it (but assured Jen that she was better). To make up for my teasing, I told Jen that we could probably get Amber to have a suck on her nips so Jen would see how good Amber was and that I was sure Amber would let her do the same in return. I then went down on Jen and gave her a thorough licking until she came and followed this up with a good kitty kissing session.

I was quite horny by the time I surfaced, but fortunately Jen isn’t a selfish lover and was more than willing to make me cum. She was in quite a playful mood and bit me (lightly) in a number of places including my pussy, ass, thighs and nipples and half lay on top of me so she could forcefully finger me while kissing around my neck. As Jen played with me I told her how good it felt and what else I wanted her to do – which she mostly ignored, but my aim was for James and Richard to hear. Jen decided that she would finish me off using her deodorant bottle and she rubbed it around her pussy first to add some of her own juices and then spread my lips and pushed it firmly in to my cunt. She then fucked me hard and fast with the bottle while using her other thumb to play with my clit, repeatedly wetting it with her own juices. I could feel my orgasm building quite quickly and held on to the bedcovers as it approached. When I came, Jen didn’t stop (or slow down) and she ignored my attempts to push her away. She wasn’t too mean and only fucked me for a minute or so after I’d cum, but it was more than enough to get me panting, making loud noises and leave my pussy in a very sensitive state.

It was the first time in a while that Jen had pushed me beyond cumming like that and even though the actual sensation was a bit too intense, it was a nice experience as a whole. Of course I had to get my own back on her and I pushed her back on to the bed and started to fondle her, but she reminded me that as we were at her old Uni, she was technically in charge and I had to do what she said. I asked her what she wanted me to do and she said that as I’d cum so well for her that I didn’t have to do anything else, to which I replied that I was quite willing (and eager) to do something else. Jen told me to kitty kiss her again and I followed her instructions and lapped as deep in to her cunt as I could and speared her ass a few times. Unfortunately for me, this was all she wanted and my next instruction was to just snuggle with her as we went to sleep. I was allowed to hump against her ass, but was forbidden from using my hands or any toys to help make myself cum and as I knew that I would just get myself more frustrated I decided to call it a night as well and we lay chatting.

As promised, Mike woke up Abrahii the next morning by going down on her and once she’d cum he spooned with her for a while before fucking her. Even though he made sure that she came again, he held back as he had one more target for the weekend (the first one being to sleep with one of the freshers, which he’d achieved). Abrahii is used to Mike making her cum without him having to cum so she didn’t think too much of this and it had the added benefit that he was able to remain hard as they showered together so he could tease her more and fuck her again against the sink in the bathroom. She remained bent over the sink while he knelt behind her and kitty kissed her one last time before they headed back in to her room and dressed to head over to Richard and James’ place (this time Mike had to wear his clothes from the previous day).

The start to my Sunday morning wasn’t quite as fun as Jen once again woke up not feeling too good so wasn’t in the mood to do anything. She felt bad about this as she knows I love my morning orgasms and to make up for it, she made me put on a show for Richard and James. As we ate breakfast, I was instructed to sit up on the counter in the kitchen, spread my legs and play with myself. It was only when I was doing this that Jen found out I’d put on the beginnings of a show for the guys the previous night and she told me that I’d been a bad girl for just teasing them so I should do things properly and let them see me cum. I tried to replicate what I’d done on Richard’s bed, but couldn’t easily play with both my holes without feeling like I was going to fall off the counter so we moved in to the living room and I was allowed to continue on the sofa. This was much easier and I quickly got three fingers in to my cunt and reached around under myself to push two fingers in to my ass. As I was copying what I’d done the previous night I went all the way and described to Richard and James how I wanted to have their cocks in me and feel them pumping in and out of my body until they both came in me. It felt wonderful to cum with them watching me so closely and I added to my excitement by imaging what might be going to happen later in the morning.

With my morning cum taken care of, I went and showered with Jen and fondled her as we washed each other (she was feeling a little better after having eaten breakfast but still wasn’t quite in the mood to cum). We got dressed while the lads showered – they didn’t shower together, but this gave me the opportunity to flirt with them individually and I took each of them in my mouth and gave them a fairly decent suck, but made sure they didn’t cum as I wanted to save that for their surprise. James was still in the shower when Mike and Abrahii turned up and Jen discreetly asked Mike if he was still planning on going through with ’it’. He told her that he was, although he still wasn’t sure if he would enjoy it and Jen reminded him how much I now enjoyed things that I’d been nervous (or even dubious) about trying initially.

When James emerged from the shower, I asked him if he wanted to cum (I may have cheated a little bit as I reached in to his towel and rubbed his cock until it was hard before I actually asked him). He said that he was up for some fun and Richard was on board too so we finally told them what we wanted. Jen and I had convinced Mike to try fucking a guy – given he’d progressed from jerking Ashraf off to sucking Richard’s cock, this was the next logical step in his experimentation. Mike wasn’t (at all) ready to have a cock in his ass but assuming we could find someone willing, he was prepared to try a guy’s ass. James and Richard were certainly willing and I suggested that Mike should probably take James so he would have done things with both of them, and to balance out the fact that the supposedly gay James had experimented and now did things with women (admittedly mostly Abrahii, but she is one hell of a girl).

As much as I wanted to just watch and see how things went, I wanted to be involved as well so I volunteered myself to take care of Richard so he wouldn’t feel left out. I told Richard and James that I wanted them to both cum over me and slipped a pair of Jen’s panties on to ensure that none of their cum made it to my pussy, then knelt on the floor and got Mike, Richard and James to line up so I could suck each of them in turn and ensure that they were ready for the session. Mike claims that he was still unsure about going through with it, but I certainly didn’t have any trouble getting his cock nice and hard and when I’d finished sucking him, I reached down between my legs and gather some of my juices to rub over his cock to provide extra lubrication. While I took care of Richard and James, Mike decided to add some extra lube to his cock and got Jen to lie down on the bed so he could semi-fuck her. She wasn’t as wet as she’d been the previous day, but still had more than enough pussy juice to leave his cock glistening.

James stood beside Richard’s desk and bent forward slightly. Mike moved around behind him and positioned his cock against James’ ass and slowly began to press it in. I watched closely as Mike’s cock sunk a little deeper with each push and then moved around to kneel in front of James and took his cock in my mouth. He said that he loved the feeling of his ass and cock being stimulated, but he had to put up with interruptions to my sucking as I called Richard over to stand on the other side of me and I took turns sucking them (I did at least jerk off whoever I wasn’t sucking at the time). I pulled Richard closer and got the heads of their cocks to touch and knelt up to rub them both around my neck before sucking on them both at once and then licking back and forth between their cocks. I asked Mike how it was going and he said that it didn’t really feel much different from Abrahii’s ass (in a physical sense – he was still a little uneasy about fucking a guy, but he obviously didn’t say that at the time). I concentrated a little more on sucking James and just using a hand on Richard for a while and made sure Mike told me when he was getting close. James got there first though and told me that he was about to cum so I took my mouth off of his cock and sat back a little so Mike could finish him off (we had agreed this in advance – it only seems fair that you should make someone cum if they are letting you fuck them). Mike reached around to grab James’ cock and began to stroke him. I made sure that he was still aiming roughly at me and with a bit of practice Mike managed to stroke James while continuing to move in his ass (it is apparently quite different from frigging a girl while fucking her).

We told James to try to hold back as long as he could and Mike told him that he was getting close, but James still came first. The first shot landed on my shoulder but I grabbed Mike’s hand and corrected the aim so the remainder of James’ cum hit me properly. He produced a reasonable load and by the time he finished, I had his cum over my face, breasts and legs. I took him in my mouth again but didn’t actively suck him (I was trying to do the equivalent to kitty kissing) and James said it felt good for a while, but then even just the movement caused by Mike fucking him made it feel too intense. I released James’ cock from my mouth and immediately took Richard’s cock. I sucked and stroked him quite fast (I know he likes this) and half watched as Mike pumped away in James’ ass and then said he was cumming. Mike pushed deeper in to James’ ass as he came and remained mostly still until his orgasm ended and then pulled out. He got a round of applause from everyone and once I finished clapping I retuned my hands to working on Richard and sucked and stroked him until he said he was going to cum. I moved back and just stroked him until he came and once again I directed his cum so it splattered over me and ran down my body.


Just a quick update - Jen gave birth to a healthy little-Jen yesterday evening. They are both still in the hospital but should be coming home tomorrow.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Fuck a fresher, and… – Part 5

Amber was quite embarrassed afterwards, especially about having said that she wished I could eat her. I told her that I didn’t mind and I was serious about wanting to do it to her – then added that we could always do it in private if she would prefer. She had stopped playing with me when she came and when she realise this she asked if I wanted her to carry on. I spread my legs wide and told her that I would love it if she made me cum. While I think she found it a bit odd that I was so willing to expose myself, she had seen Susan, Julia and Abrahii (to a lesser extent) do it enough times now that it didn’t seem to faze her too much and she quickly resumed working on my pussy. I asked her to play with my nipples again and she sucked on them for a bit. I wiped her juices from my fingers on to my nips and was pleased that this didn’t deter her. While Amber was still playing with me, Sam leant over and asked if she should have made me cum. I told her not to worry about it and said that I’d been happy enough playing with her, but added that if she wanted to go down on me then she was quite welcome to do so anytime. I did ask her to kiss me though and when she leant forwards I held her head to keep her in place and I came with Amber’s fingers in my cunt, her tongue on my nips and Susan’s tongue in my mouth.

I lay back and thanked them both and briefly considered telling Sam that she could go down on me there and then, but having just cum I didn’t really need any more attention immediately (which isn’t to say that if she had offered I would have refused her) so I left it. We stayed for a while longer and James let me have a play with his cock, (but only for a little while and certainly not enough to make him cum). Abigail also got Susan to go down on her which which doesn’t happen too often when we’re with the group (Susan is usually made to do things to lots of other people – or other people are allowed to do things to/with her). I had been hoping that Mike would return before we left, but he stayed with Lisa for quite a while…

When Mike and Lisa left Sean’s place, Mike wanted to play with Lisa immediately (and on the way back to her place), but he guessed that she (at that point) probably wasn’t adventurous enough to let him play with her in public (give she was just getting used to being played with in front of a limited group of people). She had at least walked home with her panties in her bag and they did stop once and kiss for a while, but for the rest of the journey they just walked hand in hand and had a normal conversation. Once they got to her room (she was in another accommodation block that wasn’t too far from Sean), they quickly moved over on to the bed and Mike told her that he wanted to fuck her. Lisa said that she had been told that he could last quite a while and Mike asked her if she enjoyed having long sessions. Between kisses, she explained that she had never had a really long session with a guy (given her age, the few boys she had been with had all cum quite quickly). Mike promised her that he could outlast them and that he would fuck her for as long as she wanted.

Mike pulled her skirt up and told Lisa that he wanted to have a proper look at her pussy. He crawled down between her legs and gave her a few licks before pulling his head back and spreading her lips. Lisa didn’t seem used to having someone examine her so closely and half-heartedly covered her pussy with a hand, but Mike told her that she had a beautiful little pussy and began kissing around it again until she moved her hand away. As regular readers know, he would have happily eaten her to another orgasm, but he didn’t know how many times she could cum and didn’t want to end up with her not having the energy (or inclination) to fuck so he ate her for a little while and then crawled back up the bed to kiss her and hump against her pussy.

Lisa didn’t object to the fact that his face was covered with her juices and as they kissed, Mike pushed a hand up her top to her breasts and told her he wanted to see her naked. Lisa was rubbing his cock through his trousers and went to pull her top off but Mike stopped her and asked if he could do it. They stood up beside the bed and Mike got her to raise her arms and he ran his hands up the side of her body and pushed her top up and off. He discovered that Lisa was reasonably ticklish, but didn’t explore this any further as he wanted to get her naked and play with her properly. He quickly removed her bra and gave each of her nipples a quick suck before kneeling in front of her and running his hands up her legs. He pushed her skirt up and nuzzled against her pussy for a few seconds and then unzipped the skirt and allowed it to slide down her legs. When Lisa went to step out of the skirt, he held on to one of her legs and pushed his face back against her pussy, but as her legs were now spread he had much better access and could lick her properly. He gave her pussy a final lick and then rubbed his fingers back and forth between her lips before standing up and starting to undress himself.

Lisa told him that as he’d undressed her, then she should undress him. Mike didn’t mind this and she removed his top and then knelt in front of him and unzipped his jeans. She fished out his cock and stroked it a few times before pulling his jeans and shorts down (Mike had to help remove them completely). They moved back on to the bed and kissed some more as they fondled each other. Mike lay on top of Lisa and told her that he wanted to slide his cock in to her wet pussy, she spread her legs and he rubbed back and forth against her cunt until he thought he was wet enough and then reached down to guide his cock in to her. He just pushed in a little at first and then went a bit deeper with each stroke until he was all the way inside her. Lisa said that it felt really good and Mike told her that her pussy felt really tight and warm and he asked her in an overly formal way if he had her permission to fuck her. She told him to go ahead and they started moving against each other. He discovered that Lisa was a moaner – not a loud one, but she seemed to like making noises each time their bodies thrust together. They continued to kiss and Mike asked her how many times she wanted to cum. Lisa was confused by the question and Mike explained that he would fuck her for as long as she wanted if she thought she could cum multiple times. She said that she had never cum more than once when having sex with a guy (and often hadn’t cum at all as the guy usually stopped when he’d cum) so Mike asked her if she was up for experimenting and going for at least two orgasms.

Lisa was very keen on this idea and Mike pumped away inside her for a while before sitting up and lifting her legs up so they were against his chest. In this position he could easily play with her clit and breasts, but he didn’t want to cheat and make her cum by frigging her so he didn’t do this for long and they just used a number of positions. He took her on all fours, from behind with her lying flat on the bed (Sue’s favourite position), her on top (she wasn’t as confident in this position) and spooned with her (one of Mike’s favourite positions). He wanted to face her as she came so they returned to the tried and tested missionary position and Mike told her that he was going to make her cum for the first time of the session. At his request, she wrapped her legs around him and he kept up a steady rhythm, pumping back and forth in to her cunt with long strokes. Lisa held his face to hers so they could kiss and he could feel her breathing quicken as she got closer to cumming. He pushed in to her a bit harder but tried to keep the same rhythm and Lisa soon started to let out a series of ‘yesss’ sounds as she came. Mike continued to fuck her through her orgasm and then slowed down as he felt her relax under him.

Lisa was quite flushed and covered in a light sheen of sweat – she thanked Mike and kissed him deeply but when they broke the kiss he reminded her that he had promised her two orgasms. He was a little worried that she might say she didn’t have the energy to cum again, but she just told him that she needed a little while to recover. That was fine by Mike and he considered going down on her again (just to kitty kiss her), but he thought it would be more impressive if he remained inside her the whole time (other than when they changed position). They spooned against for a while and as they kissed, Mike caressed Lisa’s breasts, side, thighs and clit to help get her ready for round two. This worked fairly well and he was soon moving inside her properly again and they decided to get started in earnest.

Round two was pretty much the same as round one – they used multiple positions and Mike held back and made the session last, taking Lisa close to cumming once and then backing off. She was moving much more energetically against him this time and it looked like she was really enjoying herself. He waited until she asked him to make her cum again and he asked her if he could cum inside her. She told him to go ahead and he rolled over so she was on top, but this time instead of letting her sit up and ride him, he held her against his body so they could kiss and he thrust his cock rapidly in to her cunt. He moved his hands down to her ass and helped guide her up and down as he pounded in to her and he told her that he was going to fuck her until she came again and then fill her little cunt with his cum. She tried to push down in time with Mike’s thrusts, but he held her ass tight and told her to let him move. He whispered how he wanted to feel her cunt cumming around his cock and as he was telling her this she moaned in his ear and told him that she was about to cum. Mike pumped into her and listened to her breathing become more ragged and interspersed with moans. He really wanted to cum in her just as her orgasm finished, but as this was his first session with her, he didn’t know how to read her and so concentrated on ensuring that she made it the whole way through her orgasm before he came. He came only a little while after her and pushed down on her ass as he jammed his cock as deep in to her as he could get it and then stayed buried in her and tried to thrust even deeper as each jet of cum squirted from his cock.

They were both quite out of breath and now both a little sweaty. They kissed for a while longer and Mike moved gently back and forth inside of Lisa until his cock eventually began to soften. Lisa pulled herself off of Mike and his cum started to leak out of her immediately. Some dripped on to his cock and stomach and the rest oozed out as Lisa lay on the bed beside him. Mike asked if she had enjoyed herself (she had) and she asked him the same (he had). He used his fingers to gently play with her pussy and rubbed the mixture of their juices over her nipples. He continued tracing patterns over her stomach, drawing with their cum and eventually traced his fingers up her neck to his mouth. He asked her if she minded the taste of cum and she said that it didn’t bother her so he dipped a couple of fingers in to her pussy again and offered them to her. She sucked them clean and Mike kissed her – he told her that he didn’t really like the taste of his own cum, but as she had been so good, he would give her a final treat. He crawled down between her legs but before he could lick her she said that she didn’t think she could take any more. Mike assured her that he was just going to kitty kiss her and that he would be gentle and she allowed him to continue. He kissed around her pussy and only very lightly across her clit and worked up to spreading her lips and gently licking around and between them. He flicked the tip of his tongue across her ass a few times, but only very gently and after a couple of minutes he crawled back up beside her and leant over to kiss her. Lisa didn’t hesitate and kissed him deeply, after which Mike told her that he loved a girl who wasn’t afraid to eat her own juices. This made Lisa blush (which he thought was a little odd given what they’d done, but I’ve pointed out that she was no longer in the heat of the moment).

Lisa asked if he wanted her to do anything more to him and reached down to his cock. It was now semi hard again (due to him eating her pussy) and he told her that she didn’t have to do anything, but that it would be nice to have an eighteen year old’s lips wrapped around his cock. Lisa crawled down the bed and took the end of his cock in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down and he felt his cock get properly hard again. She apparently wasn’t bad, but it felt like she was quite inexperienced. Mike says that if she had insisted, he would have happily let her try to make him cum again, but he still felt quite drained so after a couple of minutes he thanked her and told her to come and kiss him again.

Lisa told him that she would prefer it if he didn’t stay the night as it might look a bit odd to the other people in her corridor if they saw an older man leaving her room in the morning (Mike may not be quite ancient yet – despite our constant teasing about his age – but when compared to a fresher, he does have a good few years on them). He hadn’t really expected to spend the whole night with her anyway so he wasn’t too disappointed (especially as she didn’t want to cum again – although if he’d stayed he would have probably kitty kissed her until she decided she did want to cum again). As he got dressed, he teased her about the way she was throwing him out and told her that if she was just going to get him to make her cum and then get rid of him that he wouldn’t go down on her the next day – and then added ‘unless she asked him to’. Lisa played along and acted coy (or as coy as an 18 year old can) and said that she might ask him to and he would have to wait and see. She asked if he wanted her to walk him out and he said that he was fine so she just put on a dressing gown to open her door. As he kissed her goodbye, he told her that she could walk him down dressed like that, but Lisa wasn’t up for potentially exposing herself to her neighbours. They had a final long kiss and Mike slipped a hand into her dressing gown and played with her pussy, then knelt down, pulled the gown open and had a final lick of her pussy. Lisa reached over to push the door shut, but Mike had pulled away by the time she did this so he just kissed her again and told her that he would see her on Sunday. As a parting comment he told her that if she felt horny in the morning that she should play with herself, but not to cum and he would take care of her.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Fuck a fresher, and… – Part 4

We headed out in to town to meet up with the others for lunch and as we ate, Susan and I showed our crotches off to the rest of the group. We then headed off for a while – the boys went to look at computer games and the girls went clothes shopping. This wasn’t quite as gender stereotypical as it sounds as we (the girls) wanted to make use of the fact that we could go in to the changing rooms with each other. Abrahii went off with Lisa while Susan and I took Samantha. We had got Samantha to come with us on the understanding that she would witness how we have fun in a changing room, but we managed to convince her to help us out and at one point we were standing with Susan on one side of Samantha and me on the other with our tights pulled down to our knees and Sam with her hands between both of our legs. As she got more in to it, we started to take turns kissing her and I had a quick break to go out and fetch some more clothes (to buy us more time). When I returned, Susan was kissing Sam much more passionately and I moved up behind Sam and kissed the back of her neck while caressing her ass through her jeans. I pulled one of her hands back between my legs and tried to unzip her jeans, but that was a step to far for her. She did at least let me reach up under her top and massage her breasts, but I only got as far with her pussy as rubbing her through her jeans.

Susan went out next to switch the clothes over and while she was gone I removed my tights and sat on the bench with my legs spread to play with myself. Susan returned and joined me and we asked Sam if she would continue to help us out. She knelt in front of us and fingered us both as we frigged ourselves – I wanted a bit more and asked if she would at least give my pussy a kiss and without too much hesitation, she lowered her mouth to my wet cunt and kissed it. This was quickly followed by a few licks, after which she moved her face to Susan’s pussy and lapped at it for a while. I told Sam that she was doing a good job and carried on frigging myself. I knew I wasn’t far from cumming and having a new set of fingers in me helped, but as I was about to cum I turned to Susan and kissed her and bucked my hips against Sam’s exploring fingers. I then took over frigging Susan’s clit while Sam continued to finger her and we finished Susan off fairly quickly. We tried to convince Sam to let us do the same for her, but she was still a bit nervous about being semi-naked in such a public place for that long (we even tried to convince her that we could get her off fairly quickly, but that didn’t help).

Abrahii had been a little more successful with her trip – she and Lisa had made each other cum. Lisa wouldn’t tell us how, but Abrahii told us later on that she had gone down on Lisa and Lisa had fingered her in return. In my defence, Abrahii probably had a slightly easier time of it as Lisa was wearing a skirt so she had been able to get to Lisa’s pussy much more easily than Susan or I could get to Susan’s.

We met up with the guys and went for coffee – with Susan and I once again taking the opportunity to spread our legs and let our pussies show through our tights. Jen joined in a little bit this time and wanting to capitalise on her returned desire to play so I convinced her to join me in a changing room. It didn’t take much to convince Sam to join us and while she didn’t want to cum again, she did at least let me have a quick lick at her pussy before we got stuck in to the business at hand of making Jen cum. I pushed my hand down the back of Jen’s tights while Sam went down the front. We fingered, frigged and caressed Jen and I tried to gather as much of her juice as I could and run it up and over her ass, but Sam certainly noticed (and commented on) how wet Jen was. We gave Jen a standing orgasm and I sucked Sam’s fingers clean afterwards (and then wiped her hand clean on the inside of my top – I’m hardly likely to be worried about having Jen’s juices on me).

We wander a bit more and people went their separate ways for a while. We returned to Richard and James’ place and relaxed for a while and Mike went down on her through her tights. Since her pussy had gone in to overtime producing juices, he had been in heaven. He particularly enjoyed eating her through her tights as it meant that most of her juices stayed in her pussy or smeared over it, but there was still more than enough making it through her tights for him to taste her. He spent the best part of an hour teasing her (I helped out a little during this time) and he threatened to keep her from cumming until we’d had dinner and everyone turned up to go out that night, but in the end he relented to her begging and was satisfied with just letting Richard and James be the audience for her orgasm. Unfortunately she didn’t cum with the earth-shattering orgasm that he’d hoped, but she mewed her way through it and afterwards said that she had enjoyed it, so he wasn’t too disappointed. By this point, Jen’s tights were absolutely soaked so she went up to James’ room to remove them, washed them out and left them to dry. She then joined us for dinner with just a skirt on, but didn’t disappoint Mike and sat with her pussy exposed and ankles crossed.

Jen’s tights weren’t quite dry by the time we went out so she just wore panties (knowing that I would certainly try to play with her throughout the evening she didn’t want to go out naked). Susan and I kept our tights on, but added short skirts (not to help cover ourselves, just so it looked more appropriate for a night out). We played a little during the evening and I allowed a couple of guys to fondle me through my tights. They both realised that I didn’t have panties on underneath and the second guy actually did a good enough job of fondling me to make me cum. Susan went one better and had hands in her tights – one pair belonging to Sean and one pair belonging to a random guy she pulled. She allowed the random to put more than his hands in to her tights and took him outside (with Abigail and Richard in tow to ensure she was safe) and let him fuck her in the alleyway behind the club. Unfortunately for me I didn’t find out about this until afterwards or I would have joined her to help out – I may not have been able to let the guy fuck me, but he could have at least played with me or at worst case I would have put on a show and masturbated beside Susan while he fucked her.

Jen didn’t do too badly throughout the evening either – Mike, Abigail, Abrahii and I all fondled her a number of times. She didn’t seem to be as wet as she had been earlier and I convinced her to remove her panties, which made it much easier for her to join in and flash people as we danced or sat chatting. Jen gave back to everyone who played with her and sat for quite a while with her hand up Abrahii’s skirt playing with her. None of them were prepared to actually cum in the club though (it wasn’t the sort of place that overt fondling was tolerated so we had to be discreet). Having said that, I did get my hands on Samantha’s, Amber’s and Lisa’s asses (or panties) as we danced (and I wasn’t the only one), but they too were too timid to allow anyone to go any further.

We returned to Sean’s room as it was the most convenient for people to get home from and the pent up frustration was finally allowed to vent. As usual, Susan was designated as the one who should break the ice and she was bent over people were allowed to fondle her. Some of us went a bit further and had a few licks at her pussy and she obviously enjoyed having multiple people play with her, but once again it was felt that as he was the host, Sean should get to enjoy her properly. He was sufficiently drunk that he didn’t seem to mind that he had an audience and he happily got his cock out and pushed in to Susan’s wet and waiting cunt. He didn’t take long to cum (but he is only 18) and we got him to kneel behind Susan and eat her to make up for his quick performance. As he did this, I buried my hand between Abrahii’s legs and then had to fight with Richard who wanted to fuck her. Despite the fact that I was the visitor, Richard won and he took Abrahii so I looked around to see who else I could play with.

I knew that I wanted Jen, but we were concerned that if I started to eat her, then someone else might try to do the same and we would have to explain why she didn’t want them to. I thought that it was time to try something more with the new students and saw that Mike was already making out with Lisa so I moved over to Samantha and started gently stroking her legs. She was talking to Craig, but as I knew he was gay, I didn’t think he would mind too much if I borrowed Sam for a while and I asked her if I could repay her for helping me out in the changing room earlier on. From what I’d seen, she is generally a little shyer than Lisa (and much more so than Julia, Susan, Abrahii or me), but she spread her legs a little as I gently stroked up the inside of her thighs. I know she’s cum in front of the group before, so I wasn’t breaking any new ground and I continued circling my fingers on her inner thighs, slowly edging up to her crotch. When I moved closer and tried to push her legs apart, she hesitated and looked a little nervous but I told her it was fine and that she could just enjoy herself like everyone else. I rubbed my fingers over the crotch of her panties and pressed the material against her lips and clit – I could feel the warmth of her pussy and desperately wanted to sample it so I was relieved as I felt her legs relax and she allowed me to move closer to my target.

I kissed my way up her thighs and then nuzzled against her panties. I lapped at the crotch and the skin at the edge of her panties and pressed the material a little between her lips. I correctly assumed that I now had her and she didn’t stop me as I first tried to push my tongue under the edge of her panties and then gave up on this and used my fingers to pull the crotch aside and expose her pussy. It was fairly dark so I couldn’t get a really good look at her, but she definitely wasn’t shaved. Fortunately her hair wasn’t too long, but I’m really not used to eating a hairy pussy. Her pussy was quite closed – fairly similar to Sue’s – and I had to spread her outer lips with my fingers to get my tongue properly inside her. She tasted quite good and I explored around her lips. The longer I worked on her, the more relaxed she became and she spread her legs further (or rather she relaxed them a little and didn’t resist when I pushed them apart), but she still didn’t let me push her skirt the whole way up so I was working partially in the dark. I managed to convince her to let me slip her panties off and this made things considerably easier as I could now spread her lips with one hand, use my fingers from the other and lap at her clit with my tongue (obviously). I made sure I sampled her pussy thoroughly and she certainly seemed to enjoy it when I pushed my tongue up inside her (just wait until she gets to sample Jen doing the same thing to her). I made her cum without any difficulty and when she went to push me away I held on and slowed my licking so I could kitty kiss her for a while. When I finally finished, she said that nobody had ever licked her that way before (referring to the kitty kissing after she’d cum, not the actual ‘eating’ – although it would have been wonderful to have been the first person to have ever eaten her).

While I’d been engaged with Samantha, Mike had continued with Lisa and had asked her if he could fuck her. She wasn’t against this idea, but didn’t want to do it in front of everyone so he just fingered her for a while and then went down on her. Lisa was still a little reticent at having her pussy exposed, but she seemed to take the view that as everyone had seen her pussy the previous night that it didn’t matter too much and by the time she came, her skirt was up around her waist and everyone (who wasn’t otherwise engaged) could see everything Mike was doing to her. He gave her pretty much the same treatment he’d given her the day before – fingers and tongue – and got her off just as successfully. This time Lisa wanted to repay him and gave him the choice of her sucking him off where they were, or having him take her home so they could fuck in private. Faced with the chance to fuck a fresher, Mike opted for the latter choice and told us that he would see us later on.

I intended to keep myself busy and after checking in with Jen (who was fine, if feeling a little horny due to what was going on around her, but she agreed that it would be a bad idea to participate) I asked Amber if she wanted some attention. I already knew that she wasn’t ‘safe’ (in that she hadn’t been tested recently), but to her credit, she told me this. I had only been intending on using my fingers on her anyway and as a reward for her honesty I kissed her and slid a hand up her leg straight to her pussy. She gasped as my fingers stroked her panties and I whispered in to her ear to relax and enjoy herself. I quickly pulled the crotch of her panties aside and slid my fingers in to her and once they were a decent way inside I tried to rub her clit with my thumb, but unfortunately her panties kept getting in the way. I didn’t want to mess around and told her to remove them so I could play with her properly – she hardly hesitated and stood to pull them down (at which point a few people cheered) and she quickly sat down beside me again. As we kissed I pushed my hand back up her skirt and broke the kiss to whisper ‘much better’ as my fingers now had unfettered access to her cunt. She put a hand on my leg and asked if she could touch me and I responded by just spreading my legs.

Amber was a little shy at first (relatively so – for someone who had a hand on my pussy), but as my fingers plunged in to and rubbed around her cunt, she became bolder and started to play with me properly. Like Samantha, Amber didn’t shave her pussy, although it felt like she either trimmed her pubic hair or it was naturally short. I asked if I could see her cunt but she told me that she wasn’t brave enough to let everyone see – I guess I could have asked her to go somewhere private (which may still not have worked), but I was enjoying having her finger me and was happy enough doing the same to her. Of course I didn’t care who got to see Amber’s fingers working on me and I pulled my skirt up to make it easier for her (and to expose myself). She was quite a good kisser – very enthusiastic, but not too sloppy – and I asked her if she wanted to play with my breasts. She nodded so I quickly pulled my top off and lifted my breasts out of my bra to expose my nips. She lowered her mouth to them circled her tongue around each of my nipples and then sucked on them. I knew straight away that Jen would have to experience her technique as it felt really nice, but for the time being I still just wanted to enjoy myself.

When Amber lifted her head to kiss me again I pushed a hand up her top and started to lift it. She said that she didn’t know about being topless, but by this point I had already pushed one side of her bra up to expose one of her breasts (under her top) and had my hand on it. I told her that nobody cared what she exposed and that I wanted to lick her the way she had just licked me. She clearly didn’t care about fooling around in front of people, but the thought of being exposed was making her hesitate so I just played with her exposed breast under her top for a while and then returned my hand to her pussy. This was much more successful and I soon had her panting in to my mouth as we kissed. I got three fingers in to her and used my thumb to rub around her clit. As my little finger was in the right vicinity anyway, I pressed it lightly against her ass and when she didn’t flinch away from it, I rubbed it back and forth with a bit more pressure. Her panting quickened and I kissed and nibbled on her earlobe so could whisper to her how I wished I could eat her. She half-moaned back that she wished I could too so I told her that if she just went and got tested then the next time I visited I would bury my tongue in her wet little cunt and suck on her clit until she came. I was going to go in to more detail and really describe how I would eat her and then how Mike would eat her afterwards, but I didn’t have time for this as she came without any further auditory stimulation.