Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Challenge #2 – Fuck a guy within 10 minutes of meeting him.

This is out of chronological order, but I said I would try to write about challenges that you set us as we did them and we did this in March so it’s way past time I posted it…

Initially, this seemed like quite a difficult challenge, but thinking about it we realised that I’d actually achieved it before so decided to try and meet it in a few different ways. We started off by cheating and I signed up for Tinder. This way was really easy and had the added benefit of having a whole pool of men to select from. I swiped right on a decent number of guys and over the next few days I received notifications whenever one of them matched with me. I always tried to immediately talk to them and quickly escalated the conversation until we were talking about sex. In the first week I signed up, I managed to meet up with five guys, specifically for the purpose of sex. While I technically was fucking each of the guys within 10 minutes of meeting them in real life, I’m aware that it was cheating as we’d ‘met’ online and chatted for a while. Even so, it felt really dirty to meet and fuck so quickly and I enjoyed it.

We threw caution to the wind a little and decided that the safest place to do things would be at home (and as we were looking to move to a better place we didn’t mind quite so much). I answered the door each time wearing a sheer black negligee (apart from for one of them, but we’ll get to that) so they could see pretty much everything that was on offer immediately.  Mike and Jen pretended to be a couple that I shared the house with, but they remained downstairs while I took each guy up to Jen’s room and lay on the bed offering myself to them. They were all very eager and were inside me in no time – unfortunately the quality of the session varied somewhat – one guy came extremely quickly and seemed to think that things were then over and wanted to leave. He did at least stay and give some words of encouragement as I played with myself for him to watch, but he didn’t help out. Another guy also came fairly quickly, but he at least stayed in the game and played with me until I came. The other three were better, with one guy being much better as he made me cum twice (I offered to let him use me again however he wanted, but he said he couldn’t cum again for a while). I showed him out naked and we bumped in to Mike and Jen but I just told the guy that they were used to seeing me in various states of undress and that I would sometimes sit in the living room and masturbate when they were there.

The third guy got to play with me in my schoolgirl outfit (I had offered this to a couple of them, but the other one I offered it to wasn’t interested). I used my English schoolgirl outfit (the Japanese one is saved for special people), but I went the whole way and had long white socks, plain bra and panties and my hair in bunches. He really seemed to like the look and asked me to suck his cock so we started off like this and he used my bunches to guide my head back and forth. I’d already had one of the ‘bad’ sessions by this point so I made sure that he knew that I wanted him to fuck me and not just get a blowjob. He told me to bend over and once he’d pulled my panties down to my thighs he slid in to me and took me from behind. He did at least ask before he slid in to my ass and he reached around to play with my breasts so I took care of my pussy as he fucked my ass. That was actually quite a nice session as well and I put on an extra display for the guy and let him watch me play with myself until I came again. He asked me to suck him again and I ‘convinced’ him to let me ride him first (it didn’t take much) and then sucked him. This time I let him finish off in my mouth, but as it was his second cum in such a short period, there was hardly any cum in the condom (he still seemed to enjoy it though).
The second way I met the challenge was much more in the spirit of the challenge. We were down at Jen’s Uni and I went along to the halls that Lisa lived in. As it was raining a little and wasn’t very warm, I had the perfect excuse to knock on a few doors until I found someone who was in (we had asked Lisa to find out which rooms had guys living in them) and I asked for their help as I was wet and cold and the friend I’d come to visit wasn’t in. I found someone who was in alone and they were willing to help me out so I went in to his room and he offered me a towel. I asked if he minded if I removed my wet clothes (they really weren’t that wet, but teenage – or maybe early twenties – boys are easily distracted from logic when a girl asks to undress) and he said it was fine. I stripped down to my underwear (I’d even put panties on for this) and made a show of drying myself off, especially around my breasts and inner thighs. I complained to the guy that my underwear felt damp (I’m pretty sure he had figured out that this was a set-up by this point) and asked his opinion. I stood beside him, took his hand and pushed his hand between my legs and rubbed back and forth against the crotch of my panties. I felt his fingers press against me and start to push the material between my lips and I asked if he thought I should take my underwear off to give it a chance to dry. He agreed that this was a good idea so I removed my bra and pushed my panties down over my hips and let them slide down my legs before stepping out of them.

He was sitting on a chair so my breasts were at face level for him so I cupped them and offered them to him, suggesting that we find a way to pass the time while my clothes dried and I warmed up. He asked if I was serious and I told him that he could touch me wherever he wanted, at which point he took my breasts in his hands and after caressing them he took each nipple in his mouth in turn and gave them a firm suck. I asked him to touch my pussy and he told me that I certainly knew what I wanted, but nevertheless he did as I’d asked and I felt his rub me and then push a couple of fingers up inside me. I told him how good it felt and mentioned that I had a condom in my bag if he was interested in using it (he was). I let him play with my breasts and finger me a while longer before telling him that I wanted to see his cock and as soon as he got it out, I rolled a condom on to it and took him in my mouth. I judged the length and wrapped my hand around the shaft so he could push in to my mouth without going too deep and I let him slide in and out of my mouth for a little while before I pulled away and wrapped my breasts around his cock. I the proceeded to tit-fuck him for a few minutes during which time I warned him that he’d better not cum as I wanted his cock inside my cunt. (Most guys don’t seem to be used to having girls talk to them like this, but as a hint girls, they usually seem to like it).

I didn’t make him wait too long for this and climbed up on to his bed, lay sideways across it, spread my legs and pussy lips and told him to fuck me. He moved over and stood between my legs, pushed his cock in to me and pumped back and forth as he played with my breasts. I was about to tell him to play with my clit as well, but decided to just let him enjoy himself and I reached down to take care of things myself. I half-wrapped my legs around him and encouraged him to pump in to me harder and faster with longer strokes. He was at least quite good at following instructions but it didn’t look like he was going to last too much longer so I told him to slow down a bit to allow me to catch up. He continued to squeeze my breasts and move in me, but I concentrated on frigging myself until I was getting close to cumming and then told him to fuck me hard again. I stayed in character and kept encouraging him, telling him to fill my cunt, make me cum, describing how good his cock felt inside me… I wanted to cum first (just in case he pulled out) so I frigged my clit rapidly and moaned and swore at him as I came. He wasn’t far behind me and he stayed pressed inside me once he’d cum. As soon as he pulled out, I thanked him, got up and started to get dressed, commenting that my clothes seemed to be a little dryer now. It was only at this point that the guy asked my name but I said that it was probably more interesting if he never knew, gave him a little kiss and let myself out.

I was pretty sure that what I’d just done had easily met the challenge, but I was enjoying myself and didn’t intend to stop so I returned to Lisa’s room to report my success. I discovered Susan lying on Lisa’s bed with Mel using Lisa’s hairbrush to fuck Susan and thought that I could put on a better show for someone if I had some help. I knew that Susan would be up for it so asked her if she fancied coming with me to find another guy. Julia jumped in first though and said that as Susan was busy, she would come instead. Susan didn’t seem to mind too much as Lisa’s hairbrush was doing quite a good job on her (it wasn’t the first time it had been used this way) and I dragged Julia out the door and we headed off to a different floor to find our next target.

We decided to be more direct this time so once we found a guy who was in, we told him that we had been dared by our friends to kiss and make out in front of a stranger and asked if he would be willing to watch. Now I know that there are guys who don’t like this sort of thing, but fortunately he wasn’t one of them. We asked if we could do it in his room so that nobody else could see (we hadn’t specified what ‘make out’ actually meant) and he let us in and closed the door behind us. We immediately started to kiss, obviously using our tongues on each other and after about 10-20 seconds, broke the kiss and asked him if we should continue. He said that we should so we resumed the kiss and started to run our hands over each other’s bodies. Our tops were pulled up and bras pushed roughly aside and as Julia lowered her mouth to my nipples I asked again if he wanted us to carry on. I got a ‘fuck yes’ as a response so I pulled Julia’s head against my breast and let her suck on my nipple. While she did this I unfastened her bra and when she stood up, she pulled her top and bra off and let it fall to the floor. I turned around to let her unsnap by bra and I quickly shed my top then asked the guy if we could continue on his bed.

Julia and I rolled around kissing and fondling each other for a little while, but I was aware of the 10 minute limit to the challenge and I whispered to her that it was time. She lay on her back and I kissed down to her breasts, had a very brief play and then kissed down across her stomach. She spread her legs and I lifted her skirt up before diving in and eating her (she had a nice, light pink skirt on that would have looked quite cute if she wasn’t in such a lewd position). I looked up and asked the guy if he wanted to join in and he nodded so I asked if he had a condom. He did and he quickly applied it. I indicated that he could use me and felt him crawl around behind me and lift my skirt. He didn’t seem too surprised that I didn’t have panties on – possibly as Julia wasn’t wearing any either – and he rubbed the head of his cock against my pussy and then pushed in to me. Now that the time limit was out of the way we could enjoy ourselves and I let him fuck me for a while before asking if he wanted to try Julia’s cunt too (I referred to Julia just as ‘her’). He jumped at the chance of having a ‘proper’ threesome (where he got to do things with two girls) and we changed around position. This time Julia and I lay in a 69 position (her on top) and I spread her pussy for the guy to slide in to her as she ate me.

As it was my challenge (as far as the group were concerned, it was a challenge that Sue had set me), Julia knew that I wanted to have the guy cum in me so we changed position again after a little while and 69ed the other way around with the guy fucking me. Julia played with my clit as he did this and she got me off before he came, but I of course allowed him to continue to fuck me until he came. I had been eating and fingering Julia, but had also been concentrating on making as many slutty sounds of appreciation as I could so she hadn’t cum yet, but this gave us a chance to show off a bit more and we let him watch as Julia kitty kissed me and I ate her (well, Jules started off by kitty kissing me, but as she got closer to cumming, she progressed to licking me properly which felt quite intense, but I didn’t want to spoil the show so I stuck with it). Julia didn’t make too much noise as she came, but she did when I carried on eating her until she was panting and telling me that it was too intense (I wanted to get my own back a little for her eating me when she was meant to be kitty kissing me).

We rolled apart and lay on the bed, chatting to the guy as we caught our breath. We had been his first threesome and he had enjoyed himself immensely. From the look of his cock, he would have probably been able to perform again if we’d given him just a short time to recover, but we wanted to get back to the group as we had plans to go out that night so we go up and dressed. Julia told him that if we’d had panties on that we would have left them for him as a memento but we then conferred and came up with an idea that would at least remind him of the session for the short term. We each slipped our skirts off and climbed back on to his bed with me sitting behind Julia. We put his pillow between our legs and humped back and forth against it. We very nearly decided to carry on until we came again, but I thought it would be more fun to return to the group in a state of arousal so once we had thoroughly wiped our juices over the pillow, we put our skirts back on and told the guy to think of us when he went to bed that night.
When we went out later in the evening, Mike suggested that I could really ensure I met the challenge. Once again we decided to go with the less than subtle approach and I danced with a couple of guys until I found one who seemed to be sufficiently frisky to meet the requirements. Still aware of the 10 minute time limit, I told him I wanted to cum and dragged him off to the gent’s toilets. We got a few looks as we went in, but we ignored these and went straight in to a stall. I hiked up my skirt, handed him a condom and told him to fuck me. He eagerly obliged and was soon inside me. We started off facing each other, but quickly changed position so I was facing the door with him taking me from behind. Other people in the bathroom knew what we were doing and a couple of guys looked over the top of the stall from the side to watch, but this just made me enjoy it more. I would have loved to strip off and be fucked naked, but the guy was pumping away inside me and I doubted he was going to stop. I did at least pull the front of my top down and get my breasts half out, but then decided it was more important to cum than to show myself off (not that they are mutually exclusive, but I’d been teased a fair bit between the earlier session with Julia and the current bathroom fuck). I reached between my legs and played with myself but couldn’t quite catch up with the guy – he came first, but I thrust myself against his cock a few times as I frigged myself until I came and then pulled myself off of him.

I left him to sort out his cock and walked out of the stall to fix the top of my dress. I did this in front of the mirror without acknowledging that a number of guys were watching as I pulled the top down fully, sorted out my bra and then pulled my top up. As I was doing this I was imagining having every guy line up and fuck me one after the other, emptying their loads in to my cunt and having their cum pouring out down my legs as the next guy fucked me. I could feel myself getting very turned on again and couldn’t resist quickly sliding my hand between my legs, giving myself a quick rub and then sucking my fingers clean. I knew that if I stayed there much longer I would be in danger of actually offering myself to someone else so I left and went to find everyone else.
As you can see from these events, I have been more than making up for the time when I was trying to get pregnant and could only fuck Mike’s cock. I don’t think this really counts too much as a spoiler as any long-term readers could have easily guessed that would be the case, but for the people who are complaining about all of the girl-girl action over the past number of months, there is more cock to come…


  1. Bravo! Aside from the online part (it is kind of cheating) that was pretty good. New challenge: cum 24 times in one day. Bonus challenge: Mike has to cum 12 times. Good luck, especially with the bonus!

    1. Hmm - well it will have to wait a little as we're in the 'new parents' bubble so our opportunities are limited. The first part won't be too hard (if I can get sufficient help) but Mike is pretty sure that as much as he'd like to be able to, he can't cum 12 times in a day (four is about as much as he can usually manage at a push and five is his record, but his balls hurt after that).

  2. I have been able to but maybe I stated it wrong. Orgasm 12 times,not cum. If you work at it you can orgasm without cumming but it doesn't feel as good. And by day I meant 24 hours which I think can be done. Probably not all in one 'daytime' but probably in 24 hrs if you push it.

    1. Mike has tried this and while he's very good at getting close and refraining from ejaculating, he isn't able to cum/orgasm without ejaculating. If there's a handy Youtube video explaining how to do it, he'd be happy to experiment as I know he'd like to be able to fuck us repeatedly and cum every time we do...

  3. The quick and dirty method is when he is about to cum, place your thumb on the perineum. There are a lot of slang terms for this area but on a woman it is the region between the opening of the genitalia and the opening of the anus and is the same on a man. Place your thumb there and press on it, HARD. (Practice this before hand so you know how hard to press without injury) The goal is to stop the flow of semen and is better done by the partner as the male will be in the throws of orgasm and unable to apply the necessary pressure.

    Eventually he should exercise his PC often underutilized in men. I'm sure you're familiar with Kegel exercises. Teach them to him and have him do them often.

    The goal here (and why the "thumb pressure" thing works) is to strengthen the PC muscle to the point that the flow of semen can be willingly cut off by the PC muscle rather than needing the external pressure. The external pressure does, what the weakened PC muscle cannot do. Once the muscle is strengthened then the pressure is no longer needed. This is no easy undertaking and will take close to a year of steady DAILY exercise of the PC muscle and practice 'clamping down' during sex. It is not easy by any means and few people have the dedication to exercise it to such a degree but it is worth it.

    But if that seems like too much work, there is always the external pressure method. Most importantly: NEVER take the advice of "some random guy on the internet" (i.e. me) without doing your research first! YOU want to be comfortable in YOUR knowledge from trusted sources before you proceed with anything. To assist in your efforts to research this, the technique I just spelled out by applying the pressure is a technique taught to women who are partnered with someone suffering from premature ejaculation. If you look up premature ejaculation you'll see the method spelled out in great detail from many trusted sources.

    1. ...but I always seek out medical advice from random guys on the Internet - are you claiming that they aren't reliable? :)

      We'll have a play with the pressure method for now and see how it goes (after a bit more Googling of course) and report back in due time.