Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Fuck a fresher, and… – Part 1

Mike, Jen and I headed down to Jen’s old Uni to see how things were progressing with the new group of people – as well as catch up with the friends who were still there (or were visiting). As usual we arrived on the Friday night and met up with people in a bar. Jen obviously didn’t drink anything and I refrained as well as we didn’t want anyone to know that she was pregnant (beyond Lis, Lucy and Sue who we’d told). In order to save on a hotel, we had agreed to stay with Richard and James, although had agreed that Mike or I could wander off to sample any willing pussy we could find (assuming that at least one night would be with Abrahii) – as long as one of us stayed with Jen.

We had agreed (a long time before) that when one of Jen or I were pregnant, that whoever it was wouldn’t have sex with anyone else for the duration of the pregnancy (with the exception of Lis, Lucy and Sue – if she continued to either be single or devoutly use protection with other people). As I was only just back on the pill, I also had to be careful and certainly wasn’t going to let any guys fuck me (as much as I wanted them to), but was looking forward to playing around as much as possible in every other way. Unfortunately Mel and Jules weren’t visiting and neither was Ashraf (but that’s why we were able to stay with Richard and James) so the group felt considerably smaller. Mike greeted Susan and Abigail with a big hug and a fairly obvious fondle in Susan’s case. He wasn’t the only one though as Richard groped me in a similar way (hand up my skirt) and Brandon (one of the new students) asked if anyone was allowed to do that to me and followed suit (although he wasn’t quite as daring).

We already knew that things had moved on a bit with the new people and that they now seemed quite comfortable with the fact that pretty much all of the original group would fuck each other and quite often do it openly (not usually in public, but in front of the rest of the group). This meant that the need for truth or dare or strip poker games had diminished quite a bit and people could have proper fun again without having to create an ‘excuse’ and we got to experience this when we headed back to Sean’s room later that night. It was a reasonable size for a first year’s room (certainly bigger than the one I had in Uni), but as there were quite a few of us, there still wasn’t really enough space for us to all sit down. A number of people sat on the floor and in no time, Susan had been told to offer herself around (she doesn’t really need to be told to do this anymore, but Abigail enjoys pretending that Susan does these things at her command).

I told her that I wanted some attention and hiked my skirt up to expose my pussy, but Sean had got there first and as he was our host, we thought it was fair that he should get some attention. I noticed that Susan was sucking him without using a condom and asked Abrahii discreetly if it was safe for her to do so. She told me that Sean, Lisa and Samantha had all gone and been tested so that they could play properly. I also found out that Abrahii had already sampled the three of them properly (as had Susan, but that was pretty much a given) and I knew that I wanted to have a go with them as well. I crawled over to where Susan was sucking away on Sean’s cock and asked if I could help her out – she moved over so I could get alongside her and between us we put a good effort in to getting him off. Before he came I asked Susan to make sure that he didn’t cum in her mouth. She knew that I wasn’t on the pill (technically I was just back on it at this point, but Susan didn’t know that – and I hadn’t been on it long enough to be properly protected anyway) and she agreed to let me finish him off, providing I made it up to her.

I told her that I was sure I could find a way to compensate her and pulled my top off before resuming sucking Sean (I quite liked the top and didn’t want it to get stained). He was fairly far along already so it didn’t take too much longer, but without having to share it with Susan, it was much easier to kiss, lick, suck and fondle his cock. I had him quite a way inside my mouth and was bobbing up and down while caressing his balls, stroking the bottom part of his shaft and swirling my tongue around the shaft in my mouth. I pulled my head back to tell him to let me know when he was going to cum and then returned to sucking him – hardly any time later he told me that he was about to burst so I pulled back again, spat on his cock and then used my hand to stroke up and down the length of his shaft and over the head (just a little – I’ve know how sensitive the glans can be). I kept myself right in front of his cock and was rewarded with having my face splattered with his cum as it shot from his cock. I kept my mouth open so he could see some of his cum squirting in to it, but I allowed it to leak out (and I spat the rest out so it dribbled down over my chin and mixed with the rest of it). I could feel his cum dripping down on to my breasts and upper body – unfortunately I hadn’t worn a revealing bra, but I suspected that I soon wouldn’t be wearing any bra so it didn’t make too much difference.

I gave Sean’s cock a final suck to eke out the last few drops of cum and then asked for something to wipe myself off with. Susan slipped her skirt off and handed it to me so I used it to clean myself up and then tossed it over towards Abigail. As was the case with me, Susan had no panties on and I asked her if she was ready to receive her payment. I knew that my skirt would only get in the way so I slipped it off and removed my bra and then helped Susan to remove her top so we were both naked. I would have preferred to use somewhere more comfortable, but due to space limitations the floor was about the only place we could play, but we were at least tossed a pillow to make things a little more comfortable. I still wanted to play with Lisa and Samantha, but as I’d already made one of the new people cum I was quite happy to play with Susan first (plus I really wanted to cum by this point and Susan is really quite good – but she should be given the experience she’s amassed over the past couple of years). I pushed her down and kissed her briefly and then told her I wanted to fuck. I would usually go on the bottom, but really liked the idea of having my ass in the air and everyone (or at least the people at one side of the room) being able to see Susan eating and fingering me) so I just turned around and planted my pussy on her mouth. I buried my mouth in Susan’s pussy and we ate each other quite forcefully for a few minutes and I then asked Mike to pass me his bottle. He quickly drained it and handed it to me to push in to Susan and I fucked her with this while lapping at her clit. I would have quite liked her to do the same to me, but she was using her fingers and they felt sufficiently good that even though I wasn’t going to be fussy and would have been happy with a bottle, hairbrush, dildo, spatula…, I couldn’t be bothered stopping and asking someone to find something that she could use on me.

We carried on fucking and licking each other and I enjoyed being the centre of attention, but our session didn’t last much longer. I came before Susan (for a change, but in my defence I was feeling quite horny) and I carried on eating her and using the bottle in her until she told everyone that she was cumming. Once she had finished I climbed off of her and offered her the bottle to suck clean, but took it back off of her once she’d done this so I could sit with it half-buried in my pussy. I saw that Brandon had his cock out and was stroking himself and wanted to go give him a hand (or mouth), but as he hadn’t been tested yet I had to restrain myself. Mike had also made a move and he was fondling Abigail. He was planning on going down on her but when Abigail told Susan to go and take care of Lisa and Samantha I suggested that Mike could help out with this and as a consolation, if Abigail wanted someone to play with her then I would do so.

Abrahii attested to Mike’s talents at cunnilingus and Lisa said that he could practice on her if he wanted (she doesn’t know that this is his favourite thing so he doesn’t really need to practice, but Mike didn’t argue the point) and he pushed her skirt up, pulled her legs apart and immediately began to lick at her panties. She seemed a little taken aback at how quickly he’d started, but he was being quite firm with his licks and even though he wasn’t (yet) licking her naked pussy, she seemed to enjoy it. Susan had moved between Samantha’s legs and had started playing with her, but I mostly watched Mike as I had a better view of what he was doing to Lisa. I saw him pull her panties to the side and push his face back against her pussy and she sat back on the bed a little. He ate her like this for a while and then pulled her panties down her legs (leaving them draped around one of her ankles) before he pushed her legs apart once more and moved back between them to continue eating her. Lisa tried to cover herself up (apparently even though they had all cum in front of the group, she still wasn’t entirely comfortable being quite so exposed), but as Mike lapped at her cunt over and over, he slowly pushed her skirt up. He did this partly to make his job easier, but partly to expose her and as her pleasure built, Lisa seemed to be less concerned about how much other people could see.

Mike made good use of this and at the point she was obviously quite close to cumming, he pulled back and used his fingers in and on her pussy for a while. This was partly to tease Lisa and help extend the session, but also to give Jen a chance to have a look at Lisa’s pussy (just because Jen couldn’t fuck anyone, it didn’t mean that she didn’t want to visually participate). We certainly got a good look, but Mike only did this for a couple of minutes as he was enjoying himself and wanted to make Lisa cum so he resumed eating her and this time carried on until he achieved his goal. He wanted to kitty kiss her and had assumed that she would push him away and he would have to explain that he was going to be gentle, but he must have eased off at the right time as Lisa allowed him to continue to lap away at her pussy for quite a while after she came. By the time he pulled away from her, she had already started to gently push back against his tongue and he was fairly sure that he could have eaten her to a second orgasm if he’d tried.

Lisa lay with her legs spread for about 10-15 seconds after Mike moved away before she pulled her skirt down and covered herself. He considered asking her if he could fuck her, but decided that he was happy for now at just having eaten her. He used her panties (which had fallen on to the floor) to wipe his face clean and when Lisa pointed out that they were dirty he reminded her that he’d just buried his face in her cunt. She asked for them back and Mike said that he would like to keep them as a memento of their first session – she seemed a little uncertain about this, but we think that might have been more in relation to not wanting to be without panties rather than Mike having them. Whatever the cause of her hesitation, she relented and told him she didn’t mind. Mike kissed her as thanks and he slid a hand up under her skirt to fondle her pussy as he whispered in her ear about how nice her little pussy was and how he had enjoyed eating her. He got a couple of fingers up inside her and rubbed her juices around her lips and over her clit as he continued telling her that he hoped he could eat her again sometime. We don’t know if it was the dirty talk, what his fingers were doing or just that she was still horny from the kitty kissing, but she was certainly enjoying something. She didn’t say much to him during this time other than the occasional ‘hmmmhh’ and he carried on kissing and fingering her until he felt her pant in to his mouth and squeeze her thighs around his hand. When she finally relaxed her legs and he could free his hand, he sucked his fingers clean and quietly asked her if she had just cum again. She looked quite embarrassed (and flushed) and just nodded, to which Mike said that he was glad and that he hoped he could play with her again sometime.

He moved back over to where Jen and I were sitting and asked if we had enjoyed the show (we had). As I still had the neck of the bottle in my pussy, Mike started to fuck me with it and asked if I wanted to cum again for everyone to see (he knows my weaknesses – mostly because he helped to shape most of them!) but I pointed out that I’d cum already and we should probably take care of Jen. We asked her if she wanted this (her libido had been slightly variable over the previous couple of weeks and she’d also had some nausea so we couldn’t make the usual assumption that she would want to cum). Fortunately, she was up for this and we quickly stripped her. If people had been more observant, they may have noticed that Jen had panties on – this wasn’t due to any modesty on her part, but was because her pussy had been quite moist for the previous couple of days (apparently this can happen during pregnancy, although it usually occurs later on – but Jen’s pussy was usually quite wet anyway so it wasn’t too surprising).


  1. Do you know what play session that Jen conceived at?

  2. We think it's impossible to tell - she had only just come off the pill, so her periods were a bit out of sync (as were mine).We have no idea whether it was a session with just the three of us or if anyone else was involved. It was probably around mid-late September so might have when Lis and Lucy were visiting (obviously not actually when they were visiting as Mike was in York with Sue for the sex party). Mike likes to think that it was his birthday weekend a couple of weeks before, but we may never know...

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    I have tried several times to vote, but it doesn't seem to register. I would have to say that it's more times than I can count!
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    1. Yep, the poll system seems to be broken so I've removed it - the feedback is always welcome though :)