Saturday, 7 June 2014

Fuck a fresher, and… – Part 2

I wanted to use the bottle on her, but we were being quite protective of our unborn child (possibly stupidly so) and so we just used fingers and tongues on her pussy. I noticed that Richard had James’ hand in his trousers and considered going over to help out, but assumed I’d have time to do that later as we were staying with them (and it was only fair that Jen came first given her ‘condition’). I whispered to Mike that he should fuck Jen – this was nothing new and the gang had seen this before (well, the new students hadn’t, but all of her old friends had) and Jen happily agreed (Mike was sufficiently aroused from having eaten a new pussy that he certainly agreed). If we’d had more space I would have probably sat over Jen’s face and got her to eat me at the same time (just because we were making her cum it didn’t mean I couldn’t have fun too), but I satisfied myself with just watching, using the bottle on myself and occasionally leaning over to kiss Jen or play with her nips. Mike pumped away inside her and Jen ended up lifting her legs up to wrap around him. As they fucked he whispered to her and asked if she was willing to let people see how wet she could get (not in her usual peeing sense), saying that they could mask it by pretending it was just his cum. Jen liked this idea and as she got closer to cumming, they changed position and Jen stood up and leant against Sean’s desk. In this position Mike could easily reach around to fondle Jen’s clit and nipples himself so I was left out – I considered trying to crawl under Jen to lick her clit, but we know that this makes it harder for Mike to fuck her (although is still fun to do). Mike was ready to cum before Jen so had to hold back until she came, but the advantage of this was that he was able to cum at pretty much the same time she did. He told her (in a loud enough voice for everyone to hear) that he was going to fill her cunt with his cum and when he pulled out a stick mess of white gloop oozed out of her pussy and dripped on to the floor. Jen put her legs together and stood there with the mix of Mike’s cum and her juices dribbling down her legs and then sat up on the desk and spread her legs so she could gently stroke her pussy. When she stood up again, she had left a small puddle on the desk and Susan’s skirt was used once again to clean this up.

Unfortunately Richard and James had finished playing (actually Abrahii had intervened and sat on Richard’s cock) before Mike and Jen had moved to the desk and people were beginning to make moves to head home so I reluctantly pulled the bottle from my pussy and started to gather up my clothes. I asked Mike if I could go with someone and he said that was fine – I was fairly sure that I could spend the night with either Abrahii or Susan and Abigail but had trouble deciding. On one hand, I know that I enjoy spending time with Abrahii and we’re quite familiar with each other’s bodies, but Susan and I have done things together (more than) often enough that being with her would also be fun. In the end greed won out and I went with the two are better than one philosophy and asked Susan and Abigail if I could sleep over. Abigail jokingly warned me that I would be made to perform with Susan again and I assured her that this wasn’t an issue, but that I wanted to ’perform’ with her as well.

As Susan’s skirt was covered with cum and pussy juice, it was decided that it wasn’t in a good enough state for her to wear. Seeing as she was being deprived of her skirt, it didn’t take much for Abigail to decide that Susan may as well walk home naked (under her coat) and to show my support, I said that I would do the same. When Lisa saw how we were dressed (or not), it seemed to make her feel a bit better about having to get home while being naked under her skirt. We walked a little way together and then stood chatting when Lisa and Samantha were about to head off towards their places. As we hugged each other goodnight I ran my hands down Lisa’s back and over her ass. She jumped back when I tried to slide my hand up her skirt and said that someone might see but I pointed out that there was nobody around and opened my coat. I asked for her hand and pushed it between my legs and told her that she could finger me – she had a quick rub of my pussy but stopped when she saw someone on the other side of the street. I pointed out that I had my back to him and he couldn’t see anything and to demonstrate this I played with myself in an exaggerated fashion. When the interloper had passed I gave Lisa another hug and whispered to her that as she had let my husband make her cum twice, that I hoped I would get a chance to do something with her over the weekend. Lisa said that she would think about it, but she pushed her hand back between my legs and very briefly fondled me as she said it so I took this as a good sign (unfortunately she didn’t keep playing with me – it would have been nice for my first orgasm with her to be an outdoors one, but it was a little chilly with my coat undone so I didn’t mind too much when she stopped).

Susan, Abigail and I left the others next and headed off to their place while Mike and Jen went with Richard and James. They got to in James’ room (even though Richard and James slept together almost every night, they had been advised to get a 2 bed place just in case things didn’t work out – and this turned out to be useful, but not in the way they had expected). As they fell asleep Mike teased Jen about having creamed so much with everyone watching. He then described to her in detail what Lisa’s pussy had been like, how it felt against his tongue, how she tasted and how she had felt when she came. Jen hadn’t initially wanted to cum again, although she had let Mike spoon with her. While he’d been describing Lisa’s pussy, he had been stroking Jen’s nipples and gently pinching them (they were more sensitive than usual which we also put down to her pregnancy so he wasn’t being as forceful as she usually likes). Jen gave in and told Mike to make her cum. He gave her the option of eating her or fucking her and she said that as he was already inside her, he may as well just fuck her. Fortunately for Mike, Jen didn’t get quite as wet during this session, but she was still quite squelchy and as he moved in her he rubbed his fingers around her pussy and wiped her juices over her breasts and fed them to her. He teased her for quite a while – getting her close to cumming three or four times, but backing off each time. This got Jen quite frustrated and she thrust back hard against his cock and held his fingers in place against her clit as she told him to fuck her and that she wanted to cum. Of course this was exactly what he was aiming for and he quite enjoyed the satisfied sounds that she made when she finally came. She wasn’t too annoyed with him and told him that he could cum in her again if he wanted but he said that he wanted to try and fall asleep with his cock inside her (which is much harder to do if he cums as his cock generally goes soft). He thinks that he managed to do this – he knows he was certainly hard when Jen dozed off and the last thing he remembers was slowly moving inside her while hugging her close to him.

I had a more energetic evening that Mike and Jen (but that had been my aim). Abigail knew that she could order me around in the same way she does Susan – not so much because I have to do what she says, but because I want to have fun and enjoy myself. At two points on the way to her place, we stopped off and Susan and I were encouraged to play with each other –the second time we had to both hand our coats to Abigail and take turns standing naked against a wall while the other person fingered and ate us (we were in an alleyway so had a little privacy, but probably weren’t really in a safe enough place to be fully exposed). As I’d said before, the evening was a little chilly so we ended up hurrying back to Abigail’s place to warm up and Susan and I dived in to bed while Abigail undressed. She told us to start playing so she could watch and we eagerly obliged by kissing and rubbing against each other. I actually quite liked the feel of Susan’s cold skin against my pussy, but we soon warmed up and by the time Abigail joined us we were both well on the way to cumming.

I asked if there was anything in particular that Abi wanted us to do but she told us to just carry on as we were for a while. Seeing as we’d already 69ed that night, we decided to carry on grinding against each other for a while and as Abi seemed to approve of this we thought we may as well go the whole way and we scissored. Susan lay on her back and I pushed my cunt against hers so we could both rub back and forth. The only disadvantage about this position is that getting consistent stimulation can be difficult, but we persevered (and as you know, I don’t mind things taking a while as I usually have a better orgasm at the end of such a session). My competitiveness came out and I told Susan that I was going to make sure she came first – this was made significantly easier by the fact that she didn’t really try to compete with me and was happy to just enjoy what was happening until she came. The only disadvantage for her was that she then had to endure the continued stimulation as I carried on mashing my pussy against hers until I came. This probably wasn’t too intense for her though (which was why it had taken us a while to cum in the first place) and she didn’t complain (and even helped out a bit by grinding back against me). When I came I held on to her leg hard and pushed my pussy against hers to get as much pressure on my clit as I could and I held on firmly enough that I actually left a hand print on Susan’s thigh (it faded after a few minutes, but was quite impressive up until that point).

Abigail told us that she had enjoyed our show and that we could now make her cum. She reminded me that I had promised to take Mike’s place earlier and eat her (I had been distracted watching Mike play with Lisa and had forgot) so I stuck my face between Abigail’s legs and started to eat her straight away. I mostly concentrated on what I was doing, but I did notice that Abigail got Susan to sit beside her and spread her pussy so Abi could easily play with it. Susan then fetched a vibe and handed it to Abi who ran the head around Susan’s pussy and over her clit. She occasionally pushed it between Susan’s lips, but used it mostly externally for quite a while and offered it to Susan to suck clean as well as having a taste herself a couple of times. I didn’t let the sight of what they were doing distract me too much and did my best to make up for having forgotten to give Abigail her promised orgasm earlier in the evening. Without wishing to sound like I’m boasting, I think I’m quite good at eating pussy (I find it easier than sucking cock, even though it requires a bit more consistency) and I tried to give Abigail the benefit of my years of experience. Admittedly I didn’t ask her for a critique afterwards, but I had no trouble making her cum and even seemed to distract her from playing with Susan as she had her orgasm.

We sat and chatted for a while and I asked Abigail about why she enjoyed making Susan perform. Abi wasn’t really sure and said that at first she had just been copying the way that Jen got me to do things and Mel got Julia to do things, but she ended up liking having Susan do whatever she said as well as getting pleasure out of seeing Susan cumming and enjoying herself. I told Susan that she was lucky that Abigail wasn’t a mean person and didn’t (often) push things too far – we all knew that I was referring to the vindictive streak in Mel so this didn’t have to be said. Susan and I agreed on the fact that while there were occasionally things that we’d been ‘encouraged’ to do that we hadn’t wanted to, on the whole we had discovered a huge number of new ways to get pleasure (where I had been encouraged to experiment with girls and had then decided I was bi, Susan had come to the happy place from the other direction). Susan claims that (as is the case with me), she now doesn’t care if it is a girl or a guy that she does things with (although we both agree that there are certainly times when we prefer one over the other). The only real difference between Susan and Abigail and Jen and me is that Susan very rarely gets to tell Abigail to do things (so it is more like the relationship I have with Mike – he is in control far more frequently than I am, although that has changed a little in the past year or so).

Abigail wanted to have a final play before we settled down to sleep and as she had enjoyed seeing Susan and I grinding our pussies together so much she wanted to do something similar. This time, instead of us grinding against each other, we had to sit with our pussies pressed together and Abigail pushed the same vibe that she had been using earlier on Susan between our lips and we adjusted our position so we could both feel it on our clits. I found the sensation to be quite intense, but played along and kept myself pressed up against it as Abigail slid it up and down between us. She occasionally wiggled it back and forth, which pushed the end of the vibe either between Susan’s or my lips (which felt quite nice) and I had to concentrate quite a bit to delay my orgasm (as this was much more intense than our earlier pussy grinding session I really didn’t want to cum first and have to endure the vibration while waiting for Susan to cum). At the same time, I’ve been tortured with much more powerful vibes in the past so as a sign of solidarity with Susan I didn’t intend to leave her to ensure it for longer than she had to. Fortunately (for her), I’ve seen her cum enough times (and helped out with a fair few of them) that I had a fair idea of how close she was getting so I started to ease off on holding back. I was still careful to ensure that Susan came first though so I didn’t cum immediately after her, but this meant that I got to enjoy watching her writhe and squirm as the vibe buzzed away at her ultra-sensitive post-orgasmic clit. As I came, I pushed myself harder against the vibe (and the vibe harder against Susan) and had quite a sharp orgasm. I had to pull back as it got too intense so it didn’t last too long, but it was still quite pleasurable.

Abrahii had a little suck of the vibe and said that our juices went together quite well so I said that we should have a taste as well and asked Susan if she would kitty kiss me. Of course I intended to do the same to her so I lay down and pulled at her until she climbed over me in a 69 and we gently kissed and licked each other – getting a fairly good taste of our mixed juices as we did this. As we separated, I gave Susan’s ass a couple of flicks with the tip of my tongue and told her that I’d make her cum again in the morning. We then lay with Abigail in the middle and Susan and I curled up against either side of her, with a leg draped over Abigail’s nearest leg so we could press our cunts against her (she likes Susan pressing against her like this).

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