Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Fuck a fresher, and… – Part 3

The next morning I woke up first and had to choose who I should play with. As Susan gets to cum all the time, I went with Abigail and reached between her legs to very gently caress her pussy. Abigail didn’t wake up (although at one point I thought she had), but as my caresses grew firmer, she spread her legs and allowed me to use a couple of fingers to rub up and down her pussy and stroke her clit. I really wanted to eat her awake so I crawled under the covers and straddled one of her legs so I could lower my mouth to her clit and start to kitty kiss her. After a couple of minutes, this had moved on to me properly eating her and I could taste her juices much more strongly. She woke up a little after this and told me that she felt like she was about to cum – I considered teasing her, but also liked the idea of having her cum just after waking up so I just increased the pressure and concentrated a bit more on her clit until I heard her muffled panting (I was still under the covers). I went back to kitty kissing her, but had to surface for air as by that point as I was quite sweaty.

As my reward for waking Abigail in such a nice way (it’s pretty much the usual way for Mike, Jen and me), I was told that I could relax and Susan would take care of me. I even got to choose what I wanted her to do, but I didn’t pick anything strange and just got her to start off by eating me, then use the vibe from the previous night to fuck me and finally finger me while frigging my clit. It was nice to be able to just enjoy myself without having to do anything and once I’d cum I offered to make Susan cum, but Abigail said that Susan would take care of herself and we could watch. I pointed out that I really didn’t mind and would happily fuck her but Abigail was adamant that we should watch Susan fuck herself and I was told to describe how I masturbated so Susan could copy me. Now I could have given her a straightforward method to use, but decided to be honest and described one of my favourite ways to masturbate. They’ve actually seen me do this before anyway so it was no big secret – I just lie on my back and use a couple of fingers to frig myself while reaching around under one of my legs and using a couple of fingers from my other hand to finger myself. As the session progresses, I move my fingers from my pussy to my ass and use the fingers that I was just frigging myself with to alternately finger and frig myself. I’ve watched myself do this in a mirror so I know it is quite a good show, but it was considerably better to watch Susan do it than watching myself. Susan was obviously enjoying herself and would have easily cum if it wasn’t for the fact that just as she was in the final build up to her orgasm, Abigail told her to stop and wait until we’d had breakfast.

I told Abi that she was being mean, but it’s no worse than I’ve had done to me by Mike and Jen (on occasions too numerous to count). Abigail put on her dressing gown to go down for breakfast but Susan was just handed a t-shirt to wear. I only had the clothes from the previous day with me so Abigail gave me a t-shirt as well, but as my breasts are quite a bit larger than Susan’s, the front hem was noticeably higher on me than it was on Susan. We headed down for breakfast and after a couple of minutes one of Abigail’s housemates (a Nigerian guy called Charles) joined us in the kitchen. She shares a house with two girls and a guy and it was the guy who joined us. I later found out that this wasn’t entirely a coincidence as over the past few weeks, Abigail had made sure that he got to see Susan in various states of undress (mostly t-shirts, but on a couple of occasions Susan had been wearing towels that were slightly too short to fully cover her pussy and ass) and Charles now seemed to be trying to eye up Susan whenever he got a chance. I didn’t know this at time though, but I was well aware that my t-shirt made it quite easy to display myself and my natural instincts took over…

Once I’d been introduced to Charles, I sat on a chair and left my legs ever so slightly open to see if he tried to look. Having established that he wasn’t offended by our attire, I then helped out by fetching some bowls from the cupboard, ensuring that I angled my ass towards him as I bent over. My t-shirt did nothing to hide my ass cheeks or pussy in this position but I pretended not to notice this and once we were having breakfast I took every opportunity to let him see my pussy that I could. As we washed up I quietly asked Abigail if she objected to me trying to snare Charles and she told me to go ahead and made things a little easier by taking Susan upstairs to shower. I stayed to chat to Charles and decided that the best way forward was to be forward so I lifted myself up on to the counter and sat with one foot in front of me, hugging my knee. Mike loves this pose as it looks cute and revealing at the same time and Charles seemed to appreciate it too. I asked if he wanted to go to his room and keep me occupied while Susan and Abigail were getting ready and he said yes, took my hand and led me to his room.

I told him that we’d have to be quick so they wouldn’t find out and he didn’t object to this so I pulled my t-shirt off and pushed a hand down his pyjama trousers to grab his cock (in a nice way). He was already semi-hard and as I stroked him I could feel his cock stiffen fully in my hand. I asked if he had any condoms and he said he didn’t – I wasn’t going to fuck him, but I’d intended to suck him off and this kind of derailed my plans. I knew that I could have gone up and got a condom from Abigail’s room, but that would have somewhat broken the illusion about us having to hurry. I told him that without a condom we couldn’t do much, but he was happy to let me jerk him off and he played with my pussy while sucking on my nipples. He warned me that he was getting close to cumming and as he seemed to quite like my breasts I offered him that chance to cum using them. He liked this idea so I got him to sit at the edge of his bed while I knelt in front of him, pressed my breasts around his cock and rubbed up and down. He told me he was going to cum and I said that he should just go ahead and cover me. I lifted my head up (to minimise the chance of any going in my mouth) and felt his cum jet out and splatter against the underside of my chin and my neck. I continued rubbing his cock between my breasts until he said he’d finished and then looked down at the mess he’d made. I rubbed his cum in to my neck and considered trying to make myself cum this way – unfortunately I knew it would take a long time without playing with my pussy and I didn’t want to risk getting any of his cum in me so I just continued with the pretence of Abigail not knowing what we were doing and told him I had to get back upstairs. I pulled the t-shirt on and after a quick goodbye kiss I dashed up to Abi’s room and a minute later greeted them as they returned from the bathroom.

I stripped off and showed them the sticky mess on my body (admittedly most of it had been absorbed by the t-shirt, but my neck still had a few blobs of cum on it) as I described what we’d done. This was when I found out that Abigail had been showing Susan off to Charles in the hope of getting him to fuck her and I apologised for having disrupted her plan, but pointed out that I hadn’t fucked him and Susan could still be the first girl that Abi gave to him. I wiped off the remaining cum and then showered to remove the final traces – I nearly masturbated in the shower while imagining Charles’ cock sliding in to my waiting cunt and filling me with his cum, but it seemed a waste to do this when I had a whole group of people to play with so I just teased myself a little and then dried myself off.

The next challenge was getting back to James and Richard’s place. I had (semi-intentionally) ‘forgotten’ about the fact that Mike and Jen had the bag with all my clothes in it. This didn’t matter for the toiletries as I could borrow things from Abigail, but it did mean that I didn’t have any clothes. Now I could have borrowed something to wear, but it seemed much more fun to just wear my coat for the journey. I rarely go out dressed like this in the daytime and I certainly felt much more exposed than I had the previous night. My coat was long enough to cover me and I assumed that anyone who saw me (and thought anything of it) would have assumed that I just had a very short skirt on underneath from the previous night and was doing the walk of shame. Susan had it a little better than me, but not much and for the journey to James and Richard’s place she was only allowed to wear some frilly underwear under her coat.

When Mike woke up on the Saturday morning, he had his usual morning erection and pressed up against Jen. He started to caress her, with the intention of going down on her, but she wasn’t in the mood to do anything (as I’ve said, her libido had been variable). This meant that Mike wasn’t able to get any release, although he doesn’t always cum in the morning anyway so while it was a little frustrating, he coped with it. By the time Susan, Abigail and I arrived, they were already up and dressed and had eaten breakfast with Richard and James. Susan and I removed our coats to reveal our state of undress and Richard commented that we were obviously getting started early that day. I described how I’d gotten to know one of Abigail’s housemates and how I’d enjoyed having him cum over me, but was now rather horny because of it. Naturally Mike was willing to help me out but I told him that I’d first like to thank Richard and James for putting us up. They asked what I had in mind and I told them that I’d ideally like them to both fuck me, but as that was still off-limits, we’d have to come up with something else.

Abigail nominated Susan to help out and we headed up to Richard’s room. To start with, Richard began fucking Susan while I sucked James, but I thought we could come up with a better position and we changed things around so I lay on my back and James crouched over me in a 69 position. Susan lay between my legs and ate me and Richard took James’ ass. I had a fairly decent view of his cock sliding in and out of James and I meanwhile fellated James as best I could (69 isn’t the most convenient position to do things with a guy as the cock is at the wrong angle). This didn’t seem to impact on James’ enjoyment of the position too much though and he pushed in to my mouth as I sucked on him and Richard pounded in to his ass. Possibly unsurprisingly, James was the first one of us to cum, but Richard wasn’t too far behind him and as I could now concentrate on watching Richard’s cock and enjoying Susan’s tongue, it wasn’t long before I came too.

Mike was now impatient for his turn and Abigail volunteered Susan to take care of Jen, but she pretended that Mike had made her cum twice that morning already and she wasn’t in the mood for another orgasm just yet. Mike said that he would happily take care of Susan once he’d taken care of me though and this satisfied Abigail for the time being so she chatted to Jen for a while as Mike slid his cock in to my still slightly sensitive pussy and began to move back and forth. I told him to be gentle and he moved slowly for a while until I recovered and said I was ready to try to cum again. We then flipped over so Mike was on his back with me riding him and he summoned Susan over to sit on his face. I watched as he ate her and Susan and I leant forwards to kiss each other and Jen then joined us. She sat behind me and reached around to play with my clit and breasts and we remained (roughly) in this position until Susan, Mike and I had cum. I actually came first, but I did have Jen helping me out as well as Mike fucking me. Mike pumped away inside me for a while longer but held on until he got Susan off and he then finally released himself.

As I was on top, a far bit of Mike’s cum had leaked out already by the time I dismounted him, but I decided to tease him a bit and asked Richard and James if they wanted a taste. Richard played along with me and bent down to lap at my pussy. He didn’t stay there for long, but pushed his tongue up inside me and then commented on how the taste of Mike’s cum contrasted with my juices quite nicely. He was obviously hamming it up somewhat but Mike didn’t seem too uncomfortable with the performance (and he’s been sucked off by a couple of guys now so this wasn’t really anything in comparison).

Mike and Jen went to shower and get ready for the day (which gave them another chance to pretend to play together to further hide Jen’s lower libido). Mike emerged with en erect cock just as if he had been playing with Jen – she was actually beginning to feel a little more like her usual self so he had caressed her a little while he had washed her, but hadn’t gone too far. While he’d been gone, I had selected my clothes for the day and had dressed. Being away from home, I’d gone for something a bit more daring and had decided to wear a pair of opaque black tights as leggings. I had purposely selected the thickest (or opaquest) pair of seamless tights that I could find and they worked quite well. If I bent over or spread my legs then the material was stretched thinly enough that bits were visible, but when just standing sitting or walking, they didn’t look any more revealing than many leggings do. Abigail had liked my idea and said that Susan should wear the same outfit. I had three pairs with me (new pack) so agreed to this, but on the condition that we might need them back as I also intended to get Jen to wear them. In her case it wasn’t so much for the potentially revealing nature of the tights and more for the fact that if she ended up being as wet as she had been getting, then she would end and having to walk around with the crotch of her tights completely soaked.


  1. How are things going with Jen? I would imagine since this is a few months behind she is getting close? Has her desire picked up or dropped?

    1. Everything has gone quite well - she is now very close (just weeks away). Her desire has been quite variable - from almost zero at times to burst of being hornier than I am. You'll get to read about it all in good time. I imagine that we will have a good number of sleepless nights coming up so I might even get extra time to write (and no, I don't actually believe that!)