Friday, 13 June 2014

Fuck a fresher, and… – Part 4

We headed out in to town to meet up with the others for lunch and as we ate, Susan and I showed our crotches off to the rest of the group. We then headed off for a while – the boys went to look at computer games and the girls went clothes shopping. This wasn’t quite as gender stereotypical as it sounds as we (the girls) wanted to make use of the fact that we could go in to the changing rooms with each other. Abrahii went off with Lisa while Susan and I took Samantha. We had got Samantha to come with us on the understanding that she would witness how we have fun in a changing room, but we managed to convince her to help us out and at one point we were standing with Susan on one side of Samantha and me on the other with our tights pulled down to our knees and Sam with her hands between both of our legs. As she got more in to it, we started to take turns kissing her and I had a quick break to go out and fetch some more clothes (to buy us more time). When I returned, Susan was kissing Sam much more passionately and I moved up behind Sam and kissed the back of her neck while caressing her ass through her jeans. I pulled one of her hands back between my legs and tried to unzip her jeans, but that was a step to far for her. She did at least let me reach up under her top and massage her breasts, but I only got as far with her pussy as rubbing her through her jeans.

Susan went out next to switch the clothes over and while she was gone I removed my tights and sat on the bench with my legs spread to play with myself. Susan returned and joined me and we asked Sam if she would continue to help us out. She knelt in front of us and fingered us both as we frigged ourselves – I wanted a bit more and asked if she would at least give my pussy a kiss and without too much hesitation, she lowered her mouth to my wet cunt and kissed it. This was quickly followed by a few licks, after which she moved her face to Susan’s pussy and lapped at it for a while. I told Sam that she was doing a good job and carried on frigging myself. I knew I wasn’t far from cumming and having a new set of fingers in me helped, but as I was about to cum I turned to Susan and kissed her and bucked my hips against Sam’s exploring fingers. I then took over frigging Susan’s clit while Sam continued to finger her and we finished Susan off fairly quickly. We tried to convince Sam to let us do the same for her, but she was still a bit nervous about being semi-naked in such a public place for that long (we even tried to convince her that we could get her off fairly quickly, but that didn’t help).

Abrahii had been a little more successful with her trip – she and Lisa had made each other cum. Lisa wouldn’t tell us how, but Abrahii told us later on that she had gone down on Lisa and Lisa had fingered her in return. In my defence, Abrahii probably had a slightly easier time of it as Lisa was wearing a skirt so she had been able to get to Lisa’s pussy much more easily than Susan or I could get to Susan’s.

We met up with the guys and went for coffee – with Susan and I once again taking the opportunity to spread our legs and let our pussies show through our tights. Jen joined in a little bit this time and wanting to capitalise on her returned desire to play so I convinced her to join me in a changing room. It didn’t take much to convince Sam to join us and while she didn’t want to cum again, she did at least let me have a quick lick at her pussy before we got stuck in to the business at hand of making Jen cum. I pushed my hand down the back of Jen’s tights while Sam went down the front. We fingered, frigged and caressed Jen and I tried to gather as much of her juice as I could and run it up and over her ass, but Sam certainly noticed (and commented on) how wet Jen was. We gave Jen a standing orgasm and I sucked Sam’s fingers clean afterwards (and then wiped her hand clean on the inside of my top – I’m hardly likely to be worried about having Jen’s juices on me).

We wander a bit more and people went their separate ways for a while. We returned to Richard and James’ place and relaxed for a while and Mike went down on her through her tights. Since her pussy had gone in to overtime producing juices, he had been in heaven. He particularly enjoyed eating her through her tights as it meant that most of her juices stayed in her pussy or smeared over it, but there was still more than enough making it through her tights for him to taste her. He spent the best part of an hour teasing her (I helped out a little during this time) and he threatened to keep her from cumming until we’d had dinner and everyone turned up to go out that night, but in the end he relented to her begging and was satisfied with just letting Richard and James be the audience for her orgasm. Unfortunately she didn’t cum with the earth-shattering orgasm that he’d hoped, but she mewed her way through it and afterwards said that she had enjoyed it, so he wasn’t too disappointed. By this point, Jen’s tights were absolutely soaked so she went up to James’ room to remove them, washed them out and left them to dry. She then joined us for dinner with just a skirt on, but didn’t disappoint Mike and sat with her pussy exposed and ankles crossed.

Jen’s tights weren’t quite dry by the time we went out so she just wore panties (knowing that I would certainly try to play with her throughout the evening she didn’t want to go out naked). Susan and I kept our tights on, but added short skirts (not to help cover ourselves, just so it looked more appropriate for a night out). We played a little during the evening and I allowed a couple of guys to fondle me through my tights. They both realised that I didn’t have panties on underneath and the second guy actually did a good enough job of fondling me to make me cum. Susan went one better and had hands in her tights – one pair belonging to Sean and one pair belonging to a random guy she pulled. She allowed the random to put more than his hands in to her tights and took him outside (with Abigail and Richard in tow to ensure she was safe) and let him fuck her in the alleyway behind the club. Unfortunately for me I didn’t find out about this until afterwards or I would have joined her to help out – I may not have been able to let the guy fuck me, but he could have at least played with me or at worst case I would have put on a show and masturbated beside Susan while he fucked her.

Jen didn’t do too badly throughout the evening either – Mike, Abigail, Abrahii and I all fondled her a number of times. She didn’t seem to be as wet as she had been earlier and I convinced her to remove her panties, which made it much easier for her to join in and flash people as we danced or sat chatting. Jen gave back to everyone who played with her and sat for quite a while with her hand up Abrahii’s skirt playing with her. None of them were prepared to actually cum in the club though (it wasn’t the sort of place that overt fondling was tolerated so we had to be discreet). Having said that, I did get my hands on Samantha’s, Amber’s and Lisa’s asses (or panties) as we danced (and I wasn’t the only one), but they too were too timid to allow anyone to go any further.

We returned to Sean’s room as it was the most convenient for people to get home from and the pent up frustration was finally allowed to vent. As usual, Susan was designated as the one who should break the ice and she was bent over people were allowed to fondle her. Some of us went a bit further and had a few licks at her pussy and she obviously enjoyed having multiple people play with her, but once again it was felt that as he was the host, Sean should get to enjoy her properly. He was sufficiently drunk that he didn’t seem to mind that he had an audience and he happily got his cock out and pushed in to Susan’s wet and waiting cunt. He didn’t take long to cum (but he is only 18) and we got him to kneel behind Susan and eat her to make up for his quick performance. As he did this, I buried my hand between Abrahii’s legs and then had to fight with Richard who wanted to fuck her. Despite the fact that I was the visitor, Richard won and he took Abrahii so I looked around to see who else I could play with.

I knew that I wanted Jen, but we were concerned that if I started to eat her, then someone else might try to do the same and we would have to explain why she didn’t want them to. I thought that it was time to try something more with the new students and saw that Mike was already making out with Lisa so I moved over to Samantha and started gently stroking her legs. She was talking to Craig, but as I knew he was gay, I didn’t think he would mind too much if I borrowed Sam for a while and I asked her if I could repay her for helping me out in the changing room earlier on. From what I’d seen, she is generally a little shyer than Lisa (and much more so than Julia, Susan, Abrahii or me), but she spread her legs a little as I gently stroked up the inside of her thighs. I know she’s cum in front of the group before, so I wasn’t breaking any new ground and I continued circling my fingers on her inner thighs, slowly edging up to her crotch. When I moved closer and tried to push her legs apart, she hesitated and looked a little nervous but I told her it was fine and that she could just enjoy herself like everyone else. I rubbed my fingers over the crotch of her panties and pressed the material against her lips and clit – I could feel the warmth of her pussy and desperately wanted to sample it so I was relieved as I felt her legs relax and she allowed me to move closer to my target.

I kissed my way up her thighs and then nuzzled against her panties. I lapped at the crotch and the skin at the edge of her panties and pressed the material a little between her lips. I correctly assumed that I now had her and she didn’t stop me as I first tried to push my tongue under the edge of her panties and then gave up on this and used my fingers to pull the crotch aside and expose her pussy. It was fairly dark so I couldn’t get a really good look at her, but she definitely wasn’t shaved. Fortunately her hair wasn’t too long, but I’m really not used to eating a hairy pussy. Her pussy was quite closed – fairly similar to Sue’s – and I had to spread her outer lips with my fingers to get my tongue properly inside her. She tasted quite good and I explored around her lips. The longer I worked on her, the more relaxed she became and she spread her legs further (or rather she relaxed them a little and didn’t resist when I pushed them apart), but she still didn’t let me push her skirt the whole way up so I was working partially in the dark. I managed to convince her to let me slip her panties off and this made things considerably easier as I could now spread her lips with one hand, use my fingers from the other and lap at her clit with my tongue (obviously). I made sure I sampled her pussy thoroughly and she certainly seemed to enjoy it when I pushed my tongue up inside her (just wait until she gets to sample Jen doing the same thing to her). I made her cum without any difficulty and when she went to push me away I held on and slowed my licking so I could kitty kiss her for a while. When I finally finished, she said that nobody had ever licked her that way before (referring to the kitty kissing after she’d cum, not the actual ‘eating’ – although it would have been wonderful to have been the first person to have ever eaten her).

While I’d been engaged with Samantha, Mike had continued with Lisa and had asked her if he could fuck her. She wasn’t against this idea, but didn’t want to do it in front of everyone so he just fingered her for a while and then went down on her. Lisa was still a little reticent at having her pussy exposed, but she seemed to take the view that as everyone had seen her pussy the previous night that it didn’t matter too much and by the time she came, her skirt was up around her waist and everyone (who wasn’t otherwise engaged) could see everything Mike was doing to her. He gave her pretty much the same treatment he’d given her the day before – fingers and tongue – and got her off just as successfully. This time Lisa wanted to repay him and gave him the choice of her sucking him off where they were, or having him take her home so they could fuck in private. Faced with the chance to fuck a fresher, Mike opted for the latter choice and told us that he would see us later on.

I intended to keep myself busy and after checking in with Jen (who was fine, if feeling a little horny due to what was going on around her, but she agreed that it would be a bad idea to participate) I asked Amber if she wanted some attention. I already knew that she wasn’t ‘safe’ (in that she hadn’t been tested recently), but to her credit, she told me this. I had only been intending on using my fingers on her anyway and as a reward for her honesty I kissed her and slid a hand up her leg straight to her pussy. She gasped as my fingers stroked her panties and I whispered in to her ear to relax and enjoy herself. I quickly pulled the crotch of her panties aside and slid my fingers in to her and once they were a decent way inside I tried to rub her clit with my thumb, but unfortunately her panties kept getting in the way. I didn’t want to mess around and told her to remove them so I could play with her properly – she hardly hesitated and stood to pull them down (at which point a few people cheered) and she quickly sat down beside me again. As we kissed I pushed my hand back up her skirt and broke the kiss to whisper ‘much better’ as my fingers now had unfettered access to her cunt. She put a hand on my leg and asked if she could touch me and I responded by just spreading my legs.

Amber was a little shy at first (relatively so – for someone who had a hand on my pussy), but as my fingers plunged in to and rubbed around her cunt, she became bolder and started to play with me properly. Like Samantha, Amber didn’t shave her pussy, although it felt like she either trimmed her pubic hair or it was naturally short. I asked if I could see her cunt but she told me that she wasn’t brave enough to let everyone see – I guess I could have asked her to go somewhere private (which may still not have worked), but I was enjoying having her finger me and was happy enough doing the same to her. Of course I didn’t care who got to see Amber’s fingers working on me and I pulled my skirt up to make it easier for her (and to expose myself). She was quite a good kisser – very enthusiastic, but not too sloppy – and I asked her if she wanted to play with my breasts. She nodded so I quickly pulled my top off and lifted my breasts out of my bra to expose my nips. She lowered her mouth to them circled her tongue around each of my nipples and then sucked on them. I knew straight away that Jen would have to experience her technique as it felt really nice, but for the time being I still just wanted to enjoy myself.

When Amber lifted her head to kiss me again I pushed a hand up her top and started to lift it. She said that she didn’t know about being topless, but by this point I had already pushed one side of her bra up to expose one of her breasts (under her top) and had my hand on it. I told her that nobody cared what she exposed and that I wanted to lick her the way she had just licked me. She clearly didn’t care about fooling around in front of people, but the thought of being exposed was making her hesitate so I just played with her exposed breast under her top for a while and then returned my hand to her pussy. This was much more successful and I soon had her panting in to my mouth as we kissed. I got three fingers in to her and used my thumb to rub around her clit. As my little finger was in the right vicinity anyway, I pressed it lightly against her ass and when she didn’t flinch away from it, I rubbed it back and forth with a bit more pressure. Her panting quickened and I kissed and nibbled on her earlobe so could whisper to her how I wished I could eat her. She half-moaned back that she wished I could too so I told her that if she just went and got tested then the next time I visited I would bury my tongue in her wet little cunt and suck on her clit until she came. I was going to go in to more detail and really describe how I would eat her and then how Mike would eat her afterwards, but I didn’t have time for this as she came without any further auditory stimulation.

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