Monday, 16 June 2014

Fuck a fresher, and… – Part 5

Amber was quite embarrassed afterwards, especially about having said that she wished I could eat her. I told her that I didn’t mind and I was serious about wanting to do it to her – then added that we could always do it in private if she would prefer. She had stopped playing with me when she came and when she realise this she asked if I wanted her to carry on. I spread my legs wide and told her that I would love it if she made me cum. While I think she found it a bit odd that I was so willing to expose myself, she had seen Susan, Julia and Abrahii (to a lesser extent) do it enough times now that it didn’t seem to faze her too much and she quickly resumed working on my pussy. I asked her to play with my nipples again and she sucked on them for a bit. I wiped her juices from my fingers on to my nips and was pleased that this didn’t deter her. While Amber was still playing with me, Sam leant over and asked if she should have made me cum. I told her not to worry about it and said that I’d been happy enough playing with her, but added that if she wanted to go down on me then she was quite welcome to do so anytime. I did ask her to kiss me though and when she leant forwards I held her head to keep her in place and I came with Amber’s fingers in my cunt, her tongue on my nips and Susan’s tongue in my mouth.

I lay back and thanked them both and briefly considered telling Sam that she could go down on me there and then, but having just cum I didn’t really need any more attention immediately (which isn’t to say that if she had offered I would have refused her) so I left it. We stayed for a while longer and James let me have a play with his cock, (but only for a little while and certainly not enough to make him cum). Abigail also got Susan to go down on her which which doesn’t happen too often when we’re with the group (Susan is usually made to do things to lots of other people – or other people are allowed to do things to/with her). I had been hoping that Mike would return before we left, but he stayed with Lisa for quite a while…

When Mike and Lisa left Sean’s place, Mike wanted to play with Lisa immediately (and on the way back to her place), but he guessed that she (at that point) probably wasn’t adventurous enough to let him play with her in public (give she was just getting used to being played with in front of a limited group of people). She had at least walked home with her panties in her bag and they did stop once and kiss for a while, but for the rest of the journey they just walked hand in hand and had a normal conversation. Once they got to her room (she was in another accommodation block that wasn’t too far from Sean), they quickly moved over on to the bed and Mike told her that he wanted to fuck her. Lisa said that she had been told that he could last quite a while and Mike asked her if she enjoyed having long sessions. Between kisses, she explained that she had never had a really long session with a guy (given her age, the few boys she had been with had all cum quite quickly). Mike promised her that he could outlast them and that he would fuck her for as long as she wanted.

Mike pulled her skirt up and told Lisa that he wanted to have a proper look at her pussy. He crawled down between her legs and gave her a few licks before pulling his head back and spreading her lips. Lisa didn’t seem used to having someone examine her so closely and half-heartedly covered her pussy with a hand, but Mike told her that she had a beautiful little pussy and began kissing around it again until she moved her hand away. As regular readers know, he would have happily eaten her to another orgasm, but he didn’t know how many times she could cum and didn’t want to end up with her not having the energy (or inclination) to fuck so he ate her for a little while and then crawled back up the bed to kiss her and hump against her pussy.

Lisa didn’t object to the fact that his face was covered with her juices and as they kissed, Mike pushed a hand up her top to her breasts and told her he wanted to see her naked. Lisa was rubbing his cock through his trousers and went to pull her top off but Mike stopped her and asked if he could do it. They stood up beside the bed and Mike got her to raise her arms and he ran his hands up the side of her body and pushed her top up and off. He discovered that Lisa was reasonably ticklish, but didn’t explore this any further as he wanted to get her naked and play with her properly. He quickly removed her bra and gave each of her nipples a quick suck before kneeling in front of her and running his hands up her legs. He pushed her skirt up and nuzzled against her pussy for a few seconds and then unzipped the skirt and allowed it to slide down her legs. When Lisa went to step out of the skirt, he held on to one of her legs and pushed his face back against her pussy, but as her legs were now spread he had much better access and could lick her properly. He gave her pussy a final lick and then rubbed his fingers back and forth between her lips before standing up and starting to undress himself.

Lisa told him that as he’d undressed her, then she should undress him. Mike didn’t mind this and she removed his top and then knelt in front of him and unzipped his jeans. She fished out his cock and stroked it a few times before pulling his jeans and shorts down (Mike had to help remove them completely). They moved back on to the bed and kissed some more as they fondled each other. Mike lay on top of Lisa and told her that he wanted to slide his cock in to her wet pussy, she spread her legs and he rubbed back and forth against her cunt until he thought he was wet enough and then reached down to guide his cock in to her. He just pushed in a little at first and then went a bit deeper with each stroke until he was all the way inside her. Lisa said that it felt really good and Mike told her that her pussy felt really tight and warm and he asked her in an overly formal way if he had her permission to fuck her. She told him to go ahead and they started moving against each other. He discovered that Lisa was a moaner – not a loud one, but she seemed to like making noises each time their bodies thrust together. They continued to kiss and Mike asked her how many times she wanted to cum. Lisa was confused by the question and Mike explained that he would fuck her for as long as she wanted if she thought she could cum multiple times. She said that she had never cum more than once when having sex with a guy (and often hadn’t cum at all as the guy usually stopped when he’d cum) so Mike asked her if she was up for experimenting and going for at least two orgasms.

Lisa was very keen on this idea and Mike pumped away inside her for a while before sitting up and lifting her legs up so they were against his chest. In this position he could easily play with her clit and breasts, but he didn’t want to cheat and make her cum by frigging her so he didn’t do this for long and they just used a number of positions. He took her on all fours, from behind with her lying flat on the bed (Sue’s favourite position), her on top (she wasn’t as confident in this position) and spooned with her (one of Mike’s favourite positions). He wanted to face her as she came so they returned to the tried and tested missionary position and Mike told her that he was going to make her cum for the first time of the session. At his request, she wrapped her legs around him and he kept up a steady rhythm, pumping back and forth in to her cunt with long strokes. Lisa held his face to hers so they could kiss and he could feel her breathing quicken as she got closer to cumming. He pushed in to her a bit harder but tried to keep the same rhythm and Lisa soon started to let out a series of ‘yesss’ sounds as she came. Mike continued to fuck her through her orgasm and then slowed down as he felt her relax under him.

Lisa was quite flushed and covered in a light sheen of sweat – she thanked Mike and kissed him deeply but when they broke the kiss he reminded her that he had promised her two orgasms. He was a little worried that she might say she didn’t have the energy to cum again, but she just told him that she needed a little while to recover. That was fine by Mike and he considered going down on her again (just to kitty kiss her), but he thought it would be more impressive if he remained inside her the whole time (other than when they changed position). They spooned against for a while and as they kissed, Mike caressed Lisa’s breasts, side, thighs and clit to help get her ready for round two. This worked fairly well and he was soon moving inside her properly again and they decided to get started in earnest.

Round two was pretty much the same as round one – they used multiple positions and Mike held back and made the session last, taking Lisa close to cumming once and then backing off. She was moving much more energetically against him this time and it looked like she was really enjoying herself. He waited until she asked him to make her cum again and he asked her if he could cum inside her. She told him to go ahead and he rolled over so she was on top, but this time instead of letting her sit up and ride him, he held her against his body so they could kiss and he thrust his cock rapidly in to her cunt. He moved his hands down to her ass and helped guide her up and down as he pounded in to her and he told her that he was going to fuck her until she came again and then fill her little cunt with his cum. She tried to push down in time with Mike’s thrusts, but he held her ass tight and told her to let him move. He whispered how he wanted to feel her cunt cumming around his cock and as he was telling her this she moaned in his ear and told him that she was about to cum. Mike pumped into her and listened to her breathing become more ragged and interspersed with moans. He really wanted to cum in her just as her orgasm finished, but as this was his first session with her, he didn’t know how to read her and so concentrated on ensuring that she made it the whole way through her orgasm before he came. He came only a little while after her and pushed down on her ass as he jammed his cock as deep in to her as he could get it and then stayed buried in her and tried to thrust even deeper as each jet of cum squirted from his cock.

They were both quite out of breath and now both a little sweaty. They kissed for a while longer and Mike moved gently back and forth inside of Lisa until his cock eventually began to soften. Lisa pulled herself off of Mike and his cum started to leak out of her immediately. Some dripped on to his cock and stomach and the rest oozed out as Lisa lay on the bed beside him. Mike asked if she had enjoyed herself (she had) and she asked him the same (he had). He used his fingers to gently play with her pussy and rubbed the mixture of their juices over her nipples. He continued tracing patterns over her stomach, drawing with their cum and eventually traced his fingers up her neck to his mouth. He asked her if she minded the taste of cum and she said that it didn’t bother her so he dipped a couple of fingers in to her pussy again and offered them to her. She sucked them clean and Mike kissed her – he told her that he didn’t really like the taste of his own cum, but as she had been so good, he would give her a final treat. He crawled down between her legs but before he could lick her she said that she didn’t think she could take any more. Mike assured her that he was just going to kitty kiss her and that he would be gentle and she allowed him to continue. He kissed around her pussy and only very lightly across her clit and worked up to spreading her lips and gently licking around and between them. He flicked the tip of his tongue across her ass a few times, but only very gently and after a couple of minutes he crawled back up beside her and leant over to kiss her. Lisa didn’t hesitate and kissed him deeply, after which Mike told her that he loved a girl who wasn’t afraid to eat her own juices. This made Lisa blush (which he thought was a little odd given what they’d done, but I’ve pointed out that she was no longer in the heat of the moment).

Lisa asked if he wanted her to do anything more to him and reached down to his cock. It was now semi hard again (due to him eating her pussy) and he told her that she didn’t have to do anything, but that it would be nice to have an eighteen year old’s lips wrapped around his cock. Lisa crawled down the bed and took the end of his cock in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down and he felt his cock get properly hard again. She apparently wasn’t bad, but it felt like she was quite inexperienced. Mike says that if she had insisted, he would have happily let her try to make him cum again, but he still felt quite drained so after a couple of minutes he thanked her and told her to come and kiss him again.

Lisa told him that she would prefer it if he didn’t stay the night as it might look a bit odd to the other people in her corridor if they saw an older man leaving her room in the morning (Mike may not be quite ancient yet – despite our constant teasing about his age – but when compared to a fresher, he does have a good few years on them). He hadn’t really expected to spend the whole night with her anyway so he wasn’t too disappointed (especially as she didn’t want to cum again – although if he’d stayed he would have probably kitty kissed her until she decided she did want to cum again). As he got dressed, he teased her about the way she was throwing him out and told her that if she was just going to get him to make her cum and then get rid of him that he wouldn’t go down on her the next day – and then added ‘unless she asked him to’. Lisa played along and acted coy (or as coy as an 18 year old can) and said that she might ask him to and he would have to wait and see. She asked if he wanted her to walk him out and he said that he was fine so she just put on a dressing gown to open her door. As he kissed her goodbye, he told her that she could walk him down dressed like that, but Lisa wasn’t up for potentially exposing herself to her neighbours. They had a final long kiss and Mike slipped a hand into her dressing gown and played with her pussy, then knelt down, pulled the gown open and had a final lick of her pussy. Lisa reached over to push the door shut, but Mike had pulled away by the time she did this so he just kissed her again and told her that he would see her on Sunday. As a parting comment he told her that if she felt horny in the morning that she should play with herself, but not to cum and he would take care of her.

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