Thursday, 19 June 2014

Fuck a fresher, and… – Part 6

Mike called to see where we were, but we had already left Sean’s place. He had already checked with Abrahii if he could spend the night there and headed over to her place. She answered the door with just a light gown on (her housemates aren’t quite as adventurous as the rest of the group so she couldn’t answer it naked) and Mike followed her up to her room. They discussed his session with Lisa and she described to him what she had managed to do with Lisa in the previous couple of weeks (fingering and eating on different occasions). Abrahii teased Mike and said that as he’d already fucked someone he probably wouldn’t want to do anything else and she lay down in the bed with her gown still on and pretending to go to sleep. Mike undressed and climbed in beside her, then pressed his hard cock up against her ass and rubbed back and forth. Abrahii soon responded and slowly pressed back against him in time with his movements. She reminded him that Richard had fucked her earlier on, but Mike wanted her enough that he said he didn’t mind and most of Richard’s cum would have probably leaked out of her by that point anyway.

Abrahii knows Mike well enough that she wasn’t at all surprised when he rolled her on to her back and moved down between her legs. She told him that she was a bit tired so he asked if she thought she could cum twice, to which she replied that she could probably manage it ‘if she had to’. That was all Mike needed and he went down on her, eating her to an orgasm and then kitty kissing her until she was ready for round two. As they fucked, Abrahii told Mike that she would try to break Lisa in some more before our next visit and Mike told her that she should also work on Sam and ensure that Amber got tested. He was going to point out that Brandon needed to be tested so that I could try to have some fun with him at a future date, but realised that this would indicate that I was going to be fucking guys again, which would in turn indicate that one of Jen or I was pregnant. Abrahii teased Mike about his wanting to fuck three eighteen year old girls, but had to admit that she quite liked the idea of having them for herself. Mike told her that there was something to be said for experience (referring to Abrahii’s skill in bed) and they mostly stopped talking and started their session in earnest. They used a few positions and ended up with Abrahii on all fours with Mike taking her from behind. He had reached around to play with her clit but then decided to make her cum without any further clitoral stimulation so pushed a thumb in to her ass. Abrahii told him that she could take something bigger in her ass so Mike pulled his cock out of her cunt and pressed it against her ass. She pushed back against him and he slid in. He told her that she was a filthy little girl (but he liked it) and as he fucked her ass he reached around and curled a couple of fingers in to her pussy. Abrahii really enjoyed this position and Mike relented on his aim of avoiding her clit. She muffled her moans in the pillow so she could be as loud as she wanted without her housemates hearing and once she’d cum, Mike emptied his second (probably much smaller) load of the night in to her ass.

They snuggled up together and chatted as they dozed off. Mike told Abrahii that cumming in her ass had the added benefit that he hadn’t polluted her pussy any further with his cum so she would be in a better state to eat awake in the morning. She wriggled her ass back against his cock and told him that she was looking forward to her wake up cum and Mike told her that if she came up to visit us, we could make sure she woke up like that both mornings. Abrahii said that she liked the sound of that and fell asleep with Mike describing to her how we could spend a whole day making her cum over and over again.

Meanwhile, Jen and I had gone back to Richard and James’ place with them. As I’d ended up pretty much naked while at Sean’s room, I had been challenged to make the journey with just my coat on and managed to do this. As soon as we got in to the house I removed my coat and wandered around naked while we all got ready for bed. Jen soon joined me in a state of nudity and even though James still had underwear on, we could see that he appreciated the view (and when he came to Uni, he thought he was gay). Jen went into James’ room where we were sleeping while I had a quick chat with Richard and James. I told them that I really wished they could fuck me and sat at the foot of their bed with my legs spread playing with myself as I described how they could take turns in my mouth and my cunt. I then lay back and reached a hand around under one of my legs to play with my ass and told them that they would finish off with one of them in my cunt and the other in my ass and how I wanted them to empty their loads in to me at the same time.

My display seemed to have the desired effect and after watching them stroke each other for a minute or so, I told them to enjoy themselves but asked them to refrain from cumming in the morning (for reasons that would become apparent) and left them to it while I went to take care of Jen. She was already in bed waiting for me, but when I climbed in beside her and pushed a couple of fingers in to her pussy I discovered that she wasn’t as wet as I’d imagined she would be (she was as wet as she would normally be, but wasn’t up to her new level of pregnancy wetness). Jen told me that I’d been mean by playing with people in front of her all evening and that she really wanted to cum so I did what any good partner would do and as I fingered her I described to her how Samantha’s pussy had tasted and how Amber’s pussy had felt. Jen pointed out that she had noticed that I had enjoyed Amber sucking on my nipples and I confirmed that she was indeed quite good at it (but assured Jen that she was better). To make up for my teasing, I told Jen that we could probably get Amber to have a suck on her nips so Jen would see how good Amber was and that I was sure Amber would let her do the same in return. I then went down on Jen and gave her a thorough licking until she came and followed this up with a good kitty kissing session.

I was quite horny by the time I surfaced, but fortunately Jen isn’t a selfish lover and was more than willing to make me cum. She was in quite a playful mood and bit me (lightly) in a number of places including my pussy, ass, thighs and nipples and half lay on top of me so she could forcefully finger me while kissing around my neck. As Jen played with me I told her how good it felt and what else I wanted her to do – which she mostly ignored, but my aim was for James and Richard to hear. Jen decided that she would finish me off using her deodorant bottle and she rubbed it around her pussy first to add some of her own juices and then spread my lips and pushed it firmly in to my cunt. She then fucked me hard and fast with the bottle while using her other thumb to play with my clit, repeatedly wetting it with her own juices. I could feel my orgasm building quite quickly and held on to the bedcovers as it approached. When I came, Jen didn’t stop (or slow down) and she ignored my attempts to push her away. She wasn’t too mean and only fucked me for a minute or so after I’d cum, but it was more than enough to get me panting, making loud noises and leave my pussy in a very sensitive state.

It was the first time in a while that Jen had pushed me beyond cumming like that and even though the actual sensation was a bit too intense, it was a nice experience as a whole. Of course I had to get my own back on her and I pushed her back on to the bed and started to fondle her, but she reminded me that as we were at her old Uni, she was technically in charge and I had to do what she said. I asked her what she wanted me to do and she said that as I’d cum so well for her that I didn’t have to do anything else, to which I replied that I was quite willing (and eager) to do something else. Jen told me to kitty kiss her again and I followed her instructions and lapped as deep in to her cunt as I could and speared her ass a few times. Unfortunately for me, this was all she wanted and my next instruction was to just snuggle with her as we went to sleep. I was allowed to hump against her ass, but was forbidden from using my hands or any toys to help make myself cum and as I knew that I would just get myself more frustrated I decided to call it a night as well and we lay chatting.

As promised, Mike woke up Abrahii the next morning by going down on her and once she’d cum he spooned with her for a while before fucking her. Even though he made sure that she came again, he held back as he had one more target for the weekend (the first one being to sleep with one of the freshers, which he’d achieved). Abrahii is used to Mike making her cum without him having to cum so she didn’t think too much of this and it had the added benefit that he was able to remain hard as they showered together so he could tease her more and fuck her again against the sink in the bathroom. She remained bent over the sink while he knelt behind her and kitty kissed her one last time before they headed back in to her room and dressed to head over to Richard and James’ place (this time Mike had to wear his clothes from the previous day).

The start to my Sunday morning wasn’t quite as fun as Jen once again woke up not feeling too good so wasn’t in the mood to do anything. She felt bad about this as she knows I love my morning orgasms and to make up for it, she made me put on a show for Richard and James. As we ate breakfast, I was instructed to sit up on the counter in the kitchen, spread my legs and play with myself. It was only when I was doing this that Jen found out I’d put on the beginnings of a show for the guys the previous night and she told me that I’d been a bad girl for just teasing them so I should do things properly and let them see me cum. I tried to replicate what I’d done on Richard’s bed, but couldn’t easily play with both my holes without feeling like I was going to fall off the counter so we moved in to the living room and I was allowed to continue on the sofa. This was much easier and I quickly got three fingers in to my cunt and reached around under myself to push two fingers in to my ass. As I was copying what I’d done the previous night I went all the way and described to Richard and James how I wanted to have their cocks in me and feel them pumping in and out of my body until they both came in me. It felt wonderful to cum with them watching me so closely and I added to my excitement by imaging what might be going to happen later in the morning.

With my morning cum taken care of, I went and showered with Jen and fondled her as we washed each other (she was feeling a little better after having eaten breakfast but still wasn’t quite in the mood to cum). We got dressed while the lads showered – they didn’t shower together, but this gave me the opportunity to flirt with them individually and I took each of them in my mouth and gave them a fairly decent suck, but made sure they didn’t cum as I wanted to save that for their surprise. James was still in the shower when Mike and Abrahii turned up and Jen discreetly asked Mike if he was still planning on going through with ’it’. He told her that he was, although he still wasn’t sure if he would enjoy it and Jen reminded him how much I now enjoyed things that I’d been nervous (or even dubious) about trying initially.

When James emerged from the shower, I asked him if he wanted to cum (I may have cheated a little bit as I reached in to his towel and rubbed his cock until it was hard before I actually asked him). He said that he was up for some fun and Richard was on board too so we finally told them what we wanted. Jen and I had convinced Mike to try fucking a guy – given he’d progressed from jerking Ashraf off to sucking Richard’s cock, this was the next logical step in his experimentation. Mike wasn’t (at all) ready to have a cock in his ass but assuming we could find someone willing, he was prepared to try a guy’s ass. James and Richard were certainly willing and I suggested that Mike should probably take James so he would have done things with both of them, and to balance out the fact that the supposedly gay James had experimented and now did things with women (admittedly mostly Abrahii, but she is one hell of a girl).

As much as I wanted to just watch and see how things went, I wanted to be involved as well so I volunteered myself to take care of Richard so he wouldn’t feel left out. I told Richard and James that I wanted them to both cum over me and slipped a pair of Jen’s panties on to ensure that none of their cum made it to my pussy, then knelt on the floor and got Mike, Richard and James to line up so I could suck each of them in turn and ensure that they were ready for the session. Mike claims that he was still unsure about going through with it, but I certainly didn’t have any trouble getting his cock nice and hard and when I’d finished sucking him, I reached down between my legs and gather some of my juices to rub over his cock to provide extra lubrication. While I took care of Richard and James, Mike decided to add some extra lube to his cock and got Jen to lie down on the bed so he could semi-fuck her. She wasn’t as wet as she’d been the previous day, but still had more than enough pussy juice to leave his cock glistening.

James stood beside Richard’s desk and bent forward slightly. Mike moved around behind him and positioned his cock against James’ ass and slowly began to press it in. I watched closely as Mike’s cock sunk a little deeper with each push and then moved around to kneel in front of James and took his cock in my mouth. He said that he loved the feeling of his ass and cock being stimulated, but he had to put up with interruptions to my sucking as I called Richard over to stand on the other side of me and I took turns sucking them (I did at least jerk off whoever I wasn’t sucking at the time). I pulled Richard closer and got the heads of their cocks to touch and knelt up to rub them both around my neck before sucking on them both at once and then licking back and forth between their cocks. I asked Mike how it was going and he said that it didn’t really feel much different from Abrahii’s ass (in a physical sense – he was still a little uneasy about fucking a guy, but he obviously didn’t say that at the time). I concentrated a little more on sucking James and just using a hand on Richard for a while and made sure Mike told me when he was getting close. James got there first though and told me that he was about to cum so I took my mouth off of his cock and sat back a little so Mike could finish him off (we had agreed this in advance – it only seems fair that you should make someone cum if they are letting you fuck them). Mike reached around to grab James’ cock and began to stroke him. I made sure that he was still aiming roughly at me and with a bit of practice Mike managed to stroke James while continuing to move in his ass (it is apparently quite different from frigging a girl while fucking her).

We told James to try to hold back as long as he could and Mike told him that he was getting close, but James still came first. The first shot landed on my shoulder but I grabbed Mike’s hand and corrected the aim so the remainder of James’ cum hit me properly. He produced a reasonable load and by the time he finished, I had his cum over my face, breasts and legs. I took him in my mouth again but didn’t actively suck him (I was trying to do the equivalent to kitty kissing) and James said it felt good for a while, but then even just the movement caused by Mike fucking him made it feel too intense. I released James’ cock from my mouth and immediately took Richard’s cock. I sucked and stroked him quite fast (I know he likes this) and half watched as Mike pumped away in James’ ass and then said he was cumming. Mike pushed deeper in to James’ ass as he came and remained mostly still until his orgasm ended and then pulled out. He got a round of applause from everyone and once I finished clapping I retuned my hands to working on Richard and sucked and stroked him until he said he was going to cum. I moved back and just stroked him until he came and once again I directed his cum so it splattered over me and ran down my body.


  1. Wow. I can say that I am truly surprised. I really didn't think he had it in him (not yet anyway haha). It did take a few years, and his push for your experimentation was a bit more deliberate than your push for his but congrats to him. If he is interesting in trying the other way around I would HIGHLY recommend regular use of various anal toys before hand. The Aneros is quite a popular one and should work well for beginners. And also be forewarned that stimulation of the prostate in such a way takes sex to an entirely different level. It is hard to describe but I would imagine it would be like describing how stimulating the "G spot" on a woman to a guy. It's hard to do but definitely makes things interesting.

  2. While it is interesting he tried it, if he doesn't like it I'm not at all surprised. Remember, before you did anything with a girl you had many changes to fantasize about women and think of them while you orgasm. This 'training' helps and while we don't know if you did the same for him that he did with you I would imagine if not it would be a lot like diving into a cold pool... if he doesn't like it, that's not entirely unexpected. He was very shrude to develops that attraction to women in you before having you try a woman.

  3. No I didn't try to train Mike - just offered encouragement. To be fair, he can only claim to have 'trained' me with hindsight. While he certainly always liked the idea of me doing things with another girl, I don't think he really thought (at first anyway) that there was any chance of it really happening. Maybe as things developed and he realised that I wasn't completely opposed to the idea then he tried to encourage this and condition me a bit more.

    In a rare peek in to the future (actually the present, but the entries are about 7 months behind, so the blog-future) I can reveal that Mike doesn't (or hasn't yet) wanted a guy to fuck his ass.

  4. Did Mike fuck him without a condom? I have done this a couple of times while playing with the wife but can't keep an erection with a condom. I'm a bit like Mike and not really bi but my wife found out one of our partners was bi and wanted to see it happen. While it does feel more or less like a woman, I am definitely not as gentle as I am with a woman.

    1. No, he didn't use a condom (we know he is clean). Mike can cum with a condom on, but not as quickly - and he finds it a bit more difficult to get himself very close to cumming, hold there and then cum 'on demand' when he's wearing one so he much prefers doing things bareback.