Sunday, 22 June 2014

Fuck a fresher, and… – Part 7

As people discussed with Mike what the experience had been like, I lay back and rubbed the guys’ cum over my face, neck, breasts and thighs. I really wanted to masturbate, but needed to clean up first so I quickly dashed in to the bathroom and showered myself down before returning and asking if anyone was willing to go down on me. Mike willingly took on this role (possibly to be back in more familiar territory), but as soon as I came and he could talk again, people carried on getting him to describe how he’d found his first guy’s ass. Once again he said that it hadn’t really felt any different from a girl’s ass and he’d obviously enjoyed it enough to cum. James understood what Mike meant as the first few times we had convinced him to do things with girls, he had physically enjoyed it enough to cum, but had felt a bit uneasy about the actual experience. Apparently James thought that Mike’s cock felt quite good and Richard told Mike that he could fuck him next time. Now you might think that I really want Mike to enjoy fucking guys as it means we can play in more ways. I was glad that he was experimenting (and I had been encouraging him to do so), but I can be quite selfish when it comes to sex and knew that if Mike actually decided he was ‘properly’ bi (as opposed to just experimenting), that it would mean I would potentially end up with less cock inside me. Of course I’m not really that selfish and love seeing everyone cum if I’m actually playing with them, but it is certainly true than in many of my fantasies I am the person who is being fucked by everyone (or is making everyone else cum).

It was getting close to when we were meant to be meeting up with people for lunch (a number of the new students didn’t like the idea of getting up early enough on a Sunday for brunch) so we cleaned up and got dressed to head out. Jen was beginning to get horny again – Mike or I could have easily made her cum, but we wanted her to try wearing just tights again so see how wet she could get. I went with one of my short skirts and hold-ups for the nice zettai ryokai look and we didn’t have to convince Abrahii to remove her panties as Mike had already taken care of that at her house (in that he made sure she hadn’t put any on).

We met up with everyone and over lunch I moved around beside Lisa and whispered to her that I’d heard she had enjoyed fucking my husband the previous night. She blushed a deep shade of red and I told her that it was fine as long as she’d had fun and added that I knew Mike had told her he wanted to eat her again. It was quite fun teasing her due to how easy it was to make her blush and even as the waitress was taking plates from the table I whispered in her ear how much Mike had enjoyed burying his cock in her tight young cunt and filling her with his cum (Mike had actually only given Jen and I a brief description of his session with Lisa at this point, but it was enough to go on). Throughout the meal, Susan, Abrahii, Jen and I sat with our pussies showing at one point or another (actually quite a few times more than one!). Lisa played along and showed off her panties – Mike thinks he nearly convinced her to go to the bathroom and remove them – she didn’t, but I got Amanda to sit with her legs crossed and show her panties so I counted this as a win (unfortunately Samantha had jeans on so couldn’t participate).

Naturally everyone was intrigued at Mike’s latest experiment, but we couldn’t openly discuss it in public (or not as openly as people wanted to) so a few of us returned to James and Richard’s place after lunch. Mike and James relayed the story and Susan was sent over to help ‘encourage’ them. This involved her getting their cocks out and sucking them and then moving back and forth between them and riding them in turn. I was still determined not to let Susan have all the fun to herself and helped out by licking her as she rode them, but as I knew we had plans I made sure that she got to cum while sitting on James (at which point it was determined that he had ‘won’, so Susan had to keep riding him until he came). Mike meanwhile moved over to sit beside Lisa (with his cock still out and shining with Susan’s juices) and Lisa was encouraged to stroke him and then suck him (she has played with Susan before so it wasn’t the first time she has tasted Susan’s juices). Mike asked her if he could have a final play with her before we had to leave and head home – he already had his hand up her skirt, so he was already technically ‘playing’ with her, but she knew he meant something a bit more serious. Lisa didn’t seem to mind that everyone knew that they had fucked the previous night, but she still wasn’t prepared to have sex with an audience so agreed to go upstairs with him.

We borrowed James’ room one last time and Mike led Lisa upstairs. I left them for a few minutes before saying that I wanted to see what was happening and going up myself. Before I arrived, Mike had already half undressed Lisa and started to go down on her and she jumped a bit and tried to cover herself when I walked in to the room. Mike told her not to worry and I said that as she had seen me cum – and as it was my husband – that I wanted to see her cum. She wasn’t used to being quite so exposed and I told her if she wanted that I would leave them to it, but indicated how much I wanted to stay and watch by sliding my hand under my skirt and stroking myself. Lisa agreed to let me watch and I eagerly pulled a chair over beside the bed and planted myself on it and told them to continue (although Mike hadn’t really stopped eating her). I watched as he worked on her and they broke position to undress further. I removed my clothes as they undressed and sat back on the chair with my legs spread, fingering myself. Mike ate Lisa until she came and kitty kissed her.

As Lisa lay there basking in the afterglow, I chatted to her and told her that we were quite impressed with what we’d heard (and seen) in relation to how adventurous she was being, but we hoped that she would develop a bit more throughout the term and year. Lisa said that she was certainly enjoying herself, but she wasn’t sure she could be as open as many of the rest of us and I told her that Susan had been relatively shy (or certainly nothing like she is now) when she first arrived and now she was the most adventurous girl there (with Abrahii being a close second). We got Lisa to tell us what she had witnessed when we hadn’t been around and she ran off a list of people fucking, eating, fingering and sucking each other. By the time the discussion finished, she was ready for Mike to fuck her.
Mike slid straight in to Lisa’s pussy and they started to fuck – at first she kept looking over at me, but soon got used to my presence and concentrated on what she was doing with Mike. They used a number of positions and when Mike spooned with her, I asked him to lift up her leg so I could see him sliding in to her properly. Lisa was sufficiently aroused by this point that she didn’t seem too bothered by this so I moved closer and had a proper look. I almost asked if I could lick her (or at least play with her clit), but wasn’t sure if she was ready for a threesome so I contented myself with looking and then returned to my chair to continue playing with myself. Lisa had a go at riding Mike while he reached up to play with her breasts and she then lay down on top of him and asked him to fuck her hard like he had the previous night. Mike obliged and held her to him as he started to pound hard in to her. I moved around to the foot of the bed to get a better view and watched as Mike spread her ass cheeks and his fingers explored around her ass. His cock pistoned in and out of her and I tried to move my fingers in time with his thrusts and imagined it was me he was fucking. I heard Lisa moaning a little and her moans get a bit more high pitched as she came (not porn movie high pitched). Mike continued to fuck her until he came and then he pushed her down hard on to his cock and kept his cock buried in her.

I was now very close to cumming and while the view was quite nice, I decided that I preferred to let them see me cum so I jumped back over to my chair, spread my legs wide and frigged myself with one hand while fingering myself with the other hand. Mike knew that I wanted to be watched and told Lisa that I was so horny as I’d been watching her fuck. It didn’t take me long at all and as I knew Lisa was a moaner, I didn’t hold back and allowed myself to moan, pant and swear as I came. It was a pretty good orgasm and Mike says I looked fairly flushed. He was still buried inside of Lisa and I asked if I could have a closer look at her pussy (again playing the ‘you’ve just fucked my husband’ card).

She climbed off of Mike and I took his cock in my mouth to taste Lisa’s juices and then asked her to sit back and spread her legs. She was back to being fairly coy again, but did as I wanted and I asked if I was allowed to touch her. She agreed and I spread her lips and to examine her and told her that her pussy looked cute, following up by saying I wanted to give her a few licks to sample her. Lisa had seen that I had more than ‘sampled’ Samantha and knew that I’d played with Amber as well so she agreed and I licked up and down the length of her slit and pushed my tongue in to her. I really wanted to eat her to orgasm as well, but didn’t want to be too greedy so just thanked her and sat up on the bed with them. Mike suggested to Lisa that she could examine me if she wanted and she asked if I minded. I told her to go ahead and lay back with my legs spread (again) and allowed her to look at, stroke and then lick me (with encouragement from Mike). I thought that I was going to get my threesome, but Mike just caressed Lisa’s ass for a while and she didn’t lick me for long (apparently she thought I wouldn’t want to cum again – but then she didn’t really know me well at that point).

As they got dressed (I didn’t bother), Mike asked Lisa if she had ever considered shaving her pussy. She told him that she hadn’t, she just kept her hair trimmed and Mike told her that if she shaved at least her lips then he would spend as long as she wanted going down on her the next time we visited. Lisa still wasn’t sure about shaving but we assured her that it was safe and most of the girls in the group did it to at least some extent, so she would be able to find plenty of people who would be willing to help out. Mike told her if she wanted, that he would shave her next time and explained that he had plenty of experience taking care of Jen’s and my pussies. Lisa said she would think about it, but I wasn’t too convinced. As a final favour, we asked if Jen could see Lisa’s pussy and I dashed down to fetch Jen before Lisa had even answered. When she came in to the bedroom we got Lisa to slide her panties off again and sit down on the chair. Jen knelt and thoroughly examined Lisa’s pussy and used a couple of fingers to explore up inside her. I felt bad for Jen as I knew that she would want to bury her face in Lisa’s pussy just as much as I’d wanted to and to help make up for her missing out, I told Jen to lie on the bed so we could take care of her.

The crotch of her tights were once again very wet with her juices (actually it was more than just her crotch – she had rubbed herself a bit while watching the displays downstairs so her juices were smeared all over her pussy and the very top of her thighs. I could easily taste her through her tights and I let Mike have a turn at sucking her juices through the material before we pulled her tights halfway down her legs, lifted her legs in to the air to expose her pussy and then Mike and I took turns eating her. As her ass was so accessible in this position we made sure to pay it plenty of attention as well and we stopped a number of times to spread Jen’s lips and ensure that Lisa got a good look at her. Given how wet she’d been at the beginning, I’d been hoping for more globs of pussy juice to leak out of Jen, but this didn’t happen so I didn’t get to enact my plan of smearing her juices all over her thighs so she would have to travel home with the scent of sex around her. Mike got her quite close, but I was the one who actually made her cum and Jen let out her usual series of mewing sounds as her orgasm built and then hit her.

We headed back downstairs and Mike confirmed that he and Lisa had fucked again (which made her blush once more, but seeing as Susan was still naked and playing with herself on the sofa, I don’t think she was too bothered. People enquired as to whether Jen and I had also scored with Lisa but we admitted that we hadn’t got any further than looking at her (not technically true in my case as I’d briefly licked her, but it hardly counted). Unfortunately it was getting close to the time that Mike, Jen and I had to leave as I wanted to try something with Sean or Brandon and Mike really wanted to go down on Samantha or play with Amber. He did at least get to help Susan cum by eating her, so he got his bonus serving of pussy before we left.

All in all, we were quite happy with the way the weekend had gone – I had got a fair dose of cock (even if none of it had been inside me), Mike had got to eat and fuck a fresher, as well as try a guy out, and Jen had got to enjoy herself as much as she could, given her condition. While things certainly weren’t the same as when Jen had been there, it looked like the new crop of students could help ensure an interesting year as long as they remained in the group and continued to experiment (which is what Uni is for – I just wish I’d realised that as an undergrad!).

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