Saturday, 28 June 2014

Lis and Lucy- November ’13 Visit – Part 1

The first mid-October weekend, Jen wasn’t feeling too good so we stayed at home and didn’t get up to much so I’ll skip to the following weekend which was another visit from Lis and Lucy. They had offered to come up and visit us, but as they are the ones who usually have to do the travelling, we said we would go to them. Originally, Sue had been meant to join us, but she unfortunately had to go to a work event.

We had to get a later train that we’d wanted (due to cost), so went straight back to Lis and Lucy’s place when we arrived. As soon as we got in the door, Jen and I dragged Lucy upstairs and forcefully stripped her. She was quite confused as to why we were acting the way we were, but once we had Lucy naked, we undid our coats and revealed that we had our school uniforms on underneath. We quickly pulled on pairs of long white socks to complete the look (we hadn’t worn them so we didn’t give away our disguise). Lucy didn’t really have much of a chance (not that she was struggling) and we both climbed up on the bed with her and proceeded to take turns fingering and eating her while the other person sat over her face and demanded to be eaten. She was quite accommodating in this, even though Jen was pretty wet (with extra pregnancy pussy juice). Even though we were being quite forceful with her, we dragged her orgasm out until she had made both Jen and I cum, at which point Jen (who had cum last so was still sitting over Lucy’s face) lay down on Lucy in a 69 position and got her to roll over so Lucy was on top. Jen then proceeded to eat Lucy while I spread Lucy’s ass cheeks and lapped at her ass until she came.

Mike and Lis had started off just watching us, but the sight of two schoolgirls fucking Lucy was too much for Mike and he started to caress Lis and asked her if he could have a play with her. he really wanted to go down on her, but that would have meant he couldn’t watch what was happening on the bed so he promised her that he would eat her later and they say on the chair, both facing us with Lis on Mike’s cock. She rode him for a bit as Mike caressed her clit and nipples while kissing around her neck and shoulders. He got Lis quite close to cumming, but didn’t get her off and she told him that he was being mean to her, but that she really enjoyed being teased like that. Mike asked her if she would dress up for him at some point over the weekend and she told him she would as long as he promised to go down on her (which as I’ve said, he’d already done, and the thought of Mike having access to a pussy and not eating it is almost unthinkable anyway). Lis still hadn’t cum by the time Jen and I climbed off of Lucy so she was feeling very horny and they moved over to the bed beside us and spooned as we chatted.

We hadn’t release Lucy immediately after she came and gave her a thorough dual kitty kissing (pussy and ass) for a while. This gave her the chance to calm down after her orgasm, but when we finally moved away from her and she climbed off of Jen, she said that it had been a pretty intense session and she asked us why we’d done it (not that she was complaining). We explained that after what we’d been told about Sue’s visit (which was everything), that we now knew just how dirty Lucy could be and we wanted to treat her the way she deserved. We went over some of the things that Lucy had asked Sue (and Lis) to do and Mike moved from spooning with Lis to eating her. he knelt on all fours on the bed as he did this and it was easy to see from the look of his cock that he was probably desperate to cum himself, but he kept his promise (and his fetish) and ate Lis to a strong orgasm as she helped out with the recollection of her sessions with Sue. Once she’d cum, he immediately moved up behind her again and slid in to her still sensitive cunt, but he was considerate enough to only move gently inside her as she recovered.

Lucy certainly seemed quite embarrassed about what she’d gotten up to with Sue (or probably more about us knowing what she’d gotten up to) but we assured her (once again) that it was all fine and that we were happy to do pretty much anything she wanted at any time she wanted. Mike told Lis and Lucy that he could probably convince Sue to visit them again to make up for her not being present. They liked the sound of that, but Lucy admitted that it was hotter having Sue and I present at the same time as she really enjoyed the whole ‘fucking sisters’ thing. We felt like Lucy was finally beginning to open up to us properly (which might seem a little odd as we’ve been having group sex sessions with her for quite a while so she’s ‘opened up’ in a number of ways). Nevertheless, we felt that this should be encouraged and told her that we would get Sue to join in with us as many times as Lucy wanted (and Sue’s schedule allowed), which got a nice smile out of Lucy. I also promised that we would be Anna and Michelle (the sisters from her school) as often as she wanted as well and that we enjoyed role playing for her.

Mike, Jen and Lis would obviously also get to play with Sue under these circumstances and Mike described to Lis how she could have two sisters eating her again, or one of us eating her while she ate the other, or a foursome so he (as Sue’s big-brother (in-law)) could fuck her while one of us ate her and she ate the other. Lis said that it sounded quite strange to think of Mike as Sue’s brother and him then fucking her (or the other way around), but we told her that we really thought that Sue had seen him as a brother for quite a while when Mike and I first started dating (before we discovered that she had been spying on us fucking and wanted to watch and then join in). Mike said that it wasn’t really any different than the fact that Jen’s brother fantasising about her and how I’d let him fuck me a number of times. We hadn’t really told them much about this (although had hinted about it) and Jen was quite embarrassed as we described how I had ‘seduced’ her brother and let him watch Jen and I do things (pretending that Jen didn’t know he was watching of course) and had then helped him to jack off over her while she was ‘sleeping’.

Jen managed to change the topic of conversation by mentioning Mike fucking James. Lis and Lucy had already been informed of this, but it was their first chance to question Mike properly in person and he described how it had felt and teased Lis by pulling his cock out of her cunt and pressing lightly against her ass, saying that he could always take her ass again to make a comparison’. Lis said that he could fuck her there if he wanted, but Mike told her that as he was going to give her his first load of cum for the day (as usual, he hadn’t cum that morning), he wanted to cum deep in her pussy. He asked her if she was ready to cum again and I told her that I would help out. Mike lifted Lis’ upper leg and draped it over his body so I could get to her pussy and I lapped away at her clit as Mike gently fucked her. I had to pace my licks as Mike was only moving gently, but it meant that it wasn’t too difficult to time their orgasms to coincide. Mike told Lucy that he was going to fill her girlfriend’s pussy with his cum again and Lucy told him to go ahead. Jen teased Lis and told her that a good lesbian wouldn’t allow a guy to fuck her, but seeing as she was carrying Mike’s baby, I don’t think her words had much authority. Whenever I stopped licking Lis to let Mike catch up I watched closely as his cock repeatedly plunged in to her cunt – at times he pulled the whole way out of her as he said he really liked the way it felt each time the head pushed between her lips. When it was time for him to cum though, he made sure that he was buried the whole way inside her. He got to the cusp of cumming and just moved gently inside Lis as I lapped at her clit and took her over the edge, at which point Mike just moved a little more inside her and told everyone that he was cumming too. He still used fairly small strokes, but he thrust in to her a number of times and told her that it felt like he was cumming a lot – Lis didn’t really pay much attention as she was still cumming, but when their orgasm had both finished, she asked him if it was going to be messy when he pulled out.

Lis suggested that Jen could suck the cum out of her to share between us (Jen would then kiss me and we would 69 it in to each other) but I pointed out that I wasn’t getting any more of Mike’s cum in me than necessary as I was only just back on the pill. Technically I’d been back on it for about month so it should have been fine, and Mike was still allowed to cum in me, we just weren’t worried about extracting his cum from Jen to share with me (or vice-versa) any more. As nobody was willing to eat her clean, Lis was encouraged to stand up and see how much her pussy leaked – and Mike had been right about having cum a fair bit. It was hardly a torrent of cum that came out of her, but when she stood with her legs mostly shut, a fair amount dripped out and trickled down her legs and when she spread her legs and pussy another few blobs of cum dripped out of her on to the floor. Mike was quite pleased with how much he’d cum in Lis and even though she wiped his cum off of her legs, she appreciated the fact that he’d enjoyed being in her enough to cum that much (yes, we all know it doesn’t work quite like that).

Mike commented on how Lis was leaking even more than Jen when she was having one of her ‘wet’ days and we teased Jen about this, but she knew full well that we found it incredibly arousing to see, taste and feel her pussy creating so much liquid. Jen promised that if she got sufficiently wet that she would put on a display and masturbate for us and that Lis and Lucy could watch up close. As it was getting late by this point, we decided to head off to bed – Jen and I still had our uniforms on and decided that we would tease Lucy once more before allowing her to go to sleep. This left Mike with Lis (which he was quite happy about) and they headed off to get ready for bed while Jen and I took care of Lucy’s second cum of the night. We didn’t spend anywhere near as long making Lucy cum this time, but I did tease her again about how she had acted with Sue. Lucy liked the feel of our long socks against her skin as we played with her so when it was finally time to sleep, we kept them on (but removed the rest of our uniforms) and told Lucy that as payment, she would have to eat both Jen and I awake in the morning. Lucy was still in a nice post-orgasmic daze and said that was fine.

Mike had kept his promise with Lis and when they got in to bed, he immediately crawled under the covers and started to lap around her pussy (she had wiped most of the remainder of his cum off when in the bathroom). He even gave the inside of her pussy a thorough licking (at least as far inside as he could reach) and pushed Lis to the verge of cumming before pulling away and climbing out from under the covers and kissing her. Lis told him to stop being mean and Mike told her that he would quite like to watch her masturbate. Lis asked if he really wasn’t going to finish going down on her and Mike lay back and told her that he wanted to see how horny she really was. He’d done a fairly good job at getting her close and Lis pushed a hand down between her legs, at which point Mike pulled the covers back to watch and he sat beside her stroking his cock as Lis plunged her fingers between her lips and fucked herself. Mike enjoyed the show a lot, but he had always intended to keep his promise and when Lis’ breathing started to quicken again, he grabbed her wrist and told her that it was his job to make her cum (for that night at least anyway). Lis told him that he was a bastard, but pulled her hand away and let him crawl back down between her legs to resume eating her. Just as she was about to cum again, he lifted his head and started to say ‘actually, I might let you masturbate after all’, but only got as far as ‘actually, I…’ before Lis pulled his head back against her pussy. He got the hint that she might want to cum and resumed licking her, finishing off by rapidly flicking his tongue back and forth over her clit (in the way Lis does when she eats a girl) and using a couple of fingers inside her pussy. To make up for his teasing, he left his fingers inside her and kitty kissed her for a fair while after she’d cum and then asked for her forgiveness when he moved up to kiss her. Fortunately for him, Lis did forgive him and allowed him to spoon with her as they fell asleep – Mike thinks he could have fairly easily cum in her again, but he decided to save it for the morning instead.

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