Sunday, 1 June 2014

Sue for Two – Part 2

They promised Lucy that she could either try the position later on or they would find another way to team up to please her. Lucy said that it looked quite nice but she wasn’t sure and had something else she wanted to try (but wouldn’t tell them what it was at that point). Sue was allowed to wear clothes for dinner, but when it was time to get ready to go out, Lis revealed that Mike and Jen had suggested that they should be quite strict with what Sue could wear. Sue wasn’t overly surprised by this (as she doesn’t know Lis and Lucy that well, but is aware that they fuck us, she had just assumed that they got up to all of the same sort of games that we do), so she just agreed to go along with whatever they said. They were quite limited as Sue had only taken a few items with her, but they selected a short pale flared skirt and matched it with one of Lucy’s blouses which they tied up to reveal Sue’s stomach. Sue had one of her wonderbras underneath this so her breasts were prominently on display and they finished off the look with a pair of the Lis’ long white socks (only knee high, not thigh highs). They knew that Sue would go out without panties on, but I was disappointed to later find out that Lis and Lucy both wore panties under their outfits.

Mike had suggested to Lis that they could get Sue to bring a guy home and have her fuck him in front of them, getting Sue to be as lewd as possible (and she can be quite lewd). Before anyone points out that Lis and Lucy are gay, they have witnessed us fucking guys many times and usually quite enjoy the sight. I even thought that Sue might be able to get Lis involved – even if she didn’t let the guy fuck her, Lis might at least lick Sue or suck the guy’s cock. Unfortunately for Sue (who loves cock just as much as I do), they decided not to go down this route though, but they did instruct her to put on a few shows for various guys throughout the evening. On two different occasions, Sue was told to tell the guy she was dancing with that she didn’t have any panties on and push his hands down under her skirt so he could feel. Both guys had a good fondle of her ass and the second guy had a fairly thorough play with her pussy as well (but not in a consistent enough way to make Sue cum). Later on in the evening, a guy who had been trying to chat Lucy up got lucky – although not in the way he had hoped. Lis told him that Sue was naked under her skirt and Sue was instructed to show him. She lifted a leg and then raised the hem of her skirt to reveal her pussy and Lis suggested to Sue that she could sit on the guy’s lap and let him play with her. Sue eagerly straddled the guy and slowly rubbed her pussy against his crotch, then grabbed his hand and pushed it between her legs. The guy pushed a couple of fingers between Sue’s lips and she kissed him while slowly riding up and down on his fingers. He didn’t let her do all the work and started pumping his fingers in and out of her and even played with her clit a little, but Lis noticed that their antics had been noticed by the staff so they called Sue off before they got thrown out.

They decided to leave anyway and the guy naturally wanted to go with them. Lis and Lucy debated as to whether they should have offered Sue to the guy in a suitable alleyway (which is what we would have done – and I would have probably let him have me as well), but Sue doesn’t think that they were ever seriously considering doing this. Sue says that she would have happily let him fuck her if they had asked and I pointed out that she could always have said that she wanted this to happen, but she was playing along with what Mike had asked her to do and to (mostly) let Lis and Lucy lead things. The next place they went to was a small, mostly-lesbian bar. The atmosphere there was significantly more relaxed, although there were still some people who were obviously on the prowl for a conquest. Lis and Lucy met a few people they knew and introduced Sue to them – one of the more militant girls commented that Sue looked like a girl who was pretending to be gay and asked her if she had ever actually done anything with another girl. Sue (who can be as obstinate as me) held her own quite well and said that she had been with a number of girls as well as guys. Initially the plan had been to get Sue to show herself off a little and maybe for her to get off with a random person, but Lucy didn’t think the mood was right so after another drink they just headed home.

While the night hadn’t been as successful as they had hoped, Sue told Lucy that she would still do whatever it was that she wanted and Lucy told them that it was just a simple threesome. For this, Lucy lay on her back with Sue over her face while Lis lay over Lucy and humped against her thigh while helping to eat Sue. Lis mostly concentrated on Sue’s pussy, but her tongue strayed over Sue’s ass a good number of times and Sue said she really enjoyed the rapid feathery licks there. They switched places so Lis was over Lucy’s face and Sue humping against Lucy’s leg (and Lucy against Sue’s) and Sue returned the favour by licking Lis (pussy and ass). They then switched a second time so Sue was underneath with Lucy over her face and Sue spread Lucy’s lips to allow her to get her tongue up inside Lucy’s pussy as well as have good access to her clit. From the way Lucy was humping against her mouth, Sue assumed that Lucy wanted her to make Lucy cum in this position, but just before she came, Lucy pulled away and said she wanted to hump again. The switched for a final time (as far as Lucy was concerned anyway) and returned to the position with Lucy on her back, Lis over her face and Sue grinding her thigh against Lucy’s (now very wet) pussy. Lucy thrust her hips up and down, humping frantically against Sue’s leg and continued until she came.

Lucy (and Sue to a lesser extent) had continued to lap at Lis throughout and decided to stay and finish the job they had started. Sue tried to help out with licking Lis’ pussy, but soon realised that she could contribute more by paying attention to Lis’ ass, so she did this (once again I think we can take credit for training her well). Lis came and rubbed her pussy back and forth across Lucy’s face (I’ve had her do this to me and it is very erotic), leaving a covering of her juices (and probably a mix of Lucy and Sue’s saliva). When Lis dismounted, Lucy went to wipe herself clean but Sue started to kiss Lucy and between her and Lis, they licked Lucy’s face mostly clean.

Some of the really good traits of both Lucy and Lis are that they are fair and kind people. As such, there was no doubt that they would take care of Sue before going to sleep. Sue was told to lie back and relax so they could pleasure her but Sue asked if she could at least kitty kiss or play with one of them at the same time. Neither Lis nor Lucy really wanted to cum again, but Sue apparently begged them and in the end Lucy told Sue that if she really wanted to, then she could lap at her sister’s pussy. Lis (playing the part of Anna) climbed over Sue’s face and Sue spent the whole time that Lucy spent playing with her, lapping away gently at Lis’ pussy. Lis reached down to fondle Sue’s breasts and Lucy took care of Sue’s pussy with her fingers, her tongue and occasionally helping things along with the handle of her favourite hairbrush. Jen was really pleased that Sue had been so enthusiastic to eat pussy during this session and she also commented on the fact that Sue had been honoured with the use of Lucy’s hairbrush.

Lucy fell asleep first and Lis and Sue had a whispered chat for quite a while. They discussed fucking Mike (which he was pleased to hear about), fucking Jen (which she was pleased to hear about), what Lis and I had done together (I was glad I wasn’t left out) and Lis got Sue to describe in more explicit detail some of the things that she has done with me. When Lis was describing the time we fingered each other outside in York, Lis pushed a couple of fingers in to Sue and played along with her description. She was only being gentle so it wasn’t enough to make Sue cum, but was certainly enough to make her feel horny. They plotted another surprise for Lucy together before finally falling asleep.

On the Sunday morning, Lis woke Lucy and they tried to sneak out of bed to prepare their surprise, but Lucy wasn’t sleeping heavily enough for them to do this. It didn’t take much to convince her to remain in bed and ignore what they were doing and once they had gathered the appropriate items, they headed off to the bathroom to prepare. At Lis’ advice, they had agreed to push the ‘cute’ theme and Lis wore a light pink set of panties and a matching lacy bra. Sue didn’t have anything quite as cute with her, but Lis had leant Sue a pair of Lucy’s white panties that sort of went with one of the white bras that Sue had brought with her. They had naturally both gone for long white socks and after quickly freshening up had decided that they may as well do it properly and helped each other to put their hair up in bunches. When they returned to the bedroom, Lucy definitely approved of the look, but was told to stay under the covers.

Lis and Sue assumed the roles of Anna and Michelle again and knelt on the bed, kissing and fondling each other. They told Lucy that they didn’t want her to tell anyone about the things they got up to and asked if she would keep quiet if they put on a little show for her. Lucy told them to go ahead so they lay down and continued kissing and fondling. Their underwear was pulled aside to allow them to finger and lick each other and they stayed in character pretty much throughout. They spent quite a while playing and finished off in a 69 position with Lis on top. By this point, Sue’s panties were pretty much soaked and Lis’ were fairly damp so they sat facing Lucy with their legs spread and asked her if they had done a good enough job to buy her silence. Lucy told them that it was a good start, but she would need to check that they had actually cum and hadn’t just been pretending. She pushed each of them back on to the bed in turn and lapped at their panties to see if she could taste their juices. They asked Lucy if she wanted them to put their school skirts on but she said that they were fine as they were and she spent a good few minutes licking and sucking their crotches through their panties before announcing that it looked like they really had been eating each other and that they were a pair of dirty little sisters.

Lucy told them that if they wanted her to continue to keep quiet then they would have to make her cum – Sue and Lis had been waiting to hear this and quickly set about fingering, eating, kissing and humping Lucy. They both fingered her together (two fingers each in her pussy) and fed Lucy her own juices as well as their own. Lucy ended up cumming with Sue eating and fingering her while Lis took care of Lucy’s nipples and kissed her. As usual, one Lucy had cum, she was quite apologetic about having them pretend to be someone else, even when they pointed out that they had enjoyed it and it had been their idea. Lis asked Sue if she would keep the outfit on over breakfast and then decided to do the same thing so they ate like this (Lucy just wore a robe). They then showered and had a much more civilised rest of the morning (by which I mean boring and with no sex).

The plan was to have lunch before seeing Sue off at the train station, but before they left they asked Sue if she was up for one more performance. She agreed to this and sat on the sofa, spread her legs and started to play with herself. Lucy and Lis sat and watched for a while and Lis then crawled across the floor and buried her face in Sue’s pussy. Lucy moved closer to watch and then had a quick turn at fingering Sue before letting Lis resume eating her. Lucy then knelt behind Lis and played with her under her skirt (which Lis really enjoyed, but we know that she likes being in the middle) until Sue came. Lucy then fetched the panties that Sue had been wearing earlier and wiped her own pussy, Lis’ and finally Sue’s clean with them before asking Sue if she would wear them for the journey home. This was Lucy’s way of marking Sue (I like the fact that she has joined in on this particular ritual of ours, but I still think our way of covering the person with our combined juices is hotter). Sue actually asked Lis and Lucy if she could repay them for a nice weekend and give them a final orgasm each – Lis was certainly up for this and plonked herself down on the sofa and offered herself to Sue.

Sue moved down between Lis’ legs and started to eat her (no fingers). Lis was quite surprised to feel Sue’s tongue probing around her ass much more eagerly than before (although she didn’t spear Lis) and it didn’t take Sue much time at all to make Lis cum again. Lucy agreed to let Sue eat her on the condition that Sue removed her panties and pushed them in to Lis’ pussy for the duration of the session. Sue agreed to this and pulled the panties off to push them in to Lis’ pussy. She then set about eating Lucy (and gave her ass a similar treatment). Sue spent a fair amount of time on Lucy and even teased her a bit (she got her close to cumming twice and then backed off – or more specifically lapped around her ass in inside her pussy, but avoided her clit). It certainly worked though as Lucy ended up pleading with Sue (just a little) to make her cum. Sue eventually did this and flicked her tongue rapidly over Lucy’s clit until she came, then kitty kissed her until she caught her breath. Lucy complimented Sue on her technique and told Sue to retrieve her panties from Lis’ pussy. Sue was still in a playful mood so she used her teeth to pull them out and then crawled back over to Lucy with them in her mouth and dropped them on Lucy’s crotch. Lucy wiped her pussy with the panties and then (probably deciding that this wouldn’t be enough) pushed them in to herself to add an extra coating of her juices. Sue was then handed a very damp pair of panties and she slipped them on. She could feel the dampness but quite liked the sensation and she gently pressed the crotch against her pussy and rubbed it back and forth a few times. This led to Lucy once again commenting on how she had as high a libido as I did and Sue just retorted by saying that cumming was fun.

They were well behaved over lunch, other than Lis occasionally teasing Sue about having their juices rubbing against her pussy. She got a long goodbye kiss from both Lis and Lucy at the station (but only minimal fondling) but unfortunately they didn’t set Sue any challenges for the journey home (we would have probably challenged her to either display herself to someone or to cum – or even both if we thought she was in an adventurous mood). Even so, it was obvious from speaking to her afterwards that she had really enjoyed the weekend and Jen had a very enjoyable couple of evenings quizzing Lis in detail about everything that had happened. Jen took the events as a sign that Lis was moving further towards being gay – although she had to ignore the fact that it had been Mike who had convinced Sue to go in the first place with the promise of some alone time with him as payment. Jen also didn’t see the contradiction of having Mike eating her out and playing with her while she was talking to Sue (but Jen still insists that she is a lesbian and doing things with Mike is different than doing things with a guy). You might think that Mike would be insulted by this, but his view is that it means he gets every guy’s dream of actually fucking a lesbian.


  1. Ugh...militant homosexuals. They can be as annoying as their polar opposites. Both sides act as if they alone have the right to bestow the title of who is gay and who is straight. You lose LOT of friends in telling people "who they really are"

    1. Indeed - I am still of the opinion that everyone is bi to some extent and there are very few people who are the whole way at either end of the straight-gay spectrum. We were discussing something like this and I believe that most people (when pushed) prefer one gender or the other with very few people being completely bi - but having said that, if I were given the choice of only having cock or pussy for the rest of my life I have no idea which I would choose...