Sunday, 27 July 2014

More Fun With Freshers - Part 5

While I was playing with Ashraf, Mike had chatted with Lisa and been interrupted by Susan who had been told to pleasure the new people. Lisa had her first public threesome with Susan eating her as Brandon fucked Susan (so not technically a ‘proper’ threesome as she only had one person doing things to her). Before Susan could finish and move on to one of the other girls, Mike moved over and started making out with Sam. She ended up straddling him and they kissed for a while with the bulge of his cock pressing against her crotch. Mike moved a hand down between Sam’s legs and rubbed her panties, then worked a finger up under the legband and touched her pussy directly. He played with her clit and told her that he knew I’d eaten her (as did everyone) and asked if he was allowed a turn. Sam told him to go ahead and they swapped positions on the seat and Mike got Sam to lift her ass so he could slide her panties off, then pushed her skirt up and pulled her legs apart. Even though she had done things in front of the group a number of times, she still seemed a little shy at being quite so exposed, but Mike only had a quick look at her pussy before spreading her lips and giving her a few long gently licks up the length of her slit, flicking his tongue over her clit each time. He then kissed around her pussy briefly before licking up and down her inner lips and started to play with her clit a bit more seriously. He lapped away at her pussy for a fairly decent amount of time (taking sufficiently long that Susan finished with Lisa and had to move on to Sean but we’ll come back to this in a moment). Mike got Sam sufficiently aroused that she was asking him to make her cum and she no longer seemed to mind that she was so exposed as she made no effort to cover herself whenever he pulled away from her and used his fingers to toy with her lips or clit. Afterwards, Mike realised that he should have called Lisa over to help him out (or at least have a good look at Sam’s pussy) but he was enjoying himself too much with his third 18 year old pussy of the year (or couple of months) and wanted to make Sam cum by himself.

When he finally went in for the kill, it was quite easy to finish her off and he even got her to slide down in the chair and hold her legs up so her pussy was facing almost straight up to make it easier. As she came, he decided he may as well go for broke and firmly flicked his tongue over her ass a few times between licks. Sam whimpered a little as he did this, but she was whimpering from her orgasm anyway. When she tried to push Mike away, he held on firmly to her and switched to kitty kissing her until she calmed down before giving her pussy a final long swirl with his tongue and pulling away from her. Sam didn’t cover herself up immediately and it was only when Amber pointed out that it looked like Sam had enjoyed herself that Sam seemed to realise how exposed she was and she sat up and pulled her skirt down. Mike gave Sam a kiss and whispered to her that he thought she tasted wonderful and hoped that he would be allowed to eat her again sometime. He then wandered back over to Lisa.

Jen had decided that even though she wasn’t going to have sex with anyone, it didn’t mean that she couldn’t join in and she wanted to play with some of the freshers. Jen had called Amber over and as they watched other people playing Jen slid a hand up Amber’s thigh and leant over to kiss her. Jen quickly got her hand under Amber’s skirt and to the top of her thighs, at which point she twisted her wrist to get Amber to spread her legs a little and then pushed her fingers on to on to Amber’s panties. Jen whispered in to Amber’s ear and asked if she would finger her and felt Amber gently slide a hand up between Jen’s legs. When Amber’s fingers reached Jen’s pussy Jen spread her legs further to give Amber as much access as she wanted and in turn Jen tried to work her fingers in to Amber’s panties. She sort of made contact with Amber’s pussy but wanted to play with her properly and hissed in to Amber’s ear to get her panties off. Amber did as she was told and as soon as she sat down again Jen pushed her fingers in to Amber’s hot pussy and began fingering her. The two of them kissed and fingered each other with Jen pulling her top up and telling Amber to also play with her (Jen’s) breasts. Jen came before Amber did (but she was feeling horny before they’d even started) and this meant that she could then concentrate on Amber. She got Amber to pull her own top up and free her nipples so Jen could suck on them as she worked her fingers on and in Amber’s pussy. Jen says that she wished she had been able to go down on Amber (or have Amber go down on her), but she contented herself with making Amber cum by just using her fingers.

When Mike got to Lisa, he kissed her to let her taste Sam’s juices from her face and then sat and watched the tail end of Jen and Amber’s games (along with the other people who were playing with each other). He asked Lisa if she still wanted to fuck and she told him yes so he asked if she would help to get him ready as he placed her hand on his crotch. Lisa commented that he already seemed more than ready (he was unsurprisingly already hard having just eaten Sam) but Mike asked if she would be prepared to suck him as he intended to give her pussy a very thorough licking later on. Lisa knew that he was just daring her to do things with people watching, but as I’ve said before, she seems to be coming along well and  freed his cock from his trousers and then bent her head down to suck it. Mike enjoyed this for a couple of minutes and then told her that she’d done enough and he didn’t want to cum too soon (he wasn’t actually anywhere near cumming but he wanted to make sure he knew that he had enjoyed what she had been doing).

After having finished with Ashraf and Julia, I had gone to help out with Susan who had moved on from Lisa and Brandon to take care of Sean and Craig. She had basically repeated what she had done earlier, just with Craig’s cock in her mouth while Sean fucked her. I helped out by joining her in sucking Craig and getting Sean to pull out occasionally so I could suck him and lap at Susan’s cunt. Naturally I also kissed Susan and toyed with her breasts and as Sean got closer to cumming I frigged Susan’s clit to help her get off. This worked quite well and we actually made her cum before Sean did, but as you would expect he was told to just carry on using her until he finished off and he was encouraged to fuck her as hard as he could. He really enjoyed this and as his body slapped repeatedly against Susan’s ass I warned him that he’d better be ready to do that to me as well on our next visit. The violent fucking meant that Susan wasn’t concentrating on Craig’s cock too much, but as soon as Sean came and pulled out of her I want back to helping her out. Between us it didn’t take too long to finish Craig off and while he didn’t cum too much, we had enough that we were able to kiss and share his cum between our mouths and I then went down on Julia and licked some of Craig’s cum in to her cunt and mixed it the bits of Sean’s cum that hadn’t already leaked out.

All in all it was a good evening but people started to get tired (as did I) and began to drift off. Mike headed off to Lisa’s place with her and I went up to have a quick shower to remove any cum from my body before I spent the night with Jen (I also used copious amounts of mouthwash). I was going to give Richard and James another private show before heading to bed but Jen said she was tired and wanted to snuggle up so we said our goodnights and headed in to James’ room. Jen wasn’t quite as tired as she had pretended and told me she wanted to fuck. I teased her a bit about how Amber’s fingers should have satisfied her but she wasn’t in the mood for teasing and pulled me down on to the bed, then started grinding against me. I pressed a thigh against her pussy and told her if she wanted to cum then I would make her cum and gave her the choice of position. She opted for scissoring for finishing off, but wanted to hump, finger and eat each other a bit first. I didn’t entirely stick to the script that Jen wanted and while we were 69ing I worked on her in her favourite ways, pushing my tongue up inside her from time to time and letting her do the same to me. As I’d intended, we got quite carried away and before she realised it Jen was cumming. She immediately gave my thigh a little slap and told me that she had wanted to scissor so I briefly broke contact with her pussy to tell her that we were still going to and that was just a warm up. I carried on kitty kissing Jen and she buried her face in my pussy and ate me quite forcefully, determined that if she was going to be ‘made’ to cum twice, then I was going to have to do the same.

I kitty kissed Jen until she made me cum and let her kitty kiss me briefly before rolling her off of me and digging around in our bag to find a suitable toy to use. I pulled out a double ended dildo (it makes going through airport security more interesting when carrying toys, although we actually rarely get asked about them), wiped one end on my pussy, wiped the other end on Jen’s pussy, turned the dildo around and then pushed ‘my’ end in to Jen’s waiting cunt. I also retrieved a vibrating egg from our bag and then joined Jen on the bed, mounted the free end of the dildo and pressed my pussy against Jen’s. We used the egg to stimulate both our clits simultaneously and then fucked against the dildo and each other for a while. I then let Jen lie back and take the egg while I fucked her, trying to pound myself against her in a similar way to Sean pounding against Susan earlier in the evening. We started calling each other names and saying how dirty we each were. I told Jen that she was a slut for wanting to finger cute little Amber’s 18 year old pussy and Jen (rightly) told me that I was a whore for sucking off Craig and Sean while eating Susan. As Jen started her mewing, signalling that she was getting close, I pressed my pussy up against the egg to help catch up with her, but before she came I resumed humping against the dildo and slamming my cunt against hers. I then continued this through Jen’s orgasm and when she dropped the egg I pushed my pussy against hers and rubbed back and forth as best I could with the dildo in us. I fished around for the egg and pressed it against my clit, holding it in place until I came. I moved away from Jen, taking the dildo with me, pulled it out and then crawled up beside Jen. I asked if she now felt better and she gave me a very cute girlish giggle and said ‘much better’.  We lay and discussed the new people and I congratulated Jen for finally getting stuck in. We could both sort of see why Mike was smitten with Lisa, although he had obviously enjoyed eating Sam and we knew he’d had fun fucking Amber the previous visit (and was looking forward to doing things with her without protection – as was I). I caressed Jen’s stomach as we talked and wondered how much of a difference having the baby would actually make (we knew it would be a lot) and we fell asleep.

Mike and Lisa had walked back to her place hand in hand, stopping a couple of times along the way to make out with Mike playing with Lisa as much as he could get away with. As she closed the door to her room, he pressed her up against it and kissed her as he fought with her clothes to remove them (it’s not really that easy to undress someone while pressed up against them). He got her most of the way to being naked and she reached down to undo his trousers and freed his cock. Mike wanted to fuck Lisa in the same way Susan had been fucked out back at the club and he pushed his cock in to her and pumped in to her with her still standing against the door. He lifted her up and told her to wrap her arms around his neck (Lisa hadn’t seen Susan’s fuck, but had heard about it) and Mike pumped away in to her with as much enthusiasm as the guy had done with Susan. He really wanted to cum in her, but also wanted to taste her properly first so he slowed his movements and asked her if she wanted him to eat her and she told him yes.

He waddled over to her bed with Lisa still mounted on his cock (fortunately she hadn’t pushed his trousers too far down) and once he’d dumped her on the bed, he quickly removed his remaining clothes while she removed hers. Mike knelt and buried his face in Lisa’s pussy, briefly came up for air to tell her again that it was much nicer now that she was shaved and then spent ages licking her. As she got closer to cumming, he once again flicked his tongue over her ass a number of times and gently speared her. She made appreciative sounds but told him that it was dirty. Mike got her to admit that it felt nice so he assured her that as long as she enjoyed it, he didn’t mind doing it and ate her until she came. He then switched to kitty kissing her and swirled his tongue over her ass a few more times before crawling up beside her and pressing his hard cock against her side as he kissed her. They spent a while making out again until Mike asked her if she was ready to fuck as he wanted his cock inside her beautiful little cunt and Lisa told him to go ahead.

They used a number of different positions – Lisa enjoyed being on her back with her legs up against Mike as he pushed deep inside her and Mike liked having her ride him as he could watch her enjoy herself and easily play with her breasts, clit and ass. He gave her a session with her lying on top of him and him pumping in to her pussy hard and fast (she also liked that) but she asked to cum with him on top of her. Mike was sufficiently pleased that she was helping to guide the session that he did as she wanted, but he did ask her to wrap her legs around him so he could reach back and caress them. He told her that once she came, he was going to cum in her hot tight cunt and Lisa told him to go ahead and they kissed from that point on until Lisa came while panting in to his mouth. Mike had been holding back for a while so it didn’t take him long to cum himself and he pushed hard in to Lisa in time with his squirts and then stayed buried inside her, pressing as far in as he could get as they kissed some more.

When they finally separated, they were both still panting a little and Mike reached down to feel his cum leaking out of Lisa’s pussy. He rubbed this around her pussy and over the hair on her mons as he nuzzled on her nipples. They discussed the various positions they had used and Mike found out which ones she had enjoyed) and he suggested a few more, telling her that he would be more than happy to let her experiment with him to see what else she enjoyed. Lisa reached down to his cock and pointed out that he wasn’t really in a fit state to do anything else with her and Mike took this as a challenge. He crawled down between her legs and kitty kissed her pussy (wishing he hadn’t rubbed his cum all around it). Lisa said that she didn’t think she could cum again but he told her he just wanted to worship her pussy for a while and he wasn’t trying to make her cum. She let him continue but she hadn’t taken in to account the fact that while he technically wasn’t trying to make her cum, he *was* trying to make her want to cum again. This worked as planned and after a while Lisa began to squirm around on the bed and Mike’s licking became more focussed. She made a disappointed sound when he pulled away from her pussy, but he crawled up her body and she felt his cock rub against her pussy as he kissed her. Mike pushed back in to her and used long slow strokes, then told Lisa he wanted to show her another position that he know some people liked. He got her to turn over on to her front and he slid in to her cunt and lay on her, pushing a hand between her and the bed so he could reach down and play with her clit. Mike kissed her neck and Lisa turned her head so they could kiss a little, but he mostly concentrated on her neck, shoulders and earlobe. He asked Lisa to squeeze herself around him and she tried, but she wasn’t used to doing this so it didn’t have much of an effect. Mike continued using long slow strokes in her as they fucked with Lisa pushing her ass back against him in time with his strokes. He carried on playing with her clit and watched the expression on Lisa’s face as she got closer to cumming. He considered trying to cum in her again but as she looked like she was enjoying what he was doing, he just continued on fucking and frigging her until she let out a little cry and he asked her if she was cumming again. She nodded yes and he pushed in to her a little harder with each stroke until he felt her body relax underneath him.

Mike pulled his hand out from under her and offered his fingers to Lisa. She just looked at him and he pressed them against her mouth so she opened it and sucked them clean. While still buried in her he told her that he loved the way her pussy tasted and if he was her, he would be fingering himself (herself?) and tasting the juices all the time. Mike carried on moving inside her and teased her about this, finally getting her to admit that she had tasted herself on a number of occasions, but generally only just before or just after she had cum. Lisa asked him if he had cum again and he told her he hadn’t (which is why he could still move inside her), but that it didn’t matter as he had just wanted to make her cum. Mike pulled out of her and told her that he should probably go so Abrahii didn’t have to wait up and Lisa told him that if he wanted to, that he could stay over. Mike asked what had happened about her not wanting her neighbours to see an old guy leaving her room in the morning (she had asked him to leave after the previous time he’d slept with her) and she said that she didn’t care. Mike quickly grabbed his phone and crawled back in to bed with Lisa as he sent a text to Abrahii telling her that he wouldn’t be coming over. He then tried to get Lisa to pose for a naked photo, but she had the sense not to do this (not that Mike would have shown it to anyone other than Jen and me, but Lisa didn’t know that).

Thursday, 24 July 2014

More Fun With Freshers - Part 4

While I’d been on Susan’s face, Mike had been chatting to Lisa and complimenting her on being able to enjoy herself so openly. He still had his cock out (at Mel’s instruction as Susan was meant to suck all the guys clean) and he asked Lisa if he would be likely to get to sleep with her again at some point. She gently stroked his cock and asked if he thought he could give her another long session and he told her that he would take as long as she wanted (and then leant close to her and thanked her for the way she had spoken about him to Amber). Mike’s cock returned to being fully stiff as she caressed it so he reached between her legs and asked if he could at least have a quick taste of her as he slid his fingers along her pussy. She told him yes and he tasted her from his fingers and then suggested they watch Susan, Brandon and me finish up. This was an excuse to get Lisa to turn away from Mike as he then pulled her back against him and lifted the back of her skirt to slide his cock between her legs. He knew that he probably couldn’t fuck her at that point (although if she had asked him to he would have given it a good try), but he enjoyed rubbing his cock between her ass cheeks and then pushing it between her legs. Mike then leant back against Lisa’s desk, positioned his cock against her pussy and pulled her back against him. She looked around at him and he gave her a little nod and continued to gently pull her towards him. He felt the head of his cock pop into her pussy, followed by the rest of his cock. Lisa sat back against him and Mike enjoyed the feeling of her tight pussy around his cock, but neither of them were ready for a second round (and he was sufficiently surprised that Lisa had allowed him to slide into her with everyone around so probably wouldn’t have tried to push things even if he hadn’t just cum).

When Brandon and I finished with Susan, Mike, Brandon and Ashraf all had to present their cocks for her to suck them clean. I was a little surprised that neither Julia nor I had to help out with this, but as I’d just cum I didn’t really care too much. Susan then had the juices covering her face wiped around a little (but not wiped off) and people helped her to get dressed while she remained lying on her back on the bed (which was an excuse to not put a bra back on her). Once she was dressed, she had to hold her pussy lips together as she got up and we left Lisa’s room with Susan waddling along with a hand under her skirt, keeping her pussy held shut. She had been told that she could only let go when someone was about to see her and we made it halfway down the stairs before we heard voices coming up. I was in front of Susan so didn’t get to see it myself, but Jen says that when Susan pulled her hand away from her pussy, she immediately started dripping cum – some of it falling straight down on to the ground and some running down her legs. As soon as the people coming up the stairs had passed us and were out of sight, Susan was made to stand with a leg up on the railing so we could add see her pussy and Mel spread Susan’s lips to allow more cum to leak out. Both of Susan’s thighs were streaked with cum and I told everyone that I wanted the same treatment on my next visit. Mel wiped her fingers over Susan’s face and we continued our journey downstairs and to a coffee shop. Susan was at least allowed to copy what Jen had done at lunchtime and sit with a napkin under her ass to stop her skirt getting too wet (although most of the cum had probably leaked out of her by that point). Mike had a brief play with Julia under her skirt – he didn’t have enough time between interruptions to actually make her cum but he still enjoyed himself and Mel approved of Julia being fondled in such a public place.

After coffee we split up for a while and people went their separate ways until later that night. I went for a walk with Jen and Mike went with Mel and Julia back to their hotel so he could play with Julia a little more. He spent a while teasing her, but wasn’t too mean and ate her to orgasm, then ‘convinced’ Mel to let him do the same to her. Mel wanted to be fingered as well and Mike was happy to oblige – she kept telling him to be a bit rougher with her and he ended up using four fingers to fuck her quite forcefully, occasionally stopping to lick at her clit (but keeping his fingers in her as he did this). Mike then carried on fingering (almost fisting) Mel as Julia played with Mel’s breasts and rubbed her clit. When Mel came she let out a series of guttural groans and as soon as she finished cumming Mike pulled his fingers out of her and buried his face in her cunt. He lapped away at her for a good few minutes – a little more forcefully than kitty kissing, but also not really eating her properly and then told her that he wanted to be inside her. I had told Mike about my evening with Mel and Julia so he got Mel to stand against the window as he took her from behind. Due to the fact it was daytime, he didn’t press her right up against the window and allowed her to stand with her hands on the glass. Mike slid in to her and fucked her while reaching around to play with her clit – Mel asked him to fuck her hard so Julia took over playing with Mel’s clit, allowing Mike to pound in to Mel. He thinks she felt a little looser than usual, but as he’d just been using four fingers in her he didn’t find this too surprising and just kept pounding in to her. He pressed his thumb against her ass but Mel told him not to so he left her ass alone and concentrated on her cunt. As they fucked, Mike asked Mel if she would like to have a line of guys queued up to fuck her, with each one pumping away inside her and emptying their loads in to her cunt so their cum ran out and down her legs as it had done with Susan. As I’ve said before, Mel usually likes to be the one giving pleasure (or rather making people do things), but she seemed to be in a relatively submissive mood and allowed Mike to describe in detail how every guy would have a turn fucking her and then how the girls would all fist her one after the other. He even gave her ass a few slaps as she got close to cumming and once she had cum he pushed in to her as far as he could and stayed buried in her.

Mel went to sit down on the bed and told Mike if he had the energy left then he should fuck Julia – as he hadn’t cum in Mel this wasn’t too difficult for him and in her case he was a lot gentler, but also played with her clit as she leant up against the window in the same position Mel had been in. To finish things off Mike cheated a little and held a vibe against Julia’s clit as he fucked her, but she seemed to enjoy it and that was his main concern as making girls cum is probably the thing he finds most arousing (of course it also depends on how he makes them cum, but as long as the end result is an orgasm he generally gets turned on by it). He said that he could have easily cum in either Mel or Julia but was holding back in the hope of fucking one of the freshers later that night with the aim of being able to produce at least a semi-decent second load of cum for the day. He topped off his arousal by getting Julia to lie on the bed and kitty kissing her once more and they then discussed which of the new people they would most like to do things with. Mel and Jules already knew that Mike was quite taken with Lisa but that he wanted to do something with Sam to complete the hat-trick of the new girls. Julia was more interested in the new guys and was quite willing to offer herself up to help convert the gay guys to bi ones. Mel switched back to her usual form and wanted to watch Julia fuck and be fucked by all of the new people in turn, but was aware that Susan was now probably first in line for this so was prepared to have Julia take turns with Susan.

Just before he got dressed and came to find Jen and me, he had a final spoon with Julia – not actually fucking her, just enjoying the warmth of her pussy. As he’d got Mel off twice, she gave him the choice of what Julia should wear later that evening and he just gave the guidance of something cute. Mel said that they had something suitable with them and offered to show Mike but he said he was fine letting them surprise him (and he was sure that Mel wouldn’t have any qualms with embarrassing Julia). He then wandered back in to town and met up with Jen and me (we were having coffee – even if she can’t have the caffeinated stuff, Jen still enjoys her coffee) and gave us a brief rundown of his session. We were both quite surprised at Mel’s behaviour but couldn’t discuss it too openly where we were so soon headed back to Richard and James’ place and met up with them.

The rest of the afternoon was fairly quiet – we had dinner in and got ready to go out for the evening. I’d brought a new outfit with me – a semi-transparent top with a shelf bra that left my nipples exposed and some nipple disks so I could go to respectable places and have it look like I’d made an effort to not display myself too much. The only caveat was that the disks were slightly smaller than my areola and in semi-decent lighting this was quite obvious (not that I specifically tried to find disks of this size to ensure this effect…). I paired this with a little ra-ra skirt that I could easily pull up as required and a pair of opaque tights that I fully expected to lose before the evening was through. Jen went with a tight backless top that her points of nipples were easily visible through whenever they got hard and a wrap-around skirt that made it easy to slide a hand in one side and on to her bare ass. She wasn’t quite as wet so agreed to go out without panties on, but took a small pair with her.

We met up with everyone in a new(ish) bar and spent a couple of hours there. Jen enjoyed herself a lot more now that she didn’t have to make excuses about not drinking and had a good chat with Amber and Lisa about the pregnancy and how she had gotten in to the situation (other than the obvious ‘having sex’). There was only a little fondling that went on at the bar as it was too crowded to get away with much. Mike did make out with Lisa for a bit she and offered to sleep with him later on which he was quite pleased about. He got to fondle her a bit more when we moved on to a club and we danced for a couple of hours (at least I did my approximation of dancing). It was very hot and we all got quite sweaty, not helped by us grinding up against each other. At one point when I danced when Jen we each pushed a leg between each other’s legs and I could feel how slippery her pussy felt. I was also fondled by a number of other people in our group and managed to have fairly decent make-out sessions with Sam and Sean (separately). Susan was told to find a guy and ‘entertain’ him and to make sure she got him sufficiently interested that he wanted to fuck her (from experience of guys in clubs, that usually involves just saying hello).

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see it (although Mike did), but Susan got to take the guy out back and was fucked up against the wall. He and a few others followed them out to make sure she was safe and they started things off by kissing but Susan quickly moved things along by shoving a hand down the guy’s trousers and stroking his cock. He eagerly followed suit and pushed a hand under her skirt to discover she didn’t have panties on and he quickly got his fingers up inside her. They kissed some more and he pulled Susan’s top down (which she didn’t stop him from doing) and he played with and sucked on her breasts. Susan rolled her skirt up and tucked it in to her top so she was effectively just wearing a rather unruly belt and knelt down to free the guy’s cock from his trousers. She rolled a condom on to it and immediately took him in her mouth, sucked him for a minute or so and then stood up to let him fuck her. He took her against the wall, holding one of her legs up (or out) and pumped back and forth in her rapidly as they kissed and he used his other hand to caress her breasts and her ass. Susan told him to lift her up and she wrapped her arms around his neck to help out. He kept her pressed against the wall and fucked her as she rode his cock, holding her up by her ass. Susan was quite clear that she wanted him to make her cum (sufficiently so that Mike and the others could hear her clearly). At least the guy seemed considerate enough to want to please her and he kept going as she told him she was getting closer and was going to cum. When she did cum she told him to fuck her as hard as he wanted and cum in her. She kept encouraging him to fuck her and he soon came in her, held her up for a short while longer and then lifted her off of his cock and let her stand back down on the ground again. Susan quickly knelt down, held the condom in place and took the head of his cock in her mouth to give it a final suck. As the guy pulled the condom off and stuffed his cock back in to his trousers, Susan tried to sort her dress out and ended up having to slide it down to her feet and pull it back up to get it on again. She then thanked the guy and joined the others to go back inside.

I had managed to tease a couple of random guys while dancing with them by rubbing up against them and letting their hands roam wherever they wanted. Both guys got their hands on to my ass under my skirt and the first one also gave my breasts a good massage through my top. The sweat had somewhat loosened the nipple disks so the fondling dislodged them. I let the guy see as I undid a button, slipped a hand into my top (it was fairly dark in the club but the top was transparent enough that I think he could see my hand) and peeled off the disks. Having disposed of them, I pressed up against him and he fondled my breasts more firmly. I’d left the button undone and he took the hint and soon had his hands directly on my breasts but it wasn’t the sort of place we could get away with that for too long. I ground my pussy against his crotch and when I finally left him I went to the bathroom to remove my tights so the second guy I danced with probably had a number of snail trails left on his trousers when I humped against him.

We once again headed back to Richard and James’ place and our games had put pretty much everyone in the mood to play. Susan and Julia were immediately offered up for anyone to use as they wanted and not wanting to be left out I said that I would help out. Ashraf had first dibs on Julia (apparently they had been fooling around a fair bit tougher at the club) and as she sucked him off I let him finger me and then helped Julia out. Even with two girls sucking him, Ashraf said he wanted to fuck but he didn’t object to me licking them both as Julia rode him while he sat on a chair. He offered to eat me as well so we threw a couple of cushions on the floor and Ashraf lay down, Julia mounted his cock again and I sat over his face. This position allowed to me kiss Jules and reach between her legs to play with her clit and I told her that I was looking forward to being able to switch places with her on our next visit. Julia fondled my breasts and told me that I could have as many guys fuck me as I wanted and Susan would eat me clean. I really wanted to just be fucked with the cum filling and covering me but Julia was trying to help turn me on so I didn’t correct her and we built on the fantasy with her getting to cum each time I did.

Monday, 21 July 2014

More Fun With Freshers - Part 3

Just as during the previous evening, my morning was a bit more intense than Mike and Jen’s. This time it was Julia’s turn to be fucked with the vibes and I was allowed to help out for a bit, but then had to sit in front of her and hold her face against my cunt so I could feel her moaning in to me as she came. Mel carried on fucking Julia’s pussy and ass until Julia ate me to orgasm. The angle she was in meant that she couldn’t get the best contact with me for cunnilingus and it took a little while. I was considering faking an orgasm to spare Julia from further vibe action, but as I had this thought I could feel my orgasm starting to build so just concentrated on helping it along with my imagination. I came, but it wasn’t a very satisfying orgasm – although it was enough that Mel pulled the vibes out of Julia and released her from the bed. Her pussy looked very pink and a little swollen so I offered to kitty kiss her. Julia accepted this offer and I gently lapped away at her pussy until she felt better at which point we decided that Mel should really be made to cum. Mel only objected briefly to this and we ended up taking her together – she insisted that if she was going to cum then I was going to cum again so I 69ed with her and Jules used a vibe in Mel’s ass. I had a good view of this and considered asking if I could have the other vibe in my ass, but tempting Mel can be a bad idea so I just stuck with letting her eat me and watched as I ate her in return. I had a much better orgasm that time and Mel certainly seemed to enjoy her one too. We were told that there would be a punishment for us making her cum, but weren’t told what it would be until we had all showered and got dressed for the day.

‘Getting dressed’ only included Mel and Julia as I didn’t have any clothes with me, but I was getting used to my morning walks of shame with just my coat on (and it is a little easier in the colder weather as I naturally wear a longer coat). Just before we left the room, Mel handed Julia and I a pair of panties each and we were told to put them on. In the lift on the way down, she then handed us each a vibe and told them to turn them on and get them in to ourselves. This was easier said than done and we decided to help each other out, but still had to take the lift back up to the top floor to give us time to pull our panties to the side, slide the vibes in and cover the ends with the crotches of our panties. It felt very naughty walking back to James and Richard’s place with the vibe buzzing away inside me and other than the panties, being naked under my coat. Mel said that she wanted to take a detour and I wondered what else she had in mind, but soon recognised that we were heading towards Abrahii’s place. Abrahii was still asleep when we arrived, but one of her housemates let us in and we headed up to her room. Julia and I had to show Abrahii the bulges in our panties and we were then offered to her to provide our traditional wake up service. This did at least mean that we got to pull the vibes out (as nice as vibes can be, they get irritating if left in for too long) and we took turns eating Abrahii while the other person sat over her face to be licked. Abrahii said that it was a nice surprise to be woken up this way (technically we didn’t eat her awake, but she still hadn’t been expecting a morning session) and added that we should hire ourselves out to provide that service (but she knows already that for her we would do this any time).

Abrahii went to shower and we arranged to meet up later on. Mel, Jules and I then headed over to Richard and James’ place (this time without use of panties or vibes) and by the time we arrived, everyone was up and sitting around chatting. Julia and I had to shed our coats and Mel suggested that Julia could take care of Richard if he wanted. He wasn’t immediately in the mood for this, but after a few minutes of a naked Julia grinding against his crotch he was clearly hard and said that he could probably put up with her fucking him (keeping up the British tradition for sarcasm). It didn’t seem fair to leave James out so I asked if he wanted some attention and was pleased when he said yes. I slipped a pair of panties on first to ensure my pussy didn’t get any cum directly on it, then crawled across the floor towards James and ran my hands up his thighs to his crotch. He actually seemed quite eager and quickly undid his jeans, slipped them down (along with his underwear) and kicked them off. I took hold of James’ cock and rubbed it against my face, then took it in my mouth and started to suck him. He pushed my head down on to his cock so I wrapped my hand around the shaft to stop him from going too deep and then bobbed up and down while swirling my tongue around the head and shaft. I stopped sucking him from time to time so I could once again rub his cock against my face and also have an opportunity to look over at Jules riding Richard. I almost suggested that we swap for a bit so they could both get fucked and sucked, but Julia seemed to be enjoying Richard’s cock so it seemed unfair to interrupt them. I made James promise to tell me when he was about to cum and took his cock back in my mouth while using a hand to caress his balls. It wasn’t long before he said he was getting close and I told him to give me just a couple of seconds notice and resumed sucking his cock. I pressed a finger against his ass and rubbed back and forth and this was enough to send him over the edge. He cried out that he was about to cum and I quickly pulled my mouth off of his cock and stroked it while continuing to caress his balls and rub his ass with my other hand. As he came I pressed my fingertip a little harder on his ass and I felt his cum splatter over my face. He tried to pull me back to his cock but I held back until he had stopped cumming before I took him in my mouth again and gave it a gentle suck clean.

Julia was still going on Richard (he seems to be able to last a bit longer than James), but it didn’t look like things would continue for too long so I moved over beside them and watched as I rubbed James’ cum in to my face and breasts. I wanted to cum but couldn’t use my hands to masturbate with so I asked Mike to fetch me a vibe. He quickly dashed upstairs and returned with our nice silicone coated one, pulled the front of my panties down and pushed it in so it rested against my clit. I lay back and played with my breasts as Mike held the vibe against me and watched Julia bouncing on Richard’s cock from my new angle. Unsurprisingly, they came before I did and Jen suggested that as I liked cum so much that Jules should stand over me and share whatever Richard gave her. This sounded like a good idea to us both and as Julia straddled me, Richard’s cum started to drip out of her. She moved so it fell mostly on my face and neck (she knows about my sensitive neck). I rubbed Richard’s cum in with James’ cum and told Mike to press harder against my clit with the vibe. He did as I asked for a while, but it was then decided that people should be able to see my pussy so the panties were torn off of my body (we do get through quite a few sets of underwear and tights like this, but this time they were Julia’s panties). Mike rubbed the vibe up and down the length of my pussy and I foolishly thought he was about to make me cum, but just as I entered the final stretch he moved the vibe away and said that it might be better to tease me for a while.

I told him that I really wanted to cum (which he already knew) and once again realised that it was stilly to argue as I was going to be played with no matter what I said. When instructed Iifted my ass up and people pushed a couple of cushions under it while Mike unzipped his trousers and freed his cock. He pushed in to me and Mel told Jules to sit on my face. Mike fucked me for a few minutes as I followed the instructions to eat Jules clean and I then felt the vibe on my clit once more. Mike took me close to cumming (not too close, but enough to be frustrating) at least three times and it felt like they played with me for ages (it was only about 15 minutes apparently) before Julia was told to climb off of my face (I’d made her cum again and then mostly just kitty kissed her) so people could watch me cum and see the expression on my face. With Julia and me being the centre of attention it felt like old times (not that I begrudge Susan her enjoyment) and I tried to remember how embarrassed I was when I was first made to perform in front of people (I think I enjoy exhibitionism so much because of the shame/embarrassment that is meant to come with people seeing such intimate acts). Mike carried on fucking me while Jen rubbed the vibe around my clit and just before I came she pulled it away, but put it back as soon as I yelled at her. Due to this I had a slightly broken orgasm but it still felt quite good and I humped against Mike’s cock which he had pressed deep inside of me.

I still felt that I need to cum (possibly due to Jen pulling the vibe away at the crucial moment or possibly just because of the teasing) and I begged for someone to eat me. Usually this would have been Mike or Jen’s job, but they offered me to the others and Richard said he would have a turn. I would have actually preferred Mike, Jen or even Julia to do it, but it would have been rude to turn down his offer so I just told him to hurry up and make me cum again. It’s not as if Richard is bad at cunnilingus (he gets a fair amount of practice – mostly with Abrahii, but with other members of the group as well) and he did a good enough job. I felt my next orgasm building quite quickly and I reached down to hold his head against my pussy so he wouldn’t pull away and tease me, but he carried on eating me and I had a much better orgasm with his tongue on my clit. This time I was panting and moaning louder and reached over for Mike’s cock to stroke. I wanted him in my mouth, but didn’t tell him this in time so I made do with just holding and rubbing his cock. Once I’d cum I asked to suck him clean of my juices and Mel suggested that I suck Richard clean of Julia’s juices as well. Given I’d already eaten his cum out of Julia’s pussy this didn’t seem like a big deal and it was actually quite fun as I got to feel his cock swell in my mouth as I sucked on it.

Once people were satisfied that Richard’s cock was clean I was allowed to go upstairs and shower myself clean, although Mike followed me and took a couple of pictures to send to Sue so she could see what she was missing (we had offered her the chance to come with us but she was busy with work again). I then got dressed and a short while later we all headed out to meet up with people for lunch. We played our usual games with Julia, Abrahii, Susan and me all touching ourselves as we ate and exposing our pussies as much as possible. Jen joined in and after a quick trip to the bathroom to remove her panties, she sat with a napkin under her ass to catch any juices and she managed to display herself quite nicely to the group (to the extent that she had quite a damp napkin by the end of lunch). Susan, Julia and I all bent over rather excessively to pick up our bags and gave a couple of guys at another table a decent view of our crotches. As we were going to be walking for a while, we convince Jen to leave her panties off and after an initial dribble of juice down one thigh she didn’t leak any more.

A little later in the afternoon, Mel suggested that Susan should really be made to leak as much as Jen and after her customary weak refusal, we headed to Lisa’s place (it was closest) and piled in to her small room. Other than making Susan perform, nobody was sure what Mel had in mind, but this was quickly remedied as she described what she had in mind – Susan would be serial fucked by a number of guys, each getting to cum in her. As Mel described this I could feel my own pussy twinge and I’ll admit that I felt rather jealous of Susan (but also knew that there was only a week left until the next sex party and that I should be sufficiently protected by then). As the aim was to cum as much in Susan as possible, Richard and James were out of the running, but Ashraf, Brandon and Mike all stepped up and offered their first loads of the day to the cause. Susan was stripped naked and her clothes stashed away (which was rather pointless as she isn’t really known for not being willing to play or cum). Susan was then told to lie on the bed and had her hands tied above her head, a couple of pillows placed under her ass (to keep it raised so the cum stayed in her) and Ashraf was set loose on her.

The aim was for the guys to cum in her, not to make Susan cum, although if that was a happy side effect then it was allowed. As such, the guys were meant to do whatever felt best for them and not worry about Susan. Mel thought that as Susan was giving pleasure to the guys, then she may as well take care of the girls as well and offered Susan’s mouth up for use. Abigail went first, saying that the sight of her little girl being fucked turned her on (and Ashraf was certainly pumping away inside Susan quite energetically). Abigail pulled her panties off but kept her skirt on so we couldn’t see much at first, but as she got more turned on she lifted her skirt so that she (and we) could see Susan licking her. Abigail helped Ashraf out by holding Susan’s legs up in the air so he could get deep inside her and she told Susan to lick her faster so she could cum as Ashraf came inside Susan. It didn’t work out quite that conveniently and Ashraf came first but Abigail remained in place on Susan’s face, holding Susan’s legs in the air until Susan ate her to orgasm.

It was Mike’s turn next and he wiped some of Jen’s juices over his cock for extra lubrication (and so she could feel as if she was getting to do things to Susan) slid in to Susan’s waiting cunt. Mike commented on the fact that she felt rather wet and asked Ashraf how much he’d cum in her, but it didn’t seem to stop him from pumping away and enjoying himself. I was going to climb up on the bed so Susan could eat me but the others were trying to convince Lisa or Sam to have a turn and I wanted to see if they would. As we were using Lisa’s room it was decided that she should get to cum and straddled Susan’s face. As with Abigail, she kept her pussy hidden for a while and only when she got close to cumming did we convince her to pull it up and get to see Susan licking her. Mike had enjoyed Susan’s pussy and could have cum quite a bit sooner, but as he wasn’t meant to be making Susan cum, he at least wanted to watch Lisa cum to spur him on – he still didn’t cum at the same time as her, but he wasn’t too far behind her and he held Susan’s legs up in the air as Abigail had done for Ashraf to ensure he could get as deep as possible inside her when he came.

Mike kept his cock buried in Susan for a minute or so before he pulled out and made way for Brandon. I’d had enough by this point and decided that if they convinced Sam to join in then I would happily take care of her myself, but I was going to have Susan take care of me first. I undid my skirt and let it slide to the ground and quickly climbed over Susan’s face, telling her that I wanted her to make me cum and in return I would help her out (Mel hadn’t said that the girls couldn’t play with Susan). As Brandon fucked Susan, Ashraf’s and Mike’s cum squelched out around his cock so he was told to not go too deep in to her. Even so, he didn’t take as long as Mike to cum, so Susan didn’t have time to make me cum but I refused to dismount her until I was satisfied. I made sure to keep my promise to her and I played with her clit to get her off in return, although I was told to be careful to not disturb the cum still inside her. Her crotch and ass already had a fairly good covering but I did as asked and just concentrated on her clit. Susan came before I did (but she had been fucked three times which is bound to feel nice even if the guys aren’t trying to get you off) and I then just sat up straight and enjoyed the feeling of her tongue on my cunt. I was told to hurry up and gently humped back and forth against Susan’s face to help things along, but it didn’t take me long anyway. Given I was in my favourite state (being watched by a number of people) I was surprised that I didn’t cum that hard, but I guess I’d had a pretty active morning already and the orgasm still felt pretty good.

Friday, 18 July 2014

More Fun With Freshers - Part 2

Mike asked if Amber was still sure she could cum twice (desperately hoping she was) and she reached down to his cock and stroked up and down the shaft as she said that she wanted to see if Lisa’s description of his fucking was as accurate. Mike quickly applied a condom and crawled back on to the bed over Amber. He kissed her and rubbed the head of his cock against her pussy to lubricate it before sliding in to her in one smooth stroke (she was quite wet from the eating as Mike hadn’t been able to lick any of her juices away). Amber gasped and said that he felt quite big (Mike quite liked Amber after this session given she kept complimenting him) and he fucked her with long slow strokes to see what she felt like.  He doesn’t think she felt as tight as Lisa had, but he obviously didn’t say that and instead told her that her cunt felt hot and wet and he couldn’t wait until he could taste her properly and then fill her with his cum. He got her to wrap his legs around him and they fucked in this position for a while until he pulled out, flipped her over and took her from behind, lying on her with his whole weight as he pushed a hand under her to play with her clit. In this position, Mike could kiss her shoulders and nibble on her earlobe (which she really liked). As they fucked he whispered to her and asked if she wanted to do things with Lisa – Amber told him that she did, but she didn’t think Lisa was that attracted to her (and possibly preferred Sam) but Mike encouraged her and said that if everyone got to play together then she would at least get a chance to make Lisa cum (and hopefully have Lisa make her cum). Amber liked the sound of that, but Mike didn’t dwell on it for too long as he wanted to concentrate on making Amber cum himself.

He pulled Amber up and fucked her with her kneeling on all fours and then asked if she would ride him. She wasn’t too experienced at this position, but had a good attempt at it (and enjoyed the fact that Mike could easily play with her clit and breasts as she did so). He asked her how she wanted to cum and she told him that she didn’t mind. They rolled over and Mike got her to wrap her legs around him so they could kiss as they fucked and Mike reached back to stroke down her left leg, outer thigh and towards her ass. Mike told Amber that he wanted to feel her tight little cunt cumming around his cock and after fucking for a while longer, he pulled out, rolled her on to her side and spooned with her. In this position he could once again play with her clit and breasts and she twisted her head around to kiss him. This isn’t the best position for depth, but he pushed in to her as deep as he could with each stroke and asked her if she wanted to cum. She panted a yes to him and he asked if she thought she could cum a third time afterwards but she gave him a definitive no. Mike told her that was a pity as he had wanted to spend longer with his cock buried inside her cunt and was going to make her cum in two different positions. She told him that she couldn’t wait any more so they just continued as they were with Mike fucking and frigging her and their tongues duelling. Amber came first and Mike fucked and kissed her through her orgasm, then pulled away from her a little to make it easier to move inside her. He pumped away in her pussy and told her that he was looking forward to feeling what she was like without a condom on, but he came* anyway and pushed as deep in to her as he could in time with his orgasm.

They rested for a bit with Mike still buried in her and Amber asked him if he would have really been able to keep going. He told her that he if hadn’t let himself cum then he could have lasted quite a while longer and would have happily made her cum again. He snuggled up behind her once more and asked her if she wanted to try for a third orgasm but she was still sure she couldn’t manage it. Mike moved gently inside her anyway and went back to asking her about wanting to do things with Lisa. Now she wasn’t in the heat of passion, Amber seemed a bit shyer about discussing this, but Mike described to her how Lisa’s juices tasted and that if Amber really liked her, then she should at least try. Mike finally pulled out of her and they kissed a little more with Mike lying on top of her. Just before they got dressed, Mike sat up over Amber and asked her if she would remove his condom – he pointed out that there might be some leakage but she reached down to his cock (and commented that it was still hard) and rolled the condom up. As she pulled it off, Mike’s cum ran down his shaft and dripped on to Amber’s lower stomach. Mike leant forwards again and rubbed his cock back and forth against her, smearing his cum over her and told her that the next time they did things, he wanted to eat her properly and then fill her with his cum. Amber kissed him back quite passionately so he lifted his crotch, reached down and rubbed his cum down over her pussy. He asked if he could at least get some of his cum in to her and she nodded so he pushed a couple of fingers in to her and worked them in and out, then wiped them in his cum again and repeated this.

They got dressed and came back downstairs to join us. Amber was only briefly embarrassed about people’s comments around knowing what she’d been doing – mostly as it appeared that that many of us had been doing similar things. There hadn’t actually been that much going on, it was just the fact that Richard was fondling Abrahii and Susan was sucking Brandon’s cock (I had helped out a little with this, but had left it to her to finish him off). I had also been licked by Sean (which hadn’t felt bad, but not wonderful) and had ended up half standing on the sofa so I could present my pussy to Jen and have her lick me). Jen’s new extra juicy pussy was shown off once again and it was quite obvious to everyone that she had really enjoyed watching people play with each other. Mike and I each briefly went down on her but she wanted to wait until she was in bed to cum again (and nobody wanted to argue with a pregnant woman so she wasn’t forced to exhibit herself).

People seemed to agree that it was time to start heading home and I asked Jules and Mel if I could join them at their hotel. They said that I was welcome, but that I’d probably have to perform and told them that I’d expected that this would be the case and was the whole reason I wanted to spend the night with them. Also as expected, Mel said that I couldn’t fetch any fresh clothes to wear, so I had the choice of wearing my cum-stained skirt or having nothing under my coat. I’m fairly sure that even if I’d said that I would wear the skirt I wouldn’t have been allowed to, Mel just knew that I probably wouldn’t want to have the guys’ cum so close to my pussy (even though I was probably reasonably well protected by the pill at this point). I wasn’t alone though as Mel insisted that Julia also return to the hotel naked (under her coat) and so the three of us set out together, leaving Mike and Jen at Richard and James’ place.

Even though it was a bit cold, Mel forced Julia and me to walk with our coats undone (with our hands in our pockets to keep the front from opening too much). It was a little breezy so one side or the other would occasionally blow open and we were eventually allowed to hold the front shut (not even Mel wanted us to actually get arrested). Back at the hotel it was a slightly different matter though and once we reached our floor, Mel made us walk from the lift to the room with our coats off. She then took her time unlocking the door in the hope that someone would come along and discover us, but we made it in to the room safely. As soon as we were inside, we had to remove our shoes and start to play with each other as Mel got undressed and ready for bed – it was nice to play with Julia again (we’ve made each other cum so many times that our bodies are quite familiar to each other and we can easily provide a fair bit of pleasure). Mel sat beside us, instructed us to keep going and played with both our bodies. We ended up in a simple 69 and lapped away at each other until we both came (as we weren’t competing I let myself cum before Julia) and when we finally separated, Mel kissed us both and tasted the other person’s juices from our mouths.

Our next round was a bit different – both Julia and I had to stand pressed up against the window facing outwards and Mel fingered us from behind. Our room was a little higher than most of the buildings around us , but we could easily see in to a number of other rooms so I suspect that some people may have seen us (although I didn’t see anyone watching us). As nice as it felt (other than the rather cold nipples), we couldn’t easily cum with what Mel was doing to us so Julia and I had to take turns kneeling beneath the other person and once again eat them until they came (with the person standing still facing out and pressed up against the window).

We had a little time to recover as Mel enjoyed licking at our cold nipples, but this only lasted for about five minutes until she decreed that it was her turn to enjoy herself. Mel lay back on the bed and Julia and I caressed, kissed and fondled her. We both had a turn at going down on her, but Mel said that as she wasn’t allowed to play with Jen while she was pregnant, that I would have to cum for Jen as well and I was instructed to sit over Mel’s face and be eaten yet again. On the positive side, Mel is quite forceful at this and has no qualms about probing either hole so at least it felt quite good. On the negative side, Mel made me cum before she did and refused to stop eating me. Fortunately Julia was looking out for me and she worked on Mel to make her cum as quickly as possible, but Mel’s licking still felt incredibly intense and I was straining to lift myself away from her mouth (she had her arms wrapped around me to hold me in place). My the time she released me I was panting and my whole cunt was in a state somewhere between tingling and throbbing – it’s not as if being treated like that was anything new to me, but I hadn’t experienced something that intense for that long for a little while so it took me a while to recover.

We chatted for a bit and discussed Jen’s pregnancy, along with the usual questions around how I felt about Mike and Jen having a baby together. Mel pointed out that it looked like I had been enjoying sucking of Ashraf and Craig and I agreed, saying that I had really missed having cock (other than Mike’s) which is why I was so eager to play with them and taste their cum (Mel and Julia both know that I don’t really like the taste of boy-cum, although I’m much better with it than I used to be). I made the mistake of telling them that I had already promised Richard and James that they could DP me once I’d been on the pill for long enough and Mel said that it didn’t seem fair for me to have to wait and that she was sure they could come up with something. I told her that I still felt quite sensitive from the licking she had given me, but knew that this wouldn’t actually make any difference as I said it.

I realised that I might be in trouble when Mel pulled the belts out of the dressing gowns and got me to crouch on the bed so she could tie each of my hands to opposite sides of the headbord. She did at least stuff a couple of pillows under by chest so that I wasn’t lying face down on the bed (the duvet was quite soft and while I probably wouldn’t have actually suffocated, it might not have been too pleasant). Once I was securely fastened to the bed, Mel gave my ass a few firm slaps and told me that she would make up for me not being able to fuck the guys. I felt something cold land on my ass and looked round to see Mel squeezing some lube on to a vibe, which was then inserted in to my ass. A second one was pushed in to my cunt and they were both turned on. Mel sat back and admired the view, then got Jules to reach under me and play with my clit as she pumped the vibes in and out of my ass and cunt. I got another number of slaps on my ass from Mel as she fucked me and was told to moan and pant to show I was enjoying myself. Mel pushed the vibe in my cunt in quite deep and told me to squeeze myself around it – I did as instructed and she carried on fucking me with it, using short strokes and keeping it quite deep inside me. This actually felt quite good and it got even better when I was told to lift my ass in the air so Jules could climb under me and lick my clit instead of frigging it (I’m still of the opinion that the best non-vibrating thing to stimulate a clit with is a tongue). As I’d been told to make noise, I told them how good it felt, asked Mel to fuck my cunt and ass, told Jules to lick my clit and described how I was going to cum soon. I actually drooled a little as I came (which I blame on the position I was in) and while it wasn’t the best orgasm I’ve had, it was a lot nicer than I had expected given I’d already cum three times since entering the room. Fortunately Mel seemed satisfied that we’d performed enough for her and when the vibes were finally removed from my holes and I was untied, we settled down to sleep.

Mike and Jen had a much gentler evening, although Jen had been just as horny as I‘d been so when they got to James’ room, she asked Mike to eat her straight away. Mike was more than happy to oblige and got stuck in to Jen’s still very wet pussy. Jen pulled on her nipples as Mike ate her and he asked if she wanted him to draw things out but she told him to make her cum as quickly as possible and he could then fuck her. As I’ve said before, both Mike and I have agreed to service Jen in whatever way she wants (or not pester her when she isn’t in the mood) while she is pregnant, so Mike did as she asked and carried on eating her until she came. He then curled up behind her and spooned with her while caressing her nipples until she was ready to fuck, at which point she told him that she wanted to be on top. Mike was quite happy about this and pulled out of her, rolled over and let her mount him. Jen sat upright for most of the session so Mike could toy with her clit as she rode him and played with her nipples. Her pussy made wet slurping sounds as they fucked and Mike encouraged her to leak as muck pussy juice over him as she could. To finish things off, Jen leant forwards and kissed Mike as he pumped in to her and caressed her ass until she came, after which he came in her fairly quickly. When she dismounted, he gave her pussy a few quick licks, kissed her stomach to say goodnight to the baby and spooned up behind her once more. They discussed the way things had turned out was odd and Mike complained to her that if Jen had just let him fuck her when I first started dating her, then we could have had so much more fun.

Jen was still feeling horny the next morning so Mike went down on her and then spooned with her while using a vibrating egg on her clit. He loved the sensation of her pussy cumming around his cock (and especially the way she thrust back and forth against him as she came) but he refrained from cumming in her. Jen didn’t mind this too much as she appreciated that he wanted to save his cum for the other people, but as a penalty he was told that he had to help make her cum whenever she wanted to (this wasn’t really much of a penalty for him). They remained in bed until they heard James and Richard get up and then joined them downstairs for breakfast, during which Jen was convinced to cum once more with Mike eating her as the guys watched. Following her orgasm, she lay with her legs spread and her pussy oozed milky fluid which Mike idly played with and rubbed over her thighs. They then went to shower and did this together to save water – Jen didn’t want to cum again just yet, but she didn’t have any objections to peeing as Mike fucked her from behind and afterwards said that by the time she had emptied her bladder, he could have probably convinced her to cum if he’d tried.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

More Fun With Freshers - Part 1

The last post was short so you're getting this one a day early...

Back to chronological entries now – this happened at the end of last November. Jen was still feeling quite horny and having ongoing periods of pussy leakage when she got very wet. We had decided that even though she hadn’t made it through the first trimester, that we would tell everyone she was pregnant as it would mean we could explain why we didn’t want her having sex with other people and not have to keep hiding or coming up with excuses.

We flew down on the Friday night and as we queued up I whispered to Jen about how she might be frisked in front of everyone and how the woman’s hands would slide up her legs and find her wet pussy (we had managed to convince Jen to forgo panties, which she was now regretting). I continued my teasing, describing how everyone would see as her juices leaked down her legs and she would end up so horny that she would beg to cum in front of everyone. Technically that’s really more my sort of thing, but the teasing worked on Jen and it was just as well she wasn’t frisked as I managed to get her wet enough that she actually did have her juices dripping down her thighs. Jen went and put panties on for the rest of the flight as she knew full well that we would continue to tease her (which we did) and by the time we landed her panties were soaked through.

We met up with people in one of the usual bars but didn’t stay there long as we’d got there quite late. A few of the other ‘old timers’ were there as well – Mel, Julia, Ashraf and Simon and Mel discovered just how wet Jen was in the pub as she (not too discreetly) slipped her hand under Jen’s skirt and fondled her. With her usual sense of tact, Mel announced to the group that Jen’s pussy was soaked and initially thought that Jen had just been indulging in a little watersports. This didn’t manage to embarrass Jen as much as Mel had hoped (mostly as she was feeling so horny that having a couple of people fondle her was very enjoyable). I suggested that we go somewhere more suitable to take care of Jen and we headed back to Richard and James’ place. Once everyone was in the living room, we announced that the reason Jen was so wet was due to various hormonal changes in her body and it didn’t take people too long to figure out that she was pregnant. Once the congratulations had finished, we explained that this was the reason why Jen hadn’t been drinking anything and that we had agreed that she wouldn’t be having sex with anyone (other than Mike and me of course).

I reached under Jen’s skirt and fondled her through her panties briefly before saying that just because she couldn’t play with others, it didn’t mean that people couldn’t see her cum and she held her skirt up as I peeled her panties off (literally – they were so wet they were actually stuck to her crotch). Jen spread her legs a little and I pushed my face between them to give her a brief lick before suggesting that she show everyone just how wet she could get. She was considerate enough to think about not staining the sofa, but I already had a plan for this and after I had tugged her skirt down, I stepped out of my own skirt and gave it to Jen to sit on so it could catch her juices. She placed it on the sofa, sat down, spread her legs and started to play with her clit. Mike and I sat on either side of her and pulled her legs even further apart, then pushed her top up and played with her breasts. She had the attention of the entire room (and yes, this made me a little jealous, but I intended to enjoy myself afterwards so I concentrated on helping Jen out) and after just a couple of minutes she was already mewing away and her pussy was leaking milky fluid down over her ass. Mike and I helped to spread this over her thighs, ass and breasts and tasted it ourselves from our fingers as well as feeding it to Jen. We helped out with fingering and frigging her and by the time she came, we had taken over these duties entirely. Jen came with Mike and I each sucking on one of her nips, my fingers flying back and forth over her clit and Mike’s fingers fucking her wet cunt and rubbing over her ass. Jen had been waiting for this orgasm since we’d set off earlier in the day and we left her lying on the sofa panting with her top up around her neck and otherwise naked. Half of my skirt was covered with drops and smears of her juices and her pussy still looked quite wet. Mike partially took care of this by kitty kissing her.

Meanwhile, I suggested that other people might want to enjoy themselves and explained that I was already back on the pill, but hadn’t been on it for long enough to be protected so still couldn’t fuck any of the guys, but was looking forward to taking their cocks inside me soon. Just as during our previous visit, this didn’t mean that I couldn’t enjoy cocks orally or help out in other ways though and I asked Ashraf if he minded if I played with him (he didn’t). As usual, he was hard already (not too surprising after Jen’s little show) and I fished his cock out and took as much of it in my mouth as I could manage. I didn’t want to be greedy and asked Craig (one of the new gay students) if he wanted to help me out. His ‘conversion’ to being bi had already been started in our absence (more about that later) and he joined me – we both sucked on Ashraf’s cock for a while and Craig didn’t seem to object to our tongues meeting as we kissed around it. I then gave Ashraf a quick tit-fuck as Craig kissed him and I then reached over to caress the obvious bulge in Craig’s trousers. Ashraf helped out and undid the zip and button so I could get my hand on to Craig’s cock and once it was free, I took him in my mouth and pulled him towards me (it’s quite easy to lead a guy by the cock) and after sucking him for a while decided to try something else.

I rubbed the heads of Ashraf’s and Craig’s cocks together and flicked my tongue over them both. They really seemed to like the way this felt so I did it for a bit longer and then moved on to rubbing their cocks over my face and neck. I got them to stand a bit closer together so I could hold their cocks together and as I stroked them I sucked on both heads at once. This still felt good, but they preferred it when their heads were rubbing together so we went back to this position and I rubbed the heads of their cock together while occasionally sucking them. As I wasn’t stimulating them too intensely, it took quite a while but they seemed to appreciate the slow build-up of pleasure and they allowed me to rub their cocks against my neck from time to time (for newer readers, my neck is very sensitive and I can cum just by having it stroked if it is stimulated for long enough). It eventually got too much for them though and they said that they really wanted to cum. I had been concentrating on Ashraf a bit more as I expected he would be able to hold out longer (I was already fairly impressed that Craig had lasted so long at 18 – most of my experience with guys that age ends up with them cumming quite quickly) and continued to do this as I tried to get them off together (or at least at roughly the same time). Ashraf still outlasted Craig and Craig shot his load partially in to my mouth, partially over my face and partially over Ashraf’s cock.

I managed to use Craig’s cock to rub against Ashraf’s a little longer, but Craig said it felt too intense so I let him go and concentrated on getting Ashraf off. He asked for another tit-fuck and I was happy to oblige as I quite enjoy the sight of a cock sliding back and forth between my breasts with the head disappearing between them and then thrusting back up towards my face. Ashraf said that it felt quite a bit better this time – probably due to the fact that I was getting a little sweaty from the heat in the room (lots of people in a small space with a number of them playing does this) and also helped out by the added lubrication of Craig’s cum. Ashraf fucked my breasts until he came and I lifted my head up so his cum splattered over my neck and ran back down on to my breasts. I sucked the head of his cock clean and rubbed their combined cum over my chest, but had to restrain myself from touching my pussy until I had wiped myself down (using my skirt – I thought that I may as well as it was already covered with Jen’s juices) and then went to wash myself down properly.

While I’d been busy taking care of some of the guys, Mike had got stuck in to his new favourite student Lisa and had discovered that she had shaved her pussy since his last encounter with it (only the lips – she still had a patch of short hair on her mons). He signalled his approval of her new look in the way you would expect – he ate her. This time he flicked his tongue over her ass quite a bit more than he had before and she flinched a little each time he did it, but she didn’t ask him to stop so he waited until she was getting close to cumming and speared her. Up until this point he hadn’t been sure if she didn’t like it when he went near her ass, if she was just embarrassed or if she just wasn’t used to it – when he speared her, it became obvious that she at least quite liked that and he did it a couple more times as he ate her to orgasm. He didn’t break contact with her when she came and spent about five minutes kitty kissing her, by which point he had her quite aroused again but he pulled away and left her in this state in the hope of getting her to play some more later on (either with him or someone else – he’s quite generous in that way once he’s gotten to eat a girl).

Mike had finished with Lisa by the time I returned, but Simon was letting Doug (the other new gay guy in the group) play with his cock and Mel and Julia were playing with Susan (Mel was using a beer bottle to fuck Susan while Julia sat over Susan’s face). Unusually, Susan was then made to eat Mel (Mel tends to ‘give’ a lot more than she ‘receives’ in our group sessions) and at multiple peoples’ insistence, Susan used the same bottle to fuck Mel as she licked her clit. We had a brief interlude once Mel came so that people could tell Mike, Jen and me what had happened since our last visit – we actually knew most of this already from chatting to Abrahii and James so the real aim of the conversation was to embarrass and congratulate people for things they had done. As I alluded to earlier, Craig had been convinced to try out a girl (it’s not that he hadn’t slept with a girl before, but he identifies as gay so people thought he should continue to experiment to open up his horizons). Susan had been nominated as his experimental pussy and he had dutifully fucked her in the presence of Abigail (he hadn’t been prepared to do it in front of the whole group, but Abigail had vouched for the fact that he had gone through with it). Lisa had also taken another step by having a threesome with Richard and Abrahii (again, not in front of the group), but she had also progressed in her public displays by letting herself be openly masturbated with other people around.

Having turned Lisa an iridescent shade of pink, we backed off a little and I asked Amber if she was still enjoying the sights of her friends fucking. She said that she was and I offered to play with her, but she said she wasn’t drunk enough to do things in front of everyone. Mike asked if she would be willing to play in private and she said that she would so he led her up to Richard’s room and on the way he told her that I had described in detail how I had played with her during our previous visit. Amber said that Lisa had told her that he was a pretty good fuck and could last quite a while (which pleased Mike a lot and we didn’t hear the end of for the next week). As soon as they were in the bedroom, Mike pulled her to him and kissed her – she kissed him back quite forcefully and he pointed out that she certainly seemed to be fairly turned on. She didn’t deny this so Mike tried to push his hands down the back of her jeans, but they were too tight so he had to unbutton and unzip them. Once he got his hands in to her jeans, he pushed them straight in to her panties and kneaded her ass as he pulled her tight against him. He could feel Amber breathing heavily in to his mouth and when he pulled away to push her jeans down she said that Lisa had also said he was quite good at licking her. Mike asked where he was meant to be good at licking and Amber seemed a little coy and told him that he knew where but he said if she wanted him to do it to her, then she had to at least be able to say it. She told him that he was meant to be good at licking pussy and Mike asked her if she had been tested recently. Amber said that she was still waiting for her results (which again we knew from Abrahii) and Mike told her that it was a pity as he would have loved to eat her. She was a little disappointed, but Mike’s fingers slightly distracted her as he pushed through her legs from behind and rubbed her slit while using his other hand to toy with her clit.

Amber fumbled with his jeans and quickly freed his cock as Mike told her that it would have been much easier if she had been wearing a skirt. He let her play with his cock for a few minutes as he continued to explore her pussy with his fingers and then knelt down to help her slide her jeans and panties off. He asked her to spread her legs and complimented her on how beautiful her pussy looked (hint - this is a good tactic as many girls think their pussies look bad). He spread her lips and took in her scent, then described what he would have done if he had been able to eat her – exploring her outer lips, pushing his tongue up inside her and playing with her clit until she came. Amber was using Mike’s head to keep her balance and he asked her if she thought she could cum more than once. Amber told him that she could cum as many times as he could make her cum (which he noted for future reference). He stood up and removed his jeans, then moved around behind Amber and pressed his cock against her ass as he reached up under her top and played with her breasts before pushing her bra up over them and helping her remove it along with her top. He quickly pulled his own top off so they were both naked and caressed her breasts and pussy as he ground his cock against her ass. As they kissed, he asked her again if she was sure she could cum twice and when she nodded, he guided her over to the bed and got her to lie down with her legs over the edge.

Mike reached in to our bag and pulled out a dental dam – he admitted that it wouldn’t be quite the same and said that he wished he could taste her properly, but as he was going to have to use a condom, then she would have to put up with this for now. Amber spread her legs and Mike had a quick examination of her pussy before covering it with the latex and burying his face between her legs. It may not have been the same as him eating her properly (it really is quite a different feeling without tongue on skin contact and the tongue being able to push between lips and inside), but it was certainly still effective enough. Amber was fairly quiet and Mike didn’t know that she was about to cum until she arched her body slightly. She went to push him away but he held her hands and kitty kissed her until she calmed down. When he finally broke contact and moved up to lie beside her, she commented on the kitty kissing and said that Lisa had described it to her. Mike asked if Lisa had described it or demonstrated it, but it was just the former and he gently teased her pussy with his fingers as he told her that we almost always did that when eating pussy and so far, everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Mike’s Shower Dream

Another story out of chronological order, but it is just a dream that Mike had so it doesn’t matter too much. It seemed to affect him quite a bit as you’ll see near the end…

It started off with Mike half lying in the shower, with a towel draped around him. He could see two girls in the bathroom through the misted up glass and they knew that he was there. At first they both kept making sure their towels were covering them and he thought that they thought he was trying to spy on them so he was just about to stand up and get out of the shower when the girls seemed to decide to give him something to look at. One of them lay on the floor with her legs spread and started to play with herself and the other bent forwards, giving him a good view up her towel to her pussy and ass. Mike immediately stood up and walked out of the shower, then knelt and pushed his tongue in to the pussy of the girl who had been stroking herself. He distinctly remembers her pussy having a sharp tangy taste and he told her that she tasted wonderful and licked her a bit more. She seemed quite surprised at what he was doing, but was clearly enjoying it and made a few gasping noises.

The second girl watched what he was doing, but didn’t make any move to reveal herself to him and Mike was just about to ask her if he could do the same to her when he woke up. As you can see, the dream was very brief, but it was long enough that dream Mike knew how he wanted things to go so I’ll carry on with what he had planned…

He asked the girl he had been eating if they could go back to her room and they make their way there without anyone seeing them (they were living in a shared house for some reason). As soon as they closed her door, he pushed her down on to the bed, pulled her towel off and resumed eating her. The other girl sat on the bed watching them with her towel still mostly wrapped around her, but as the girl he was eating became more aroused, the second girl let her towel loosen off and slide down to reveal her breasts. Mike move up to kiss the girl he’d been eating and felt his cock rub around her pussy as he did so. He looked up to the second girl and asked if he could eat her and much to his delight she gave him a shy little nod, pulled her towel open and lay down beside her friend. Mike quickly clambered down between her legs and started to eat her – she didn’t taste of anything in particular, but he could see that even though she had clearly tried to shave, she still had some hair between her lips. This didn’t put him off though and he gave her a thorough licking while reaching over to play with the pussy of the first girl.

He asked the girl he was eating if she would go down on the other girl and she responded with ‘we’re not lesbians’ but Mike told her that they she didn’t have to be a lesbian, she could just help he friend to feel good. He moved up and kissed her, letting her taste her own juices and this time he felt the tip of his cock slide between her pussy lips. He moved his cock around, still just penetrating her and then leant over to kiss the first girl to let her taste her friend. He took turns eating them and then kissing the other person so they could taste each other, each time letting his cock slide in to them a little more until he was fully inside them and they were basically fucking as they kissed. He then asked them for his favourite position and lay on his back as the first girl mounted his cock and the second girl sat over his face. He ate and fucked them until they came and then got them to switch positions and ate and fucked them the other way around until they came again (it was a dream, people don’t need time to recover).

They both knew that Mike hadn’t cum yet and he convinced the second girl to try eating her friend while he took her from behind. He reached around to play with her clit as she did this and while she started off fairly gingerly, she agreed that her friend tasted quite good and got properly stuck in. The girl being eaten held her friends head to her pussy and told them both that she was going to cum, so Mike made the girl he was fucking cum and he came in her at the same time (again, it was a dream). The only reasonable thing left to do now was for the first girl to eat her friend as a thank you so they switched around and she immediately started to eat her friend. As her pussy was so accessible, Mike thought it would be rude not to give her the same treatment he’d given her friend so he slid his cock in to her and started to fuck her. This time, the girl being eaten came before Mike or the first girl did, but Mike gave the girl he was fucking a lesson in kitty kissing and she managed to keep her friend very aroused until both she and Mike had cum. As Mike pulled out, he could see that he’d given her a decent load of cum as well and suggested that she sit over her friend’s face to let her taste some of his cum out of her (which she did). He then left them like this as he had to get back to either Jen or me (he isn’t sure which, but knows that we didn’t have a clue as to what he’d been doing and intended to keep it a secret – so technically he had been cheating on us), but he made the girls promise to keep practicing with each other and they said that they would all play together again another day.
When Mike woke up, he lay and briefly imagined the rest of the dream, but was feeling very aroused so didn’t spend long doing this. It had been Jen’s turn to spend the night with the baby so she was in her room – the idea being that Mike and I could then play around as much as we wanted without waking her. He told me to stay in bed and that he would be back and went in to Jen’s room, crawled under the covers and immediately went down on her. She told him that she was a bit tired, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer and said that he had to eat her – which he proceeded to do and made her cum fairly quickly (he didn’t tease or draw things out, just lapped at her pussy and clit until she came). He left her panting, gave the baby a quick kiss (she was still asleep) and returned to me. I got a similar treatment from him and once he’d made me cum he gave me a good fucking – taking longer than we usually would in the morning (although we was still on parental leave so we didn’t have to worry about getting ready for work).

Only after we had both cum and were having breakfast with Jen (she was breastfeeding the baby) did he explain about the dream and we understood why he had been even more eager than usual to eat us. Jen admitted that while she hadn’t really been in the mood to cum, it had still felt nice when it happened so we promised her that while we wouldn’t push her too much, we would make sure that she got to cum from time to time, even if she didn’t think she was in the mood (as long as she said it continued to feel nice).

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Lis and Lucy- November ’13 Visit – Part 5

Wanting to keep my word to Lis, I finally dismounted Mike’s face and knelt beside her so I could kiss her and play with her clit more easily. Lucy came back in and commented on the fact that she had heard me cum from the kitchen, then saw Jen sitting with her legs spread stroking her pussy and told us that we were all sex-craved sluts (conveniently ignoring the fact that she had already cum twice with Jen that morning). She stayed to watch Lis cum, but didn’t have too long to wait as Mike was now very close and Lis had been enjoying the combination of his cock and my fingers quite a bit so she wasn’t too far from cumming either. Mike asked he if could give her a hard fuck and she said yes as she loves cumming this way. The only downside was that I could no longer kiss her or play with her breasts as she lay down on top of Mike and they kissed. Mike told Lis to let him know when she was about to cum and he started to speed up his thrusts in to her while holding her ass and guiding her movements to be in time with his. He pistoned in and out of her rapidly, their bodies slapping together with each stroke and I slid a hand over Lis’ ass and pressed a couple of fingers in to her ass. It was a little awkward as Lis’ ass was bouncing up and down rapidly, but I managed to pump my fingers in and out of her ass a little as she moved (but mostly relied on her own movement to provide the stimulation). She told Mike she was about to cum and he seemed to speed up a bit and push in to her even harder. Lis announced that she was cumming and Mike carried on fucking her until she was panting and then thrust in to her a few more times while pressing her down hard against his cock. He pulled most of the way out a couple of times and slowly pushed all the way back in to her. Lis had drooled over his shoulder a bit as she came and she apologised for this but Mike told her that he was glad she had enjoyed it enough to drool for him – and added that given he’d filled her cunt with cum, a bit of drool was nothing.

He may not have actually ‘filled’ her with cum, be had had once again give her a fairly decent load and we got Lis to carefully dismount and hold her pussy shut, then stand up and let his cum leak out of her. She stood with her legs shut and spread her lips and we all watched as his cum dripped out of her pussy and ran down her legs. Jen tried to copy Lis (using her own juices), but Lucy seemed to have temporarily eaten Jen dry (or at least not wet enough to drip properly). We took another couple of pictures of Lis’ leaking pussy and texted Sue to moan at her for not having sent through the pictures she promised, but as we ate breakfast we were rewarded with a series of pictures from Sue’s hotel room. They started off with a few mirror shots of Sue in a semi-dressed state and quickly progressed to her naked and masturbating with various objects (hairbrush, straighteners, bottles from the mini-bar…). We sent her the latest pictures of Lis with Mike’s cum dripping out of her and Sue sent one back of her fingering herself with a message that if she was there, she would eat Mike’s cum out of Lis.

Jen particularly enjoyed the pics of Sue and she gently stroked herself as we examined them. Surprisingly, even though she was obviously horny, she didn’t make herself cum again but there was a reason for this and once we had all showered Jen suggested that Lucy should have a turn being at the centre of attention. Lucy was initially a little reticent, but Lis and Sue ganged up on her and she was kissed, caressed and fondled until she gave in and agreed to let us take care of her (it was hardly as if we were asking her to undergo some great hardship). Lucy was given the option as to whether she wanted to use the dining table as Jen had done the previous day but she opted for the comfort of her bed so we all headed back upstairs. There were a few differences, but we basically copied what we’d done with Jen on the table and all helped to caress and stimulate Lucy (Mike was allowed to caress her body and even play with her breasts, but wasn’t allowed to touch her pussy).

Jen’s pussy got increasingly wet as we played with Lucy – probably helped along by the fact that Mike slipped in to her a couple of times, I briefly fingered her to feed her juices to Lucy (and wipe them over her body) and Lis knelt behind Jen and spent a couple of minutes lapping away at her pussy. We got Lucy in a pretty aroused state – taking her close to cumming at least three times, with each of us (apart from Mike), eating and licking her pussy, using a vibe on her clit, kissing her and giving her ass a few licks. As Sue had sent us pics of her using a hairbrush to masturbate with, we did the same with Lucy and Mike took a few pictures of this. For the finale, Jen climbed over Lucy’s face and planted her (literally) dripping pussy on Lucy’s mouth. Both Mike and I loved seeing Jen so openly enjoying herself and doing whatever felt best for her. She humped back and forth on Lucy’s face and we could all see the shining juices on Lucy’s chin and cheeks. We set about finally making Lucy cum – Jen remained sitting over her face, Mike concentrated on Lucy’s nipples, I ate her pussy and Lis used a couple of fingers in Lucy’s ass. Not for the first time that weekend, Lucy didn’t stand a chance of resisting her orgasm (but to be fair she wasn’t trying) and we pushed straight through until she came. For Lucy’s actual orgasm I concentrated on licking her clit and used the hairbrush in her cunt and kept the brush in her afterwards, but sort of kitty kissed her around the brush and gently on her clit.

Jen hadn’t cum yet (although she was clearly close) so she continued to ride Lucy’s face quite energetically. Lis took a few more photos of Lucy but Mike then took the phone from her and got her to push her fingers back in to Lucy’s ass. I then removed the brush and spread Lucy’s cunt for a few more shots and kitty kissed her properly until Jen came – with Jen making some of the hottest mewing sounds I’ve heard from her in quite a long time. When Jen finally dismounted, we convinced Lucy to let us take a few pictures (she didn’t know about the earlier ones at this point) so she could see what a mess Jen had made of her. Jen did at least partially lick Lucy’s face clean – although this was also an excuse to grind her pussy against Lucy’s legs and cover them with her juices so on balance she probably didn’t reduce the total amount of her juices on Lucy’s body that much.

Initially, Lucy wasn’t at all sure about us sending the pictures to Sue (especially when she had seen all of them), but we convinced her that Sue might masturbate herself to sleep with them and Lucy quite liked that idea. She got Sue to swear to never show them to anybody else and then relented so we sent them over (Sue thought they were hot and promised she would cum to them (although I wasn’t entirely convinced she would actually do this). Lucy went to get cleaned up but we convinced her to let us wipe ourselves on her first, adding our juices to her breasts and thighs and making her promise that she would only wash her face clean.

While she was in the bathroom, Mike wanted a last session with Lis. He really liked the idea of having two lesbians at once so while Lis rode his cock, Jen sat over his face (I said that her libido had increased since she got pregnant) and he ate her. To be fair, initially she was just going to let him lick her, but once he got started she decided that he may as well make her cum again and let him know this by riding his face in a similar way to she had done with Lucy. I didn’t want to be left out and got Lis to turn around so she was riding Mike’s cock while facing away from him so I could lick her clit and kiss her. Lucy returned while we were fucking and I asked her to help me out – it meant that I had to stand or bend in a rather awkward position to give her access to my pussy, but it was worth it as it meant she could finger me and play with my clit. Without me asking, she even knelt down behind me and ate me, flicking her tongue over my ass a couple of times too. It became a bit awkward to keep playing with Lis as things got more energetic so I lay on the bed beside Mike and let Lucy eat and finger me properly – he got Jen off and once she dismounted, he fucked Lis on her back and messily kissed her, sharing Jen’s juices with her as Jen reached between them to play with Lis’ clit and breasts. This meant Lis came first, but Mike likes it that way anyway and he carried on fucking her until he came. I was getting quite close and urged Lis to sit over my face so I could kitty kiss her – her taste was somewhat polluted by Mike’s cum, but he didn’t seem to have cum anywhere near as much this time and by the time I came I could pretty much just taste Lis. I had considered trying to get her off again, but was a good girl and kept to my work of just kitty kissing her.

I asked for my own coating of everyone’s juices and lay there as they massaged them in to my breasts, thighs, pussy and ass (I know I’m greedy, but I wanted a bit more than Lucy allowed us to apply to her). We then got ready and I had a final few licks of Lis’ pussy once she was dressed. We dared Jen to just wear opaque tights without panties and got her to slip a remote controlled egg in to her pussy before we left for lunch. This worked out quite well and she had to make sure that she sat with her skirt behind her so she didn’t leave a wet spot on it as we all took turns with the remote and once again got her wet enough to leak juices from her pussy. She told us that we were being mean but we just told her to imagine that she was peeing herself while sitting surrounded by people and she liked this image so stopped complaining. She did have to wipe her seat dry when she stood up and at the train station, both Lis and Lucy reached under Jen’s skirt to fondle her and commented on just how wet the crotch of her tights felt (the real benefit of autumn/winter is that you can wear long coats so it is easy to fondle or be fondled without anyone seeing). Mike and I got our fingers in to Lis’ pussy as we kissed her goodbye and Jen and I did the same to Lucy. As Mike kissed her goodbye, he promised her that he would get Sue to agree to do anything she wanted and slid his hands under her skirt and on to her ass. Lucy told him that if he could do that then he could have her breasts again and Mike replied by telling her that he’d rather rub against her ass again. Lucy seems to be quite used to flirting with him now and told him that if he gave her Michelle (or Sue pretending to be Michelle), she would rub back against him for as long as he wanted.

On the journey home, we carried on using the remote egg to tease Jen. It was obviously working quite well as apart from being able to smell just how wet and aroused she was, she occasionally sat with her feet up on the seat hugging her knees, which gave a guy sitting opposite us a sideways view of her crotch. The opaque tights didn’t show the damp patch too much, but when he went to the bathroom I dared Jen to show a bit more and she stood up and pulled her tights up more firmly, stretching the material across her pussy and making it a bit less opaque. The guy certainly seemed to notice this when he returned and I gave Jen a long burst of the egg vibrating inside her. I know from experience that it isn’t really enough to make you cum – but Jen later said that she got quite close as she was fantasising about various things to help her orgasm along. She claims that at one point she was about to reach down and either rub herself through her tights or push a hand in to her tights and frig herself directly, but the train was very busy and I can’t imagine my sweet little Jen being quite that brave. By the time we got back home she was desperate to cum and we called up Lis and Lucy so they could see the finale of our handiwork. Before she started, Jen pulled down her tights and showed off the sticky mess that was her pussy and ass, then removed her skirt and shoes and sat out on the little wall in the garden. Mike and I each had a few licks at Jen’s crotch through her tights and we then turned the egg up and let Jen stroke herself through her tights. As she got closer to cumming she spread her legs wide and put her feet up on the wall either side of her ass – this stretched the tights over her pussy and once again made them slightly more transparent and as she came, Jen peed as hard as she could. As the tights stopped her pee from spraying too much, I could get my phone fairly close so Lis and Lucy got a fairly graphic view of Jen’s partially concealed pussy cumming and squirting (it’s not technically squirting as she was peeing). Jen lay back on the grass and I gave her crotch a few more rubs and once we’d hung up, just for good measure I crouched over her chest and peed over her, soaking her top. Mike hadn’t been expecting this and he concentrated quite hard to get his erection to go down and he then got Jen to pull her tights down and he peed directly on to her pussy and clit. Jen really enjoyed this, but it meant that by the time we were both done, all of her clothes had to come off and once she had towelled herself dry, she went in to shower.

That night, Jen wanted yet more attention and as we had agreed in advance that whichever one of us got pregnant would be made to cum as much as they wanted (or left alone if their sex drive decreased), we made sure that she was satisfied. This involved Mike and I taking turns going down on her while the other one played with her breasts (we didn’t want to be too rough with her as while Jen enjoys this, there is some research that shows the stress hormones produced can negatively impact on the baby). We didn’t make her cum for quite a while and when it was finally time, Mike slipped in to her cunt to get lubricated and then pushed in to her ass. He fucked her ass while I ate her (now quite wet) cunt. I had to go slowly to give Mike time to catch up with Jen, but as her ass is quite tight this didn’t take him too long (plus he was quite turned on from having helped eat her) and Mike enjoyed the feeling of Jen’s ass cumming around him as he fucked her and then he emptied his load (whatever he had left anyway) in to her. I then lay beside Jen and Mike went down on me as Jen and I kissed and caressed each other’s breasts.