Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Lis and Lucy- November ’13 Visit – Part 2

As further atonement, he ate Lis awake and gave both her pussy and ass a thorough licking until she came. Lis offered to repay him and sucked his cock for a while (she is still learning the techniques for this), but Mike said that he would rather cum inside her a bit later on so they spooned and chatted while waiting for Jen, Lucy and me to emerge from the bedroom. Lucy had indeed eaten Jen and me awake (well, I woke up while Lucy was going down on Jen, but I just lay back and kissed Jen while we fondled each other’s breasts until Jen came and then let Lucy move over to take care of me). By the time I came, Lucy said that her jaw ached and we told her that she just needed more practice at eating multiple people. As we’d been given nice morning orgasms, Jen and I reciprocated and took care of Lucy, taking turns eating and fingering her while the other person kissed her mouth and nipples. As we stimulated Lucy, we described how we could train her at eating multiple people the next time Sue was with us. We got her to imagine Lis, Jen, Sue and me all sitting with our legs spread and Lucy being given the task of working her way down the line, going down on us one after the other. Even though it was just a fantasy, we made sure that Lucy was receiving pleasure as well and told her that each time she ate one of us, one of the other three would be eating, fingering or using the strap on to fuck her (ensuring she came every time one of us did). As Lucy came (in real life, not in the fantasy), I described to her how she could be eating Jen while I lapped at her pussy and Sue would lap at and rim her ass. Lucy seemed to enjoy her orgasm quite a bit and Jen and I took turns kitty kissing her for a while to make sure she was fully satisfied (plus because we quite like licking Lucy’s pussy and hearing the gentle noises she makes after cumming).

We fetched Mike and Jen to head down for breakfast (they were still spooning and chatting when Jen went in) and Mike immediately noticed that she still had her long white socks on (he’s observant like that!) and he was pleased to see that I was similarly attired. Jen and I both decided to remain otherwise naked for breakfast, as did Mike – Lis and Lucy wore their robes, but Lis didn’t stop me when I unfastened the belt and reached in to caress her. For part of breakfast, Mike got Jen to sit on his cock so he could caress her thighs and the top of her socks as he gently moved in her – they weren’t really fucking, Mike just wanted to enjoy stroking her legs (along with black opaque tights, white socks are Mike’s other clothing fetish). As we ate, Jen and I described to Mike and Lis our idea to get Lucy to eat us all and to make her cum repeatedly. Mike thought it would be a better idea for two of us to eat the other two at the same time, then to switch around until we’d all eaten each other. I pointed out that it obviously wouldn’t work as Sue and I don’t do that to each other (although as regular readers know, we do a fair few other things) and Jen piped up saying that it’s not as if we’ve ever licked each other. Lis and Lucy sort of know about this, but I kind of glossed over it when we described it before and everyone ganged up on me to give a frank and full description of what had happened.

I explained that it had happened quite a long time ago (I wrote a blog entry about it, but can’t find it right now – and that wouldn’t have helped Lis or Lucy as they don’t know about this blog) when Sue was just beginning to play with Mike and me. Rather than just describe it, I was convinced that we would be better off demonstrating so we headed back upstairs and Lis was volunteered to play Sue’s role. We re-enacted Mike standing with his back to the wall with Lis (Sue) in front of him, with her back to him. Mike pushed his cock between her legs and I spread Lis’ lips to let it nestle between them and Mike then slowly pumped back and forth, rubbing his cock against Lis’ pussy. I then leant forwards and lapped at the head of his cock each time it poked out from between Lis’ lips. Mike continued to rub back and forth (and toy with Lis’ nipples) as I explained how we had done this under the guise of wanting to make Mike cum over me while rubbing against Sue and then demonstrated how as things had progressed, I had licked his cock a bit more and moved closer so I was occasionally licking Sue’s lips on either side of his cock and sometimes even gently flicking my tongue against Sue’s clit when Mike pulled the whole way back. I defended myself by saying that I hadn’t made Sue cum like this (although we did achieve the aim of making Mike cum and having him spray his load over me).

When Lis moved away from Mike, everyone could see that his cock was covered with her juices and looked very hard (and I may have checked). Mike asked Lucy if she wanted to feel how much I’d licked Sue’s clit and she declined the offer, at which point Mike pointed out that he’d fucked a guy’s ass, so this wasn’t that big a deal. Lucy knows that Mike is desperate to fuck/eat/finger/anything her and is well aware of his plan to show that he is willing to experiment in order to convince her to experiment (preferably with him). As you can see, he isn’t trying to ‘trick’ her in to doing things and while Lucy has no intention of letting him fuck or eat her, his persistence and honesty paid off this time as she told him that she would let me demonstrate.

Mike has been allowed to play with Lucy’s breasts before and examine her pussy up close (no stimulation though), and he’s pressed his cock up against her (usually when Jen or I are eating her), but that was usually against her side or her leg. Mike was told to stay where he was and Lucy backed herself up against him while guiding his cock between her legs. I knew how much Mike would be enjoying this and did everything I could to help him out – once Lucy was in position, I spread her lips, nestled the shaft of Mike’s cock between them and took the head in my mouth. I then let him slide back and forth and I pressed gently on the underside of his cock with my fingers so it would make better contact with Lucy and then replicated licking him as I’d done with Lis. Lucy told him that he’d better not cum or he’d have to deal with the consequences, but Mike told her that he would be more than happy to help look after their child. He was only teasing her, but Jen didn’t find it too funny (she didn’t say anything at the time, but she felt it belittled the fact that she was actually carrying his baby). As Mike moved pumped his cock back a little further, I watched as the head rubbed right between Lucy’s lips and then I lapped at her clit. At first I did it in the same way I’d done to Sue (and Lis), but then told Lucy that I could always do a bit more and swirled my tongue around her clit properly. I could feel Mike’s cock bumping against my lips as he rubbed back and forth and I sucked and lapped at Lucy harder. Initially, I thought that we had her and she was going to let me make her cum (which Mike would have loved). Unfortunately, Lucy pulled away and said that she wasn’t ready to cum like that (which Mike interpreted at it just being a matter of time until she was).

Mike was now understandably more than ready to cum. He thanked Lucy for trusting him (as I said, she knows just how much he would have loved to thrust his cock deep in to her pussy) and asked Lis if she was willing to have a post-breakfast session with him. I wasn’t sure if Lis would be ready to cum again so soon (she is still learning how to be a proper nymphomaniac) and was ready to volunteer myself in her place, but she said that the licking and rubbing had felt quite nice and that Mike could take her if he wanted. He asked her if she would dress up for him and Lis literally skipped over to the wardrobe and pulled out her school uniform (it actually was one of her old uniforms). She knew that he wanted the ‘cute’ look so she fished out her white lacy bra and panties from her underwear drawer along with a pair of long white socks and Mike watched closely as she pulled the socks on (letting him see her pussy), put on the underwear and the blouse and then stepped in to her skirt. Mike had been gently stroking his cock while watching Lis and moved over to her and kissed her as soon as her skirt was fastened.

The rest of us decided to stay and watch for a while and moved to the side as Mike and Lis moved to the bed. Lis sat down and Mike knelt on the floor between her legs and kissed around her inner thighs while caressing her legs. I felt a bit sorry for Mike with him not being able to play properly with Lucy and I told her that he really was quite good at eating pussy (she knows this is true as Lis, Jen, Sue and I have all confirmed it). I slid a hand along Lucy’s thigh and asked if she wanted me to finish licking her – she said that I didn’t have to, but she didn’t stop me from stroking her thigh and when my hand pushed up against her pussy, she spread her legs a little. I would have happily eaten her, but told Jen that she could go ahead, and she eagerly knelt on the floor in front of Lucy and began to lick her. I caressed Lucy’s nipples and kissed her, as well as played with myself and fed Lucy some of my juices from my fingers and whispered in her ear how we would all gang up on her when Sue was next with us and make her cum repeatedly all weekend. Now I know from experience that Lucy can’t cum that many times in a row, but the picture I described seemed to excite her and she gripped my hand tight and pushed Jen’s head against her crotch as she came, while emitting a satisfied ‘aaahhh’. Mike was still just really getting started with Lis so we decided to go off and shower and the three of us squeezed in at the same time. During the shower I pushed a couple of fingers in to Lucy’s pussy from behind, but this time she really did object and said that she wasn’t ready to do anything more yet.

Mike hadn’t made it much further than kissing and caressing around Lis’ thighs and then lying on top of her, kissing her and grinding against her panties in the time that Jen and I made Lucy cum. When we left for the shower, they rolled over and Lis rode him for a while, rubbing her crotch back and forth against his cock as he reached down to her ass and caressed it inside her panties. Mike told Lis that he was going to eat her again and then fuck her afterwards – she just said that she would end up exhausted before lunchtime, but didn’t complain about his plan and they kissed deeply as they ground against each other. Mike actually got fairly close to cumming and told Lis that he needed to eat her. She was tossed on to the bed beside him and he quickly pulled her panties down and buried his face in her cunt. He loved the way it felt - her juices had been smeared over her lips and she had a wonderfully erotic sweaty scent. There was none of the teasing from earlier and he lapped away at her pussy and clit, trying to make her cum as quickly as possible. He realised that he was grinding his cock against the bed as he did this and while it felt quite nice (probably nice enough to cum), he knew he had to calm down a bit if he was going to give Lis a decent fucking so he lifted his crotch slightly and just concentrated on eating her. It didn’t take long to make her cum, and as soon as her orgasm finished, he moved up her body and kissed her as he slid his cock in to her still twitching pussy. He pumped back and forth and told her that he could easily cum in her, but that he wanted to feel her cum around his cock.

Lis needed some time to rest so Mike went back to caressing her thighs and legs (with the occasional bit of attention paid to her pussy). He rolled down one of her socks to expose the scarred skin where she had cut herself badly while shaving when she was much younger and he repeatedly kissed around the area. He knows that Lis is somewhat self-conscious about the scar and he assured her that even though someone with a perfect body had to have one flaw, he thought that even her flaw was beautiful (he can say romantic things – and even says them to me sometimes). Once he’d rolled her sock back up, he returned to kissing and complimenting her pussy, interspersing the kisses with tickles (Lis is pretty ticklish so it is easy to get a good reaction out of her). Mike was still gently kissing Lis’ pussy when Lucy, Jen and I returned from the shower and he told us to just ignore them as they were about to fuck (of course we didn’t really ignore them and watched as we got ready for the day).

Mike had a brief session eating Lis more forcefully and this led Lucy to comment that Mike should really have been born a lesbian (which we agree that he would have loved) and he then moved on to fucking Lis. They started off with him on top and he asked her to wrap her sock-clad legs around him and he pumped his cock into her. They then spooned for a while and Mike lifted one of Lis’ legs in the air so we could see his cock sliding in and out of her (so much for wanting us to ignore them) and he then took her on all fours so he could play with her clit as they fucked. Lis pressed back against him and took his cock as deep in to her as she could but Mike had a better position to get all the way inside her and got Lis to lie on her back with her legs up against his chest and he pushed back in to her. I don’t really know why this way feels so deep, but Lis enjoyed it as much as I do and Mike fucked her with long strokes and used a thumb to play with her clit. Mike offered Lis the choice of how they should finish off and asked if she wanted to be on top with him pounding in to her (he knows she likes that position – as does he). She was really enjoying having him so deep inside her though and asked him to make her cum like that. I know from experience that while he enjoys that position, he doesn’t feel quite as much as I do (or presumably as Lis was feeling) as he can usually fuck me for quite a while like that without him cumming. Fortunately for Mike, he was sufficiently aroused that he wasn’t likely to have any problems cumming and he continued rubbing her clit while using long strokes in her. Lis gently played with her breasts and I considered climbing over her face to feel her lick me (it was unusual for me to have waited this long to feel Lis’ tongue in me), but thought that I should let Mike finish with her first. I didn’t have to wait too long to witness the beautiful (and sexy) look on Lis’ face as she came and then watched as Mike pushed in to Lis just a few more times and then remained buried inside her as he made small thrusts in time with his cumming.

He stayed inside her for a little while and when he went to pull out I asked Lis if she would pose for me so I could get a photo of her. I told Lis the position I wanted her to use and when Mike pulled out, she quickly rolled over on to her side and brought her knees up halfway to her chest (so her thighs were at about 90 degrees to her body). We arranged her skirt so her pussy was just visible and took a couple of shots from behind her, capturing her legs (still with the white socks on), her school skirt not quite hiding her ass and pussy and her back with her hair half draped over her shoulder. We then got her to sit up a little until Mike’s cum started to run out of her pussy and then lie down again so we could get a shot with his cum rubbing down over her ass cheek and pooling on her skirt. As a bonus shot for Sue, Mike moved up behind Lis and positioned the head of his cock against Lis’ pussy and I took an extra shot with the head just entering her. When Lis stood up, a bit more cum dribbled out of her, but not as much as the previous night and we got her to stand with her legs spread a little until the cum had dribbled down to the top of her socks and we took a final few photos.


  1. Would you have sex with someone 16-17?

    1. I don't see why not - they're of legal age and I imagine that many people that age are now significantly more experienced that I was at that age (which isn't really hard as I hadn't even cum once).

      Why do you ask?

  2. I think he is right. Subconsciously she knows eventually she will, just not yet. If her subconscious truly wasn't open to that suggestion then she would have used more prohibitive language such as "I don't want to...", "I can't...", "We shouldn't..." etc. but she didn't. She said "I'm not ready..." and "not ready" implies she is currently in a state of preparation.

    All of this is going on subconsciously of course and is part of how we decide what words to use when we speak, and how a person chooses to use the words "I'm not ready to cum like that" vs. "I don't want to cum like that" "but you can deconstruct it and when you do you can see how it belies underlying intentions.

    These underlying intentions mustn't be acted on of course (we can be wrong) and one must give preference to the spoken phrase over the intention (the whole "no means no" thing) but it is an interesting exercise none the less.

    If you truly want to get her to "join in fully" the best approach is usually the least obvious. When she is around you guys, the more that everyone engages fully and enjoys themselves fully, the more she will see there is no harm to come of it, the more she will feel the odd-one out and the more she will be curious, as Mike was, to try it at least once. Nobody openly says "See, look, it's OK" because ACTIONS speak louder than words. The more she SEES it's OK the more she believes it...because it actually IS ok. Something that cannot be said of mere spoken words which may or may not be the truth.

    1. That is the path that Mike is taking and Lucy knows it. She knows how he helped encourage me to try things with girls and she has experienced first hand how her Uni friends were encouraged to be more open and experiment (to a greater or lesser extent). She has certainly seen Lis experiment with Mike and enjoy herself and she knows that Mike is desperate to do anything with her. The real thing he has going in his favour is that she trusts him (and know that Lis, Jen and I also trust him). You'll have to wait and see if it pays off for him though :)