Friday, 4 July 2014

Lis and Lucy- November ’13 Visit – Part 3

While Mike and Lis went off to shower, we asked Lucy if we could send some of the pictures to Sue. Lucy agreed, on the condition that we gave her some of our pictures of Sue but we decided to push things a little further and messaged Sue, telling her that we had some nice pics of Lis to send her, but that she and Lucy wanted some new ones of Sue in return. Sue agreed to this but wasn’t in a position to take any straight away (the whole reason she wasn’t with us was due to her work). We sent her one of the pics of Lis’ pussy with Mike’s cock nestled against it and told her that she could have had both of them if she’d been with us, but didn’t hear back from Lis for a while.

Mike and Lis returned and we showed them the conversation we’d had with Lis (including the picture). Lis said that she didn’t mind, providing Sue didn’t show it to anyone, but as it would lead to some awkward questions about how she had a picture of Mike’s cock, this was fairly unlikely. We all finished getting dressed and gently teased each other a little as we did this, but not in a serious way. I did steal Lis’ hairbrush and slide the handle in to my pussy while describing how we’d done that when we’d been on holiday with the York crowd (I think that was the holiday that Lis first hooked up with Vicky, but I didn’t mention that in front of Lucy). I then rubbed the handle back and forth over Jen’s pussy as I reached up under her top and caressed her nipples, telling her openly that we all wanted so see her juice herself at some point. Jen spread her legs a little and allowed me to rub against her pussy – she said that she felt quite wet, but wasn’t at the dripping wet point she had been so I just teased her a little bit more and then pulled away, saying that we should all spend the day teasing her to see just how wet she could get. Jen thought this was mean, but she is quite used to it. As a precaution, she took a pair of panties with her (just in case she started to leak) and we finally headed out in to town.

We didn’t actually get many opportunities to physically tease Jen – we did a bit to her in a dressing room and Mike managed to finger her from behind in a shop while she was bending over to look at something. Verbal teasing was much easier and we whispered to her how we wanted to watch her cum with her juices pouring out of her and how we would all eat and fuck her. Over coffee (decaf for Jen – which was apparently the worst part of the pregnancy so far), Mike sat beside her and went for her weak spot, describing in explicit detail how Sue would kneel in front of her and slide her tongue in to Jen’s pussy, swallowing some of her juices and rubbing the rest of them over her own body as she masturbated. Jen certainly felt significantly wetter following this (I checked on a trip to the bathroom), but it wasn’t until we got home and could play with her properly that we really got somewhere.

Everyone was eager to witness Jen’s extra juicy pussy – Mike and I had experienced this a few times already over the previous month or so, but this had mostly been while having sex with Jen, not just watching her play with herself. Jen had resigned herself to putting on a show for us (and she isn’t exactly shy around us so it wasn’t as if it was a real hardship for her) and suggested that she should sit somewhere hard so that any mess that came out of her could leave a nice puddle and not soak in to whatever she was sitting on. The easiest place for her to do this was the dining table and as it was likely that we would end up playing with her excretions, Lis wiped it down with a disinfecting wipe before Jen climbed up and spread her legs. The rest of us arranged chairs in front of the table and sat down to watch as Jen started stroking herself – a little hesitantly at first (even though she is quite used to playing with people watching, she isn’t usually the centre of everyone’s attention).

She didn’t look much wetter than usual at first, but as she continued to rub her pussy and slide her fingers between her lips, we watched as she spread an increasing amount of her juices around the area. We helped to keep her aroused by getting her to fantasise about having Sue eating her and kneeling in front of her as Jen squirted her juices all over Sue’s face and body. Mike really got in to this fantasy and got Lucy to help him out in describing how the two of them would then lick Sue clean and mercilessly tease her as Jen watched, but leave her for Jen to finish off (they later agreed that if they had actually been acting out the fantasy that they would have each tried to make Sue cum and then pass her to Jen for Jen to fuck).

Jen certainly enjoyed the description and few times we saw a blob of milky white liquid ooze out of her cunt past her fingers – the first couple of times this happened, Jen smeared it over her pussy, thighs and breasts, but we asked her to let anything else just run out of her so we could see. She was beginning to mew away so we knew that she wasn’t too far from cumming and we asked her to stand up for a little to watch her drip. Jen quickly clambered down from the table and leant forwards across it, purposely rubbing her little breasts in the puddle of her juices. She spread her legs and alternated between fingering and frigging herself and we were rewarded with the sight of a series of drips from her pussy as her juices flooded (relatively) out of her. Mike said that this was a waste (not even he was going to lick them up from the floor) and we agreed and once Mike had taken a picture, we asked Jen to climb back up on the table to finish off. Ideally, she would have let out a massive squirt (or series of squirts) as she came, but this didn’t happen. A fair bit more juice did ooze out of her pussy though and she smeared some of this around her pussy and let some of it run down over her ass and puddle on the table underneath her. Her whole crotch was wet wither juices by the time she finished and she showed us that her hands were also soaked before giving one of them a long lick and rubbing her breasts with the other.

Mike and I had begun to adapt to the variation in Jen’s sexual appetite that her pregnancy was causing and we both recognised the fact that she was in one of her extra playful moods. We relayed this information to Lis and Lucy and then checked with Jen that she was actually as horny as we thought (I know that we should have technically done that the other way around, but we intended to make her cum again anyway so it didn’t make much immediate difference to what was going to happen). Lucy fetched Jen a pillow so she could lie back on the table more comfortably and we all stood around her. We took turns playing with her pussy, coating our fingers in her juices and tracing them over her body and then offered Lucy the chance to have first taste of the very wet Jen. Lis was next, followed by me and finally Mike and with this done, we moved on to making Jen cum again. With four of us to pay attention to her, it was quite easy as someone could concentrate on fingering her, someone else on frigging her clit and the remaining two on kissing her, caressing her body and playing wither breasts and nipples.

With so much (self-generated) lubrication around, her whole crotch was very slippery and it wasn’t long before people started slipping a finger or two in to her ass as well. Jen loved the extra stimulation and I quietly asked Lis to dash up and fetch their silicone vibe. When she returned, I turned the vibe on and ran it up and down Jen’s slit to coat it in her juices and for good measure, slipped it in to her cunt and briefly fucked her with it. I then handed it to Lucy and asked if she wanted to do the honours. Lucy used to be quite shy with us about anything anal, but she seems to have gotten over that and pressed the end of the vibe against Jen’s ass and slowly worked it in to her. Once she had it about halfway in, we told her to roll the end of it in a circle, so the tip did the same thing inside Jen (we know she loves that) and then set about actually making Jen cum.

We kept telling Jen how much of a slut she was being – having four people playing with her at once and how we could see how much she was enjoying herself from the fact that her cunt was still leaking juices (which were fairly steadily dribbling out of her and rubbing down over the vibe. We occasionally wiped her juices over various parts of her body, but mostly stuck to our own areas of responsibility - Lis was responsible for fingering Jen’s pussy, I was on one side of Jen, playing with her nipples and Mike was on the other side, frigging her clit and helping me out with Jen’s nipples. Jen tried to reach down to play with my pussy and stroke Mike’s cock, but couldn’t easily reach so we told her to just lie back and enjoy things. Her mewing became much more insistent and we all allowed down what we were doing to her in order to drag things out a little longer. I don’t think it made much of a difference though as she was still being stimulated in multiple ways and her mewing continued to build until she came. We fucked, fingered, frigged kissed and sucked her the whole way through her orgasm and then slowly backed off until we were just gently caressing her. Jen lay with the vibe still buried in her ass

The puddle of pussy juice was now larger than before and we took another photo and sent it to Sue. We heard back very quickly from her, saying that it was a wonderful shot and a few minutes later we received a pic of Sue sitting in a bathroom with her legs spread and pussy exposed with a note saying that she would send a ‘proper’ picture later on when her work thing was over. Jen appreciated it though and we forwarded it to Lis and Lucy who promised to use it appropriately. We eventually pulled the vibe out of Jen’s ass, but we weren’t finished with her quite yet as Mike immediately started to kitty kiss her (so as not to waste her copious juices). He wasn’t too selfish though and allowed the rest of us to have a turn. Lucy was surprised that Jen was still going, but we explained that when she was in one of her new ultra horny moods, that we had trouble keeping up with her appetite (this isn’t technically true, Mike would happily spend hours eating Jen and then fuck her and I’ll also make her cum as much as she wants in whatever way she wants). Jen was a little out of breath, but was up for cumming again so we continued taking turns eating her. She didn’t seem to be producing as many juices, but we more than made up for this with our combined saliva and kept her pussy and ass soaked.

Mike flipped up Lis’ skirt and pushed his cock in to her as Lis ate Jen and he then did the same to me when it was my turn. When Lucy went down on Jen, Lis flipped Lucy’s skirt up and pulled her panties down and dared Mike to have a go with Lucy. He just told Lis to stop teasing him, but waggled his cock near Lucy’s pussy, which Lis helpfully spread for him. Mike stroked his cock a bit and said that he could just spray his cum straight in to Lucy’s cunt, but she moved out of the way and told him that it was his turn to eat Jen again (she did at least slide her panties off though so I was able to caress her while Mike first semi-fucked and then ate Jen). He could have easily made Jen cum, but he offered that prize to one of us (and I agreed that it should be Lis or Lucy). We all know that Lucy is Jen’s favourite (just as Lis is mine – and probably Mike’s, but that might partially be because he can actually do things with her) so Lucy was the one who got to finish Jen off. Jen arched her back as she came and let out a sharp cry but we told Lucy to keep going until Jen’s orgasm had finished and to then kitty kiss her. Lis and I both caressed Lucy’s ass while this was going on and then moved our fingers down to her pussy to play with her. I set Lucy the challenge of kitty kissing Jen until we made her (Lucy) cum and she nodded without breaking contact with Jen’s pussy.

Lis and I took turns kneeling behind Lucy and eating her – in this position it was easy to lick her clit, pussy and ass and we both gave her a similar thorough treatment (seeing as Lucy had done such a good job on Jen’s ass with the vibe, this only seemed fair). Mike was a little left out, but he did at least get a few chances to have a good look at Lucy’s pussy when Lis and I spread her ass cheeks and pussy lips and he knelt down to look right up inside her. He got close enough to easily smell her and then took turns fucking whichever of Lis or I wasn’t eating Lucy. As he only gets a chance to do it once a month (or for one weekend a month), he came in Lis. She knelt and lapped at Lucy as his cum dripped out of her, but she let me make Lucy cum, at which point Jen was finally allowed to climb down from the table.

In a reversal of the normal course of events, I was the only one who hadn’t cum and as everyone had done so much work on Jen I didn’t think it was fair to expect anyone to fuck me so I said that I would take care of myself. I quickly shed my clothes, climbed up on the table sat in the puddle of liquid left by Jen and started to rub it over my crotch. I called Lis close and reached between her legs to get some of Mike’s cum and added that to the mix, then proceeded to finger myself. I considered taking my time, but thought that most people would have had enough for one session – and I really wanted to cum, so I lay back and used my favourite position – one hand playing with my pussy and clit and the other reaching under a leg to play with my ass. As I masturbated, I reached down and rubbed more of Jen’s juices over my hand, and then rubbed them in to my cunt. I was getting along quite well when Lis asked me if I wanted any help. I told her that I didn’t mind taking care of myself, but seeing her standing there was too tempting to resist and I scooched to the edge of the table and asked her to eat me. I watched as she lowered her mouth to my pussy and felt her tongue start the familiar rapid flicking over and in to my pussy and I then lay my head back on the table and just enjoyed the feeling.

Mike decided that the view was too good to waste and he once again moved up behind Lis, flipped up her skirt and pushed in to her. He told her not to worry and that he wasn’t about to cum again, but he did fuck her as best he could with a just-cum cock. By the time I came, Mike had her top pushed up around her neck and was fondling her exposed breasts as he fucked her. With his cock still buried in her, he got her to move around the table and told me to kiss her, which I dutifully did and tasted the mix of juices. Mike meanwhile pulled out of Lis, knelt behind her, spread her ass cheeks and proceeded to eat her from behind. Lis started to object that it was too soon for her to cum again, but I held her to me and told her that I wanted to feel her cum. I pushed my tongue in to her mouth and held her firmly in place as Mike attached her pussy with his mouth and despite her earlier objections, we proved that she could indeed cum again.

We rested and chatted for a while – after a brief discussion about Jen’s extra lubrication and variable sex drive, we moved on to the plans for Lis and Lucy’s wedding. There had been considerable debate as they both had locations they wanted to use (I don’t know if this is a common theme of lesbian weddings), but they had finally reached a compromise and as Lis was putting the most money towards the day, they were going to use Lucy’s preferred location. (This isn’t really a fair statement as while Lis was putting more towards it that Lucy, both of their sets of parents were contributing). They hadn’t been able to get the venue when they had originally wanted it, but this actually worked out quite well for Jen as it meant that the new date was after the baby was due (while both their families have been quite understanding, I’m not sure how a pregnant lesbian bridesmaid would go down!).

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