Monday, 7 July 2014

Lis and Lucy- November ’13 Visit – Part 4

We stayed in for dinner and Jen appreciated not having to make excuses for not drinking. The rest of us shared a bottle of wine. We had intended to go out for a short time later on in the evening, but as time went on, it became increasingly obvious that this wasn’t going to happen. Mike spooned with Jen on the sofa for a fair while as the conversation continued – this was Jen’s idea, but she didn’t want to cum, just to feel him inside her and curl back against him. Lucy finally asked me if I felt at all jealous that Jen was the one having the baby. I tried to answer as honestly as possible and explain that while I was a bit surprised at first (as had Jen been), we still felt that it was ‘our’ baby and not just Mike and Jen’s. I know that I’m never going to be the biological or ‘real’ mother, but that we intend to share the childcare as much as possible and assuming I also end up having a child (in a few years’ time), that we don’t play favourites to them. With the benefit of time, I’ve come to realise that given we share each other entirely, I’m really not that jealous (although I do still want to have a baby with Mike at some point as well – technically we need to produce 3 children to keep our share of the population going, so we might even have another pregnancy race for child 3, unless I have twins).

As Mike had spent the night with Lis on Friday, he knew that he wasn’t getting her that night as well and asked if he could have a little play with her before we headed off to bed. She was fine with this, but said that she was fairly tired so I told Mike not to make her cum (as that would be my job). Lis switched places with Jen and Mike spooned with her for a while as he quietly described how much he loved being inside her hot, tight, little cunt. Technically, it was Lucy’s turn to spend the night with just Mike, and while she might trust him enough to share a bed with her, it would hardly be in the spirit of the weekend seeing as they couldn’t do anything together. Jen was quite happy to have a second night with Lucy though, but before we went our separate ways she wanted to at least have a little play with Lis and she crawled over to the sofa and pushed her head between Lis’ legs and lapped at Lis while Mike continued to move inside her. Between them, they very nearly made her cum and I had to remind them that Lis was mine for the night. In his usual form, Mike had to finish things off by spending a few minutes going down on Lis and he got her close to cumming again before pulling away from her and telling me that she was now all mine.

Lis had time to calm down while we prepared for bed and I asked her if she had the energy to finish what Mike and Jen had started. She said that she was tired, but that she wouldn’t disappoint me and asked if I wanted to be on top or bottom. I told her that I liked her being assertive and that she should go on top. I watched as Lis climbed over me and we kissed for a while, gradually increasing the speed and force at which we humped our pussies against each other’s legs until Lis said that she wanted me to eat her. She sat up, turned around and crawled backwards until her pussy was over my face. Before she lowered herself to my mouth, I got her to pause, spread her lips and examined her pussy – I told her that I wished we’d started doing this when we’d first met (back at little first year students) and then lifted my tongue to her pussy and gave it a few licks. Lis pressed her crotch down and I let her push my head back down, but continued to eat her. She pushed her head between my legs and started to rapidly lick my pussy and we remained in this position for the rest of the session. Other than the occasional slurp, heavy breathing and moans of appreciation, neither of us made any other sounds until we’d both cum (Lis first) and she had climbed off of me and was lying beside me.

We discussed (again) how things could have been if we’d gotten together in our first year and if our group of friends had been as corruptible as Jen’s friends. We came up with scenarios where we encouraged various female friends to ‘experiment’ with us and imagined fucking Anna, Rachel, Holly, Jo, Vicky (the one we both have actual experience with) and others. I also brought a number of our male friends in to the fantasies and Lis agreed that it might have been fun for her to experiment with them as well (she now acknowledges that she is bi – it’s just that Lucy doesn’t want her sleeping with any guys other than Mike – and possibly not even with him if he wasn’t a part of the package that came with Jen and me). Fantasising about my friends always gets me very turned on, and it seemed to have a similar effect on Lis, but she was too tired to do anything else. Now I could have just waited until the morning to cum again, but I’m close enough to Lis that I asked her if she minded if I just masturbated. She said that it didn’t bother her so I curled up against her back and reached down between my legs to play with myself. Lis helped out verbally and we continued our fantasies as I frigged myself with the back of my hand rubbing against Lis’ ass as my fingers danced over my clit. I gently bit on her neck and shoulders as I came and lay panting in her ear with my fingers still buried in my cunt as I let the image of a group sex session with all our student friends linger in my mind.

Up in Lucy and Lis’ room, Jen and Lucy had been making out for a while as Mike watched. He had a short turn inside Jen as she ate Lucy, but promised Lucy that he wasn’t going to cum in Jen (so she wouldn’t have to eat his cum out of her). He then collected on Lucy’s promise for Mike having ‘convinced’ Sue to spend the weekend with him and as Jen carried on eating Lucy, Mike curled up against Lucy’s side and got to play with her breasts. Mike asked if he could rub his cock against Lucy’s pussy again and have Jen lick them both (as I’d done earlier on) but Lucy wasn’t willing to let him go that far. As a compromise, he moved down a bit and Jen pulled his cock towards Lucy’s pussy and alternated between licking Lucy and swirling her tongue around the head of Mike’s cock while stroking the shaft of it. Mike would have quite liked to cum like this, especially as his cock was roughly aimed at Lucy’s pussy, but before he got too close, he pulled away and let Jen concentrate on Lucy again, while he moved around behind Jen and went down on her.

He carried on doing this until Jen started her mewing (which means she is getting aroused enough that she isn’t too far from cumming), at which point he slid his cock in to her once more and fucked her briefly to get it thoroughly covered with her juices. As much as Mike wanted to make Jen cum, he knew that this was Lucy’s job so he let them move around into a sideways 69 and as they ate each other, he curled up behind Lucy and pressed against her so the base of his shaft nestled between her ass cheeks and the head rubbed against her lower back. He had a fairly good view of Lucy lapping at Jen’s wet pussy and as she worked, he whispered to her about how much she must have enjoyed having Sue as her little sex slave. He asked if Lucy wanted another chance to play with Sue and me and when Lucy gave him a muffled ‘uuuhh, huuuhh’ (it’s not easy to talk while eating pussy) he told her that he would try to ensure Sue was present for their next visit (we actually already knew that Sue would be there). Mike reached around Lucy to caress her breasts and carried on whispering to Lucy, telling her how she and Jen could have an evening with Sue to do whatever they wanted to her, how she and Lis could spend time with Sue and me and how Sue and I would act out some more of Lucy’s fantasies as Anna and Michelle and would do whatever she wanted. Lucy seemed to enjoy the combination of Mike’s descriptions with her 69 session with Jen as she not only allowed him to rub back and forth against her ass and back, but she was pressing back against him. Mike got very close to cumming and seriously considered doing so, but wasn’t sure how Lucy would react if he did, so he held back (but still enjoyed himself). Lucy and Sue ate each other to orgasm (Lucy came first, but not by too much) and Mike moved away from her to let her roll away from Jen.

Lucy’s face was covered in Jen’s juices and Mike really wanted to kiss her clean, but he went in the other direction and kissed Jen’s face clean of Lucy’s juices (Jen then took care of Lucy’s face). Jen then reached down to Mike’s cock and stroked it while pointing out to Lucy just how hard he was. She went a step further and crawled down the bed, took him in her mouth and sucked him for a couple of minutes. Mike told her that he was getting close to cumming and she asked if he wanted to cum in her mouth or in her cunt, but he said he would wait and give his cum to Lis in the morning. Jen gave him a few more sucks and when she had crawled up beside Lucy told him that it was a pity as if he’d cum in her mouth, she could have kissed Lucy and swapped his cum with her. Mike thought that Jen was just teasing him, but she was actually working to help him out and as she traced her fingers up and down Lucy’s body, she explained that she had heard most of what Mike had been whispering to Lucy and if he really thought that he could convince Sue to join in with us all again (which as I’ve said, she already knew was the case), that maybe Lucy might let him cum over her. Jen described to Lucy how they could get Mike to cum over her and then Sue (either as herself or playing the part of Michelle) could lick and kiss her clean. Lucy said that she might consider this and Mike told her just how close he’d been to cumming over her back, but he had restrained himself. Lucy thanked him for not cumming but said that given she had enjoyed the feeling of him rubbing between her ass cheeks and had been rubbing back against him, she wouldn’t have been annoyed with him if he had cum.

Mike immediately pushed back up against Lucy’s side and told her that he could probably still cum fairly quickly – she didn’t pull away from him, but told him that he’d missed his chance, but as long as he promised to behave, he could remain in contact with her as they fell asleep. Mike really liked the sound of that, but first wanted a turn inside Jen so they spooned with Mike behind Jen and Jen behind Lucy for a while and Mike gently pumped away inside Jen, keeping himself aroused and getting quite close to cumming a couple of times. Before people actually fell asleep, he pulled out and gave Jen’s stomach a goodnight kiss, then moved over beside Lucy. Jen and Lucy turned around and Mike curled up behind Lucy with his hard, wet cock pressing up against her back. He reached down to her hip and gently stroked it, then thanked her for trusting him (but then went on to tease her about how once she was asleep, he could probably slide in to her without her noticing).

On the Sunday morning, Mike was allowed to eat Jen, although he had to do this while Jen was eating Lucy. He was granted permission to do this on the condition that Jen would let Lucy play with her afterwards, but Jen had woken up feeling quite horny and was certain that she would be able to ‘endure’ having Lucy make her cum a second (and possibly a third) time. Jen wasn’t quite as wet as she had been the previous day, but was still leaking more pussy juice than usual so made quite a mess on Mike’s face (Lucy was on her back, Jen kneeling on all fours eating he and Mike on his back under Jen, eating her). When he finished making Jen cum, he wiped her juices off of his face and smeared them over Lucy’s breasts before heading down to find Lis and me. Jen kept her word with Lucy and once she had finished making Lucy cum, she spread herself and let Lucy have a turn at eating her and then followed this up by sharing a double ended dildo with Lucy.

Lis and I hadn’t properly woken up when Mike arrived – I was just beginning to stir and was considering a quick trip to the bathroom before pouncing on Lis, but allowed Mike to have a quick play with me before I briefly left him with Lis (he wanted to taste my untainted pussy before I peed). I was fairly quick and when I returned I found Mike was already properly stuck in to eating Lis so I just sat over her face and settled in to enjoy myself. Mike decided that he would rather be in Lis’ position and asked to move around – by this time Lis was more than awake and while I was enjoying being eaten by Lis, I know that it can be just as exciting to be able to see properly what is happening so we both agreed to his request. We started off with me riding Mike’s cock and Lis sitting over his face. We made sure to show each other what he was doing to us by spreading our lips so the other person could watch as his tongue flicked over or his cock pushed in to us. We leant forwards to kiss each other and had a fondle of each other’s breasts (Lis tried to lean forwards to suck on my nipples, but while this looks good in porn films, it’s quite difficult in reality). As expected, Mike wanted to actually cum in Lis, but instead of getting us to swap before we came, he broke contact with Lis to ask if we thought that we could both cum twice. I was certain that I would cope with this and Lis said she was happy to give it a try, to which Mike just replied that he would just keep fucking her until she came, no matter how long it took. He resumed eating her and as I played with my clit (with a little help from Lis) I warned her that he was serious. Mike pumped away in me steadily as I rode him and as expected, I really enjoyed watching him eat Lis and seeing her get more aroused – just as much as I enjoyed having her watching me so intently. Ideally we would have cum together, but Mike managed to get Lis to cum first. This turned out to not be a bad thing as it meant that once she’d had a minute to catch her breath, she could help me out. I leant back and she gave my clit a few licks as Mike carried on fucking me and she then knelt beside me and we kissed as she caressed my breasts and ass. It didn’t take long before I was approaching my orgasm and felt Lis’ fingers press against my ass. I was going to tell her that she didn’t have to do that, but it felt good and I was too close to cumming so just enjoyed the sensation as she pushed a couple of fingers a little way in to my ass and moved them in and out of me in time with my movements. We kissed deeply and she used her other hand to massage one of my nipples as I came.

Lis pulled her fingers out of my ass, but I remained on Mike’s cock for a few minutes and he gently moved in me as we teased Lis about how she now had to fuck him and cum again. I reached over and stroked her pussy a little as we chatted and Mike said that he was ready to continue whenever we were (which was easy for him to say as he hadn’t cum yet). Both Lis and I were game though and I climbed off of Mike’s cock and planted myself on his face, then leant forwards and held his cock steady to make it easier for Lis to mount him. He was already nicely lubricated with my juices so he slid into Lis quite easily and I really liked the thought of my juices being mixed up inside her. Mike wasn’t wasting any time and he quickly started eating me – he wasn’t too forceful at first and let me get properly warmed up again, but was soon lapping around and in my pussy and sucking on my clit. I could see that he was also pumping away in Lis quite energetically as well, but she was matching his movements and was riding him while caressing her breasts and occasionally playing with her clit. We once again leant towards each other and kissed and I helped Lis out by playing with her clit. I’m fairly sure that I could have made her cum before Mike made me cum if I’d really tried, but I knew he would want to make her cum. It was around this time that Lucy and Jen came downstairs and looked in on us – Jen stayed to watch while Lucy went to started breakfast and even from where she was sitting on a chair I could see that her pussy looked quite damp.

I humped back and forth against Mike’s face and told Lis that I wasn’t going to last too much longer, but that I would help her out once I came. Mike heard me and redoubled his efforts on my clit, sucking it in to his mouth and rapidly flicking his tongue back and forth across it. He later said that he was trying to copy the way Lis eats pussy and it was sort of reminiscent of it, but not really that similar (she has since given him lessons). It still worked though and I came pretty hard – I started off with a series of ‘oh fucks’, but by the time my orgasm was in full swing I was just moaning and panting. It ended up getting too intense and I had to pull away from Mike’s mouth, but he immediately pulled me back down and switched to kitty kissing. This still felt fairly intense, but the sensation quickly faded to a much more pleasurable level so I could enjoy it for a couple more minutes.

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