Thursday, 10 July 2014

Lis and Lucy- November ’13 Visit – Part 5

Wanting to keep my word to Lis, I finally dismounted Mike’s face and knelt beside her so I could kiss her and play with her clit more easily. Lucy came back in and commented on the fact that she had heard me cum from the kitchen, then saw Jen sitting with her legs spread stroking her pussy and told us that we were all sex-craved sluts (conveniently ignoring the fact that she had already cum twice with Jen that morning). She stayed to watch Lis cum, but didn’t have too long to wait as Mike was now very close and Lis had been enjoying the combination of his cock and my fingers quite a bit so she wasn’t too far from cumming either. Mike asked he if could give her a hard fuck and she said yes as she loves cumming this way. The only downside was that I could no longer kiss her or play with her breasts as she lay down on top of Mike and they kissed. Mike told Lis to let him know when she was about to cum and he started to speed up his thrusts in to her while holding her ass and guiding her movements to be in time with his. He pistoned in and out of her rapidly, their bodies slapping together with each stroke and I slid a hand over Lis’ ass and pressed a couple of fingers in to her ass. It was a little awkward as Lis’ ass was bouncing up and down rapidly, but I managed to pump my fingers in and out of her ass a little as she moved (but mostly relied on her own movement to provide the stimulation). She told Mike she was about to cum and he seemed to speed up a bit and push in to her even harder. Lis announced that she was cumming and Mike carried on fucking her until she was panting and then thrust in to her a few more times while pressing her down hard against his cock. He pulled most of the way out a couple of times and slowly pushed all the way back in to her. Lis had drooled over his shoulder a bit as she came and she apologised for this but Mike told her that he was glad she had enjoyed it enough to drool for him – and added that given he’d filled her cunt with cum, a bit of drool was nothing.

He may not have actually ‘filled’ her with cum, be had had once again give her a fairly decent load and we got Lis to carefully dismount and hold her pussy shut, then stand up and let his cum leak out of her. She stood with her legs shut and spread her lips and we all watched as his cum dripped out of her pussy and ran down her legs. Jen tried to copy Lis (using her own juices), but Lucy seemed to have temporarily eaten Jen dry (or at least not wet enough to drip properly). We took another couple of pictures of Lis’ leaking pussy and texted Sue to moan at her for not having sent through the pictures she promised, but as we ate breakfast we were rewarded with a series of pictures from Sue’s hotel room. They started off with a few mirror shots of Sue in a semi-dressed state and quickly progressed to her naked and masturbating with various objects (hairbrush, straighteners, bottles from the mini-bar…). We sent her the latest pictures of Lis with Mike’s cum dripping out of her and Sue sent one back of her fingering herself with a message that if she was there, she would eat Mike’s cum out of Lis.

Jen particularly enjoyed the pics of Sue and she gently stroked herself as we examined them. Surprisingly, even though she was obviously horny, she didn’t make herself cum again but there was a reason for this and once we had all showered Jen suggested that Lucy should have a turn being at the centre of attention. Lucy was initially a little reticent, but Lis and Sue ganged up on her and she was kissed, caressed and fondled until she gave in and agreed to let us take care of her (it was hardly as if we were asking her to undergo some great hardship). Lucy was given the option as to whether she wanted to use the dining table as Jen had done the previous day but she opted for the comfort of her bed so we all headed back upstairs. There were a few differences, but we basically copied what we’d done with Jen on the table and all helped to caress and stimulate Lucy (Mike was allowed to caress her body and even play with her breasts, but wasn’t allowed to touch her pussy).

Jen’s pussy got increasingly wet as we played with Lucy – probably helped along by the fact that Mike slipped in to her a couple of times, I briefly fingered her to feed her juices to Lucy (and wipe them over her body) and Lis knelt behind Jen and spent a couple of minutes lapping away at her pussy. We got Lucy in a pretty aroused state – taking her close to cumming at least three times, with each of us (apart from Mike), eating and licking her pussy, using a vibe on her clit, kissing her and giving her ass a few licks. As Sue had sent us pics of her using a hairbrush to masturbate with, we did the same with Lucy and Mike took a few pictures of this. For the finale, Jen climbed over Lucy’s face and planted her (literally) dripping pussy on Lucy’s mouth. Both Mike and I loved seeing Jen so openly enjoying herself and doing whatever felt best for her. She humped back and forth on Lucy’s face and we could all see the shining juices on Lucy’s chin and cheeks. We set about finally making Lucy cum – Jen remained sitting over her face, Mike concentrated on Lucy’s nipples, I ate her pussy and Lis used a couple of fingers in Lucy’s ass. Not for the first time that weekend, Lucy didn’t stand a chance of resisting her orgasm (but to be fair she wasn’t trying) and we pushed straight through until she came. For Lucy’s actual orgasm I concentrated on licking her clit and used the hairbrush in her cunt and kept the brush in her afterwards, but sort of kitty kissed her around the brush and gently on her clit.

Jen hadn’t cum yet (although she was clearly close) so she continued to ride Lucy’s face quite energetically. Lis took a few more photos of Lucy but Mike then took the phone from her and got her to push her fingers back in to Lucy’s ass. I then removed the brush and spread Lucy’s cunt for a few more shots and kitty kissed her properly until Jen came – with Jen making some of the hottest mewing sounds I’ve heard from her in quite a long time. When Jen finally dismounted, we convinced Lucy to let us take a few pictures (she didn’t know about the earlier ones at this point) so she could see what a mess Jen had made of her. Jen did at least partially lick Lucy’s face clean – although this was also an excuse to grind her pussy against Lucy’s legs and cover them with her juices so on balance she probably didn’t reduce the total amount of her juices on Lucy’s body that much.

Initially, Lucy wasn’t at all sure about us sending the pictures to Sue (especially when she had seen all of them), but we convinced her that Sue might masturbate herself to sleep with them and Lucy quite liked that idea. She got Sue to swear to never show them to anybody else and then relented so we sent them over (Sue thought they were hot and promised she would cum to them (although I wasn’t entirely convinced she would actually do this). Lucy went to get cleaned up but we convinced her to let us wipe ourselves on her first, adding our juices to her breasts and thighs and making her promise that she would only wash her face clean.

While she was in the bathroom, Mike wanted a last session with Lis. He really liked the idea of having two lesbians at once so while Lis rode his cock, Jen sat over his face (I said that her libido had increased since she got pregnant) and he ate her. To be fair, initially she was just going to let him lick her, but once he got started she decided that he may as well make her cum again and let him know this by riding his face in a similar way to she had done with Lucy. I didn’t want to be left out and got Lis to turn around so she was riding Mike’s cock while facing away from him so I could lick her clit and kiss her. Lucy returned while we were fucking and I asked her to help me out – it meant that I had to stand or bend in a rather awkward position to give her access to my pussy, but it was worth it as it meant she could finger me and play with my clit. Without me asking, she even knelt down behind me and ate me, flicking her tongue over my ass a couple of times too. It became a bit awkward to keep playing with Lis as things got more energetic so I lay on the bed beside Mike and let Lucy eat and finger me properly – he got Jen off and once she dismounted, he fucked Lis on her back and messily kissed her, sharing Jen’s juices with her as Jen reached between them to play with Lis’ clit and breasts. This meant Lis came first, but Mike likes it that way anyway and he carried on fucking her until he came. I was getting quite close and urged Lis to sit over my face so I could kitty kiss her – her taste was somewhat polluted by Mike’s cum, but he didn’t seem to have cum anywhere near as much this time and by the time I came I could pretty much just taste Lis. I had considered trying to get her off again, but was a good girl and kept to my work of just kitty kissing her.

I asked for my own coating of everyone’s juices and lay there as they massaged them in to my breasts, thighs, pussy and ass (I know I’m greedy, but I wanted a bit more than Lucy allowed us to apply to her). We then got ready and I had a final few licks of Lis’ pussy once she was dressed. We dared Jen to just wear opaque tights without panties and got her to slip a remote controlled egg in to her pussy before we left for lunch. This worked out quite well and she had to make sure that she sat with her skirt behind her so she didn’t leave a wet spot on it as we all took turns with the remote and once again got her wet enough to leak juices from her pussy. She told us that we were being mean but we just told her to imagine that she was peeing herself while sitting surrounded by people and she liked this image so stopped complaining. She did have to wipe her seat dry when she stood up and at the train station, both Lis and Lucy reached under Jen’s skirt to fondle her and commented on just how wet the crotch of her tights felt (the real benefit of autumn/winter is that you can wear long coats so it is easy to fondle or be fondled without anyone seeing). Mike and I got our fingers in to Lis’ pussy as we kissed her goodbye and Jen and I did the same to Lucy. As Mike kissed her goodbye, he promised her that he would get Sue to agree to do anything she wanted and slid his hands under her skirt and on to her ass. Lucy told him that if he could do that then he could have her breasts again and Mike replied by telling her that he’d rather rub against her ass again. Lucy seems to be quite used to flirting with him now and told him that if he gave her Michelle (or Sue pretending to be Michelle), she would rub back against him for as long as he wanted.

On the journey home, we carried on using the remote egg to tease Jen. It was obviously working quite well as apart from being able to smell just how wet and aroused she was, she occasionally sat with her feet up on the seat hugging her knees, which gave a guy sitting opposite us a sideways view of her crotch. The opaque tights didn’t show the damp patch too much, but when he went to the bathroom I dared Jen to show a bit more and she stood up and pulled her tights up more firmly, stretching the material across her pussy and making it a bit less opaque. The guy certainly seemed to notice this when he returned and I gave Jen a long burst of the egg vibrating inside her. I know from experience that it isn’t really enough to make you cum – but Jen later said that she got quite close as she was fantasising about various things to help her orgasm along. She claims that at one point she was about to reach down and either rub herself through her tights or push a hand in to her tights and frig herself directly, but the train was very busy and I can’t imagine my sweet little Jen being quite that brave. By the time we got back home she was desperate to cum and we called up Lis and Lucy so they could see the finale of our handiwork. Before she started, Jen pulled down her tights and showed off the sticky mess that was her pussy and ass, then removed her skirt and shoes and sat out on the little wall in the garden. Mike and I each had a few licks at Jen’s crotch through her tights and we then turned the egg up and let Jen stroke herself through her tights. As she got closer to cumming she spread her legs wide and put her feet up on the wall either side of her ass – this stretched the tights over her pussy and once again made them slightly more transparent and as she came, Jen peed as hard as she could. As the tights stopped her pee from spraying too much, I could get my phone fairly close so Lis and Lucy got a fairly graphic view of Jen’s partially concealed pussy cumming and squirting (it’s not technically squirting as she was peeing). Jen lay back on the grass and I gave her crotch a few more rubs and once we’d hung up, just for good measure I crouched over her chest and peed over her, soaking her top. Mike hadn’t been expecting this and he concentrated quite hard to get his erection to go down and he then got Jen to pull her tights down and he peed directly on to her pussy and clit. Jen really enjoyed this, but it meant that by the time we were both done, all of her clothes had to come off and once she had towelled herself dry, she went in to shower.

That night, Jen wanted yet more attention and as we had agreed in advance that whichever one of us got pregnant would be made to cum as much as they wanted (or left alone if their sex drive decreased), we made sure that she was satisfied. This involved Mike and I taking turns going down on her while the other one played with her breasts (we didn’t want to be too rough with her as while Jen enjoys this, there is some research that shows the stress hormones produced can negatively impact on the baby). We didn’t make her cum for quite a while and when it was finally time, Mike slipped in to her cunt to get lubricated and then pushed in to her ass. He fucked her ass while I ate her (now quite wet) cunt. I had to go slowly to give Mike time to catch up with Jen, but as her ass is quite tight this didn’t take him too long (plus he was quite turned on from having helped eat her) and Mike enjoyed the feeling of Jen’s ass cumming around him as he fucked her and then he emptied his load (whatever he had left anyway) in to her. I then lay beside Jen and Mike went down on me as Jen and I kissed and caressed each other’s breasts.

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