Sunday, 13 July 2014

Mike’s Shower Dream

Another story out of chronological order, but it is just a dream that Mike had so it doesn’t matter too much. It seemed to affect him quite a bit as you’ll see near the end…

It started off with Mike half lying in the shower, with a towel draped around him. He could see two girls in the bathroom through the misted up glass and they knew that he was there. At first they both kept making sure their towels were covering them and he thought that they thought he was trying to spy on them so he was just about to stand up and get out of the shower when the girls seemed to decide to give him something to look at. One of them lay on the floor with her legs spread and started to play with herself and the other bent forwards, giving him a good view up her towel to her pussy and ass. Mike immediately stood up and walked out of the shower, then knelt and pushed his tongue in to the pussy of the girl who had been stroking herself. He distinctly remembers her pussy having a sharp tangy taste and he told her that she tasted wonderful and licked her a bit more. She seemed quite surprised at what he was doing, but was clearly enjoying it and made a few gasping noises.

The second girl watched what he was doing, but didn’t make any move to reveal herself to him and Mike was just about to ask her if he could do the same to her when he woke up. As you can see, the dream was very brief, but it was long enough that dream Mike knew how he wanted things to go so I’ll carry on with what he had planned…

He asked the girl he had been eating if they could go back to her room and they make their way there without anyone seeing them (they were living in a shared house for some reason). As soon as they closed her door, he pushed her down on to the bed, pulled her towel off and resumed eating her. The other girl sat on the bed watching them with her towel still mostly wrapped around her, but as the girl he was eating became more aroused, the second girl let her towel loosen off and slide down to reveal her breasts. Mike move up to kiss the girl he’d been eating and felt his cock rub around her pussy as he did so. He looked up to the second girl and asked if he could eat her and much to his delight she gave him a shy little nod, pulled her towel open and lay down beside her friend. Mike quickly clambered down between her legs and started to eat her – she didn’t taste of anything in particular, but he could see that even though she had clearly tried to shave, she still had some hair between her lips. This didn’t put him off though and he gave her a thorough licking while reaching over to play with the pussy of the first girl.

He asked the girl he was eating if she would go down on the other girl and she responded with ‘we’re not lesbians’ but Mike told her that they she didn’t have to be a lesbian, she could just help he friend to feel good. He moved up and kissed her, letting her taste her own juices and this time he felt the tip of his cock slide between her pussy lips. He moved his cock around, still just penetrating her and then leant over to kiss the first girl to let her taste her friend. He took turns eating them and then kissing the other person so they could taste each other, each time letting his cock slide in to them a little more until he was fully inside them and they were basically fucking as they kissed. He then asked them for his favourite position and lay on his back as the first girl mounted his cock and the second girl sat over his face. He ate and fucked them until they came and then got them to switch positions and ate and fucked them the other way around until they came again (it was a dream, people don’t need time to recover).

They both knew that Mike hadn’t cum yet and he convinced the second girl to try eating her friend while he took her from behind. He reached around to play with her clit as she did this and while she started off fairly gingerly, she agreed that her friend tasted quite good and got properly stuck in. The girl being eaten held her friends head to her pussy and told them both that she was going to cum, so Mike made the girl he was fucking cum and he came in her at the same time (again, it was a dream). The only reasonable thing left to do now was for the first girl to eat her friend as a thank you so they switched around and she immediately started to eat her friend. As her pussy was so accessible, Mike thought it would be rude not to give her the same treatment he’d given her friend so he slid his cock in to her and started to fuck her. This time, the girl being eaten came before Mike or the first girl did, but Mike gave the girl he was fucking a lesson in kitty kissing and she managed to keep her friend very aroused until both she and Mike had cum. As Mike pulled out, he could see that he’d given her a decent load of cum as well and suggested that she sit over her friend’s face to let her taste some of his cum out of her (which she did). He then left them like this as he had to get back to either Jen or me (he isn’t sure which, but knows that we didn’t have a clue as to what he’d been doing and intended to keep it a secret – so technically he had been cheating on us), but he made the girls promise to keep practicing with each other and they said that they would all play together again another day.
When Mike woke up, he lay and briefly imagined the rest of the dream, but was feeling very aroused so didn’t spend long doing this. It had been Jen’s turn to spend the night with the baby so she was in her room – the idea being that Mike and I could then play around as much as we wanted without waking her. He told me to stay in bed and that he would be back and went in to Jen’s room, crawled under the covers and immediately went down on her. She told him that she was a bit tired, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer and said that he had to eat her – which he proceeded to do and made her cum fairly quickly (he didn’t tease or draw things out, just lapped at her pussy and clit until she came). He left her panting, gave the baby a quick kiss (she was still asleep) and returned to me. I got a similar treatment from him and once he’d made me cum he gave me a good fucking – taking longer than we usually would in the morning (although we was still on parental leave so we didn’t have to worry about getting ready for work).

Only after we had both cum and were having breakfast with Jen (she was breastfeeding the baby) did he explain about the dream and we understood why he had been even more eager than usual to eat us. Jen admitted that while she hadn’t really been in the mood to cum, it had still felt nice when it happened so we promised her that while we wouldn’t push her too much, we would make sure that she got to cum from time to time, even if she didn’t think she was in the mood (as long as she said it continued to feel nice).

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