Tuesday, 15 July 2014

More Fun With Freshers - Part 1

The last post was short so you're getting this one a day early...

Back to chronological entries now – this happened at the end of last November. Jen was still feeling quite horny and having ongoing periods of pussy leakage when she got very wet. We had decided that even though she hadn’t made it through the first trimester, that we would tell everyone she was pregnant as it would mean we could explain why we didn’t want her having sex with other people and not have to keep hiding or coming up with excuses.

We flew down on the Friday night and as we queued up I whispered to Jen about how she might be frisked in front of everyone and how the woman’s hands would slide up her legs and find her wet pussy (we had managed to convince Jen to forgo panties, which she was now regretting). I continued my teasing, describing how everyone would see as her juices leaked down her legs and she would end up so horny that she would beg to cum in front of everyone. Technically that’s really more my sort of thing, but the teasing worked on Jen and it was just as well she wasn’t frisked as I managed to get her wet enough that she actually did have her juices dripping down her thighs. Jen went and put panties on for the rest of the flight as she knew full well that we would continue to tease her (which we did) and by the time we landed her panties were soaked through.

We met up with people in one of the usual bars but didn’t stay there long as we’d got there quite late. A few of the other ‘old timers’ were there as well – Mel, Julia, Ashraf and Simon and Mel discovered just how wet Jen was in the pub as she (not too discreetly) slipped her hand under Jen’s skirt and fondled her. With her usual sense of tact, Mel announced to the group that Jen’s pussy was soaked and initially thought that Jen had just been indulging in a little watersports. This didn’t manage to embarrass Jen as much as Mel had hoped (mostly as she was feeling so horny that having a couple of people fondle her was very enjoyable). I suggested that we go somewhere more suitable to take care of Jen and we headed back to Richard and James’ place. Once everyone was in the living room, we announced that the reason Jen was so wet was due to various hormonal changes in her body and it didn’t take people too long to figure out that she was pregnant. Once the congratulations had finished, we explained that this was the reason why Jen hadn’t been drinking anything and that we had agreed that she wouldn’t be having sex with anyone (other than Mike and me of course).

I reached under Jen’s skirt and fondled her through her panties briefly before saying that just because she couldn’t play with others, it didn’t mean that people couldn’t see her cum and she held her skirt up as I peeled her panties off (literally – they were so wet they were actually stuck to her crotch). Jen spread her legs a little and I pushed my face between them to give her a brief lick before suggesting that she show everyone just how wet she could get. She was considerate enough to think about not staining the sofa, but I already had a plan for this and after I had tugged her skirt down, I stepped out of my own skirt and gave it to Jen to sit on so it could catch her juices. She placed it on the sofa, sat down, spread her legs and started to play with her clit. Mike and I sat on either side of her and pulled her legs even further apart, then pushed her top up and played with her breasts. She had the attention of the entire room (and yes, this made me a little jealous, but I intended to enjoy myself afterwards so I concentrated on helping Jen out) and after just a couple of minutes she was already mewing away and her pussy was leaking milky fluid down over her ass. Mike and I helped to spread this over her thighs, ass and breasts and tasted it ourselves from our fingers as well as feeding it to Jen. We helped out with fingering and frigging her and by the time she came, we had taken over these duties entirely. Jen came with Mike and I each sucking on one of her nips, my fingers flying back and forth over her clit and Mike’s fingers fucking her wet cunt and rubbing over her ass. Jen had been waiting for this orgasm since we’d set off earlier in the day and we left her lying on the sofa panting with her top up around her neck and otherwise naked. Half of my skirt was covered with drops and smears of her juices and her pussy still looked quite wet. Mike partially took care of this by kitty kissing her.

Meanwhile, I suggested that other people might want to enjoy themselves and explained that I was already back on the pill, but hadn’t been on it for long enough to be protected so still couldn’t fuck any of the guys, but was looking forward to taking their cocks inside me soon. Just as during our previous visit, this didn’t mean that I couldn’t enjoy cocks orally or help out in other ways though and I asked Ashraf if he minded if I played with him (he didn’t). As usual, he was hard already (not too surprising after Jen’s little show) and I fished his cock out and took as much of it in my mouth as I could manage. I didn’t want to be greedy and asked Craig (one of the new gay students) if he wanted to help me out. His ‘conversion’ to being bi had already been started in our absence (more about that later) and he joined me – we both sucked on Ashraf’s cock for a while and Craig didn’t seem to object to our tongues meeting as we kissed around it. I then gave Ashraf a quick tit-fuck as Craig kissed him and I then reached over to caress the obvious bulge in Craig’s trousers. Ashraf helped out and undid the zip and button so I could get my hand on to Craig’s cock and once it was free, I took him in my mouth and pulled him towards me (it’s quite easy to lead a guy by the cock) and after sucking him for a while decided to try something else.

I rubbed the heads of Ashraf’s and Craig’s cocks together and flicked my tongue over them both. They really seemed to like the way this felt so I did it for a bit longer and then moved on to rubbing their cocks over my face and neck. I got them to stand a bit closer together so I could hold their cocks together and as I stroked them I sucked on both heads at once. This still felt good, but they preferred it when their heads were rubbing together so we went back to this position and I rubbed the heads of their cock together while occasionally sucking them. As I wasn’t stimulating them too intensely, it took quite a while but they seemed to appreciate the slow build-up of pleasure and they allowed me to rub their cocks against my neck from time to time (for newer readers, my neck is very sensitive and I can cum just by having it stroked if it is stimulated for long enough). It eventually got too much for them though and they said that they really wanted to cum. I had been concentrating on Ashraf a bit more as I expected he would be able to hold out longer (I was already fairly impressed that Craig had lasted so long at 18 – most of my experience with guys that age ends up with them cumming quite quickly) and continued to do this as I tried to get them off together (or at least at roughly the same time). Ashraf still outlasted Craig and Craig shot his load partially in to my mouth, partially over my face and partially over Ashraf’s cock.

I managed to use Craig’s cock to rub against Ashraf’s a little longer, but Craig said it felt too intense so I let him go and concentrated on getting Ashraf off. He asked for another tit-fuck and I was happy to oblige as I quite enjoy the sight of a cock sliding back and forth between my breasts with the head disappearing between them and then thrusting back up towards my face. Ashraf said that it felt quite a bit better this time – probably due to the fact that I was getting a little sweaty from the heat in the room (lots of people in a small space with a number of them playing does this) and also helped out by the added lubrication of Craig’s cum. Ashraf fucked my breasts until he came and I lifted my head up so his cum splattered over my neck and ran back down on to my breasts. I sucked the head of his cock clean and rubbed their combined cum over my chest, but had to restrain myself from touching my pussy until I had wiped myself down (using my skirt – I thought that I may as well as it was already covered with Jen’s juices) and then went to wash myself down properly.

While I’d been busy taking care of some of the guys, Mike had got stuck in to his new favourite student Lisa and had discovered that she had shaved her pussy since his last encounter with it (only the lips – she still had a patch of short hair on her mons). He signalled his approval of her new look in the way you would expect – he ate her. This time he flicked his tongue over her ass quite a bit more than he had before and she flinched a little each time he did it, but she didn’t ask him to stop so he waited until she was getting close to cumming and speared her. Up until this point he hadn’t been sure if she didn’t like it when he went near her ass, if she was just embarrassed or if she just wasn’t used to it – when he speared her, it became obvious that she at least quite liked that and he did it a couple more times as he ate her to orgasm. He didn’t break contact with her when she came and spent about five minutes kitty kissing her, by which point he had her quite aroused again but he pulled away and left her in this state in the hope of getting her to play some more later on (either with him or someone else – he’s quite generous in that way once he’s gotten to eat a girl).

Mike had finished with Lisa by the time I returned, but Simon was letting Doug (the other new gay guy in the group) play with his cock and Mel and Julia were playing with Susan (Mel was using a beer bottle to fuck Susan while Julia sat over Susan’s face). Unusually, Susan was then made to eat Mel (Mel tends to ‘give’ a lot more than she ‘receives’ in our group sessions) and at multiple peoples’ insistence, Susan used the same bottle to fuck Mel as she licked her clit. We had a brief interlude once Mel came so that people could tell Mike, Jen and me what had happened since our last visit – we actually knew most of this already from chatting to Abrahii and James so the real aim of the conversation was to embarrass and congratulate people for things they had done. As I alluded to earlier, Craig had been convinced to try out a girl (it’s not that he hadn’t slept with a girl before, but he identifies as gay so people thought he should continue to experiment to open up his horizons). Susan had been nominated as his experimental pussy and he had dutifully fucked her in the presence of Abigail (he hadn’t been prepared to do it in front of the whole group, but Abigail had vouched for the fact that he had gone through with it). Lisa had also taken another step by having a threesome with Richard and Abrahii (again, not in front of the group), but she had also progressed in her public displays by letting herself be openly masturbated with other people around.

Having turned Lisa an iridescent shade of pink, we backed off a little and I asked Amber if she was still enjoying the sights of her friends fucking. She said that she was and I offered to play with her, but she said she wasn’t drunk enough to do things in front of everyone. Mike asked if she would be willing to play in private and she said that she would so he led her up to Richard’s room and on the way he told her that I had described in detail how I had played with her during our previous visit. Amber said that Lisa had told her that he was a pretty good fuck and could last quite a while (which pleased Mike a lot and we didn’t hear the end of for the next week). As soon as they were in the bedroom, Mike pulled her to him and kissed her – she kissed him back quite forcefully and he pointed out that she certainly seemed to be fairly turned on. She didn’t deny this so Mike tried to push his hands down the back of her jeans, but they were too tight so he had to unbutton and unzip them. Once he got his hands in to her jeans, he pushed them straight in to her panties and kneaded her ass as he pulled her tight against him. He could feel Amber breathing heavily in to his mouth and when he pulled away to push her jeans down she said that Lisa had also said he was quite good at licking her. Mike asked where he was meant to be good at licking and Amber seemed a little coy and told him that he knew where but he said if she wanted him to do it to her, then she had to at least be able to say it. She told him that he was meant to be good at licking pussy and Mike asked her if she had been tested recently. Amber said that she was still waiting for her results (which again we knew from Abrahii) and Mike told her that it was a pity as he would have loved to eat her. She was a little disappointed, but Mike’s fingers slightly distracted her as he pushed through her legs from behind and rubbed her slit while using his other hand to toy with her clit.

Amber fumbled with his jeans and quickly freed his cock as Mike told her that it would have been much easier if she had been wearing a skirt. He let her play with his cock for a few minutes as he continued to explore her pussy with his fingers and then knelt down to help her slide her jeans and panties off. He asked her to spread her legs and complimented her on how beautiful her pussy looked (hint - this is a good tactic as many girls think their pussies look bad). He spread her lips and took in her scent, then described what he would have done if he had been able to eat her – exploring her outer lips, pushing his tongue up inside her and playing with her clit until she came. Amber was using Mike’s head to keep her balance and he asked her if she thought she could cum more than once. Amber told him that she could cum as many times as he could make her cum (which he noted for future reference). He stood up and removed his jeans, then moved around behind Amber and pressed his cock against her ass as he reached up under her top and played with her breasts before pushing her bra up over them and helping her remove it along with her top. He quickly pulled his own top off so they were both naked and caressed her breasts and pussy as he ground his cock against her ass. As they kissed, he asked her again if she was sure she could cum twice and when she nodded, he guided her over to the bed and got her to lie down with her legs over the edge.

Mike reached in to our bag and pulled out a dental dam – he admitted that it wouldn’t be quite the same and said that he wished he could taste her properly, but as he was going to have to use a condom, then she would have to put up with this for now. Amber spread her legs and Mike had a quick examination of her pussy before covering it with the latex and burying his face between her legs. It may not have been the same as him eating her properly (it really is quite a different feeling without tongue on skin contact and the tongue being able to push between lips and inside), but it was certainly still effective enough. Amber was fairly quiet and Mike didn’t know that she was about to cum until she arched her body slightly. She went to push him away but he held her hands and kitty kissed her until she calmed down. When he finally broke contact and moved up to lie beside her, she commented on the kitty kissing and said that Lisa had described it to her. Mike asked if Lisa had described it or demonstrated it, but it was just the former and he gently teased her pussy with his fingers as he told her that we almost always did that when eating pussy and so far, everyone seemed to enjoy it.


  1. Andi- I recently purchased a 'make a dildo' kit for my GF and what it does is allow you to clone your cock. She really seemed to like it and I made one for myself to use anally. We're probably the only couple that gets fucked 3 ways with the same chock all at the same time. You should check it out.

    1. We tried one of those a few years ago but weren't too impressed with the results. The dildo certainly looked like Mike's cock, but it didn't feel very good (I think we may have even binned it). I saw what looked like a better set a while back that allowed you to take a cast of the cock and then get it fitted with a silicone skin. This would obviously alter the look slightly, but if it feels anything like our favourite silicone vibe it would be much better.

      I'd like it even more if we could make a version that Jen (or I) could use with the strap on - then we could each be fucked by two of Mike's cocks at once :)