Friday, 18 July 2014

More Fun With Freshers - Part 2

Mike asked if Amber was still sure she could cum twice (desperately hoping she was) and she reached down to his cock and stroked up and down the shaft as she said that she wanted to see if Lisa’s description of his fucking was as accurate. Mike quickly applied a condom and crawled back on to the bed over Amber. He kissed her and rubbed the head of his cock against her pussy to lubricate it before sliding in to her in one smooth stroke (she was quite wet from the eating as Mike hadn’t been able to lick any of her juices away). Amber gasped and said that he felt quite big (Mike quite liked Amber after this session given she kept complimenting him) and he fucked her with long slow strokes to see what she felt like.  He doesn’t think she felt as tight as Lisa had, but he obviously didn’t say that and instead told her that her cunt felt hot and wet and he couldn’t wait until he could taste her properly and then fill her with his cum. He got her to wrap his legs around him and they fucked in this position for a while until he pulled out, flipped her over and took her from behind, lying on her with his whole weight as he pushed a hand under her to play with her clit. In this position, Mike could kiss her shoulders and nibble on her earlobe (which she really liked). As they fucked he whispered to her and asked if she wanted to do things with Lisa – Amber told him that she did, but she didn’t think Lisa was that attracted to her (and possibly preferred Sam) but Mike encouraged her and said that if everyone got to play together then she would at least get a chance to make Lisa cum (and hopefully have Lisa make her cum). Amber liked the sound of that, but Mike didn’t dwell on it for too long as he wanted to concentrate on making Amber cum himself.

He pulled Amber up and fucked her with her kneeling on all fours and then asked if she would ride him. She wasn’t too experienced at this position, but had a good attempt at it (and enjoyed the fact that Mike could easily play with her clit and breasts as she did so). He asked her how she wanted to cum and she told him that she didn’t mind. They rolled over and Mike got her to wrap her legs around him so they could kiss as they fucked and Mike reached back to stroke down her left leg, outer thigh and towards her ass. Mike told Amber that he wanted to feel her tight little cunt cumming around his cock and after fucking for a while longer, he pulled out, rolled her on to her side and spooned with her. In this position he could once again play with her clit and breasts and she twisted her head around to kiss him. This isn’t the best position for depth, but he pushed in to her as deep as he could with each stroke and asked her if she wanted to cum. She panted a yes to him and he asked if she thought she could cum a third time afterwards but she gave him a definitive no. Mike told her that was a pity as he had wanted to spend longer with his cock buried inside her cunt and was going to make her cum in two different positions. She told him that she couldn’t wait any more so they just continued as they were with Mike fucking and frigging her and their tongues duelling. Amber came first and Mike fucked and kissed her through her orgasm, then pulled away from her a little to make it easier to move inside her. He pumped away in her pussy and told her that he was looking forward to feeling what she was like without a condom on, but he came* anyway and pushed as deep in to her as he could in time with his orgasm.

They rested for a bit with Mike still buried in her and Amber asked him if he would have really been able to keep going. He told her that he if hadn’t let himself cum then he could have lasted quite a while longer and would have happily made her cum again. He snuggled up behind her once more and asked her if she wanted to try for a third orgasm but she was still sure she couldn’t manage it. Mike moved gently inside her anyway and went back to asking her about wanting to do things with Lisa. Now she wasn’t in the heat of passion, Amber seemed a bit shyer about discussing this, but Mike described to her how Lisa’s juices tasted and that if Amber really liked her, then she should at least try. Mike finally pulled out of her and they kissed a little more with Mike lying on top of her. Just before they got dressed, Mike sat up over Amber and asked her if she would remove his condom – he pointed out that there might be some leakage but she reached down to his cock (and commented that it was still hard) and rolled the condom up. As she pulled it off, Mike’s cum ran down his shaft and dripped on to Amber’s lower stomach. Mike leant forwards again and rubbed his cock back and forth against her, smearing his cum over her and told her that the next time they did things, he wanted to eat her properly and then fill her with his cum. Amber kissed him back quite passionately so he lifted his crotch, reached down and rubbed his cum down over her pussy. He asked if he could at least get some of his cum in to her and she nodded so he pushed a couple of fingers in to her and worked them in and out, then wiped them in his cum again and repeated this.

They got dressed and came back downstairs to join us. Amber was only briefly embarrassed about people’s comments around knowing what she’d been doing – mostly as it appeared that that many of us had been doing similar things. There hadn’t actually been that much going on, it was just the fact that Richard was fondling Abrahii and Susan was sucking Brandon’s cock (I had helped out a little with this, but had left it to her to finish him off). I had also been licked by Sean (which hadn’t felt bad, but not wonderful) and had ended up half standing on the sofa so I could present my pussy to Jen and have her lick me). Jen’s new extra juicy pussy was shown off once again and it was quite obvious to everyone that she had really enjoyed watching people play with each other. Mike and I each briefly went down on her but she wanted to wait until she was in bed to cum again (and nobody wanted to argue with a pregnant woman so she wasn’t forced to exhibit herself).

People seemed to agree that it was time to start heading home and I asked Jules and Mel if I could join them at their hotel. They said that I was welcome, but that I’d probably have to perform and told them that I’d expected that this would be the case and was the whole reason I wanted to spend the night with them. Also as expected, Mel said that I couldn’t fetch any fresh clothes to wear, so I had the choice of wearing my cum-stained skirt or having nothing under my coat. I’m fairly sure that even if I’d said that I would wear the skirt I wouldn’t have been allowed to, Mel just knew that I probably wouldn’t want to have the guys’ cum so close to my pussy (even though I was probably reasonably well protected by the pill at this point). I wasn’t alone though as Mel insisted that Julia also return to the hotel naked (under her coat) and so the three of us set out together, leaving Mike and Jen at Richard and James’ place.

Even though it was a bit cold, Mel forced Julia and me to walk with our coats undone (with our hands in our pockets to keep the front from opening too much). It was a little breezy so one side or the other would occasionally blow open and we were eventually allowed to hold the front shut (not even Mel wanted us to actually get arrested). Back at the hotel it was a slightly different matter though and once we reached our floor, Mel made us walk from the lift to the room with our coats off. She then took her time unlocking the door in the hope that someone would come along and discover us, but we made it in to the room safely. As soon as we were inside, we had to remove our shoes and start to play with each other as Mel got undressed and ready for bed – it was nice to play with Julia again (we’ve made each other cum so many times that our bodies are quite familiar to each other and we can easily provide a fair bit of pleasure). Mel sat beside us, instructed us to keep going and played with both our bodies. We ended up in a simple 69 and lapped away at each other until we both came (as we weren’t competing I let myself cum before Julia) and when we finally separated, Mel kissed us both and tasted the other person’s juices from our mouths.

Our next round was a bit different – both Julia and I had to stand pressed up against the window facing outwards and Mel fingered us from behind. Our room was a little higher than most of the buildings around us , but we could easily see in to a number of other rooms so I suspect that some people may have seen us (although I didn’t see anyone watching us). As nice as it felt (other than the rather cold nipples), we couldn’t easily cum with what Mel was doing to us so Julia and I had to take turns kneeling beneath the other person and once again eat them until they came (with the person standing still facing out and pressed up against the window).

We had a little time to recover as Mel enjoyed licking at our cold nipples, but this only lasted for about five minutes until she decreed that it was her turn to enjoy herself. Mel lay back on the bed and Julia and I caressed, kissed and fondled her. We both had a turn at going down on her, but Mel said that as she wasn’t allowed to play with Jen while she was pregnant, that I would have to cum for Jen as well and I was instructed to sit over Mel’s face and be eaten yet again. On the positive side, Mel is quite forceful at this and has no qualms about probing either hole so at least it felt quite good. On the negative side, Mel made me cum before she did and refused to stop eating me. Fortunately Julia was looking out for me and she worked on Mel to make her cum as quickly as possible, but Mel’s licking still felt incredibly intense and I was straining to lift myself away from her mouth (she had her arms wrapped around me to hold me in place). My the time she released me I was panting and my whole cunt was in a state somewhere between tingling and throbbing – it’s not as if being treated like that was anything new to me, but I hadn’t experienced something that intense for that long for a little while so it took me a while to recover.

We chatted for a bit and discussed Jen’s pregnancy, along with the usual questions around how I felt about Mike and Jen having a baby together. Mel pointed out that it looked like I had been enjoying sucking of Ashraf and Craig and I agreed, saying that I had really missed having cock (other than Mike’s) which is why I was so eager to play with them and taste their cum (Mel and Julia both know that I don’t really like the taste of boy-cum, although I’m much better with it than I used to be). I made the mistake of telling them that I had already promised Richard and James that they could DP me once I’d been on the pill for long enough and Mel said that it didn’t seem fair for me to have to wait and that she was sure they could come up with something. I told her that I still felt quite sensitive from the licking she had given me, but knew that this wouldn’t actually make any difference as I said it.

I realised that I might be in trouble when Mel pulled the belts out of the dressing gowns and got me to crouch on the bed so she could tie each of my hands to opposite sides of the headbord. She did at least stuff a couple of pillows under by chest so that I wasn’t lying face down on the bed (the duvet was quite soft and while I probably wouldn’t have actually suffocated, it might not have been too pleasant). Once I was securely fastened to the bed, Mel gave my ass a few firm slaps and told me that she would make up for me not being able to fuck the guys. I felt something cold land on my ass and looked round to see Mel squeezing some lube on to a vibe, which was then inserted in to my ass. A second one was pushed in to my cunt and they were both turned on. Mel sat back and admired the view, then got Jules to reach under me and play with my clit as she pumped the vibes in and out of my ass and cunt. I got another number of slaps on my ass from Mel as she fucked me and was told to moan and pant to show I was enjoying myself. Mel pushed the vibe in my cunt in quite deep and told me to squeeze myself around it – I did as instructed and she carried on fucking me with it, using short strokes and keeping it quite deep inside me. This actually felt quite good and it got even better when I was told to lift my ass in the air so Jules could climb under me and lick my clit instead of frigging it (I’m still of the opinion that the best non-vibrating thing to stimulate a clit with is a tongue). As I’d been told to make noise, I told them how good it felt, asked Mel to fuck my cunt and ass, told Jules to lick my clit and described how I was going to cum soon. I actually drooled a little as I came (which I blame on the position I was in) and while it wasn’t the best orgasm I’ve had, it was a lot nicer than I had expected given I’d already cum three times since entering the room. Fortunately Mel seemed satisfied that we’d performed enough for her and when the vibes were finally removed from my holes and I was untied, we settled down to sleep.

Mike and Jen had a much gentler evening, although Jen had been just as horny as I‘d been so when they got to James’ room, she asked Mike to eat her straight away. Mike was more than happy to oblige and got stuck in to Jen’s still very wet pussy. Jen pulled on her nipples as Mike ate her and he asked if she wanted him to draw things out but she told him to make her cum as quickly as possible and he could then fuck her. As I’ve said before, both Mike and I have agreed to service Jen in whatever way she wants (or not pester her when she isn’t in the mood) while she is pregnant, so Mike did as she asked and carried on eating her until she came. He then curled up behind her and spooned with her while caressing her nipples until she was ready to fuck, at which point she told him that she wanted to be on top. Mike was quite happy about this and pulled out of her, rolled over and let her mount him. Jen sat upright for most of the session so Mike could toy with her clit as she rode him and played with her nipples. Her pussy made wet slurping sounds as they fucked and Mike encouraged her to leak as muck pussy juice over him as she could. To finish things off, Jen leant forwards and kissed Mike as he pumped in to her and caressed her ass until she came, after which he came in her fairly quickly. When she dismounted, he gave her pussy a few quick licks, kissed her stomach to say goodnight to the baby and spooned up behind her once more. They discussed the way things had turned out was odd and Mike complained to her that if Jen had just let him fuck her when I first started dating her, then we could have had so much more fun.

Jen was still feeling horny the next morning so Mike went down on her and then spooned with her while using a vibrating egg on her clit. He loved the sensation of her pussy cumming around his cock (and especially the way she thrust back and forth against him as she came) but he refrained from cumming in her. Jen didn’t mind this too much as she appreciated that he wanted to save his cum for the other people, but as a penalty he was told that he had to help make her cum whenever she wanted to (this wasn’t really much of a penalty for him). They remained in bed until they heard James and Richard get up and then joined them downstairs for breakfast, during which Jen was convinced to cum once more with Mike eating her as the guys watched. Following her orgasm, she lay with her legs spread and her pussy oozed milky fluid which Mike idly played with and rubbed over her thighs. They then went to shower and did this together to save water – Jen didn’t want to cum again just yet, but she didn’t have any objections to peeing as Mike fucked her from behind and afterwards said that by the time she had emptied her bladder, he could have probably convinced her to cum if he’d tried.

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