Monday, 21 July 2014

More Fun With Freshers - Part 3

Just as during the previous evening, my morning was a bit more intense than Mike and Jen’s. This time it was Julia’s turn to be fucked with the vibes and I was allowed to help out for a bit, but then had to sit in front of her and hold her face against my cunt so I could feel her moaning in to me as she came. Mel carried on fucking Julia’s pussy and ass until Julia ate me to orgasm. The angle she was in meant that she couldn’t get the best contact with me for cunnilingus and it took a little while. I was considering faking an orgasm to spare Julia from further vibe action, but as I had this thought I could feel my orgasm starting to build so just concentrated on helping it along with my imagination. I came, but it wasn’t a very satisfying orgasm – although it was enough that Mel pulled the vibes out of Julia and released her from the bed. Her pussy looked very pink and a little swollen so I offered to kitty kiss her. Julia accepted this offer and I gently lapped away at her pussy until she felt better at which point we decided that Mel should really be made to cum. Mel only objected briefly to this and we ended up taking her together – she insisted that if she was going to cum then I was going to cum again so I 69ed with her and Jules used a vibe in Mel’s ass. I had a good view of this and considered asking if I could have the other vibe in my ass, but tempting Mel can be a bad idea so I just stuck with letting her eat me and watched as I ate her in return. I had a much better orgasm that time and Mel certainly seemed to enjoy her one too. We were told that there would be a punishment for us making her cum, but weren’t told what it would be until we had all showered and got dressed for the day.

‘Getting dressed’ only included Mel and Julia as I didn’t have any clothes with me, but I was getting used to my morning walks of shame with just my coat on (and it is a little easier in the colder weather as I naturally wear a longer coat). Just before we left the room, Mel handed Julia and I a pair of panties each and we were told to put them on. In the lift on the way down, she then handed us each a vibe and told them to turn them on and get them in to ourselves. This was easier said than done and we decided to help each other out, but still had to take the lift back up to the top floor to give us time to pull our panties to the side, slide the vibes in and cover the ends with the crotches of our panties. It felt very naughty walking back to James and Richard’s place with the vibe buzzing away inside me and other than the panties, being naked under my coat. Mel said that she wanted to take a detour and I wondered what else she had in mind, but soon recognised that we were heading towards Abrahii’s place. Abrahii was still asleep when we arrived, but one of her housemates let us in and we headed up to her room. Julia and I had to show Abrahii the bulges in our panties and we were then offered to her to provide our traditional wake up service. This did at least mean that we got to pull the vibes out (as nice as vibes can be, they get irritating if left in for too long) and we took turns eating Abrahii while the other person sat over her face to be licked. Abrahii said that it was a nice surprise to be woken up this way (technically we didn’t eat her awake, but she still hadn’t been expecting a morning session) and added that we should hire ourselves out to provide that service (but she knows already that for her we would do this any time).

Abrahii went to shower and we arranged to meet up later on. Mel, Jules and I then headed over to Richard and James’ place (this time without use of panties or vibes) and by the time we arrived, everyone was up and sitting around chatting. Julia and I had to shed our coats and Mel suggested that Julia could take care of Richard if he wanted. He wasn’t immediately in the mood for this, but after a few minutes of a naked Julia grinding against his crotch he was clearly hard and said that he could probably put up with her fucking him (keeping up the British tradition for sarcasm). It didn’t seem fair to leave James out so I asked if he wanted some attention and was pleased when he said yes. I slipped a pair of panties on first to ensure my pussy didn’t get any cum directly on it, then crawled across the floor towards James and ran my hands up his thighs to his crotch. He actually seemed quite eager and quickly undid his jeans, slipped them down (along with his underwear) and kicked them off. I took hold of James’ cock and rubbed it against my face, then took it in my mouth and started to suck him. He pushed my head down on to his cock so I wrapped my hand around the shaft to stop him from going too deep and then bobbed up and down while swirling my tongue around the head and shaft. I stopped sucking him from time to time so I could once again rub his cock against my face and also have an opportunity to look over at Jules riding Richard. I almost suggested that we swap for a bit so they could both get fucked and sucked, but Julia seemed to be enjoying Richard’s cock so it seemed unfair to interrupt them. I made James promise to tell me when he was about to cum and took his cock back in my mouth while using a hand to caress his balls. It wasn’t long before he said he was getting close and I told him to give me just a couple of seconds notice and resumed sucking his cock. I pressed a finger against his ass and rubbed back and forth and this was enough to send him over the edge. He cried out that he was about to cum and I quickly pulled my mouth off of his cock and stroked it while continuing to caress his balls and rub his ass with my other hand. As he came I pressed my fingertip a little harder on his ass and I felt his cum splatter over my face. He tried to pull me back to his cock but I held back until he had stopped cumming before I took him in my mouth again and gave it a gentle suck clean.

Julia was still going on Richard (he seems to be able to last a bit longer than James), but it didn’t look like things would continue for too long so I moved over beside them and watched as I rubbed James’ cum in to my face and breasts. I wanted to cum but couldn’t use my hands to masturbate with so I asked Mike to fetch me a vibe. He quickly dashed upstairs and returned with our nice silicone coated one, pulled the front of my panties down and pushed it in so it rested against my clit. I lay back and played with my breasts as Mike held the vibe against me and watched Julia bouncing on Richard’s cock from my new angle. Unsurprisingly, they came before I did and Jen suggested that as I liked cum so much that Jules should stand over me and share whatever Richard gave her. This sounded like a good idea to us both and as Julia straddled me, Richard’s cum started to drip out of her. She moved so it fell mostly on my face and neck (she knows about my sensitive neck). I rubbed Richard’s cum in with James’ cum and told Mike to press harder against my clit with the vibe. He did as I asked for a while, but it was then decided that people should be able to see my pussy so the panties were torn off of my body (we do get through quite a few sets of underwear and tights like this, but this time they were Julia’s panties). Mike rubbed the vibe up and down the length of my pussy and I foolishly thought he was about to make me cum, but just as I entered the final stretch he moved the vibe away and said that it might be better to tease me for a while.

I told him that I really wanted to cum (which he already knew) and once again realised that it was stilly to argue as I was going to be played with no matter what I said. When instructed Iifted my ass up and people pushed a couple of cushions under it while Mike unzipped his trousers and freed his cock. He pushed in to me and Mel told Jules to sit on my face. Mike fucked me for a few minutes as I followed the instructions to eat Jules clean and I then felt the vibe on my clit once more. Mike took me close to cumming (not too close, but enough to be frustrating) at least three times and it felt like they played with me for ages (it was only about 15 minutes apparently) before Julia was told to climb off of my face (I’d made her cum again and then mostly just kitty kissed her) so people could watch me cum and see the expression on my face. With Julia and me being the centre of attention it felt like old times (not that I begrudge Susan her enjoyment) and I tried to remember how embarrassed I was when I was first made to perform in front of people (I think I enjoy exhibitionism so much because of the shame/embarrassment that is meant to come with people seeing such intimate acts). Mike carried on fucking me while Jen rubbed the vibe around my clit and just before I came she pulled it away, but put it back as soon as I yelled at her. Due to this I had a slightly broken orgasm but it still felt quite good and I humped against Mike’s cock which he had pressed deep inside of me.

I still felt that I need to cum (possibly due to Jen pulling the vibe away at the crucial moment or possibly just because of the teasing) and I begged for someone to eat me. Usually this would have been Mike or Jen’s job, but they offered me to the others and Richard said he would have a turn. I would have actually preferred Mike, Jen or even Julia to do it, but it would have been rude to turn down his offer so I just told him to hurry up and make me cum again. It’s not as if Richard is bad at cunnilingus (he gets a fair amount of practice – mostly with Abrahii, but with other members of the group as well) and he did a good enough job. I felt my next orgasm building quite quickly and I reached down to hold his head against my pussy so he wouldn’t pull away and tease me, but he carried on eating me and I had a much better orgasm with his tongue on my clit. This time I was panting and moaning louder and reached over for Mike’s cock to stroke. I wanted him in my mouth, but didn’t tell him this in time so I made do with just holding and rubbing his cock. Once I’d cum I asked to suck him clean of my juices and Mel suggested that I suck Richard clean of Julia’s juices as well. Given I’d already eaten his cum out of Julia’s pussy this didn’t seem like a big deal and it was actually quite fun as I got to feel his cock swell in my mouth as I sucked on it.

Once people were satisfied that Richard’s cock was clean I was allowed to go upstairs and shower myself clean, although Mike followed me and took a couple of pictures to send to Sue so she could see what she was missing (we had offered her the chance to come with us but she was busy with work again). I then got dressed and a short while later we all headed out to meet up with people for lunch. We played our usual games with Julia, Abrahii, Susan and me all touching ourselves as we ate and exposing our pussies as much as possible. Jen joined in and after a quick trip to the bathroom to remove her panties, she sat with a napkin under her ass to catch any juices and she managed to display herself quite nicely to the group (to the extent that she had quite a damp napkin by the end of lunch). Susan, Julia and I all bent over rather excessively to pick up our bags and gave a couple of guys at another table a decent view of our crotches. As we were going to be walking for a while, we convince Jen to leave her panties off and after an initial dribble of juice down one thigh she didn’t leak any more.

A little later in the afternoon, Mel suggested that Susan should really be made to leak as much as Jen and after her customary weak refusal, we headed to Lisa’s place (it was closest) and piled in to her small room. Other than making Susan perform, nobody was sure what Mel had in mind, but this was quickly remedied as she described what she had in mind – Susan would be serial fucked by a number of guys, each getting to cum in her. As Mel described this I could feel my own pussy twinge and I’ll admit that I felt rather jealous of Susan (but also knew that there was only a week left until the next sex party and that I should be sufficiently protected by then). As the aim was to cum as much in Susan as possible, Richard and James were out of the running, but Ashraf, Brandon and Mike all stepped up and offered their first loads of the day to the cause. Susan was stripped naked and her clothes stashed away (which was rather pointless as she isn’t really known for not being willing to play or cum). Susan was then told to lie on the bed and had her hands tied above her head, a couple of pillows placed under her ass (to keep it raised so the cum stayed in her) and Ashraf was set loose on her.

The aim was for the guys to cum in her, not to make Susan cum, although if that was a happy side effect then it was allowed. As such, the guys were meant to do whatever felt best for them and not worry about Susan. Mel thought that as Susan was giving pleasure to the guys, then she may as well take care of the girls as well and offered Susan’s mouth up for use. Abigail went first, saying that the sight of her little girl being fucked turned her on (and Ashraf was certainly pumping away inside Susan quite energetically). Abigail pulled her panties off but kept her skirt on so we couldn’t see much at first, but as she got more turned on she lifted her skirt so that she (and we) could see Susan licking her. Abigail helped Ashraf out by holding Susan’s legs up in the air so he could get deep inside her and she told Susan to lick her faster so she could cum as Ashraf came inside Susan. It didn’t work out quite that conveniently and Ashraf came first but Abigail remained in place on Susan’s face, holding Susan’s legs in the air until Susan ate her to orgasm.

It was Mike’s turn next and he wiped some of Jen’s juices over his cock for extra lubrication (and so she could feel as if she was getting to do things to Susan) slid in to Susan’s waiting cunt. Mike commented on the fact that she felt rather wet and asked Ashraf how much he’d cum in her, but it didn’t seem to stop him from pumping away and enjoying himself. I was going to climb up on the bed so Susan could eat me but the others were trying to convince Lisa or Sam to have a turn and I wanted to see if they would. As we were using Lisa’s room it was decided that she should get to cum and straddled Susan’s face. As with Abigail, she kept her pussy hidden for a while and only when she got close to cumming did we convince her to pull it up and get to see Susan licking her. Mike had enjoyed Susan’s pussy and could have cum quite a bit sooner, but as he wasn’t meant to be making Susan cum, he at least wanted to watch Lisa cum to spur him on – he still didn’t cum at the same time as her, but he wasn’t too far behind her and he held Susan’s legs up in the air as Abigail had done for Ashraf to ensure he could get as deep as possible inside her when he came.

Mike kept his cock buried in Susan for a minute or so before he pulled out and made way for Brandon. I’d had enough by this point and decided that if they convinced Sam to join in then I would happily take care of her myself, but I was going to have Susan take care of me first. I undid my skirt and let it slide to the ground and quickly climbed over Susan’s face, telling her that I wanted her to make me cum and in return I would help her out (Mel hadn’t said that the girls couldn’t play with Susan). As Brandon fucked Susan, Ashraf’s and Mike’s cum squelched out around his cock so he was told to not go too deep in to her. Even so, he didn’t take as long as Mike to cum, so Susan didn’t have time to make me cum but I refused to dismount her until I was satisfied. I made sure to keep my promise to her and I played with her clit to get her off in return, although I was told to be careful to not disturb the cum still inside her. Her crotch and ass already had a fairly good covering but I did as asked and just concentrated on her clit. Susan came before I did (but she had been fucked three times which is bound to feel nice even if the guys aren’t trying to get you off) and I then just sat up straight and enjoyed the feeling of her tongue on my cunt. I was told to hurry up and gently humped back and forth against Susan’s face to help things along, but it didn’t take me long anyway. Given I was in my favourite state (being watched by a number of people) I was surprised that I didn’t cum that hard, but I guess I’d had a pretty active morning already and the orgasm still felt pretty good.


  1. Great website. When my wife and I play with other guys the feel of her pussy with another man's cum in her is very exciting. It feels silky yet so hot and smooth. Seems next party you need to be the one taking multiple loads in your pussy.

    1. I'm just in the middle of writing up the entry about the sex party that marked my return to proper sex so you'll read about it soon. The main benefit of Mike having experimented with guys is that he now isn't as bothered about the feel of another guy's cum in my pussy - he still prefers watching multiple other guys fuck me at times like that,but at least he will get involved from time to time.

  2. Mel seems to be the more aggressive one of the bunch which is a good thing. Most of the group is fine to just enjoy things but there is no real challenges. It seems to follow the pattern of play, orgasm, rest but Mel asks the question 'what if they go outside their comfort zone'. She is also the closest I see to my flavor (BDSM) and would seem open to dishing out some punishment (not the playful fake punishment but actually engaging in it) with the sex which is exciting and something that is decidedly lacking IMO.

    1. I don't always like Mel - sometimes she goes beyond being aggressive or setting challenges and just seems mean and spiteful. The time we let her indulge Jen's pain fetish, she pushed things further than I was happy with her doing.

      Not everyone actually enjoys pain - I quite enjoy a light spanking and Jen enjoys a fair bit more pain than I do but even then it is probably only 'play' BDSM (although the wax and paddle we have can certainly leave bits of Jen quite pink and tender for a few days). You won't find much (if any - I can't remember if we did any light stuff) punishment over the next 6-12 months of entries as we had decided not to do it to Jen while she was pregnant as we didn't want her to have raised cortisol levels. Once she stops breast feeding, I imagine she might want a good spanking or we could take her out and lead her around by her nipple and clit clamps again...