Thursday, 24 July 2014

More Fun With Freshers - Part 4

While I’d been on Susan’s face, Mike had been chatting to Lisa and complimenting her on being able to enjoy herself so openly. He still had his cock out (at Mel’s instruction as Susan was meant to suck all the guys clean) and he asked Lisa if he would be likely to get to sleep with her again at some point. She gently stroked his cock and asked if he thought he could give her another long session and he told her that he would take as long as she wanted (and then leant close to her and thanked her for the way she had spoken about him to Amber). Mike’s cock returned to being fully stiff as she caressed it so he reached between her legs and asked if he could at least have a quick taste of her as he slid his fingers along her pussy. She told him yes and he tasted her from his fingers and then suggested they watch Susan, Brandon and me finish up. This was an excuse to get Lisa to turn away from Mike as he then pulled her back against him and lifted the back of her skirt to slide his cock between her legs. He knew that he probably couldn’t fuck her at that point (although if she had asked him to he would have given it a good try), but he enjoyed rubbing his cock between her ass cheeks and then pushing it between her legs. Mike then leant back against Lisa’s desk, positioned his cock against her pussy and pulled her back against him. She looked around at him and he gave her a little nod and continued to gently pull her towards him. He felt the head of his cock pop into her pussy, followed by the rest of his cock. Lisa sat back against him and Mike enjoyed the feeling of her tight pussy around his cock, but neither of them were ready for a second round (and he was sufficiently surprised that Lisa had allowed him to slide into her with everyone around so probably wouldn’t have tried to push things even if he hadn’t just cum).

When Brandon and I finished with Susan, Mike, Brandon and Ashraf all had to present their cocks for her to suck them clean. I was a little surprised that neither Julia nor I had to help out with this, but as I’d just cum I didn’t really care too much. Susan then had the juices covering her face wiped around a little (but not wiped off) and people helped her to get dressed while she remained lying on her back on the bed (which was an excuse to not put a bra back on her). Once she was dressed, she had to hold her pussy lips together as she got up and we left Lisa’s room with Susan waddling along with a hand under her skirt, keeping her pussy held shut. She had been told that she could only let go when someone was about to see her and we made it halfway down the stairs before we heard voices coming up. I was in front of Susan so didn’t get to see it myself, but Jen says that when Susan pulled her hand away from her pussy, she immediately started dripping cum – some of it falling straight down on to the ground and some running down her legs. As soon as the people coming up the stairs had passed us and were out of sight, Susan was made to stand with a leg up on the railing so we could add see her pussy and Mel spread Susan’s lips to allow more cum to leak out. Both of Susan’s thighs were streaked with cum and I told everyone that I wanted the same treatment on my next visit. Mel wiped her fingers over Susan’s face and we continued our journey downstairs and to a coffee shop. Susan was at least allowed to copy what Jen had done at lunchtime and sit with a napkin under her ass to stop her skirt getting too wet (although most of the cum had probably leaked out of her by that point). Mike had a brief play with Julia under her skirt – he didn’t have enough time between interruptions to actually make her cum but he still enjoyed himself and Mel approved of Julia being fondled in such a public place.

After coffee we split up for a while and people went their separate ways until later that night. I went for a walk with Jen and Mike went with Mel and Julia back to their hotel so he could play with Julia a little more. He spent a while teasing her, but wasn’t too mean and ate her to orgasm, then ‘convinced’ Mel to let him do the same to her. Mel wanted to be fingered as well and Mike was happy to oblige – she kept telling him to be a bit rougher with her and he ended up using four fingers to fuck her quite forcefully, occasionally stopping to lick at her clit (but keeping his fingers in her as he did this). Mike then carried on fingering (almost fisting) Mel as Julia played with Mel’s breasts and rubbed her clit. When Mel came she let out a series of guttural groans and as soon as she finished cumming Mike pulled his fingers out of her and buried his face in her cunt. He lapped away at her for a good few minutes – a little more forcefully than kitty kissing, but also not really eating her properly and then told her that he wanted to be inside her. I had told Mike about my evening with Mel and Julia so he got Mel to stand against the window as he took her from behind. Due to the fact it was daytime, he didn’t press her right up against the window and allowed her to stand with her hands on the glass. Mike slid in to her and fucked her while reaching around to play with her clit – Mel asked him to fuck her hard so Julia took over playing with Mel’s clit, allowing Mike to pound in to Mel. He thinks she felt a little looser than usual, but as he’d just been using four fingers in her he didn’t find this too surprising and just kept pounding in to her. He pressed his thumb against her ass but Mel told him not to so he left her ass alone and concentrated on her cunt. As they fucked, Mike asked Mel if she would like to have a line of guys queued up to fuck her, with each one pumping away inside her and emptying their loads in to her cunt so their cum ran out and down her legs as it had done with Susan. As I’ve said before, Mel usually likes to be the one giving pleasure (or rather making people do things), but she seemed to be in a relatively submissive mood and allowed Mike to describe in detail how every guy would have a turn fucking her and then how the girls would all fist her one after the other. He even gave her ass a few slaps as she got close to cumming and once she had cum he pushed in to her as far as he could and stayed buried in her.

Mel went to sit down on the bed and told Mike if he had the energy left then he should fuck Julia – as he hadn’t cum in Mel this wasn’t too difficult for him and in her case he was a lot gentler, but also played with her clit as she leant up against the window in the same position Mel had been in. To finish things off Mike cheated a little and held a vibe against Julia’s clit as he fucked her, but she seemed to enjoy it and that was his main concern as making girls cum is probably the thing he finds most arousing (of course it also depends on how he makes them cum, but as long as the end result is an orgasm he generally gets turned on by it). He said that he could have easily cum in either Mel or Julia but was holding back in the hope of fucking one of the freshers later that night with the aim of being able to produce at least a semi-decent second load of cum for the day. He topped off his arousal by getting Julia to lie on the bed and kitty kissing her once more and they then discussed which of the new people they would most like to do things with. Mel and Jules already knew that Mike was quite taken with Lisa but that he wanted to do something with Sam to complete the hat-trick of the new girls. Julia was more interested in the new guys and was quite willing to offer herself up to help convert the gay guys to bi ones. Mel switched back to her usual form and wanted to watch Julia fuck and be fucked by all of the new people in turn, but was aware that Susan was now probably first in line for this so was prepared to have Julia take turns with Susan.

Just before he got dressed and came to find Jen and me, he had a final spoon with Julia – not actually fucking her, just enjoying the warmth of her pussy. As he’d got Mel off twice, she gave him the choice of what Julia should wear later that evening and he just gave the guidance of something cute. Mel said that they had something suitable with them and offered to show Mike but he said he was fine letting them surprise him (and he was sure that Mel wouldn’t have any qualms with embarrassing Julia). He then wandered back in to town and met up with Jen and me (we were having coffee – even if she can’t have the caffeinated stuff, Jen still enjoys her coffee) and gave us a brief rundown of his session. We were both quite surprised at Mel’s behaviour but couldn’t discuss it too openly where we were so soon headed back to Richard and James’ place and met up with them.

The rest of the afternoon was fairly quiet – we had dinner in and got ready to go out for the evening. I’d brought a new outfit with me – a semi-transparent top with a shelf bra that left my nipples exposed and some nipple disks so I could go to respectable places and have it look like I’d made an effort to not display myself too much. The only caveat was that the disks were slightly smaller than my areola and in semi-decent lighting this was quite obvious (not that I specifically tried to find disks of this size to ensure this effect…). I paired this with a little ra-ra skirt that I could easily pull up as required and a pair of opaque tights that I fully expected to lose before the evening was through. Jen went with a tight backless top that her points of nipples were easily visible through whenever they got hard and a wrap-around skirt that made it easy to slide a hand in one side and on to her bare ass. She wasn’t quite as wet so agreed to go out without panties on, but took a small pair with her.

We met up with everyone in a new(ish) bar and spent a couple of hours there. Jen enjoyed herself a lot more now that she didn’t have to make excuses about not drinking and had a good chat with Amber and Lisa about the pregnancy and how she had gotten in to the situation (other than the obvious ‘having sex’). There was only a little fondling that went on at the bar as it was too crowded to get away with much. Mike did make out with Lisa for a bit she and offered to sleep with him later on which he was quite pleased about. He got to fondle her a bit more when we moved on to a club and we danced for a couple of hours (at least I did my approximation of dancing). It was very hot and we all got quite sweaty, not helped by us grinding up against each other. At one point when I danced when Jen we each pushed a leg between each other’s legs and I could feel how slippery her pussy felt. I was also fondled by a number of other people in our group and managed to have fairly decent make-out sessions with Sam and Sean (separately). Susan was told to find a guy and ‘entertain’ him and to make sure she got him sufficiently interested that he wanted to fuck her (from experience of guys in clubs, that usually involves just saying hello).

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see it (although Mike did), but Susan got to take the guy out back and was fucked up against the wall. He and a few others followed them out to make sure she was safe and they started things off by kissing but Susan quickly moved things along by shoving a hand down the guy’s trousers and stroking his cock. He eagerly followed suit and pushed a hand under her skirt to discover she didn’t have panties on and he quickly got his fingers up inside her. They kissed some more and he pulled Susan’s top down (which she didn’t stop him from doing) and he played with and sucked on her breasts. Susan rolled her skirt up and tucked it in to her top so she was effectively just wearing a rather unruly belt and knelt down to free the guy’s cock from his trousers. She rolled a condom on to it and immediately took him in her mouth, sucked him for a minute or so and then stood up to let him fuck her. He took her against the wall, holding one of her legs up (or out) and pumped back and forth in her rapidly as they kissed and he used his other hand to caress her breasts and her ass. Susan told him to lift her up and she wrapped her arms around his neck to help out. He kept her pressed against the wall and fucked her as she rode his cock, holding her up by her ass. Susan was quite clear that she wanted him to make her cum (sufficiently so that Mike and the others could hear her clearly). At least the guy seemed considerate enough to want to please her and he kept going as she told him she was getting closer and was going to cum. When she did cum she told him to fuck her as hard as he wanted and cum in her. She kept encouraging him to fuck her and he soon came in her, held her up for a short while longer and then lifted her off of his cock and let her stand back down on the ground again. Susan quickly knelt down, held the condom in place and took the head of his cock in her mouth to give it a final suck. As the guy pulled the condom off and stuffed his cock back in to his trousers, Susan tried to sort her dress out and ended up having to slide it down to her feet and pull it back up to get it on again. She then thanked the guy and joined the others to go back inside.

I had managed to tease a couple of random guys while dancing with them by rubbing up against them and letting their hands roam wherever they wanted. Both guys got their hands on to my ass under my skirt and the first one also gave my breasts a good massage through my top. The sweat had somewhat loosened the nipple disks so the fondling dislodged them. I let the guy see as I undid a button, slipped a hand into my top (it was fairly dark in the club but the top was transparent enough that I think he could see my hand) and peeled off the disks. Having disposed of them, I pressed up against him and he fondled my breasts more firmly. I’d left the button undone and he took the hint and soon had his hands directly on my breasts but it wasn’t the sort of place we could get away with that for too long. I ground my pussy against his crotch and when I finally left him I went to the bathroom to remove my tights so the second guy I danced with probably had a number of snail trails left on his trousers when I humped against him.

We once again headed back to Richard and James’ place and our games had put pretty much everyone in the mood to play. Susan and Julia were immediately offered up for anyone to use as they wanted and not wanting to be left out I said that I would help out. Ashraf had first dibs on Julia (apparently they had been fooling around a fair bit tougher at the club) and as she sucked him off I let him finger me and then helped Julia out. Even with two girls sucking him, Ashraf said he wanted to fuck but he didn’t object to me licking them both as Julia rode him while he sat on a chair. He offered to eat me as well so we threw a couple of cushions on the floor and Ashraf lay down, Julia mounted his cock again and I sat over his face. This position allowed to me kiss Jules and reach between her legs to play with her clit and I told her that I was looking forward to being able to switch places with her on our next visit. Julia fondled my breasts and told me that I could have as many guys fuck me as I wanted and Susan would eat me clean. I really wanted to just be fucked with the cum filling and covering me but Julia was trying to help turn me on so I didn’t correct her and we built on the fantasy with her getting to cum each time I did.


  1. Of all your various play partners, who has the tightest pussy in Mike's view?

    1. He thinks it is probably little Sara - although Lis probably isn't too far behind...