Sunday, 27 July 2014

More Fun With Freshers - Part 5

While I was playing with Ashraf, Mike had chatted with Lisa and been interrupted by Susan who had been told to pleasure the new people. Lisa had her first public threesome with Susan eating her as Brandon fucked Susan (so not technically a ‘proper’ threesome as she only had one person doing things to her). Before Susan could finish and move on to one of the other girls, Mike moved over and started making out with Sam. She ended up straddling him and they kissed for a while with the bulge of his cock pressing against her crotch. Mike moved a hand down between Sam’s legs and rubbed her panties, then worked a finger up under the legband and touched her pussy directly. He played with her clit and told her that he knew I’d eaten her (as did everyone) and asked if he was allowed a turn. Sam told him to go ahead and they swapped positions on the seat and Mike got Sam to lift her ass so he could slide her panties off, then pushed her skirt up and pulled her legs apart. Even though she had done things in front of the group a number of times, she still seemed a little shy at being quite so exposed, but Mike only had a quick look at her pussy before spreading her lips and giving her a few long gently licks up the length of her slit, flicking his tongue over her clit each time. He then kissed around her pussy briefly before licking up and down her inner lips and started to play with her clit a bit more seriously. He lapped away at her pussy for a fairly decent amount of time (taking sufficiently long that Susan finished with Lisa and had to move on to Sean but we’ll come back to this in a moment). Mike got Sam sufficiently aroused that she was asking him to make her cum and she no longer seemed to mind that she was so exposed as she made no effort to cover herself whenever he pulled away from her and used his fingers to toy with her lips or clit. Afterwards, Mike realised that he should have called Lisa over to help him out (or at least have a good look at Sam’s pussy) but he was enjoying himself too much with his third 18 year old pussy of the year (or couple of months) and wanted to make Sam cum by himself.

When he finally went in for the kill, it was quite easy to finish her off and he even got her to slide down in the chair and hold her legs up so her pussy was facing almost straight up to make it easier. As she came, he decided he may as well go for broke and firmly flicked his tongue over her ass a few times between licks. Sam whimpered a little as he did this, but she was whimpering from her orgasm anyway. When she tried to push Mike away, he held on firmly to her and switched to kitty kissing her until she calmed down before giving her pussy a final long swirl with his tongue and pulling away from her. Sam didn’t cover herself up immediately and it was only when Amber pointed out that it looked like Sam had enjoyed herself that Sam seemed to realise how exposed she was and she sat up and pulled her skirt down. Mike gave Sam a kiss and whispered to her that he thought she tasted wonderful and hoped that he would be allowed to eat her again sometime. He then wandered back over to Lisa.

Jen had decided that even though she wasn’t going to have sex with anyone, it didn’t mean that she couldn’t join in and she wanted to play with some of the freshers. Jen had called Amber over and as they watched other people playing Jen slid a hand up Amber’s thigh and leant over to kiss her. Jen quickly got her hand under Amber’s skirt and to the top of her thighs, at which point she twisted her wrist to get Amber to spread her legs a little and then pushed her fingers on to on to Amber’s panties. Jen whispered in to Amber’s ear and asked if she would finger her and felt Amber gently slide a hand up between Jen’s legs. When Amber’s fingers reached Jen’s pussy Jen spread her legs further to give Amber as much access as she wanted and in turn Jen tried to work her fingers in to Amber’s panties. She sort of made contact with Amber’s pussy but wanted to play with her properly and hissed in to Amber’s ear to get her panties off. Amber did as she was told and as soon as she sat down again Jen pushed her fingers in to Amber’s hot pussy and began fingering her. The two of them kissed and fingered each other with Jen pulling her top up and telling Amber to also play with her (Jen’s) breasts. Jen came before Amber did (but she was feeling horny before they’d even started) and this meant that she could then concentrate on Amber. She got Amber to pull her own top up and free her nipples so Jen could suck on them as she worked her fingers on and in Amber’s pussy. Jen says that she wished she had been able to go down on Amber (or have Amber go down on her), but she contented herself with making Amber cum by just using her fingers.

When Mike got to Lisa, he kissed her to let her taste Sam’s juices from her face and then sat and watched the tail end of Jen and Amber’s games (along with the other people who were playing with each other). He asked Lisa if she still wanted to fuck and she told him yes so he asked if she would help to get him ready as he placed her hand on his crotch. Lisa commented that he already seemed more than ready (he was unsurprisingly already hard having just eaten Sam) but Mike asked if she would be prepared to suck him as he intended to give her pussy a very thorough licking later on. Lisa knew that he was just daring her to do things with people watching, but as I’ve said before, she seems to be coming along well and  freed his cock from his trousers and then bent her head down to suck it. Mike enjoyed this for a couple of minutes and then told her that she’d done enough and he didn’t want to cum too soon (he wasn’t actually anywhere near cumming but he wanted to make sure he knew that he had enjoyed what she had been doing).

After having finished with Ashraf and Julia, I had gone to help out with Susan who had moved on from Lisa and Brandon to take care of Sean and Craig. She had basically repeated what she had done earlier, just with Craig’s cock in her mouth while Sean fucked her. I helped out by joining her in sucking Craig and getting Sean to pull out occasionally so I could suck him and lap at Susan’s cunt. Naturally I also kissed Susan and toyed with her breasts and as Sean got closer to cumming I frigged Susan’s clit to help her get off. This worked quite well and we actually made her cum before Sean did, but as you would expect he was told to just carry on using her until he finished off and he was encouraged to fuck her as hard as he could. He really enjoyed this and as his body slapped repeatedly against Susan’s ass I warned him that he’d better be ready to do that to me as well on our next visit. The violent fucking meant that Susan wasn’t concentrating on Craig’s cock too much, but as soon as Sean came and pulled out of her I want back to helping her out. Between us it didn’t take too long to finish Craig off and while he didn’t cum too much, we had enough that we were able to kiss and share his cum between our mouths and I then went down on Julia and licked some of Craig’s cum in to her cunt and mixed it the bits of Sean’s cum that hadn’t already leaked out.

All in all it was a good evening but people started to get tired (as did I) and began to drift off. Mike headed off to Lisa’s place with her and I went up to have a quick shower to remove any cum from my body before I spent the night with Jen (I also used copious amounts of mouthwash). I was going to give Richard and James another private show before heading to bed but Jen said she was tired and wanted to snuggle up so we said our goodnights and headed in to James’ room. Jen wasn’t quite as tired as she had pretended and told me she wanted to fuck. I teased her a bit about how Amber’s fingers should have satisfied her but she wasn’t in the mood for teasing and pulled me down on to the bed, then started grinding against me. I pressed a thigh against her pussy and told her if she wanted to cum then I would make her cum and gave her the choice of position. She opted for scissoring for finishing off, but wanted to hump, finger and eat each other a bit first. I didn’t entirely stick to the script that Jen wanted and while we were 69ing I worked on her in her favourite ways, pushing my tongue up inside her from time to time and letting her do the same to me. As I’d intended, we got quite carried away and before she realised it Jen was cumming. She immediately gave my thigh a little slap and told me that she had wanted to scissor so I briefly broke contact with her pussy to tell her that we were still going to and that was just a warm up. I carried on kitty kissing Jen and she buried her face in my pussy and ate me quite forcefully, determined that if she was going to be ‘made’ to cum twice, then I was going to have to do the same.

I kitty kissed Jen until she made me cum and let her kitty kiss me briefly before rolling her off of me and digging around in our bag to find a suitable toy to use. I pulled out a double ended dildo (it makes going through airport security more interesting when carrying toys, although we actually rarely get asked about them), wiped one end on my pussy, wiped the other end on Jen’s pussy, turned the dildo around and then pushed ‘my’ end in to Jen’s waiting cunt. I also retrieved a vibrating egg from our bag and then joined Jen on the bed, mounted the free end of the dildo and pressed my pussy against Jen’s. We used the egg to stimulate both our clits simultaneously and then fucked against the dildo and each other for a while. I then let Jen lie back and take the egg while I fucked her, trying to pound myself against her in a similar way to Sean pounding against Susan earlier in the evening. We started calling each other names and saying how dirty we each were. I told Jen that she was a slut for wanting to finger cute little Amber’s 18 year old pussy and Jen (rightly) told me that I was a whore for sucking off Craig and Sean while eating Susan. As Jen started her mewing, signalling that she was getting close, I pressed my pussy up against the egg to help catch up with her, but before she came I resumed humping against the dildo and slamming my cunt against hers. I then continued this through Jen’s orgasm and when she dropped the egg I pushed my pussy against hers and rubbed back and forth as best I could with the dildo in us. I fished around for the egg and pressed it against my clit, holding it in place until I came. I moved away from Jen, taking the dildo with me, pulled it out and then crawled up beside Jen. I asked if she now felt better and she gave me a very cute girlish giggle and said ‘much better’.  We lay and discussed the new people and I congratulated Jen for finally getting stuck in. We could both sort of see why Mike was smitten with Lisa, although he had obviously enjoyed eating Sam and we knew he’d had fun fucking Amber the previous visit (and was looking forward to doing things with her without protection – as was I). I caressed Jen’s stomach as we talked and wondered how much of a difference having the baby would actually make (we knew it would be a lot) and we fell asleep.

Mike and Lisa had walked back to her place hand in hand, stopping a couple of times along the way to make out with Mike playing with Lisa as much as he could get away with. As she closed the door to her room, he pressed her up against it and kissed her as he fought with her clothes to remove them (it’s not really that easy to undress someone while pressed up against them). He got her most of the way to being naked and she reached down to undo his trousers and freed his cock. Mike wanted to fuck Lisa in the same way Susan had been fucked out back at the club and he pushed his cock in to her and pumped in to her with her still standing against the door. He lifted her up and told her to wrap her arms around his neck (Lisa hadn’t seen Susan’s fuck, but had heard about it) and Mike pumped away in to her with as much enthusiasm as the guy had done with Susan. He really wanted to cum in her, but also wanted to taste her properly first so he slowed his movements and asked her if she wanted him to eat her and she told him yes.

He waddled over to her bed with Lisa still mounted on his cock (fortunately she hadn’t pushed his trousers too far down) and once he’d dumped her on the bed, he quickly removed his remaining clothes while she removed hers. Mike knelt and buried his face in Lisa’s pussy, briefly came up for air to tell her again that it was much nicer now that she was shaved and then spent ages licking her. As she got closer to cumming, he once again flicked his tongue over her ass a number of times and gently speared her. She made appreciative sounds but told him that it was dirty. Mike got her to admit that it felt nice so he assured her that as long as she enjoyed it, he didn’t mind doing it and ate her until she came. He then switched to kitty kissing her and swirled his tongue over her ass a few more times before crawling up beside her and pressing his hard cock against her side as he kissed her. They spent a while making out again until Mike asked her if she was ready to fuck as he wanted his cock inside her beautiful little cunt and Lisa told him to go ahead.

They used a number of different positions – Lisa enjoyed being on her back with her legs up against Mike as he pushed deep inside her and Mike liked having her ride him as he could watch her enjoy herself and easily play with her breasts, clit and ass. He gave her a session with her lying on top of him and him pumping in to her pussy hard and fast (she also liked that) but she asked to cum with him on top of her. Mike was sufficiently pleased that she was helping to guide the session that he did as she wanted, but he did ask her to wrap her legs around him so he could reach back and caress them. He told her that once she came, he was going to cum in her hot tight cunt and Lisa told him to go ahead and they kissed from that point on until Lisa came while panting in to his mouth. Mike had been holding back for a while so it didn’t take him long to cum himself and he pushed hard in to Lisa in time with his squirts and then stayed buried inside her, pressing as far in as he could get as they kissed some more.

When they finally separated, they were both still panting a little and Mike reached down to feel his cum leaking out of Lisa’s pussy. He rubbed this around her pussy and over the hair on her mons as he nuzzled on her nipples. They discussed the various positions they had used and Mike found out which ones she had enjoyed) and he suggested a few more, telling her that he would be more than happy to let her experiment with him to see what else she enjoyed. Lisa reached down to his cock and pointed out that he wasn’t really in a fit state to do anything else with her and Mike took this as a challenge. He crawled down between her legs and kitty kissed her pussy (wishing he hadn’t rubbed his cum all around it). Lisa said that she didn’t think she could cum again but he told her he just wanted to worship her pussy for a while and he wasn’t trying to make her cum. She let him continue but she hadn’t taken in to account the fact that while he technically wasn’t trying to make her cum, he *was* trying to make her want to cum again. This worked as planned and after a while Lisa began to squirm around on the bed and Mike’s licking became more focussed. She made a disappointed sound when he pulled away from her pussy, but he crawled up her body and she felt his cock rub against her pussy as he kissed her. Mike pushed back in to her and used long slow strokes, then told Lisa he wanted to show her another position that he know some people liked. He got her to turn over on to her front and he slid in to her cunt and lay on her, pushing a hand between her and the bed so he could reach down and play with her clit. Mike kissed her neck and Lisa turned her head so they could kiss a little, but he mostly concentrated on her neck, shoulders and earlobe. He asked Lisa to squeeze herself around him and she tried, but she wasn’t used to doing this so it didn’t have much of an effect. Mike continued using long slow strokes in her as they fucked with Lisa pushing her ass back against him in time with his strokes. He carried on playing with her clit and watched the expression on Lisa’s face as she got closer to cumming. He considered trying to cum in her again but as she looked like she was enjoying what he was doing, he just continued on fucking and frigging her until she let out a little cry and he asked her if she was cumming again. She nodded yes and he pushed in to her a little harder with each stroke until he felt her body relax underneath him.

Mike pulled his hand out from under her and offered his fingers to Lisa. She just looked at him and he pressed them against her mouth so she opened it and sucked them clean. While still buried in her he told her that he loved the way her pussy tasted and if he was her, he would be fingering himself (herself?) and tasting the juices all the time. Mike carried on moving inside her and teased her about this, finally getting her to admit that she had tasted herself on a number of occasions, but generally only just before or just after she had cum. Lisa asked him if he had cum again and he told her he hadn’t (which is why he could still move inside her), but that it didn’t matter as he had just wanted to make her cum. Mike pulled out of her and told her that he should probably go so Abrahii didn’t have to wait up and Lisa told him that if he wanted to, that he could stay over. Mike asked what had happened about her not wanting her neighbours to see an old guy leaving her room in the morning (she had asked him to leave after the previous time he’d slept with her) and she said that she didn’t care. Mike quickly grabbed his phone and crawled back in to bed with Lisa as he sent a text to Abrahii telling her that he wouldn’t be coming over. He then tried to get Lisa to pose for a naked photo, but she had the sense not to do this (not that Mike would have shown it to anyone other than Jen and me, but Lisa didn’t know that).

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