Sunday, 31 August 2014

Christmas 2013 – Part 4

I sat upright and turned off my egg, then told Jen and Sue it was now their turn. Sue had done a good job of catching up with me (when she sat down, she managed to get the egg right up against her clit by putting her jacket on the seat and using that to press the egg upwards). I could see her getting flushed and was going to tell her that her skin was giving her away, but she looked like she was enjoying herself and I assumed that if anyone did notice how pink she was getting would just assume that it was the heat in the shopping centre. She had to cheat a little and look down as she came, but she came and we now both looked at Jen and told her she needed to match us. As had been the case with Lucy, Jen’s egg wasn’t making that good a contact with her clit but as she was between Sue and me she could move around a bit more to help remedy that. I helped by whispering in her ear how she was going to cum while surrounded by hundreds of strangers and how her little pussy would squirt so much juice out that her skirt would be soaked through and everyone would know what she had done. Admittedly Jen isn’t as much of an exhibitionist as I am, so this wasn’t as much of a turn on for her as it would have been for me, but it helped a little and when she looked back at me I recognised the look of lust in her eyes. I gave her a final challenge (or penalty for being the last one of us to cum) and told her she had to ‘mew’ just once as she came (this is the closest description to the sound she makes when she cums). As her orgasm approached, Jen bit her lower lip and told me she wasn’t sure she could do it without someone noticing, but I held her hand (also stopping her from turning the remote off) and told her she would be fine. Jen let out a little gasp and a small (forced) ‘mew’ as she came and gripped my hand tightly. Mike said it was quite obvious that Jen was cumming, but then again he knew what was going on so I really doubt anyone else would have known that was what was happening.

We left the shopping centre and once we were in a quieter part of town we discussed our little game. I told Lis and Lucy they really should have let themselves cum as it had felt so good being so naughty but Lucy was adamant that she wouldn’t have been able to do it (she can’t play the sweet & innocent card anymore, but she still isn’t as daring as the rest of us). When we got home, we tried on our new underwear properly and once finished, Mike told Sue and I that we had another task to complete. First we had to go get dressed as Anna and Michelle again and with this completed, we were handed our new clear rolling pin and told that Lucy wanted to see us share it. As far as Lucy was concerned, Mike had arranged this for her, but Sue and I had agreed in advance that we would do something together for Mike to use as a bargaining chip with Lucy (and we think that she probably knew that, but felt better knowing that she was getting something in return for what he wanted).

Sue and I removed each other’s panties, sat on the bed and I pushed one end of the rolling pin in to Sue’s pussy before scooching forwards and getting the other end in to my own pussy. We then took turns twisting, pumping and rocking the rolling pin back and forth, letting the handles invade our cunts and the body of the pin bump and rub against our clits. The usual rules applied and we had to keep going until we had both cum. Sue came first so had to bear the brunt of this as I then pumped the pin back and forth between us to feel it mash against my clit repeatedly. The others watched as Sue’s pussy was fucked over and over with her end and I kept telling Michelle how good it felt and how I loved fucking her. By the time I came, Lucy had a hand in her panties (actually her panties were halfway down her thighs) and we finished things off by sucking each other’s end of the pin clean. It had been quite a forceful session (which was mostly my fault) and both our pussies looked a bit pink, but we had time to rest as it was now time for Lucy to keep up her end of the bargain.

Only Lis and Lucy knew what Mike had asked for and he’d done well as he had got Lucy to agree to more than I thought he would (but not as much as he would have really wanted as he would ideally have eaten her, fucked her and then done that over and over for a whole night). Even with us having completed our show, Mike half expected Lucy to back out, or at least modify their deal, but she stuck to what had been agreed and just reminded him that he wasn’t allowed inside her. Lucy undressed and lay on the bed while Sue, Jen and I stood back to see what was going to happen. Mike knelt in front of Lucy and Lis took a hold of his cock and rubbed the head up and down the length of Lucy’s pussy. Mike told her that her lips felt really soft and Lis explained to Jen, Sue and me what Lucy had agreed to (although by that point we’d pretty much seen it anyway). Lis carried on stroking Mike’s cock up and down Lucy’s pussy for a while and then asked Jen to fetch a vibe to use on Lis. Jen inserted the vibe in to Lucy and slowly fucked her with it while Lis rubbed the head of Mike’s cock back and forth against Lucy’s clit. They switch the vibe and Mike’s cock around from time to time (he was still only allowed to rub her lips) and Lis also used her hands to pump his cock and her mouth to suck him. Lucy told us that she was getting close to cumming and Jen was instructed to push the vibe back in to Lucy’s cunt while Mike’s rubbed the head of his cock back and forth against Lucy’s clit (he was allowed to do it himself this time). They maintained this position until Lucy came and Mike then took his cock in his hand and wanked himself until he let out a couple of squirts of cum that landed on Lucy’s stomach. He milked his cock to get a couple more drops of cum out and then wiped the head of his cock around in the mess he had made before letting Lis suck it clean.

I was quite impressed that Lucy had allowed him to do this as it was more than I had thought he would be allowed to do, but he’s been quite a patient boy so I think he deserved it. When Lucy went to wipe Mike’s cum off of her body, Jen volunteered to take care of it and lapped away at Lucy’s stomach until nothing visible remained (other than Jen’s glistening saliva). Mike handed Lucy a clean set of underwear and when she asked where it came from he said it was a bonus present that he had picked up at the shop. Lucy put it on and as she did this, Mike called up a picture of Pavlina dressed in a similar outfit (it wasn’t quite the same, but close enough). Mike told her that he could probably cum over her again if she lay down (he couldn’t have) but Lucy told him that he had already received his payment – she did keep the underwear on though and allow him to admire her for the rest of the afternoon.

The remainder of the afternoon was much quieter – we rested, chatted, watched TV and generally relaxed to recharge for our planned night out. After a light dinner, we headed upstairs to get ready and Sue and I revealed the outfits we were intending to wear. I had got us sexy Santa’s helper outfits – a red sheer top with a white fur trimmed bra and a very short skirt (fur trimmed of course). Lucy assumed (probably reasonably so) that we were going to wear them out without any panties and said that far too much was on show as the hems of the skirts barely covered our asses. Even for us, that would have been a bit too revealing (when out in general company) so I pulled out some white tights I’d got to go with the outfits and once Sue had these on, we looked a lot more respectable (well, slightly so – the outfits were still quite sexy, but nothing was actually visible). We warned Lis and Lucy that Sue and I intended to try and pull and she told us that dressed the way we were, we weren’t likely to have any difficulty (which I thought was quite sweet).

Jen was the only one who went out without panties on (she hadn’t been getting as wet recently so thought she could get away with it) and once everyone was finally ready, we all set off. It was a bit of a queue to get in to a club, but we made it and danced for a while. The plan had been for Mike to be paired up with Jen but he left her with Lis and Lucy for a while and they were hit on by a number of guys (who they rebuffed, with one guy actually telling them they must be a bunch of lesbos). He wasn’t away for too long and came back to dance with the three of them, but for most of the night he protected Jen (and his baby) from unwanted advances. Sue and I certainly managed to attract some attention and we danced with a number of guys throughout the evening. Most of the guys we danced with seemed quite appreciative of the fact that we let their hands roam freely over our bodies and I eagerly rubbed up against them to let them know I was enjoying myself. Later on in the evening we saw a group of three guys together who clearly worked out and looked after themselves. Two of them danced with Sue and me and as it was quite late they were looking for their conquests for the evening.

They had seen us with Lis & Lucy and asked if one of them was available for their friend but we told them that if they were up for it that we could take care of the three of them. At first I think they thought we were just joking but I left Sue with them for a minute and went to fetch an egg from my purse. I returned with the egg and the remote control and placed it in the hands on the guy who had been dancing with Sue. I turned it on and told him that we would demonstrate that we were easily horny enough to satisfy the three of them. I guided his hand to Sue’s crotch and got him to press the egg against her pussy and told him if she was willing to cum for them in a club, to just imagine what we would do when we got home. I kept the guy’s hand pressed against Sue’s pussy until she started panting and saying that she was getting close to cumming and then took the final step and reached up to fondle Sue’s breasts while I kissed her. The guys crowded around us to watch and Sue pushed a hand between my legs to fondle me. I told her to calm down, but she was too close to cumming to care and I told the guy to keep the egg in place as Sue’s fingers pressed the thin material of the tights between my lips and almost fingered me. Sue came and moaned in to my mouth as she did so – I pulled away and asked the guys if they were interested in continuing things and they definitely were. We gave Sue a minute to catch her breath and in the meantime I rubbed up against two of the guys and told them that we would let them fuck us for as long as they could get hard.

Sue and I led the guys home, with Mike, Jen, Lis and Lucy following us (we told them that Mike and Jen shared the house with us and Lis and Lucy were visiting). When we got home, we led them straight upstairs and I pulled out a box of condoms and told the guys they could do whatever they wanted as long as they used protection (admittedly that could have led to them doing some very strange things, but as we had four reinforcements in the other room, we felt quite safe). I called Mike and stashed my phone on the dressing table with the screen hidden so they could watch what we were doing.

Sue asked them if they wanted to see us play again and I told her I wanted the guys to play with us, but the idea had already been put out there so we didn’t have much choice. Sue and I made out for the guys, kissing, sucking on each other’s breasts and going as far as fingering each other inside our tights before I said that they had seen enough and it was time for them to perform. They were sufficiently drunk that they didn’t seem to mind each other seeing their cocks (or maybe they’d done this before) – either way, we soon had three naked and erect cocks, attached to quite nice bodies and once we’d helped them get the condoms on we set about sucking them. Our outfits came off quite quickly at this point and the guys seemed to appreciate our breasts which got a good fondling and licking before I pulled one of them towards me and told him I wanted him to fuck me. We had only been going for a couple of minutes with Sue and I each being fucked and us sharing the third guy between our mouths) when Lis wandered in. I assumed she was just there to watch and half expected the others to join us too, but Lis said that she wanted to join in.

This took me completely by surprise and I asked if she was sure (it’s difficult to have a serious conversation with someone fucking you). Lis said that she wanted to broaden her horizons and had discussed it with Lucy before asking again if she could join us. The guys were all for it as it would even up the numbers and I’m not one to stop people from enjoying themselves so I told her that as long as she knew what she was doing to go ahead. She looked a little nervous as she removed her clothes and later said that she wasn’t sure if the guys would be as interested in her due to her breasts being considerably smaller than Sue’s and mine. This wasn’t a problem though and the guy that Sue and I had been sucking off moved over to Lis and ran his hands over her body. As Lis reached down and took a hold of his cock I told her that she would have to make up for depriving us of one of the cocks and then decided that if my little Lis was going to be defiled by these guys that I at least wanted to see it.

I explained that I wanted to watch her be fucked and as a bonus for the guys I said that I would also help to get Lis ready. The guy fucking me pulled out (somewhat reluctantly, but we promised him it would be worth it) and Lis crawled over me and we started to 69. This went down well, but we didn’t do it for too long as I now wanted to witness Lis’ cunt being violated so I gave her a light slap on the ass and told her that if she still wanted to go ahead, then it was time for her to be fucked. She lifted her body up a little so she was kneeling on all fours over me and I felt my guy slide back in to my cunt. I spread Lis’ lips and watched as the third guy positioned his cock and pushed in to her cunt. He quickly started to fuck her and I helped things along by playing with her clit so she did the same to me and it felt wonderful. As our session progressed I told the guys that Lis hadn’t been with many men so if they were to all get their cocks in to her we could double the number of cocks she had fucked. One of the guys said he didn’t know if he could fuck all three of us so I assured him that he didn’t have to cum in each of us, we just wanted to make sure that we all got a chance to sample each of them. Admittedly I didn’t know if Lis had wanted to go that far, but I assumed that if she was going for it, then she may as well get everything she could…

I could see that Sue was coming along quite well as her upper body was already getting quite flushed so I announced to everyone that it looked like she was about to cum. I asked Lis if she could reach Sue’s clit and with a little bit of shuffling around, she did so, allowing Sue to use her hands to play with her breasts while Lis took care of Sue’s clit. I reached over to hold Sue’s hand and told her to give us a good show and she delivered by telling the guy to fuck her cunt harder and moaning as she came. The guy continued to hammer away in her and the guy fucking me told me he was getting close so Lis quickly resumed playing with my clit. I lifted my head to lap at Lis’ clit a few times, but it was rather difficult as the guy fucking her kept bumping my head with his balls so I went back to using my fingers on Lis’ clit. I concentrated on what was being done to me in an effort to cum as quickly as possible and still only just made it before my guy came. He pulled out as soon as he had finished and I told Lis to eat me as I felt like I needed to be finished off properly. Like a good little girl, she pushed her face in to my pussy and lapped away until I told her she’d done enough.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Christmas 2013 – Part 3

I stood up and thanked Alistair for letting us have some fun and apologised for not buying anything but he said it was fine. We’d timed it fairly well and with a brisk walk we made it to the station just in time to have to wait for the delayed train (we should have really checked if it was late). When they finally arrived we had a round of hello kissed and Lucy told me that she could smell Jen on me. As we wandered home, we told them what we’d got up to in the sex shop and at first they didn’t believe us (it’s not as if we’d done anything particularly out of character). We explained to Lis and Lucy that we intended to have as much fun over the holiday as possible and that they were in for a tiring couple of days so they had better prepare themselves. Lis said she was looking forward to it and Lucy was confident she could cope with whatever we had planned (which was possibly a stupid thing for her to say at the beginning of her visit). We let them ease in to things though and headed home and had a nice dinner while catching up on things.

Lis and Lucy helped Mike and Jen to tidy up after dinner while Sue and I went and got changed in to our Anna and Michelle costumes (the sisters from Lucy’s school who she fantasised about fucking). We’d gone all out and researched the exact uniform (although hadn’t bought the overpriced blazers) so we could give Lucy as authentic an experience as possible. We had forgotten to mention the pizza guy and rolling pin incident earlier in the day, but Mike and Jen filled them in on the details and Mike briefly rubbed the rolling pin handle against Jen’s pussy and then between Lis’ legs.

When Sue and I came back downstairs Lucy definitely approved of the look and went to go get changed in to her old uniform but we convinced her to do it in front of everyone (for Mike and Jen’s sake). She decided that if she was going to strip for them, then at the very least she should have some personal dressers so it was up to Sue and me to remove Lucy’s clothes and then help her in to her uniform. Once she was dressed we caressed her for a while longer until she said she was ready (she actually said she couldn’t wait any longer) and we said our goodnights and headed up to bed.

Lis, Jen and Mike stayed downstairs and chatted a while longer, although Mike and Jen did start to caress Lis while they talked. Lis though this was unfair and tried to fight back, but with two against one she didn’t stand much of a chance and they soon had her naked on the sofa between them. Lis complained again that it wasn’t fair, but apparently not as forcefully as Mike and Jen were each sucking on one of her nipples and had fingers playing with her pussy. They got Lis close to cumming a few times but backed off each time and just played with her nipples. Lis tried to masturbate herself and was told that she was being very naughty – the punishment for this was Mike and Jen taking turns holding her hands while the other knelt and licked her until she got close to cumming and then stopping. Jen then crouched over Lis’ face and told Lis to eat her while Mike knelt on the floor in front of Lis and pushed his cock in to her cunt. As he fucked her he described to Jen just how wet Lis felt and he fucked her deep and hard. They had intended to tease Lis for a while longer and Mike was going to cum in her at the end of the session, but as Jen got closer to cumming she said that she thought they had teased Lis for long enough. Mike says he could have held back and just made Lis cum, but as they were assuming she was going to have a fairly strong orgasm (due to all the teasing – I know it doesn’t always work that way, but it often does) he decided to just cum in her. It was difficult to tell how close Lis was to cumming so Mike just carried on fucking her until she made Jen cum, at which point Lis was told to kitty kiss Jen and Mike paid a bit more attention to Lis’ clit. He held himself as close to cumming as he safely could and asked Lis to tell him when she was just about to cum. Lis kept her mouth on Jen’s pussy, gently (and sometimes not so gently) licking her until she was close and then pulled away to pant at Mike ‘now, now, now’. Mike sped up his thrusts and pushed as deep in to Lis as he could and just before he came he flicked his thumb back and forth over Lis’ clit much faster. Lis let out an ‘aaaahhh’ mere seconds before Mike started to cum – he thrust in to her a handful more times and then pressed deep in to her. He didn’t neglect her clit though and continued to play with it until Lis’ orgasm started to fade, at which point he thrust in to her a few more times before burying his cock in her again and remained still.

Mike was very pleased how well he’d timed his orgasm and when Jen climbed down from Lis’ face he told Lis that he thought they had cum at as close to the same time as was possible. Lis was just happy that she had been allowed to cum and let Mike kiss her face clean of Jen’s juices before he pulled out and he and Jen watched as his cum dribbled out of Lis’ pussy. (He hadn’t cum that much, but a bit ran out and down across Lis’ ass). Jen decided that they shouldn’t waste his cum and started licking Lis clean, then moved on to licking inside her pussy to get whatever was left and then on to eating Lis properly. Lis hadn’t been prepared for this, but once again didn’t have much choice in the matter. Mike sat beside Lis to kiss her and play with her breasts and she ended up having quite a sharp orgasm (by which I mean strong and quite intense). Jen had the sense to ease off quickly and just kitty kissed Lis for a while and then climbed back up on to the sofa and told Lis that she was nice and clean again. Lis gave Jen’s ass a slap and told her that she was as mean as Mike, but couldn’t deny the fact that she had enjoyed cumming. They left Lis’ clothes strewn over the floor and headed up to bed, noting that Sue, Lucy and I were still going at it.

They got in to bed and Mike crawled under the covers to kiss Lis and Jen goodnight (in his own way). On the way back up he kissed Jen’s stomach goodnight and then slipped his cock in to her as he kissed her goodnight (in the traditional way). He then pulled out of Jen and asked Lis if he could spoon with her. She told him to go ahead as long as he didn’t try to make her cum again as the last orgasm has taken it out of her. Mike warned her that she would need more stamina than that if she was going to survive and Lis said she would do better the next day. Mike gently moved in Lis and told her that we had lots of things planned and reminded her that she would get to have sessions with Sue and me as well. He told Lis that he could probably cum in her again and she pushed back and told him to go ahead if he wanted. She later told us that she was calling his bluff, but wouldn’t have cared if he had cum in her.

When Lucy, Sue and I had left the others, Lucy had dragged us upstairs telling us that we would need to do what she said. Sue and I assumed the characters of Michelle and Anna and once we reached Jen’s room, she got us to stand beside each other and she gave us a similar lecture to one she’s given before about how she will tell everyone at school what we were up to (in the fantasy, she discovered us both playing with a boy). Lucy asked us if we were willing to do whatever she wanted and we told her that as long as she didn’t tell, we would obey her. I don’t know if she was adapting what she said to the responses we gave or if we just went along sufficiently close to what she wanted from us (we had a fairly good idea so that is quite possible). Lucy told us to lift our skirts and let her see our panties and she walked over to us and rubbed us both at the same time. She made us tell her that we were dirty little whores who loved cock and needed to be taught a lesson. We had to both caress Lucy, then Sue and I had to undress each other and play with each other’s breasts. Lucy got us to sit and masturbate ourselves while she watched and then she went down on us both in turn. We had to do the same to her and Sue and I then played with each other a little (just stroking each other) before Lucy told us that we had to both cum using her legs. This was based off something she and Lis had seen online – Lucy lay on her back with her legs partially spread and Sue and I had to face away from her and hump against her upper thighs, rubbing our pussies back and forth against Lucy’s legs. Lucy reached down and caressed our asses and on a few occasions she got us to lean all the way forwards so she could get a couple of fingers in to each of us.

As Sue and I rubbed back and forth against Lucy I could feel one of Sue’s ass cheeks rubbing against mine and I told Lucy I was getting close to cumming. She asked us if we wished we had our boyfriend there to fuck us and we said yes – which was the wrong answer. We both got slapped on the ass a few times and Lucy told us that we now belonged to her and she only wanted us to have her pussy, or each other’s. She made us promise as we came that we would only do things with each other and her and once Sue and I had cum we were told to make good on our promise and satisfy her. Lucy must have gotten very turned on during the session as we didn’t have to work on her for long before she came – we had each licked her, but when she was obviously nearing her orgasm we both fingered her. Lucy took four fingers quite easily (it’s much easier with two sets of two) and we pushed as far in to her as we could reach as she came and asked if we’d done a good enough job for her not to tell on us. Lucy had enjoyed her orgasm, but wanted one more thing and told us to make out for a while so I climbed over Lucy, pulled Sue to me and we kissed passionately. We sucked each other’s nipples, kissed up and down each other’s bodies and let our hands roam freely. I caressed Sue’s ass a fair bit and got my fingers onto her pussy – we could have happily cum while playing with each other, but we had other plans so had to restrain ourselves.

We then turned on our new mistress and took turns holding her down while the other one stimulated her (in whatever way we thought of at the time). Lucy told us that we were meant to be doing what she told us and in return we told her that if we weren’t allowed our boyfriends then it was up to her to keep us satisfied. It may not have been part of her fantasy, but she surrendered to us (as if she had a choice) and we got another orgasm out of her before releasing her and telling her that she needed to be careful what she wished for as if she ever really got two horny sisters who wanted to do things with her, then she might have bitten off more than she could chew. We snuggled up together and I told Lucy that all she had to do was come up with the fantasy she wanted us to act out and we would be Anna and Michelle for her whenever she wanted.

On the Saturday morning, Sue and I reverted to being ourselves for the morning session and we took care of Lucy and then both humped against her legs again as we had the night before (it isn’t the easiest of positions, but feet quite naughty – especially when Lucy fingered us both at the same time). Mike, Jen and Lis had their own three way, with Mike eating Lis awake and Lis then working on Jen while Mike took her from behind. Following this, Mike got Lis to train him in her ‘fluttery lick’ technique (he knows that Jen and I love it). Lis demonstrated on Mike and he tried to do it to Lis, but she obviously doesn’t know what it feels like so Jen was used as the demonstration doll. Mike and Lis took turns flicking their tongues over Jen’s clit and she told Mike how similar what he was doing felt to what Lis did. Mike was the one who actually made Jen cum, but afterwards he said that he couldn’t do it again without a rest as it felt incredibly tiring (and this is the same guy who has spent whole days eating me and Jen).

Mike, Lis and Jen came downstairs to join us and over breakfast we compared our evening and morning sessions. We showered in pairs (or else we wouldn’t have had enough hot water) and headed out in to town to enjoy the Christmas scrum. We only had one thing we wanted to buy (or rather one set of things) and after wandering around for a while and going for a coffee, we headed along to an upmarket lingerie shop that was a few streets away from the main shopping areas. Mike had to buy Sue the promised new underwear. He didn’t want to leave any of the rest of us out so told us that we could all get something, providing we were willing to model it for him in the shop. Lis said that she didn’t think we would be allowed to let him come in to the changing rooms (which might have led to a completely different experience) and Mike told her that was why he had said ‘in the shop’. Lucy wasn’t so sure about this, but between us we convinced her to participate (basically by pointing out that we were all going to do it and that she didn’t know anyone else around here so she should be safe).

Mike had packed panties for Jen, Sue and me and we slipped them on before leaving the coffee shop (Lis and Lucy were wearing them already). We went in and looked around, selecting a couple of nice pairs each. Sue and I went in first to try ours on and the assistant wasn’t too sure about letting us walk back out in to the shop to show Mike, but when he told her that we were all going to get a set each she relented (they weren’t cheap, so selling five sets at once may have given her a nice Christmas bonus). We walked out and let the others give us their opinions – it was slightly odd wearing panties over panties, but still felt quite nice parading around in public. Jen and Lucy went in next and Lucy was clearly a little nervous when she came out of the dressing room, but we all complimented her and she soon seemed a lot more at ease.

Lis went in next along with Sue (to try on her second set) and while the assistant was around the corner I removed my underwear (unfortunately leaving my own panties on) and changed in to my second set in the middle of the shop. We all tried a number of sets on, parading around the shop each time so the others could give their opinion, and all chose our favourite ones. Mike paid for them as we went and changed back in to our clothes. We all kept our (original) panties on as we had another challenge and while in the changing rooms, I got Lis and Lucy to slip one of our remote controlled vibrating eggs in to each of their panties and put one in my own panties (we only have three working ones so all five of us couldn’t compete at the same time). We then left and found a suitable place to sit with the challenge of seeing how close we could get to cumming without giving it away by our expressions. Lis was the first to turn her egg off, but only as she said she was getting really close to cumming. Lucy lasted for longer, but admitted that her egg wasn’t positioned too well so wasn’t stimulating her too much. We convinced Lis to have a second try and she chatted to Lucy as the egg buzzed away on her clit, only stopping when Lucy told her that she could tell Lis was really close. I tried to convince Lis that nobody else can read her the way Lucy can, but she wasn’t willing to try again so she was sent to the bathroom, along with Lucy, to pass the eggs to Jen and Sue.

I had got quite close to cumming, switched my egg to low while the others were away and didn’t turn it up immediately on their return to give them a chance to catch up.  Mike moved so Sue Jen and I all sat next to each other and we were quite squashed as the bench was full. I had already decided by this point that I intended to try my best to actually cum and (quietly) told this to Sue and Jen. I challenged them to match me and received an enthusiastic response from both of them. I called Mike over to tell him and he relayed our intention to Lis and Lucy who thought we were mad, but stood a little way away pretending to chat to each other and watched us. I knocked my egg back up a setting and pressed my thighs together to try and get better contact with my clit – after a bit of fidgeting I managed this and turned to Jen to chat to her. It wasn’t difficult being quiet (Jen and I especially are very practiced at this from changing room cums and similar situations), but it was quite difficult to really enjoy myself without squirming around (and as I had someone pressed up against me on the other side to Jen, I really couldn’t move much). Nonetheless, I felt my orgasm building as I watched everyone bustling past us and leant my head on Jen’s shoulder to whisper that I was really close. She told me to show her what I could do and I concentrated on keeping as straight a face as I could while my orgasm built and I came. Jen said she felt me shudder a little as I came, but nothing too obvious and I let out a small sigh and licked my lips to try and indicate to Mike, Lis and Lucy that I had cum.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Christmas 2013 – Part 2

She asked the guy if he wanted to see Sue have her cunt filled and he nodded yes so Jen pushed the already wet handle of the rolling pin between Sue’s lips and fucked her with it, letting the wider part of the pin slap against Sue’s lips and clit with each stroke. Jen called the guy over for a closer look and asked Sue if what she was doing felt good. Sue went with ‘yes’ and said that she needed to cum so Jen told her that she really was a little slut and that she probably wanted the guy to fuck her. This was the end game and while Jen’s original (or interim) plan had been to at least get the guy to use the rolling pin on Sue, Jen asked him if he wanted to sink his cock in to Sue’s little cunt. The guy couldn’t believe his luck and said yes, if Sue wanted to so Jen pulled the rolling pin out and passed the guy a condom from a drawer (not that we prepare for fun with delivery people or anything).

The guy was a bit nervous about getting his cock out, but Sue eagerly helped and undid his trousers, pulled his cock free and rolled on the condom. She considered taking him in her mouth first, but by this point she really did want to cum again and just pulled her shorts off before lying on the table once more and spreading her legs. The guy looked over at Jen who was leaning against the cabinets, but by this point she was using the rolling pin handle to masturbate so he assumed that she wasn’t going to stop him. He tried to push into Sue but she had to slide forwards a bit and let her ass hang over the edge of the table – once inside her he started to move and Sue pulled her top up to fully expose her breasts and she pulled his hands up to play with them. Jen told Sue that is she wanted to cum so badly, to frig herself and Sue did as instructed, strumming three fingers back and forth across her clit as the guy fucked her. Jen continued to fuck herself and pushed a hand up to her breasts, pulling the front of her nightdress with it – she kept calling Sue a little slut and telling her that she wanted to watch her cum and make the guy cum inside her. Sue was the first to cum and she put on a fairly good show (we could easily hear her from the living room and even upstairs). The guy finished off next and came in Sue (in the condom). Jen wasn’t quite there yet but was rapidly fucking herself and came while the guy was still sorting out getting his cock back in to his trousers.

I had snuck upstairs to change in to something suitable and noisily came downstairs just after I heard the guy saying he was cumming. I arrived pretty much just as Jen was cumming and was wearing just a lacy set of bra and panties. I looked around and pretended to be shocked, telling Jen off and reminding her that Sue wasn’t meant to be allowed to cum. Jen said that she had felt sorry for Sue and had let the guy fuck her so I asked him if he had really just fucked my little sister (as we were playing, I thought we may as well go all out). He looked quite pleased with himself and I told Sue that she really needed to learn to control herself (hello pot, kettle calling). I told the guy that it wasn’t fair that she got fucked and asked if he thought he could cum again. Unfortunately he didn’t think he could and I told him that it was a pity as I would have liked to see what had made Sue moan so much. As I talked I pushed a hand in to my panties and stroked myself, then played with my breasts through my bra and complained that I really didn’t want to be the only person not to cum. Jen offered me the rolling pin and said that it was quite effective and went back to her original plan, asking the guy if he would fuck me with it. He seemed quite surprised about this, but as I had already said that this sounded like a good idea, pulled my panties off and taken Sue’s place on the table, he was in no doubt that I wanted it.

Jen bent over and gave my pussy a few licks, then handed the rolling pin to the guy and spread my lips. She told him to push the handle in to me and fuck me, which he did. Jen got Sue to help out by holding one side of my pussy to keep my lips spread while she played with my clit (while it would have been nice to have him fuck me hard with the rolling pin, I didn’t want him to do anything that would hurt me and make me have to miss any fun over the holiday). I pulled my knees up to my chest to give everyone a better view and make it easy for the guy to fuck me. With Jen’s fingers on my clit, three sets of eyes on my cunt and the handle moving inside me it didn’t take long for me to cum and I tried to put on as good an auditory show as Jen had, describing how good my cunt felt, how I loved having it fucked and how I was about to cum. As I came, I lifted my ass off the table and swore lots with a whole series of ‘oh fuck I’m cumming – fuck my cunt’ – which the guy eagerly did. When I finished, Jen got the guy to twirl the rolling pin around inside me and it actually felt quite good and then made Sue suck the handle clean once again. I assumed that Jen was going to get Sue to finger me or something, but she just thanked the guy for his help and told Sue to pay him (for the pizza – not the sex). As Sue bent down to get her purse, Jen caressed her ass and pushed a couple of fingers in to Sue’s pussy, telling her to stay bent over for a minute. Jen then fed Sue’s juices to me, saying it was only fair as Sue had sucked the rolling pin clean and Sue was allowed to stand up again. She had to remove her top and show the guy to the door wearing just the torn tights and asked him for his number (which he gave to her).

Over dinner, we complimented Sue on her initiative and decided that she definitely deserved a reward and Mike promised her he would replace her tights, along with a new set of underwear (Sue quite likes sexy underwear – Mike and Jen just rarely give her the opportunity to wear it around them). Sue liked the sound of this and we agreed that we would get them before Christmas so she could be suitably presentable for Lis and Lucy. We had been planning on getting this for Sue anyway (which she knew), but she played along and thanked us. Later that night we debated whether we should try to all share a bed but decided for comfort that we would just pair off. As part of our ‘be nice to the pregnant lady’ drive, Jen got to decide on her partner and unsurprisingly she selected Sue. They got to use Jen’s room while Mike and I slept in his room. We each only had a single session that night – Jen and Sue 69ed while Mike and I spooned with me describing in detail to him how I had let the guy fuck me with the rolling pin and how we needed to get a clear one so next time he (or whoever we got) could see the inside of my pussy as he/they fucked me.

In the morning, Mike ate me awake and Jen did the same to Sue. It was nice not having to get up on a weekday and once I’d cum, Mike and I headed down to make breakfast, which we took up to Jen’s room and all ate together in bed. Mike hadn’t cum yet so asked Sue if she would do him the honour of being his fuck buddy and Jen and I sat and watched as Mike has a slow session with Sue. As usual, he started off by eating her, then he went on top and got her to wrap her legs around him as they fucked before finishing off with her riding him. As I said, the session was quite slow and they maintained a steady pace throughout. To help things along, Sue and Mike took turns playing with Sue’s clit and once she had cum she lay down on top of Mike and kissed him as she rode him. As Sue was only moving slowly, it took a few more minutes for Mike to cum (but was still quicker than I had expected) and we told Sue to keep going and convinced Mike to see how long he could put up with the stimulation for. He said it felt incredibly intense at first (just after he came), but he kept going and after a minute or so it wasn’t as bad and he started to enjoy it (looking back he thinks that he could only endure it as Sue was moving slowly). His cum started to leak out around his cock and Jen and I watched closely as Sue rode him – each stroke seemed to leave more of his cum on his cock, but when Sue finally dismounted, there was still enough inside her to drip out. Jen licked and sucked Mike’s cock for a bit and then asked him if he thought he could go again – he doubted he could cum but was willing to let Jen mount him (selfless isn’t he?) so she climbed over him and guided his cock in to her still wet pussy. He had been right in not being ready to cum again, but he stayed hard so Jen could use him – it wasn’t entirely him that made her cum though as we got her to turn around and Sue and I took turns licking her clit as Mike moved inside her.

Lis and Lucy were due to arrive a little after lunchtime so we spent the morning finishing off preparing the house (cleaning, tidying & decorating) and then showered so we were ready for them. Sue, Jen and I all had our pussies shaved (Sue had already done hers, but as we were having ours done she opted to join us) – Mike did Jen’s and then did mine while Jen did Sue’s. Both Sue and I had the tongue test done on us by our respective shavers who then swapped over to test the other one’s handiwork. Neither of us were allowed to cum, but we at least got revenge on Jen by testing her shave and not letting her cum either. We headed in to town and had a browse around the shops (which were obviously packed with last minute shoppers) and managed to find what looked like a suitable clear rolling pin. Jen told Sue that she would have to demonstrate the use of it later on for Lis and Lucy. We all liked the idea of Sue trying to get one of the handles in to her pussy while we were still out in town, but everywhere was too packed to safely get away with this so we contented ourselves with accidentally letting people see up our skirts while we had a coffee. We were all good and made sure that no kids got to see anything they shouldn’t. Both Sue and I had gone for the zettai ryokai look – her with white stockings and me with black ones while Jen had opaque tights on (but no panties). At one point I managed to sit with my feet crossed on the chair in front of me and gave someone a really clear view up to my pussy (we have practiced so know what can be seen in this position) and I saw him staring at my crotch a number of times – due to the crowds, I didn’t have the opportunity to touch myself for him, but still enjoyed feeling his gaze.

Our games meant that by the time we left the coffee shop, we were (or more specifically I was) feeling quite horny. We still had a little time before Lis and Lucy’s train arrive so we headed along to our favourite sex shop. Alistair (the manager) was there and seemed happy to see us. There were a couple of other customers and I asked Alistair if we could have a little fun. He said to go ahead so Sue and I went and looked at the selection of vibes together while Jen sat up on the counter and she and Mike chatted with him. I picked up one of the strap on dildos which wasn’t as good as ours – it just fastened on with a couple of straps. It was however good enough to have a play with and I lifted my skirt and held the harness against my crotch, then got Sue to bend over and flip up the back of her skirt to expose her ass. I pretended to fuck her with the dildo (I really didn’t want to buy it so didn’t make contact with her pussy), knowing that we were being watched. I really wanted to cum but was trying to figure out a way of doing it without buying anything. In the end I decided to go the simple route, put the dildo down and told Sue (in a voice loud enough for others to hear) that I thought just using fingers might be the best option.

Mike and Jen were hoping that I meant I was about to finger Sue, but they still didn’t know about our games together in York. I knelt on the floor, resting against one of the displays and began to finger myself, daring Sue to compete with me. She didn’t want to be beaten and knelt beside me. One of the customers came over and asked Alistair if we were really playing with ourselves and he said that it certainly looked like it. I looked over at the counter and told the guy he was welcome to watch if he wanted and changed my position so I was sitting on my ass with my legs spread and skirt pulled right up. Once again Sue copied me and we played with ourselves as the guy watched. I considered pulling my top off, but it seemed somehow dirtied to just sit and play with my pussy while otherwise dressed. I had hoped the guy would offer to buy a dildo and use it on us (he could have kept it), but things went in a much better direction. Alistair told us that we could take the guy out back if we wanted and we told the guy that as long as he had protection he was allowed to use us. He got a bit suspicious at that point and asked what we were going to charge him but we assured him we just wanted to enjoy ourselves. He didn’t have any condoms with him, but being in a sex shop, that wasn’t an issue (and Mike even paid for them).

Sue and I took the guy in to a corridor out back and asked him if he wanted to fuck just one or both of us. He said he couldn’t cum twice that quickly and we explained that we meant he could switch back and forth between us. We quickly got him suited up and Sue sucked him and then rubbed his cock between her breasts until I told her I wanted him to fuck me. I leant forwards on the stairs and he lifted the back of my skirt and pushed in to me, quickly pumping away. I told him not to be too quick as we both wanted to cum as well and he slowed down so I started to play with my clit. Sue knelt beside me and he switched over to fucking her and reached around to fondle her breasts. I pulled my top up to my neck and pushed my bra off so he could do the same to me (and he did). He switched back and forth between us a few times as we frigged ourselves. I came first and had to get him to slide back in to me so I could cum around his cock – while I did this Sue told him to hold back just a bit longer and she would do the same. Once I’d cum, I moved up a couple of steps and sat facing them with my legs spread wide and held my pussy lips as far apart as I could. My cunt was just above Sue’s eye level, angled up towards the guy so he could get a good look and I had a fairly good view of him pounding away in Sue. I loved the expression of pure lust on her face as she came and I told the guy to go nuts and enjoy himself. It took him hardly any time to cum in Sue and when he pulled out I took the head of his cock in my mouth and sucked it, feeling his cum squish around inside the condom.

We thanked him for the orgasms, let him sort himself out and walked back out in to the shop with him as we sorted out our bras and tops. Jen was still sitting on the counter and I went straight over to her, ran a hand up her thigh and said that as we’d cum, it seemed fair that she should as well. She wasn’t sure at first, but I had already pushed her legs far enough apart to allow me to rub a thumb up and down the length of her pussy and could feel her warmth through the tights. I asked Alistair if he minded and he said no so I pushed Jen’s legs apart further and lowered my mouth to her crotch. It is definitely harder making someone cum through a pair of tights, but she at least had a seamless pair on so I concentrated my licking on her clit. I should have really given Sue (or Mike) a chance to help out, but I’ll admit that I still see Jen as primarily ‘mine’ (even though she is carrying Mike’s baby). I sucked away on Jen’s clit and soon felt her hands on the back of my head, pressing me tighter against her. I would have smiled if I hadn’t been busy as I knew I now had her and in just a couple more minutes I could hear her panting and felt her thrust her cunt against my mouth as she came.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Christmas 2013 – Part 1

I’m going to jump forwards a couple of weeks to Christmas as I’m falling further behind…

I think I’ve already mentioned that Sue was going to be staying with us for Christmas as Gerald was taking Mum away for a Christmas break. Mum had been a bit worried about this as we generally spend Christmas together as a family (or at least a part of Christmas as Mike, Jen and I now also go to Jen’s parents’ place). Even though we were a bit disappointed that we wouldn’t get to see Mum, we were all quite happy with this arrangement as we knew it would have other ‘benefits’ – Mum knows that Sue visits us from time to time and knows that she gets on well with Mike and Jen (although she doesn’t know quite how well). The added bonus was that the timing had worked out well as it was also time for Lis and Lucy’s monthly visit and we had already promised Lucy that she could have another session with her school friends (played by Sue and I) if she wanted (and she did).

The company Sue works for closed early for Christmas so Sue was able to arrive on the Thursday (18th). Mike and I were unfortunately still at work, but Jen was around to meet Sue at the station. Sue had a reasonably large suitcase with her so they just went for a coffee (with Jen continuing to stick to decaf) and then headed home. Jen had already warned Mike that morning that she couldn’t promise to leave Sue alone until Mike got home and she was good to her word. Sue told us that almost as soon as they were indoors, Jen told Sue that she had missed her and didn’t think it was fair that Mike had got to take her to the party. Jen pushed a hand between Sue’s legs and rubbed her crotch through her tights and panties (Sue was wearing opaque tights for Mike). Jen quickly moved her hand up and pushed it down the front of Sue’s tights, into her panties and worked her fingers in to Sue’s cunt. As she did this she told Sue to take her top off and with a bit of fumbling Sue managed to pull her tops off and remove her bra (it’s actually quite difficult to do this while someone is fingering you). Jen pounced on Sue’s breasts and eagerly sucked on each of Sue’s nipples, taking a good portion of them right in to her mouth (Sue’s nips are as large as mine, so this is quite impressive). Sue tried to reach Jen’s crotch, but due to the position Jen was in it was out of reach and she was told to wait. Jen then crouched down and pulled Sue’s tights and panties down, got Sue to step out of them and then pushed her head up under Sue’s skirt.

We had also warned Sue that Jen was still feeling horny so none of this came as too much of a surprise to her and she allowed Jen to eat her and ‘get her ready’ for the next phase. When Jen emerged from under Sue’s skirt, they went straight upstairs where Jen got Sue to unzip her dress and let it slide to the floor to reveal that she was naked underneath apart from a note that Jen had written on her mons saying ‘eat me’. Jen sat at the edge of the bed, gave Sue a pillow to kneel on and then lay back and spread her legs. Jen’s instructions were clear enough and Sue got to work on Jen’s pussy. She was in no doubt as to how horny Jen was and tried to be as enthusiastic with Jen’s cunt as Jen had been with her nipples. Jen enjoyed this a lot and kept telling Sue how good it felt – at least until her orgasm started to build and she moved on to her usual mewing which became steadily more intense until she came and wrapped her legs around Sue’s head to keep her in place. As she didn’t have much choice, Sue ate Jen until her orgasm ebbed away and then kitty kissed her for a while until she was finally summoned up on to the bed with Jen and told she’d done a good job. Jen then spent a while playing with Sue’s breasts (a little less forcefully this time) and pushed a leg between Sue’s legs to rub against Sue’s pussy.

Sue had a play with Jen’s nipples as well and Jen told Sue she was feeling greedy and wanted to cum again so climbed over Sue in a 69 position and humped back and forth against Sue’s face as they ate each other. Fortunately for Sue, Jen wasn’t quite as wet as she had been recently, but by the time they finished, she had still covered Sue’s face with her juices. Jen kissed Sue’s face partially clean and they got under the covers to discuss the upcoming holiday and how much fun they intended to have. Jen asked Sue which of Lis or Lucy she was most looking forward to playing with and Lis mulled over this point. She has seen all the photos and videos of Lucy’s porn alias Pavlina so is well aware why Mike and I lust after Lucy, but like me, Sue really enjoys the little fluttery licks that Lis uses. Jen didn’t really care who Lis wanted the most, she just liked the idea that Lis was looking forward to being with other girls. Continuing this line of conversation, they also discussed the party and Sue’s exploits with Sara and then Clare and Giles on the Sunday. Jen also thought it was a good idea for Sue to visit Clare and Giles, but she thought it was an even better idea for Sue to visit Sara more and ‘console’ her – or maybe even take Emily’s place and date Sara. Sue wasn’t quite as convinced about this, although she did concede that Sara was attractive and sexy as well as being quite adventurous in bed (and it would mean that Sue could keep going to the sex parties).

Sue and Jen got out of bed and freshened up before Mike and I returned home but as soon as Mike hugged Sue he said that he could tell Jen had already fucked her – even now he hasn’t told us if he actually knew this (by smell) or was just working on the fact that Jen loves to fuck Sue – and said that it was only fair that he got a turn with her. Sue rarely turns down Mike’s cock (or more recently, almost any cock) so Mike was on fairly safe ground and Sue told him he could do whatever he wanted to her. As Sue had put her opaque tights back on, Mike spent a while just kissing her as he caressed her thighs and crotch. This ended up frustrating Sue as she kept trying to get her hands on his cock but he wouldn’t let her do anything to him and it was only when Sue was wet enough that he could feel it through her tights and panties that he let her play with him. She eagerly unzipped his trousers and pulled his cock out, gave him a brief stroke, then a brief suck and told him that she wanted him to fuck her. She should have really known better as Mike told her it wasn’t that easy and as she had let Jen eat her, then he wanted to do the same. Sue told him to get on with it then and stood up to pull her tights off but Mike wanted to do this so he asked her to stand still while he knelt in front of her and gave her crotch a final few rubs before pulling her tights and then her panties down.

He invited Jen to have a look and they both ran fingers back and forth over Sue’s pussy until Mike told Jen to move so he could eat Sue. Sue spread her legs a bit and Mike pushed his face between them and started to eat her. I told him he was being mean and should at least let Sue sit down so he let her go and guided her to the sofa. Jen thought that as Sue was getting to enjoy herself that we may as well watch so we sat either side of Sue and each held one of her legs up so her pussy was easily accessible and Mike could lick all of her. Admittedly we couldn’t see very much as Mike’s face was in the way, but the idea was for Sue to know that she was being closely watched as she was eaten. Sue is quote used to this now though and even chatted (a little breathlessly) with Jen and I as Mike ate her. I told Mike when Sue’s neck and face started to get flushed but he didn’t break contact with her pussy until she had finished cumming. He then kitty kissed her and got us to pass him a few cushions to kneel on so he could slide his cock in to her cunt and begin to move back and forth inside her.

Sue said that she wasn’t ready to cum again just yet and that she wanted to enjoy her first holiday fuck with Mike so he was gentle with her and just enjoyed the feeling of her pussy around his cock. I told Sue about some of the plans we had to keep her amused – some she approved of, some she wasn’t so sure of but said she was willing to give them a go and see. Jen gently played with Sue’s clit, using her own juices as lube for her fingers and between the conversation, Mike’s cock and Jen’s fingers Sue started to get aroused again and told Mike that she could ‘probably manage’ to cum again.

Mike pulled out and sat on the sofa so Sue could straddle him and mount his cock. She then rode him while he played with her breasts and clit, getting her quite close to cumming before changing position to finish off. She had asked for a hard fuck to finish so Jen and I had to stand up and so Mike could lie down on the sofa. Sue mounted him once more and as soon as she was on his cock he pulled her down on top of him and started to hammer in and out of her cunt. We watched from the end of the sofa as Mike’s cock repeatedly plunged in and out of Sue’s pussy and I reached a hand up under the back of Jen’s skirt and caressed her ass. Jen teased me about getting horny watching my little sister being fucked and I answered honestly by telling her that the sight of those two fucking was more than enough to get me horny and that I would want some attention as soon as they had finished. Jen decided not to wait until they had finished and started to play with me while we watched – she knew that I didn’t stand a chance of catching up, but stood behind me with her chin on my shoulder and reached around to pull the front of my skirt up and strum her fingers back and forth across my clit. I told Jen it would be easier if I took my skirt off but she said she was happy doing what she was doing so I leant back slightly against her and let her frig me.

As expected, Sue came quite a bit before I did, but when Mike looked up and noticed what Jen was doing to me he held back and carried on fucking Sue hard and fast for a while longer to give me something to watch. I could tell from the way that Jen was grinding against my ass that she probably wanted some attention as well and offered to make her cum. She accepted my offer and I told Mike to hurry up so we could use the sofa. He came in Sue in short order and she did her best to not leak on him as she climbed off but a few drops dripped out and Mike grabbed her skirt to stop her from leaking on the sofa or the floor. Jen and I took their place on the sofa and 69ed – despite me having a head start Jen still came first, but I put that down to me being better at eating pussy than she is (and yes, I will have to pay for that comment!). We then sat around and chatted for a while before deciding that we wanted some food and were feeling lazy so decided to order some pizza. Of course, we couldn’t waste the opportunity of having a delivery guy turn up (fortunately up here it is rarely a girl) and I went to fetch something for Sue to wear as her skirt was covered with smears of Mike’s cum. I returned with a pair of denim shorts that we had altered slightly to make the crotch somewhat narrower than it was originally. Sue put her tights back on (without panties under them of course) and then pulled the shorts on. Mike closely examined Sue’s crotch and when she sat normally, the outfit looked fairly decent (although Mike clearly thought it was very sexy). When Sue sat with her legs spread, knees pulled up or pulled the shorts up it was a different matter though as even with the tights on it was obvious that her pussy lips were trying to escape around the shorts (which Mike also thought was sexy).

We told Sue that she would have to take care of the pizza guy (and she knew what she meant by this) and told her to be inventive, with the promise that if she did a good job, we would find ways of rewarding her throughout the holiday – although she knew full well that she would be rewarded (or punished, depending on how you look at it) irrespective of how she did. I went back upstairs and fetched a cut-off t-shirt to improve her outfit further and when I returned she put this on. It was one that we had cut specifically for me so worked well on Sue – it was long enough to just about cover her nipples, but left the bottom part of her breasts visible. While we waited for the pizza, Mike played with Sue’s shorts a bit more and tried pulling her tights down so her upper outer thighs were exposed with the crotch of the tights pulling down on the crotch of the shorts. I warned Mike to be careful as I didn’t want him to rip the crotch of the shorts so he didn’t pull too hard but managed to just about get his tongue on to Sue’s pussy. I kept a lookout for the delivery guy and when we saw him pull up Mike helped Sue pull the tights up snugly against her crotch, but then reached in to them and pulled at a little hole he had created with his teeth when he’d been playing with her earlier. He ripped a large hole that extended down Sue’s left thigh and then tore across the crotch (not easy in tights with a gusset). He then got Sue to pull the shorts up firmly so her lips were quite visible on either side of the crotch and she said that she may as well not be wearing them. We called her on this and said that she was more than welcome to remove them but she thought it would be even harder to explain her appearance that way. When the doorbell rang, she went to go out and answer it but Mike reached around her from behind and reached down to her pussy to spread her lips further before pulling the shorts up one last time.

Sue answered the door and led the guy in to the kitchen to get his money. As she looked through her purse she sat on a chair with one foot on the floor and one on the chair so her crotch was exposed. She saw that the guy was staring at her crotch (as well as the exposed parts of her breasts) so dropped a hand between her legs and adjusted the thin strip of material as if she was trying to make herself more comfortable. She put her purse down and apologised to the guy, saying that we (indicating to the living room) had been teasing her which is why she was dressed that way and hoped he didn’t mind. He said that she looked hot and Sue lifted her ass, pushed the shorts down a little, pulled the crotch of her shorts to the side and told him that she really need to cum as we had been teasing her for hours. The guy looked around and told her to go ahead so Sue slid a finger along her pussy, spread her lips and started to caress herself. As Sue fingered herself she caressed her breasts with her other hand and asked the guy if he wanted to help her out. He wandered over to her, put the pizza down on the table and let her guide one of his hands to a breast. She told him that his hands felt warm, stood up and asked him to touch her pussy. He did as she asked and presumably when he realised that she was allowing him to do anything he wanted, he slipped a couple of fingers in to her and slid them in and out.

We had been listening in from the living room so had a fair idea of what was going on and this was helped by Sue moaning in pleasure as the guy fingered her. Jen decided that she would interrupt them and play along with Sue’s premise. Ideally she would have had a different outfit on, but had to make do with her nightdress and she wandered in to the kitchen to see what was taking Sue so long and asked what was going on. The guy jumped away from Sue and she just stood there with her top up over one breast and her pussy exposed. Sue told Jen that she’d had enough and really wanted to cum so Jen told her to sit up on the table and let the guy watch her masturbate. The guy made comments about leaving but Jen told him to watch Sue and he didn’t seem to object to this so he stayed. Jen then moved over to where Sue was, bent over and gave Sue’s pussy a good licking while reaching up to fondle Sue’s breasts. Jen then let Sue masturbate again while she described what a little slut Sue was, how she loved cumming and always wanted to have something hard inside her. As she talked, Jen wandered around the kitchen to find something suitable and decided on the rolling pin. She kept talking about how Sue loved having her pussy pounded as she lifted the hem of her nightdress and rubbed the handle of the rolling pin over her pussy a few times, then slid it in to her cunt. Jen pumped it in and out of herself a few times before telling Sue to lie back on the table and walking over to her.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Student Sex (Without us)

A very short post today so I'll put another one up tomorrow or Friday to make up for it.

While Sue and I had been at the sex party in York, Jen’s friends had been having their own kind of end of term party. It hadn’t been a full blown fuckfest like the one we’d been at, but was a bit more involved than their usual weekend (and often weekday) post-drinking sessions.

As usual, Susan had been the centre of attention, but instead of it just being for her enjoyment (or embarrassment), she was actually letting people use her to distract her from the fact that Abigail had broken up with her. This had happened at the beginning of the previous week (just a day or so after our last visit) so Susan was over the initial blubbing and Abrahii had been taking good care of her, letting Susan sleep over at her place every night. Not much had happened between them for the first couple of nights, but by Thursday night, Susan had reached the point of wanting to show Abigail that she wasn’t going to be upset and told Abrahii that she wanted to fuck. Abrahii didn’t give us a detailed description of what they got up to, but apparently Susan put quite a bit of energy in to the session and fucked Abrahii for well over an hour, cumming three or four times in the process (Abrahii only came twice, but she wasn’t the one who kept demanding to cum).

On the Friday morning, Susan upset Abrahii’s housemates even more than they already were by wandering around semi-naked, saying that she didn’t care who saw her. She noticed that Charles (one of Abrahii’s housemates who I may have briefly played with during a previous visit) didn’t seem to mind the view and she invited herself back to his room (much the same way as I had). I had at least been relatively discreet and not made too much noise (but then again I had been pretending that Abrahii didn’t know I was playing with him and had only tit-fucked him). Susan on the other hand, got him to fuck her and from Abrahii heard, she made sure that he fucked her hard. She was at least sensible enough to use a condom, but once she had cum she wandered out of his room and back up to Abrahii’s room naked (holding the t-shirt she had been wearing) during which time she was seen by others.

Friday night was pretty much the usual games – people being fondled or displaying themselves to others while out at clubs and Susan pleasuring various people afterwards. On the last Saturday of term (the same day as the York sex party), they decided to stay in and Susan was once again made to pleasure various people, but things were just a notch more intense from what had been reported…

Amber (who had finally got her results back so could prove that she wasn’t diseased) got to fuck Lisa (which made her quite happy as she has been semi-pining after Lisa) and also got to play with Sam (just fingering each other). Abrahii and Mel wanted one of the new girls to try a three way with two of the guys and Susan demonstrated this with Richard and James who fucked her in the middle of the room on a pile of cushions as everyone cheered them on. None of the freshers were willing to be quite so public at first, but a modified game of spin the bottle was invented where the guys took turns spinning the bottle and then had to slide their cock in to Susan’s pussy to get it coated with Richard’s cum (and Susan’s juices) before presenting it to be sucked clean by whoever the bottle landed on. Once all the guys had their turns, the bottle was put to better use to fuck Susan with and the girls then got to do the spinning. In their case, they got to choose to have something done to them by whoever the bottle selected and they opted for kissing, fondling, having their nipples sucked, being fingered, being (semi) eaten or being (semi) fucked if it was a guy selected.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Christmas 2013 Sex Party – Part 5

We gave her a chance to rest before moving on to the next session and told her that we were meeting up with Clare and Giles after lunch, offering her the opportunity to come along and play with us. Sara seemed to be tempted by the offer and we even told her that she could have Clare to herself while we took care of Giles, or if she wanted he could help out if she wanted to have a cock inside her. In the end she decided it probably wasn’t a good idea, but said she would continue to think about it and we moved on to round two. This time we also paid attention to Sara’s ass and she 69ed with Sue while I lapped at her ass, then we switched places so I 69ed with her (Sara – just to be clear) while Sue took care of Sara’s ass. We got Sara off again (not too difficult with both her ass and cunt being licked) and she said that it was now our turn to cum. She got Sue and I to lie beside each other on the bed and she moved back and forth between us – similarly to the way Clare had done at the party, but Sara was more energetic and also lapped at our asses (she likes giving as well as receiving). I offered to help out (by using the vibe on my clit) but Sara wanted to make us both cum herself so I just lay back and enjoyed the benefit of her experience. Sue came first and Sara then concentrated on me – she speared my ass quite firmly, fingered me and sucked on my clit and when I couldn’t hold out any longer I pulled her head against my cunt and humped up and down against her mouth as I came.

We had a little while before we had to check out of the hotel so we remained naked on the bed (Sara and I still had our socks on) and chatted. I mentioned that Mike wished that he could have seen her (by which he meant fuck her, but Sara knew that) and Sara said that if he’d been there she might have let him as a reward for helping look after her when she split up with Emily. I invited Sara to come up and visit again anytime she wanted and promised her that we would always find a bed for her (probably with someone else in it). I also hinted that Sue would probably also be available for ‘visits’ seeing as she didn’t live too far away and how it would make Jen very happy to see Sue frequent another girl instead of letting guys do things with her. I had a final little play with Sara’s pussy as I love the way her lips look and feel and licked her as deep inside as I could reach with my tongue before we had to get dressed and head off to lunch. Sara then discovered part of the reason I had been nuzzling at her panties was to get them as wet as possible so she couldn’t wear them. She knows that I almost never wear panties and try to convince everyone around me to do the same so it wasn’t really a surprise to her. We did offer her a pair of Sue’s panties but she said she would play along with our games (even to the point of leaving the long white socks on) so we all went commando and went for lunch.

Over lunch we tried further to convince Sara to come and see Clare and Giles with us but Sara eventually said that Clare wasn’t really her type (which I’m quite surprised about as she is reasonably cute) so we dropped the subject and I just teased Sara about being at lunch with her pussy exposed. When it was time to say goodbye I made full use of the fact that she had a mid-thigh length coat on and I stood with my back to the wall, reached in to her coat and slid my hands under her skirt. There were too many people around for her to stop me without making a scene so as we kissed, I pulled her skirt up until it was fully above her crotch and I could freely caress her. I asked her if I should try and make her cum and she looked quite frightened until she realised I was just teasing her and she agreed to keep her skirt hiked up while Sue gave her a goodbye kiss. Passing her between us without revealing too much wasn’t that difficult and Sue also caressed Sara’s ass and reached between her legs to her pussy. Sara quickly buttoned her coat up when the kiss ended and said she now had to find somewhere she could straighten out her skirt. I dared her to keep her skirt hiked up until she got home and told her if she did that we would make her cum as many times as she wanted the next time we saw her. Sara called me on this and said that we’d probably do that anyway, but agreed to go at least part of the way home before trying to fix her skirt.

Sue and I headed off to Giles’ place and when we arrived we were greeted by an eager looking Giles. He said that we had the place to ourselves as his housemate was out so Sue and I dumped our bags, hung out coats up and started to strip ourselves. I gave Giles the choice as to whether I should take the socks off and he told me to leave them on. Unfortunately we no longer had a second pair for Sue as Sara was still wearing them, but Sue fished out her blue ones from the previous night and Giles thought these were acceptable. Clare joined us and was somewhat surprised that we were standing in the hallway effectively naked but I told her if the aim was for us to fuck, then we may as well enjoy ourselves. I complimented her on how well she had eaten us at the party and said that we wanted to repay the favour (although I also mentioned that I needed to have Giles cum in me before I left). I asked Sue who we should start with and we decided that as she is better at blowjobs, she should take Giles (but not make him cum) while I took Clare. They went to lead us upstairs to Giles’ room but I said if he was sure his housemate wasn’t going to be back then I would rather we played downstairs. Clare was a bit nervous about this but Mike was absolutely sure that his housemate wasn’t going to back until that evening (and it probably helped that Sue already had his cock in her mouth). I moved over to Clare and before I kissed her I said that if the housemate did reappear, then we’d just have two cocks to play with and I slid a hand under her skirt to her crotch. I kissed Clare up against the wall as I played with her pussy – at first rubbing her through her panties and then working my fingers up under the material and touching her directly. Once I thought she was sufficiently turned on, I described to her how Giles’ housemate would at first just stand and watch and then come over to help me out in playing with her. I pulled her top off and played with her breasts (at least she had gone without a bra in preparation for our session) and between sucks I described how he would get his cock out and slide in to her as she ate me.

Clare was playing with my pussy by this point so we all moved in to the living room to get more comfortable and I suggested it was time to swap partners. I gave Giles’ cock a brief suck but intended to get what I had originally came for so I moved over to where Sue was eating Clare and stood bent over the sofa so I could kiss Clare and play with her breasts. Giles quickly slid in to me from behind and I asked Clare to try to play with my clit. I had to move forwards a little to make this easier for her but we found a position that pretty much worked. Unfortunately Sue was left out as the only one not being stimulated, but we promised to make it up to her and other than a few minor changes for comfort, we stayed in the same position throughout the session. Clare kissed and nuzzled my neck as well as frigging me and I bounced back and forth on Giles’ cock trying to cum as quickly as possible. I managed to ‘win’ and came first, but Giles wasn’t too far behind me. He told me he was about to cum and I told Clare that I was going to let him fill my pussy with his cum, but that I might give some of it back to her. Giles pushed hard in to me and I squeezed myself around him as he came, then told him to stay as deep inside me as he could get until we made Clare cum. I could now play with both of her breasts (one with hand, one with mouth) and Sue picked up the pace with her licking until Clare was breathing panting shallow breaths and let out a little moan and a ‘fuck’. Sue immediately switched to kitty kissing Clare and I told Giles he could stay inside me a little longer if he wanted and I kept squeezing his cock with my pussy to help keep him hard (and interested).

I had a play with Clare while we waited for Giles to recover sufficiently to fuck again and she even had a few licks of my pussy to clean me up a bit (she thought it was strange when I said I wanted to have Giles’ cum covering my thighs on the way home. Sue gently fondled Giles’ cock while Clare and I played and I then gave her a hand to suck him for a while before saying that it was now Sue’s turn to enjoy herself. We let Giles go down on her and finger her, then move on to fucking her, but as Sue had been so patient I felt she deserved something special so suggested that both Clare and Giles should help her cum. Giles sat on the sofa with Sue facing away from him and riding his cock and Clare was told to get down and lick them both. She did this and I fetched a vibe from my bag and reached around Clare to run the vibe over her breasts and then down between her legs to her clit. She jumped a little when I did this but I told her to concentrate on licking Sue and Giles while I took care of her. I spent a while fucking her with the vibe and then rubbed it over Sue’s clit and Giles’ cock, then did the same with my own pussy and once again rubbed it over them. Clare continued to lick them and I went back to using the vibe in and on her pussy as Sue said she was going to cum and I told Giles that we wanted him to give Sue as big a load as he’d given me. They carried on until Sue came and Giles said he was close, but he couldn’t move as much as he wanted with Sue sitting on him so Sue quickly dismounted and lay on her front on the sofa so Giles could lie on top of her and finish off inside her. He came again and stayed buried in her until he went soft, although I tried my best to delay this from happening by pulling Clare on top of me in a 69 and telling her that I wanted to cum again.

She was quite a bit ahead of me and as I still had the vibe to help things along, she came a fair bit before I did but I convinced her to stay in the 69 so I could kitty kiss her. She asked for the vibe to use in me and I passed it down and told her I wanted to feel her pussy juices mixing with mine deep inside me. Clare twirled the vibe around as she fucked me with it but fortunately she also continued to lick, kiss and suck on my clit. As I got closer to cumming I told her that she really had become a good little cunt licker. To be honest, she still needed some practice as she wasn’t as consistent as I would have liked, but she got the job done anyway and I pushed my face in to her pussy and lapped more forcefully as I came. When Clare climbed off, I got Sue to crouch over me to let any of Giles’ cum drip out of her and on to my pussy. I then sucked Giles’ cock clean (after promising to be gentle as he said it felt quite sensitive). To be completely fair, we decided that Sue should really have to cum again so we would all have cum twice – Giles was in no state to fuck Sue but Clare was willing to go down on her so she was given the job of licking any remaining cum out of Sue and transferring it to my pussy (not that this really works well unless there is a really big load, but it was the intention that counted). Just because he couldn’t fuck, it didn’t mean that Giles wanted to be left out so while Clare licked Sue clean, Giles was given the job of making me wetter (lots of saliva while licking and not swallowing anything). They then switched places and I felt the liquid from Clare’s mouth flow in to my pussy and run out over my ass. Giles wanted to be the one to make Sue cum and Sue didn’t care who it was so he was given the go-ahead and he sucked, licked and slurped on her pussy until Sue had her second orgasm.

It was nearly time for me to leave but I quietly asked Clare if she wanted to give Giles one more mental image to ensure she could get a thorough fucking whenever she wanted. I promised we wouldn’t try to make her cum (adding an ‘unless she wanted to’ – but she’d had enough for the time being) and called Sue over to sandwich Clare between us. We rubbed up and down against Clare while caressing her (and each other), then I indicated to Sue that we should kneel. Once we were both in position, we lapped away at Clare’s pussy and ass – she was somewhat surprised by this and objected a little at first, but we weren’t down there for too long (and other than the embarrassment it was clear that she enjoyed it from the moans she let out). We then sucked on Clare’s nipples (taking one each) as we jointly caressed her and finally took her hands and guided then to our pussies, getting her to rub us both at once. I kissed Clare and told her that this would hopefully be enough for her to get Giles to fuck her continually until we saw her next time and I reluctantly pulled away to start getting dressed.

As Clare calmed down from our final caresses, she seemed to remember that she was in the living room and could (potentially) be discovered at any point by Giles’ housemate so she started to pull her own clothes on. Giles did the same but I stopped him to have a final suck of his cock and even managed to get him hard enough to slide back in to me. Sue didn’t want to be left out so she let him slide in to her one last time and at our request Clare bent over and let him slide in to her so we could get our juices deep in to her cunt. Sue gave him a final suck clean and we said our goodbyes. I suggested to Sue that she should go back and visit them and she said she would think about it. I liked the idea of Sue having a ‘safe’ couple of people to fuck (I know she is sensible but she is my little sister and I still worry about her).

Given what Sue and I had gotten up to in the hotel room earlier that day, we had a restrained goodbye kiss. It was only a couple of weeks until we would be seeing Sue again for Christmas and she knew that Lis and Lucy would be visiting, but I promised her that we had a few more things planned to keep her amused and wouldn’t just be stuck with the option of Jen’s pussy and Mike’s cock for a week (not that there is anything wrong with that, but seeing as Sue had bloomed so well we knew she would enjoy a wider variety of partners


We (Sue and I) would like a serious answer to the question ‘how far is it okay for sisters to go when playing with each other’. We are well aware that a number of people enjoy watching us do things together (or participating with us), but we’re looking for real opinions (not just ‘it’s hot’ or ‘it’s wrong’, but why you think that). We have discussed this quite a bit and understand fully the issues around brother-sister relationships or where one person is significantly older than the other so there may be pressure to do things, but in our case we are both old enough, sufficiently experienced and both enjoy sex. Once we got over the initial strangeness, Sue and I have been happy to play with each for Mike and Jen, even to the point of making each other cum, but agreed that we would draw the line at going down on each other. Is there really much of a difference between us using toys, fingering, grinding or going down on each other?

Given I’m about 7 months behind in writing things up, any opinions offered now won’t make any difference to things that have happened, but we are genuinely curious as to what people will say.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Christmas 2013 Sex Party – Part 4

There was now just one thing left to do and I pulled Laura up on the bed and told her that she deserved to cum. As Kiyomi didn’t look like she was going to be of much use in the immediate future I buried my face between Laura’s legs and finished off what Kiyomi had started. I didn’t know if Laura had been having a boy or girl centric party (she usually concentrates on one gender or the other),but I imagined she had lots of cum inside her and did my best to eat it out and making as much of a mess of my face as I could with her juices (and any boy cum) and my saliva. It didn’t take much to get her to cum and when I rolled away from her I wiped my face and smeared the mess over the rest of my body before finding my skirt and wiping Laura’s and Kiyomi’s pussies clean(er) with it.

Before people could disperse I suggested an idea – instead of the party just being a couple of hours I thought we could (somehow) arrange things so everyone could sleep over and then spend the whole night fucking (or at least as much of it as people could keep going for). A number of people though this sounded like a good idea and I pointed out that it also meant that we could wake each other up in interesting ways. I realised that most of them didn’t know what I was talking about so I pointed out that we could wake each other up by sucking them, eating them or even having the guys try to slide inside the girls and fuck them awake. We agreed to discuss the possibility and people started to head off. I only realised after Clare and Giles had left that I hadn’t fucked Giles (and as far as I can tell he was the only cock I didn’t have in me). Sue and I helped to tidy up a little and I then realised that I also hadn’t had my traditional kitchen fuck. At the very least I wanted to have a little play with myself and fortunately Bennett was willing to help me out.

I climbed up on to the worktop, spread my legs, handed Bennett an empty wine bottle and told him to fuck me with it. He did as I asked and it was nice, but felt nothing like the beer bottle Melissa had used on me earlier. I could see a bulge in Bennett’s trousers and asked if he was up for a last fuck – he didn’t think he could cum again but was willing to be inside me so he pulled his cock out and slid in to me. We fucked for a couple of minutes and I felt that while it may not have been a full fuck, I’d at least done something in the kitchen so thanked Bennett and sucked his cock clean of my juices. As I know he likes it I also knelt in front of him, wrapped my breasts around his cock and tit-fucked him. He began to push back and I asked if I could make him cum one last time – he still wasn’t sure if he could, but he was willing to try so I alternated between sucking him and using my breasts. I managed to get an orgasm out of him, but only a dribble of cum came out (which isn’t that surprising after an evening of fucking). I rubbed his cock between my breasts to add his cum to the saliva I had been using for lube and sucked him clean a final time.

Sue was already dressed and ready to go so I went to find my clothes and covered myself as best I could with them. My skirt was covered with multiple cum stains – some wet and some dry already and I realised that I should have offered my blouse as well for people to use. Sue had a few stains on her clothes, but most of the mess evident on her body was in her hair as she had received a couple of facials. I slipped my bra on but couldn’t do it up as the clips were broken and then slipped my blouse on but also couldn’t do it up. Sue and I said our goodbyes and wandered back to the hotel discussing the events of the party. I texted Clare and Giles, saying that I needed him to fuck me to complete the set and asking if we could meet up later that day before Sue and I headed off.  Just as we got back to the hotel Giles replied and said yes so we arranged a time after lunch and said we would meet them at his place (as we would have been kicked out of our hotel room by that time and had Sara to take care of in the morning).

Once inside, we called Mike and Jen to give them a brief rundown of what had happened and they admired the state that we had managed to get in to. We gave more detailed descriptions of a few of our encounters but didn’t spend too long as we were quite tired. We decided not to bother showering that night and just stripped off, then climbed in to bed together. I was still feeling quite horny from my incomplete session with Bennett and told Sue that I might have to masturbate. She told me to go ahead and I teased her about her just wanting to watch her big sister cum. I gently stroked myself and Sue pulled the covers down so I teased her about having played with me when I was kissing Hannah earlier. Sue told me that I’d loved it and pushed one of her breasts in to my face so I sucked on her nipple and told her that Mike and Jen would have wanted to watch us play like this. I was on the edge of masturbating properly, but decided that it I would be good and save myself for Sara in the morning so we settled down and fell asleep while describing what we’d done at the party to each other.

I don’t remember what I dreamt about, but it must have been good as I woke up feeling incredibly horny and realised that I was already pressed up against Sue, grinding against her thigh and had a hand on her pussy. I rolled away from her but couldn’t resist tasting her from my fingers before dropping my hand to my pussy and starting to stroke myself. My movements were enough to wake Sue properly and when she saw what I was doing she said that I should have waited for her as she felt quite horny too. I admitted that I might have had something to do with that and told her how I had been rubbing her. Sue said that I had just been trying to take advantage of her while she was sleeping but I sniped back by reminding her that she had been the one fingering me in front of everyone (and she replied by reminding me that I had fingered her to scoop Giles’ cum out of her. We agreed that we were probably as bad as each other and Sue lay down beside me and started to play with herself, then looped her right leg over my left one and shuffled over so our sides were pressed together. I commented on how Mike and Jen (as well as everyone at the party) would love to see what we were doing and pointed out that this was a rare occasion where we were actually alone together. We both made comments along the lines of being able to do whatever we wanted without anyone else knowing and while I was sure I knew what Sue was hinting at I decided to push things forward to find out if I was right.

I told her that she would never have the nerve to do things properly with me and she unhooked her leg, rolled on to her side, kissed me and fondled my breasts. I told her that my body still felt quite sticky with the mix of cum and juices from the party and Sue said that she felt the same so to keep things even I pushed her on to her back and kissed her while fondling her breasts. I moved down a bit and sucked on her nipples (Sue really enjoys this – a lot more than I enjoy having it done to me) and I then lay back to see if Sue would reciprocate (she did). We kissed for a while and started to hump against each other - as things started to heat up we both enjoyed the feeling of the sweat, cum and pussy juices on our bodies and we ground together harder and faster. We reached down and played with each other’s pussies and both knew that we’d passed the point where stopping was likely, but we (or at least I) still didn’t know quite how far we would go. As often happens in these situations, my lust took over and I told Sue I wanted to see what I was playing with so we switched around in to a 69 position with me crouching over her and we spread each other’s outer lips and had a good look. We’ve seen each other up close like this before, but we were in a much calmer (by which I mean less horny) state at the time. I let a little saliva dribble out of my mouth on to Sue’s clit and started to rub it, then decided to go further and pushed a couple of fingers in to her. Sue did something similar to me and we fingered and frigged each other for a while. Despite us both wanting to cum, we took things relatively steadily as we were now right on the edge of what we had agreed we would do to each other. I had my mouth right beside Sue’s pussy and could have just stuck out my tongue to lick her – at the same time I had lowered my pussy so it was close enough to Sue’s face that I could feel her breathing on my skin. I can’t describe how tempted I was and how close I came to spreading her lips and pushing my tongue deep inside her, then eating her until she came but at the last minute I chickened out and started to kiss and lick her inner thighs. Sue did something similar to me and I sped up my fingering and frigging so I could make her cum while me willpower held out. I licked all around her thighs and got very close to her pussy, but other than a few stray licks I pretty much remained clear of it and made her cum with my fingers.

As I still hadn’t cum, I was a little afraid that Sue would stop playing with me once her lust was satiated but she continued to use her fingers on me and I concentrated on the sensation, trying to speed my orgasm along. While Sue’s fingering wasn’t quite as frenzied as it had been before she came, she did a good enough job to make me cum and I buried my face in the duvet between her legs as my orgasm throbbed out from my clit and pussy. When I had finished cumming, I nearly kissed her pussy when I lifted my head, but resisted and rolled off of her. We lay beside each other, top to tail, in an embarrassed silence (other than our panting) for a while until I told Sue that I hadn’t quite expected my morning session to be like that. Sue nervously laughed and agreed and turned around to face me. We discussed what we’d just done and both seemed concerned that the other one was going to be offended, but came to the conclusion that we had both enjoyed ourselves even though things had gone (quite a bit) further than we had intended. I told Sue how close I had been to eating her and she said that if my tongue had properly made contact with her pussy just once, she thinks she would have immediately eaten me back. We both thought it was probably a good thing we hadn’t done this and we lay discussing how things had changed since Sue had first started spying on Mike and I fucking.

Sue and I have always been quite close (with the occasional sibling falling-out) and from the time we masturbated together (not each other, just beside each other) on holiday and then we invited her to watch and then join in with Mike and me and then Jen as well, we have got considerably closer (emotionally as well as physically). As we discussed our shared adventures I got quite turned on again (I am usually very horny the day after one of the sex parties so this wasn’t too surprising) and I started to caress my pussy again. Sue asked if we were going to go again and while I was very tempted I said that we should probably freshen up before Sara arrived as I doubted she would be as keen to fuck us if we were still covered in the residue of the party. We went and showered together (a nice thing about being at a hotel is they usually have nice large showers) and spent a while washing each other down quite thoroughly as well as doing each other’s hair. We even went as far as drying each other off and by the time we had finished we were definitely ready for Sara as our hands had roamed quite freely over each other’s bodies (given what we’d done earlier, touching each other in that way didn’t seem like a big deal).

Back in the bedroom we discussed whether we should tell Mike and Jen what we’d done. We both knew that they would love it and I told Sue that if they knew, she would probably spend the whole of Christmas being made to cum as payment. We decided to keep it a secret for the time being (remember that this was about 8 months ago), although Sue wasn’t sure I would be able to keep it from Mike and Jen as she knows we share everything (including Sue). I walked over to her, held her head and told her that she was my sister and just as important to me as they were. I gave her a gentle kiss on the lips and told her I loved her – Sue replied saying the same and we had a nice hug (without even trying to cop a feel). Before we separated I told Sue that as it was going to be between us, I wanted to have just one kiss and indicated downwards with my head. Sue nodded in return and we paused before I edged Sue backwards against the wall and knelt in front of her. Sue parted her legs a few inches and I gently spread her lips a little, looked up at her and then pressed my lips to her pussy. I sought out her clit (which is harder to find on Sue as her pussy is much more closed than mine) and kissed it. The whole kiss probably only lasted about 10-15 seconds and just before I pulled away I couldn’t resist from giving her clit a quick couple of flicks with my tongue. I stood up and kissed Sue and she asked if she could do that to me – I said she didn’t have to, but took her place standing against the wall and spread my legs as an invite. Sue knelt down and kissed me in a similar way, but I felt her tongue not just flick against my clit but slide between my lips a few times – not actually entering me, but certainly lapping against my inner lips.

When Sue stood up, we kissed again and I told her that I thought she was about to eat me. Sue asked if I would have let her and I just replied by telling her that it had felt wonderful (so I didn’t technically say ‘yes’) and then said that as she had kissed me more intimately that I had kissed her that maybe I should catch up. I slipped a finger between her lips as I said this and we once again came very close to the edge but restrained ourselves and decided we should get some breakfast before Sara arrived. We ordered room service and I dared Sue to dress (in)appropriately for the arrival of the food. Neither of us had a good selection of clothes with us and our outfits from the party were too stained to realistically use so we just decided on our underwear. I borrowed Sue’s bra from the party and paired it with my plain panties (they had been removed early enough on that they weren’t stained) so I could go for the innocent schoolgirl (in her underwear) look and then decided I may as well do it properly and pulled on a pair of long white socks. Sue put on the underwear that she had intended to wear that day which was somewhat more ‘adult’ than my look – a lacy black bra and matching thong. We then finished packing and preparing for Sara’s arrival until our food showed up. Fortunately (for us) it was a guy who delivered it and I opened the door and invited him in without making any fuss about the way we were dressed.

If we’d had time, it would have been fun to tease the guy and see if we could have got him to provide some extra ‘service’ for two lonely and horny girls, but other than Sue bending over a bit to reveal her ass to him, we didn’t capitalise on the situation. We remained in our underwear as we ate breakfast – partially so we were nicely presented for Sara and partially to stop us from doing anything more with each other. We swore not to tell Mike or Jen about the kisses unless we both agreed to it (which as you can tell has now happened, but you’ll have to wait to find out when we told them). By the time Sara arrived, we had finished eating – we heard a knock on the door and I opened it, stood with my arm resting against the door frame and asked Sara if there was anything we could do for her. Once she was inside and we were all on the bed, she wanted to hear about the party so we described snippets of what had happened and I showed her that state of my clothes. I hadn’t realised that my socks also had cum stains on them from where cum had leaked out of my pussy and ran down my legs. Sara seemed to enjoy hearing about the party and as we told her about it, both Sue and I caressed her and slowly removed her clothes. She had on a nice set of pink underwear and it looked very cute so I dived in to my bag and fetched the other pair of long white socks I had (these would have been for Sue if we had decided to go white instead of blue). I put them on Sara’s legs and she asked if we thought she was our dressing up doll so we told her that she was actually our little fuck bunny who was there exclusively for our pleasure (although we conceded that we intended to give her quite a bit of pleasure as well).

We got Sara to stand up and Sue stood behind her, reaching around Sara to caress her breasts while they kissed and I knelt in front of her and nuzzled her pussy through her panties. I kept looking up to see how Sue was progressing and tried to time what I was doing to keep in step with her – when Sue slid her hands under Sara’s bra and started massaging her breasts directly, I pulled the crotch of Sara’s panties aside and licked her pussy and when Sue undid Sara’s bra and removed it I pulled Sara’s panties off and could eat her much more easily… We moved over to the bed and Sue and I removed our own bras so we could offer our nipples to Sara. She pulled one of each of our breasts together and sucked on both our nipples at once so we both slid a hand down to her pussy and jointly fingered her. Sue and I then sucked on Sara’s breasts as we continued to finger her and then took turns going down on her. I fetched a vibe from my bag (I rarely leave home without one – and certainly not at the weekend) and we fucked Sara with it as we crouched either side of her and allowed her to finger us both at the same time. To make things fair, we decided to make her cum together and both pushed a finger in to her pussy and used another couple of fingers each to frig her clit between us. Sara complained that we weren’t being fair (but when we offered she didn’t want us to stop) and we easily made her cum, then turned around to face her and we had a long three way kiss while Sue and I rubbed ourselves against her thighs.