Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Christmas 2013 Sex Party – Part 1

I had been looking forward to the first weekend in December for a while as it was the Christmas sex party in York and I’d determined that I had (just about) been on the pill for long enough that it was safe for me to fuck guys other than Mike again. I got an extra surprise a little while before the party when Mike told me that he had arranged for it to be an unprotected party (where we all get tested beforehand so we know everyone is disease free and all the girls use birth control). Even though it was my turn to go to the party as Mike had gone to the start of term one with Sue, I think it showed how much he loved me in that he was prepared to give up a chance to properly eat his beloved Japanese girls (Kiyomi and Miyako) and taste their pussies. Naturally Jen wished that she could come along as well and we considered all three of us travelling down, but Jen couldn’t have participated and we were trying to save money so she stayed home with Mike and looked at a few more places for us to move to.

Even without Mike going, Sue still wanted to come along and enjoy herself and I met up with her in York on the Friday evening. We were both obviously looking forward to the Saturday night, but we had something else to look forward to first as we were staying with Sara before the party. Sara was still fairly upset about having split up with Emily earlier in the term, although she was significantly better than the last time we’d seen her. I had tried to convince her to come along and have some fun but she felt that lots of people at the party were Emily’s friends (Em was the one who had introduced Sara to the parties). I had told her that this wasn’t the case and everyone there liked her just as much as they did Emily (with the possible exception of the way Emily tastes – even Sara’s cute little crinkle cut pussy lips can’t compete with the nectar that Emily’s pussy produces). I had been hopeful that we could convince her, but as she hadn’t been tested and could produce the certificate to show she had a clean bill of health she now couldn’t come anyway, so the first aim of the weekend was to make sure that Sara enjoyed her Friday night.

Sue and I wandered along to Sara’s place and once we had dropped our bags off we headed out for a few drinks with some of her friends. Both Sue and I flirted with a couple of the guys and if Sara hadn’t been there I think we could have fairly easily ‘let’ them pick us up and fuck us. I was actually really tempted to do this, but as it was going to be my first (non-Mike) cock in ages I decided to hold out and break my fast properly with a whole room of them (which unfortunately wouldn’t be just for me, but it was still worth looking forward to). Sara’s friends know that she is gay (and I think some of her good friends know that she is a little bi) so they weren’t too surprised to find out that both Sue and I were bi (Jen loves the fact that Sue now says she is bi and hopes there is just a little further to go to make her gay, despite me pointing out just how much Sue loves cock). As there were Sara’s ‘normal’ friends, both Sue and I mostly behaved ourselves and didn’t expose ourselves in any obvious ways (yes, I may have sat with my legs spread a little too far a couple of times, but I can’t help myself, I’m an exhibitionist).

People wanted to go clubbing and it was quite tempting, but as we were a little drunk already I had the feeling that dancing and grinding with people might end up with fingers going places that would lead to me fucking someone so I suggested that we head back to Sara’s place (and whispered to her that we could make up for any enjoyment she missed out on at the club). Sara knew full well that I had promised her a session with Sue and we said our goodbyes and wandered back to her place and went straight to her room. Once inside I pulled Sara to me and told her that I wanted to watch her cum. I kissed Sara and caressed her as Sue undressed, then passed Sara over to Sue while I removed my clothes. Sue and I then stood either side of Sara and kissed her as we ran our hands over her body, at first over her clothes, then under them and then inside her underwear. We slowly undressed Sara as we caressed her until she was just in her bra and panties and I asked if I could have a quick explore of her pussy before Sue took her.

I would have been somewhat miffed if Sara had said no, but didn’t really have to worry about this as Sara told me to go ahead so I knelt in front of her and slid her panties down her thighs, then let them slip down the rest of her legs by themselves. Sara stepped out of them and I immediately ran a finger along her pussy, feeling the texture of her lips and telling her that they looked as beautiful as ever (Sara was always a little self-conscious of her pussy as she was aware that she couldn’t compete with the way Emily tasted). As I fingered Sara she told us that she had shaved her pussy since she had visited us after the break-up (about a month previously) so I pushed my face between her legs and gave her outer lips a thorough licking to show her that it was appreciated. I caressed her thighs and ass as I ate her and looked up to see Sue kissing Sara and sucking on her nipples. I wasn’t too greedy and after a couple of minutes I pulled away, told Sara that she was as cute as ever and said that now it was time for her promised session with Sue. Sara said that we could all do things together if we wanted so I gave her a hug and a tickle and told her that we would – the session with Sue was just the first course.

I sat at the end of the bed and watched as Sue and Sara kissed, caressed, fondled, fingered and ate each other. It was quite an erotic sight and Sue seemed to do a very thorough job and was clearly enjoying herself. I played with myself a little as I watched, but made sure I didn’t go too far so my first cum of the night wasn’t a solo one (I’d gotten quite close to cumming at one point on the train as I sat fantasising about the upcoming party and pressing a heel against my crotch as I gently rocked back and forth against it). Sue seemed to do most of the driving in the session – not that Sara just sat back and received, she gave as good as she got and I eagerly watched as fingers disappeared in to holes, nipples and clits were sucked and bodies became more flushed as orgasms approached. Despite the appearance of Sue being the one in control, she came first but did a pretty good job of continuing to play with Sara even as she came. Once her orgasm finished, Sue crawled down between Sara’s legs and ate her – from my position at the end of the bed I couldn’t see exactly what Sue was doing to Sara, but I had the perfect view of Sue’s ass and pussy as they swayed back and forth just in front of me. I was feeling sufficiently horny that I couldn’t resist reaching out and rubbing a thumb up and down Sue’s pussy, then pressing it against the length of her slit and wiggling back and forth between her lips. Sue looked round at me but didn’t complain so I pushed the tip of my thumb in to her and sped up my other hand which was working on my own pussy. Sue went back to working on Sara who was clearly quite close to cumming herself and I very nearly pushed myself over the edge, but at the last minute pulled my hand away from my pussy (and my other one away from Sue’s) and just watched and listened as Sara came.

Sue crawled up beside Sara and I moved around and lay on the other side of her. I watched Sue kiss Sara, then I had a turn, then I kissed Sue and licked some of Sara’s juices from Sue’s face and mouth. The three of us kissed and after a few minutes I asked Sara if she still had the energy for round two as I really wanted to cum. She had figured this much out already as I’d been grinding my crotch against her hip the entire time we’d been kissing. Sara asked how we should do things and I traced a finger up and down her pussy as I acted coy and told her that we could always indulge her little fetish and Sue and I could work together to make her cum. As I said this, I ran my finger down to her ass and gently pressed against it and Sara said that she would enjoy that a lot. In return, we wanted her to make us both cum and Sara said she was sure she could manage so I lay on my back and Sara climbed over my face, facing away from my body. She bent forwards and as I started to lick her, I felt Sue climb over my body and lower herself down on top of me. Sara let out a little squeal, presumably in time with Sue’s tongue making contact with Sara’s ass and we set about pleasuring our little red headed host. I could feel Sue moving back and forth against me – her breasts rubbing against mine and her pussy on my thigh. I spread my legs and Sue pushed a leg between mine, allowing us to hump against each other as we worked on Sara. I didn’t think it was fair to make Sue do all the ass work (even though she wasn’t complaining and from what I could feel, her tongue was working away as busily as mine was on Sara’s pussy) so after a while we swapped over and once Sue had crawled under Sara I climbed over Sue’s body and buried my face in Sara’s ass.

I was really horny by this point and realised that we should have done things the other way around so I could have made Sara cum as she 69ed with me and I could have watched as Sue lapped at her ass. I had to make do with what I had though and ground against Sue’s leg as we got Sara off. We shared a three way kiss and I asked Sara to fuck me however she wanted. She knows me well enough that she could tell how much I needed to cum and she told me that she would take care of me. I settled back and ran my fingers through Sara’s hair as she used a combination of her fingers and her tongue to very quickly make me cum. She had to work on me for such a short period of time that she even commented on how quick it had been so I told her that if she wanted to, she could kitty kiss me for a little while (and she did). It was then Sue’s turn to cum again and I told Sara that I would kitty kiss her as she played with Sue – I refrained from trying to squeeze a third orgasm out of Sara (even though from experience I know she can manage this) but still really enjoyed massaging Sara’s lips with my tongue, sucking them in to my mouth and exploring the inside of her pussy. I remained in place until I heard Sue cum, at which point I crawled out from under Sara and we both moved up beside Sue to share another three-way kiss.

I told Sara that she really should have come to the party and we could have provided her with more pussy than she would know what to do with (I haven’t checked the numbers, but it certainly feels like the straight girls are more willing to try things with us bi/gay girls at the unprotected parties – although building on Laura’s work we’ve now sampled every girl between us so even the normal parties have a fair bit of girl on girl ‘exploratory’ action). There were certainly a few girls that Sara was a little disappointed about missing out on the chance to sample directly, but she still thought the parties would remind her of her time with Emily (probably true, but then again Sue and I may have reminded her of her time with Emily). We didn’t press the issue any further and curled up to go to sleep in a triple spoon with Sara sandwiched between Sue and me.

In the morning, we gave Sara another sister session – this time just taking turns licking and fingering her while the other one played with her breasts, kissed her and occasionally sat over her face to let her lick us (both holes). Sue and I refrained from cumming so we would be hornier for the party that night but we got Sara off twice and I then showered with her while Sue rested in bed. The three of us spent the day together, mostly doing innocent things, but we did manage to make Sara cum in a changing room – Sue and I took turns to find other clothes for her to ‘try on’ while whoever was in the changing room with her fingered her up against the wall. Her challenge was to not flinch whenever one of us left or entered the dressing room (we were at least discreet as we opened the curtain) and while Sara had difficulty with this the first few times, once we got her on the way to cumming, she was no longer concerned about covering herself and allowed us to finger and frig her. Sue and I decided to share the prize and when it was obvious that Sara was getting close, we both stayed with her and Sue used three fingers to stretch Sara’s tight cunt while I frigged her and we sucked on a breast each. Sara wasn’t as quiet as she should have been when she came – it’s not that she was really loud, but if I’d been in the next cubicle I’m fairly sure I would have guessed that someone was cumming (but then my mind is biased in that direction anyway). She felt sufficiently embarrassed by the orgasm that she wanted to stay in the cubicle for a good few minutes after she had dressed so we fetched some more clothes for her to  pretend to try on to buy her some time and when she finally emerged she bought a little skirt and we headed off for coffee.

Later that afternoon, Sue and I moved our bags to the hotel we were staying in. Sara had said that we were welcome to return to her place after the party, but we didn’t know what time it would end and weren’t too sure of the state we might be in (although I know exactly the state that I *wanted* to be in). We told her that she was welcome to visit us on the Sunday morning and we would make use of room service to treat her to a nice breakfast in bed and she thought this sounded nice so we said our goodbyes and Sue and I had a quick disco nap to refresh ourselves and prepare for the evening ahead. During my nap I had a dream where I was being fucked by guy after guy and I woke up with my fingers on my pussy. I was well enough behaved to stop playing with myself and I got up to clear my head and start to dig out my outfit for the night. I woke Sue up as I did this and told her about my dream and reiterated to how just how much I was looking forward to having as many cocks in and on me as possible. Sue told me to not be too greedy as there were plenty of other girls there (including her) who might be miffed if I kept all the cock to myself. I did like the sound of having nine or ten guys to myself for the whole evening, but assured her that I intended to make the most of the girls as well (and the sound of having about twenty people whose sole purpose was to play with me sounded even better).

As Sue and I were going to the party by ourselves (without Jen or Mike), we had decided to play up the sister aspect and both had on replicas of our old school uniforms with our hair in matching bunches (and knee high blue socks – which weren’t really a part of our uniform, but we know lots of guys like them). We had considered wearing our Japanese schoolgirl outfits, but as there were going to be real Japanese girls there it didn’t seem too appropriate. We had even ensured we had the same sets of underwear on to make us as twin-like as possible (although Sue was in a blonde phase again so we didn’t match fully). The look seemed quite popular with the guys though and when we stopped off for our customary drink on the way to the party we got a fair amount of attention from the guys and could have probably spent the rest of the evening without having to pay for a drink. Unfortunately, Sue had a proper blonde moment and we realised that she had left her test results in the hotel so we had to cut the drink short and dash back to collect them before heading off to the party.

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