Saturday, 9 August 2014

Christmas 2013 Sex Party – Part 2

This meant that a number of people had arrived before us and some had even got started – when we walked in we were greeted with the sight of Giles making out with Laura and Hannah making out with Scott. I was welcomed back by Clare and Brett and told them that I had really missed not being able to attend the last party, but was looking forward to making up for lost time. They told me about Sara and Emily splitting up and while we said we knew, we decided not to let on that we had helped to comfort Sara or has stayed with her (I was trying to avoid getting in to any discussions about who’s side to take as while I was firmly on Sara’s side, I didn’t want to be distracted from enjoying the evening). We showed our clean bills of health and I went to say hello to Giles by reaching down and sliding my hand in to his trousers to join Laura’s. I helped her caress him for a while and then took him in my mouth. Laura and I swapped his cock back and forth until she said that she wanted him in her. She stood and slipped her panties off but before she could mount him I had pushed my head under her skirt and had a quick lick of her pussy. I wasn’t too greedy though and soon let her go so she could sit over Giles and then slide on to his cock. I caressed Laura’s ass as she rode Giles and reached between his legs to gently fondle his balls. I then gave them some more intimate help by getting Laura to turn around so she was facing away from Giles, allowing me to lick them both as they fucked. Laura then got up on all fours on the sofa and Giles took her doggy style while I played with her clit. I was envisioning crawling under Laura (which would have been difficult on the sofa) or just waiting until Giles came and pulled out so I could let his cum drip out of her on to my body and clothes and then suck the rest out of her, but I received a pleasant surprise when I looked round to see who had arrived and saw Bennett.

Bennett was one of the people who was there for the first few parties but then finished his studies and moved away from York. He is a black guy (properly black – that isn’t meant to be racist, he just had incredibly dark skin) and I knew as soon as I saw him that I wanted his to be the first cock inside me. I told Giles to take good care of Laura and that even if he didn’t fuck me that I wanted his cock inside me at some point and I went straight over to greet Bennett and ask if he would make me cum. He was quite willing to do this but he also saw Sue and asked if she could participate as well. Sue was chatting with Corey and Kiyomi and was in the middle of flirting with Corey with the aim of fucking him. I apologised to Corey as I dragged Sue off and told him that I would make it up to him, but I needed to borrow Sue and as we headed upstairs I called down to Kiyomi that I wanted to see her later on as well. I wanted my first session to be a good one so I told Bennett that this was the first cock in months (other than Mike’s) that I’d had and I wanted him to give be as long and deep a fuck as he could.

He was already fairly hard by the time we got to the bedroom and Sue and I freed his cock from his trousers. We both stroked it and took turns licking and sucking on it, then kissed each other around it and twirled our tongues up and down the length of his shaft and around the head. He held both our heads against his cock. Bennett’s cock is fairly impressive – it’s not porn-star large (stupidly so), but was probably the largest one at the party and I knew that he knew how to use it (and being a bit older, he could last a little while so he wasn’t likely to cum too quickly and spoil things). I told him that I didn’t mind what he wanted to do, as long as he made me cum and I got his first load of cum. He pulled my panties down and we got started quickly – I was bent over the bed and he slid in to me from behind and told me to kiss Sue. We were quite prepared for this (having been to the parties together a number of times we know that people enjoy watching us together) so Sue climbed up on the bed in front of me and we kissed. Bennett then told me to get her breasts out and play with them so I unbuttoned Sue’s top, pushed her bra up to expose her breasts and took each of her nipples in my mouth in turn and sucked on them. Bennett reached around me and squeezed my breasts through my blouse – he then tried to undo the buttons but I told him he could pull my top open and he quickly did so. He pulled at my bra, but these tend to be somewhat tougher so I told him to go for the back. He pulled the blouse open further and reached up to grasp each side at the back of my bra and gave a firm tug – the clips snapped and his hands quickly sought out my breasts, pushing the bra out of the way as he roughly fondled me.

All the time he had been sliding back and forth in me with long strokes and I loved the way his cock felt as it moved in the depths of my cunt. Bennett said that he wanted to feel his cock inside Sue as well and I told him to go ahead as long as he didn’t cum in her. I moved up the bed a little (still on top of Sue) and he pulled her panties off, pushed in to her and fucked her while holding on to my sides. Bennett (and some of those watching) wanted Sue and I to eat each other which we refused to do, but as a compromise we did agree to let him fuck one of us and have the other suck his cock clean before being fucked by him. He switched back and forth between us a number of times before I told him I’d played enough and wanted him to cum in me. Looking back on it we should have tried to get three other guys involved and two of them could have fucked Sue and me while we sucked our juices off the other two – then they could have switched round. This was more the sort of thing that would only happen in the middle of the party (when people had got warmed up and drunk enough to fully lose their inhibitions) so it probably wouldn’t have happened at that point even if I had suggested it.

Bennett had enjoyed his session with us enough that he was quite happy to finish off and I lay on my back to let him do this. He stood at the end of the bed, holding my legs up and pumped away inside me while frigging my clit with his thumb. With our audiences encouragement, Sue leant over and kissed me, then sucked on my nipples and Neil decided he may as well make use of the easy access to Sue’s pussy and slid in to her from behind. He pumped away in her and Bennett continued to move in me – he did at least stick to our agreement and made sure that I came first and I thrust back against him telling him to empty his cum deep in to my cunt. He did as I asked and pulled my body hard against his cock as he came and I did my best to squeeze myself around his cock (I know he enjoys this). When he pulled out I got him to crawl up on to the bed and Sue and I licked his cock clean between us and I stayed where I was so I could watch as Neil finished fucking Sue. For fairness, we also sucked Neil clean when he pulled out of Sue and when Sue stood up and Neil’s cum started to drip out of her I knelt between her legs and let it drip on to my face and body.

I certainly felt like I was back in my element, but intended to have a lot more fun and headed back downstairs. Laura had finished with Giles and even though she had wiped herself clean, she allowed me to push my head under her skirt and give her a few licks in the hope of retrieving some of his cum from inside her. A number more people were playing with each other by this point, both downstairs and up in the bedrooms so I headed up to watch Gareth fucking Miyako. Amongst others, Brett was also watching and I had a chat with him as I undid his trousers and pulled his cock free. I knelt and took him in my mouth and as I sucked him I couldn’t decide whether it would be nicer to have him cum over me or inside me. I liked the idea of both, but decided having too much cum on me might put some of the other guys off so after I’d gotten him nice and hard I asked him to fuck me. He wanted to carry on watching Miyako but this was easily solved and I just crawled up on the bed beside her (but the other way around). This gave him the opportunity to get an even better view of the action on the bed, but he didn’t neglect me and pumped away inside me quite happily. I played with my breasts and clit as he fucked me and reached over to hold Miyako’s hand. She gripped my hand quite firmly as she came and as soon as Gareth pulled out I told him to give me his cock so I could suck it. He did this, but I could see an even better prize and half twisted on to my side so I could push my head under Miyako’s raised leg and get to her pussy. She jumped a bit as I made contact, but people obviously wanted to see me eat her so I lapped at her slit which was beginning to leak with Gareth’s cum and then pulled myself against her properly so I could properly kitty kiss her. Brett finished off in me after a couple of minutes and I told him to offer his cock to Miyako. She acted shy (or disgusted) at first, but both her and Kiyomi always do this before they participate (Mike has explained that it is a Japanese thing) and she took his cock in her mouth and sucked it for a while before Brett pulled away and left us.

I wasn’t sure if Miyako would be up for it, but as I had her on the bed I wanted to make use of her properly so I extricated myself from her crotch and crawled us beside her. I kissed her as I pushed a leg between her legs and humped against one of her thighs as I ground my own thigh against her pussy. Between kisses I whispered to her how I wanted to eat her, slide my tongue in to her beautiful shaved cunt and make her cum. I knew this would embarrass her, but liked the cute expressions she made so carried on and told her how I wanted her to do the same to me and eat me. I got a couple of fingers in to her pussy and fucked her with them, then turned around and sat over her in a 69 position. Both Kiyomi and Miyako have done things with girls before at the parties (although they are apparently both ‘straight’, so while it wasn’t new, people still seem to like watching them in lesbian action (although prefer it when they do things with each other). I humped back and forth against Miyako’s face and told her to eat me as I alternated between fingering her, spreading her lips and hungrily eating her. She may have been acting shy, but she certainly seems to have learned how to eat pussy and before I realised it I was getting close to cumming. I could have probably held back, but that wasn’t the aim of the evening so I let myself cum and made sure that the people watching knew I was cumming. Miyako kept lapping at my clit and I wanted to see if she would be as eager to cum herself so I rolled over onto my side and pulled her with me, then kept going and pulled her on top of me. I flipped the back of her skirt up and buried my face in her pussy again and guided her ass back and forth so she humped against my face in the way I’d done to her. I spread her ass cheeks and lips as I ate her so I could get my tongue as far in to her as I could reach (and to let everyone see better). Miyako certainly went along with what I was doing and humped back and forth against my face until she came. I held her on top of me and kitty kissed her for a while longer before rolling her off of me and turning round to kiss her. I told her that as usual she tasted delicious (she didn’t really as she mostly tasted of Gareth’s cum (at least at first) and that she had done well. She went back to acting shy and embarrassed, but both our faces were covered with each other’s juices (and presumably the guys’ cum as well) so there was no way for her to hide from what she’d done.

I decided that it was time to ditch my top and bra as they had been flapping around since Bennett tore them earlier, but kept my skirt and socks on to try and keep some of the ‘cute’ factor. I saw that Kiyomi had been watching her friend play and on the way past her I told her that I wanted to do the same thing to her later on. Laura told me not to be so greedy and I told her that I was willing to share and that she was more than welcome to help me out. Kiyomi blushed and bowed her head and if I hadn’t wanted more cock I would have been quite tempted to play with her straight away, but I wanted to return to my primary goal for the night first and went downstairs to see what I could find.

Clare was playing with Paul and he eagerly accepted my offer to help them out. As Clare was already sucking him off I knelt behind her and caressed her breasts while kissing her shoulders, then ran a hand up under her skirt to discover that she had already removed her panties. I commented on this and Paul said that he had already gone down on Clare (but hadn’t made her cum) and I took advantage of the fact that she was already quite wet by curling a couple of fingers in to her pussy and playing with her. As Clare sucked Paul off and I fingered her, I whispered in her ear about how naughty a little girl she had become. I asked her if I could borrow Paul’s cock for a couple of minutes before he fucked her and she let me sit on his lap and even helped to guide him in to me. I bounced up and down on his cock but pulled myself clear before we got too carried away and told Clare that it was her turn. She sat on the sofa with her ass right at the edge and Paul knelt on a cushion to fuck her – this meant that I could sit beside Clare and play with her breasts and clit as well as kneel behind Paul and press my body against his as he pumped in and out of Clare. By getting him to lean back a bit I managed to lick Clare’s clit as she was fucked – this actually worked better than I’d expected it to but we didn’t do it for long as Paul couldn’t push the whole way into Clare as my head was in the way. Paul then asked us if he could fuck Clare and then my mouth and I eagerly told him to go ahead so he pushed his cock in to Clare, then my mouth and moved between us like that. When he finally returned to fucking Clare he said that he had really enjoyed watching (and feeling) his cock going between us.

He wanted to cum and I told him I’d help out so I reached down and spread Clare’s lips to give him a good view and played with her clit, frequently bringing my finger to my mouth to get more saliva to add extra lubrication. I was facing away from Clare’s face, so couldn’t see her expression, but from the way her hips were moving I surmised that she was enjoying what we were doing to her and I was pleasantly surprised when I felt her hand stroke around my ass and her fingers seek out and enter my pussy. I really wanted to make sure that she came before Paul did so I concentrated on her clit, flicking three fingertips rapidly back and forth across it until she panted that she was cumming and I felt her body tense under me. I eased off the frigging but continued to very gently stroke her clit with one finger as Paul fucked her and I encouraged him to fill Clare with his cum. It is commonly known amongst the group that Paul quite likes Clare and he told her that he was about to cum inside her.

I used both hands to reach around spread Clare’s ass cheeks and told Paul to get as deep in to her as he could. I may have accidentally brushed my fingers over her ass a few times, but given how hard Paul was pumping in her she probably didn’t even notice and I didn’t have long to fondle her anyway as Paul slammed his cock in to her and told her he was cumming. He pushed in to her a couple more times and I told him to give me his cock as soon as he pulled out – he remained still inside her, then pulled out and let me gently suck him clean before I told him to move out of the way and I quickly crawled down between Clare’s legs. His cum was just beginning to leak out of her so I quickly described what I wanted her to do and Clare agreed. I lay down on the floor in front of Clare and she edged forwards off of the sofa and knelt up, straddling my body. As Paul’s cum leaked out of her she shuffled forwards, leaving a trail of drips from my stomach up to my face, at which point I pulled her pussy to my mouth and kitty kissed her (actually a little more than just kitty kissing, but not enough to make her cum again). I thanked Clare for giving me Paul’s cum and wiped my face clean(ish) before rubbing the mess on to my skirt and telling her that if she was up for it I would happily make her cum later on as thanks.


  1. From Mike's perspective, who of all your playmates has the tightest pussy?

  2. I answered last time you asked this - unless you're someone else :)

    He thinks it is probably Sara, then maybe Lis and then possibly some of the new students or Jen. He would love to get them all lined up and do a direct comparison, but I doubt he'll ever get that wish - unless... hmm, idea forming...