Monday, 11 August 2014

Christmas 2013 Sex Party – Part 3

I now wanted another cock properly inside me so went to look for someone who wasn’t otherwise engaged. I found Corey and remembered that I had already promised him some action and pressed myself up against him. I told him he could choose a forfeit for me if he made me cum or that I would make Kiyomi cum for him (not entirely a selfless offer I know, but he also likes seeing her do things with girls). Corey fondled my breasts and told me he could probably think of something for me to do and I reached down to his crotch pulled his cock free from his trousers (unzipping them first – I didn’t want to damage it). He dropped a hand to my ass and fondled me under my skirt and I pulled him closer to me so I could rub his cock against my pussy. He asked if I wanted him to fuck me where we were standing and I told him that as long as I came and he came in me, I didn’t care. Everyone at the parties knows that my biggest turn on is being watched so Corey pushed me up against the wall, lifted my skirt and pushed his cock in to me. I raised a leg and half wrapped it around him as he fucked me. I reached down between us to play with my clit as I doubted I would cum with just a cock in me in that position but after a while Corey wanted me to turn and lean against the wall anyway. This was partially to make it easier for him to move in me and partially so he could fondle my breasts as he fucked me but also meant he could help by playing with my clit (at least when he wasn’t groping my breasts). I wanted to cum as quickly as possible so I could just enjoy the rest of the session and when Corey’s hands were on my breasts I frigged my clit as fast as was comfortable (too hard or fast isn’t good) and told Corey I was going to cum soon but I wanted him to just keep fucking me. I pictured what we looked like as I came and had a strong urge to channel Jen and pee. Possibly if it had been a summer party and we’d been outside I would have asked to do this, but as we were indoors it wasn’t really an option (at least not if I wanted to be invited back!). I did at least imagine that I let go and everyone got to watch as my pee ran down my legs and soaked my socks and I came around Corey’s cock. It felt good and I carried on frigging myself – just a little more gently – until my orgasm had completely finished, then used both hands to lean against the wall and told Corey to spend as long in my cunt as he wanted. He lasted another couple of minutes or so and I pushed back against him in time with his thrusts so it felt like he was really deep inside me. When he came and pulled me tight against him I slowly wiggled my ass back and forth to provide a bit of extra stimulation and I was pleased that when he pulled out I felt some of his cum leak out doww one of my legs.

While I didn’t need to cum again (for a bit), I still wanted more fun so after rubbing Corey’s cock clean between my breasts and giving it a quick suck I headed upstairs to see what Sue was up to. I discovered her on one of the beds with Giles fucking her and Hannah sitting over her face. (Hannah is another girl like Clare that will sometimes do things with girls at the parties, but considers herself ‘straight’). People wanted me to join them on the bed and I agreed as long as I could have Giles’s cum so I clambered up beside Sue and kissed Hannah while fondling her breasts. I also gave Sue’s nipples a thorough kissing and let Hannah have a play with my pussy. At one point when I was kissing Hannah I felt Sue’s hand on my thigh and she slid it up to my cunt. I was curious to see what she was going to do (plus it felt nice) so I just moved my knees a little further apart and allowed her to caress me. She rubbed her fingers back and forth over my lips, entered me slightly and then moved her hand down to her own clit and played with herself. I told Giles that I had been eating Clare earlier on and told him how much I would like to see her going down on Sue, then me. Giles said that he wanted to see that too so we agreed to talk Clare in to doing it. For now though he was concentrating on Sue and I went back to helping Sue out with Hannah. I could see that she was quite close to cumming so I cupped one of her breasts and gently squeezed it as I kissed her and  Hannah held on to me as Sue licked her to orgasm. Hannah quickly climbed off of Sue’s face and sat on the bed while she caught her breath. I could see that Sue’s face was covered with Hannah’s juices so I bent down and kissed Sue, then thought I may as well (partially) give people what they wanted and went back to sucking and fondling Sue’s breasts.

I was kneeling on the bed while doing this and Giles reached over to fondle my ass so I moved around to make it easier for him to reach me. As he continued to pump away inside Sue, he used a couple of fingers to fuck me and I thought that I may as well ask for someone to take care of me properly and offered myself to anyone willing to fuck me. Gareth took me up on the offer and as I knew it wasn’t too long since he’d last cum, I was quite hopeful that he might last a fair while. I moved around again so he didn’t have to stand too close to Giles and went back to kissing Sue while half-fondling her breasts. She was getting quite flushed and I told Giles that I recognised the look and that she was about to cum. I had my head resting on her chest, just above her breasts and I kissed under Sue’s chin and her neck as I watched her skin flush an even deeper pink. I told her to cum and put on a good show for everyone watching her, but this was somewhat redundant as she let out a long panting ‘aahhh’ and then relaxed back in to the bed. Giles still hadn’t cum yet and I turned my head to watch as he pumped in to her as I began to enjoy what Gareth was doing to me. I helped to hold one of Sue’s legs up to let Giles get deeper inside her and did the best I could to lick one of Sue’s nipples from the position I was in. Giles soon came in Sue and when he pulled out I got him to climb up on the bed so I could lick him clean while he rubbed his cock against Sue’s breasts. I then realised I was wasting his cum and told Gareth to pull out of me so I could lie on my back. I let him slide back in to me, then got Sue to crouch over me so any cum that leaked out of her would land on me. There wasn’t much but by this point I was really getting in to my session so I spread her lips and used a couple of fingers inside her to try and scoop out a little more. I rubbed my fingers over myself and sucked them clean before telling Sue I had finished with her, but as she dismounted I had another idea and told Gareth to pull out of me again so I could remove my skirt. I quickly did this and used it to wipe Sue’s pussy clean and told everyone that they could use it for the same purpose. Gareth had slipped back inside me and was pumping away fast enough that I now doubted he was going to last much longer so I copied what Sue had done and reached down to play with my clit. I didn’t manage to cum before he did, but I got him to wipe his cock on my thighs and then wiped it clean with my skirt before going to find someone to finish me off.

I found Neil and Melissa downstairs and as Neil had got to fuck Sue earlier I asked Melissa if I could play with her. She is another ‘straight’ girl who turns bi at the parties and allowed me to convince her (she wasn’t quite as enthusiastic about it as Clare and Hannah had seemed to be, but I got to eat her so it was better than nothing). I’d hoped that Neil would want to fuck me as I ate his girlfriend, but he didn’t think he was ready to cum again for a while so once I made Mel cum, we switched places and I spread my legs wide to let her eat me. She is still learning how to do this – although has had now a reasonable amount of experience so it felt pretty good. I asked Neil to finish his beer and use the bottle on me and he gave it to Melissa to fuck me with. She started off very gingerly, but once the neck was buried inside me and she saw that I was enjoying myself, she moved it more forcefully and rapidly until she was fucking me with it properly and the wider part of the bottle was slapping against my clit with each thrust. I pulled the skin away to expose my clit as much as possible and it felt even better – I told Melissa that she was going to make me cum and got her to stop and give my clit a few licks before she once again bottle-fucked me and I came. While the session hadn’t felt as good as others that evening (probably as there wasn’t a real cock involved), the orgasm I had was probably the best one I had that night. I told Melissa how incredible it felt and how she had to keep fucking me and I came a second time (and I possibly had a third smaller orgasm, but it was difficult to tell). I had fantasised a bit as she had been fucking me which may have helped – I had imagined that the bottle had been filled with everyone’s cum and with each thrust, the mixture was being emptied into my cunt and filling me up and I was a little disappointed when my orgasm finished and I realised that a torrent of cum wasn’t about to pour out of me.

When Melissa pulled the bottle out of me I asked her to lick me one last time and pulled her up to give her a proper thank you kiss. I would have happily made her cum again, but she wanted a rest so I promised her that if she let me, I would bottle fuck her at the next party. She clearly wasn’t entirely sure about the prospect, but did say that it looked like I had really enjoyed it so I asked her to at least consider the offer and she said she would. My pussy was still tingling from the bottle fuck, but fortunately it was around the time of the usual the mid-party lull (people have cum at least a couple of times so need a rest before enjoying themselves more). I went and chatted to a few people while I had a drink and found out what Sue had been up to (I have the details and can write about it if people are interested, but this entry will be long enough without describing her sessions as well as mine).

I managed to line up a number of guys who agreed to at least partially fuck me so I could say I’d had every cock inside me properly, but before that I wanted to see if we could get Clare to actually go down on Sue and I one after the other. It looked like Giles had convinced her, but she was still a lot more willing that I had expected and even did it in the living room, crouching on the floor with Sue and I sitting next to each other on the sofa. She lapped away at us both properly and we complimented her on how good a cunt eater she had become. We challenged her to get us both off and as she ate one of us, she used her fingers to frig the other one. Sue and I each held on to one of the other’s legs and I mentioned that we should invite Clare and Giles back up so we could give her bonus practice at pussy eating and then fuck Giles stupid while Mike took Clare. Sue liked the sound of this (she hadn’t been there when they had visited us before), but our discussion was cut short as Sue started to cum and once she had finished Clare moved back to my pussy. I told Clare to push a couple of fingers in to me as well and I squeezed myself around them as I came. When chatting to her afterwards she that the image of her making Sue and I cum would keep Giles hard for weeks (not literally, but she said that it meant she would be able to get sex whenever she wanted from him by just reminding him). I told Clare that she was welcome and I hoped that she would think of us every time she came. She let both Sue and I make out with her and fondle her a little, but wasn’t in the mood to cum again. We did bully her in to letting us kitty kiss her (which she enjoyed) but she still held back from letting us go further.

I now wanted my cock party and as promised, Neil, Scott, Michael and Craig took turns fucking me. As it would have been somewhat boring for the ones who had to wait, we arranged for Sue, Laura and Caroline to also participate. This meant that I had to share the cocks, but it still worked out quite well as the four of us lay on the bed (around the edge) and each of the the guys fucked one of us for a few minutes and then moved round to the next person. The benefit of this was that while I had just been expecting to have them in me for a little while, things went on for long enough to convince the guys to cum again. Michael came in me, Craig in Sue (he almost came in me, but had to move around and finished in Sue) and Neil and Scott came in Laura. As none of the guys came in Caroline, we decided to gang up on her and pleasure her to make up for this. It was nearing the end of the party by this point so as we groped and fondled her I suggested that she could be the group target for the party and people thought this was a good idea. When I say ‘people’ I mean everyone but Caroline who objected at first, but was eventually won over with the argument that a number of other people had done it (myself and Sue included). People promised to be (relatively) gently with her, but she was under no illusions that the aim was to make her cum multiple times and as things got started I wished that I had been greedy and asked to be in her place.

We all took turns (not necessarily one at a time) fondling, kissing, fingering, eating and fucking her (not the four guys who had just cum), and the guys (all of them) offered her their cocks to suck and every girl sat over her face at least once for her to lick. Between us we got four orgasms out of her in under an hour (she really didn’t think she could manage the last one, but we managed it anyway). When we finally finished and released her, I wiped the cum off of her pussy and body with my skirt and kitty kissed her to try and suck out the last few drops, then spat this out and rubbed it in to my body. Caroline said she felt exhausted and her pussy was constantly tingling, but admitted she liked it. I wanted one last bit of fun and asked if I was allowed to play with Kiyomi – just as with Miyako, she acted shy, but even though everyone was pretty much spent, they still wanted to see the cute little Japanese girl cum again so she made her way to the bed and I pounced on her.

I wasn’t very gentle and immediately pulled her around in to a 69 position, pushed her skirt up out of the way, pulled the crotch of her panties aside (noting that they were rather stained with cum) and buried my face in her pussy. To her credit, she immediately went down on me as well, but she had been participating in the group session with Caroline so everyone had just seen her both play with a girl and be licked by one so it was nothing new. I was quite a bit more energetic that Caroline had been and I fingered Kiyomi, licked around her cunt, sucked on her clit and sucked each of her lips in to my mouth. I mauled her ass with my hands as I ate her and after a couple of minutes felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked around to see Laura who told me not to be greedy and share so I pulled away from Kiyomi and asked Laura if she wanted top or tails. As she had to catch up, Laura went for ‘top’ and sat over Kiyomi’s face to be eaten while I carried on lapping away at Kiyomi’s pussy. I purposely positioned myself with my ass in the air to make it easy for anyone to get to me if they so wanted. I felt a few people stroke and slap my ass and a couple fingered me, but not in a serious way. I wasn’t too bothered as I knew I was going to swap with Laura and when the time came I settled myself on to Kiyomi’s mouth and told her I wanted to cum over her face.

I could now also watch as people fondled Laura’s ass and I encouraged them to finger her properly. I tried to get someone to fuck her, but all the guys seemed to be spent. Laura certainly wasn’t though as she lapped away at Kiyomi as hungrily as I had been doing and Kiyomi was passing this on to me quite well. As we were the only ones doing anything we had everyone watching (plus because Kiyomi was involved) and I loved having so many eyes on me. I looked at everyone looking at me and announced I was about to cum, Kiyomi’s tongue repeatedly flicked over my clit and I lifted my breasts so I could lick my nipples as I came (this was for show rather than for pleasure – although I got pleasure from putting on the show…). I told Kiyomi to keep going and endured the sensation for as long as I could before it became too intense and I had to pull away from her mouth. I lay beside her and told her that we would have to teach her proper kitty kissing, then kissed her and played with her breasts until Laura made her cum.

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