Thursday, 14 August 2014

Christmas 2013 Sex Party – Part 4

There was now just one thing left to do and I pulled Laura up on the bed and told her that she deserved to cum. As Kiyomi didn’t look like she was going to be of much use in the immediate future I buried my face between Laura’s legs and finished off what Kiyomi had started. I didn’t know if Laura had been having a boy or girl centric party (she usually concentrates on one gender or the other),but I imagined she had lots of cum inside her and did my best to eat it out and making as much of a mess of my face as I could with her juices (and any boy cum) and my saliva. It didn’t take much to get her to cum and when I rolled away from her I wiped my face and smeared the mess over the rest of my body before finding my skirt and wiping Laura’s and Kiyomi’s pussies clean(er) with it.

Before people could disperse I suggested an idea – instead of the party just being a couple of hours I thought we could (somehow) arrange things so everyone could sleep over and then spend the whole night fucking (or at least as much of it as people could keep going for). A number of people though this sounded like a good idea and I pointed out that it also meant that we could wake each other up in interesting ways. I realised that most of them didn’t know what I was talking about so I pointed out that we could wake each other up by sucking them, eating them or even having the guys try to slide inside the girls and fuck them awake. We agreed to discuss the possibility and people started to head off. I only realised after Clare and Giles had left that I hadn’t fucked Giles (and as far as I can tell he was the only cock I didn’t have in me). Sue and I helped to tidy up a little and I then realised that I also hadn’t had my traditional kitchen fuck. At the very least I wanted to have a little play with myself and fortunately Bennett was willing to help me out.

I climbed up on to the worktop, spread my legs, handed Bennett an empty wine bottle and told him to fuck me with it. He did as I asked and it was nice, but felt nothing like the beer bottle Melissa had used on me earlier. I could see a bulge in Bennett’s trousers and asked if he was up for a last fuck – he didn’t think he could cum again but was willing to be inside me so he pulled his cock out and slid in to me. We fucked for a couple of minutes and I felt that while it may not have been a full fuck, I’d at least done something in the kitchen so thanked Bennett and sucked his cock clean of my juices. As I know he likes it I also knelt in front of him, wrapped my breasts around his cock and tit-fucked him. He began to push back and I asked if I could make him cum one last time – he still wasn’t sure if he could, but he was willing to try so I alternated between sucking him and using my breasts. I managed to get an orgasm out of him, but only a dribble of cum came out (which isn’t that surprising after an evening of fucking). I rubbed his cock between my breasts to add his cum to the saliva I had been using for lube and sucked him clean a final time.

Sue was already dressed and ready to go so I went to find my clothes and covered myself as best I could with them. My skirt was covered with multiple cum stains – some wet and some dry already and I realised that I should have offered my blouse as well for people to use. Sue had a few stains on her clothes, but most of the mess evident on her body was in her hair as she had received a couple of facials. I slipped my bra on but couldn’t do it up as the clips were broken and then slipped my blouse on but also couldn’t do it up. Sue and I said our goodbyes and wandered back to the hotel discussing the events of the party. I texted Clare and Giles, saying that I needed him to fuck me to complete the set and asking if we could meet up later that day before Sue and I headed off.  Just as we got back to the hotel Giles replied and said yes so we arranged a time after lunch and said we would meet them at his place (as we would have been kicked out of our hotel room by that time and had Sara to take care of in the morning).

Once inside, we called Mike and Jen to give them a brief rundown of what had happened and they admired the state that we had managed to get in to. We gave more detailed descriptions of a few of our encounters but didn’t spend too long as we were quite tired. We decided not to bother showering that night and just stripped off, then climbed in to bed together. I was still feeling quite horny from my incomplete session with Bennett and told Sue that I might have to masturbate. She told me to go ahead and I teased her about her just wanting to watch her big sister cum. I gently stroked myself and Sue pulled the covers down so I teased her about having played with me when I was kissing Hannah earlier. Sue told me that I’d loved it and pushed one of her breasts in to my face so I sucked on her nipple and told her that Mike and Jen would have wanted to watch us play like this. I was on the edge of masturbating properly, but decided that it I would be good and save myself for Sara in the morning so we settled down and fell asleep while describing what we’d done at the party to each other.

I don’t remember what I dreamt about, but it must have been good as I woke up feeling incredibly horny and realised that I was already pressed up against Sue, grinding against her thigh and had a hand on her pussy. I rolled away from her but couldn’t resist tasting her from my fingers before dropping my hand to my pussy and starting to stroke myself. My movements were enough to wake Sue properly and when she saw what I was doing she said that I should have waited for her as she felt quite horny too. I admitted that I might have had something to do with that and told her how I had been rubbing her. Sue said that I had just been trying to take advantage of her while she was sleeping but I sniped back by reminding her that she had been the one fingering me in front of everyone (and she replied by reminding me that I had fingered her to scoop Giles’ cum out of her. We agreed that we were probably as bad as each other and Sue lay down beside me and started to play with herself, then looped her right leg over my left one and shuffled over so our sides were pressed together. I commented on how Mike and Jen (as well as everyone at the party) would love to see what we were doing and pointed out that this was a rare occasion where we were actually alone together. We both made comments along the lines of being able to do whatever we wanted without anyone else knowing and while I was sure I knew what Sue was hinting at I decided to push things forward to find out if I was right.

I told her that she would never have the nerve to do things properly with me and she unhooked her leg, rolled on to her side, kissed me and fondled my breasts. I told her that my body still felt quite sticky with the mix of cum and juices from the party and Sue said that she felt the same so to keep things even I pushed her on to her back and kissed her while fondling her breasts. I moved down a bit and sucked on her nipples (Sue really enjoys this – a lot more than I enjoy having it done to me) and I then lay back to see if Sue would reciprocate (she did). We kissed for a while and started to hump against each other - as things started to heat up we both enjoyed the feeling of the sweat, cum and pussy juices on our bodies and we ground together harder and faster. We reached down and played with each other’s pussies and both knew that we’d passed the point where stopping was likely, but we (or at least I) still didn’t know quite how far we would go. As often happens in these situations, my lust took over and I told Sue I wanted to see what I was playing with so we switched around in to a 69 position with me crouching over her and we spread each other’s outer lips and had a good look. We’ve seen each other up close like this before, but we were in a much calmer (by which I mean less horny) state at the time. I let a little saliva dribble out of my mouth on to Sue’s clit and started to rub it, then decided to go further and pushed a couple of fingers in to her. Sue did something similar to me and we fingered and frigged each other for a while. Despite us both wanting to cum, we took things relatively steadily as we were now right on the edge of what we had agreed we would do to each other. I had my mouth right beside Sue’s pussy and could have just stuck out my tongue to lick her – at the same time I had lowered my pussy so it was close enough to Sue’s face that I could feel her breathing on my skin. I can’t describe how tempted I was and how close I came to spreading her lips and pushing my tongue deep inside her, then eating her until she came but at the last minute I chickened out and started to kiss and lick her inner thighs. Sue did something similar to me and I sped up my fingering and frigging so I could make her cum while me willpower held out. I licked all around her thighs and got very close to her pussy, but other than a few stray licks I pretty much remained clear of it and made her cum with my fingers.

As I still hadn’t cum, I was a little afraid that Sue would stop playing with me once her lust was satiated but she continued to use her fingers on me and I concentrated on the sensation, trying to speed my orgasm along. While Sue’s fingering wasn’t quite as frenzied as it had been before she came, she did a good enough job to make me cum and I buried my face in the duvet between her legs as my orgasm throbbed out from my clit and pussy. When I had finished cumming, I nearly kissed her pussy when I lifted my head, but resisted and rolled off of her. We lay beside each other, top to tail, in an embarrassed silence (other than our panting) for a while until I told Sue that I hadn’t quite expected my morning session to be like that. Sue nervously laughed and agreed and turned around to face me. We discussed what we’d just done and both seemed concerned that the other one was going to be offended, but came to the conclusion that we had both enjoyed ourselves even though things had gone (quite a bit) further than we had intended. I told Sue how close I had been to eating her and she said that if my tongue had properly made contact with her pussy just once, she thinks she would have immediately eaten me back. We both thought it was probably a good thing we hadn’t done this and we lay discussing how things had changed since Sue had first started spying on Mike and I fucking.

Sue and I have always been quite close (with the occasional sibling falling-out) and from the time we masturbated together (not each other, just beside each other) on holiday and then we invited her to watch and then join in with Mike and me and then Jen as well, we have got considerably closer (emotionally as well as physically). As we discussed our shared adventures I got quite turned on again (I am usually very horny the day after one of the sex parties so this wasn’t too surprising) and I started to caress my pussy again. Sue asked if we were going to go again and while I was very tempted I said that we should probably freshen up before Sara arrived as I doubted she would be as keen to fuck us if we were still covered in the residue of the party. We went and showered together (a nice thing about being at a hotel is they usually have nice large showers) and spent a while washing each other down quite thoroughly as well as doing each other’s hair. We even went as far as drying each other off and by the time we had finished we were definitely ready for Sara as our hands had roamed quite freely over each other’s bodies (given what we’d done earlier, touching each other in that way didn’t seem like a big deal).

Back in the bedroom we discussed whether we should tell Mike and Jen what we’d done. We both knew that they would love it and I told Sue that if they knew, she would probably spend the whole of Christmas being made to cum as payment. We decided to keep it a secret for the time being (remember that this was about 8 months ago), although Sue wasn’t sure I would be able to keep it from Mike and Jen as she knows we share everything (including Sue). I walked over to her, held her head and told her that she was my sister and just as important to me as they were. I gave her a gentle kiss on the lips and told her I loved her – Sue replied saying the same and we had a nice hug (without even trying to cop a feel). Before we separated I told Sue that as it was going to be between us, I wanted to have just one kiss and indicated downwards with my head. Sue nodded in return and we paused before I edged Sue backwards against the wall and knelt in front of her. Sue parted her legs a few inches and I gently spread her lips a little, looked up at her and then pressed my lips to her pussy. I sought out her clit (which is harder to find on Sue as her pussy is much more closed than mine) and kissed it. The whole kiss probably only lasted about 10-15 seconds and just before I pulled away I couldn’t resist from giving her clit a quick couple of flicks with my tongue. I stood up and kissed Sue and she asked if she could do that to me – I said she didn’t have to, but took her place standing against the wall and spread my legs as an invite. Sue knelt down and kissed me in a similar way, but I felt her tongue not just flick against my clit but slide between my lips a few times – not actually entering me, but certainly lapping against my inner lips.

When Sue stood up, we kissed again and I told her that I thought she was about to eat me. Sue asked if I would have let her and I just replied by telling her that it had felt wonderful (so I didn’t technically say ‘yes’) and then said that as she had kissed me more intimately that I had kissed her that maybe I should catch up. I slipped a finger between her lips as I said this and we once again came very close to the edge but restrained ourselves and decided we should get some breakfast before Sara arrived. We ordered room service and I dared Sue to dress (in)appropriately for the arrival of the food. Neither of us had a good selection of clothes with us and our outfits from the party were too stained to realistically use so we just decided on our underwear. I borrowed Sue’s bra from the party and paired it with my plain panties (they had been removed early enough on that they weren’t stained) so I could go for the innocent schoolgirl (in her underwear) look and then decided I may as well do it properly and pulled on a pair of long white socks. Sue put on the underwear that she had intended to wear that day which was somewhat more ‘adult’ than my look – a lacy black bra and matching thong. We then finished packing and preparing for Sara’s arrival until our food showed up. Fortunately (for us) it was a guy who delivered it and I opened the door and invited him in without making any fuss about the way we were dressed.

If we’d had time, it would have been fun to tease the guy and see if we could have got him to provide some extra ‘service’ for two lonely and horny girls, but other than Sue bending over a bit to reveal her ass to him, we didn’t capitalise on the situation. We remained in our underwear as we ate breakfast – partially so we were nicely presented for Sara and partially to stop us from doing anything more with each other. We swore not to tell Mike or Jen about the kisses unless we both agreed to it (which as you can tell has now happened, but you’ll have to wait to find out when we told them). By the time Sara arrived, we had finished eating – we heard a knock on the door and I opened it, stood with my arm resting against the door frame and asked Sara if there was anything we could do for her. Once she was inside and we were all on the bed, she wanted to hear about the party so we described snippets of what had happened and I showed her that state of my clothes. I hadn’t realised that my socks also had cum stains on them from where cum had leaked out of my pussy and ran down my legs. Sara seemed to enjoy hearing about the party and as we told her about it, both Sue and I caressed her and slowly removed her clothes. She had on a nice set of pink underwear and it looked very cute so I dived in to my bag and fetched the other pair of long white socks I had (these would have been for Sue if we had decided to go white instead of blue). I put them on Sara’s legs and she asked if we thought she was our dressing up doll so we told her that she was actually our little fuck bunny who was there exclusively for our pleasure (although we conceded that we intended to give her quite a bit of pleasure as well).

We got Sara to stand up and Sue stood behind her, reaching around Sara to caress her breasts while they kissed and I knelt in front of her and nuzzled her pussy through her panties. I kept looking up to see how Sue was progressing and tried to time what I was doing to keep in step with her – when Sue slid her hands under Sara’s bra and started massaging her breasts directly, I pulled the crotch of Sara’s panties aside and licked her pussy and when Sue undid Sara’s bra and removed it I pulled Sara’s panties off and could eat her much more easily… We moved over to the bed and Sue and I removed our own bras so we could offer our nipples to Sara. She pulled one of each of our breasts together and sucked on both our nipples at once so we both slid a hand down to her pussy and jointly fingered her. Sue and I then sucked on Sara’s breasts as we continued to finger her and then took turns going down on her. I fetched a vibe from my bag (I rarely leave home without one – and certainly not at the weekend) and we fucked Sara with it as we crouched either side of her and allowed her to finger us both at the same time. To make things fair, we decided to make her cum together and both pushed a finger in to her pussy and used another couple of fingers each to frig her clit between us. Sara complained that we weren’t being fair (but when we offered she didn’t want us to stop) and we easily made her cum, then turned around to face her and we had a long three way kiss while Sue and I rubbed ourselves against her thighs.


  1. Best blog post. Ever.

    1. Thank you - what made it better than any of the other entries about the parties?

  2. Eating your sister's pussy of course :)

    1. We didn't actually eat each other - it was just a kiss (and maybe a small lick). Sue is quite embarrassed about me posting this, but she knew about the blog before it happened so knew it would probably make it on to here (after we finally told Mike and Jen about it of course).