Sunday, 17 August 2014

Christmas 2013 Sex Party – Part 5

We gave her a chance to rest before moving on to the next session and told her that we were meeting up with Clare and Giles after lunch, offering her the opportunity to come along and play with us. Sara seemed to be tempted by the offer and we even told her that she could have Clare to herself while we took care of Giles, or if she wanted he could help out if she wanted to have a cock inside her. In the end she decided it probably wasn’t a good idea, but said she would continue to think about it and we moved on to round two. This time we also paid attention to Sara’s ass and she 69ed with Sue while I lapped at her ass, then we switched places so I 69ed with her (Sara – just to be clear) while Sue took care of Sara’s ass. We got Sara off again (not too difficult with both her ass and cunt being licked) and she said that it was now our turn to cum. She got Sue and I to lie beside each other on the bed and she moved back and forth between us – similarly to the way Clare had done at the party, but Sara was more energetic and also lapped at our asses (she likes giving as well as receiving). I offered to help out (by using the vibe on my clit) but Sara wanted to make us both cum herself so I just lay back and enjoyed the benefit of her experience. Sue came first and Sara then concentrated on me – she speared my ass quite firmly, fingered me and sucked on my clit and when I couldn’t hold out any longer I pulled her head against my cunt and humped up and down against her mouth as I came.

We had a little while before we had to check out of the hotel so we remained naked on the bed (Sara and I still had our socks on) and chatted. I mentioned that Mike wished that he could have seen her (by which he meant fuck her, but Sara knew that) and Sara said that if he’d been there she might have let him as a reward for helping look after her when she split up with Emily. I invited Sara to come up and visit again anytime she wanted and promised her that we would always find a bed for her (probably with someone else in it). I also hinted that Sue would probably also be available for ‘visits’ seeing as she didn’t live too far away and how it would make Jen very happy to see Sue frequent another girl instead of letting guys do things with her. I had a final little play with Sara’s pussy as I love the way her lips look and feel and licked her as deep inside as I could reach with my tongue before we had to get dressed and head off to lunch. Sara then discovered part of the reason I had been nuzzling at her panties was to get them as wet as possible so she couldn’t wear them. She knows that I almost never wear panties and try to convince everyone around me to do the same so it wasn’t really a surprise to her. We did offer her a pair of Sue’s panties but she said she would play along with our games (even to the point of leaving the long white socks on) so we all went commando and went for lunch.

Over lunch we tried further to convince Sara to come and see Clare and Giles with us but Sara eventually said that Clare wasn’t really her type (which I’m quite surprised about as she is reasonably cute) so we dropped the subject and I just teased Sara about being at lunch with her pussy exposed. When it was time to say goodbye I made full use of the fact that she had a mid-thigh length coat on and I stood with my back to the wall, reached in to her coat and slid my hands under her skirt. There were too many people around for her to stop me without making a scene so as we kissed, I pulled her skirt up until it was fully above her crotch and I could freely caress her. I asked her if I should try and make her cum and she looked quite frightened until she realised I was just teasing her and she agreed to keep her skirt hiked up while Sue gave her a goodbye kiss. Passing her between us without revealing too much wasn’t that difficult and Sue also caressed Sara’s ass and reached between her legs to her pussy. Sara quickly buttoned her coat up when the kiss ended and said she now had to find somewhere she could straighten out her skirt. I dared her to keep her skirt hiked up until she got home and told her if she did that we would make her cum as many times as she wanted the next time we saw her. Sara called me on this and said that we’d probably do that anyway, but agreed to go at least part of the way home before trying to fix her skirt.

Sue and I headed off to Giles’ place and when we arrived we were greeted by an eager looking Giles. He said that we had the place to ourselves as his housemate was out so Sue and I dumped our bags, hung out coats up and started to strip ourselves. I gave Giles the choice as to whether I should take the socks off and he told me to leave them on. Unfortunately we no longer had a second pair for Sue as Sara was still wearing them, but Sue fished out her blue ones from the previous night and Giles thought these were acceptable. Clare joined us and was somewhat surprised that we were standing in the hallway effectively naked but I told her if the aim was for us to fuck, then we may as well enjoy ourselves. I complimented her on how well she had eaten us at the party and said that we wanted to repay the favour (although I also mentioned that I needed to have Giles cum in me before I left). I asked Sue who we should start with and we decided that as she is better at blowjobs, she should take Giles (but not make him cum) while I took Clare. They went to lead us upstairs to Giles’ room but I said if he was sure his housemate wasn’t going to be back then I would rather we played downstairs. Clare was a bit nervous about this but Mike was absolutely sure that his housemate wasn’t going to back until that evening (and it probably helped that Sue already had his cock in her mouth). I moved over to Clare and before I kissed her I said that if the housemate did reappear, then we’d just have two cocks to play with and I slid a hand under her skirt to her crotch. I kissed Clare up against the wall as I played with her pussy – at first rubbing her through her panties and then working my fingers up under the material and touching her directly. Once I thought she was sufficiently turned on, I described to her how Giles’ housemate would at first just stand and watch and then come over to help me out in playing with her. I pulled her top off and played with her breasts (at least she had gone without a bra in preparation for our session) and between sucks I described how he would get his cock out and slide in to her as she ate me.

Clare was playing with my pussy by this point so we all moved in to the living room to get more comfortable and I suggested it was time to swap partners. I gave Giles’ cock a brief suck but intended to get what I had originally came for so I moved over to where Sue was eating Clare and stood bent over the sofa so I could kiss Clare and play with her breasts. Giles quickly slid in to me from behind and I asked Clare to try to play with my clit. I had to move forwards a little to make this easier for her but we found a position that pretty much worked. Unfortunately Sue was left out as the only one not being stimulated, but we promised to make it up to her and other than a few minor changes for comfort, we stayed in the same position throughout the session. Clare kissed and nuzzled my neck as well as frigging me and I bounced back and forth on Giles’ cock trying to cum as quickly as possible. I managed to ‘win’ and came first, but Giles wasn’t too far behind me. He told me he was about to cum and I told Clare that I was going to let him fill my pussy with his cum, but that I might give some of it back to her. Giles pushed hard in to me and I squeezed myself around him as he came, then told him to stay as deep inside me as he could get until we made Clare cum. I could now play with both of her breasts (one with hand, one with mouth) and Sue picked up the pace with her licking until Clare was breathing panting shallow breaths and let out a little moan and a ‘fuck’. Sue immediately switched to kitty kissing Clare and I told Giles he could stay inside me a little longer if he wanted and I kept squeezing his cock with my pussy to help keep him hard (and interested).

I had a play with Clare while we waited for Giles to recover sufficiently to fuck again and she even had a few licks of my pussy to clean me up a bit (she thought it was strange when I said I wanted to have Giles’ cum covering my thighs on the way home. Sue gently fondled Giles’ cock while Clare and I played and I then gave her a hand to suck him for a while before saying that it was now Sue’s turn to enjoy herself. We let Giles go down on her and finger her, then move on to fucking her, but as Sue had been so patient I felt she deserved something special so suggested that both Clare and Giles should help her cum. Giles sat on the sofa with Sue facing away from him and riding his cock and Clare was told to get down and lick them both. She did this and I fetched a vibe from my bag and reached around Clare to run the vibe over her breasts and then down between her legs to her clit. She jumped a little when I did this but I told her to concentrate on licking Sue and Giles while I took care of her. I spent a while fucking her with the vibe and then rubbed it over Sue’s clit and Giles’ cock, then did the same with my own pussy and once again rubbed it over them. Clare continued to lick them and I went back to using the vibe in and on her pussy as Sue said she was going to cum and I told Giles that we wanted him to give Sue as big a load as he’d given me. They carried on until Sue came and Giles said he was close, but he couldn’t move as much as he wanted with Sue sitting on him so Sue quickly dismounted and lay on her front on the sofa so Giles could lie on top of her and finish off inside her. He came again and stayed buried in her until he went soft, although I tried my best to delay this from happening by pulling Clare on top of me in a 69 and telling her that I wanted to cum again.

She was quite a bit ahead of me and as I still had the vibe to help things along, she came a fair bit before I did but I convinced her to stay in the 69 so I could kitty kiss her. She asked for the vibe to use in me and I passed it down and told her I wanted to feel her pussy juices mixing with mine deep inside me. Clare twirled the vibe around as she fucked me with it but fortunately she also continued to lick, kiss and suck on my clit. As I got closer to cumming I told her that she really had become a good little cunt licker. To be honest, she still needed some practice as she wasn’t as consistent as I would have liked, but she got the job done anyway and I pushed my face in to her pussy and lapped more forcefully as I came. When Clare climbed off, I got Sue to crouch over me to let any of Giles’ cum drip out of her and on to my pussy. I then sucked Giles’ cock clean (after promising to be gentle as he said it felt quite sensitive). To be completely fair, we decided that Sue should really have to cum again so we would all have cum twice – Giles was in no state to fuck Sue but Clare was willing to go down on her so she was given the job of licking any remaining cum out of Sue and transferring it to my pussy (not that this really works well unless there is a really big load, but it was the intention that counted). Just because he couldn’t fuck, it didn’t mean that Giles wanted to be left out so while Clare licked Sue clean, Giles was given the job of making me wetter (lots of saliva while licking and not swallowing anything). They then switched places and I felt the liquid from Clare’s mouth flow in to my pussy and run out over my ass. Giles wanted to be the one to make Sue cum and Sue didn’t care who it was so he was given the go-ahead and he sucked, licked and slurped on her pussy until Sue had her second orgasm.

It was nearly time for me to leave but I quietly asked Clare if she wanted to give Giles one more mental image to ensure she could get a thorough fucking whenever she wanted. I promised we wouldn’t try to make her cum (adding an ‘unless she wanted to’ – but she’d had enough for the time being) and called Sue over to sandwich Clare between us. We rubbed up and down against Clare while caressing her (and each other), then I indicated to Sue that we should kneel. Once we were both in position, we lapped away at Clare’s pussy and ass – she was somewhat surprised by this and objected a little at first, but we weren’t down there for too long (and other than the embarrassment it was clear that she enjoyed it from the moans she let out). We then sucked on Clare’s nipples (taking one each) as we jointly caressed her and finally took her hands and guided then to our pussies, getting her to rub us both at once. I kissed Clare and told her that this would hopefully be enough for her to get Giles to fuck her continually until we saw her next time and I reluctantly pulled away to start getting dressed.

As Clare calmed down from our final caresses, she seemed to remember that she was in the living room and could (potentially) be discovered at any point by Giles’ housemate so she started to pull her own clothes on. Giles did the same but I stopped him to have a final suck of his cock and even managed to get him hard enough to slide back in to me. Sue didn’t want to be left out so she let him slide in to her one last time and at our request Clare bent over and let him slide in to her so we could get our juices deep in to her cunt. Sue gave him a final suck clean and we said our goodbyes. I suggested to Sue that she should go back and visit them and she said she would think about it. I liked the idea of Sue having a ‘safe’ couple of people to fuck (I know she is sensible but she is my little sister and I still worry about her).

Given what Sue and I had gotten up to in the hotel room earlier that day, we had a restrained goodbye kiss. It was only a couple of weeks until we would be seeing Sue again for Christmas and she knew that Lis and Lucy would be visiting, but I promised her that we had a few more things planned to keep her amused and wouldn’t just be stuck with the option of Jen’s pussy and Mike’s cock for a week (not that there is anything wrong with that, but seeing as Sue had bloomed so well we knew she would enjoy a wider variety of partners


We (Sue and I) would like a serious answer to the question ‘how far is it okay for sisters to go when playing with each other’. We are well aware that a number of people enjoy watching us do things together (or participating with us), but we’re looking for real opinions (not just ‘it’s hot’ or ‘it’s wrong’, but why you think that). We have discussed this quite a bit and understand fully the issues around brother-sister relationships or where one person is significantly older than the other so there may be pressure to do things, but in our case we are both old enough, sufficiently experienced and both enjoy sex. Once we got over the initial strangeness, Sue and I have been happy to play with each for Mike and Jen, even to the point of making each other cum, but agreed that we would draw the line at going down on each other. Is there really much of a difference between us using toys, fingering, grinding or going down on each other?

Given I’m about 7 months behind in writing things up, any opinions offered now won’t make any difference to things that have happened, but we are genuinely curious as to what people will say.


  1. I don't see what is wrong with it, the idea of incest being wrong is to prevent inbreeding, and as you two can't breed with each other then there's no issue.

  2. Have had a few experience with my sister when I was younger. Didn't seem to be a problem and was more a way of satisfying our curiosities.

  3. I believe the stigma stems from religion trying to prevent people from having children from a depleted gene pool. I agree that brothers and sisters should not have children, for obvious and well established reasons. Religion also rates against sex out of marriage, homosexuality, adultery, and on and on and on. For a small population where individual choices does indeed affect 100% of the population, these activities are disruptive, indeed.

    Those days are LONG gone, however. So long as any activity is consensual between two mature individuals who have a positive grasp of what they are doing, I say it's nobody's business but their own. There are plenty of sexual habits I personally find a little personally disturbing. That doesn't mean that they don't have the right to act in their passions in whatever way they see fit and appropriate. So long as nobody gets hurt (unless they want to!) and they're both consenting, I say kink on!

    Do what feels good. There is no tribe to break up anymore. ;)

  4. I agree with the above. It would be different if protection wasn't used or something but other than that I think it's fine. I also think making a distinction between using a vibe on each other and licking, at this point, seems like splitting hairs a bit...

  5. Agree with all the above points, sexual contact via an object is no less personal then actual physical contact. The stimulus that leads to orgasm (whether toy or fingers/tongue/etc) is still not far enough removed from the person applying it to be worth being concerned about.

    This goes doubly for if this is done in the right, safe, context. At sex parties it might still raise knee jerk reactions but any who pause to consider the same arguments would also see that, pragmatically, there is no difference between using your tongue or a toy to get Sue off.