Friday, 22 August 2014

Christmas 2013 – Part 1

I’m going to jump forwards a couple of weeks to Christmas as I’m falling further behind…

I think I’ve already mentioned that Sue was going to be staying with us for Christmas as Gerald was taking Mum away for a Christmas break. Mum had been a bit worried about this as we generally spend Christmas together as a family (or at least a part of Christmas as Mike, Jen and I now also go to Jen’s parents’ place). Even though we were a bit disappointed that we wouldn’t get to see Mum, we were all quite happy with this arrangement as we knew it would have other ‘benefits’ – Mum knows that Sue visits us from time to time and knows that she gets on well with Mike and Jen (although she doesn’t know quite how well). The added bonus was that the timing had worked out well as it was also time for Lis and Lucy’s monthly visit and we had already promised Lucy that she could have another session with her school friends (played by Sue and I) if she wanted (and she did).

The company Sue works for closed early for Christmas so Sue was able to arrive on the Thursday (18th). Mike and I were unfortunately still at work, but Jen was around to meet Sue at the station. Sue had a reasonably large suitcase with her so they just went for a coffee (with Jen continuing to stick to decaf) and then headed home. Jen had already warned Mike that morning that she couldn’t promise to leave Sue alone until Mike got home and she was good to her word. Sue told us that almost as soon as they were indoors, Jen told Sue that she had missed her and didn’t think it was fair that Mike had got to take her to the party. Jen pushed a hand between Sue’s legs and rubbed her crotch through her tights and panties (Sue was wearing opaque tights for Mike). Jen quickly moved her hand up and pushed it down the front of Sue’s tights, into her panties and worked her fingers in to Sue’s cunt. As she did this she told Sue to take her top off and with a bit of fumbling Sue managed to pull her tops off and remove her bra (it’s actually quite difficult to do this while someone is fingering you). Jen pounced on Sue’s breasts and eagerly sucked on each of Sue’s nipples, taking a good portion of them right in to her mouth (Sue’s nips are as large as mine, so this is quite impressive). Sue tried to reach Jen’s crotch, but due to the position Jen was in it was out of reach and she was told to wait. Jen then crouched down and pulled Sue’s tights and panties down, got Sue to step out of them and then pushed her head up under Sue’s skirt.

We had also warned Sue that Jen was still feeling horny so none of this came as too much of a surprise to her and she allowed Jen to eat her and ‘get her ready’ for the next phase. When Jen emerged from under Sue’s skirt, they went straight upstairs where Jen got Sue to unzip her dress and let it slide to the floor to reveal that she was naked underneath apart from a note that Jen had written on her mons saying ‘eat me’. Jen sat at the edge of the bed, gave Sue a pillow to kneel on and then lay back and spread her legs. Jen’s instructions were clear enough and Sue got to work on Jen’s pussy. She was in no doubt as to how horny Jen was and tried to be as enthusiastic with Jen’s cunt as Jen had been with her nipples. Jen enjoyed this a lot and kept telling Sue how good it felt – at least until her orgasm started to build and she moved on to her usual mewing which became steadily more intense until she came and wrapped her legs around Sue’s head to keep her in place. As she didn’t have much choice, Sue ate Jen until her orgasm ebbed away and then kitty kissed her for a while until she was finally summoned up on to the bed with Jen and told she’d done a good job. Jen then spent a while playing with Sue’s breasts (a little less forcefully this time) and pushed a leg between Sue’s legs to rub against Sue’s pussy.

Sue had a play with Jen’s nipples as well and Jen told Sue she was feeling greedy and wanted to cum again so climbed over Sue in a 69 position and humped back and forth against Sue’s face as they ate each other. Fortunately for Sue, Jen wasn’t quite as wet as she had been recently, but by the time they finished, she had still covered Sue’s face with her juices. Jen kissed Sue’s face partially clean and they got under the covers to discuss the upcoming holiday and how much fun they intended to have. Jen asked Sue which of Lis or Lucy she was most looking forward to playing with and Lis mulled over this point. She has seen all the photos and videos of Lucy’s porn alias Pavlina so is well aware why Mike and I lust after Lucy, but like me, Sue really enjoys the little fluttery licks that Lis uses. Jen didn’t really care who Lis wanted the most, she just liked the idea that Lis was looking forward to being with other girls. Continuing this line of conversation, they also discussed the party and Sue’s exploits with Sara and then Clare and Giles on the Sunday. Jen also thought it was a good idea for Sue to visit Clare and Giles, but she thought it was an even better idea for Sue to visit Sara more and ‘console’ her – or maybe even take Emily’s place and date Sara. Sue wasn’t quite as convinced about this, although she did concede that Sara was attractive and sexy as well as being quite adventurous in bed (and it would mean that Sue could keep going to the sex parties).

Sue and Jen got out of bed and freshened up before Mike and I returned home but as soon as Mike hugged Sue he said that he could tell Jen had already fucked her – even now he hasn’t told us if he actually knew this (by smell) or was just working on the fact that Jen loves to fuck Sue – and said that it was only fair that he got a turn with her. Sue rarely turns down Mike’s cock (or more recently, almost any cock) so Mike was on fairly safe ground and Sue told him he could do whatever he wanted to her. As Sue had put her opaque tights back on, Mike spent a while just kissing her as he caressed her thighs and crotch. This ended up frustrating Sue as she kept trying to get her hands on his cock but he wouldn’t let her do anything to him and it was only when Sue was wet enough that he could feel it through her tights and panties that he let her play with him. She eagerly unzipped his trousers and pulled his cock out, gave him a brief stroke, then a brief suck and told him that she wanted him to fuck her. She should have really known better as Mike told her it wasn’t that easy and as she had let Jen eat her, then he wanted to do the same. Sue told him to get on with it then and stood up to pull her tights off but Mike wanted to do this so he asked her to stand still while he knelt in front of her and gave her crotch a final few rubs before pulling her tights and then her panties down.

He invited Jen to have a look and they both ran fingers back and forth over Sue’s pussy until Mike told Jen to move so he could eat Sue. Sue spread her legs a bit and Mike pushed his face between them and started to eat her. I told him he was being mean and should at least let Sue sit down so he let her go and guided her to the sofa. Jen thought that as Sue was getting to enjoy herself that we may as well watch so we sat either side of Sue and each held one of her legs up so her pussy was easily accessible and Mike could lick all of her. Admittedly we couldn’t see very much as Mike’s face was in the way, but the idea was for Sue to know that she was being closely watched as she was eaten. Sue is quote used to this now though and even chatted (a little breathlessly) with Jen and I as Mike ate her. I told Mike when Sue’s neck and face started to get flushed but he didn’t break contact with her pussy until she had finished cumming. He then kitty kissed her and got us to pass him a few cushions to kneel on so he could slide his cock in to her cunt and begin to move back and forth inside her.

Sue said that she wasn’t ready to cum again just yet and that she wanted to enjoy her first holiday fuck with Mike so he was gentle with her and just enjoyed the feeling of her pussy around his cock. I told Sue about some of the plans we had to keep her amused – some she approved of, some she wasn’t so sure of but said she was willing to give them a go and see. Jen gently played with Sue’s clit, using her own juices as lube for her fingers and between the conversation, Mike’s cock and Jen’s fingers Sue started to get aroused again and told Mike that she could ‘probably manage’ to cum again.

Mike pulled out and sat on the sofa so Sue could straddle him and mount his cock. She then rode him while he played with her breasts and clit, getting her quite close to cumming before changing position to finish off. She had asked for a hard fuck to finish so Jen and I had to stand up and so Mike could lie down on the sofa. Sue mounted him once more and as soon as she was on his cock he pulled her down on top of him and started to hammer in and out of her cunt. We watched from the end of the sofa as Mike’s cock repeatedly plunged in and out of Sue’s pussy and I reached a hand up under the back of Jen’s skirt and caressed her ass. Jen teased me about getting horny watching my little sister being fucked and I answered honestly by telling her that the sight of those two fucking was more than enough to get me horny and that I would want some attention as soon as they had finished. Jen decided not to wait until they had finished and started to play with me while we watched – she knew that I didn’t stand a chance of catching up, but stood behind me with her chin on my shoulder and reached around to pull the front of my skirt up and strum her fingers back and forth across my clit. I told Jen it would be easier if I took my skirt off but she said she was happy doing what she was doing so I leant back slightly against her and let her frig me.

As expected, Sue came quite a bit before I did, but when Mike looked up and noticed what Jen was doing to me he held back and carried on fucking Sue hard and fast for a while longer to give me something to watch. I could tell from the way that Jen was grinding against my ass that she probably wanted some attention as well and offered to make her cum. She accepted my offer and I told Mike to hurry up so we could use the sofa. He came in Sue in short order and she did her best to not leak on him as she climbed off but a few drops dripped out and Mike grabbed her skirt to stop her from leaking on the sofa or the floor. Jen and I took their place on the sofa and 69ed – despite me having a head start Jen still came first, but I put that down to me being better at eating pussy than she is (and yes, I will have to pay for that comment!). We then sat around and chatted for a while before deciding that we wanted some food and were feeling lazy so decided to order some pizza. Of course, we couldn’t waste the opportunity of having a delivery guy turn up (fortunately up here it is rarely a girl) and I went to fetch something for Sue to wear as her skirt was covered with smears of Mike’s cum. I returned with a pair of denim shorts that we had altered slightly to make the crotch somewhat narrower than it was originally. Sue put her tights back on (without panties under them of course) and then pulled the shorts on. Mike closely examined Sue’s crotch and when she sat normally, the outfit looked fairly decent (although Mike clearly thought it was very sexy). When Sue sat with her legs spread, knees pulled up or pulled the shorts up it was a different matter though as even with the tights on it was obvious that her pussy lips were trying to escape around the shorts (which Mike also thought was sexy).

We told Sue that she would have to take care of the pizza guy (and she knew what she meant by this) and told her to be inventive, with the promise that if she did a good job, we would find ways of rewarding her throughout the holiday – although she knew full well that she would be rewarded (or punished, depending on how you look at it) irrespective of how she did. I went back upstairs and fetched a cut-off t-shirt to improve her outfit further and when I returned she put this on. It was one that we had cut specifically for me so worked well on Sue – it was long enough to just about cover her nipples, but left the bottom part of her breasts visible. While we waited for the pizza, Mike played with Sue’s shorts a bit more and tried pulling her tights down so her upper outer thighs were exposed with the crotch of the tights pulling down on the crotch of the shorts. I warned Mike to be careful as I didn’t want him to rip the crotch of the shorts so he didn’t pull too hard but managed to just about get his tongue on to Sue’s pussy. I kept a lookout for the delivery guy and when we saw him pull up Mike helped Sue pull the tights up snugly against her crotch, but then reached in to them and pulled at a little hole he had created with his teeth when he’d been playing with her earlier. He ripped a large hole that extended down Sue’s left thigh and then tore across the crotch (not easy in tights with a gusset). He then got Sue to pull the shorts up firmly so her lips were quite visible on either side of the crotch and she said that she may as well not be wearing them. We called her on this and said that she was more than welcome to remove them but she thought it would be even harder to explain her appearance that way. When the doorbell rang, she went to go out and answer it but Mike reached around her from behind and reached down to her pussy to spread her lips further before pulling the shorts up one last time.

Sue answered the door and led the guy in to the kitchen to get his money. As she looked through her purse she sat on a chair with one foot on the floor and one on the chair so her crotch was exposed. She saw that the guy was staring at her crotch (as well as the exposed parts of her breasts) so dropped a hand between her legs and adjusted the thin strip of material as if she was trying to make herself more comfortable. She put her purse down and apologised to the guy, saying that we (indicating to the living room) had been teasing her which is why she was dressed that way and hoped he didn’t mind. He said that she looked hot and Sue lifted her ass, pushed the shorts down a little, pulled the crotch of her shorts to the side and told him that she really need to cum as we had been teasing her for hours. The guy looked around and told her to go ahead so Sue slid a finger along her pussy, spread her lips and started to caress herself. As Sue fingered herself she caressed her breasts with her other hand and asked the guy if he wanted to help her out. He wandered over to her, put the pizza down on the table and let her guide one of his hands to a breast. She told him that his hands felt warm, stood up and asked him to touch her pussy. He did as she asked and presumably when he realised that she was allowing him to do anything he wanted, he slipped a couple of fingers in to her and slid them in and out.

We had been listening in from the living room so had a fair idea of what was going on and this was helped by Sue moaning in pleasure as the guy fingered her. Jen decided that she would interrupt them and play along with Sue’s premise. Ideally she would have had a different outfit on, but had to make do with her nightdress and she wandered in to the kitchen to see what was taking Sue so long and asked what was going on. The guy jumped away from Sue and she just stood there with her top up over one breast and her pussy exposed. Sue told Jen that she’d had enough and really wanted to cum so Jen told her to sit up on the table and let the guy watch her masturbate. The guy made comments about leaving but Jen told him to watch Sue and he didn’t seem to object to this so he stayed. Jen then moved over to where Sue was, bent over and gave Sue’s pussy a good licking while reaching up to fondle Sue’s breasts. Jen then let Sue masturbate again while she described what a little slut Sue was, how she loved cumming and always wanted to have something hard inside her. As she talked, Jen wandered around the kitchen to find something suitable and decided on the rolling pin. She kept talking about how Sue loved having her pussy pounded as she lifted the hem of her nightdress and rubbed the handle of the rolling pin over her pussy a few times, then slid it in to her cunt. Jen pumped it in and out of herself a few times before telling Sue to lie back on the table and walking over to her.

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