Monday, 25 August 2014

Christmas 2013 – Part 2

She asked the guy if he wanted to see Sue have her cunt filled and he nodded yes so Jen pushed the already wet handle of the rolling pin between Sue’s lips and fucked her with it, letting the wider part of the pin slap against Sue’s lips and clit with each stroke. Jen called the guy over for a closer look and asked Sue if what she was doing felt good. Sue went with ‘yes’ and said that she needed to cum so Jen told her that she really was a little slut and that she probably wanted the guy to fuck her. This was the end game and while Jen’s original (or interim) plan had been to at least get the guy to use the rolling pin on Sue, Jen asked him if he wanted to sink his cock in to Sue’s little cunt. The guy couldn’t believe his luck and said yes, if Sue wanted to so Jen pulled the rolling pin out and passed the guy a condom from a drawer (not that we prepare for fun with delivery people or anything).

The guy was a bit nervous about getting his cock out, but Sue eagerly helped and undid his trousers, pulled his cock free and rolled on the condom. She considered taking him in her mouth first, but by this point she really did want to cum again and just pulled her shorts off before lying on the table once more and spreading her legs. The guy looked over at Jen who was leaning against the cabinets, but by this point she was using the rolling pin handle to masturbate so he assumed that she wasn’t going to stop him. He tried to push into Sue but she had to slide forwards a bit and let her ass hang over the edge of the table – once inside her he started to move and Sue pulled her top up to fully expose her breasts and she pulled his hands up to play with them. Jen told Sue that is she wanted to cum so badly, to frig herself and Sue did as instructed, strumming three fingers back and forth across her clit as the guy fucked her. Jen continued to fuck herself and pushed a hand up to her breasts, pulling the front of her nightdress with it – she kept calling Sue a little slut and telling her that she wanted to watch her cum and make the guy cum inside her. Sue was the first to cum and she put on a fairly good show (we could easily hear her from the living room and even upstairs). The guy finished off next and came in Sue (in the condom). Jen wasn’t quite there yet but was rapidly fucking herself and came while the guy was still sorting out getting his cock back in to his trousers.

I had snuck upstairs to change in to something suitable and noisily came downstairs just after I heard the guy saying he was cumming. I arrived pretty much just as Jen was cumming and was wearing just a lacy set of bra and panties. I looked around and pretended to be shocked, telling Jen off and reminding her that Sue wasn’t meant to be allowed to cum. Jen said that she had felt sorry for Sue and had let the guy fuck her so I asked him if he had really just fucked my little sister (as we were playing, I thought we may as well go all out). He looked quite pleased with himself and I told Sue that she really needed to learn to control herself (hello pot, kettle calling). I told the guy that it wasn’t fair that she got fucked and asked if he thought he could cum again. Unfortunately he didn’t think he could and I told him that it was a pity as I would have liked to see what had made Sue moan so much. As I talked I pushed a hand in to my panties and stroked myself, then played with my breasts through my bra and complained that I really didn’t want to be the only person not to cum. Jen offered me the rolling pin and said that it was quite effective and went back to her original plan, asking the guy if he would fuck me with it. He seemed quite surprised about this, but as I had already said that this sounded like a good idea, pulled my panties off and taken Sue’s place on the table, he was in no doubt that I wanted it.

Jen bent over and gave my pussy a few licks, then handed the rolling pin to the guy and spread my lips. She told him to push the handle in to me and fuck me, which he did. Jen got Sue to help out by holding one side of my pussy to keep my lips spread while she played with my clit (while it would have been nice to have him fuck me hard with the rolling pin, I didn’t want him to do anything that would hurt me and make me have to miss any fun over the holiday). I pulled my knees up to my chest to give everyone a better view and make it easy for the guy to fuck me. With Jen’s fingers on my clit, three sets of eyes on my cunt and the handle moving inside me it didn’t take long for me to cum and I tried to put on as good an auditory show as Jen had, describing how good my cunt felt, how I loved having it fucked and how I was about to cum. As I came, I lifted my ass off the table and swore lots with a whole series of ‘oh fuck I’m cumming – fuck my cunt’ – which the guy eagerly did. When I finished, Jen got the guy to twirl the rolling pin around inside me and it actually felt quite good and then made Sue suck the handle clean once again. I assumed that Jen was going to get Sue to finger me or something, but she just thanked the guy for his help and told Sue to pay him (for the pizza – not the sex). As Sue bent down to get her purse, Jen caressed her ass and pushed a couple of fingers in to Sue’s pussy, telling her to stay bent over for a minute. Jen then fed Sue’s juices to me, saying it was only fair as Sue had sucked the rolling pin clean and Sue was allowed to stand up again. She had to remove her top and show the guy to the door wearing just the torn tights and asked him for his number (which he gave to her).

Over dinner, we complimented Sue on her initiative and decided that she definitely deserved a reward and Mike promised her he would replace her tights, along with a new set of underwear (Sue quite likes sexy underwear – Mike and Jen just rarely give her the opportunity to wear it around them). Sue liked the sound of this and we agreed that we would get them before Christmas so she could be suitably presentable for Lis and Lucy. We had been planning on getting this for Sue anyway (which she knew), but she played along and thanked us. Later that night we debated whether we should try to all share a bed but decided for comfort that we would just pair off. As part of our ‘be nice to the pregnant lady’ drive, Jen got to decide on her partner and unsurprisingly she selected Sue. They got to use Jen’s room while Mike and I slept in his room. We each only had a single session that night – Jen and Sue 69ed while Mike and I spooned with me describing in detail to him how I had let the guy fuck me with the rolling pin and how we needed to get a clear one so next time he (or whoever we got) could see the inside of my pussy as he/they fucked me.

In the morning, Mike ate me awake and Jen did the same to Sue. It was nice not having to get up on a weekday and once I’d cum, Mike and I headed down to make breakfast, which we took up to Jen’s room and all ate together in bed. Mike hadn’t cum yet so asked Sue if she would do him the honour of being his fuck buddy and Jen and I sat and watched as Mike has a slow session with Sue. As usual, he started off by eating her, then he went on top and got her to wrap her legs around him as they fucked before finishing off with her riding him. As I said, the session was quite slow and they maintained a steady pace throughout. To help things along, Sue and Mike took turns playing with Sue’s clit and once she had cum she lay down on top of Mike and kissed him as she rode him. As Sue was only moving slowly, it took a few more minutes for Mike to cum (but was still quicker than I had expected) and we told Sue to keep going and convinced Mike to see how long he could put up with the stimulation for. He said it felt incredibly intense at first (just after he came), but he kept going and after a minute or so it wasn’t as bad and he started to enjoy it (looking back he thinks that he could only endure it as Sue was moving slowly). His cum started to leak out around his cock and Jen and I watched closely as Sue rode him – each stroke seemed to leave more of his cum on his cock, but when Sue finally dismounted, there was still enough inside her to drip out. Jen licked and sucked Mike’s cock for a bit and then asked him if he thought he could go again – he doubted he could cum but was willing to let Jen mount him (selfless isn’t he?) so she climbed over him and guided his cock in to her still wet pussy. He had been right in not being ready to cum again, but he stayed hard so Jen could use him – it wasn’t entirely him that made her cum though as we got her to turn around and Sue and I took turns licking her clit as Mike moved inside her.

Lis and Lucy were due to arrive a little after lunchtime so we spent the morning finishing off preparing the house (cleaning, tidying & decorating) and then showered so we were ready for them. Sue, Jen and I all had our pussies shaved (Sue had already done hers, but as we were having ours done she opted to join us) – Mike did Jen’s and then did mine while Jen did Sue’s. Both Sue and I had the tongue test done on us by our respective shavers who then swapped over to test the other one’s handiwork. Neither of us were allowed to cum, but we at least got revenge on Jen by testing her shave and not letting her cum either. We headed in to town and had a browse around the shops (which were obviously packed with last minute shoppers) and managed to find what looked like a suitable clear rolling pin. Jen told Sue that she would have to demonstrate the use of it later on for Lis and Lucy. We all liked the idea of Sue trying to get one of the handles in to her pussy while we were still out in town, but everywhere was too packed to safely get away with this so we contented ourselves with accidentally letting people see up our skirts while we had a coffee. We were all good and made sure that no kids got to see anything they shouldn’t. Both Sue and I had gone for the zettai ryokai look – her with white stockings and me with black ones while Jen had opaque tights on (but no panties). At one point I managed to sit with my feet crossed on the chair in front of me and gave someone a really clear view up to my pussy (we have practiced so know what can be seen in this position) and I saw him staring at my crotch a number of times – due to the crowds, I didn’t have the opportunity to touch myself for him, but still enjoyed feeling his gaze.

Our games meant that by the time we left the coffee shop, we were (or more specifically I was) feeling quite horny. We still had a little time before Lis and Lucy’s train arrive so we headed along to our favourite sex shop. Alistair (the manager) was there and seemed happy to see us. There were a couple of other customers and I asked Alistair if we could have a little fun. He said to go ahead so Sue and I went and looked at the selection of vibes together while Jen sat up on the counter and she and Mike chatted with him. I picked up one of the strap on dildos which wasn’t as good as ours – it just fastened on with a couple of straps. It was however good enough to have a play with and I lifted my skirt and held the harness against my crotch, then got Sue to bend over and flip up the back of her skirt to expose her ass. I pretended to fuck her with the dildo (I really didn’t want to buy it so didn’t make contact with her pussy), knowing that we were being watched. I really wanted to cum but was trying to figure out a way of doing it without buying anything. In the end I decided to go the simple route, put the dildo down and told Sue (in a voice loud enough for others to hear) that I thought just using fingers might be the best option.

Mike and Jen were hoping that I meant I was about to finger Sue, but they still didn’t know about our games together in York. I knelt on the floor, resting against one of the displays and began to finger myself, daring Sue to compete with me. She didn’t want to be beaten and knelt beside me. One of the customers came over and asked Alistair if we were really playing with ourselves and he said that it certainly looked like it. I looked over at the counter and told the guy he was welcome to watch if he wanted and changed my position so I was sitting on my ass with my legs spread and skirt pulled right up. Once again Sue copied me and we played with ourselves as the guy watched. I considered pulling my top off, but it seemed somehow dirtied to just sit and play with my pussy while otherwise dressed. I had hoped the guy would offer to buy a dildo and use it on us (he could have kept it), but things went in a much better direction. Alistair told us that we could take the guy out back if we wanted and we told the guy that as long as he had protection he was allowed to use us. He got a bit suspicious at that point and asked what we were going to charge him but we assured him we just wanted to enjoy ourselves. He didn’t have any condoms with him, but being in a sex shop, that wasn’t an issue (and Mike even paid for them).

Sue and I took the guy in to a corridor out back and asked him if he wanted to fuck just one or both of us. He said he couldn’t cum twice that quickly and we explained that we meant he could switch back and forth between us. We quickly got him suited up and Sue sucked him and then rubbed his cock between her breasts until I told her I wanted him to fuck me. I leant forwards on the stairs and he lifted the back of my skirt and pushed in to me, quickly pumping away. I told him not to be too quick as we both wanted to cum as well and he slowed down so I started to play with my clit. Sue knelt beside me and he switched over to fucking her and reached around to fondle her breasts. I pulled my top up to my neck and pushed my bra off so he could do the same to me (and he did). He switched back and forth between us a few times as we frigged ourselves. I came first and had to get him to slide back in to me so I could cum around his cock – while I did this Sue told him to hold back just a bit longer and she would do the same. Once I’d cum, I moved up a couple of steps and sat facing them with my legs spread wide and held my pussy lips as far apart as I could. My cunt was just above Sue’s eye level, angled up towards the guy so he could get a good look and I had a fairly good view of him pounding away in Sue. I loved the expression of pure lust on her face as she came and I told the guy to go nuts and enjoy himself. It took him hardly any time to cum in Sue and when he pulled out I took the head of his cock in my mouth and sucked it, feeling his cum squish around inside the condom.

We thanked him for the orgasms, let him sort himself out and walked back out in to the shop with him as we sorted out our bras and tops. Jen was still sitting on the counter and I went straight over to her, ran a hand up her thigh and said that as we’d cum, it seemed fair that she should as well. She wasn’t sure at first, but I had already pushed her legs far enough apart to allow me to rub a thumb up and down the length of her pussy and could feel her warmth through the tights. I asked Alistair if he minded and he said no so I pushed Jen’s legs apart further and lowered my mouth to her crotch. It is definitely harder making someone cum through a pair of tights, but she at least had a seamless pair on so I concentrated my licking on her clit. I should have really given Sue (or Mike) a chance to help out, but I’ll admit that I still see Jen as primarily ‘mine’ (even though she is carrying Mike’s baby). I sucked away on Jen’s clit and soon felt her hands on the back of my head, pressing me tighter against her. I would have smiled if I hadn’t been busy as I knew I now had her and in just a couple more minutes I could hear her panting and felt her thrust her cunt against my mouth as she came.

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