Thursday, 28 August 2014

Christmas 2013 – Part 3

I stood up and thanked Alistair for letting us have some fun and apologised for not buying anything but he said it was fine. We’d timed it fairly well and with a brisk walk we made it to the station just in time to have to wait for the delayed train (we should have really checked if it was late). When they finally arrived we had a round of hello kissed and Lucy told me that she could smell Jen on me. As we wandered home, we told them what we’d got up to in the sex shop and at first they didn’t believe us (it’s not as if we’d done anything particularly out of character). We explained to Lis and Lucy that we intended to have as much fun over the holiday as possible and that they were in for a tiring couple of days so they had better prepare themselves. Lis said she was looking forward to it and Lucy was confident she could cope with whatever we had planned (which was possibly a stupid thing for her to say at the beginning of her visit). We let them ease in to things though and headed home and had a nice dinner while catching up on things.

Lis and Lucy helped Mike and Jen to tidy up after dinner while Sue and I went and got changed in to our Anna and Michelle costumes (the sisters from Lucy’s school who she fantasised about fucking). We’d gone all out and researched the exact uniform (although hadn’t bought the overpriced blazers) so we could give Lucy as authentic an experience as possible. We had forgotten to mention the pizza guy and rolling pin incident earlier in the day, but Mike and Jen filled them in on the details and Mike briefly rubbed the rolling pin handle against Jen’s pussy and then between Lis’ legs.

When Sue and I came back downstairs Lucy definitely approved of the look and went to go get changed in to her old uniform but we convinced her to do it in front of everyone (for Mike and Jen’s sake). She decided that if she was going to strip for them, then at the very least she should have some personal dressers so it was up to Sue and me to remove Lucy’s clothes and then help her in to her uniform. Once she was dressed we caressed her for a while longer until she said she was ready (she actually said she couldn’t wait any longer) and we said our goodnights and headed up to bed.

Lis, Jen and Mike stayed downstairs and chatted a while longer, although Mike and Jen did start to caress Lis while they talked. Lis though this was unfair and tried to fight back, but with two against one she didn’t stand much of a chance and they soon had her naked on the sofa between them. Lis complained again that it wasn’t fair, but apparently not as forcefully as Mike and Jen were each sucking on one of her nipples and had fingers playing with her pussy. They got Lis close to cumming a few times but backed off each time and just played with her nipples. Lis tried to masturbate herself and was told that she was being very naughty – the punishment for this was Mike and Jen taking turns holding her hands while the other knelt and licked her until she got close to cumming and then stopping. Jen then crouched over Lis’ face and told Lis to eat her while Mike knelt on the floor in front of Lis and pushed his cock in to her cunt. As he fucked her he described to Jen just how wet Lis felt and he fucked her deep and hard. They had intended to tease Lis for a while longer and Mike was going to cum in her at the end of the session, but as Jen got closer to cumming she said that she thought they had teased Lis for long enough. Mike says he could have held back and just made Lis cum, but as they were assuming she was going to have a fairly strong orgasm (due to all the teasing – I know it doesn’t always work that way, but it often does) he decided to just cum in her. It was difficult to tell how close Lis was to cumming so Mike just carried on fucking her until she made Jen cum, at which point Lis was told to kitty kiss Jen and Mike paid a bit more attention to Lis’ clit. He held himself as close to cumming as he safely could and asked Lis to tell him when she was just about to cum. Lis kept her mouth on Jen’s pussy, gently (and sometimes not so gently) licking her until she was close and then pulled away to pant at Mike ‘now, now, now’. Mike sped up his thrusts and pushed as deep in to Lis as he could and just before he came he flicked his thumb back and forth over Lis’ clit much faster. Lis let out an ‘aaaahhh’ mere seconds before Mike started to cum – he thrust in to her a handful more times and then pressed deep in to her. He didn’t neglect her clit though and continued to play with it until Lis’ orgasm started to fade, at which point he thrust in to her a few more times before burying his cock in her again and remained still.

Mike was very pleased how well he’d timed his orgasm and when Jen climbed down from Lis’ face he told Lis that he thought they had cum at as close to the same time as was possible. Lis was just happy that she had been allowed to cum and let Mike kiss her face clean of Jen’s juices before he pulled out and he and Jen watched as his cum dribbled out of Lis’ pussy. (He hadn’t cum that much, but a bit ran out and down across Lis’ ass). Jen decided that they shouldn’t waste his cum and started licking Lis clean, then moved on to licking inside her pussy to get whatever was left and then on to eating Lis properly. Lis hadn’t been prepared for this, but once again didn’t have much choice in the matter. Mike sat beside Lis to kiss her and play with her breasts and she ended up having quite a sharp orgasm (by which I mean strong and quite intense). Jen had the sense to ease off quickly and just kitty kissed Lis for a while and then climbed back up on to the sofa and told Lis that she was nice and clean again. Lis gave Jen’s ass a slap and told her that she was as mean as Mike, but couldn’t deny the fact that she had enjoyed cumming. They left Lis’ clothes strewn over the floor and headed up to bed, noting that Sue, Lucy and I were still going at it.

They got in to bed and Mike crawled under the covers to kiss Lis and Jen goodnight (in his own way). On the way back up he kissed Jen’s stomach goodnight and then slipped his cock in to her as he kissed her goodnight (in the traditional way). He then pulled out of Jen and asked Lis if he could spoon with her. She told him to go ahead as long as he didn’t try to make her cum again as the last orgasm has taken it out of her. Mike warned her that she would need more stamina than that if she was going to survive and Lis said she would do better the next day. Mike gently moved in Lis and told her that we had lots of things planned and reminded her that she would get to have sessions with Sue and me as well. He told Lis that he could probably cum in her again and she pushed back and told him to go ahead if he wanted. She later told us that she was calling his bluff, but wouldn’t have cared if he had cum in her.

When Lucy, Sue and I had left the others, Lucy had dragged us upstairs telling us that we would need to do what she said. Sue and I assumed the characters of Michelle and Anna and once we reached Jen’s room, she got us to stand beside each other and she gave us a similar lecture to one she’s given before about how she will tell everyone at school what we were up to (in the fantasy, she discovered us both playing with a boy). Lucy asked us if we were willing to do whatever she wanted and we told her that as long as she didn’t tell, we would obey her. I don’t know if she was adapting what she said to the responses we gave or if we just went along sufficiently close to what she wanted from us (we had a fairly good idea so that is quite possible). Lucy told us to lift our skirts and let her see our panties and she walked over to us and rubbed us both at the same time. She made us tell her that we were dirty little whores who loved cock and needed to be taught a lesson. We had to both caress Lucy, then Sue and I had to undress each other and play with each other’s breasts. Lucy got us to sit and masturbate ourselves while she watched and then she went down on us both in turn. We had to do the same to her and Sue and I then played with each other a little (just stroking each other) before Lucy told us that we had to both cum using her legs. This was based off something she and Lis had seen online – Lucy lay on her back with her legs partially spread and Sue and I had to face away from her and hump against her upper thighs, rubbing our pussies back and forth against Lucy’s legs. Lucy reached down and caressed our asses and on a few occasions she got us to lean all the way forwards so she could get a couple of fingers in to each of us.

As Sue and I rubbed back and forth against Lucy I could feel one of Sue’s ass cheeks rubbing against mine and I told Lucy I was getting close to cumming. She asked us if we wished we had our boyfriend there to fuck us and we said yes – which was the wrong answer. We both got slapped on the ass a few times and Lucy told us that we now belonged to her and she only wanted us to have her pussy, or each other’s. She made us promise as we came that we would only do things with each other and her and once Sue and I had cum we were told to make good on our promise and satisfy her. Lucy must have gotten very turned on during the session as we didn’t have to work on her for long before she came – we had each licked her, but when she was obviously nearing her orgasm we both fingered her. Lucy took four fingers quite easily (it’s much easier with two sets of two) and we pushed as far in to her as we could reach as she came and asked if we’d done a good enough job for her not to tell on us. Lucy had enjoyed her orgasm, but wanted one more thing and told us to make out for a while so I climbed over Lucy, pulled Sue to me and we kissed passionately. We sucked each other’s nipples, kissed up and down each other’s bodies and let our hands roam freely. I caressed Sue’s ass a fair bit and got my fingers onto her pussy – we could have happily cum while playing with each other, but we had other plans so had to restrain ourselves.

We then turned on our new mistress and took turns holding her down while the other one stimulated her (in whatever way we thought of at the time). Lucy told us that we were meant to be doing what she told us and in return we told her that if we weren’t allowed our boyfriends then it was up to her to keep us satisfied. It may not have been part of her fantasy, but she surrendered to us (as if she had a choice) and we got another orgasm out of her before releasing her and telling her that she needed to be careful what she wished for as if she ever really got two horny sisters who wanted to do things with her, then she might have bitten off more than she could chew. We snuggled up together and I told Lucy that all she had to do was come up with the fantasy she wanted us to act out and we would be Anna and Michelle for her whenever she wanted.

On the Saturday morning, Sue and I reverted to being ourselves for the morning session and we took care of Lucy and then both humped against her legs again as we had the night before (it isn’t the easiest of positions, but feet quite naughty – especially when Lucy fingered us both at the same time). Mike, Jen and Lis had their own three way, with Mike eating Lis awake and Lis then working on Jen while Mike took her from behind. Following this, Mike got Lis to train him in her ‘fluttery lick’ technique (he knows that Jen and I love it). Lis demonstrated on Mike and he tried to do it to Lis, but she obviously doesn’t know what it feels like so Jen was used as the demonstration doll. Mike and Lis took turns flicking their tongues over Jen’s clit and she told Mike how similar what he was doing felt to what Lis did. Mike was the one who actually made Jen cum, but afterwards he said that he couldn’t do it again without a rest as it felt incredibly tiring (and this is the same guy who has spent whole days eating me and Jen).

Mike, Lis and Jen came downstairs to join us and over breakfast we compared our evening and morning sessions. We showered in pairs (or else we wouldn’t have had enough hot water) and headed out in to town to enjoy the Christmas scrum. We only had one thing we wanted to buy (or rather one set of things) and after wandering around for a while and going for a coffee, we headed along to an upmarket lingerie shop that was a few streets away from the main shopping areas. Mike had to buy Sue the promised new underwear. He didn’t want to leave any of the rest of us out so told us that we could all get something, providing we were willing to model it for him in the shop. Lis said that she didn’t think we would be allowed to let him come in to the changing rooms (which might have led to a completely different experience) and Mike told her that was why he had said ‘in the shop’. Lucy wasn’t so sure about this, but between us we convinced her to participate (basically by pointing out that we were all going to do it and that she didn’t know anyone else around here so she should be safe).

Mike had packed panties for Jen, Sue and me and we slipped them on before leaving the coffee shop (Lis and Lucy were wearing them already). We went in and looked around, selecting a couple of nice pairs each. Sue and I went in first to try ours on and the assistant wasn’t too sure about letting us walk back out in to the shop to show Mike, but when he told her that we were all going to get a set each she relented (they weren’t cheap, so selling five sets at once may have given her a nice Christmas bonus). We walked out and let the others give us their opinions – it was slightly odd wearing panties over panties, but still felt quite nice parading around in public. Jen and Lucy went in next and Lucy was clearly a little nervous when she came out of the dressing room, but we all complimented her and she soon seemed a lot more at ease.

Lis went in next along with Sue (to try on her second set) and while the assistant was around the corner I removed my underwear (unfortunately leaving my own panties on) and changed in to my second set in the middle of the shop. We all tried a number of sets on, parading around the shop each time so the others could give their opinion, and all chose our favourite ones. Mike paid for them as we went and changed back in to our clothes. We all kept our (original) panties on as we had another challenge and while in the changing rooms, I got Lis and Lucy to slip one of our remote controlled vibrating eggs in to each of their panties and put one in my own panties (we only have three working ones so all five of us couldn’t compete at the same time). We then left and found a suitable place to sit with the challenge of seeing how close we could get to cumming without giving it away by our expressions. Lis was the first to turn her egg off, but only as she said she was getting really close to cumming. Lucy lasted for longer, but admitted that her egg wasn’t positioned too well so wasn’t stimulating her too much. We convinced Lis to have a second try and she chatted to Lucy as the egg buzzed away on her clit, only stopping when Lucy told her that she could tell Lis was really close. I tried to convince Lis that nobody else can read her the way Lucy can, but she wasn’t willing to try again so she was sent to the bathroom, along with Lucy, to pass the eggs to Jen and Sue.

I had got quite close to cumming, switched my egg to low while the others were away and didn’t turn it up immediately on their return to give them a chance to catch up.  Mike moved so Sue Jen and I all sat next to each other and we were quite squashed as the bench was full. I had already decided by this point that I intended to try my best to actually cum and (quietly) told this to Sue and Jen. I challenged them to match me and received an enthusiastic response from both of them. I called Mike over to tell him and he relayed our intention to Lis and Lucy who thought we were mad, but stood a little way away pretending to chat to each other and watched us. I knocked my egg back up a setting and pressed my thighs together to try and get better contact with my clit – after a bit of fidgeting I managed this and turned to Jen to chat to her. It wasn’t difficult being quiet (Jen and I especially are very practiced at this from changing room cums and similar situations), but it was quite difficult to really enjoy myself without squirming around (and as I had someone pressed up against me on the other side to Jen, I really couldn’t move much). Nonetheless, I felt my orgasm building as I watched everyone bustling past us and leant my head on Jen’s shoulder to whisper that I was really close. She told me to show her what I could do and I concentrated on keeping as straight a face as I could while my orgasm built and I came. Jen said she felt me shudder a little as I came, but nothing too obvious and I let out a small sigh and licked my lips to try and indicate to Mike, Lis and Lucy that I had cum.


  1. Enjoy it while it lasts, here in the states it is a sad day. They actually passed a 'yes means yes' law that means without VERBAL consent before ANY sexual act, you are automatically guilty of rape. It also classifies ALL sex acts, agreed to or not, done while under the influence of alcohol, acts of rape. That means a date consisting of a movie, dinner and a few drinks followed by consensual sex is now considered as rape, regardless of both people agreeing to it. One person decides the day after it was a mistake, it's the slammer for the other, no questions asked. Sad day for those of us in the 'land of the free'

    1. That's both crazy and unenforceable - how do you prove that you didn't give verbal consent (or are both parties meant to record the other one consenting)? Don't get me wrong - I'm all for protecting people from date rape, but both parties need to take responsibility for their actions (as in ensuring that they aren't taking advantage or being taken advantage of).

  2. I know, but because it's rape people in the USA get stupid and just go along to get along lest they are accused of being a woman hater (as if men never get raped..) And destroying their career and life. It will be several years and many ruined lives before this gets repealed for the reasons you stated above. The biggest problem is that under this law you are guilty just because you are accused, evidence be damned, and you must prove your innocence, rather then the state proving your guilt. Very scary.