Sunday, 31 August 2014

Christmas 2013 – Part 4

I sat upright and turned off my egg, then told Jen and Sue it was now their turn. Sue had done a good job of catching up with me (when she sat down, she managed to get the egg right up against her clit by putting her jacket on the seat and using that to press the egg upwards). I could see her getting flushed and was going to tell her that her skin was giving her away, but she looked like she was enjoying herself and I assumed that if anyone did notice how pink she was getting would just assume that it was the heat in the shopping centre. She had to cheat a little and look down as she came, but she came and we now both looked at Jen and told her she needed to match us. As had been the case with Lucy, Jen’s egg wasn’t making that good a contact with her clit but as she was between Sue and me she could move around a bit more to help remedy that. I helped by whispering in her ear how she was going to cum while surrounded by hundreds of strangers and how her little pussy would squirt so much juice out that her skirt would be soaked through and everyone would know what she had done. Admittedly Jen isn’t as much of an exhibitionist as I am, so this wasn’t as much of a turn on for her as it would have been for me, but it helped a little and when she looked back at me I recognised the look of lust in her eyes. I gave her a final challenge (or penalty for being the last one of us to cum) and told her she had to ‘mew’ just once as she came (this is the closest description to the sound she makes when she cums). As her orgasm approached, Jen bit her lower lip and told me she wasn’t sure she could do it without someone noticing, but I held her hand (also stopping her from turning the remote off) and told her she would be fine. Jen let out a little gasp and a small (forced) ‘mew’ as she came and gripped my hand tightly. Mike said it was quite obvious that Jen was cumming, but then again he knew what was going on so I really doubt anyone else would have known that was what was happening.

We left the shopping centre and once we were in a quieter part of town we discussed our little game. I told Lis and Lucy they really should have let themselves cum as it had felt so good being so naughty but Lucy was adamant that she wouldn’t have been able to do it (she can’t play the sweet & innocent card anymore, but she still isn’t as daring as the rest of us). When we got home, we tried on our new underwear properly and once finished, Mike told Sue and I that we had another task to complete. First we had to go get dressed as Anna and Michelle again and with this completed, we were handed our new clear rolling pin and told that Lucy wanted to see us share it. As far as Lucy was concerned, Mike had arranged this for her, but Sue and I had agreed in advance that we would do something together for Mike to use as a bargaining chip with Lucy (and we think that she probably knew that, but felt better knowing that she was getting something in return for what he wanted).

Sue and I removed each other’s panties, sat on the bed and I pushed one end of the rolling pin in to Sue’s pussy before scooching forwards and getting the other end in to my own pussy. We then took turns twisting, pumping and rocking the rolling pin back and forth, letting the handles invade our cunts and the body of the pin bump and rub against our clits. The usual rules applied and we had to keep going until we had both cum. Sue came first so had to bear the brunt of this as I then pumped the pin back and forth between us to feel it mash against my clit repeatedly. The others watched as Sue’s pussy was fucked over and over with her end and I kept telling Michelle how good it felt and how I loved fucking her. By the time I came, Lucy had a hand in her panties (actually her panties were halfway down her thighs) and we finished things off by sucking each other’s end of the pin clean. It had been quite a forceful session (which was mostly my fault) and both our pussies looked a bit pink, but we had time to rest as it was now time for Lucy to keep up her end of the bargain.

Only Lis and Lucy knew what Mike had asked for and he’d done well as he had got Lucy to agree to more than I thought he would (but not as much as he would have really wanted as he would ideally have eaten her, fucked her and then done that over and over for a whole night). Even with us having completed our show, Mike half expected Lucy to back out, or at least modify their deal, but she stuck to what had been agreed and just reminded him that he wasn’t allowed inside her. Lucy undressed and lay on the bed while Sue, Jen and I stood back to see what was going to happen. Mike knelt in front of Lucy and Lis took a hold of his cock and rubbed the head up and down the length of Lucy’s pussy. Mike told her that her lips felt really soft and Lis explained to Jen, Sue and me what Lucy had agreed to (although by that point we’d pretty much seen it anyway). Lis carried on stroking Mike’s cock up and down Lucy’s pussy for a while and then asked Jen to fetch a vibe to use on Lis. Jen inserted the vibe in to Lucy and slowly fucked her with it while Lis rubbed the head of Mike’s cock back and forth against Lucy’s clit. They switch the vibe and Mike’s cock around from time to time (he was still only allowed to rub her lips) and Lis also used her hands to pump his cock and her mouth to suck him. Lucy told us that she was getting close to cumming and Jen was instructed to push the vibe back in to Lucy’s cunt while Mike’s rubbed the head of his cock back and forth against Lucy’s clit (he was allowed to do it himself this time). They maintained this position until Lucy came and Mike then took his cock in his hand and wanked himself until he let out a couple of squirts of cum that landed on Lucy’s stomach. He milked his cock to get a couple more drops of cum out and then wiped the head of his cock around in the mess he had made before letting Lis suck it clean.

I was quite impressed that Lucy had allowed him to do this as it was more than I had thought he would be allowed to do, but he’s been quite a patient boy so I think he deserved it. When Lucy went to wipe Mike’s cum off of her body, Jen volunteered to take care of it and lapped away at Lucy’s stomach until nothing visible remained (other than Jen’s glistening saliva). Mike handed Lucy a clean set of underwear and when she asked where it came from he said it was a bonus present that he had picked up at the shop. Lucy put it on and as she did this, Mike called up a picture of Pavlina dressed in a similar outfit (it wasn’t quite the same, but close enough). Mike told her that he could probably cum over her again if she lay down (he couldn’t have) but Lucy told him that he had already received his payment – she did keep the underwear on though and allow him to admire her for the rest of the afternoon.

The remainder of the afternoon was much quieter – we rested, chatted, watched TV and generally relaxed to recharge for our planned night out. After a light dinner, we headed upstairs to get ready and Sue and I revealed the outfits we were intending to wear. I had got us sexy Santa’s helper outfits – a red sheer top with a white fur trimmed bra and a very short skirt (fur trimmed of course). Lucy assumed (probably reasonably so) that we were going to wear them out without any panties and said that far too much was on show as the hems of the skirts barely covered our asses. Even for us, that would have been a bit too revealing (when out in general company) so I pulled out some white tights I’d got to go with the outfits and once Sue had these on, we looked a lot more respectable (well, slightly so – the outfits were still quite sexy, but nothing was actually visible). We warned Lis and Lucy that Sue and I intended to try and pull and she told us that dressed the way we were, we weren’t likely to have any difficulty (which I thought was quite sweet).

Jen was the only one who went out without panties on (she hadn’t been getting as wet recently so thought she could get away with it) and once everyone was finally ready, we all set off. It was a bit of a queue to get in to a club, but we made it and danced for a while. The plan had been for Mike to be paired up with Jen but he left her with Lis and Lucy for a while and they were hit on by a number of guys (who they rebuffed, with one guy actually telling them they must be a bunch of lesbos). He wasn’t away for too long and came back to dance with the three of them, but for most of the night he protected Jen (and his baby) from unwanted advances. Sue and I certainly managed to attract some attention and we danced with a number of guys throughout the evening. Most of the guys we danced with seemed quite appreciative of the fact that we let their hands roam freely over our bodies and I eagerly rubbed up against them to let them know I was enjoying myself. Later on in the evening we saw a group of three guys together who clearly worked out and looked after themselves. Two of them danced with Sue and me and as it was quite late they were looking for their conquests for the evening.

They had seen us with Lis & Lucy and asked if one of them was available for their friend but we told them that if they were up for it that we could take care of the three of them. At first I think they thought we were just joking but I left Sue with them for a minute and went to fetch an egg from my purse. I returned with the egg and the remote control and placed it in the hands on the guy who had been dancing with Sue. I turned it on and told him that we would demonstrate that we were easily horny enough to satisfy the three of them. I guided his hand to Sue’s crotch and got him to press the egg against her pussy and told him if she was willing to cum for them in a club, to just imagine what we would do when we got home. I kept the guy’s hand pressed against Sue’s pussy until she started panting and saying that she was getting close to cumming and then took the final step and reached up to fondle Sue’s breasts while I kissed her. The guys crowded around us to watch and Sue pushed a hand between my legs to fondle me. I told her to calm down, but she was too close to cumming to care and I told the guy to keep the egg in place as Sue’s fingers pressed the thin material of the tights between my lips and almost fingered me. Sue came and moaned in to my mouth as she did so – I pulled away and asked the guys if they were interested in continuing things and they definitely were. We gave Sue a minute to catch her breath and in the meantime I rubbed up against two of the guys and told them that we would let them fuck us for as long as they could get hard.

Sue and I led the guys home, with Mike, Jen, Lis and Lucy following us (we told them that Mike and Jen shared the house with us and Lis and Lucy were visiting). When we got home, we led them straight upstairs and I pulled out a box of condoms and told the guys they could do whatever they wanted as long as they used protection (admittedly that could have led to them doing some very strange things, but as we had four reinforcements in the other room, we felt quite safe). I called Mike and stashed my phone on the dressing table with the screen hidden so they could watch what we were doing.

Sue asked them if they wanted to see us play again and I told her I wanted the guys to play with us, but the idea had already been put out there so we didn’t have much choice. Sue and I made out for the guys, kissing, sucking on each other’s breasts and going as far as fingering each other inside our tights before I said that they had seen enough and it was time for them to perform. They were sufficiently drunk that they didn’t seem to mind each other seeing their cocks (or maybe they’d done this before) – either way, we soon had three naked and erect cocks, attached to quite nice bodies and once we’d helped them get the condoms on we set about sucking them. Our outfits came off quite quickly at this point and the guys seemed to appreciate our breasts which got a good fondling and licking before I pulled one of them towards me and told him I wanted him to fuck me. We had only been going for a couple of minutes with Sue and I each being fucked and us sharing the third guy between our mouths) when Lis wandered in. I assumed she was just there to watch and half expected the others to join us too, but Lis said that she wanted to join in.

This took me completely by surprise and I asked if she was sure (it’s difficult to have a serious conversation with someone fucking you). Lis said that she wanted to broaden her horizons and had discussed it with Lucy before asking again if she could join us. The guys were all for it as it would even up the numbers and I’m not one to stop people from enjoying themselves so I told her that as long as she knew what she was doing to go ahead. She looked a little nervous as she removed her clothes and later said that she wasn’t sure if the guys would be as interested in her due to her breasts being considerably smaller than Sue’s and mine. This wasn’t a problem though and the guy that Sue and I had been sucking off moved over to Lis and ran his hands over her body. As Lis reached down and took a hold of his cock I told her that she would have to make up for depriving us of one of the cocks and then decided that if my little Lis was going to be defiled by these guys that I at least wanted to see it.

I explained that I wanted to watch her be fucked and as a bonus for the guys I said that I would also help to get Lis ready. The guy fucking me pulled out (somewhat reluctantly, but we promised him it would be worth it) and Lis crawled over me and we started to 69. This went down well, but we didn’t do it for too long as I now wanted to witness Lis’ cunt being violated so I gave her a light slap on the ass and told her that if she still wanted to go ahead, then it was time for her to be fucked. She lifted her body up a little so she was kneeling on all fours over me and I felt my guy slide back in to my cunt. I spread Lis’ lips and watched as the third guy positioned his cock and pushed in to her cunt. He quickly started to fuck her and I helped things along by playing with her clit so she did the same to me and it felt wonderful. As our session progressed I told the guys that Lis hadn’t been with many men so if they were to all get their cocks in to her we could double the number of cocks she had fucked. One of the guys said he didn’t know if he could fuck all three of us so I assured him that he didn’t have to cum in each of us, we just wanted to make sure that we all got a chance to sample each of them. Admittedly I didn’t know if Lis had wanted to go that far, but I assumed that if she was going for it, then she may as well get everything she could…

I could see that Sue was coming along quite well as her upper body was already getting quite flushed so I announced to everyone that it looked like she was about to cum. I asked Lis if she could reach Sue’s clit and with a little bit of shuffling around, she did so, allowing Sue to use her hands to play with her breasts while Lis took care of Sue’s clit. I reached over to hold Sue’s hand and told her to give us a good show and she delivered by telling the guy to fuck her cunt harder and moaning as she came. The guy continued to hammer away in her and the guy fucking me told me he was getting close so Lis quickly resumed playing with my clit. I lifted my head to lap at Lis’ clit a few times, but it was rather difficult as the guy fucking her kept bumping my head with his balls so I went back to using my fingers on Lis’ clit. I concentrated on what was being done to me in an effort to cum as quickly as possible and still only just made it before my guy came. He pulled out as soon as he had finished and I told Lis to eat me as I felt like I needed to be finished off properly. Like a good little girl, she pushed her face in to my pussy and lapped away until I told her she’d done enough.

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