Friday, 1 August 2014

More Fun With Freshers - Part 6

Oops - I forgot to post on Wednesday. I blame sleep deprivation... To make amends I'll post on Sunday and Tuesday.
He told her that as he was staying, it meant he could have a final lick of her pussy and promised not to be down there for as long this time. He kitty kissed her for a few minutes and then crawled up behind her and asked if he could fall asleep inside her – Lisa hadn’t done this before but was willing to experiment so he slid in to her from behind and spooned with her. She said that it felt nice and hugged the arm that Mike had around her. They chatted for a while and Mike gently moved back and forth inside her, teasing her about cumming in her again. Lisa said that she didn’t mind but Mike said he would save his cum for their morning session and warned her that he might wake her up in a nice way. Lisa had heard about our way of waking people up and told him it sounded nice so he promised to let her experience it as long as he got to fill her pussy with his cum again (which Lisa agreed to). He stayed buried inside her, gently moving, until she had fallen asleep and then fell asleep himself (he went soft before he got to sleep, but was still partially inside her).

The next morning Mike kept his promise to Lisa. He crawled under the covers, gently spread her legs and went down on her, starting with very light kisses and licks. He isn’t sure exactly when she woke up, but thinks that he got a good few minutes fairly decent licking in before she came round (at one point he felt her body jump slightly and he is guessing this is when she realised what was happening to her). It was a couple of minutes later that she told him that it felt nice and lifted the covers to look down at him. Mike carried on eating her – not specifically trying to tease her or draw things out, but just working at a steady pace until she reached down and pushed his head against her pussy. He lapped away, around her lips, inside her and across her clit until she arched her body a little and pressed his head more firmly against her pussy. He didn’t hear her make any noise as she came that time, although her breathing was definitely louder afterwards as he kitty kissed her. When he finally crawled out from under the covers (in a quite sweaty state), he kissed her and she didn’t hesitate to kiss him back even though his face was covered with her juices. He teased her about this (as a continuation of the previous night’s conversation).

Mike asked her if she would be prepared to taste herself for him and she asked what he meant. Mike reached down and rubbed his cock against her pussy, then slid a little way in to her before pulling out and asking her to ‘clean’ him. Lisa was more than up for this and got him to sit on the bed with his back to the wall and she bent down to suck him. He suggested an easier position and he sat at the edge of the bed while Lisa knelt on the floor. Mike isn’t usually that big on blow jobs (it’s not that he doesn’t like them, he just prefers having his cock buried in a pussy) but he enjoyed having Lisa kneel before him and suck him off. She wasn’t bad and worked quite enthusiastically on him but Mike really wanted to fuck her again so after a couple of minutes he told her that he felt nice and clean, but really wanted to get dirty again (I know that was a bad line, but he got away with it). He got Lisa to stand up in front of him and he reached between her legs to play with her pussy while he kissed around her breasts. He got Lisa to sit on his lap and he played with her pussy while she stroked his cock and after rubbing themselves against each other, she mounted him and they fucked on the edge of the bed. Mike then got Lisa to stand up and he moved around behind her and pushed his cock back in to her. He thrust in to her a few times and they moved over towards Lisa’s desk. Lisa bent forwards across this and Mike pumped in to her while reaching around to play with her breasts and clit. Lisa really liked this position and Mike enjoyed feeling Lisa’s breasts swing back and forth as they fucked. He hadn’t intended to stay in this position for too long and had wanted to face her as he fucked her but she seemed to be enjoying the position so much that he stuck with it and told Lisa to let him know when she was getting close to cumming so they could try and cum together. As instructed she told him and he eased off on her clit and he pumped in her harder and faster. Lisa pushed back against him and he got fairly close to cumming before he picked up the pace on her clit again. Lisa told him how close she was getting and with a few more small adjustments to their timing Mike pushed Lisa over the edge and came inside her as she told him she was cumming. When their orgasms ended, Mike remained inside her but pulled her up and she twisted her head around so they could kiss as Mike fondled her breasts and gently toyed with her pussy. He told her that he had just filled her beautiful little cunt with his cum again and she just replied with ‘good’ and kissed him.

When Mike pulled out of Lisa, his cum dribbled out of her pussy and she went to grab something to wipe it with but Mike asked her to let it leak out as he wanted to see the results of his handiwork. Lisa looked a little embarrassed, but stood and let Mike watch as her pussy dripped and Mike dared Lisa to wear the shortest or most revealing item of clothing while they went to the kitchen to make some coffee. Lisa was a little reticent about doing this but Mike told her how much he loved it when a girl did daring things and promised to describe some of the things that other people in the group had gotten up to in similar veins. Lisa relented and put on a short pink and white striped nighdress (with Tweety Pie on it). He further dared her to not wipe his cum off of her legs and assured her that it wasn’t really noticeable and Lisa went along with him again. Mike gave her the option as to whether he should wear her dressing gown (it wasn’t too girly, but Mike wouldn’t have minded) or if he should get dressed (so it wasn’t quite so obvious that he had fucked her) but Lisa told him to wear her dressing gown. They wandered down to the kitchen and Lisa said hi to another girl who was in there and introduced Mike as a friend. When the other girl left, Mike caressed Lisa while they waited for the coffee and toast but Lisa was too nervous about being discovered to let him to much more than kiss her. Mike started to describe the things that I and the others had gotten up to in various halls – how I had regularly been made to visit the kitchens in t-shirts that were too short to really cover me, to show myself off to Jen’s neighbours (accidentally of course) and how we had fucked in the kitchen, the hallway and on the stairs. Lisa said that she wouldn’t have the nerve to do things like that but Mike told her that he was sure she could do it with some encouragement.

They headed back to Lisa’s room to have breakfast and Mike carried on describing things we’d done over the years. Lisa liked the sound of some of them and had already heard about a few things from the group. To be fair, a lot of the things we did then are tame compared to what we do now, but they were exciting at the time and we still enjoy recalling the fun we had. Unsurprisingly, Mike ended up getting hard again and he did nothing to stop his cock from pushing its way out of the dressing gown. He asked Lisa if she was ready for another round and she asked if he was serious, but was very quickly made aware of how serious he was as he slid his hand up her thigh and started to caress her pussy. He pushed her back on to the bed and pushed her nightdress up to expose her breasts. He then caressed and kissed her body as she reached over to stroke his cock. Mike removed Lisa’s dressing gown and they ended up 69ing for a while but switched to fucking before either of them came. Mike let Lisa choose the way she wanted to cum and she asked him to lift her legs up against his shoulders so he could get deep inside her and play with her clit at the same time. Mike got Lisa to caress her breasts as he did this and he kept encouraging her to enjoy herself as much as possible and cum for him. Lisa made more noise than she had during their previous session (she still wasn’t really loud, but clearly indicated that she was enjoying herself). As soon as Lisa came, Mike pulled out and kitty kissed her – she initially objected but when he assured her he wasn’t trying to eat her properly she settled back and enjoyed being gradually brought back down. Mike spent about ten minutes kissing and licking her and gently dragged his tongue over her ass a good number of times before finally kissing his way back up her body and sliding his cock back in to her. Lisa was quite surprised that he was still hard but Mike explained that he had just wanted her to cum again and hadn’t been trying to cum himself. They kissed for a while longer and decided that it was probably time they got freshened up as it was now late morning and they had our usual lunch appointment to make.

The halls that Lisa was in were slightly newer than the ones Jen had been in that she had an en-suite toilet, but the showers were still communal (individual private stalls – not communal in the interesting way). Lisa leant Mike a towel and they wandered down to the showers and when they got there Mike whispered to Lisa that they should just shower together. Lisa was a bit nervous about doing this, but there was nobody else in the bathroom and she thought it might be fun so they went in to a stall, dumped their towels on the bench and got under the water together. Mike started off by washing Lisa’s body, starting with her back and then reaching around her to give her breasts a thorough clean before moving down to her pussy. Lisa then washed him and stroked his cock (which was still hard as Mike had been rubbing against her ass while washing her). He then helped to wash her hair which Lisa really liked (there is something quite intimate about having someone do this for you – both Jen and I love it when Mike does it for us) and once it was rinsed clean, Mike knelt down and buried his face in her pussy. This caught Lisa by surprise but Mike assured her that nobody knew what they were doing and after a few minutes he stood up and kissed her as he slipped his cock in to her pussy and asked her if he could fuck her one last time. Lisa was still a bit unsure about doing things ‘in public’ but allowed Mike to move inside her and kiss her and they were soon fucking properly. Mike had wanted to lift her up in the way Susan had been fucked, but he didn’t have a good enough footing in the shower so just lifted up one of her legs and fucked her as he reached between her legs to play with her clit. He then got her to turn around, lean against the wall and stick her ass out as he took her from behind. At one point he pulled out and knelt to eat her, this time he rimmed and speared her ass properly (although he mostly concentrated on her pussy) before standing once again and pushing back in to her. He quietly asked if she wanted to cum and she nodded so he reached around to play with her clit as he fucked her. He had really hoped that someone else would come in to the bathroom so he could see if she would carry on, but they weren’t interrupted and he got Lisa off and then came in her again.

Lisa went to sit on the bench and dry herself off and they then made their way back to her room. She said that it had felt quite exhilarating to fuck while knowing that they might be discovered and Mike told her that she could almost certainly get Susan or Abrahii (or Julia during one of her visits) to play with her in the shower whenever she wanted. Given the way things were going with the group, he said that she could probably get a number of the guys to fuck her too if she wanted and as they got dressed, they discussed her sexual preferences. He already knew that she was bi (which was how she had met up with our group in the first place) but discovered that she probably liked guys more than girls. Mike openly discussed his experiments with guys and said that while they felt physically pleasurable, he didn’t really feel that comfortable with them and much preferred girls (plus of course, as Lisa knew, his favourite thing is eating pussy). They discussed his other fetishes - opaque tights, the schoolgirl look (Japanese or otherwise), long white socks – and Lisa agreed to put on a pair of opaque tights for him under her skirt. He convinced her that if she was wearing them that she could omit her panties and in return, promised to but her some seamless tights so she could do this more comfortably. With the tights on, Mike asked if he could have a little play with her legs (it is really legs that are his fetish after pussy – the socks and tights are just dressing for them). Lisa sat and let him stroke her thighs and then kneel and gently kiss them. He got Lisa to spread her legs and said he wanted a final quick kiss of her pussy. She warned him that she didn’t think she could cum again but let him have a play. Mike is fairly certain that he could have got her to cum again (she was certainly breathing quite heavily by the time he pulled away), but it was now getting quite late so they set off and wandered over to James and Richard’s place so he could change in to clean clothes before lunch.

My morning with Jen and the guys had also been quite fun – although Jen had woken up feeling a little ill so we hadn’t had our normal session. Instead I just kitty kissed Jen to take her mind off the way she was feeling (she has at least recognised that arousal can be a good distraction from morning sickness) and after a while she allowed me to eat her properly. I easily made her cum and she offered to do things to me in return but I told her she didn’t have to bother as I hoped the guys would take care of me. I left Jen to have a further rest and wandered over to Richard’s room where the guys were still asleep.

They didn’t seem to object to being woken up by a naked woman and I asked if I could thank them properly for letting us stay over again. They wanted to relieve themselves first (too much beer the previous night) so I made myself comfortable in their bed until they returned and I told them that we could take our time and enjoy ourselves, but as the lads had visited the bathroom to pee I wanted to start things off in a specific way to take advantage of them no longer being hard. I got them to stand facing each other and I knelt and took both of their cocks in my mouth at the same time. I’ve sucked a soft cock to stiffness a number of times and love the way it feels as a limp cock swells in my mouth and emerges hard and stiff – however I couldn’t remember having felt two cocks get hard in my mouth at the same time so wanted to experience it. I partially leant against the guys’ legs so I could suck their cocks while using my hands to fondle their balls (they both like this). It worked quite well and I felt them quickly get hard and their cocks filled my mouth and wished that it could have taken a bit longer so I could have savoured the sensation of them in a semi-hard state. I wasn’t too disappointed though as I now had two nice erections to play with and I rubbed their cocks over my face and lapped at the heads for a minute before suggesting we move on to the bed.

I made a rule that they weren’t allowed to touch their cocks, but they could touch me as much as they wanted (and in return I would take care of them). I lay in the middle with Richard and James either side of me and I kissed them in turn as the other one played with my breasts or fondled my pussy. Occasionally we all kissed and I reached down to stroke their cocks or rub them against the sides of my body. I described (again) to them how I was looking forward to being able to fuck them properly again and wanted to feel both of them buried in me at the same time – one in my ass and one in my cunt as well as trying to get them both in my cunt at the same time. They were more than willing to try this out and as our session progressed I also suggested having them DP me while I sucked another guy off and whoever was underneath me could suck on his balls. They really liked this idea and I asked if they would be prepared to do it in public (meaning in front of the group – although I liked the idea of doing it properly in public even more) and they said that they could probably be convinced.

I flipped around so my head was between their crotches and I moved between then, taking turns at sucking their cocks as they fingered and caressed me (both individually and together and it felt really nice when I had both of their fingers in me at the same time). Richard got me to kneel over his face for a little and ate me – James didn’t offer to do the same and I didn’t ask him as I know that even though he has played along and now does quite a bit with girls (especially Abrahii), that he still prefers guys. I made sure that I continued to give attention to both their cocks though and when they told me they weren’t far from cumming I got them to stand up again so I could repeat what I’d done with Craig and Ashraf on the Friday. The guys certainly seemed to enjoy me rubbing the heads of their cocks together and also loved it when I held the shafts together and took both the heads (and a bit more) in my mouth to suck them at the same time. I switched between the three positions of sucking them, rubbing the heads together and holding the shafts together so I could wank them as one cock and told them how I would love to have them both cum at the same time so they could spray me with their cum simultaneously. I felt really horny and wished that Jen was there with me so she could at least play with my pussy, but I’d started the session with the primary aim of pleasing our hosts so intended to finish it.

I let the guys choose how they wanted to cum and they opted for cumming over each other so I used a hand on each of their cocks to stroke them while rubbing the heads together and swirling my tongue over the heads for added stimulation. James got there first and told us he was about to erupt, but by the time he had told us, his cum was already squirting out over Richard’s cock and splashing over my face. I wanted to make sure that Richard got the same treatment so didn’t let go of James’ cock, but tried to make sure that I wasn’t applying any direct stimulation to the head as he said it felt too intense. Richard’s cock was now splattered with James’ cum but I sucked him and swirled my tongue around the head until he said he was about to cum. Fortunately he gave me a little more notice and I was able to get the head of James’ cock against Richard’s head and rub them together again while licking them both (James allowed this as long as I mostly concentrated on Richard). Richard came and his cum squirted out over James and me and I felt I’d done a good job. I then held their cocks together once more and took them both in my mouth, trying to do the male equivalent of kitty kissing them by just sucking them gently. They both said that it still felt too intense – I don’t know if this is was because I wasn’t being as gentle as I thought or if men are just wimps after cumming, but I’d achieved my goal so wasn’t too bothered.

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