Sunday, 3 August 2014

More Fun With Freshers - Part 7

I was really horny by this point and desperately wished that they could fuck me (although if that had been the case I wouldn’t have just sucked them off). Richard was willing to go down on me (and did so briefly), but I really wanted something inside me and as I lay on the bed I looked around and got James to pass over a roll-on deodorant bottle. It had an interesting shape and I asked Richard to use it in me (bottom first, so the lid couldn’t fall off and get stuck in me). He rubbed it up and down my pussy a few times to gather some lubrication and I spread myself to help him get it inside me. Other than being a little cold, it felt good and it quickly warmed up as Richard fucked me with it. I asked him to lick my clit as well and when his tongue made contact I assured him that it wasn’t likely to be long before I came. I got James to sit beside me and caressed his cock and balls (he had deflated somewhat by this point so wasn’t as sensitive). This worked out quite well as it meant I got to have James’ cock in my mouth as I came (imagining it was Richard’s cock in my cunt). I kept the deodorant inside me for a while afterwards and got Richard to kneel on the other side of my head so I could once again suck on both cocks at the same time and managed to get them both hard. Unfortunately,  they didn’t think they could cum again so quickly so I had to satisfy myself with just gently sucking and toying with them.

I went to shower as my breasts and face were still splattered with boy cum and then went to wake Jen who now felt a little better. I’d been intending to keep the deodorant inside me for as long as possible, but the odd shape meant it became uncomfortable after a while so I returned it to Richard in a somewhat slippery state and just remained naked for breakfast. I was still naked when Mike and Lisa turned up and I was going to feign indignation that he had spent the night with a younger woman, but I felt the fact that I was naked with two younger guys around would somewhat damage my argument. Mike took great pleasure in embarrassing Lisa by describing to us all the things they had done, how many times she had cum, how she had dressed in the kitchen and how they had fucked in the shower. Despite going a deep shade of pink, Lisa accepted our congratulations and didn’t flinch (too much) when Mike ran his hand up her thigh and told us that she had even agreed to wear the tights without panties. Lisa was encouraged to spread her legs and Mike caressed her crotch, then asked if I had any seamless opaque tights with me. I did and Mike explained that he had promised to get some for Lisa as a reward for being daring so we led her upstairs and I dug them out.

Lisa didn’t stop Mike from kneeling in front of her and pulling down her tights and she didn’t seem too surprised when he pushed his face between her legs and started kissing her pussy. She looked over at me a little sheepishly but I just told her that she was now well aware how much Mike enjoyed doing that. He guided Lisa back on to the bed and when she sat down, instead of eating her (which is what I had suspected), he took the pair of tights and put them on her, smoothing the material up each leg and then asking her to stand so he could pull them up snug against her crotch. Lisa agreed that they felt much better and allowed Mike to carry on caressing her crotch, which then moved on to him licking her through the tights again. Lisa sat down on the bed and Mike pushed her legs apart, then called me over to have a look. Lisa seemed to be a bit embarrassed again as I examined her pussy through the material, but once again the fact I was naked made it obvious that things weren’t exactly ‘normal’. I wondered about asking her if I could eat her (or better yet play with her properly and have her do things to me), but as I was aware she had already cum a number of times that day I thought I should probably give her a rest. It didn’t stop Mike though and as I got dressed, he continued to caress and kiss Lisa’s crotch and thighs.

We headed back downstairs and Jen was given a chance to admire Lisa’s pussy (still through the tights). We all agreed that Lisa had a nice pussy and in return for having let us examine her, Jen and I sat and spread our legs and Lisa was allowed to have a close look at our cunts. It didn’t take much to encourage her to slide her fingers in to each of us and at one point she was kneeling between us with two fingers in each of us. If we’d had time we would have probably asked her to make us cum (and Mike later said that if she had been fingering us both, he would have knelt behind her, pulled her tights down and fucked her so she could have had her first foursome). We were already running a bit late though and Jen had to go up and get dressed so we could head out for lunch. I went with her and Richard and James did a few other things, leaving Mike to chat with Lisa. He asked her if she would let me play with her and said that he would love to see us kissing, fingering and eating each other and that he could take part as well if she preferred. He had been kissing her gently as they discussed this and he had a hand caressing her thigh and stroking gently over her crotch. Lisa said she would think about it so Mike described how I would eat her, how I would eat her as he fucked her and how she and I could 69 as he recovered so he could fuck her again. By the time Jen and I came back downstairs Mike was properly rubbing Lisa through the tights and she jumped a bit but we told her not to worry about us and just sat and watched. She wasn’t used to being watched so intently (and was usually at least a little tipsy during the evening games) and she was obviously a little uncomfortable so Mike stopped okaying with her we teased her saying that with a bit more training we would convert her in to another nympho like Susan (or at the very least push her as far as Abrahii).

Over lunch I brought Mike up to speed with what I’d done to James and Richard and Mel and Abigail told us about what Susan and Julia had been made to do with each other (I didn’t get a detailed enough description to make it worthwhile describing it here, but you can probably guess that they were made to fuck each other multiple times and Julia was also sent down to reception in the middle of the night with just a small towel to cover her. Unfortunately Lisa had work to get done so couldn’t come back with us to play more, but I think she would have liked to as I saw her give Mike quite a passionate goodbye kiss. He gave her ass a good squeeze as they kissed and asked if he would get to spend the night again, to which he was given a definite ‘yes’. He teased her a bit more about wanting me to join them next time but said if she preferred that Amber or Sam could join in – or if she really wanted, she could choose another guy (this is how I knew Mike actually liked her as he was prepared to have what he calls the ‘bad kind’ of threesome with her). Of course he’s more than happy to watch me be fucked by two (or more) guys as he knows I don’t think any kind of group sex is ‘bad’.

Mel and Julia also had to head off early which was a bit of a pity as I’m sure we could have made use of them, but Mike really wanted to have a little time with Abrahii before we left and he asked if we could go to her place to play for a while. She was willing to play, but didn’t want to use her place as her housemates apparently didn’t really approve of her lifestyle choices (not with her being bi, just the number of partners she had). I hadn’t known about this when Julia and I had gone to see her on the Saturday morning but she filled us in and said that her housemates had moaned at her having James and Richard both sleeping over as well as Susan and Abigail and then Ashraf some weekends (and then Mike, Julia, me, Lisa…). She was considering moving out and was possibly going to stay with Richard and James at least in the short term – which led to the obvious solution of just heading back to their place to play (which also meant we could spend longer fooling around as we could just grab our things when it was time to set off).

Before he fucked her, Mike wanted a chance to eat Abrahii as he loves her pussy and the contrast of her pink insides against her dark skin. Abrahii settled down on the sofa and made herself comfortable as Mike got started (he was quite impatient but he kept eating her even as she fidgeted around. Abrahii had just hiked her skirt up to give him access and we thought she would look much better with her breasts out so Richard and I sat either side of her, pulled her top and bra down and started playing with her breasts. I realised that I was being selfish as Jen is the one who really loves breasts to I let her take my place and beside Abrahii and Jen and Richard sucked on and tweaked Abrahii’s nipples while Mike ate her. I still felt sorry for Jen not being able to join in properly so I knelt in front of her, pushed her legs apart and played with her pussy. She certainly wasn’t as wet as she had been recently, but this didn’t stop her from enjoying what I was doing and she slid towards me to invite me to continue - which I eagerly did. Abrahii helped me out by reaching down and playing with Jen’s clit with one hand and had Richard’s cock in her other hand.

I nearly challenged Mike to a race to see if he could make Abrahii cum before I made Jen cum, but I knew he wanted to enjoy eating her before fucking her so I let him take his time and enjoy her pussy. Abrahii certainly seemed to enjoy the position she was in – a tongue in her cunt, mouths on each of her nipples and her hands busy with a cock and a clit. Mike probed her pussy with his tongue and speared her ass a number of times (we know she likes this) and he went a step further and used a finger to fuck her ass as she came. Abrahii arched her body and lifted her ass off the sofa, letting out a series of ‘oh fuck’, ’eat me’, ‘I’m cumming’ and random moans (it certainly sounded quite good). Mike kitty kissed her for a while longer, but which point Jen was getting close to cumming and I wanted her to enjoy herself as much as Abrahii had. I told Mike to move around to the other side of Jen and take care of one of her breasts while Abrahii sucked on the one closest to her. Mike gently bit on Jen’s nipple as her mewing increased and we told her that we all wanted to see her cum as hard as possible and squirt so hard that I ended up covered in her juices. Jen liked the idea of watching her juices completely cover me, but unfortunately she didn’t manage to achieve this. She did manage to cum fairly impressively though and her mewing turned in to the more guttural version. I carried on eating her right through her orgasm while holding on to her hands to stop her from pushing me away. She tried to close her legs, but Mike and Abrahii easily held them open so Jen was completely at my mercy. Fortunately for her, I wasn’t trying to push her too hard and not long after she finished, I eased off and just kitty kissed her (with possibly the occasional bout of more intensive eating mixed in).

I was satisfied that Jen was satisfied and told her that she could now just lie back and enjoy the rest of the show. Abrahii knew that Mike would probably want to fuck her (he usually does after eating her) but I had something a bit more in mind and told her how I had taken care of Richard and James earlier that day. Even though it is Richard and James who are dating, Abrahii is almost Richard’s semi-official girlfriend and it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if they ended up in a three-way relationship like Mike, Jen and me. Abrahii has obviously had both Richard and James’ cocks at the same time (and a good number of times as she tries to ensure James also enjoys himself whenever she is allowed to do things with Richard) so I asked Abrahii to give me a hand in helping the guys out one last time (for our visit anyway).

Abrahii was quite willing to do this and I demonstrated exactly what I’d done with Richard and James’ cocks, then passed them to her. She easily copied me and we even had a turn with us kissing around both cocks (this was somewhat difficult as the guys had to be standing close together and it was difficult to then get out two heads close enough to their cocks, but we persevered just so we could say we’d done it). We got Abrahii to kneel up and Mike slid in to her cunt as she sucked off Richard and James – I suggested that the guys rotate so they could each have a turn in her cunt and mouth and Mike agreed to this so Abrahii ended up sucking off him and Richard while James took a turn in her and then Mike and James while Richard fucked Abrahii. No one had cum at this point and I felt if we were going to give Abrahii a ‘proper’ session that things needed to be stepped up a little so I dashed upstairs to fetch one of our vibes and held it against her clit as the guys carried on rotating around and having turns fucking her. I ended up crawling underneath her so I could easily spread her lips and rub the vibe back and forth over her clit (as well as get a good view of each cock as it pumped in and out of her). Abrahii came before any of the guys did and I pulled the vibe away from her clit so I could run it back and forth over her nipples (which again turned out to be quite difficult as they swung back and forth in time with her movements).

James was the first one to cum inside her and as soon as he pulled out Mike moved around and took his place. Abrahii continued to suck Richard’s cock and I warned him not to cum in her mouth. Mike pumped away inside Abrahii and I reached up to toy with her clit again. I could see James’ cum covering Mike’s cock and felt a couple of drops leak out on to my face and when Mike pulled out after cumming in her a few more drops trickled out before Richard moved round and I watched him slide his cock in to Abrahii’s cunt. Her commented on how wet she felt and thanked James and Mike for lubricating her for him. I suggested that Abrahii could clean up James and Mike and they took turns letting her suck them clean. Abrahii objected when I applied the vibe to her clit again, but quickly realised that she was outnumbered and everyone wanted to see her cum again. I asked Richard to hold back as long as he could, but he had been enjoying himself too much before I asked so he came in Abrahii before she came. He did at least remain inside her as I used the vibe on her clit and he moved gently back and forth. He stayed buried in her until she came again – this time she got me to move the vibe away as soon as she came and I lifted my head to her pussy and tried to give her a few licks in place of the vibe.

We got Abrahii to remain in her kneeling position and put her legs together a bit, then got her to partially sit up (but still kneeling on the ground) to help the cum dribble out of her. None of the guys had produced that much as they’d all cum before that day at least once, but between them they produced enough to have a few trails of white running down Abrahii’s thighs and some drops on the back of her calves. Abrahii allowed us to take a few pictures to show her the mess the guys had made and she even helped out my reaching around and spreading her lips to expose her bright pink inner lips. I was well behaved and asked her permission to send a copy of the pictures to Sue to try to convince her again to come and enjoy the group. I promised as payment that if Sue came with us next time that we would give Abrahii a sister session and this was enough to swing the balance. Abrahii let us take a number of photos (with the sworn promise that nobody else would see them – so don’t ask) and even posed for a few more on her back with Richard, James and Mike all holding their cocks over her face. We later heard back from Sue saying that it looked like fun and I told her about my promise to Abrahii – Sue wasn’t surprised about this and said that she would happily play with the group if she came with us again.

By the time we finished with Abrahii it was getting close to when we needed to head off home. We thanked our hosts one last time and I made them promise that on our next visit I would get to have them both cum in me (I already had an even better plan, but we didn’t have time to get distracted and explain it). Abrahii got dressed and wandered part of the way to the station with us. We discussed her housing situation and I suggested that it might be a good idea for her to just move in with Richard and James permanently, but as she pointed out, the house wasn’t really big enough for three (by which she meant that there wasn’t enough room for all of her stuff). We parted ways before we got to the station and she confirmed that her pussy still felt quite well lubricated, but she had stopped dripping cum a fair while ago and I told her that I was quite jealous of her.

I wondered what sort of ‘examination’ I would get if I wore one of our vibes while going through airport security – but seeing as the security staff aren’t really known for their sense of humour I expect it wouldn’t go the way I wanted (with a cute girl frisking me down and then calling in her colleagues to use their ‘tools’ to check I don’t have anything else inside me).


  1. Nice blog. You have done it all! Of all the things you haven't done, what is the most likely: you and Sue properly having sex, Mike giving oral to a guy to completion without a condom or Jen being double penetrated by two guys?

    1. I think Jen letting another guy fuck her (let alone two of them) is highly unlikely to happen... Sue and I going all out (depending on your definition of 'properly' could happen as we played a bit more over Christmas - which we'll get to soon). Mike sucking a guy off bareback could also happen (he has licked me a few more times with guys in me - and cumming in me).

      Which of the options would you prefer to happen?

  2. You and Sue having full sex and Mike sucking a guy to completion would probably be the two ultimates in experimentation and challenging yourselves.

    1. Sue and I got quite used to putting on shows of playing with each other, so you'll get to read a bit more about this in due course. Mike has pretty much determined (or confirmed) he is straight - maybe not completely so in that he is now a bit more willing to DP me (or others) and doesn't object to touching a cock or having his cock touched by a guy, but only really as part of threesome (or more-some if it is at the parties).